She's Too Young (2004) Movie Script

- Hey, girlfriend. Let me look at you.
- I've gotta go.
Dawn, come here.
- Thanks, Mom.
- Home by 10.
- Mom, it's 11 for all the other kids.
- Since when?
- Welcome to high school.
- Keep your cell phone on.
You stay out of trouble tonight.
- Bill?
- Hey, babe.
- Hi.
- Hey, honey.
- I saved some dinner for you.
- Oh, thank you.
Is Hannah upstairs?
- Sorry I'm late.
- Dad?
- That looks good.
- Yeah, it's coming.
- Hi, Mommy.
- Hi, honey.
- How was the board meeting?
- It was great. Thanks for asking.
- They approved my reorganization plan.
- Congratulations.
- That's great, honey.
- Thanks, sweetie.
- Going out on a school night?
- She's had dinner, done her homework.
- Yeah, and it's just for ice cream.
- She's going with Dawn and Becca, right?
That's nice.
- I didn't realize you're seeing them again.
- Yeah. It just started.
- You want me to drive?
- No, that's okay. Nick Hartman's driving.
- How old is he?
- He's 16.
Mom, but he's, like, the most popular guy
in school. He's great.
I'd love to meet him.
Can't we just do this some other time?
Don't worry, sweetie.
I just wanna say hello to the girls.
- Don't worry.
- Mom, why do you have to do this?
- For heaven sakes, Hannah Banana.
- It's just ice cream.
My God. Could she be
more embarrassing?
- Hi, Trish.
- Hi. Hi, girls. It's so nice to see you again.
Hi, I'm Trish Vogul.
I'm Hannah's mother.
- It's nice to meet you, Mrs. Vogul.
- It's nice to meet you too, Nick.
- I'd like your mother's number, please.
- Mom.
Or your cellular. It's just for safety reasons.
I'm sure you understand.
- Dawn, how's your mom?
- Good.
- And yours, Becca?
- Good.
Good. Tell them hi.
I'd love to see them.
- Okay.
- Good.
Thank you.
Okay, well, you all have a good time.
- I'd like her home by 10, please.
- No problem.
- Thanks.
- It was nice meeting you.
Nice to meet you too, Nick.
Hannah. Seat belt.
I thought we decided she's too young
to be in cars with boys.
We did. But it's just ice cream.
What, we lock her in her closet
till she's 20?
Come on. She's only 14 years old.
She's wearing makeup
to get ice cream?
She gets straight A's.
She plays that cello 90 hours a week.
- She deserves a break once in a while.
- It's not that.
I am still uncomfortable with
her driving around with boys.
- Look. We either trust her or we don't.
- We don't know anything about this kid.
I think she's earned our trust.
What's up?
- Nick.
- What's up?
- What's happening?
- You know, another lonely night.
- Now, this must be Hannah Vogul.
- I'm Brad.
- I know.
- Dawn.
Listen, a bunch of us
are going over to Kevin's place.
His parents went to Hawaii for two weeks.
We're gonna get wrecked. You in?
- Maybe later.
- Yeah?
See you.
- Don't slam the door.
- Have fun, you guys.
Hey, do you want a latte or something?
That's sweet. Maybe next time.
Check it out.
Where's the glove?
Oh, damn, I forgot.
I could go get one, and you could do
English homework while I'm gone.
So, Dawn, can I ask you something?
Did you ever, like, go out with Nick?
For about 10 seconds.
Nick only dates babes like Becca.
Yeah. And? You're a babe.
What do you mean?
- I'm maybe average plus.
- That is so not true. You're gorgeous.
- I bet he'd go out with you.
- No.
- Whatever. I mean, he's with Becca.
- Yeah, this week.
- Do you want me to look into it?
- No.
No, it's okay.
You wanna come listen to the new
Kingpin Pimp CD with me in my car?
- No?
- No, thank you.
- I love Kingpin.
- You do?
Awesome. Let's go.
- Oh, can you get a ride home?
- No problem.
- Oh, my God.
- What a slut.
Hannah, you can always call me.
I'll come get you.
I know.
No questions asked.
I still don't understand
why Nick couldn't drive you home.
No questions asked.
Come on, give me a break.
He's creepy.
Okay, fine. So Poe's scary.
But Hawthorne breaks my heart.
- Like the way Hester's made to suffer.
- Yeah, he's deep.
- Yeah.
- But Poe's scary as hell, and that's cool.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- He's so gay.
- That is so not true.
- And who cares anyway?
- Yeah, whatever.
You know, some of the guys think
you look like Angelina Jolie...
...but she's a dog next to you.
Yeah, right.
- You know, I don't get it.
- What?
Why aren't we seeing each other?
Because you never asked.
Oh, my bad.
Hey, Hannah, the crew's hanging out at
Brad's house Friday. Gonna come with me?
What about Becca? Aren't you guys...?
Oh, no. Becca, she's great. It's just...
You know, it's just over between us.
All right. I'll see you then.
- Did Nick just hit on you?
- No, he was just asking about...
Yes. We're gonna go out
on Friday night.
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
- What are you gonna wear?
- I don't know.
We have class.
Hey, Nicky.
Looks like I won't make it back for dinner,
and your mother's stuck at the office.
Why don't you take some friends
to Norver's on my credit card.
See you, big guy.
- This homework is retarded.
- It's fine. You're not my mother.
I made notes. Deal with them.
Get a room.
Sucks when your mom
gets more dates than you do.
Can you hold the meetings until I get there?
Okay, thanks. Bye.
- Trish, hey.
- Oh, my gosh. Ginnie.
Oh, Ginnie, hi.
Well, what brings you downtown?
Oh, a blind date.
- Well.
- I hear you've got some big news.
Oh, you mean the merger.
No. Sweetie, your daughter's first date.
This Friday, Nick Hartman. Hello.
- Oh, she didn't tell you.
- No. Apparently, I'm the last to know.
- I'm sorry, Trish.
- So do you know this boy?
Nick? Yeah, he's a real hottie, Trish.
- All the girls have a crush on him.
- What's the scoop? Should I be worried?
No. Oh, no.
Not if you want her to be popular.
- I gotta go. Good to see you.
- Okay.
- Yeah. Have fun.
- Thank you.
That was lovely, sweetheart.
Yeah, I kind of messed up
the second movement.
Maybe a little. I mean, the fingering was a
little bit off, but why don't you play it again.
Yeah. Yeah, I'm gonna work on it.
Well, I ran into Ginnie this afternoon...
...and I found out that you're planning
to see Nick on Friday night.
Yeah. So?
We have a rule, Hannah.
No dates without my permission.
Okay, so I should have said:
"Nick, I'd love to go out.
Let me ask my mom first. "
What's wrong with that?
You definitely need my permission.
Okay. Mommy, can I please go out
with Nick on Friday night? Please?
But you have an 11:00 curfew,
and I wanna know where you're going.
- And he's older, and that concerns me.
- Have I ever given you a reason to worry?
- Nurse Johnson?
- Oh, hi, Dawn.
Can I talk to you about something?
How long have you had this sore?
- A week or two.
- Does it hurt?
Mind if I ask you a few questions?
I got it.
- Mr. Vogul, Nick Hartman.
- Bill. Nice to meet you, Nick. Come on in.
- Thanks. Mrs. Vogul, nice to see you again.
- Nice to see you too, Nick.
- Hannah. So you're a sophomore, right?
- A junior.
- Junior.
- Hey.
- Is that new?
- No, it's Dawn's.
- So where are you two going?
- To the Johnsons', right?
- Right.
- We've got the number.
- Bye, guys.
- Have fun, honey.
- Bye-bye.
- It was nice seeing you both.
You too, Nick.
Whatever happened to the father
who swore he'd be waiting...
...with a shotgun when the first boy
showed up for his precious Hannah?
- Want some ice cream?
- No, thank you.
Chocolate chip.
- Hey.
- Hey. What are you doing here?
I came to rescue you.
Wanna see the Truffaut at the Capital?
It's a nice idea, but I can't.
That's right.
Word is you're night-crawling
with the enemy.
- Nick's not the enemy.
- Oh, come on.
You're just an accessory to him.
A new cell phone.
- Oh, thanks a lot.
- I think it's great.
I mean, you're on
the winning side, right?
- Hey, beautiful.
- Hey.
It's too crowded.
Let's go somewhere else.
- Wow, this is amazing.
- Yep. It's okay.
So are your parents home?
My parents are never home.
Don't worry. Nobody's getting naked.
Why don't you grab
a swimsuit in the bathroom.
Come on in. Come on.
- It's kind of hot.
- That's the idea.
- What's the matter?
- I don't know.
I'm a little nervous.
I mean, you kind of got a reputation.
Yeah. You know how girls are.
Well, I'm not one of those girls.
Good, because this isn't about sex.
- No?
- I'm not even gonna try to kiss you tonight.
- Really?
- No, not even if you begged me.
- Oh, really?
- Yeah, yeah.
Back off.
All right, back off.
Back off. Back off. I give up.
Don't even think about it.
- I'm fine.
- Oh, yeah.
- I had a really good time.
- Yeah, me too.
- Okay. All right, bye.
- Good night.
- Don't get up.
- I won't.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Hey, sweetheart.
- So how was it?
- Oh, it was really nice.
- Yeah?
- What did you guys do?
Mom, it's late.
Can we just talk tomorrow?
Oh, my God. This is so hard.
- Hey, girl.
- Hey.
So was it, like, fantastic?
It was really nice.
If you're freaking over me
and Nick, it's no problem, okay?
- Really?
- Guys are just like that.
Some biology thing.
They have to spread their seed.
I mean, I could freak over it, but he'd just
laugh in my face, so I just roll with it.
So let me guess.
He said you were the best ever, right?
Well, we didn't do anything.
You're kidding.
He said this was more than just sex.
Wow. He must really like you.
Really? You think so?
Or it's just some kind of strategy
to get in your pants.
Becca. We gotta go, sweetie.
Hey, Dawn, this is Lauren James.
Hello, Dawn.
Why don't you come with me.
I'm with the State Department
of Public Health.
You were smart to
get yourself checked, Dawn.
You have syphilis.
But you've caught it early on,
so there's no cause for alarm.
At this stage, we can cure it
with a shot of antibiotics.
So you're gonna be just fine, okay?
Are you gonna tell my mom?
No. I'm not required to tell her,
and if you don't want me to, I won't.
Thank you so much.
But I will need to ask you
some questions.
Now, syphilis is a highly contagious
sexually transmitted disease.
And if people don't get it checked,
they become very seriously ill.
Now, chances are pretty good that
the people you know already have it... I'm gonna need the names
of anyone you've had sex with, okay?
What exactly do you mean by "sex"?
Well, that includes oral sex, even though
I know you kids think it doesn't.
Now, no one will know you gave me their
name. You'll be completely anonymous.
Look, I'm not here
to judge you, Dawn...
...but I need to know how many boys
you've had sex with.
Dawn, are you okay?
I'm counting.
You know, it doesn't need to be exact.
Maybe 20.
You had sex with 20 boys?
Mind telling me
what's going on outside?
Yeah. Nick stopped by to ask me
for another date on Friday.
That's charming.
Now, Hannie...
- Can we talk about this?
- Absolutely not.
I'm worried about Nick.
He's older than you,
and he's more experienced.
Yeah, but he's also smart and funny
and really, really cute.
- And he's incredibly sweet to me.
- And that's important. It really is...
...but I don't want you
in a car with drinking and driving.
I know that.
I want you to understand
you can say no to anything.
- Mom.
- I'm sorry. No, I'm not sorry.
You're my baby.
I just want you to be careful.
I'm so careful I've barely ever had a date.
So just... I don't know. Be happy for me.
- Trust me a little, you know?
- Okay.
- Okay?
- Okay, honey.
Okay, for now, let's call Dawn
number one. Who's next?
Meet the campus Casanova, Nick Hartman,
my candidate for patient zero.
Okay. Let's start with him.
In your experience,
do the students usually cooperate?
Even smart ones refuse to believe
their behavior might have consequences.
Yeah. Fourteen and invincible.
I hate that Cineplex.
Yeah, I know.
They play the same movies for a month.
My dad's got a good DVD collection
at home.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Wanna go there?
- Okay.
Nice choice.
Yeah, this is really bad.
- I am such a jerk.
- Why?
I forgot to give you your present.
- You got me a present?
- Yep.
For being incredibly adorable.
Oh, my God. It's beautiful.
Here, let me.
Thank you.
You're so sweet.
You've never done this before, right?
I haven't really, you know,
done anything.
- Is that okay?
- Yeah, totally.
I love being first.
Wait. Just, not yet.
I don't really think I'm ready, okay?
I mean, I really like you.
I don't wanna make you do anything
you're uncomfortable doing.
I mean, I really like you.
- Are you sure it's okay?
- Yeah. Yeah, it's fine.
So you wanna play Scrabble
or watch another movie?
- Are you sure?
- Yeah, it's fine.
You know, for me, I mean,
this was just a chance to get...
For us to get closer.
And I really like you.
But I can understand
if you're nervous...
...or if you're just not interested.
Look, maybe I should just take you home.
It'll be okay, Hannah.
You know,
you can tell people if you want.
- What?
- That we hooked up.
Why? Will you tell?
You don't have to.
When people see us together, they get it.
Great. So now the whole school's
gonna know I went down on you?
Hey, hey, chill out.
It was great.
This could really boost your reputation.
So you wanna go out tomorrow?
- Noah, are cheerleaders hot?
- Hot, hot, hot.
- Are cello players hot too?
- Hot, hot, hot.
- Are you hot?
- Hot, hot, hot.
Hey, guess what, guys. I have syphilis.
I have syphilis.
So people still get that?
I had a blood test.
- I'm sorry.
- It's okay. I got a shot. I'm cured.
Then why are you even telling us?
Because it's really contagious.
- Maybe you should get tested.
- What are the symptoms?
These sores in your mouth.
Or, well, you know.
I don't have any sores.
- Yeah, me either.
- Not yet, but maybe you will.
- People like us don't get it.
- I did.
You did some really nasty guys.
- I did the same guys you did.
- And, like, half the basketball team.
I'm just trying to be responsible.
You don't need to be a bitch.
Sorry, but Nick and Brad are coming over,
and I'd like it if you didn't tell.
- They should know.
- Tell them later...
...if it'll make you feel responsible.
But I'm gonna have fun tonight.
I don't feel like fun anymore.
- Are you coming?
- She's gonna hang for Nick.
Girl's in love.
I'm sorry.
Dawn is looking like such a skank.
Did you see what she was wearing?
I'd rather be with my parents
than look at her.
You girls are so vicious.
You don't see me ragging on Nick here
because he's got gigolo shoes...
...or Mr. Fashion-Plate T-shirts,
do you?
You don't see me ragging on Brad for wearing
the same underwear three days in a row.
- Thanks for sharing.
- No problem.
So... guys wanna go upstairs,
check out what's hot?
Yeah, man.
Look, don't worry.
Brad's gonna be good to you.
I don't want Brad.
You're not in middle school anymore.
Half the chicks in high school would give up
their... Whatever bags just to play with us.
Well, I'm part of the other half.
Hannah, wait.
Will you do it for me?
I thought it was enough
to do it with you.
- Hannah!
- Dude, forget it, man. Let her go.
Yeah, you're right.
Hannah! Time to go!
- Sweetheart?
- Mom, I'm not going. My head's killing me.
Do you have a fever?
...did something happen last night?
- No, it was fine.
Can I just sleep in today and then Tommy
can e-mail me the homework?
But if you need me, give me a call.
Can you close the door?
Thanks, Mom.
Love you.
Ladies, looks like I'm in the middle again.
- What are you doing?
- Nothing.
You must be Nick.
Come on in. Have a seat.
I'm strapped for time. What's this for?
All right. Straight up:
You've been exposed to syphilis.
So give me my magic bullet,
and we're done here.
As you may know,
it's a highly contagious disease.
You may have infected others.
- You want names?
- That would be helpful.
- Sorry, I don't rat out my friends.
- Look...
If you want my advice, you better
stick them all, because I probably did.
You can run that by the VP.
And save that for
after the 2:30 meeting.
Let me get this real quickly.
Thank you so much, Sara.
- Hi, Mommy.
- Hi, sweetie. Are you feeling better?
- Yeah, I'm okay.
- Lf you're still sick tomorrow...
...we'll go see Dr. Gordon.
- I said, I'm okay.
Hon, is it something at school,
trouble with Nick?
- I'm not seeing him anymore.
- Oh, I'm sorry, sweetie.
Listen, do you wanna talk about it?
No, I gotta go, all right?
I love you, Mom. Bye.
Well, I love you too.
- Haven't any of our programs worked?
- We have this 14-year-old girl...
...with syphilis and 20 sex partners.
And I'm betting we're gonna see abnormal
incidences of chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes.
Not to mention the largest syphilis cluster
ever found in a community like this.
- Anyone with AIDS?
- Syphilis will increase the risk.
- Pregnancies?
- No one's pregnant yet...
...but odds are, it's bound to happen.
Okay. How can I help?
Okay, now, I have a list
with the names of the kids...
...for you to give to your classes.
I can't believe someone gave them my name.
It's absurd.
- I don't believe this.
- This is crap.
"Volunteer testing for syphilis.
Results are confidential.
Untreated, this could be
a very serious disease. " Stupid.
- Mom, what is your problem?
- Have you been with a boy?
- What?
- You know what I mean.
It's none of your business.
Whatever you do is our business,
young lady...
...and you better pray I don't
bring your father into this.
Am I still a virgin?
Is that what you mean?
Of course I am, Mother.
- Are you happy now?
- I will be happy...
...when you lead a truly spiritual life.
- You'll be unhappy for a very long time.
That is a hateful thing to say.
All we've tried to do is raise you
with decent values.
I know, Mother.
I appreciate that. I really do.
If you really appreciated it,
you wouldn't have to be tested for syphilis.
- How did you know that?
- I'm the class rep.
I hear everything that goes on
in that school.
- You assume I'm the school slut?
- There's no need for that language.
- That's what you're thinking.
- I don't know.
This school environment is too much
to handle right now.
- What do you mean?
- We might change schools.
Mom, that's not fair.
Why can't you trust me?
If you're not having sex,
why do they wanna test you?
Because Dawn gave them my name.
- Well, why would she do that?
- Because she has syphilis, okay?
They said that if she didn't give names,
they'd tell her mother.
I knew that poor girl
was headed for trouble...
Ever since the divorce.
We've always told each other the truth.
Do I have any reason to lose faith in you?
No reason at all, Mother.
- I love you.
- I love you, sweetie.
Hey, can one of you girls get that?
Never mind. I'll get it.
- Thanks for knocking.
- That was Kathleen.
She has to tell me
that you're having sex?
Get real. You see me leave every night.
You get off on guys calling all the time.
- What did you think I was doing?
- I didn't think you were getting syphilis.
I was gonna tell you.
You know we can talk about anything.
We can, but I can't come home with,
"Guess what, Mom. I've got syphilis. "
Baby... can I help? Tell me how.
How am I supposed to know?
Do you want me to ground you? I don't
wanna stop you from having a good time.
You want me gone
so you can have a good time.
That's ridiculous.
Dawn, honey, I love you.
Of course I want you to have fun.
Baby, I'm your best friend.
No, you're my mother,
and I wish you'd start acting like it.
Fine, I'm your mother.
And you're grounded.
If I'm grounded, so are you.
See how your boyfriends like that.
Hannah, time to go!
Hold on a sec, Mom.
So, what are you gonna do?
I mean, if you have it.
I don't know.
When did you do these?
Why? You think it's weird?
No. I mean, it's totally cool.
I mean, they're great pictures.
Yeah, girls say it's cool.
And then they date Nick Hartman.
So do you totally hate me now
for going out with him?
Hey, popularity is a powerful drug.
I don't know that I could resist it.
Not that I've ever really had the chance.
Yeah, well, look what it did for me.
You can always come back to the dorks.
- I'd be your only slut.
- Yeah, that's true.
- I can't believe you called me a slut.
- I didn't.
- You so just called me a slut.
- Did I use the word "slut"?
I can't do this.
I can't sit here and pretend
that everything is okay.
I'm too upset.
Hannah, why didn't you tell us
what's going on in school?
- What do you mean?
- We've heard horrible stories...
...about oral sex behind the gym...
...about girls in your grade
with multiple sex partners.
Why didn't you say anything, honey?
I don't know.
I'm sorry.
Is there anything else
that we should know about?
I don't think so. I don't know.
You guys seem to know more than I do.
Were you gonna tell us
that Dawn has syphilis?
She told me that in confidence.
I can't broadcast stuff like that.
How about that the school
is asking kids to get tested?
Well, they didn't ask me.
Did anything happen
between you and Nick?
No. God.
All right.
You know, pretending something didn't
happen is not gonna make it go away.
- Nothing happened.
- Sweetheart, if something's going on...
...don't shut us out.
We wanna help you, not judge you.
There's nothing, okay?
Get in line, slut.
Hey, man, syphilis.
- Name, please.
- Rebecca White.
Okay, Rebecca.
You can go with Nurse Johnson. Next.
- Hey, Becca. The "Big S," baby.
- You're gross.
It's not what you said the other night.
- That it?
- Yeah, except for a couple of no-shows.
The kids whose parents
wanted to do this privately.
- Let's see how many.
- Am I too late?
- What's your name?
- Hannah Vogul.
Did you get a note?
Trust me, I belong on the list.
Okay. Why don't you go with
Nurse Johnson. She'll take care of you.
So, Beatrice, we received the results of last
week's blood test, and you have syphilis.
I'm just gonna roll up your sleeve, hon.
Now, this shot will stop the virus
in 10 to 14 days.
Now, Heather, if there's anyone else
that needs to be tested... have to give their names.
You'll be completely anonymous, Steven.
Susan, this vaccination will stop the
virus for now, but unless you're careful... can still contract
the disease again, okay?
It's just sex. I mean, it's just something
we do with boys, like dancing.
Do you have any feeling for those boys
you dance with?
Sure. I mean, sometimes I have
a lot of feelings, but they don't last.
And do those boys have
any feeling for you?
For about a minute.
- But you keep doing it anyway?
- Yeah.
And I'm the most popular girl
in ninth grade.
Okay, let me ask you this:
Say you had a little sister...
...and she asked you whether
she should start having sex.
What would you tell her?
I'd tell her to wait.
So do you enjoy it?
Sometimes. Like, with oral,
it makes me feel wanted.
- Okay.
- And if the guy's nice...
...I might let him do other stuff.
Only if he's really nice.
I don't know.
I thought Nick was really nice.
This is really stupid.
But I don't know.
Then it was just like, it's good...
...because it was a thing
I had to get past.
Why do people think it's a big deal?
It's just oral. So you do it,
or they'll find some other girl who will.
Yeah, but then they're just like...
They dump you anyway, you know?
What's the point?
- It's totally pointless.
- Really.
Okay, you can do it like this.
- Or...
- Yeah. this.
- Okay.
This is Nick's favorite.
- I can't believe you know all this stuff.
- I'm a 14-year-old sexpert.
- Cheers. Put it on your college application.
- I will. I will.
I'm sorry, Mrs. Gensler.
Oh, my God.
I can't. I can't tell them
because they're gonna hate me.
She freaks if I get a B on a test.
Yeah, I know.
But you're gonna have to tell them.
Just tell my dad for me,
and then he'll just tell her, please?
This is gonna have to come from you.
I don't know what's worse.
That I screwed up, or that they think
I'm too perfect to screw up.
Hey. Get back to your room, Dawn.
I'll deal with you later.
- Oh, my God.
- I am so sorry, you guys.
They got into the liquor cabinet.
I'm so sorry.
She's thrown up
a couple of times already.
- Ginnie, I'm sorry you had to deal with this.
- No, I'm sorry.
- I'm so disappointed in you, Hannah.
- Not now, okay.
I was in high school once,
but I didn't get drunk.
Ground me, cancel my allowance.
Just please stop talking.
I trusted you.
Who defends you all the time?
You go out and do this to me?
What are you thinking?
God, I hate it when you do that.
Here. Take this.
She's going to school tomorrow.
I don't care how bad she feels.
Let her sit in class with a headache.
She'll think twice before doing it again.
- Bill.
- And don't "Bill" me.
You all right?
It hurts. Even my hair hurts.
So, what was this, Hannah?
Was this just a big, dumb experiment?
"Let's see what it feels like
to really get drunk. "
Mom, don't worry about it.
That was my last drink until I'm 30.
What is going on with you, Hannah?
I don't even know who you are anymore.
Mom, I don't really wanna do this
right now, okay?
Can we talk in the morning?
Mom, I have syphilis.
- What?
- I said, I have syphilis!
Oh, my God, Hannah.
Yeah, I bet you never dreamed
I'd screw up like this, right?
- You sound proud of it.
- Well, I feel like a complete idiot...
...but it's not like I went looking for it.
- You had sex with Nick?
No, I didn't have sex with Nick Hartman.
It was just oral, and it was just one time.
- Oral sex is sex, young lady.
- Fine. So I made a mistake.
- You certainly did.
- So, what are you gonna do?
You are coming home right after school...
...and you will spend your weekends
with your parents.
What happened to letting me
make my own mistakes?
You can make little mistakes.
I'd like to try to keep you
from making the big ones.
I'm sorry.
This is breaking my heart.
Yeah, well, it's breaking mine too.
You know, it used to be when a girl
refused sex, she had society on her side.
Now culture's screaming, "Just do it. "
They say yes to be part of the crowd.
- And the lying? Is that part of it too?
- That has nothing to do with sex.
That's about independence.
Now she's learning to
make decisions for herself... she feels the need
to keep things from you.
What are we supposed to do?
Well, you give her boundaries.
I already give her boundaries.
She's not gonna like it,
but you make them tighter.
You can pretty much count on that.
Good. It will help.
But don't be afraid if things
get worse before they get better.
Now, I am organizing
an informational meeting...
...for the parents about all of this.
- I'd like to help.
- Okay.
But unfortunately, in my experience,
very few parents will show up.
- I can talk to some people.
- I should warn you:
Talking about teen sex is a great way
to turn your friends into enemies.
I'm so concerned
about our girls, Kathleen.
In my home, sex is still a private matter.
I'm not prying, Kathleen.
I could never make a spectacle
of my daughter's mistakes... discussing them in public.
But this meeting is important.
If all these kids in school from all
these different families are in trouble...
...then it is a community issue,
a community problem.
- I'm fighting this in my own family.
- How?
Well, teaching abstinence, censoring
their movies and music, for one thing.
Don't you think it's a little late?
This is a toxic culture,
and it's poisoning our kids.
Have you ever listened to those rap lyrics?
They're disgusting.
But why not discuss that in the meeting?
Maybe it is the culture.
Maybe it stems from loneliness.
Maybe it's trouble at home.
Maybe it's low self-esteem.
You can analyze this any way you like...
...but I want no part of it.
I'm sure Nick's told you
what's going on in school.
I hope you're not gonna lecture me
on the responsibilities of being a parent.
How should we deal with this problem?
I'm not sure there is a problem.
- I don't understand.
- Look.
I'm furious my son isn't using condoms,
and I'll get his father to speak to him.
And I'm not happy
that he has an STD...
...but, for one thing, it's easily cured.
I hope that it's the lesson he needs to learn
to use better judgment about sex.
- You're not worried he's so sexually active?
- Not if he's more careful.
Nick is an honor student, an athlete,
and we think he's on the right track.
I'd probably worry more
if he were unpopular.
Well, your very popular son
gave my 14-year-old daughter syphilis.
- How do you know she didn't give it to him?
- Because she's a virgin.
I'm really sorry for what has happened,
and so is Nick...
...but he didn't force her, did he?
She was a willing participant.
Girls aren't the only victims here.
Girls these days can be even
more aggressive than the boys.
You wouldn't believe
how many call here.
I don't know how you can be
so casual about this.
These are 14-year-old girls we're talking
about. They're not ready for this.
Maybe you're not ready to let go.
Could you have your mom
give me a call... soon as she gets home from work?
Trish Vogul.
Tell her I wanna know if she's gonna
be coming to the parent-teacher meeting.
Okay, thank you. Bye.
Mom, it's not like when you were a kid.
Believe me, Hannah,
we had our wild moments too.
You know what?
Now you can't even get a date...
...unless you do those things to a guy.
- Well, that's horrible.
- Kids don't care.
It's just something that they do.
It's like I was the only one
who hadn't done it...
...and I didn't wanna be the only one.
- Can you understand that?
- Yes, I can...
...but there must be
some of your friends who say no.
I have friends who say no,
and those girls never get a date.
This kind of dating, honey,
you just set yourself up to get hurt.
I had hoped that for you, the first time
would be beautiful and life-affirming.
- Well, I blew that, Mom.
- No, no, no. I'm not saying that, Hannah.
I'm just saying that when you say yes, you
become like every other girl in the crowd.
When you say no, Hannah,
you stand out.
- You stand out.
- Well, maybe I'm tired of standing out.
I mean, why is it so bad
to want to be popular?
No! It's wrong when your popularity
leads you to this kind of behavior...
...that you get syphilis
from someone like Nick.
Oh, that's right, Mom,
because I'm just such a horrible person.
- I'm a total disappointment as a daughter.
- I am not saying that!
I am not saying that!
Don't you dare twist my words like that!
I am proud...
Hannah, this is a picture.
You have to smile, okay?
Perfect. Okay, how cool is this?
You know, I can e-mail this to TigerBeat
or CosmoGirl or even Maxim, if you want.
Aren't you supposed to be
a good influence on me?
- What?
- Hey, Hannah...
...wanna join our syphilis support group?
Hey, tell that mother of yours
to mind her own damn business.
If she shows up on my porch,
I'll wreck your world.
Careful. You might crush
the few brain cells you've got left.
Dude, that is so gay, man.
- How was your lesson?
- It was fine.
Did you work on
the second movement?
Seat belt.
- What is their...?
- Get out of the way!
Please go back.
- You're gonna die!
- Go back.
Just go back.
Just back up!
Please, please, Mom.
Get out of the way, whore!
- Slut!
- Get off the road!
- You know these kids?
- Can we just go?
- No, I'd like their names.
- You know what, Mom?
- Thanks so much for getting involved.
- Why do you think I'm doing this?
It's who you are.
If I lost a toe, you'd be president
of Parents for Toeless Teenagers.
Are you embarrassed
because of this meeting?
No, you're gonna go up there and tell
them about my problems. My life, Mom.
I am not ashamed of you.
You shouldn't be ashamed.
- You have to brag to the other parents?
- I don't want other kids to go through this.
All you should be caring about
is that I'm going through it now.
Okay. So, so far, we have
confirmed 21 cases of syphilis.
But as you will see,
over 250 kids have been exposed.
So things could get worse. Much worse.
Now, the numbers of course,
represent the kids.
And the lines link them
sexually to other kids.
So as you can see, most of these
kids have had multiple contacts.
- Forty.
- What?
In some cases,
over 50 sexual partners.
- Thanks a lot, man.
- Pretty big party?
- Yeah.
- Have fun.
If you taught abstinence,
it wouldn't happen.
And you have done
nothing to help.
Abstinence is a part of
the sex-education curriculum.
You can preach abstinence, but eventually
these kids are gonna have sex.
The media bombards kids
with sex in their music...
...sexual innuendoes in their TV shows.
Even ads push sex appeal as the most
important quality a kid needs to develop.
How are parents
supposed to deal with that?
I'll tell you what.
My boy's doing what I wanted
to be doing at his age.
Not at my daughter's expense.
It's just an opinion, buddy.
- That opinion's brought us all here.
- Okay.
- Take your opinion out.
- I'll stay right here.
We don't need this right now!
- Take it out the...
- We can all agree...
...that fighting amongst ourselves
is not gonna help our kids.
Now, we're all here
for the same reasons, right?
We feel helpless. We want answers.
None of us expected that we would
encounter this when we moved here.
So, what do we do?
What do we do?
Like Lauren said,
we can set stronger boundaries.
There'll be times when
they don't wanna talk.
There's gonna be times where they
can't stand even being around us.
And those are the times that
we need to be there the most.
Those are the times
when they need us the most.
That's all we can do.
And I couldn't live with myself
if I did anything less.
Dad, why can't you trust me?
I do trust you. It's that whole
public-school environment I don't trust.
- All they do at Calvary is read the Bible.
- You'll be in a place that stresses values.
Your values, not mine.
You watch your mouth, or you'll regret it.
I regret being a part of this family.
- That's enough.
- Kathleen, I won't tolerate...
Becca, honey, tell you what.
You try Calvary for one semester...
...and if you hate it,
we'll see what we can do.
I'm not going.
Hannah, hello.
- Honey?
- We're home.
- I'm gonna grab a drink. You want anything?
- No, thanks.
Hi, Kathleen.
It's Trish here.
Listen, could you ask Becca
if she might know where Hannah is?
Becca, open the door right now.
Got it.
It's not like I can just slip away, Jack.
I'm grounded, remember?
- Hey.
- Hey.
Do you wanna come out for a bit?
What for?
Because us sluts
should stick together.
And because there's
nobody else I can talk to.
- Tell Mom I'll be back.
- You're not allowed.
Tess, please.
I mean, that's the idea.
You gotta find character in your subject.
Even if your subject is,
well, a water fountain...
...or something boring,
like school, you know?
I don't know, I'm starting to think that the
easiest subject to find character in is you.
Do you know how long
I've wanted to do that?
Why didn't you?
Well, I thought you were
way too cool for me.
You're such a dork.
Hannah Vogul?
Excuse me,
have you see Hannah Vogul?
I'm looking for Hannah Vogul.
Can I help you?
Can I get you a beer?
Have you seen Hannah Vogul?
I'm looking for my daughter.
No, she's not here.
Excuse me.
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Okay. Stop.
Why? Is it because of the syphilis?
I mean, it's been two weeks,
so I'm cured.
No. No, of course it's not that.
Well, then, what is it?
I mean, you want me, right?
Yeah, since I was, like, 10.
- Okay. So...
- Hey.
I think you're amazing...
...and sexy and beautiful.
But we don't have to do this now.
Why not?
Because we don't know
what the hell we're doing.
And because we have, like, ages of time
to see if this is really what we want.
So it's just that you don't wanna
touch me because I'm a slut, right?
Get over yourself. I just told you why.
Hannah. Hannah!
God, I'm so sick of this place
I could puke.
This is it for me.
Monday I'm off to prison.
- I wouldn't mind getting away from here.
- Yeah?
Starting over. Pretend I'm a virgin.
A born-again virgin.
That'd be whack, huh?
Become a theater geek. Join the
Spanish club. Do community service.
It'd be like seventh grade.
It'd just be nice to get props for something
other than going down on guys.
Listen, I gotta get home.
Too bad.
Becca, are you crazy?
- Becca, come on.
- One last game before jail.
Okay, it's...
...Tasmanian palm tree?
- I'm sorry. I had to...
- Tess told me.
- Hello?
- Hi, is Dawn there?
No, I'm sorry, Hannah.
Dawn can't come to the phone right now.
You should call your mom, you know.
She's worried sick.
Is Becca here?
Have you seen Becca?
Your mommy was here.
Can't keep your trap shut?
Keep away from us.
- Bitch.
- Ladies, ladies.
Chill out. You want something?
I was just looking for Becca.
Is she here?
- Where's Becca?
- What?
- Becca.
- Oh, don't worry about Becca.
Stop. Stop.
What do you mean, stop?
Relax. Relax!
Don't touch me.
Get off!
- Hold still.
- Hey, stop it, dude!
- Back off!
- Stop it! Stop it!
- Stop! Get off!
- Shut up.
- Stop!
- Shut up!
Hey, Brad.
Let her go, or I e-mail
your face straight to 911.
Get off!
Get out of here.
Get out of here! Party's over.
- Get out!
- Hey.
You okay?
I just can't believe
the dumb-ass fell for it.
Hey, come on.
Let's get you home.
No, I don't wanna face
my parents right now, okay?
Okay, I have no idea what that is.
- You can't give up.
- I swear...
...I'm gonna get you art lessons
before you embarrass yourself.
- It's not that bad. You're just not...
- Okay, according to who?
- Hey, Tommy. Thanks for calling.
- No problem.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Is everything okay?
- Yeah, she's fine.
You okay?
Come on, babe.
Come on. Get up.
I'm so sorry I put you through this.
I know, honey. I know.
We're all gonna do better.
All of us.
- Yeah.
- Come here.