Shibpur (2023) Movie Script

Welcome back, we are hereafter the break.
Today we have popular IPS
Sultan Ahmad as our guest.
Ahmed sir,
What is your post retirement plan?
Honestly, there is nothing
called retirement in life...
...I will relax for a few days and then
will decide on what to do next.
Thats a nice plan.
Do you have any regrets?
Regret? Its all in your mind.
What about failure?
Ha ha, failure, success etc are a
part of life.Everyones life is full of them.
Recently, in an interview,
you have expressed...
...your desire to write an autobiography.
Please tell us about that.
Why would I tell you?
I mean , people will read it
once it gets published. Right?
Will you be mentioning true incidents
in your autobiography?
Of course, it is an autobiography.
Where else can I talk about the true incidents?
What about the Jangal Mahal Incident?
It will be there.
And the Gorkha movement?
The Gorkhaland movement is
an important part of this states history.
It Ihas to be a part of the book.
Right, right.
What about Howrah or Shibpur?
[Gun Shot]
Yes, Howrah, Shibpur...
my good old days.
What about the political movement,
Mafias, Goons etc of Howrah and Shibpur?
Yes, whatever happened in reality,
will be mentioned in the book.
What about the famous
personalities of that area?
Like Nepal Bhattacharya?
Will you be mentioning them also in your book?
Hahha, yes, Nepal Bhattacharya
was famous indeed!
In reality, whoever I have dealt with,
will be mentioned in the book.
Like Tapan Barik?
- Lets see.
What about Mandira Biswas?
Lets see, what all can be mentioned.
Once the autobiography is out...
...people will get to know,
once it gets published.
But she was one hell of a tough nut.
That reminds me, No one knows where
Mandira Biswas is, whether she is alive or not.
I have no information on that.No Idea.
Excuse me Sir,
Sir, is Mandira Devi really dead?
How are you?
- First class
What's your name?
- Sir, Paramita.
Have yob heard of mustard sauce (Kasundi)?
In our Bardhaman district
we use to have rice with Kasundi.
And when the Kasundi becomes old
we don't mess with it.
Hence, please don't mess with it.
But if she is alive?
How does it matter.
If police...
-Gause work is your job...
...please do it.
Nobody is stopping you from making stories.
Nice meeting you.
Take care.
We made a mistake.
Grave mistake.
This was the situation to get hold of him.
He is a senior officer.
Senior!! My foot.
Why are you scared of a toothless tiger?
I am only interested in a scoop.
Thats all.
But I have tried.
-Its not about attempting.
You need to be persistent.
He dodged every crucial question
with diplomatic replies.
It could have been a good story...
-But the story idea was mine.
Have I ever denied that?
Have some. The papaya is nice.
- No.
The lady went missing at an old age.
Thats all I know about her.
It is called encounter and not missing...
She must have been encountered,
Thats what has been happening
since the Naxal movement.
But I know that she is alive.
Do you have any information on that?
To be honest, the rating of our channel
is deteriorating day by day...
A good story will help us to revive the situation.
- Hmm...
Your job seems to be at stake.
- Who doesnt have that?
Let me tell you the situation... autobiography is almost complete.
If you report this story now...
...a chapter of the book will lose its value.
There is no point in keeping that chapter.
Also, it is my responsibility... maintain the privacy and secrecy
of the subjects of my book.
See, Your service life is over, but
mine is lying ahead, please think about that.
...I am apologizing. I want you...
I am sorry, I referred to you as tumi,
- It's okay.
I will not be able to help you
in this particular matter.
I am sorry.
[Phone rings]
[Phone rings]
What happened?
Why are you calling so late?
Ms Mukherjee Sultan Ahmed speaking.
- Yes please...
Apologies for calling you at this odd hour.
- No no it's fine.
Are you available today?
I gave it a thought
after you left last night.
I have had so many experiences,
handled innumerable cases...
...what's the issue if people get to know
one chapter of my book in advance...
What's the issue in that.
Hey, do you know
I have a daughter.
Her age is same as yours.
She stays in Boston.
We seldom meet each other.
Sometimes we chat over video calls.
So I thaught if it
helps in your career, why not?
Oh, you have a heart too!
The place where Nabanna is located...
...once used to be the dumping ground of
dead bodies.I am talking about that period.
What a mess it was.
Full of chaos, political chaos, social chaos... was a bad time.
That area was ruled by mafias.
I was summoned by the
home secretary one day.
CM is worried about the Shibpur area.
- Hmm...
He wants you to take care of that locality.
In last couple of months
there were minimum 30 murders...
...5-6 gangwars.
-I know.
Police is unable to take care of it.
Dont know the reason though.
I will take care of it, but I need
some more information for that.
We dont have much time in hand.
Election is scheduled in the coming year.
Government does not want
this mess to grow further.
We will support you wherever it is needed.
I hope you wont have any problem
if few actions take place in the procedure.
Thats your internal process.
The party must not be affected.
Have you got introduced to the DSP?
- Yes, Ajay Burman.
Okay, come.
Public usually avoids
Shalimar railyard during night.
Illegal businesses get operated
from here throughout the night.
People are prohibited in this zone.
Often, dead bodies are
recovered from this yard.
Those are the result of cross firings,
we believe.
What do you mean by business?
- Iron Scrap!
They destroy the rail wagons and
supply the scrap to the entire Howrah.
During the day, it is difficult to access
what happens here during the night.
Trucks get loaded beside the crematorium
and leave the city early in the morning.
Where do they take these scraps?
There are many iron factories
by the bank of river Ganga.
These factories have continuous
demand for these materials.
Moreover, local procurement is always cheaper.
Who runs these businesses?
There are multiple local small groups
who operate here...
...but the main leader is Nepal Bhattacharya!
He is a staunch brahmin and performs
religious rituals regularly.
Of course, one needs to pray to
the goddess of wealth to gain wealth.
What is his background?
- His ancestors were local landowners.
His father and grandfather used to
own factories here, which are now history.
But due to the illegal scrap business...
...nowadays he is earning double the amount.
He has full possession of the area.
His master was Bhaba Pagla.
After killing him he became the boss.
His main rival is Tapan Barik...
Who controls the entire fish
supply business of Howrah.
They are not buisnrss rivals.
But there are some problems between them.
During that time,
something happened in that area.
A gentleman, Anirudha Biswas,
used to work in Howrah Cooperation.
He was a typical middle class decent man
living with his small well knit family.
I am getting late, be quick!
Why are you always in a hurry
every morning?
No one reaches government offices
before 11am.
Some woman is waiting for
you in the office or what?
Women ? in my office?
In that case ,
I would have returned home late.
Let me serve you the dal,
you are having the dry rice.
The Suppliers at the office are bothering me.
They visit as soon as the office opens.
They wish to speak to me one to one.
All of them have the same thing to say!
All of them offer money against my signature.
I will sign for free but the work needs to be legal.
Do not mess with them.
I dont
- They are not good people.
I dont mess with them.
I try to explain the procedure nicely
but they are not interested in my words.
They will try to school me today.
Can you please bring some fish today
on your way back from the office?
Baba is craving for fish these days.
Chopped raw fish will do.
- Okay.
- Coming!
Please eat well, I am going in the other room.
- Okay.
Tell me dad. Hey, stop.
Can you please serve breakfast for me?
-Yes, ofcourse.
Its getting late,
you need to pay attention to all these.
Doctor has advised me to eat on time.
Its almost 8.30 now.
He needed to reach the office early today,
so I was busy serving him.
Give me some time,
I will get your breakfast ready.
You have to pay attention
and take care of everyone.
In our time, we had to serve 10 people at a time.
Dont forget to prepare my breakfast.
- No...
Why are you people not
understanding the matter?
I am a government employee,
I will lose my job if I get into any mess.
We are ready to compensate for that.
All you need to do is sign!
You people are trying unnecessarily.
I know that my sign will help you
to earn a good amount of profit.
But do you know that there are few stubborn
people in this world, and I am one of them.
Keep 20,000
- You are trying unnecessarily.
Okay let us settle at Rs 25,000
Finalise the deal now.
This work belongs to Nepal da,
So think again! Moreover,
you reside in his locality.
Are you threatening to kill me?
Even God cannot harm honest people.
I have work to do and I am sure
that you also have some work to finish.
Please leave. Quickly, go on.
Nepalda will not accept this loss.
Dont come to me later on.
[Gun shot]
[Gun shot]
Go down stairs.
Hey bro...
Hey Aniruddha...
- Is there any one?
Pick him up...
Pick him up...
- Hey bro...
Brother... bro..
- Hey bro...
Please help, anyone there?
Feel free to lodge a complaint...
...but dont take the names.
It will be a problem then.
Sir, she witnessed the incident clearly.
Poltu has murdered my brother...
...and Shyamal , his cousin,
was driving the two wheeler. Boudi has seen it right.
Look, I cannot control your thoughts...
...but dont take any names,
you cannot take names.
Lodge a general diary.
Sir, I have seen it from the window.
Everything happened in front of my eyes.
They killed him.
You are not understanding sister.
You will be under attack if you take any name.
You cannot prove anything.
You might see them eating mustard ilish
and rice at your in-laws place.
Thats why I am suggesting not to take names...
...if you take names, you as well as me
and my family will be in trouble.
We all live with our families.
Shut up!! All of you take bribes.
Oi...shut up, keep your mouth shut. Swine!
If you say one more thing I will thrash you badly,
you will not be able to poop.
Shut up, lodge a GD and get lost! get lost.
Tell him please...
Sir, please...
Ani was a good man...
He was aligned to our ideology.
I have told him several times to
come and join us, join us in politics.
He wanted to do a government job.
Would the government look after him?
Sir, Boudi has seen who has
killed him, but the police
Did they not write a diary?
- Yes sir, they took the diary.
But sir, they must have
their names...
Then let them investigate.
What's the hurry?
But sir, they must have their
names on record.
It doesn't matter.
Investigation is the real thing.
And moreover,
the one who has died will not return.
No one knows that better than me sir.
I will take care of that.
I need to know whether
the names of the people...
...who killed my husband can be
mentioned in the police record...
I have come to know this.
Come with me.
I will see, I will speak to them.
Wait and watch,
how I get hold of this case.
No one could ever do anything
to me with threats...
...neither will anyone be
able to do anything about it.
Let the hearing begin,
then wait and watch me out.
I don't fight cases for money...
My real intention is to work.
Good work, for all...
- The papers.
Oh yes, the paper...
I have typed everything,
you please sign on to them.
Also come to my chamber today even
and pay an advance of Rs 5000.
Rs 5000 would be
That is for now,
I will let you know if I need more...
So little of nuts in the snacks...
Dad was right.
This is not the right way.
We are trying...
How this guys escape the law.
Don't you read newspaper?
This is happening for years.
What's new?
Will Police and Admin do nothing?
I am the witness, Anu has also seen.
Defence lawyer will prove that...
...that you have the problem of distant vision.
Boudi, I will go and get the photocopies done,
you sit here, dont go anywhere from here.
Don't go, anywhere.
- No.
Where is the xerox shop?
Where is your case today?
- Number 5.
I have it at court 7 today.
It is quite vital today, lets see.
Today is your hearing right?
Dada, listen.
Come to the other side.
Other side?
- I told you come other side.
There is a hearing today,
it is important, already...
2 minutes
Montu, I will pay you later
What's the matter?
Sir, is it you?
Where is sir?
They are calling him for the hearing.
It is almost 5 minutes.
I am not sure,
we are also waiting for him.
My brother-in-law has gone for a xerox.
Come on
...they wont give you a second chance.
Look for him quickly,
I will check inside the courtroom.
Didnt you find him?
I could not find him.
What will we do now?
What will we do now?
What are you doing here?
I had come here for a case,
I got to know everything.
There is nothing you can do boudi,
the entire system has gone stale.
Let a VIP get killed,
they will somehow get...
...hold of someone
and lock them up in a jail.
But commoners dont have any value.
Why has the police done this to us?
We are not even a member of any party.
Why dont you do it?
Not being a part of a political party is
considered to be a crime in this country.
Our hands are tied, if we do something
we will get transferred.
But I cant get over
what has happened with Aniruddha.
Let me see what I can do about it.
We had paid the lawyer a lot of money...
Please see what you can do about it.
- Please... please.
Let me see what I can do about it.
- Please see if anything can be done.
Take boudi home.
- Yes.
Let me see...
Please see...
Did you sleep in the afternoon?
You didnt?
Then why are you not sleeping now?
Sleep dear, I am too tired.
- Yes!
Won't dad come back to us ever?
He will come...
...when you grow up he will return.
- Really?
I made your bed with starlight
I put up curtains of Pashmina shawl.
When you see seven stars shining in the sky...
Your kohl marks the shores of dream can see dad.
Clouds take wing in your eyes
Won't Chandmama put a bindion your head
This is not your area.
If someone does something here
without my permission...
...I will take strict actions against him.
How much did you get?
Tell me once more, I didnt get you.
You heard me.
Let me tell you one more thing...
...I will get hold of each and
everyone of them by tomorrow.
If you lose your job because of that,
I cant help it.
[Gun shot]
Breaking news...
Police officer's body is found
near Shibpur rail yeard.
It is suspected that...
Bouma, is the tea done?
[News continues on radio]
[News continues on radio]
Oi take her inside
and give her the medicines.
I feel bad saying all this at this time.
Babus rituals not done yet.
Do you know Tapan babu?
He used to come here during the elections,
I had seen him them.
Oiare you deaf?
How many times will
I have to repeat the same thing?
Dont you understand?
Give me two more days...
I have fractured my hand.
I just returned from the hospital.
Tapan grew up at our house.
He came here with his father in the 70s...
...he used to play with me.
I still have a good
relationship with him.
Did you fracture your hand?
How did you fracture your hand?
Dada, day before I fell off
while getting off a bus.
Oh ho while getting off a bus?
Give me that, we will have you treated.
No... no, please no.
- It is required.
- Your treatment is required.
[Screaming in pain]
Why don't we go and meet him?
I will let him know.
Oh I understand,
I am not into all this nonsense.
I am a simple man and
I am happy with my business.
...when Bikas da has sent you...
...then I have to do something about it.
Will you be able to identify the men?
Yes the are from my maiden locality,
I know them, Byataitola.
What do you want to do with them?
I want to punish them accordingly.
I dont understand these terms,
punishing accordingly.
If you want, I will break their bones
or do something more.
But you know, if my boys go to another locality
and do something there is a risk...
...if someone can take care of that
I will kill them.
I will...
Give me the thing.
Here take it.
Take it.
...this is Shibpur.
If you want to live here
you got to shave it off.
My boss, Jele Bedeni used to say this.
Do you know what you need in
order to shave it off?
I know, politics?
Politics, religion are all masks.
At the end of the day
they are friends over a glass.
CPIM, Congress are all the same.
During the day they kick each other
and as night falls they drink together.
So, when there is no money,
then there is nothing that can be done.
Go home.
Oi Kana.
- Yes dada.
Recover the money by tomorrow,
or else I will thrash you.
Don't worry dada,
I will get that done.
Let it be.
I understand your desperation,
since you got your jewellery early this morning.
I don't need t...
- Please keep them.
Keep them.
I will look into it.
I will look into it.
You wont keep it?
Don't just kill inatantly.
Look at the situation first.
They just own the game by shouting.
What rubish!
We won the match before, Meany times.
Yes you are right...
[Gun shot]
Let's go!
[Shouting in rage]
[Shouting in rage]
Don't know where these dogs belong to.
They entered our area...
...if I get hold of them...
"If I get hold of them..."
What would you do if you got hold of them?
what would you do?
They killed our boys right under our nose...
...and you are jumping around here like a cricket.
Find out who it is?
This can't be a small fry, there
must be someone bigger behind this.
Must be Tapan, otherwise they
would not have dare to do this.
But who is this woman?
Think about me...
When I started my business
at Kali Babus bajar...
...they used to threaten me as well.
One day, I got furious, chopped
off the head of one of the extortionists...
...and threw it into the Ganga.
Since then, everything has changed.
Everyone was scared of me...
...even the police
used to stay away from me.
If people dont respect you,
you need to earn the respect from them.
Kamala, what is the matter?
Get us some tea.
Give it to her.
Give me the match box.
This is my wife.
- Namaskar!
Here, keep this.
Learn using this.
Kana will teach you.
What will you do with your daughter?
I mean what will she do now?
I mean, keep her safe and you dont
step out of your house for a few days.
Should I be scared once more?
No no, it is not about being scared.
I am asking you to be careful.
I am protecting you, don't worry.
What do you think,
I haven't kept an eye on you?
Look outside...
A number of people
are keeping an eye on you.
To be honest, I still worry
despite being careful...
...I still cant sleep peacefully at night.
There is no peace of mind.
Anyway, how are you running your family?
My father in law gets some pension...
Hey Kana...
- Hmm...
...make sure that the Mandira Devi gets
the share from Kali Babus bajar.
What do you mean?
Why my share?
When I am saying that this is to be done,
who are you to question me?
From tomorrow onwards, Mandira Devi is to
get the share from Kali Babus bajar.
And listen...
...if I say that you are lame... become lame even if
you are blind (kana,) clear?
Open your mouth!
-I don't want to eat.
No, dont waste food.
You can eat all...
- No!
You please start...
[Door banging]
[Door banging]
I will look into the matter.
Can you eat on your own?
...where is your mother-in-law?
Mom is not well,
she has gone off to sleep.
What happened to her?
[Door Open]
Get out of my way, you...
Let's Go...
-Where do you think you are going?
-Don't step out...
Hey get up...
Get off from here.
I will kill you...
Don't get out of here.
Boudi... be careful.
Stop where are going?
Hold them all...
Boudi, come quickly.
[Gun shot]
[Shouting in rage]
Get lost you scoundrels...
Where are you going!
Hey! Catch them.
Catch them...
Catch them all...
You cant take care of your own house... will you take over my locality?
What will you go and say?
I am a frail woman, will you pay
me some extortion money?
I have a better option...
I mean... Your safety
will be my responsibility.
I will pay you too.
We can dotogether.
Gentel woman!
You can handle everything alone
in that case, right?
Gentle Bitch!
Let's go. Move a side.
[Gun shot]
[Gun shot]
Didi, this is the iron sight of the pistol.
Align it straight with the bottle.
Straight... go on.
Go on you can.
This one right?
Keep your hand straight.
[Gun shot]
Okay, are you aiming at all the bottles?
No, aim at one of the bottles.
Go on, you can do it!
[Gun shot]
No one has lodged a
complaint against you so far...
...but dont worry it wont take much time
for me to prove your involvement.
What happened to the case
pertaining to my husband?
The investigation will begin,
but before that, you know...
When was the diary registered?
Are you questioning me?
Oh God!
I am not questioning you,
I am asking you a simple question.
I should be the one asking you questions.
That is why I have called you here... are supposed to answer.
It is my prerogative
to answer to your questions.
You would need my permission
to step out of this police station.
And one would need my permission
to step out of this locality.
Kana da, there is an extortion
at Kali Babur Bajar.
Who is it?
Lakhai's man.
That guy, Rashid.
Joga, take your taxi, let's go for a ride.
Hey Rashid Bhai,
where are you off to?
Returning home, Kana da.
This early?
My mother is waiting for me.
Really,Why dont you
join us for bird hunting?
No, It is really late.
Bullshit, you are of no use.
Give me a cigarette,
Get off the cycle, What's the hurry?
How is your sister?
She is good!
- 'She is good'
[Screaming in pain]
What are you laughing at?
Pick him up quickly.
Move fast...
Move fast...
Move you ass faster.
Throw the body there.
[Bike aproaching]
Kana da someone is coming.
Dada PolicePolice Kana da.
- Hmm.
Police Kana da.
Dont be scared.
What's going on here?
Mama, there is nothing.
We are enjoying ourselves.
- Mama, I am telling you there is nothing.
Why aren't you liste ning dare you.
[Gun shot]
Kanada, you shot a police officer...
-Run quickly...
Run... faster...
That scoundrel came and met you?
Why would she come to me?
This is my health condition,
what can I do?
The whole of Shibpur used to
shiver under your name.
Please call and warn her.
I dont like talking to women.
You like having fun with them.
I like the fact that you people
still need me.
Dont play around, do as I say...
- Hey!!
You never used to speak to me like this.
You seem to have grown wings of your own.
Are the doctors treating you well?
How is your blood pressure?
Should I send you some homoeopathy?
- What?
You came here all the way to say this?
Not a problem, I had some work here
thought I would come and meet you.
Are you a family person?
Does your wife hug you?
Does she?
Do you want to live
the rest of your life as a man or...
Get the knife for me.
Will chop the cucumbers.
Do you want to have some
puffed rice along with it?
No, that is fine with me.
Tell me what is the report?
Is there a problem?
I have collected most of the information.
In the meantime there have been
a few incidents there.
Can we say, they are isolated incidents?
No doubt about that.
Let me know if you need my help.
Yes, sure!
Please dont try and help us,
that would be greatest help you can do.
There are a few local issues
that are in my hand...
...if required we can use those sources.
We will do whatever is required
at the party level...
...and Ardhendu Babu
will give me a report... day after, will you?
Yes, sure.
I am thinking of calling
on the opposition leaders.
I know he will not refuse.
Dont worry about that,
the opposition is not at all strong in our area.
I can handle it alone.
Very well, you can leave now,
I need to talk to him.
Listen! Forget about the party.
Do whatever you think is correct.
I am giving you a free hand.
[Gun shot]
[Gun shot]
Run faster...
You have been causing quite a trouble?
You are disturbing a lot of people?
Which people are you talking about?
Nepal is not human, he is a scoundrel!
Do you know who he is?
I have helped him grow.
See those fruits and sweets there?
He has got it for me.
The medicines,
fees for the doctor are paid by him.
But dont think that I am his servant.
All this is his respect for his guru.
Ideally that means, you are ashamed of it
but you have no means but to take it.
Don't talk too much in my presence.
No one talks to me like that,
everyone is scared of me.
Even Siddhartha Roy was scared of me.
There was no CPM back then.
Why are you after Nepal?
Why are you killing his men?
Day after day he has been causing trouble...
...he will send his goons to my bedroom
and you expect me to sit back?
Just because I am a woman?
Your disciple treats us like minions
whom he can crush under his feet.
I used to call him Nepal babu,
but now I call him...
I hate him like anything.
Where were you all these days?
I can see myself in you.
I also had a husband and children.
They are lost forever.
You will not get much help from me.
I dont need much help from you,
but a bit of cooperation.
When I tried to register a case
for my husbands murder...
...were words like cooperation and help
missing from Harinaths dictionary?
He was gunned down before my eyes.
Why was the police acting
as if they didnt know anything?
Is it because they feared that the
party would be maligned?
Today when two workers were killed...
...the so called workers party
has suddenly woken up.
You understand everything,
is there anything new about it?
I heard a lot of things about you.
-Is it good or bad?
The good or the bad depends
on which side one is positioned at.
You love killing people in encounters,
it is a daily affair for you.
Why have you come here?
You can shoot me and dump my body,
who would complain?
Isnt it better to get hold of the
kingpins instead of killing the minions?
You should have been a lecturer at a college
instead of a police officer.
When someone has to tie the bell on the cat,
it is better to measure the size of its neck.
What do you want from me?
Not me, it's the government.
What is happening on the other side?
Not good.
The CM wants that the
law and order situation is controlled.
The entire responsibility has been handed over
to the scoundrel police officer.
Who Sutlan Ahmed?
- Hmm.
Let it be, he wont be able
to do anything here.
Dont take him lightly.
The man has a calibre,
he has never failed.
And you guys, be serious...
...and lie low for a few days
why are you hurrying.
People will do whatever they want,
do you expect me to sit back and watch?
Who asked you to kill
that government officer?
Cant you guys keep calm?
Dont shout back at me...
...dont forget where the money for
the party fund comes from.
If they throw me out in a few days,
there wont be any place for me to go as well.
There is no opposition here
so that I can jump ship.
That is why, let me think a bit.
I would need that inspector of yours.
Dont be a fool,
why are you involving the police into this?
I would need them...
The police need to be involved because... order to burn down my enemies,
I would need an undertaker.
A government undertaker.
Your cooks makes lovely biriyani!
Myself speaking.
I didn't have drink.
No I had.. but little.
But I'm fine.
Can I have a word with Mohor?
Hold on, what did you say?
I am a murderer?
Killing is my job,
It's a job requierment.
Goverment pays me for that.
And it is the demand of the job, so...
You have a job to do.
Yes tell me.
Mandira Biswas will be at the
crematorium Saturday morning...
My people will be there,
You need to take care of them.
[Gun Shot]
They have killed two of my people.
Where is she?
- Who?
That woman who has killed them?
She has gone to the temple.
Don't go now.
I will look into it.
-What will you take care of?
Oi start the car. Let's go!
Bhaijaan... listen vai jaan.
Ali Nawaaj take the bike, hurry.
Let's go.
Bhaijaan... she is coming.
Bhaijaan wait...
[Gun shot]
What you hav done!
Big mistake.
Run quickly.
BoudiBoudi... Hey get hold of them...
Get hold of him, what are you all doing!
Bring him.
Bring him.
Bring him... Bring him here.
Bring him.
No! No! Please...
Go and tell Nepal that I have
chopped this guys head off his body.
Let him do whatever he wants.
What is this going on?
What are you doing?
People are getting killed one by one.
Is there no law and order?
This is not acceptable.
Let me make this clear,
this is not about CPIM and Congress.
You need to find out who is doing this
and why they are doing it.
We are taking strong action on this sir.
But let me tell you one thing, please dont mind.
These are a part of our game plans.
Did you know that this would happen?
Yes I know some of this.
Then why didnt you take
action against this?
I am pricking a thorn with another thorn sir.
That is my game plan.
Otherwise is there no other way
to deal with these people.
I dont know what your plan is,
but the social impact is quite serious.
The Central home ministry
has been questioning us.
We also have to answer them back.
If the governor asks for a report,
it will be shameful for us.
Sir, but I would need some time.
-You will be given adequate time.
Make sure that the party
is not maligned because of this.
Listen, please call Mr Bardhan.
There is something urgent.
Do you have support from the party?
Do I need to tell Bardhan anything?
-No Sir,
I mean, I will let you know
if I require something.
[Kirtan playing]
Dont think that you can get away
by sitting amidst the harisankirtan.
You also should know that
anyone having a sacred thread...
...around their neck doesnt
make them a brahmin.
Even I know.
Offering namaz five times a day
does not make you a pak-momin.
The entire market was witness
to whatever happened that day.
There wont be any dearth of witnesses.
Is that so?
The Kali Babus market also sells
dead fish later in the day.
The witness has to reach the court as well.
[Kirtan playing]
I know that.
But was it right to kill him that way?
-Okay stop!
A kirtan is underway, don't say all these.
The enmity is with me,
how did my family come in between?
I could have chopped off
that charrecterless person.
What did my wife do to him?
Do you remember Ghoton Mittir?
You had killed his wife,
what was her fault?
This is not your culture, if at all you
have anything called a culture left in you.
Anyway, sometimes you should have
more such kirtans at your house.
I would love to come back.
You will gather some virtue as well.
Enough of sins.
Good bye!
-Wait wait.
Listen sir...
I can give you some information...
If that reduces my share of sins a bit.
What information are you talking about?
-Police raid.
What happend?
Four trucks havebeen seized by the police.
Our men havebeen caught on police raid.
But how did this happened?
Don't know.
-From wherw did they get information?
How do I know?
I was not there even.
Run quickly!
[Gun shot]
[Gun shot]
[Gun shot]
[Gun shot]
Why are you upset?
Any problem?
Hey, please do something about my son.
I have been telling you
about him for sometime.
Okay, I will tell Masood
to do something about it.
Ask him to meet me.
I will pay him Rs 500 per month.
No, fix a good place for him.
He has studied.
So what about that?
I also did my studies.
A second class in BA.
What's a big deal?
I can still narrate the
first line of Meghnad Badh.
How shall I describe the heroism of Virbahu?
Why are you upset?
What happened?
Why are you knocking this odd time?
Big trouble. come quickly.
[Phone ringing]
Who is that?
Are you insane?
I cant tell anyone about all this.
The next thing you know, the headlines showing
a party leader involved in drug trade.
Dont trouble me,
disconnect the call and let me sleep.
The scoundrels have started
disowning us nowadays.
When they need money they come to us
and when we need them...
I get to know Kanas boys were with
the police during the raids.
I have information.
Will you let them go?
Who is it, is it Kana?
Where is Kana?
Where is he?
I dont know, he has not returned home.
Hey, look for him inside.
He is flying too high!
Ahmed bhai, thete is no one inside.
- What?
You old witch...
...tell your son that he shouldnt poke
his nose into our business.
Otherwise I will chop off his head
and keep it on your hand.
[Screamin in pain]
Have you seen Helens belly dance?
You seem to be more concerned
about Helens belly...
...whereas you are pouring
the liquor into your own.
What's your plan with the booz left?
Kana da!
-What happened?
Just look at your home...
What happened there?
Come with me.
What happened?
What happened?
What happened!?
What happened mom?
Masood... swine.
Jaga Kartick come with me.
lets go...
I will teach him a good lesson.
Come fast...
Come faster...
-Who is it?
Masood, how dare you attack my mother!
-Leave me...
Leave me...
-hold him...
Catch hold of him.
Where are you sending me?
This place is not good for your dear... might be kidnapped.
What would I do then?
I will soon be there...
I will come down within a day or two.
I have asked aunty to cook nice things for you.
She will make coconut narus for you... like coconut narus isnt it?
I will soon be there, dear.
Go along with Laxmi aunty.
I will be there soon.
Mom I won't go.
I will be there with you within a day or two.
Mom I won't go.
It is just two days.
Laxmi take her along.
-Don't cry dear. come on.
I won't go mom.
Whatever happened was not right.
CM has asked for a report.
Whoever is behind it,
you should arrest them...
...and then hang them to death,
or shoot them. All fishy people.
Hey! Mind your language.
Don't say rubish.
Look at this person, he has lost his manners.
- What I am saying is right.
Listen to me first.
I am repeating
Whatever is happening is not good.
I have strict orders to take action.
You decide what you all will do.
Everyone is talking too much here.
Go on with your own businesses.
Whatever is being said,
is for your own good.
All of us are adults here
and know what is best for us.
If it was known, then the incident that
happened day before wouldnt have occurred.
Shut up, the one who cant control his greed
goes about preaching.
Shut up you fishmonger, whatever happened
day before was seen by entire Shibpur.
If you talk further I will chop off
your head and legs like I did to your minion.
Oh my God, Mashalllah,
I hope you can show all this in court.
Sit down,
we are having Puja today.
Don't create a ruckus here.
Ahmed Shahab is right,
we have to stop somewhere.
We can go about doing our own businesses...
- Shut up, dont preach to me.
You had once come to me asking for help.
Do you remember?
You extort money from seven markets.
You have engaged your men to kill me.
If I would have been anyone else...
...your body weighing 110kgs
would have been floating in the Ganga.
I didnt do anything about it till now.
Here, this is the real culprit.
We have been fighting amongst ourselves
while she has been rolling the dices.
Try contesting for an MLA,
do you understand?
We can be goons but
we have a clear conscience.
If we have to kill someone we will go ahead
and do that if not we will let them leave.
She is playing dirty.
When you send your men
to kill a woman everyday... it not dirty?
Do one thing, you decide amongst yourselves
who will you kill or let live.
I will cleanup whatever is left after that.
I have told my men that if someone
steps out of this place without my permission...
...they will chop them off.
We are having a Puja at home,
have some prasad and then leave.
Dont you have that khichuri?
She dared to offer me prasad
and then allowed me to leave.
A few days back she had come to me asking for help.
She has ended your entire empire.
-I have nothing to say.
I thought she was a woman
folding her hands before me.
I even gave her a share of
Kali Babus market.
Kana told me not to, but I was a fool then.
I am a good man after all.
You did that because of your own good.
You cant do anything about it now.
Dont think that I cant do anything now...
I will peel her off and then cut her
into pieces. Wait and watch.
Buni, give me the lamp.
Hey Buni...
Dont go downstairs and dont come here.
What happened boudi...
Get out you bastard.
Brother speak up... Boudi...
Brother speak up...
I cant do anything...
its all over.
They would have killed my child as well.
What will I survive with?
There is no end to this.
If you kill theirs, they will kill yours.
You will again kill them and this
will go on and on endlessly.
I wont kill anyone.
No one.
I will end their story forever.
This was not a Hindu-Muslim riot.
How do you know?
I removed the bodies and checked.
All of them were Hindus carrying Islamic caps.
I even recognised one of them.
Poltu, Kanas man.
Whos men?
Where do I find him?
Leave it ma'am, no one can...
Where will I get him?
He plays football at the
Lichutala ground every morning.
Get me four boys.
Boss is it foreign liquor?
-Pure foreign.
Only one?
-There is more...
...start having, the chicken will follow.
You are the boss, sir.
-Will we get this every day?
How many do you need?
One, Two, ...
How many do you need?
Boss, this is ecstasy.
Have it, this is foreign liquor.
Guru, if the cops catch hold of us?
Look there...
Why are you people still sleeping?
Get up quickly!
Get up quickly!
Listen, you wont be
allowed to drink from now on.
Listen to what he is saying.
Who is it that wont allow us to drink?
He said that if he finds fools like you
around him, he will thrash you to death.
I will say, its better that you guys go home
and sleep beside your mothers.
He dared to say this?
Listen, what he is saying.
Get up you bastard!
Get up...
-I can't get up.
Where is Kana?
-You can find him on the ground.
Go, go quickly, you will get Kana.
Hey you, form your teams, I am coming.
Who are you?
Are you guys drunk?
What happened?
What's your problem?
Get off you scoundrel.
You swine! sun of a bitch.
Beat him...
Thrash him...
Kill him...
Leave us...
Spare us...
We will not do it again....
Sir, I am telling you the truth...
...we were drunk and we did not know
what we were doing?
Sir, will tell the truth to everyone.
Will disclose all the names...
If you don't spare me...
You will tell the names.
Tell again...
Get up everyone...
It's already daybreak.
Wont you guys go home?
Get up!
I had some langcha recently
I went to Shaktigarh, its near my house.
The taste is not as good
as it used to be earlier.
Have you eaten Lyancha from Ranaghat, Sir?
'Lyancha from Ranaghat'!
Its a bit more fried.
- Is it?
That means it will have
more fat and more calories.
Sir,why are you shaming a Bengali
by talking about fat and calories?
Then we have to stop eating.
Sir, do you remember, DG sir had once
sent out a circular to reduce our weight?
Yes, I do.
-What happened after that? Look at me now!
Go ahead.
Sir, he is till alive.
Dont waste your bullets.
Send them to the morgue,
they will freeze to death.
Sir, please save me. Otherwise,
that woman will kill me.
Do you think that I will provide
shelter to people like you now?
If I lose my job, will you pay me?
In that case, put me into a jail or lockup.
I will not cause any trouble,
thats a promise.
I will even reduce eating.
Otherwise, this insane woman will kill me.
What a dangerous woman she is!
She has eliminated my entire gang.
And caused a rivalry between me and Nepal.
If I would have known that she is this evil ,
I would not have
There is a plan.
What is it?
You can have your meals outside as well. are as it is a Zamindar.
Son of a Zamindar would be a
zamindar only, my dear wife.
A son of a sweeper
wont become a Zamindar.
If you were a son of a Sweeper
I wouldnt have to bear these dirty things.
What dirty things?
I have been working through the day.
Your work these days is mostly
around Noapara, isn't it?
What nonsense are you talking about?
You are old enough to know what I mean.
I don't respond to such questions...
...and you know very well that
I have stopped going to Noapara.
It has been going on
for the past 3 - 4 months... you think I don't know about it?
Who told you that?
Is it somebody from the gang?
Or one of your boyfriends
who comes in the afternoon?
What's his name?
What's his name?
Answer me.
Is there anyone?
Get me a bowl of Rabri.
Why don't you call
your maid servant.
...then I will not have to
step out to have Rabri.
Hey! Lock the doors & windows.
Don't let anyone enter the room.
Do one thing...
Hey, you stand guard here.
Don't let anyone enter.
What did I tell you?
Just go and lock the door,
don't let anyone enter in this house...
...not even your wife.
-Sir I have not married.
Oh, that is great, don't get married.
Remember what I say.
Lock the door.
You are here only, isnt it?
Dont move.
Lock the doors and windows.
There shouldnt be any words
from you guys, just shut the doors.
I will be relieved
if the truck crosses Bardhaman.
Three of your disciples
have been rocking the market.
Tapan, Nepal, now Mandira.
They love me.
Is that my fault?
No, can love ever be a problem?
But I think, since there is
so much love in between... could have maintained
peace in Shibpur.
Instead of that... ensure that
they fight amongst themselves.
Fight with each other.
Do you think that is okay?
You can leave now.
Its my time to sleep,
I want to sleep.
Thats better...
The more you sleep,
its better for the nation.
And listen, whenever you come here,.. have to bring something for me.
Thats the rule.
Has no one ever told you that?
Oh, I forgot about that. Sorry!
Missing! What do you mean?
What do you mean
by the truck is not there?
Where is the truck?
I dont know what you mean by that,
I need my truck, go and get it back.
Do you know whats in there?
I will be finished.
It contains Rupees Ninety lakhs !
Have you ever seen that kind of money?
You mean to say that
the truck has been stolen?
She will suck me out.
And I will let her go?
My blood pressure has shot up.
Please switch on the AC.
[Breathing heavily]
Hey, Panu
Hey you!
This is Shibpur... survive here, you need to shave off.
No no,you decide on that,
I don't know anything about it.
I dont even know anyone and...
...I wont even know anyone.
Let me get it straight.
Only one request...
My name should not appear anywhere.
What happened?
Should I explain that to you?
Have you ever become an MLA?
Do you know the pressure?
Mandiras next target would be me.
Most probably, you as well.
I need police protection.
Do you think I control the Police?
And you expect them to give
you protection whenever you ask for it?
You hire expensive security services.
What are they doing?
I cant trust anyone.
Masood, Samsad were
trustworthy but now
You seem to be very secular.
Being Hindu, you have employed
Muslims for your security?
It is you who create these rifts
between Hindus and Muslims...
...we never have such things here.
If you dont stop blabbering,
I'll be forced to throw you out of this place.
I havent raised my voice as yet.
Really? You were not ashamed
of taking those money?
Back then you used to drool
Hey Palash
Okay, let it be.
You don't have to call your men.
I will leave.
Before I leave, let me remind you that...
...all your corrupt practices
have been noted...
...and would be submitted to the
party office if needed.
A workers leader, drinking foreign liquor...
...and smoking expensive
cigarettes will be exposed.
Workers leader
Dial a number.
Close all the doors and windows.
No one should be allowed inside.
Not even locals, guests or party people.
-Be careful sir.
And what about the household helps sir?
-The household help will come as usual...
...but there should not be
more than one at a time.
They should be checked by the security.
And there should be
24 hour security.
-Yes sir.
There shouldnt be anyone
entering, unannounced.
A killer might enter anytime to kill me...
The security shouldnt be
sleeping when I am sleeping.
The security shouldnt be sleeping when
I am sleeping. I dont trust anyone.
Sir, shouldnt we inform the Police?
Police? Why would we inform them?
Didnt you see Tapan?
They entered the Police guesthouse
and killed him.
You leave now and let me rest.
-Okay sir.
Also, has everyone in the household
been asked to leave?
-Yes sir.
Are you sure!
-No, sir.
If the police come looking for me,
tell them that I have left with my family.
Now get lost!
-Okay sir.
I am feeling unwell.
Why wouldn't he be able to do that?
Didnt he recall this when
he was asking for money?
Sons of Swines!
Listen, I will...Hello..Hello..!
What did you drop?
What did you do?
Leav it.
Hello... has been three days now...
...and I cannot take it anymore!
I plan to leave this place soon,
please send me a car.
Get it anyhow.
Send the car tonight.
I will call you back.
Are you still annoyed because
I scolded you yesterday?
I cannot see anything without my spectacles.
My wife has left the spare one
somewhere but I cant find it.
Are you busy now?
-No sir.
The left side of my chest is aching a bit,
can you massage it?
I will pay you whatever is required.
Switch on the fan.
Do it nicely, I will make you happy.
[Gun shot]
[Shouting in rage]
Mandira devi was never seen again.
She vasnished in the thin air
in the middle of the night.
No one Knows where she has
gone except a very few people...
You are a gem sir!
Just ensure that she gets our security.
Rest you take care.
I will hang up now.
There is a rally at the
brigade ground the day after...
...and I have to get people for that.
resposibility of a labour leader, you understand.
Oh my God! where are we now?
This place looks so scary
- Obviously!
She selected this place
very perposefully.
She have life threate.
She have done a lot for the locality.
Built a temple and another things.
She is like another person
You can see your won.
I can't even imagine about such a place.
Mandira Biswas...Paromita.
Thank you Mr Ahemed
for bringing her to me.
I was waiting for a long time to meet her.
I dont know what you are talking about!
You are a strange woman.
you call me up in the middle
of the night suddently...
Please dont mind,I had to drag a
junior reporter all this way to meet you.
I had to travel a long distance for this.
Just because I retired, it does not mean that
I have a lot of time in hand.
I have to return quickly, so please
finish your meeting as soon as possible.
Even I am amazed, why did you call me?
I am just a nobody.
It is true that I wanted to meet you...
...but you haven't met anyone
in the past 25 years.
And you were declared dead after that.
Dead indeed!
It is a pain to leave after being declared dead,
you wont understand that.
Do you have a mother?
She doesn't exist for me.
She left me.
A mother doesn't leave a child,
at her own will.
But the sometimes they leave for
the well being of their children.
All I wanted for you is that
you stay safe to live.
You have grown up so much Tukai.
what do you mean?
Didn't you remember me for once?
My sweet little daughter...
This seems to be a reconciliation festival
Is this some kind of a show?
This is not your office but my home.
So dont shout at me.
You should remember that I am not
the kind of person for these kind of jobs.
You have done many such jobs
in the past, Mr. Ahmed.
...otherwise there wouldnt have been
peace in Shibpur. Isn't it?
Listen Mandira, Devi...
...we had to do many such
things against our own will.
The government made us do such things.
The state makes us do it.
Do you think that we used to dispose of
dead bodies and kill people of our own will?
A person cannot take another persons life
under any circumstances.
Thats the basic principle
we are supposed to forget.
We are told that it is our duty.
We are made to believe that we have to
orchestrate small wars for the greater peace.
For that a few families
should perish.Isnt it?
The police and the mafia
-There is no difference.
They are both sides of a coin.
Just the perpuse aredifferent.
Why didn't you arrest me then?
I would have been imprisoned
and everything would have been sorted.
If I would have arrested you, there wouldnt
have been a God with your name, in Shibpur.
You all did it and then got me killed
just the same way you killed the others using me.
Once you are done with your autobiography.
Please get me a copy to read.
I hope my story is there.
All of them.
You are contesting the elections. Arent you?
I hope that wont not create a problem.
I will send it.
You will be happy to read it.
Please complete your twist in the story,
I will wait outside.
Well done.
Mom please think about it,
you still have time.
The day they killed Aniruddha,
I took a decision...
I wont leave anything half done.
Be safe dear.
Mandira Devi asigned a boygurad for you.
She still doesn't trust me.
You journalists can think
whatever you like, write whatever you like.
But I understand from where
you're coming as a daughter.
But, you wont be doing this story.
Such a story about your mother...
a blood relation is so close
...even I was such a big fool...
It did hurt your ego. Isnt it?
Ha ha ha...
Laugh as much as you can, is too short.
Oh yes, it is.
[Gun shot]
When you say Mandira Biswas,
I can recall that not much is known about her.
Where does she live, how is she
whether she is alive.
Why are you calling me this late?
What is it?
I saw you on TV...
Can you get me that journalist girl to me?
Send me a copy of your autobiography.
I hope my story is there.
you are contesting the election I learnt,
wont there be a problem?
Well done Mandira Devi.
Life is too short.
The mom - daughter partnership was great!
[Gun shot]
[Gun shot]
Mom, now you can sleep peacefully.
Please stay safe, Tukai. Okay?
Sorry Mr. Ahemed...
...that chapter of your auto biography...
...would not have been pleasent for my future.
Rest in Peace.
Again I lit the lamp
again it extinguishes
Your seat in my heart is
shrouded in the darkness
Again I lit the lamp
again it extinguishes
Your seat in my heart is
shrouded in the darkness...