She's Missing (2019) Movie Script

Well, there he go
No, just let me go
tell me
I'll tell you everything
Come here, boy
Nice guy
Do you have something to give him?
Anything sweet?
Where did you get this from?
One had left it at their dinner table
You can't do this to horses
For what?
It's made of cactus or something
It's going to open your mind
Good boy, look at me
Am I like the queen?
Because I'm going to be the queen of riding this year
I'll take the crown and shawl that comes with it
I'll marry Taylor and get a big house
I believed
I'm gonna be a star
You're a star
What do you want to do when I'm a star?
Seriously, Heidi
You can't just live in that truck
You work in the dining room
The truck has a
twinkle in the counter
Don't you have any dreams?
Yeah, but I love my work
Better than the one I had before
Yeah, okay
It's not enough
I made it myself.
It's just my fingerprint in some dough
Some gold color is spread out and stuck in the chains
It's a necklace
So Taylor doesn't forget when she's deployed
I don't think he'll forget you
Hey, can you get me here?
Here? Yeah
Do you want me to walk by the road here?
I have a friend, she rides me
You think you are my only friend
you are my best friend
You know that, right?
see you later
Anything else I want to bring for you now?
Your dear, baby
where were you?
What did you want from Christ?
I ask nothing for Christ
it's true
I chatter with my preacher once
I wanted the Holy Spirit to fill me
And be inside me
You know, everyone gets up to say something to the preacher
... and the girl sitting next to me
That's what I had to say
You said this is wrong?
I think
He looked at me with his bug eyes and
said bug (gives different meanings...
"By faith you will receive only justice."
You know, I believe
to what?
I know how to deal with this bad world alone
Don't need anything else right now?
How long have you lived here?
For a while
Have you ever seen
this girl my Sara?
Only in the poster we have here
I'm sorry
A new girl missing
Everyone is looking for him outside
She's beautiful because
she's a rich girl
Lorena Sage?
You heard about it, right?
Forgetting all that
And she's still lost
She's my baby
I'm sorry
Heidi? Mommy?
This is for you, baby
Here, sir
Hey Hey
I still have an hour to curse
Well I had nothing else to
do so can I just spend time?
Are you sure you want a beer?
Come on
Are you done with this chair?
So what's up?
I got a letter
From my dad (cousin)
She lives near
Kapokren by the sea
She runs a hotel
She looks great
He found me.
I don't even know how
So when are you going?
I don't want to go
I just want to go see her
Come on, Heidi
You have to do this
This is not the kind of life in that scary truck
Work at the diner and spend time with me here
Sure you can have a good job, right?
Maybe... but
I miss you
Yeah... Um
I have to keep going
Do you want to finish later?
... I mean
I can wait to ride
I said I meant Gus and Sherry later
I have to clean up a
few real losers here
You don't care
Okay, okay
see you soon
What an annoying ball my husband
I just want to dance
She's here for me
He does everything for me
Come here baby
So what's your story, Heidi?
... mom
Let me tell you about Heidi
He came from the Dior desert
With this boyfriend really fun
Aren't you Heidi?
How long ago was he?
Almost five years ago
Almost 5 years
We met at times, remember?
I asked him if he wanted to dance
I was drunk
I said yes
I feel free when I dance
Heidi girl yeah
Yes sir, yes madam
Yeah, Jane
Do you want to try something?
Say yes, girl yeah
It makes you not know things
Yeah, yeah, girl
Yeah yeah, yeah, girl
and she
Do we want to go to a general party in the city or not ???
Wake up, wake up, wake up
Taylor suggested
Can you see A dolphin
I opened the door
And it was on her knees
Isn't it romantic?
We had to get married this weekend
He wants to go.
This is the last chance we have
You know, all kinds of benefits when you get married, Heidi
And I live and live in base Fort America
Have you ever seen this house?
They're so big
Well, I don't have to work in the casino anymore
Fort Amica is 100 miles away
No, it's like an hour's drive
Yeah, you're a black hawk maybe
How important is it for you to go and live in Fort America?
I never see you
You're leaving town anyway
Jane, can you do that?
I'm not going
I'm just saying
After you
Thanks, bye
My God, okay
What's going on, Taylor?
Oh, my God, Heidi, come here
Come on, daughter of a joke?
Are you kidding? do not be angry
I'm not...
Oh my God don't be angry
I can take my truck, ride Heidi
I can't believe it, Taylor
I can't believe you're going to do this on your wedding day
for God sake
Can I explain what happened?
Can you tell me?
The kids and I were putting cookies in the parking lot earlier
Don't just get angry
on our bro day.
Damn you joking, Taylor?
What's your death
Can you calm down?
You're going to fix it, right?
I'll fix it
Oh, good you said it before
Yeah I heard it for three weeks in a row
And now look at our car, that 's not
right, it' s not even happening
Jesus christ
for God sake
Taylor, hurry up
I guess I have the opportunity to give it to you
thank you sir
Congratulations thank you, man
Okay, catch it
I miss you so much
Yeah, so do I
This is where I fight for
You're not going to go to a real war, Taylor
I said you're not going to go to a real war, Taylor
You just fire and
start a new one
These are all just a demonstration
I don't think you know much about it
Well, I know things before they say they know.
like what?
Like what your dreams are
What do you think
And what do I think? think
... about our lives
You're right yeah
But you don't know what I'm thinking
is not it?
You don't have that blessing
can I help you?
Do you want to go out sometimes?
Oh, you can't think of no
I just thought I would tell you politely
Is there a problem with me?
I'm sure you're fine
I got... you think it's me, umm
A little old for you
Well, sometimes it's a good idea for a girl like you
It seems like something I should and shouldn't do very sure
You're not around, right?
no. I'm not
no I'm
We are foreigners
come in
This is a great house
My neighbors are really good
There's a club where you can play in the pool
So I said I can play 21
They don't play 21 games
My neighbor, Cheryl
Her husband at E 3
You know, I can ride whenever you want
No, That is fine
The car will be repaired soon
Ready for Rodeo?
I'm going to be queen
That one girl had never even competed in a barrel jump before
She's just a pregnant girl
Do you know that man, Layla?
Cowboy, was he spinning around the restaurant?
One with a wedding ring?
I don't think she's married
So why should he have a ring on his hand?
He asked me to go out
Of course he did
I'm sure you said yes
May I say yes
That marriage ring was not his hand
Don't tell me I didn't warn you
Do you want to stay with me when Taylor is not?
no thanks
You know things are different now
What's the difference
What's wrong, Jane?
... from this feeling of powerlessness
Sometimes you're not tired?
Every time you have a truck and a loser
just look at you and say stupid things...
And grabs your chest and
kicks you in the ass?
You love that person
She's good and good
You think she wants to take you home for a drink, baby?
I found out Jane
But this is not that man
You're just different
Now it's all different
Maybe you and I were always different
We have always been
But we need each other
I don't need you anymore Heidi
Ladies and gentlemen
Welcome to the Rollin Rodeo Desert
You are beautiful
Come here to show me something
Do you want some?
Oh, no, I ate here before I came
I only allowed myself one
So you really are a cowboy?
I grew up with horses
Recently, I'm learning the rope
You mean like a hobby?
you have money?
Um, I mean, I'm doing well
you're right I'm not a cowboy
So what do you do for work?
I'm setting up center here outside
What kind of center?
border control migration
We set up small villages for the people
While they were waiting for their exile
Oh, then, like the governor?
Are you making a car for Mexicans here?
Okay, if you want to call it
that, that's what I do
...... Okay, I got that policy
But you can't have people out there illegally
It must be organized
You, aren't you Mexican?
What does that have to do with anything else?
Why are you doing that?
I deal with everyone
Just like you
Magnificent stars and strips
White and blue red
This girl has been around for many years
And she's seen a lot
And it endured a lot
If he could talk, he would say
Standing in the red cloth for sacrificial courage
White for freedom and justice
And blue, blue of heaven
Abbreviation for loyalty and faith
We may love our country
But we want something better for ourselves
He stands tall in his boots
To gain power
And feel proud
For those who struggle with
them and the reality we live in
... who thinks
They were born for most of this ??
Who would believe that the American dream is twisted?
The American Dream is taken from us
The American Dream is taken from me
Venus Past
For what?
This damn crown of consolation that I didn't win
No matter they can go to hell
I'm done
I want a reality
The real crown?
A real crown
Oh, what?
and she
Wow, how's there
Why is she there?
It's there because I don't want to take off my shirt
and she
what's going on with you?
Just..... Just there
To save me from being dishonored
I had an operation
Yeah? Mummy
Well, they took me away
If you believe me
All of mine? Mommy
What happened?
I fainted in the bathroom
And when they took me to the hospital
The doctor said, okay
You're going to die
You have a big tumor
I mean, we can do something, but there is a risk
Damn, I'm sorry
So, I'm not dead
But I'm like an old car
They just put together a piece
And I have to go back
to the shop all the time
And that means
I have to chew my food
Do you think she's good?
that girl? He'll be fine
Hey, this joke
I can't pick up the phone so
leave your message after the beep
Hey Jin call me
I was worried about you
Aren't you friends?
No really, she didn't seem to want to be friends with her wives
So you don't think she was home either
I don't know when I saw him
getting on the bus last week
What bus?
I know, right?
It wasn't really a bus
You have to shake hands for playing dogs
Who does that? We have a car
Where do you think he was going?
Beats me
what's up? This Taylor
Sorry I can't answer the phone right now
Let me call you
Hi Taylor, this Heidi
I'm in your blood
I can't hold Jane
call me
McCain Auto Repair
Did he get his car from there?
No, it's all done and
you're ready to get it?
Hey, where are you?
Where do you want to see me?
Come see me in the casino
I want to see maybe someone has seen Jane
Don't worry,
that girl was cruel to you
It doesn't matter
I'm going to miss you in my room
See you there
I'm like this
Hey Hey
how are you? Okay, how are you?
I am fabulous
what? are you well?
Yeah, great, why?
This is Sherry Sherry,
Heidi, Sherry, Heidi
We've seen each other before
Didn't you say you don't have a drink?
I'll come to you what you want
It's not a beer from those cherries or whatever
I'll take it
Go get my money go get my money
Oh fucking wow
Did you see Jane? Was she here?
Do you mean when he left?
Maybe she's on vacation
She's not on vacation
Why do you care so much for him?
Do you care about anyone?
Someone you love A friend?
Hey, where did you get those green cactus stuff?
Why? Do you want some?
There are two types of people in the world
You're kind
That's another one
I know you, Heidi
You break yourself for someone else
For Jane
He's always been good
Because she finds herself
You're so damn wrong
I'll do anything for her
Let's get out of here
Thanks for playing
Thanks for the rewards
Watch out, Heidi
I'm sorry
Hey, what are you doing?
Don't be this jinny
He gave it to you?
Sherry made it for me
Should we go to the room?
What room number?
Oh my god
Come on
damn it
Your wife knows what you're doing right now.
What are you saying to me?
........ But it's not
We are friends
..... when I was sick
He looked at me
as if I were a man
You look at me as if
What am i
Or what I was before
I can help you, you know
I can help you settle somewhere
I don't need to set it anywhere
People take advantage of girls like you
You have no family.
You have no money
And they do the end of things
No, I saw it,
I know what I'm talking about
never mind
Good bye
Where is the stack battery?
The horse that is usually here
I don't see
If you tell me what I want to give you money
Yes? How much?
Hundred dollars
Someone took it with him a week or so ago
Who won?
Some guys who work for the boss
Who's the boss?
I don't know what his name
is, I'm just calling him boss
He just comes,
finds me and sometimes gives me things
Where can I find her?
Some kids say he lives near the mines
Which mines? Jibson Mine
She's a big dead guy and she's talking funny
Have you ever heard a rich man live near the Jibson mine?
Great guy?
Obese or tall?
I do not know
There are some weird
types out there
You sleep in caves
Protect their land
That's 5.7
That long, brown hair
He lives in downtown Fort America
But it's not there
It was open at the back
And her neighbor says she wasn't there for days
I can't keep her husband
She's not a kid
She's not a runaway..........
No, she's
He's lost
Miss Ruiz
Mr. Ruiz
What's your name again?
Like a cartoon
Did you hear about Jane?
Why me?
Changing it to do whatever it wants
She didn't even attend church
They say this is better
If a family member completes the report
What report?
Missing Person Report
Missing person report?
Are you a crazy girl?
I don't need the police
Jane is not lost
Hey, Heidi you have a phone call
who is it? A woman
Heidi? This Marina
Um, Lily's sister...........
Hi, Marina
Did you get my name?
Yeah, it did
Well, great
how are you? I am fine
Yes, hey, baby, I'm here
So you wanna come see me?
I'd love to see what Lily baby looks like
My friend is lost
What can I do?
How do you know she's not wandering?
Well, he left his car
Blood, everything
He just doesn't want to leave...
The first time Sarah was lost
what have you done?
I didn't notice Sara was
gone until she was late
But you're still looking for it
I'm looking for his bones
When the posters first went up
Who's the one who's calling
We found it a few miles north of
here where the railroad used to work
Another called and said we
found him down in a mine
We found some clothes that might be for her
Day heat
On cold nights,
anything that can be useful is gone
Then there are the arguments
Someone says they saw him on the bridge
I haven't listened to these things for a long time
There is only one way he could be dead
Where it could be buried
The desert has swallowed it
shut up
You're a nightmare
Keep eating
Well, we don't get the information out
That's our deal
I know he bought a gun from here
People have a right to their privacy
She's stupid, not stupid
This is the fourth amendment to the Assassin Act
Now, maybe your friend deserves privacy
He may protect someone else in his struggle
That's why people buy guns
He's the one who didn't need a gun
Ki, as far as I know
There was no danger to anyone except himself
Show me your hand
I'm not going to bite you
Show me your hand right here
Mom, you had dreams
You're in trouble
You better stop looking for
your friend she's in trouble
Where is that?
The more you look for it,
the worse your dreams become
I remember that, yeah
The headline for Clay City said
he was going to burn the world
Jane always said things like this
Well, I have a special, 38
Fit that pretty little hand just like the glove
Hey Hey
how are you?
She's crazy, right?
No, we all make it for each other
Everyone, we all make it for each other
Is she alive?
It's a better place
you are good?
I have something to help you find Jane
Love it, just give it a try.......
you can tell me
What happened to her?
I'm not telling you
what will happen
You'll find out
take me with you
We're home
That Renee
You meet her
Jane is here
I can feel it
It makes you know things without being told
It makes you know the truth
This place
It makes you feel your dreams come true
Just like the ones in front of your eyes
Renn says this will help you fight your dreams
I had a dream like this
I continue this dream
In the dream, I the people
........ I'm a student
This is different
Standing in a room with a balcony overlooking the sea
I have a glass of whiskey in my hand
One behind the curtain
I fell..... no
I was pressured
My neck twisted
I died
.....I will die
Looking for their faces
Who pressured you?
I was looking for you
Because you are my best friend
And I love you
Do not worry Baby
We are all friends here
Everyone is here because they want to be here
You got this man
What? Did you catch this man?
You choose to come here
You wanted to come here, didn't you?
There are two kinds of people in this world
Those who are lost and weak
And those who find their place and power
Which one are you?
... I'm lost, right?
You rushed around to make everyone happy
You shouldn't do that anymore
So you feel at home
You can be part of something
You can have power
We are a Heidi family
If someone hurts us
We're fighting them
Close the door, Miss Hey
Get out of here
You can stay, you know
If you want
What do you want?
Do you want a family?
I feel your pain
you hurt
Do you know how I know?
I felt that pain
Darkness, hidden pain
You didn't have a real father, did you?
And your mother?
She's dead
You don't know how to get love
You don't recognize it
You don't know how to give up completely
You always miss the wrong door
Because you've never been shown the way
What are these items?
Open your heart
And your mind
It makes dreams come true
You have to make progress
I am
..... I was talking to Ren
About how you can't live up to your full potential
she's nonsense and you know it
I reaped more than
anyone else..... like
Let Heidi go once
What, you haven't shot with a shotgun yet?
I have
I just don't like them
Flowers can't go to town
He must be here
Maybe you can do it
I'm just saying, I can't go and see Bobby, this must be a girl
Maybe Jane should go
Jane, you can go
You okay, Heidi?
I feel you
Yeah, I can definitely go
I think that is the longest way to go
Honey's feeling is stronger than ever
I can feel its growing power
He learns more about himself and his body
Isn't that right, Honey?
Flower's commitment to that
family is stronger than ever
And we belong to each other
What about Heidi?
Does anyone feel like Heidi?
Heidi wants to be a part of our family
But she's scared
And suspicious
She lives in the past
Venus Past
Venus Past
Venus Past
With poor fear
We don't use these negative words, rainbow
Hold your hand
Hold your hand, pervert
do not touch me
Get lost here
You're a diamond
Am I a diamond? You're a diamond
She's mine
We share everything together
Rainbow, you know it
It doesn't seem like a trick to me
You can't do anything I want
I want to dance with myself, Jane
we have to go
I do not come
How long have you known this man?
I have to take care of the battery
Jane, I'm not leaving you here
Me, Jane Briana Ruiz
I deserved better than what I did
You did well
No I didn't
You might have buried me in that house in Fort America
Let me tell you something, Heidi
I want you to understand
We don't have to take the nonsense out there, we don't
We should not be treated as something to be kicked
I've spent all my life trying to
I got a smile at the casino
K..... giving someone dinner
humiliation feeling
Feeling inferior here and there
Men use me
People use me Men use me
Tell me who I am
Jane, I know that too
It happens
Now I'm the boss
no you are not
There is Ren
All those things
This is still happening to you
It shows us our power.
Do you want it? Do you want it?
Don't you want to feel that power?
Do you want to feel it?
Those things, those materials make you think you have power
But this is a trick
It is not real
You tried it, you tried
it, you know it
This will lead you to everything
And it makes you know everything
....Yeah you
... you only
You just don't understand
And she's ashamed because Ren thought you did
Damn it, Jane, damn it
Come let me go
This damn place is dangerous
This damn place is dangerous
You used it before
Hey, if you come with me
... I promise I promise you
We're going to Capernaum
Hey, you wanted to be a star
We can do that
Come with me
There's nothing for me there
No, come on,
just come with me no
Shake your hand
no, come on, Jane
Come on, come on...
If you disappear
No one even understands
I was the only one who realized you disappeared
You have no power, Jane
Good bye
you are good?
I am fine
Do you want to come with me
I'm fine here
Hi hi
You know this woman
Is she famous?
Do you know him? some how
I know her as Sarah
I don't remember it
People just drop it
We use them as wallpaper
If you're a fan,
I mean you can have it
Really? Yeah
Go, cut it
We put one in there
What was her name again?
Sara Feeld
..... Hi, I'm looking for Marina
Oh my god
You are Heidi
Marina? Yes
Well, let me hug you here
Lily's daughter
you are so attractive
If you know the restaurants
You can do something here
Really? Yeah
Well, I don't know anyone here
I want
How did you get there in the desert?
... I went there with a boy
When we got there
he wasn't very good
Well I'll tell you what I learned
Because I know this well
........ the painful behaviors we pass on to others
Reducing our own tolerance
He only hurt you because he was hurt
Are you religious
no really
But yeah, yeah
I am
I am waiting
I mean, the only thing I really know about God
That's not what we are
And every sin is an attempt for
Flying from Puccini
Something like this