She's Lost Control (2014) Movie Script

I know this is
a weird situation,
all I can say is that
when I'm here with you,
I'm completely here.
Yes, you pay me for my time,
but, um...
you can't...
control how I feel.
just between us.
Thank you.
Let's see.
This just slides.
How are things with
your grandmother?
She keeps nagging me.
But I have two interviews
next week.
You do?
I'm so proud of you.
Any thoughts or feelings
you wanna share?
All right, well, let's just say
we'll put in pencil
one or two more sessions,
but after that, I want you
to check in with me about it.
So what about Christopher?
Yeah, I think so.
I think his...
His confidence levels
are way up.
And he's continuing
to be much more active.
You're coming up on closure
with him.
Are you having anxiety
about that?
- No.
- Are you okay with that?
I am, I really don't.
I, um...
I mean, I care...
I definitely care about him.
Well, that's a given.
Yeah, but he...
You know, I think he's ready,
and I don't anticipate
any boundary...
So, Johnny Hayes.
He's been with me for about,
two years,
and he has sustained problems
with intimacy.
Looks like some
compulsive behavior as well.
So, would you like to meet him?
Well, what about your workshops?
They start next month, right?
I don't have to submit a draft
of my thesis until the fall,
So I'll set up a meeting.
And I guess that's...
That's it for today.
Thank you.
Come on in.
How are you?
It's nice to see you.
So, before we get started,
if I could just have you
fill this out.
It's a confidentiality
We'll both sign it.
Not for sexual gratification
or entertainment.
Of course.
Great, thank you.
If you could just do me
one more favor.
Um, swipe your outer gum
and your cheek
in a full circle.
It's a rapid test.
You didn't get a copy
of my results?
I did. This is just
an additional precaution
that I take.
Thank you.
Did you bring a check?
Just cash.
Great, thanks.
Just leave it.
No, no, no, leave it on the bed.
You want one?
I'm fine, thanks.
Normally I would ask
that we refrain from drinking
before or during a session,
um, but I'm open to talking
to Dr. Cassidy about it.
I'm sensing you have
a very high level of anxiety.
This room okay for you?
Tell me a little bit
about yourself.
We're just gonna talk today.
We're just gonna try
to create a safe space.
What's it like being
an anesthesiologist?
Nurse anesthetist.
What's the difference?
Pay grade.
Put people to sleep
among other things.
What about stress?
How do you handle stress?
Have to make decisions fast,
get a result,
move on to the next job.
I don't like follow-ups.
So walk me through this.
You're at the hospital all day,
and then you go home
and you take care
of your sister.
You read my file.
I did, I read your file.
But look, a real person.
Note that the first piece
of cucumber is perfectly fine,
the first piece she eats.
The other one needs
to give a rock to us.
And she gets a grape
and she eats it.
And the other one sees that.
She gives a rock to us now.
Gets again cucumber.
If you give them grapes,
that's a far better food,
then you create...
So that's the experiment we did.
...perfectly willing to do this
25 times in a row.
So cucumber, even though it's
really only water in my opinion,
but cucumber is...
I wanna go down on you.
We can do that.
But I need you to take
your shirt off first.
I... I can't.
I can't do it.
Yes, you can.
I can't... I can't do it.
I can.
I'll do it next time.
- Hi, what's going on?
- Sorry.
Please tell me you weren't
just taking a bath.
It's leaking downstairs.
It is.
We come back for more tools.
Disconnect her.
When are you coming back?
I don't know.
Okay, but how... how am I supposed
to take a shower?
You put the tape,
plastic bag and tape, up at top.
Not okay.
Do you think...
Can you do that
before you leave?
I...I said tape.
No, I... I understand
what you said.
You put the plastic bag,
you know, supermarket,
and that's it.
Thank you.
Let's go.
It's your choice.
You don't have to act like that
and I don't have to take it.
There's a lot of ways
for us to be together.
We don't have to talk,
we can just...
stare at each other
for 90 minutes.
I'm fine with that.
Okay. Let's do one
of your exercises then.
Grab a chair.
You and I are gonna agree
to explore this part
of our body,
from our fingertips
to our elbow, okay?
One of us will be active
and one of us will be passive.
You wanna go first?
Okay, I'll be active.
Can I have your arm?
Good job.
I don't know...
I don't know, I'm...
Yeah, you can go.
It's your turn.
That's nice.
Keep going.
Not yet.
to here.
Do you want to touch my hair?
Hi, why didn't you call me back?
Can you see me?
Not really.
I hit accept.
Here, I'll do it again.
How about now?
I can hear ya.
You can't see me?
I did call you back.
Do you see me?
I see you.
And I see me.
No you didn't, I would know
if you called me back.
I mean, you did put me on a...
Your list of priorities
or something.
What's going on, Andro?
Mom's missing.
Missing how?
She ran off,
she packed her suitcase,
even took her meds.
I don't know,
must have gone barefoot,
'cause her shoes are still here.
Was anyone watching her?
Yes, I was...
I was watching her.
I mean, I'm also trying to watch
my kid at the same time,
and I don't have four eyes...
I know, Andro, I'm sorry.
I didn't...
You know, I called the cops,
we're two days in,
but you know how it is up here.
I was thinkin' about puttin'
some flyers out myself.
A good idea.
I can't find a good photo
of her,
it's fucked up.
I'm sorry.
Do you need money?
Do I... do I need money?
Look, I should probably go,
Hey Andro, I'm sorry.
Call me back, all right?
You can call me.
Try it.
Got it.
What we're trying to do here
is help you
so that when you meet someone
special in your real life,
you can make it work out.
With Ronah, you have a kind of
professional intimacy,
which is different in its depth
of emotional bonds
and its self disclosure
than a personal relationship.
Now is there anything,
anything at all about her
that you do like?
Just pick anything.
Do you like the way
that she cares about you?
Do you like the way
that she's sincere
and that she really cares
about you,
she really wants to help you?
I don't know, her hair is...
t's soft.
I didn't know
it could be so soft.
Well, okay.
Tell her that.
Tell her that.
I made some dinner.
Are you hungry?
So, what's going on
with your bathroom?
Well, whatever they did,
it didn't work.
It's still leaking.
It's leaking again.
Landlord won't return my calls.
- Gerry, the super, he's useless.
- I know.
I can't wait to get out
of this shithole.
- So sorry.
- Yeah, me, too,
but I did due diligence, so...
devil may care, right?
This is really good.
Does it need salt?
No, it's delicious.
You know, I thought there was
this blond guy living here.
Kind of hot?
You have a washer?
It's... actually was left here
by the previous tenant.
He sold it to me for 22 dollars.
That's my favorite number.
It is?
How come?
It's a long story
involving my 22nd birthday.
I just kind of arbitrarily ended
up at this bar called Love 22.
- I don't know that.
- Yeah, I don't think
it even exists anymore, but...
the bartender told me
that 22 is the love number
because if you add the numbers
on the phone that spell "love,"
they add up to 22, so...
just kind of stuck.
So what do you do anyway?
I'm getting my Master's
in Behavioral Psychology.
I've just... I've done
a lot of social work.
I'm Applied Psychology.
I'm the PR liaison
for this start-up company.
We're working on an app
right now to help people
make up their minds.
Products, services,
pretty much anything
that can be liked.
I've seen that...
I've seen that on you before.
It's a Buddhist symbol.
A square in a circle.
It's from my mom.
Like, an old boyfriend
gave it to her or something.
I like it.
So I'm going to this gallery
opening tonight.
A friend of mine in the Village.
We're gonna go out afterwards.
- You got plans?
- Thank you.
I have this thing
in the morning, so...
- Totally.
- I can't drink.
That's fine, but thank you
for dinner.
You're welcome.
Thanks for coming over.
Three deep breaths
while looking into
each other's eyes.
Less than 20 seconds.
I'm sorry.
I just had a fucking great day.
Had a patient die on me.
It wasn't my fault, but...
Your fault?
He reminded me of my sister.
His legs...
Johnny, do you ever feel like
maybe taking care of her
is too much?
Like you can't do it anymore?
I couldn't...
I could never leave her.
You really love your sister?
That's a strange way to put it.
Don't you love your siblings?
You're an only child?
Why not?
How did you get into
this line of work?
Why are you asking me that?
I already know how to sleep
with women I don't know.
Do you not feel safe with me?
I want to strangle you.
In order for the work that we do
in this room to be effective,
I need you to trust
that when I'm here with you,
I am completely here.
Where I live, who I live with,
all of that stuff,
it really doesn't matter.
Can we agree on that?
You like looking at me?
Maybe this isn't a good idea.
I'm sorry about that.
You wanna talk about it?
I'll see you later.
Alan, did you give my phone
number out to anybody?
No, of course not.
Are you sure?
100 percent. Why?
Why are you asking?
What's going on?
No, I'm just getting
these anonymous calls.
You can't caller ID it,
you can't track it?
No, it's, you know,
it's an unknown number.
Tell me what's going on.
What's going on?
I got it.
But something's getting to you.
Something's making you
feel uncomfortable.
What, I wonder?
I don't know,
I... I... I don't know
if it's countertransference
or what.
But what's your experience
in the session?
I don't know,
there's something about him
that doesn't,
won't let me in, you know?
I mean, maybe in moments,
but it...
But those are few
and far between and...
I go in with a pretty
firm resolve and a tactic
with something that I feel like
I sort of learned
from the last session
and then I go
to apply it and he...
he sort of...
He shoots it down.
And, um, I see him
get triggered by me,
I try to let him know
that I'm here and available
and he... it... it's,
I don't know,
he thinks it's bullshit
or something and...
Well, remember that empathy
is more important than sympathy.
Did he talk to you about, um,
you know, reducing
his anxiety by drinking?
Yeah, we talked about it.
And I said that
if it eased his anxiety,
one drink prior to the session
was acceptable.
Two are not.
Is that okay with you?
Yeah, it's okay.
how do you feel about him?
You want to continue?
I mean, how do you feel?
I got it.
I got it, I can handle it.
I don't wanna give up on him,
you know?
I don't... I don't wanna...
I wanna crack him.
Doctor, please.
Do you feel lightheaded at all?
We've got the magic number.
Twenty-three oocytes
were retrieved.
I'm guessing up to 20 of those
will be mature and suitable
for preservation.
That's almost twice
as much as last time.
You did great.
I think you're
perfectly safe now.
There's no need for you
to undergo another cycle.
Are you sure?
We got you.
Save your money.
Buy something else for yourself.
Tomorrow we should have
the definite results.
Just remember,
light daily activities
starting tomorrow.
No hard work, no hot baths,
no sauna for at least five days.
And no unprotected
sexual relations
until your next menstrual cycle.
Sounds good.
Someone driving you home?
I live nearby, I'll be fine.
The front desk will call
a cab for you.
I wanted to be a clinician,
too, you know,
when I was younger.
But then things just
took off on their own
and it was a different time,
early '80s.
But I think it's great
that you're getting
your master's degree.
It puts you in
a much better position,
also from a legal standpoint.
How many people
are in this class?
This year there's seven
plus the two of us.
Should be fun.
We get to spend some time
and come back.
Not bad.
Irene, can I ask you something?
Of course.
Spit it out.
So, I want to buy
an apartment in the city,
a place to have my own practice
in a couple of years
once I get my license
and all that.
And I was looking into
a no-doc mortgage,
which means that I wouldn't
have to disclose
any of my income,
just my credit score,
but I would need a cosigner.
...a big commitment.
An apartment, I mean...
I'd have to think about it.
I completely understand.
Hey, Alan, it's Ronah.
Did Johnny Hayes
cancel with you?
If you get this
within the next 15 minutes,
please give me a call back.
Long shift, my phone died,
and I'm sorry.
It's okay.
I'm not really
in the mood to talk.
I'm not either.
I'm putting your patience
to the test
I'm putting your body
on the line, for less
Didn't you know
there was a choice?
It's never yours
but someone else's voice
Selling your body
to the street
I'm selling your girlfriends
to the night, for cheap
Wearing a jacket
made of meat
Sealing a letter
made with horses' feet
And now you've heard that...
A violent cloud,
and that's the USA
Porn on the rise,
psycho in disguise
And I'm just trying to find
a mountain I can climb
ain't nobody gonna tell us
They're gonna be
so jealous
We're gonna be so silent
They're gonna be stoned
in silence
I didn't want to ask you,
I didn't want to have to ask
anybody, baby
Is anyone asking maybe?
Can anyone even hear me?
Why are you waiting
by the door?
Can I show you something?
I had this business idea.
Hi, I'm Harry,
and I'm no longer with you.
He has cancer.
As some of you know...
You made this?
And most of you may suspect,
I was quite a happy kid.
I'm starting a website.
Loved the outdoors.
Online obituaries.
Love my sisters...
You shoot the video
before they pass away.
...most of the time.
It's for their friends
and family, really.
Just loved being on my own
out in the woods and the stream.
Really, you think so?
...of trekking
through the woods,
finding secret places.
I really think so.
Mark hunting,
never got anything,
never shot anything.
Bye, Chris.
Hi, I'm unable to take
your call right now.
Please leave a message.
Excuse me.
Hi, that, um,
video camera in the lobby,
does it cover the street
as well?
You mean by the elevator?
Not anymore.
Years ago there was a problem.
Someone was sleeping
in the basement.
So are you telling me that
it doesn't work at all?
No need to.
You know what,
I'll talk to the landlord.
9D, right?
9D what?
They couldn't get in today.
What are you talking about?
The plumbers,
you missed your appointment.
Janusz Kubicek.
Leave a message.
Hi, this is the third time
I'm calling.
Please give me a call back.
I really need those holes
sealed in my bathroom.
It's been weeks.
You have a nice body.
You do.
So do you.
You okay?
It's okay.
I just...
It's all the thoughts.
It's a muscle memory,
it's just...
The body is a funny thing.
Go, go again.
Go again.
Um, it's not contagious,
but it's...
There are parts of your body
where the skin just goes crazy.
It actually, like,
this isn't an exaggeration,
it grows a thousand times
faster than regular skin,
and so it builds up into, like,
they call it a plaque,
but it just, like,
it looks like a scab,
like a scab of skin.
I understand.
I'm not afraid of it.
If anything comes up,
you can always
talk to Dr. Cassidy.
You're different today.
Guess I'm trying
to meet you halfway.
Are you hot?
Are you hot?
I'm really hot.
Kind of.
I don't believe that.
What now?
Why don't you try being active?
I can stay like this
or I can go on my belly.
This is fine.
Do you inject yourself?
It's nothing to worry about.
They're just...
They're hormone shots.
Do you have high testosterone
levels or?
No, I'm...
I'm freezing my eggs.
Do they pay you a lot?
No, I'm freezing
my eggs for myself.
Because I might want
to have a baby one day.
So you don't have a boyfriend?
I don't.
Excuse me.
Can I help you with anything?
No, I think I'm
on the wrong floor.
Skull fracture, the police
says it's a hit and run,
except the fucker must have
stopped to put her in a ditch
and I can't get the image
out of my head.
It's a dream, Andro.
What do I do?
When it happens
I gotta pay a company
to sort it all out,
have her cremated, all that?
I'm gonna help you.
Are you gonna come up or what?
I'll try.
I'll bet.
Busy gettin' your degree though.
Heddy came over.
Not gonna deal with her,
the bloodsucker.
Remember the summer
she lived with us
when mom started to crack?
The bug spray she used
to rub all over herself
like it was lotion?
Yeah, it smelled awful.
Bet she used it to get high.
I even told her
she never left us any money,
you can stop pretending.
- Hi.
- Hi.
You're already here.
How are you?
How was your day?
It was uneventful, no one died.
You're really helping
people feel better.
That must be rewarding.
That why you're in
the medical field,
because it's rewarding?
Yeah, I mean,
I guess you could say that.
I get to see people change.
I'm happy to see you.
What... why would you say that?
Because it's the truth?
No, because you think
you've got me all figured out.
No, I...
I don't.
I'm so sorry.
Can you just give me one second?
What are you doing?
Nothing, I, I just looked...
Your phone made a sound.
No, Johnny.
Johnny, you can't...
You can't go through my phone,
you can't look in my bag.
If you were with a woman,
then she wouldn't
be able to trust you.
You know,
you can't do things like that.
I'm... I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
I want to know about
the women that you sleep with.
Does it matter?
Yeah, I wanna know who they are.
My co-workers?
Yeah, are there women
on the floor where you work,
doctors, nurses?
Don't shit where you eat
kind of thing.
What? I said I was sorry.
Come here.
Come here.
Hi, Alan.
t's Ronah.
We made some progress today
with Johnny Hayes.
We moved to genital touching,
as you suggested.
He was,
he was present throughout.
There was also
a major improvement
in his ED.
He sustained eye contact
before and after,
and, yeah,
I... I think this could be
a turning point for him.
Well, maybe you should move
to California, you know?
Better community,
better therapists.
People aren't so uptight.
It's really important
to see people outside the job.
Yeah, I know, but...
everybody's different.
No, I'm just sayin'.
need to take care
of yourself first, you know?
Don't worry.
You know, I'm seeing
three clients right now,
and I just don't know
what I would do
if I had a boyfriend
on top of that.
I was never good at seeing
more than one client at a time.
Are you seeing any clients
right now?
I enjoy teaching;
t keeps me busy.
I had a difficult one.
He fell in love with you?
No, not this one.
So how do you handle that,
What do you...
You know,
what do you do when you feel
like that could happen?
I just don't use deodorant
the next time,
you know what I mean?
What if...
what if it's the other way
t happens, it happens.
That'd be nice.
Can be kinda nice.
I do really feel like
I'm getting so much better
at feeling things
and then just moving on.
And growing.
You know, I think what I find
the most difficult
is when they... when they just
don't get better.
You know, this last one I had
a couple of years ago,
I just felt like
I couldn't help him.
You know, he was too damaged.
At first I thought
he was attractive,
manly, with sensitive eyes,
you know?
The kind of man that you want
to be with right from the start.
So what was his problem?
Terrified, terrifying kind.
Couldn't look me in the eyes,
and when I asked
to take his hand,
he just laughed at me and said,
"Well, why don't you take
my cock instead?"
So I ask him,
"Do you feel guilty
being hard right now?"
And he just...
went at me.
I mean, really.
You know, if you can't
gently pull someone
because they won't allow it,
all you can do is push.
Or leave.
So then what happened?
Very small community.
Who is it?
It's me.
Look, I hate to be the one
telling you,
but this letter you got
is bad news.
Seems like you've been using
an illegal washer-dryer.
Broken pipe in your apartment,
severe damage to the one below.
The bathroom needs
to be renovated.
That machine was installed
before I moved in.
I spoke with the case manager.
Since you're the one
in violation,
the insurance won't pay.
You may become uninsurable,
but that's another issue.
That doesn't make any sense.
Your neighbor is suing
the landlord,
and he's suing you.
Why is my neighbor suing?
She claims she slipped and fell.
It's a smart move if she can
prove he's in default.
Um, Marty, she's lying.
I saw her, she's perfectly fine.
The building isn't washer-dryer
approved, Ronah.
The fact is you violated
the contractual agreement.
They seemed very serious
about it,
and if I were you,
I wouldn't want to go to court.
You'll be asked
a lot of questions
that you may not want to answer.
On the other hand,
if we try to settle,
we're talking months
at the very least.
In all honesty,
I can't do this pro bono.
Of course.
Hi, you've reached Andro,
Danielle, and Sebastian's house.
We're not here right now,
so leave us a message.
I'm just... I'm calling to see
if you have any news.
I don't know, um,
sorry that you have
to deal with this.
Call me any time, okay, Andro?
Even if I get this right,
how am I gonna do it
with someone else?
Well, because in most cases,
the learned feelings
and emotions carry over.
How do you know?
Because all relationships end,
you know, whether through...
a breakup or death.
Or external circumstances.
It's important that we learn
how to move on.
You're not making
any fucking sense.
I like you, Ronah.
I like you, too, Johnny.
It's happening once again.
It's your fuckin' fault.
Your fucking fault.
Johnny, are you okay?
Hey, what's going on here?
Johnny, talk to me.
Hey, look at me.
Look at me, it's me.
- Johnny, take a deep...
- No, don't touch...
Don't touch me.
Hey, talk to me. I don't know
what's going on right now.
Has anything that you've
ever told me been true?
Yes, of course.
- Anything?
- Stop it!
- Has anything...
- Stop! said been true to me?
Don't you fucking lie to me.
Why would you do it?
- Why would you do it?
- Listen, stop it.
- Just stop it, just stop it!
- No, why would you do it?
Your hands are small,
you're bony.
I don't fucking like you.
I can't...
Fucking let...
Get the...
Get the fuck off of me.
Get off me!
You don't scare me, Johnny.
I have done everything
you asked me to.
I'm not gonna let you
fucking hurt me.
You're messin' with my head.
You lied to me!
You don't fuckin' scare me.
You lied to me!
Get off me.
I'd like to hear from you,
if that's okay,
about what happened
so I can assess the situation
and then take steps from there.
What was your relationship
to this man?
Friend, acquaintance.
But you work together?
Well, not anymore.
Does he know your schedule?
Does he know where you live?
I don't think so.
And what do you do
for a living, miss?
Getting my Master's.
Could you just...
let me know what my options are?
I'm not sure
I want to press charges,
I just wanted to make sure
that I...
that it was on file in some way.
We've seen a lot of cases
just like this.
Let me tell you what
I tell everyone else.
There's no excuse
for what he did to you,
it's a serious violation.
We see that you're hurt,
so our job is to proceed
from here. You with me?
Yeah, but could you just
give me a breakdown
as to how these kinds
of cases usually go?
I mean, does he...
s he arrested?
Does he just have
to go to court, or...?
You can't worry about
any of that now.
What we focus on
is how to protect you or others.
We can get you
an order of protection
so that he cannot contact you,
call you,
or approach you in any way.
We want you to feel safe.
You mind if I get some pictures
of the injuries you sustained?
Yeah, that's fine.
Can I just... can I finish this
There you go.
There's no rush.
We'll get you to the ER.
You'll feel better soon.
May I use your bathroom?
It's right around the corner,
Take a left and then a right
at the end of the hall.
It's a unisex.
Thanks. I'll be right back.
Hello, hi, Claire?
Are you there?
Hi Ronah.
It's Robert,
from last year.
Hi Robert, how are you?
I'm a bad boy, I know.
No, but this is a new number.
I found it online last month.
Listen, Ronah,
you know how much
I... I enjoyed being...
Is this an emergency, Robert?
I miss you.
I miss you.
Marty, it's Ronah.
I've thought it through
and I'd like you to settle
with them for a percentage.
You'll get 30 percent
of whatever you save me
on top of your hourly rate,
so there's really no need
to call me back.
Just send me an email.
Okay, take care.
I'm really looking forward
to the workshops.
Well, will I see you in Quebec?
Yes, of course.
You can stay with me
for as long as you need to.
Thank you.
Just have some stuff
I have to figure out back home.
Well, you let me know if there's
anything you need, okay?
I will.
Thank you, Irene.
You're a good person.
My God.
It's just a couple of boxes.
You're wearing more makeup.
It makes you look older.
I'm sorry I didn't make it
up here earlier.