Shibu (2019) Movie Script

Hey, Shibu!
It's enough. Come.
He always goes this way.
It's a white car.
There's no other option.
We should definitely trap him today.
Yes, we'll surely do.
Stop gawking and check if he's coming.
Yes, sir.
Is he coming? Check properly.
Dude, go there and look.
Will the real police come?
I'll come in the evening.
I want it as black money.
Hang up. The police is here.
I want to know his decision today.
Oh God! I had two pegs also.
Check him completely.
Get his ID cards and documents.
It was YOU!
Don't play tricks on me.
You want me to play along?
Don't say like that.
I've been running behind you
for the past two years.
Please consider me at least now.
Why are you disturbing me?
I've already committed two projects.
Take your script to someone else.
Sir, at least we come from the same place.
You're the only person I
know in this industry.
If it's because you didn't like my script,
please introduce me to some other director.
I've told you a million times that
I'll let you know if there's anything.
That's what I've got to say now also.
If you ever come before me again,
you'll see the real police.
His fancy dress!
Move aside.
Sir, be careful.
There will be trucks on the road.
Shibu, come fast.
I deflated the Tyre.
-Make it fast.
-I don't like you getting hurt.
He missed a good script.
"SHIBU- Story of an Innocent Man"
-Shoot of Dileep's film is going on.
-Over there.
-I'll come now.
Come fast.
I'll give the money later.
-Hurry up.
-Go fast.
DANCE AND DRESS ORNAMENTS FOR REN Sir, can you do me a favour?
Can you please introduce
me to that director?
For what? You want to learn direction?
It's my biggest dream to
become a film director.
It's not like olden days.
Now people learn film-making from
film institutes before making a film.
Poverty and starvation won't
help like in the past.
Okay, bye.
Brother, recharge for 50 rupees.
-What's your number?
-Just give me the recharge coupon.
Do an online recharge for me.
I'll give you the coupon.
He has started his sweet talk.
Sandhya, you look beautiful today.
The King of Kochi.
-I won't lend you money.
Not that. Girls are coming.
-Look at that girl.
-I'm looking.
-You must do something today.
-For sure.
Do you have the costume for folk dance?
Yes, I have.
How many do you need?
Dude, give it to them.
Dude, it's for folk dance.
Can you bring this to our school?
Yes sure.
-We'll come.
No, I'll come.
Saw the way that black
t-shirt guy was looking?
Dude, over here.
I know what's going on.
Don't go behind unwanted things.
-What's the problem?
-She's so pretty.
Don't you look in the mirror?
-What's the problem with me?
-That's your problem.
-But still I'll try.
-No use.
Is it?
It was so difficult to find out her name.
But it's a variety name.
It's not because you're paying me for it.
It's because of our friendship.
What's her name?
Shall I say?
Oh God!
It's the firecrackers.
-Tell me her name.
-Whose name?
Her name.
-Oh, fire...
No, that's what was burst now.
No, tell her name.
Yes, her name.
It was there on the tip of my tongue.
I don't remember it now.
But it was a variety name.
Variety? If you say that word
again, I'll end our friendship.
Hey, I forgot.
Anyway, the next two years
seem to be good for Shibu.
The astrologer said things
will work in his favour.
It's because of the bad phase
that he's having a hard time.
The astrologer said it's all
because of his friends.
Oh no! Father is coming.
Oh, both of you are here.
What are you up to?
We were just chilling.
This is a good place to chill.
You're right.
-Is that a beedi?
When you smoke beedi, there
would be a foul smell.
So, you do one thing.
Five hundred rupees?
Get a cigarette. That has some standard.
Got it?
You're already a spoiled brat.
Why do you have to spoil others also?
Son, get a haircut and go to the temple.
Someone is calling.
Who's it?
-I wasn't expecting him.
-He's blaming me now.
I'll show you.
Father, you had something to eat?
Shibu, I just remembered something.
I made someone write down her
name so that I don't forget it.
-Got her name?
A variety name, right?
Take this for a variety.
Get out!
-Illiterate fellow.
Didn't you get her name?
Was there any spelling mistakes?
It's correct only.
Dude, which girl are you looking at?
That fair girl?
Is it?
Dude, every Tom, Dick and
Harry is behind Sandhya.
-She won't fall for you?
-Is it?
No chance?
-How about the other girl?
-I want only her.
You want only her?
-Where's she?
-She'll come now.
-Everyone is there.
-Here she comes.
Who's that new guy?
We met them at the costume
shop the other day.
That gorilla is coming.
Who the hell are they?
Are they going for some march?
Start the bike.
I want to tell you something.
Now only I got an opportunity.
What's he doing?
I don't care if somebody sees.
-What's it?
-I don't know.
Doesn't he even know how to
hold a greeting card properly.
What's he doing?
Are you jobless? Get lost!
Let's go back. We'll meet her tomorrow.
It's okay.
Simply wasted 2000 rupees.
Get lost you fool!
Hope I'm not late.
What? Move aside.
Not Sandhya?
Suhara...Hey, suhara...
You're so fair
There's fire when I see you...
Will I get dowry if I marry you?
Did you like it?
That was superb!
His dowry!
Shibu, it's alright.
My greeting card was better
than your wall scribbling.
I'll pay you back later, Shibu.
Do you know who she is?
-That's Siddique's sister.
-Which Siddique?
So, you weren't behind Sandhya?
You could have told me.
I wanted to surprise you. But this...
I didn't expect it.
-Is 'I love you' a bad word?
-Is it?
-Was there any spelling mistakes?
There wasn't any mistakes.
It's something else.
Why did she slap you then?
-We should definitely ask her that.
-Is it needed?
Then what's the use in
calling yourself a man?
We should definitely ask.
We'll ask tomorrow itself.
We don't care if she's Sidique's sister.
-But my tooth is aching.
-Is it?
I think one tooth is loose.
Place a clove between your lips.
Like you keep tobacco.
-She's coming.
-You go forward.
Be with me.
Call that girl standing behind you.
-What do you want?
-Call her.
If you make any problems, I'll complain.
Complaint it seems.
Yes, I slapped you. So what?
I didn't evaluate it as
a girl slapping a boy.
It was as if a girlfriend was
caressing her boyfriend.
Isn't it?
How can you evaluate it yourself?
He has always been weak at Mathematics.
Forget about Mathematics.
What rubbish did you write there?
What rubbish?
Comes up with new tricks everyday.
Suhara, listen...
Your spelling was correct, right?
Spelling was correct, right?
Let's make films together.
You can be a director in 6 months.
Contact us if you're a film buff.
You can study film-making under the guidance
of the famous filmmaker Satheesh Kupleri.
Give me five!
Cinema comes near you.
How will you go so far alone?
You won't get good food there.
The accommodation is also bad.
That's why I'm not so happy.
It'll cost around one lakh, right?
How are you going to manage it, Bhuvan?
Let's mortgage our house.
It's for him. How can I not do it?
Let him go, father.
At least I can tell my friends
my brother works in films.
Yes, you're right.
Should he spend one lakh for you to
show off in front of your friends?
If you give that money to us, my
husband can start a medical shop.
We will return you double the amount.
He can also help us at the shop.
You and your husband!
He doesn't know anything.
He's simply roaming around carrying a bag.
You got to know that only now?
I knew it long back itself.
Get lost!
Is your 'intersree' bigger
than a software engineer?
It's industry, not 'intersree'.
My wish is to watch his movie before I die.
Grandma, mostly your
death will happen first.
Grandma, say it again.
Give her thrashings also.
No wonder you aren't doing well.
You've a younger sister.
Don't forget that.
We don't have any other savings.
Don't forget.
Leave that to me.
I'll definitely do a film next year.
How can we marry off a film
director's sister to some random guy?
We just want you to do well.
It's Siddique. Don't wave.
You're dead if he sees you. Hop on.
What if he sees? There is no problem.
No problem?
Next bus is here. Are you going in that?
-In that bus?
-Okay, I'm leaving.
Are you going?
There will be many hurdles.
But don't let it bother you.
Remember one thing.
Rajanikanth used to be a bus conductor.
Mamootty who was an advocate
is now a mega star.
Kalabhavan Mani who was an
auto driver is our darling now.
Mimicry artist Dileep is
everyone's favourite actor now.
You'll also have your day.
Just rock!
Show me Shringaara (love).
Your lips...
Don't keep your face
like an European closet.
What do you want to be in Malayalam cinema?
-Hero, right?
You're the face of world cinema.
Get out!
I've forgotten my emotions
after teaching these people.
What if he becomes a hero?
My Kim-Ki-Duk, they will
make me kill myself.
Director should stand on
the left of the camera.
Where should the actor stand?
You go and get us tea.
Yes, continue...
What's it?
-Sorry, sir.
-I'm also sorry.
Sir, where's the office?
Whom do you want to meet?
-I'm only looking after everything here.
-Sir, my name is Shibu.
I'd contacted you regarding the admission.
Getting admission here is difficult.
It's almost over.
There's an overflow.
Admission has been closed.
But, there's one....
That one seat.
I wish to study here, sir.
Please accommodate me somehow.
This institute needs
dedicated students like you.
That's what Malayalam cinema needs.
-Have you brought the money?
Who are you?
New admission.
My real name is Sandeep Kanaran.
But you need to have a stylish name.
Well, I'm Antony Hitchcock.
-What's your name?
It should be changed.
Shibu Kubrick.
Is Hitchcock your Dad's name?
-Who is your favourite director?
-Lal Jose.
Don't talk about Malayalam filmmakers to anyone.
Why did you take so long to call?
I'm just settling in here.
Why did you call Sandhya?
I couldn't reach you.
That is why I called her.
Don't find excuses to call her.
Don't be furious.
How about a kiss?
Don't give him unwanted things to smoke.
He just had his heart surgery.
This is just an herb, man.
Don't make me swear at you.
Don't beat me.
Sir, you're a genius.
You teach about things
that we never thought of.
Sir, seriously.
The films that we make here
are not meant for kids.
It's for the international audience.
International audience.
Got it?
You need to have that thought.
-You need to have...
-That 'thought'.
If the foreigners accept us,
Malayali audience will
place us on the pedestal.
Got it?
So, you need to have
international thoughts.
Who's this?
Who's this?
You're the one who called
and you're asking me now?
-Tell me.
I'd called Suhara and her
brother picked up the phone.
Her brother?
Will you call her and ask?
Don't worry. Let me call her.
Call her at the earliest.
Dont forget.
Will her brother come here and beat me up?
Superman, Batman and
Spider man: they are my heroes.
But I can't believe it.
-This is Bergman's...
Not that.
These rusted grills have lots of meanings.
-Sir, my landing wasn't good.
-It was superb.
Let's check out the next location.
I've got a new idea.
-It just came to my mind.
-What's it, sir?
This is the tail-end scene.
It should create a
revolution in the audience.
You should go naked in front of the camera.
It's not possible.
If you've come here to act,
I know to make you act also.
She'll remove her clothes.
Dont worry.
In order to give you company,
we'll also remove our clothes.
-I can't do.
These changes are essential
in world cinema.
We should create revolution.
Where's our cameraman?
-What's happening?
-Just have to place one more light.
I can't see clearly with my specs.
It's okay. No problem.
Bring the girl.
On behalf of everyone, I'll
remove my clothes first.
Who are they?
Are there junior artists in this?
You want our sister, right?
Stop there.
Where were you? I called you several times.
Oh, I lost my slipper.
I was in shoot.
I was busy. Did you call Suhara?
I couldn't talk to her.
I think her family got to
know about your relationship.
They got to know about it? How?
I don't know.
Or else she would have called.
We're shooting fight here.
I'll call you later.
This place has changed.
Isn't that Shibu?
Don't listen to these people.
No way.
Altogether you look good.
Shall we take a selfie?
I'll make you famous.
Smile, man.
What the hell is this?
[watching a film]
I need to talk to you.
See grandma...
When I'm here you shouldn't watch
this kind of stupid films.
Who? Kim-ki-Duk.
These are international films.
Titanic, Jurassic Park...
What's the other film? Yes, Avatar.
You should watch this kind of movies.
You don't have much time left.
It has started.
Enjoy it, grandma.
He used to be a nice boy.
-Her parents came to know.
-Don't worry.
We can go to her house and meet her.
That's not possible.
Her brother is there.
Brother? Nonsense!
So what?
I was waiting to meet him in person.
For what?
We need to make a decision.
Is it needed?
We're not the jobless boys who roamed
around in the junction anymore.
Aren't you a director now?
-And I'm...
-You are?
-Is that the issue here?
So we're going to her house tonight itself.
Oh God!
What is this?
Go inside.
Oh God!
Come here.
What all we have to see!
Get lost!
Don't beat me. I'm a director.
Is this what you learned from there?
I won't stay here any longer.
I'm going.
Don't leave.
Switch it off.
-Where's the switch?
-Get lost.
Did you see your
grandson's new appearance?
I lost all that I spent for him.
Ask him to get a haircut when you see him.
Don't worry. He'll be fine.
For sure.
I told it out of excitement.
Should we go tonight itself?
You only planned, right?
That movie is unbelievable.
What a shot!
I'm going to watch only
international films from now on.
Be quiet.
-I need two extra CD's.
-Ask your dad.
Shut up.
-Sit there.
-You go.
Get lost.
Could have asked someone
to keep me company.
I've pressed it properly.
How is it? Isn't it good?
Do it properly.
It's not proper here.
Despite doing everything...
This man...
I'll get it ready now.
Why are you here?
My brother will come now.
-When did you arrive?
-I've arranged everything.
What are you saying?
Pack your bag.
That's my brother's clothes.
Let's run away. I've arranged everything.
I'm going for tour tomorrow with my family.
What are you doing?
Didn't your brother beat you?
For what?
Didn't he get to know about us?
He got to know?
When I phoned you two days back, he
picked up the phone and shouted.
-So I thought he got to know.
-I've given my phone for repairing.
-Sandya also told your parents got to know.
-Will anyone believe her?
Look at you. This long hair and all.
Listen to me.
Your family won't agree to our marriage.
Let's run away.
I can't come with you.
I can't risk my life.
I don't think you'll
settle down in your life.
-We can discuss it later.
-Leave my hand.
I can't do it.
What's he doing? It's been so long.
Get out!
Get out!
Get lost!
One tea please.
Go and get it yourself.
Hi, pure milk.
What are you doing?
How can you drink this
when my kids are hungry?
Very bad!
Drink it.
There's black tea in the kitchen.
You go and have it.
You drink the rest.
Don't ask for more. It's over.
I'm going to have this...
My baby, don't cry...
It's me Antony.
-I've edited Blackman.
I edited it and uploaded
on Youtube yesterday.
Don't thank me.
I want you to do well.
I'm a serious filmmaker.
Tell me the subject.
It's called Blackman.
It's an international subject.
This is it.
One minute. I'll come now.
Where are you going? Tell and go.
I'll be right back.
Who's it?
Go somewhere.
Let's go.
Why are you in this costume?
It all happened quickly.
-We're leaving.
We met at the youth festival.
It's there every year, right?
We're eloping. Please pray for us.
And take care of the things here.
Instead of sitting here, why can't
you help me at the theater?
Did I study direction to work there?
My goal is to be a director
and I'll surely become one.
Don't make me sad.
My son got a job in Infosys
as a software engineer.
Sir, my script.
-What's your name?
-What does your husband do?
-He's a medical representative.
Doesn't she have a brother?
Where's he?
He's gone to Bangalore for an interview.
How can we marry off a film
director's sister to some random guy?
Right, father?
No need to pour. It's over.
Drink slowly.
Why did she say that?
Like what?
-Am I that bad?
-Bad guy?
I'm in Bangalore it seems.
Don't I even deserve the consideration
that her idiot husband gets?
They will start valuing me also.
I've got a story. Hear it.
Can't you go and meet some producer?
My dog will talk to those
people who lack creativity.
My goal is to take films
without a producer.
What are you saying?
How can you make a film without money?
People take films for just 25,000 rupees.
My aim is bigger than that.
Zero budget cinema.
I'll do a movie without spending a penny.
So the turnover would be profit.
It'll be awesome if it happens.
Still there would be small expenses.
Like food, accommodation, travel...
Small expenses like that.
Dude, there's a problem.
You will need someone for that.
You don't have a penny with you.
Do you?
-But I've got someone.
My brother-in-law who's a miser and
fraud wanting to act in movies.
Will he finance it?
I don't trust you anymore.
Please leave.
I'm not doing short films anymore.
Please. Don't say like that.
Last time you said I've a
scene with the heroine.
Later, you brought a man
dressed up as a woman.
This time it's not like that.
The heroine is from Bangalore.
My heroine?
I'm fit for the role, right?
-You'll be perfect.
You won't even need makeup.
In that case, cash is not a problem.
Start your work.
Brother, so Blang...
Your heroine will arrive from Bangalore.
Fool! He believed.
This is a realistic fantasy thriller.
Other directors haven't tried this genre.
Local is international.
This will be a story of the local people.
The villain is a beggar. A real beggar.
But how will we get a real beggar?
Even if we get, he's the director, right?
Leave it to me. Everything else is ready.
He'll get us a real beggar.
Yes, I'll bring.
You asked only for two beggars.
But I've got you more than that.
You can select from them.
Can I tell an idea?
Can we put up a post saying Sunny Leone
is acting in our short film?
Sunny Leone in our movie?
Dont glare at me.
I just told. It's a marketing technique.
Who will go behind it and
find out if it's true?
These days, negative publicity
can make the content go viral.
-Come here dear.
-What's it?
He and his idea!
-What's it?
-Do you have a lighter?
Give him the lighter.
-You have?
-Take this.
Good casting.
There is no kerosene.
Dude, he is the villain
I was talking about.
Is he the villain?
Hey, my name is Shibu.
I'm a serious filmmaker. Don't you know?
You are the villain in this.
He'll definitely do.
What's this?
How's this frame?
Frame is good.
But this is not the shot I need.
I don't need static shots.
I need something classic.
For that we'll need jib and crane.
Only then we can do that.
You don't have the budget for that, right?
You need the camera to move, right?
I've the best equipment for that.
Look over there.
This trunk?
Place the camera at the edge.
And they will pull it backwards.
That's our track and trolley.
I've told to get a bucket for the crane.
We'll get it soon.
If we don't get lunch, we'll leave.
That's all you've got to say?
Didn't you just eat?
You'll get lunch. Go and sit there.
-Whom all should I manage?
-Brother, how are things going?
-It's all good.
Listen, the heroine isn't here yet.
She's on the way.
I've got dialogues with her.
Wanted to rehearse.
The problem is she's so busy.
She's running from one location to another.
She'll come soon.
Heroine has come.
You wait here. I'll go and get her.
Is this the one?
Hey, coolie. Take this.
I'm not a coolie. I'm the hero.
You must be the heroine's hairdresser.
Hairdresser? I'm the heroine.
-Where's the caravan?
Caravan? It has gone to the petrol pump.
Settle the auto fare.
Did she come from Bangalore
in auto rickshaw?
You're going to rape Clara after you
get to know of her affair with Babu.
Rape? I'm an expert in that. Ill do.
I'll give you another one.
You're going toward Clara to rape her.
Who's Clara?
Clara is our heroine. This girl.
This girl?
That's when Babu enters.
Babu? Who's that rascal?
Oh, how can you call the producer a rascal?
I'll give you a slap.
Oh no!
I've fought with many people.
You want to see? Look at this.
What's that? Railway track?
Stop staring at me.
Their frigging movie.
I want to know one thing.
Whose side are you on?
Wait till the shoot gets over.
After that we can kill him.
Stupid! He believed.
We've already spent money.
Let's not make an issue.
We can handle him later.
You ask your sister about me.
I didn't talk to her for five
days as the food was salty.
What's it?
It's my first film.
Sir, please bless me.
Where's your other leg?
Come in terms like that.
If you behave nicely to me,
I'll also do the same.
Instead of that...
Can't he wear an underwear?
I'll be there with you if you support me.
Don't worry.
Shall we go?
Don't worry. You'll have my blessings.
Poor men!
When he got a slap, he
started to behave properly.
Move that opal a bit.
Keep it there.
What are you doing? You can smoke later.
Stand in your position first.
-Is it okay?
Brother, go.
Is it okay?
Brother, enter.
-Not like that.
-Then come and show.
Lift him and put him down.
Lift him.
Leave me.
Clara! Today I'll....
Brother, entry....
Lift him...
Like that...
Leave me.
Leave me.
Come here.
I should only be blamed
for casting this man.
Don't test my patience.
Brother, what were you doing?
You were dancing instead of beating him up.
What's it?
-How many times did you rehearse?
-Put that beedi down.
-It's for an effect.
-Is this the effect?
We should get that effect here.
-I'll act.
-Put it down.
That beedi was continuity.
I'll take it from there.
We can get another beedi.
Brother, do it properly.
Brother, watch this.
Look here.
Did you see this?
-Like this.
-Hold him properly.
-Once more?
-No, it's rehearsal.
See. Like this.
Oh no!
It's so simple.
Oh God!
That was fantastic.
Give me a hand.
It was good.
Look, he dozed off.
He was only making the
mistake all this while.
Hey, you acted well.
Do the same during take. Got it?
Learn from him.
Natural acting.
Get up.
-What happened?
-Don't waste time.
Why isn't he getting up?
-Get up.
-It's his trick.
Should we take him to the hospital?
Hey, get up.
Looks like he's dead.
Oh God!
Brother, really?
Take him to the hospital at the earliest.
Oh God!
Get a car.
No need. Heroine's auto
rickshaw is waiting outside.
-Didn't that go?
-He won't leave without getting the fare.
Shibu, what did you do?
Over there.
Go straight. Hurry up.
Go fast.
Go over there.
Shibu, move from there.
What's he doing?
Where are you rushing to?
Move aside.
Where's the doctor?
Come fast.
Who's the patient?
Get up.
Bring him fast.
Doctor, where's the nurse?
It's my daughter's wedding.
On the 15th of next month.
We haven't done the shopping yet.
There's time.
I'm on leave from today.
Catering will be done by Krishna caterers.
They are so good.
Nobody will complain.
We'll shut the mouths
of those who complain.
Bottle? It'll be there for sure.
Which brand? The old one?
God only knows if they would wake
up after drinking all that.
Yes, what to do?
I'm doing everything alone.
Doctor, there's an emergency.
An unconscious man has been
brought to the casualty.
-Ask Dr. Kalyani to check him.
-She's on leave.
Okay, I'll come.
Okay, see you for the wedding.
Do you have water with you?
Do you...
There's no use in asking him.
Go and see.
-Hasn't a death been reported?
-It's in the casualty.
-Where were you?
-I was standing outside.
That man is dead.
Police is here.
What shall we do?
They are the ones who brought him.
Where did you find him?
At the ground...
We found him lying at the
playground and brought him here.
What were you doing there?
We were shooting a short film.
Short film?
It's the one that we release on internet.
Yes, I understood.
Move aside.
They look like decent people.
Shall we go? Why should we be here?
Sir, shouldn't we follow the procedure?
Hey, did you inform the press?
Yes, I've done the arrangements.
-How long do you keep a body here?
-Maximum 7 days.
If no one claims the body, we cremate it.
Sir, should we keep it here that long?
Stand aside.
We can keep it.
That's better.
Did he die after he was brought here?
No, he'd died before that.
Bring the autopsy reports
to the police station.
Also, collect their address proofs.
You must come to the police
station when you're called.
-Okay, sir.
Sir, there is one more thing.
I don't have any address.
How will I give the
address of the shopfront?
Shut up.
Which shop's address should I give?
How about some jewelry.
Here is my ID.
Wait there. I'll bring it back
after taking its photostat.
You did exactly what you told.
I simply said that.
Don't tell anyone.
Sister, I'm from the press.
I was informed about a beggar's death.
I need to take his photo.
Where's the morgue?
Go over there.
What shall we do?
He's a journalist.
Now, it'll come in the newspapers.
What to do?
Give him money and solve it.
What money? What are you saying?
We're in trouble.
Brother, you are trapped.
How come? If they catch me,
I'll give your names also.
For what?
I'll tell you made me do it to
take revenge on that beggar.
The proof for it is there on your face.
Oh, he's joking.
His sister also has a good sense of humour.
It's hereditary.
As a responsible producer,
I'll pay for this also.
Yes, pay.
We're all in trouble.
The journalist is here.
Let me finish this first.
He's happy even though his friend died.
Why did you give my ID card?
Or else I'll get trapped alone.
That's why.
Are you happy that everyone is trapped now?
I'd told you not to do this.
You dragged me into this
and see what happened now.
That is my tea.
You can have it.
Okay, I'm leaving.
Where are you going?
You both might have things to discuss.
Why should I come in between that?
Let me know when the shot is ready.
We're trapped.
Come here.
Did they leave?
One minute.
-Yes, I understood.
Just call me.
If I stay here, they will
accuse me also of murder.
See how they all escaped.
Where's our heroine?
She left then itself.
Why are you sitting like this?
Say something.
One double omelet.
Shall I give you a double with my hand?
Brother, please...
Brother, one double omelet.
Have it.
Don't lose your temper now.
He's of use to us.
Let's act intelligently. That's better.
Go and get our ID cards from the attender.
I'll settle him by then.
Let me go and see.
Brother, finish it fast. Else there
won't be water to wash your hands.
Who is listening?
If you need anything more, just tell him.
Mix this gravy also.
Else the bone will get
stuck in your throat.
So tasty. Shall I order
another chicken fry?
Hey, brother...
No. Sir...
My name is Prahladhan.
I'm a medical rep.
-I'm an actor too.
It's regarding that beggar's case.
I understood. And?
Sir, could you return the ID card?
It can't be easily returned.
It's a death case.
It has some procedures.
I'll take a photocopy and return it.
Please adjust.
Adjust? Why?
You'll get it back after the procedures.
What's the issue then?
It's so complicated.
We were trying to save him.
Now, you're putting the blame on us.
Police will decide if you're innocent.
Why are getting furious at me?
So, that is how things are now.
Who gave you the authority to take our ID?
You're just an attender and
not the American president.
-Don't point your finger at me.
-What will you do then?
I'm not scared of anyone.
If you don't behave, I'll slap you.
Is that so? I want to see how
you'll leave this place.
You got scared?
Didn't I tell you that I'm an actor?
I was just acting.
There is something fishy.
Tell me the truth.
Weren't you the one who killed him?
It was Shibu. Not me.
Some guy called Shibu.
Brother, our life is in your hands now.
Please solve it somehow.
Since the police have ordered for autopsy,
everything will be based on the report.
If the report is in your favor,
there's nothing to worry about.
Who will be performing the autopsy?
Since Dr. Thomas is on leave,
Dr. Kalyani will be doing it.
How is she? Can we deal with her?
It's difficult. She has a little problem.
-What problem?
If you go to her asking this,
she might even kill you.
Do you know about her?
But she's nice to me.
What the hell is this?
Can't you do anything properly?
Did anyone say anything bad to you?
Brother, what's the solution then?
Convince her somehow.
I'll hide the report for a couple of days.
Convince her somehow before that.
Or else you'll be...
Chicken got finished.
This man...
Instead of hitting that poor
man you could have hit him.
Her dad passed away when she was young.
So if you could befriend
her mother, it'd help us.
Listen, I'm not helping
because you paid me.
It's because he's an artist.
I respect artists.
So, what's my role?
I'll give you a role.
But solve this somehow.
Don't worry about anything.
Kalyani is on leave tomorrow.
Go to her house, fall on
your knees and solve it.
Listen, get one more bottle fast
or they will close the shop.
He's right.
-Let's go.
-Where are you going?
-To meet Dr. Kalyani.
-Is this how you're going to meet her?
Please dress properly at least today.
Is this how you go meet a doctor?
I thought you were going to some temple.
Good that I'm there with you.
Where did he go?
That one.
-This one?
See, Dr. Kalyani
Alright. But what's the plan?
Plan? Should I tell that also?
We go inside and ask if
it's Kalyani's house.
When she comes, we fall on
our knees and ask for help.
-I hope she's there.
-Let her come.
There she is.
Dr. Kalyani?
Get up.
Didn't you say you'd give me
money if I return as a warrior?
Where the hell is my money?
Did you take money from her also?
Or are we at the wrong place?
-No, this is the correct house.
-Then why is she asking for money?
Who are you? What do you want?
I'm Shibu. I've come to meet Kalyani.
But she's blabbering something.
She has some memory issues.
This is Kalyani's grandma.
I'm her mother.
Mother, please go inside.
They have come to see Kalyani.
Go inside.
She's obsessed with these TV series.
She has some issues because of it.
-Come inside.
-Does she become violent?
Not at all. Come inside.
Please sit. I'll call Kalyani.
-She's kind of crazy.
-She's entirely crazy.
Arent you ready yet?
That boy is waiting there.
Get ready fast.
I told her many times.
But she's not getting ready.
As usual if you're going to let go this
proposal also, you will see my real face.
How many times did I say that
I don't want to get married?
All these men come and finally they
themselves say they are not interested.
It's all because of you only.
Everyone knows about the things you did.
Don't make me say anything.
That's why I said I don't want a marriage.
Oh God! This girl!
Dear, listen to me.
This is a nice boy.
The horoscopes also match.
They are also interested.
Please go and see him.
Nice boy!
Heard his name? Shibu!
What's the problem with that name?
Come down without making me angry.
I'll come. Also, I'll look at his
face and say I'm not interested.
Will you be happy then?
If you say so, I will die.
Remember that.
I'm serious. I'm also stubborn.
It contains vitamin C.
-I'll give it to you.
-It's okay. I took.
-Where's Dr. Kalyani?
-She'll come now.
There she is.
Brother, everything went wrong.
Didn't you understand this setup?
I think they have mistaken
us for someone else.
-What shall we do?
-Don't say anything.
We can fall on our knees
after having these sweets.
What were you talking about?
Nothing. Just chatting with grandma.
This is Kalyani.
How's your business going?
Did your parents come from the States?
They haven't come yet.
Business is not so good. That's why.
We've 14 states, right?
I want to talk to you.
Let's talk?
Is it needed?
Yes, please go and talk.
Ask for her help.
Will it be okay?
Don't worry.
Kids these days...
Actually I came here for...
I need to tell you something.
But let's not talk about it here.
My sister is a pest.
Give me your number.
For what?
Give me.
Let's go?
Did you ask for help?
No, she asked for my help.
What help?
She took my number.
-There's something fishy.
Anyway, do what she says.
If needed, submit to her.
This is our life matter.
By helping her we can solve our problems.
Let's leave now.
Or else we might end up in trouble.
Where were you?
Why you got late?
I tried calling you many times.
Who's this?
I was busy with our boy's...Shibu's...
How can you be so irresponsible
after taking money from me?
See, the boy is here.
This is Shibu.
If he'd cheated me this time also,
I would have surely filed a case against him.
He took money from me
but never picks up my call.
Anyway, you've brought us a nice boy.
-I'm so happy.
-That's what.
There's a time for everything.
Yes, our time is bad.
We're leaving.
Carry on.
Are they all crazy?
I'm also leaving.
Why are you leaving so soon?
I'll just take this snack.
Suku, wait. I need to talk.
You look familiar.
Didn't you understand me?
You only arranged my marriage.
I'm Prahladhan, medical rep.
This is my brother-in-law Shibu.
Oh, Buvanendran's son?
-Why did you go there?
-To meet the girl.
To meet the girl?
For that Damodaran's son
Shibu was supposed to go.
Your name came to use for the first time.
What are you saying?
Is it some kind of a conspiracy?
-Please help us. They are in love.
-We have no other way.
-Please help us.
So you are the boyfriend who
nixes all her proposals.
Please don't say anything.
Help them to get married.
How can I help them?
I need to think about it.
Move back.
Drink this juice.
Take this.
Sir, have it.
Are you seriously in love?
They are madly in love.
Yes, we're in love.
-Will you marry her?
-I meant he'll marry her.
I'll marry her.
Do one thing. Ask her to tell her mom
that this proposal was brought by me.
If so, I'll handle the rest.
My situation happened to be bad.
Else I wouldn't have let this happen.
Brother, you are....
-What's this?
-Sugarcane juice.
I understood that when you told.
Keep this.
If he were clever, we would
have been in trouble.
Have it.
I don't want.
Nice place.
What do you do?
I run a business.
What business?
Vehicle dealings.
Broker said you run a travel agency.
This travel agency....
It's all the same only.
Like that.
Did I give myself away?
I'll have a coffee.
I'll have a black tea.
-You want?
Do you always drink black tea?
Artists usually drink black tea.
Didn't you just say you're a businessman?
Art and business... I run both parallelly.
Thank God!
Isn't that Kalyani?
Oh, that...
Have you started hanging
out without telling us?
No, we met unexpectedly...
Don't lie.
When did you come?
Just now.
Okay, carry on.
-Let's go.
We're leaving.
Come, let's go.
I'm also coming.
Why do you have to come now?
Take your time.
No, let's go.
Take back this tea.
Shall I get the bill?
Mother, are you eating now?
No, I'll eat later.
Eat whenever you want.
Place it here.
-Shall I give you one more dosa?
Give me.
What's happening with your film?
It's not yet over.
There's no problem.
Just a small technical issue.
We'll get back with full energy.
This subject is good.
Isn't it, brother?
We'll rock this time.
Will it be a success at least this time?
Why are you saying unnecessary
things while he's eating?
Yes, give me a dosa.
-You want sambar?
Pour it.
I want him to do well. That's all.
He'll do well. Don't sadden
him by saying it always.
You've got a call. It's some attender.
-What's it?
-It's that attender.
Let me talk to him.
Attend it.
Yes, we met the doctor.
But we couldn't tell the matter.
Please wait for 2 days.
Please adjust.
You know our situation.
It's our life matter.
We'll pay you.
Wait for two days. Okay?
What to do?
-Are you done?
Come here. I want to tell you something.
Finish this and go.
You also finish it.
He's asking for more money.
What happened yesterday?
Will she help?
Nothing happened.
Her mother and sister came in
between and spoiled everything.
Don't waste time here.
Meet her and tell the matter.
The need is ours.
Go and meet her today itself.
Else the postmortem will put us in trouble.
Son, police is here.
They came in search of Anish's
house for passport verification.
Why should police come here otherwise?
Are you some super star
for her to fall for you?
Get her some flowers or gifts.
Or do something to impress her.
How can you make a film if
you can't impress a girl?
Okay, I'll show you who I am.
Give it to me.
Isn't it nice?
They are not letting him write the
exam since he doesn't have attendance.
Please help us. We'll do the needful.
So, he needs a certificate.
That's why you came here.
This is not the place for that.
I didn't become a doctor to
give you fake certificates.
You're older than me. Else I wouldn't
have talked to you like this.
Leave. Get up.
Go fast.
She didn't see. Thank God!
-Come here.
Are you free? I want to talk to you.
What's your intention?
No intention. Let's just talk and...
Anyway, don't think you can
live happily after marrying me.
I'm not so decent.
I smoke and drink.
No problem.
Leave it.
After marriage, it'd be
either me or your mother.
Only one person will be there at home.
You can decide where we are going to stay.
You house...
No problem. We can live anywhere.
We can talk now.
I'll check the remaining patients and come.
Look who's here. When did you come?
-I just came.
-How are you?
Hi, grandpa...
Don't you know it's strike today?
Why did you come for duty?
It's an emergency case...
Doctor, get up.
You can deal with the emergency
case after the strike.
Get up.
Should I interfere?
Isn't it correct? Inter-fere.
Government should do justice.
I've been waiting since morning.
I'm really sick. I want to see the doctor.
Don't you know it's strike today?
There's no consultation today.
Come back tomorrow.
Let her say that.
Can I attend this case alone?
I'll make it fast.
Don't backstab us.
You know our union's power, right?
It's a good chance. Go.
Do you know why they are
giving you respect?
It's not because of your union.
It's because of the greatness of this coat.
If they lose their trust, they will
need only one second to end your strike.
"Government should do justice".
Why don't you do justice first?
After that, we can ask the Government.
You can go for the strike
after consulting everyone.
Let me see what they are going to do.
Good morning, doctor.
It's just an attender.
Will I lose my money?
No, he's a nice man.
Aren't you ashamed?
Why are you hanging out with him?
-Today you're drunk also.
-Not me. It was him.
He's simply wasting his time.
Now this man has also joined in.
Which man?
Should I call?
I'll call.
It's an emergency. Can you come?
Then cut the call.
Had dinner?
Don't irritate.
-Are you free now?
-Of course.
Not free. I'm a little busy.
Since it was you, I attended the call.
Nice joke.
Can you come home now? It's urgent.
What does she have in her mind?
Hold this bag.
Sit down.
Now lie down.
Hold that leg.
Not that. Her leg.
Wait outside.
Brother, isn't there
anyone to help her?
Who will come to help her?
It's because she had many visitors
that she's suffering now.
Simply bothering us.
Who's he? Haven't see him here before.
Looks like the mother, right?
Oh, sweety...
-I'll see.
-No. I'll go.
Hey, son...
-Give me a hand shake.
-No, it's okay.
Come inside. It's been so long.
Please sit.
Have you come to see Kalyani?
-Go and call her.
-No, it's okay.
-Mother, I want to talk to you.
-What happened?
I'm not interested in this marriage.
Please don't ask me anything else.
It's not because I don't like Kalyani.
I don't want it now.
I don't suit her.
America and all don't even matter.
You know that she's a good girl.
Then why this tension?
Let her live freely.
If I were your son, you'd have
left me long back itself.
It's funny that you found me nice.
When daughters get older,
mothers start to worry.
I'm becoming old too.
I've decided something.
I won't force you to get married hereafter.
Do whatever you feel is right.
I believe in you.
Don't worry. I'm there with you.
What all did you say to my mom yesterday?
Your performance was very bad.
If I'd not told so, you'd have
washed my dirty laundry.
Oh God!
Did you say something?
Where are you going?
-There he is.
The one who ditched me.
Is that even an issue?
Silly girl!
Their entire family is into this.
Slipper won't do for him.
Get something else.
I'll bring now.
Damn. He left.
What's this?
He left.
Let's go.
You were here?
Hold this.
This is Shibu. I've told you about him.
You can introduce him later.
Take it out fast. They will call me now.
What's that?
Water or soda?
Hold this.
Open it fast.
Hold this.
Oh God!
Awesome! It's all good now.
-How's the setup?
To get drunk in moonlight with a girl...
With cool breeze...
Nice ambiance.
What else does a filmmaker
needs to be creative?
Filmmaker? What are you saying?
What does that have to do with you?
Come here.
Will you be surprised if I say something?
I'm a serious filmmaker.
Is it?
Which film did you direct?
It's not an ordinary film.
It's a zero budget film.
Blackman? I've heard it somewhere.
No chance.
Because it's an international subject.
A man wearing a coat...dangling from a rope...
-That one, right?
-You directed it?
Oh God!
Yes. What happened?
I accidentally came across
it on Youtube one day.
It was so hilarious.
Is this your serious film-making?
Keep laughing.
You girls will never
understand intellectual films.
Even my girlfriend didn't understand.
And she left me.
Let them go if they want.
Oh sad! You also got ditched?
Who hasn't been ditched in Kerala?
So, how's your ex-boyfriend?
Why are you silent?
He got married today.
Oh, that's why you are drinking today.
A sad note.
Are you Devdas?
That's your...
If I get him today, I'll kill him.
Let's settle the scores now itself.
Doesn't matter if it's day or night.
You should settle the scores then itself.
Are you scarred?
Scared? Me?
Get lost!
Come, I'm there, right?
Push it open.
Be decent.
Shut up.
Be quiet.
-You look so pretty today.
-Is it?
Shibu, don't exaggerate.
It's evident from your
face that you're drunk.
Make it fast.
If you're drunk, I'll drive.
It got started.
Where exactly are we going?
Come closer.
Don't be scared.
We shouldn't enter through the front gate.
-There's another way.
-Which way?
I'll tell.
How do you know this place?
I know that. Be quiet.
Like this...
She's an expert.
-Want my help?
-Help me also.
-Give your hand.
Come here.
How do you know this place?
I know.
No, how do you know this place?
I'll explain that later. Go.
Look at me.
Let me see you.
Sweetheart, ask me whatever you want.
Have you been in love?
Love? No way.
The same place where I got beaten up.
-Where are you going?
-That way.
Not there. Come here.
This is his room.
You've never fallen in love before?
Some cheap girls have come behind me.
Opened? Let me see.
Very bad!
Come here.
I'll kill him today.
Are they telling stories?
I'm all yours now.
Who the hell is it now?
Oh no! Kalyani!
Who the hell is your cheap girl?
Tell me.
Who are you? Romeo?
They are settling an old score.
Give them some time.
It'll get over soon.
It's not yet over. His garland...
You like to cheat girls, right?
His nuptial bed!
Shouldn't we kill him?
One minute.
Hold this.
I'd always wanted to pay you
back for what you did to me.
Oh God!
Take it as a gift.
Shall we leave? Good bye.
Famous poet Kambikadan got killed.
His death is a big loss
to the literary world.
His body was lying in the
morgue for the past one week.
Police thinks it was a homicide.
Police have arrested the suspect,
a young filmmaker named Shibu.
He was murdered during the shoot of a film.
Shibu is the director
of the concerned movie.
Politicians and literary personalities
expressed their heartfelt condolences.
I was informed about a death case.
I need to take his photo.
Where's the morgue?
Just a minute.
Police is coming.
-Are you the owner?
-Take out your hard-disk.
Which hard-disk?
-Got it.
-This one?
Come here.
Get inside.
"He was living on the
streets among the paupers."
"He was always seen in the
markets and bus stands."
"Many people were close to him"
"Senior journalists C V Das
joins us to speak about him"
"What have you got to tell
us in this occasion?"
I've known him for a long time.
He wasn't scared of anyone.
Heard that he was maintaining
a distance from his family
Who's this poet?
He's all over the news.
Media just need something to celebrate.
He's a recipient of many
awards including Padmasree.
Next, poet Ravi Kaipuzha joins us.
I've taken the statement of the accused.
Also, we're tracing the
people who have absconded.
A constable has been sent to the
hospital to get the report.
We'll decide on you after we
get the autopsy report.
It will be easier for us if you yourself
tell the reason behind the murder.
I don't know anything, sir.
Poet Kambikad's death has
shocked the people of Kerala.
We've with us activists and literary
figures to discuss about it.
What have you got to say about this death?
This is government's defeat.
Attack on writers by the fascists.
This has happened in other states.
This is its continuation.
Shibu is not an ordinary guy.
He's a famous actor's assistant.
We'll understand his character
from his short film Blackman.
There is a conspiracy behind this death.
He was murdered during the shoot.
We've got the visuals with us.
Blackman? What's that?
It's so funny.
I'm your RJ Manju.
Our current hot topic is Shibu and his Blackman.
Its views have crossed 5 million.
Let us know your opinions
about this short film.
For the past few days, there are
only discussions on the channels.
It's so irritating.
They are always discussing about a boy.
They have made him a star.
Are these people jobless?
Can't they go for some other job?
We should definitely protest against this.
You should all put your
comments in the comment box.
Keep that news channel.
There might be some updates on that case.
He's definitely in trouble.
Change the channel.
We got to know the
autopsy will begin soon.
Senior doctor Thomas Sebastian
will be carrying out the autopsy.
He was on leave for the past one week.
He was asked to get back to duty by
the district medical superintendent.
Kerala is eagerly waiting for the report.
We'll get to know shortly
how Shibu killed him.
Doctor, why are you late?
-Let me see Thomas sir.
-He's gone for the autopsy.
He was asked to come by
the higher officials.
Get up.
Come here.
Stand here.
Sign here.
Sir, I didn't do...
Sign here.
Sign there.
What does the result say?
Let me tell.
It's a natural death.
It was a cardiac arrest happened
because of drug overdose.
Didn't I tell you it's not him?
How come?
Why did the police say
that Shibu murdered him?
Ask that to the police.
What can I do if the police declares that
it's a murder even before doing the autopsy?
The delay in performing the autopsy was
because of your irresponsibility, right?
Don't teach me about my responsibilities.
I know it very well.
We've doubts regarding the
authenticity of the autopsy.
Are you a part of this conspiracy?
-What's your name?
-Mini Puthukulam.
Why are you making unnecessary comments?
It's easy to spoil a person's
life through discussions.
But you won't be able to return him
his life through these discussions.
Please remember that.
What does the police have got to say since
it's been proved that Shibu is innocent?
Wasn't it a mistake from their part?
Justice has been denied
for this young filmmaker.
I knew that he's a smart boy.
But now I feel the mafia in our
film industry is behind this death.
Dad, I haven't done any mistakes.
I did not commit any murder
or steal from anyone.
I wanted to make a film.
Is that a mistake?
Wanting to make a film is not a mistake.
The mistake is that you forgot
why you wanted to make a film.
Yes, that boy only. Shibu.
We can make him the director.
He's in the limelight now.
Yes, he's the current trend.
So, we should utilize it.
People love him.
Just a minute. I'll call you back.
Shibu, sit down.
Shall I get you an apple juice?
Or how about some other juice?
No thanks.
When I met you for the first time
itself I understood you're talented.
You'll direct my next film.
I want a comedy film like Blackman.
It should make the audience laugh.
Sir, can I tell you something
if you won't get bored.
Go on.
I was 3 years old when I watched
a film for the first time.
Sitting on my father's lap.
A small man appeared on
the screen before me.
He made me cry and laugh.
Later on, the audience gave him
the 'popular actor' title.
In between that, because of my immaturity,
I got confused and wrecked everything.
But the problem was a simple one.
I forgot how it all started.
But now I know what I should do next.
Do whatever you want.
I'm there with you.
Breaking news.
There's an unexpected turn of events
in poet Kambikad's death.
Kambikad has returned saying he's not dead.
He'll be meeting the media shortly.
Sir, is it true that you're dead?
I was living abroad with my
children for the past few years.
I came to know of this news only
when I got back a few days back.
I don't know what's happening here.
Do you have anything to prove
that you're Kambikadu?
How will I be here if I'm dead?
Here is my ration card and ID cards.
Don't you still believe?
Then who was the other person?
Is this some magic?
Sir, how will we believe this?
When I lived here as a
poet, no one valued me.
But in this appearance,
people are respecting me.
I hope you understood that I'm alive.
That's all. I've got nothing more to say.
That was amazing.
The game has got interesting now.
Then who died?
That's true. Who was it that died?
-Shibu, where are you?
I'll tell that later.
Come with your camera to the
district hospital soon.
You need to take someone's photo.
It's a God given opportunity.
I'm going to play a game.
I might strike gold.
Won't you be there with me?
If this news goes public...
You'd be the first suspect.
Don't give him unnecessary things to smoke.
He just had his heart surgery.
These days, negative publicity
can make the content go viral.
Jaleel, do you know my father's occupation?
An ordinary theater employee.
But that hasn't helped me in any way.
Nowadays, it's really hard for an
ordinary man to achieve something.
And I don't have anything to lose.
Whatever I get would only be profit.
The man who died was a beggar named
Prakashan, Kambikadan's look alike.
We apologize to Kambikadan and Shibu if
this has caused them trouble in any way.
I cast the beggar thinking my short film would
get publicity since he looks like the poet.
But God had a better plan for me
which took me to greater heights.
God, you're a real hero.
I'll wait here.
People will have different opinions.
But this was superb.
Good luck son!
It was awesome.
We can do the next movie with Dileep.
It was nice.
Hey, who's that?
He's a great man.
Did you like the movie?
Nice. But not as good as Blackman.
You didn't like?
I liked it.
I liked.
Get lost!
This idiot must be wondering why I went
behind her when there was no problem.
She's a nice and beautiful
girl, also a doctor.
I'm not an innocent guy
to let go such a girl.
-Bro, the movie was awesome.
You look different. You've changed.
The movie was so good.
See Shibu...
You could have made it better.
The subject and the comic
elements have worked.
But it lacked symbolism.
It should be symbolic. Haven't I told you?
I'm sure that this movie will be a flop.
For sure.
You don't have to watch it.
Audience will like it.
Bro, it was really nice.
Thank you.
It's all okay.
Let me beat him up.
Else I won't get peace of mind.
Dude, slowly.