Shimmer Lake (2017) Movie Script

[door opens]
[woman] Andy, is that you?
[door closes]
Oh, hi, Zeke. Did you hear anything?
[Zeke] Not yet, no.
- [Zeke] Morning, Sally.
- Morning.
[woman] You hungry? Run downstairs
and grab a box of cereal.
Hey. Shh!
Hey, it's just me. It's just me. Hi.
Did you come down
to get some Fruit Loops?
Okay, okay. Shh!
Here you go.
There you go.
Okay, now can you do something for me?
When you go back upstairs,
don't tell anybody
that you saw Daddy down here, okay?
All right, it'll be our little secret.
Won't that be fun?
To have just a little secret
between the two of us?
All right? Okay, so remember. Now, shh!
[stairs creaking]
Thank you, Uncle Zeke.
Sally, were you speaking to someone
down in the basement?
Sally has an imaginary friend
named Melissa.
[phone ringing]
Hello? Oh, hi, Reed.
Any word about Andy?
Hang on.
He's not answering his phone?
Well, you better tell the Feds
to meet us there.
[footsteps departing]
Sally Ann, where do you think
you're going?
Oh, yeah, you bet. I'll see you in a few.
[footsteps approaching]
Sally! Go upstairs.
- But I want...
- Go upstairs now.
[bowl clatters]
[tires screeching]
[tires screeching, vehicle departing]
Ezekiel! It's the damnedest thing.
Someone just stole my car!
- You don't say?
- It's an '87 Cavalier.
You should be more surprised.
- [sighs] Surprise is for the ill-prepared.
- What?
Want a ride to work?
Hey, baby, it's me. [Chuckles]
Hey, I fucking got it.
When can you get away?
Okay, Shimmer Lake?
I'll wait for you. Okay.
Fuck, Zeke.
Mornin', Harris.
Guess you're ridin' up front, huh?
Is that right, Zeke? Good.
- Morning, Reed. Everything all right?
- Yeah, everything's just peachy.
[starts engine]
- How's the shoulder?
- It hurts.
Ask a stupid question.
Actually, when the bullet hit me,
it didn't hurt as much as you'd think.
Well, you're a tougher man than I am.
- Thanks for the ride.
- Don't mention it.
You know, I'm up for good-natured ribbing
between partners and everything,
but when you do it in front of someone,
it makes the other person feel weird.
He didn't know where to sit at first,
and it was like... [sighs]
Think I could've been FBI?
Couldn't do any worse than these assholes.
Yeah. Thanks, man.
Did you see anything
at the Burton place last night?
Nothing but phantom naked school boys.
I swear to God I saw a naked kid
trotting from one yard to the next.
Right. Other than that, nothin'.
Nobody came, nobody left.
Closed the bedroom curtains around ten.
- Regrettably.
- Lights went off at eleven.
Why regrettably on the curtains?
- Well, you know...
- She's smokin' hot.
She's smokin' fuckin' hot. That's why.
- Hey, where is she from in Mexico?
- Why would that matter?
Well, I think we'd probably want
to vacation down there.
Seriously, though, I did see a naked kid.
- Jesus. Enough already, will ya?
- I just... I saw it.
- You represent the Bureau.
- [knocking]
Judge Dawkins? Can you open up, please?
Why do we care
this Dawkins guy went AWOL?
- Well, the bank was robbed on Tuesday.
- [doorbell ringing]
Dawkins owns it.
So they robbed the bank,
came back, stole the banker?
Well, maybe Dawkins
was involved in the robbery.
Why would a guy who owns a bank
need money?
That is an excellent question.
Do they teach you that at Quantico?
- [chuckles]
- Mm.
- Rippin' on you.
- Yeah, you think so?
Judge Dawkins! Zeke Sikes!
Can you open up, please?
[phone ringing]
Sikes. Martha?
This is really not a good...
Yes, I will let you know as soon as...
All right, look forward to it.
- Martha's making meat loaf.
- Task at hand, huh?
- I fucking hate meat loaf.
- [Reed exhales]
Better get 'em out.
[vehicle door closes]
[printer whirring]
How many times do I have to tell you guys?
Ed is the guy we're looking for.
Andy is just a patsy.
We understand that you got
strong feelings on the matter.
The son of a bitch
looked me in the eyes and shot me.
- That's not feelings. That's fact.
- Oh, come on, Zeke.
This is where Kyle and I can
use the Bureau's resources
to help you catch these guys
before they vanish into thin air.
We're expanding the net
to a ten-state radius,
we got APBs out
to every government agency,
and we got checkpoints
on every major highway
in every direction for 300 miles.
- You done?
- Yes, he is.
But that was a lot of stuff.
- What if they're still here?
- Why would they still be here?
Ed told his wife he's got
one more thing to take care of.
- Dawkins was that thing.
- What about Andy?
Andy's with Ed.
We got two sets of footprints
coming out of the Dawkins house...
And they were going off
in different directions.
All right. So what? So maybe
they chopped the money then and there,
and then went their separate ways.
Or maybe they left two trails
to confuse us.
I don't even see how it matters.
Well, you'll see that it matters
when we find my brother Andy's dead body,
you stupid assholes.
Your partner's being
real pig-headed about this.
My partner?
My partner's the smartest guy in the room,
and if you don't see that,
you two are dumber than you look.
His partner's not even in the room.
I don't even... I don't...
I don't see how that makes any sense.
- Hey.
- I'm not stranding you, am I?
No, no. I'll hitch a ride
with Beavis and Butthead back there.
Where you going?
Oh, I thought I'd swing
past the Burton place
just to see if Ed thinks twice
about leaving Steph behind.
Plus, maybe if I stay there long enough,
I can avoid Martha's dinner.
- Can you do me a favor?
- Yeah.
Just keep an eye on those two.
They seem like decent guys.
I just...
If Andy turns up,
I'd rather hear about it first
before he gets gunned down.
You really think Andy's still here?
He was at the house last night.
Any information I get,
you'll be the first to know.
Thanks, partner.
[curtains rattling]
[both laughing]
How about this?
There's a woman
who looks exactly like Steph Burton,
except she's three feet tall.
Yes or no?
- [mumbles]
- [radio static]
[man on radio] Agents Biltmore, Walker,
I think we have your suspects.
This is Biltmore.
Yeah. Yeah, that could...
Wait, say that again?
No. No, no, no, no, no.
The Camaro is black
and the suspects are white.
[sighs] No, you should...
You should definitely cut them loose.
Yeah, I agree. That is...
It's quite the coincidence, right?
But, no, you should let them go.
I'm sure of it. Thank you.
- Hey, babe.
- Pop the trunk!
Hey, what took you so long?
Zeke. He parked outside the house
for hours. I had to wait.
That's my girl. Always thinking.
Hey, I don't know about you,
but I'm starvin'.
What do you say we stop...?
[gasps] No, please don't!
[clock ticking]
[lighter clicking]
[news theme music playing]
[woman speaking indistinctly on TV]
[line ringing]
This is Ed. Leave a message.
See what happens.
[machine beeps]
[clock ticking]
Stephanie? Steph?
- Where the hell have you been?
- Where have I been?
In a car, forever! The cornfield!
I spent the night in a junkyard!
Listen, Dawkins has the money.
Shit. I should've known.
- Why?
- Well, that's not important.
What matters is, I gotta figure out
a way to get that money
so we can get the hell out of here.
What's to figure?
What? You think Dawkins
is just gonna give you the money?
Yeah, it's just...
I'm not much of a gun guy, Steph.
- Become one.
- Jesus, Steph!
- And go get that money.
- [sighs]
[Martha] Oh, please, Zeke.
You can't start a day
on nothing but coffee.
- Aren't you hungry?
- Um, not particularly, no.
- You worried about your brother?
- That's it.
- Well, isn't there anything you can do?
- Martha, I'm trying.
I'm sorry. I'm just worried about him.
I know Andy, and he just couldn't
do something like this.
Martha, he's my brother and I love him,
but, ultimately, it's gonna come down
to how bad he wants to save himself.
What's that supposed to mean?
Why are you crying, Mommy?
I'm sorry, Martha.
You and Sally deserve
better than this. I mean that.
It never should have been this way.
But I don't want to make promises
that I can't keep.
Hey, Sally, what do you say
you and I take a ride in the cruiser?
I'm not asking people to be perfect, Sal.
Everybody makes mistakes.
God knows I'm no exception.
But everybody thinks that they can do
whatever the hell they want
with no repercussions whatsoever.
And what is the point
of being the only clean person
in a town that's completely dirty?
When I'm dirty, my mom gives me a bath.
Yeah. Well... that's what I'm doing.
- I'm giving this town a bath.
- Bath time!
[siren wailing]
- I thought you wasn't hungry.
- Oh, I'm starving.
Then why didn't you eat
Mommy's breakfast?
Because if I ate your mommy's breakfast,
I'd end up a fat fucking bastard
like everybody else in this town.
Let's just pretend Uncle Zeke
didn't say that, okay?
- Okay.
- [footsteps approaching]
Hey, Sally.
Do you mind if we drop her off at school
on the way to work?
No, not at all.
Get in the back, you fat fuckin' bastard.
- Excuse me?
- [chuckles]
That's real nice. That's real nice.
You're a nice little girl.
[boy speaking indistinctly]
[gun firing, glass breaking]
- [clock ticking]
- [takes deep breath]
You know,
I'm a police officer just like you.
I may not be the sheriff,
but I'm a deputy sheriff.
[starts engine]
[woman on TV] Little detail
is known of this latest killing,
but the police have identified
the two remaining suspects
in the First Mackey Bank robbery.
Ed Burton and Andrew Sikes.
The owner of the bank, Judge Dawkins,
could not be reached for comment.
But it's now clear that Tuesday's
dramatic shoot-out at the FMB
is anything but over.
- As for the victim, Chris Morrow...
- [phone ringing]
- [mutes TV]
- [phone beeps]
Hey! Listen, you've got to come
and get this money out of here
and give me that tape.
Then just get lost to wherever
the hell you guys are getting lost to.
Don't tell me where.
I don't want to know.
What? But, Ed... Hey, come on!
First, you send me to that motel.
Then, you stick me with this damn bag?
Whoa! No, no, no! We had a deal!
You... Hello? Hello?
[Zeke] So, what's the story?
Looks like our bank bandits had a dispute
over how to split the proceeds.
Or never planned to split 'em
with this Morrow guy.
[Reed] Oh, Chris.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Your partner doesn't seem
too comfortable around bodies.
Yeah, well, he knew the guy.
You seem all right.
- Yeah, well, I knew the guy.
- Meaning?
Meaning... I'm not too surprised.
Chris was a little slow.
Got his brain fried in a meth lab accident
a few years back.
Same blow-up
that landed Ed Burton in the pen?
That's the one.
Well, that connects them.
What about, uh...?
- My brother?
- Yeah.
You said he knew these other two well.
Well, like I said,
everybody knows everybody well.
Some of us even dated the same girls.
But... there's something else.
Andy was the prosecutor
in the case against Ed and Chris.
Wait. Your brother
is the fucking prosecutor?
He was.
There was a pretty good scandal
after the trial
on account of them
getting such a light sentence.
Nobody proved anything,
but there was a rumor going around
that Ed paid Andy
to drop the reckless manslaughter charges.
Wait, who got manslaughtered?
The file said he got rung up
on meth charges.
When the lab exploded,
Ed's son died in the blast.
Anyway, uh, when the election came around,
my brother got less
than ten percent of the vote.
- You think he took the money?
- No, I, um...
Are you all right there?
Yeah, I, uh...
[takes deep breath]
Stephanie Burton called,
said that Ed came and went.
So he just came back here
to get his clothes?
- He wanted me to go with him.
- And you said no?
- I said no.
- You expect us to believe that?
Ed shows up here with $3 million in cash,
and you just tell him to get lost?
Have you seen my face?
I called you, remember?
Listen, we got a dead body in a county
that doesn't get dead bodies
and a cop with a bullet hole in his arm.
This is a big deal.
So if it turns out that you're lying,
you will end up doin' time.
How much time?
Long enough for you to come out
a different person.
Maybe you lose some
of those girlish good looks.
Maybe you come out an old lady.
- Hey, maybe you don't come out at all.
- [clears throat]
Steph, listen.
- No, you listen. He'll kill me.
- Nobody is killing anybody.
Tell that to Chris Morrow.
Let me rephrase that.
The best way for nobody else to get killed
is for you to tell us what you know.
He's going to Mexico.
He said he had one more thing
to take care of,
but don't ask me what
because I don't know.
Ed isn't much into discussing
business with me.
- So what do you think?
- I don't know.
What do you think
that one more thing was?
Could be Andy.
- You don't think they're together?
- No, I never thought they were together.
I think Ed was planning
- to rip those guys off from moment one.
- [phone ringing]
So what do we do now?
Sikes. Hang on a sec.
- Where are you?
- Mexico. You should check it out.
Drinks are a bit pricey,
but the beaches are amazing.
Gosh, I'd really love to,
but I'm kinda busy right now
hunting down my brother.
Don't bother. I told you, I'm in Mexico.
Jesus, Andy.
What the hell were you thinking?
What was I thinking?
Look at me. My life is in ruins.
I'm doing nothing but quickie divorces
and hawking life insurance.
Yeah, maybe you should've thought of that
before you took Ed's money.
I told you, man, I didn't take Ed's money.
Really? After all that's happened,
you're still gonna lie to me?
I don't know what to say.
I want to you admit that Ed paid you
to drop the reckless manslaughter charge.
I want you to admit you traded
a little boy's life for a fancy car.
You make it sound so simple.
What about Judge Dawkins?
Nobody cares
that he signed off on Ed's plea deal.
We're not talking about Judge Dawkins.
We're talking about my brother.
We're talking about you.
Ed bought me off.
Okay? You happy?
Andy, you need to turn yourself in.
Turn myself in? Are you kidding me?
With Chris dead?
Now that's fucking felony-murder.
Andy, I can't get you out of this.
You either turn yourself in
or you face the consequences.
- Where'd the Feds go?
- They went to check on a lead.
The old barn. The Metcamp property.
- Someone found Chris's Caddy.
- Really?
I think we should have the Feds
camp out here tonight,
keep an eye on Steph,
in case Ed gets any bright ideas.
- You know, two guys he doesn't recognize.
- That makes sense.
- Hey, who was that? Martha?
- Yeah, sloppy joes tonight.
I love a sloppy joe.
Except, this morning, you told me
you were having fried chicken, Zeke.
Who was that? Your brother?
You really want to know?
I just don't want you to get yourself
into something you can't get out of.
[scoffs] Reed, how long
have we known each other?
- That's not the point. Blood is blood.
- Exactly.
So let's just leave it at that. Okay?
All right, let's do it.
So, what is it?
- You having sloppy joes or fried chicken?
- Who cares?
[man] It's me. No, baby, listen.
Don't hang up. Don't hang up.
I know I said
that I'd never call you again
but I just could use
a little company right now.
Stop, no, no. Stop. Don't hang up.
I'll pay.
I know you're not a whore.
No, I'm not implying anything.
I just... I just...
I'm desperate.
A thousand dollars?
What, are you insane?
Stop, stop! I know.
No, you're fine. You're right.
A thousand dollars is right.
Just get over here.
It's very, very good. It's very good.
Well, thank you, Ezekiel.
That's awful kind of you to say.
Isn't that nice of him to say, Sally?
What is so funny, little miss giggles?
I swear, sometimes, I don't know
what to do with this one.
Are you gonna be my new daddy?
[Martha coughs]
Sally, now listen here.
Your daddy is gonna be home very soon
safe and sound, okay?
Now, eat that chicken so you can grow up
big and strong like your daddy
and not small and weak like me.
I tell you, you sure have a way
with the little ones.
Why didn't you ever settle down
and have one of your own?
Sally Ann Sikes, what in God's name
do you think you're doing?
[Sally giggling]
[chuckles] On second thought,
consider yourself lucky.
- Give me that.
- [Sally giggling]
You are so beautiful.
[lighter clicking]
I tell you, this is way better
than anything that degenerate Ed
used to cook up.
Ed is such a two-bit hustler.
He used to cook his shit
with, like, MSM, Lexapro.
You name it, he used it.
But this stuff...
I mean, for a thousand bucks,
I went straight to the magic man.
Can I have a kiss?
- I thought you were still mad at me.
- [scoffs]
No, I was never mad at you.
You were young, you needed money.
It's an opportunity. You took it.
I was mostly mad at myself
for being so weak.
- [stomach grumbling]
- Oh...
- You okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
I just gotta take a shit, that's all.
- How romantic.
- Oh, sorry, honey.
It's not you. It's the drugs.
Sometimes, these things
just flush me right out.
- Andy! What the hell are you doing here?
- I want the money.
- [stutters] Why would I have the money?
- Don't you play fucking dumb with me!
- I don't have it!
- Really?
- You haven't seen Ed recently?
- I'm afraid you've been misinformed.
You should be afraid
that I'm gonna shoot you in the...
Seriously? Under the fuckin' bed?
You didn't think I was gonna search
under the goddamn bed?
- [groaning]
- Andy, think about what you're doing.
- Ed will kill you...
- Fuck Ed!
He should be afraid I'm gonna kill him!
- [groaning]
- [stomach grumbling]
You know, I just don't get it.
Why are you helping him?
None of your business.
Look, you have your money, right?
Why don't you just go?
You've got everything.
You've got a career.
In fact, I heard you're running
for the goddamn Senate.
What does Ed have on you?
Enough. He's got enough.
Please, just go.
No, no, no.
- See you around, Judge.
- [sighs]
[defecating loudly] Oh!
What the fuck? Someone's in there.
- Is it Ed? I'm gonna fucking kill him.
- No, it's not Ed.
Please don't open that door,
I'm begging you.
- Get your hands off me!
- Andy, I'm on my knees.
Please, let's just talk about it.
Once you open that door,
there's no going back.
What the fuck? Oh!
- [both grunting]
- [screaming]
- [screaming]
- [both grunting]
Allison, do you know
where my slippers are?
Hey, Allison, do you know
where my slippers are?
I can't find 'em.
I need my slippers, Ally.
[flushes toilet]
Get the hell out here!
Stop! Get on your knees.
Please, I won't say anything, I swear!
- That's what everybody says.
- Jesus, you've done this before?
No. No, I...
I just don't believe you.
- I'm just a kid. Who am I gonna tell?
- Shut up.
Turn around.
- What's happening?
- Shut up! Stop talking!
Our Father, Who art in heaven...
Stop praying!
If you tell one goddamn soul,
I will fucking kill you.
I was never here.
Get out!
Good night, Steph. Sleep tight.
[Biltmore] Let me ask you something.
Do you think my wife's hot?
Yeah. Hot enough.
What do you mean "hot enough"?
My wife?
Yeah, she's... I mean... I said she's hot.
She's hot enough. She's hot. She's...
What do you mean by "hot enough"?
- She's plenty hot.
- You qualified it with "enough."
- She's plenty hot enough?
- I said she was fuckin' hot!
Fuck you.
Fuckin' hotter than Margaret.
Oh, shit. They forgot my chalupa.
- What the fuck is that?
- What?
The naked kid!
What naked kid?
I was looking for my chalupa.
Fuck the fucking chalupa!
A bummed-out crackhead just streaked us.
I think it's time for someone
to cut out the hot sauce.
Andy, are you awake?
- Hey, what happened last night?
- Shh! Just give me a minute.
[sniffles, sighs]
- What?
- What happened last night?
What do you mean,
what fucking happened last night?
- Ed fucked us is what happened.
- No, he wouldn't do that.
Listen, Chris, I know that something's
wrong with you up in the head,
but please don't say that Ed wouldn't
do that when he just fucking did that!
- No way.
- Jesus Christ, you're stupid.
- Don't call me stupid, Andy.
- Don't be stupid, then.
- What should we do?
- Check the radio.
[turns on radio]
[instrumental music playing]
Are you fucking kidding me?
You dipshit! The news!
[man] ...have been identified
as Edward Burton, Andrew Sikes,
and Chris Morrow.
All three suspects are considered
armed and dangerous.
Sheriff Ezekiel Sikes was shot and wounded
as he attempted to foil the robbery.
Ed shot Zeke? Holy shit!
Hey, where are you going?
- I've gotta call my brother.
- Are you nuts?
- He's the one who ratted us out.
- We don't know that for sure.
Who else could it be?
Oh, gee, Chris, maybe it was the cops
who pulled us over for speeding
half a mile from the fucking bank!
- We were making a getaway.
- Ugh!
I'll take you. I'll just drive you.
No, no! Listen, cockbrain,
you've gotta get your shit together.
Your car is blazing hot.
- You gotta stash it somewhere.
- Where?
Anywhere. One of the barns
around here or something.
Okay, then what?
Chris, listen to me. Listen good, okay?
You are gonna stash your car
in one of these barns.
Then, you are gonna do nothing.
You are gonna say there.
You're gonna stay put.
Do you understand me?
Until tonight. You are gonna meet me
at ten o'clock at Rudy's scrapyard.
Okay? By then, I should know
more of what's going on.
Rudy's scrapyard, ten.
- You have a watch?
- Sure, yeah.
- Know how to tell time?
- It's digital.
Okay, and if you get caught,
you don't know anything.
Shouldn't be a problem.
- You're not all gone, are you, Chris?
- Not yet, no.
[vehicle approaching]
Sorry I'm late.
I saw her coming back from the cemetery.
Figured it was better
than sitting in front of an empty house.
- [sighs] Hey, Steph, how you feeling?
- How am I feeling?
Like the idiot wife of an ex-con
who just shot a cop and split town.
- How are you feeling?
- Not great, either.
Has Ed been acting strange at all, lately?
You notice anything?
Strange how? Like, did I see him
with a bunch of his scumbag friends
sitting around the kitchen table,
going over the blueprints
of the local bank,
talking about how they were gonna rob it?
Yeah, uh, yeah, like that.
Be back in a sec.
You know, I'm just asking questions.
You don't have to be mean.
- I take it you're Sheriff Sikes?
- Zeke.
- How's your shoulder, Zeke?
- Eh, it hurts.
Yeah, I'm sure it does.
- Kurt Biltmore. This here's Kyle Walker.
- Hey.
Kurt, Kyle. Mind if I speak first?
By all means.
Fellas, this here is a local matter.
It's a local crime committed
by locals against locals.
Shit, as I'm sure you're aware,
one of the guys involved
is my own goddamn brother.
In high school, we all played
on the same football team.
We all know each other, so...
I assure you, if anybody's capable
of catching these guys,
catching them
before there's any further bloodshed,
it's gonna be my partner and I.
That being said,
when it comes time to make arrests,
you guys feel free
to take every ounce of credit.
So, if you don't mind
taking a bit of a back seat,
we'll be happy to paint you
as the heroes.
How's that sound?
- May I?
- Oh, by all means.
Zeke, I appreciate
your being frank with us,
so I'm gonna go ahead
and return the favor.
And go ahead and stop me
if I say something
that rubs you the wrong way, okay?
We understand
that what happened here last night
is a very serious matter
around these parts,
but, as far as the Bureau's concerned,
it's not exactly 9/11 part two.
You know? If it wasn't for the fact
that the bank is federally insured,
then we would not be down here
messing around in your affairs.
So, if you were expecting
a couple of, uh... [chuckles]
Grizzled FBI guys charging in here
and giving you the high hat,
well, you're gonna be happily mistaken.
Kurt and I are like the B team.
Well, we're like the B team to the D team.
Yeah, we're the E team.
So your arrangement sounds
just perfect to us.
All right. Sounds like we're gonna
get along just fine.
Reed Ethington,
I'd like you to meet the two gentlemen
our government has sent down here
to assist us in our hour of need.
So, let's head over to Morrow's place.
If any of 'em are dumb enough
to head home, it'd have to be Chris.
We'll follow you.
What's a nice girl like you
doing in a place like this?
It's my brother's car.
Your brother, the bank robber,
drives a Porsche?
It's an example of how the local knowledge
might come in handy.
- I'll say.
- Care to elaborate?
It's complicated. Let's just see
what we find in Morrow's place.
Mice, I'm guessing.
Or a raccoon. Maybe a sheep.
Chris, it's Zeke Sikes!
Chris, Zeke Sikes!
If you're in there...
I'm coming in!
Ma'am, I'm gonna need you to get up!
[sheep bleating]
[phone ringing, vibrating]
- [chicken clucking]
- [phone ringing, vibrating]
[sheep bleating]
[phone ringing, vibrating]
[sheep bleating]
[cow mooing]
[chicken clucking]
- Hello?
- Hey, Chris, it's Steph.
- Steph, really?
- Where are you?
- [cow mooing]
- Oh! Uh, no, I-I can't say.
- Listen, Ed called. He wants to meet up.
- He does?
- Andy said he tried to screw us over.
- That's not true.
Zeke took a shot at him.
Ed had to shoot back.
He made a break for it,
same as you guys.
No, no, not the same as us
because he's the one
that ended up with all the money.
Right, well, he wants to settle up,
split the cash,
and then we all go our separate ways.
I can't go nowhere
until after I meet up with Andy at ten.
No, Chris, just you.
Ed doesn't trust
that Andy won't do something stupid.
But he can trust you, right?
Of course, he can trust me.
Good. You have a pen?
- Where's Daddy?
- Oh, Daddy had to work late, sugarplum.
I mean, you know,
this is all just a big mistake.
Andy would never get involved
in anything like this.
Martha, I saw him there
with my own two eyes.
Well, your eyes deceived you,
plain and simple.
- Oh, yeah? Then where the hell is Daddy?
- He's working late, goddamn it!
I'm sorry. I know you're upset, too.
- Hey, how's your shoulder?
- What happened to your shoulder?
- I fell and bumped into a tree.
- That was pretty silly.
Yeah, well... I'm a pretty silly guy.
See ya!
[speaking Spanish]
Gracias, amigos.
- Adis.
- Peace.
- Chris!
- Steph?
- Over here.
- Is that you?
Hurry up!
Hey, I made it!
Is that... Is that what I think it is?
- Chris, have you changed your clothes?
- Since when?
- Since you robbed the bank?
- Oh, no.
Here. Put on something of Ed's.
Where is Ed anyway?
He went to get a passport.
We're going to Mexico.
- [shower running]
- Oh, well, that's smart.
Ed's a smart guy.
Listen, do you mind
if I hop in the shower?
You want to take a shower?
Yeah. Okay.
I always figured you sorta hated me
on account of what happened to Ed Jr.
That was an accident.
Put your gun down, Chris. Relax.
Who the hell are you?
You know who I am, son.
I'm Judge Dawkins.
What the hell are you doing here?
Well, Ed and Steph asked me to...
Chris, don't trust him.
Steph, what the hell's going on?
Chris, if he takes the money,
we'll never see a penny of it.
I don't want the money.
Steph, what the hell are you doing?
Chris, he's lying.
Hey, give me my gun back.
Give me back my gun!
All right. Hold on, Chris.
- We're gonna slow this down.
- Chris, don't trust him.
Just give me the tape
and leave me out of this!
No! Give me back my gun back!
- We're gonna slow it down.
- Chris, he's lying.
Don't do anything stupid.
- Did you just call me stupid?
- Don't... Don't come further.
'Cause I ain't stupid, okay?
- All right, hold on.
- You people are always calling me names!
- Don't come any further.
- But you don't know me!
- I was smart once!
- I have a gun in my hand! Stop! I have...
Jesus, Judge.
I didn't... I didn't...
What have I... What have I done?
You killed him.
You provoked him!
Why did you provoke him?
Just making sure.
- You manipulative little sh...
- Focus, Judge.
You just emptied a machine gun.
There's gonna be cops all over this place.
- Ed. Where the fuck is Ed?
- Ed's keeping a low profile.
There's way too much heat on him
to risk being seen.
All right, where's my tape?
We'll give it to you
when we come pick up the bag.
No! I don't want the bag! I want the tape!
We need you to hold on to the money for
a couple days until things cool off a bit.
No, no, no. Just give me the tape.
I'm gonna get out of here. I don't wanna
have anything to do with this.
It's just a day or two,
and then this will all be over.
No! This has gone too far.
Just make sure your wife and kids
aren't around for a few days.
'Cause we want to keep this thing
nice and simple, right?
See you soon, Judge.
"Rudy's scrapyard at ten."
[imitating Chris]
"I got it. Okay. I'll see you there."
Fucking asshole!
[clock ticking]
- What the heck are you doing?
- Huh? Oh, nothing.
Uh, go back to sleep, honey.
- You're obviously doing something.
- It's a... It's a surprise.
That'll be the day.
- Are you all right, dear? You're shaking.
- Oh, I'm fine.
You're not fine. You're shaking.
Hey, listen,
what do you say the four of us
go up to the cabin this weekend?
We can spend the weekend up there.
You can take the kids up there tomorrow,
and then get a head start on the clean-up.
I see.
You want to get rid of us
so you can host
one of your big poker games.
Uh, well, I guess you know me too well.
Bradley, what's wrong?
- What's happened?
- I don't know. I don't know.
Forget it.
I love you, that's all. And, uh...
I wish...
I could be a better husband to you.
It's just a poker game, dear.
You don't have to feel so guilty.
Sometimes, boys just need
to be with other boys.
[footsteps approaching]
- [Steph] You all right?
- I'm fine.
- Big day today, huh?
- I suppose it is, yeah.
I thought you'd be more excited.
I don't know.
When I was in prison, I told myself
that I'd be done with this life,
get on the straight and narrow.
Robbing banks
isn't exactly straight and narrow.
Then why are you doing it?
- That's a stupid fucking question.
- Why are you doing it?
- For you.
- Bullshit. You're doing it for you.
What are my options here, Steph, huh?
Okay, we got no money.
We got no fucking opportunities.
What are we supposed to do, huh?
You tell me, Steph.
- What are we supposed to do?
- Nothing, I guess. I...
I suppose this is just who you are.
What the hell do you want from me, huh?
For starters, you could accept
responsibility for my son's death.
You are never gonna get over it, are you?
Get over it? It's not a cold, Ed.
- You don't think that I hurt, too?
- For what, eight months?
I see! You wanted me to spend
ten years of my life in prison
because of bad fucking luck?
The school called us 'cause he was sick!
He had a stomachache
and I'm the one who answered!
- I was at work!
- So was I!
At a drug lab! And you killed my son!
You don't scare me, Ed.
You only kill people by accident.
[door opens, closes]
Don't forget, Sally's got
her ballet recital tonight.
I want to get there an hour early
so I can get a good seat.
That's great, sweetie.
Wait, tonight? No, um...
Sorry, I can't tonight.
I got a football reunion.
You're gonna miss
your daughter's dance recital
so you can drink beer
with a bunch of degenerates.
Is your brother going, too?
We asked him.
He's gotta work at the bank.
Oh, well, if he can miss it,
then surely you can.
You weren't even on the team
when they won.
Okay, hey, sweetie. Hey! You know what?
I'm so sorry I'm gonna miss
your thing tonight, but I have an idea.
What about tomorrow you and me,
we go to Funland?
She's got school tomorrow.
You don't want to skip school
and spend the day with your dad?
- Can Lissa come?
- [scoffs] No, Lissa can't come.
- No, it's just you and me. That's the...
- Melissa is her imaginary friend.
Oh! Lissa, yeah, sure. Bring her.
Bring your whole imaginary
gang along. That's fine.
Maybe we can go on Saturday.
- There's no school...
- Damn it! What is the problem here?
We are going to Funland tomorrow
and that's final!
[sighs] Are you happy now?
- As a fucking clam!
- Oh...
[vehicle approaching]
Sorry, man.
Escorting our state champion quarterback
from his meeting
with our state champion parole officer.
- Do you mind hoppin' in back?
- No, not at all.
- Hey, Ed.
- How's it going, Reed?
The back, huh?
Never been back here.
- I have.
- [engine starts]
My guess is... you don't wash it
after the canine unit uses it.
You guys smell that?
No, no, no, it was, uh...
- It was Westmoreland.
- Oh, yeah. Yes, yeah. Westmoreland.
That was the game that Coach Denton called
Reed's goal line play on fourth and one,
except we weren't on the goal line.
Yeah, it was an important play.
And I dropped back,
and I tossed a pretty little daisy
- right in your waiting mitt.
- It was perfect.
You were just so damn excited
to finally get your hands on the football,
you forgot we were at midfield.
And then, uh... [laughing]
And then, that big-ass linebacker, uh...
- Reggie Cutler.
- Reggie Cutler.
- Reggie Cutler.
- Fuck, that guy was big.
- He just laid you out mid-jiggle.
- He was huge.
And then, 30 seconds later,
you stare up at me and you're like,
"Uh, did we score?"
And then you said...
You said, "Someone scored."
Yeah, yeah. That's what you...
Yeah, well, somebody scored,
but it sure as shit wasn't us.
Still have that game on tape.
My dad shows it on Thanksgiving.
[clears throat]
Those were the days, huh?
Come out here!
You got a phone call!
- [Ed] Hello?
- [Dawkin] It's me.
Judge Dawkins. Lay it on me, brother.
You've got a lot of nerve blackmailing me
twice with the same tape.
Yeah, I don't know.
It just kinda felt like a two-chit tape.
You know, now, especially.
I hear you're running for the Senate.
Burton, if you ever show up
flaunting this tape in my face again,
I swear to God, I'm gonna...
Relax, hombre, you think I'm gonna care,
when I'm drinking pia coladas
on some deserted playa,
about you and your 19-year-old
fucking butt-buddy?
Oh, Jesus fuck!
Whenever you're ready
with those digits, Judge.
It's, uh... six, three times to the left,
28, four times to the right,
86, three times to the left.
Three times to the left. Got it.
[hangs up]
You can kickoff
whenever you're ready, man.
You want me to take a shift tonight?
Nah, nah. Bank duty is the sheriff's job.
Dawkins will give me hell if it's not me
guarding his precious crop money.
Plus, I don't want to ruin your night.
You seeing this mysterious Wendy again?
Holy shit! You are.
- Is it getting serious?
- No, it's just dinner.
That's how it starts,
and then the next thing you know,
little Wendys running
all around your house.
I don't know, I don't know.
- 602.
- 602.
- Not 206.
- 602.
- I got it!
- All right.
What? It ain't like one drink
never killed nobody.
Chris, we need every brain cell you've got
left in your head tonight, okay?
Is... Is he making another stupid joke?
- 'Cause I didn't get it!
- I'm not fucking around!
- Hey, stop!
- Relax! Relax, okay?
Everybody needs to chill the fuck out.
That's what I'm trying to do.
This whole thing is freaking me out.
Chris, Chris. Everything's gonna be fine.
- Okay? Isn't that right, Andy?
- Five minutes. Easy in, easy out.
You don't even have to leave your car.
Yeah, well, why are we taking
my car anyway?
Because everyone knows
I drive a bitchin' Camaro
and Andy drives a gay-ass Porsche.
No one has the slightest clue
as to what you drive. That's why.
They probably think
that you don't even know how to drive.
Of course, I fucking drive!
That's why I'm the goddamn driver.
Yeah, and Andy's the lookout,
and I'm the one handling the safe.
And if we all just do our jobs,
then everything will be perfectly fine.
Look, he's right, Chris.
My brother doesn't even lock the door.
I think he figures that the fact
that he's inside,
no one is gonna try anything.
Seriously, he must be the stupidest cop
in the history of the police force.
- Hey, Ed, can I talk to you a sec?
- Yeah.
You know, you really shouldn't talk
about your own brother like that.
Shut up. Just shut up.
[clears throat]
[Chris and Andy talking indistinctly]
What's up?
I'm sorry about what happened
this morning.
Wow. [Chuckles]
That's a new one.
Listen, I've... I've been thinking
about what you said.
About how you thought
you'd left this life behind.
Did you mean that?
Then you should call this whole thing off.
Call this whole thing... What do you mean?
This whole thing was your idea.
Chris, Andy, Dawkins. You said
they'd all play ball and they fucking did.
Ed, I'm serious.
It's not too late.
[clears throat]
Don't get skittish on me now, all right?
We got this. Trust me.
You're gonna be singing
a very different tune in a few hours
when you're a very rich woman.
All right, where were we, boys?
[taps on table]
[indistinct chatter]
- Evening, fellas.
- Oh, Sheriff Sikes, my man!
Listen, I can't tell you how grateful I am
that you're going to all this trouble
to help us out once again.
Really, it is no trouble at all.
Great. Well, same procedure as usual.
Uh, the cash will spend the night in here.
In the morning, we'll take it out,
divvy it out to the other branches
to be paid out to the farmers
when they come to cash their checks.
That'll be going on for a few days.
Hold on one second.
- There you go.
- Thank you.
Thank you, my man. Thank you.
So, uh, unless there's anything else,
I'm just gonna be heading home.
I gotta get home
before Allison pitches a fit.
I gotta be there
right when dinner is served.
Judge, uh... you wanna...
Oh! Yeah, sorry.
Hey, listen, just as a point of curiosity,
what would happen if someone
tried to rob this bank tonight?
You'd shoot 'em, right?
Well, that sort of depends
on the situation.
Ideally, I'd like to arrest them
without resorting to violence.
Well, shoot first, ask questions later.
That's what I always say.
Know what I mean?
Um, not really, no.
Just know that if anything like that
were ever to happen,
I'd have your back a hundred percent.
I mean, no matter what the circumstances.
That's awfully kind of you to say, Judge.
Though, hopefully, tonight will just be
your typical quiet night at the bank.
Of course. Okay. Well, I hope
you brought a crossword puzzle.
Okay. Good-bye.
[door squeaking open]
[footsteps approaching]
You move one muscle and I'll blow
your fucking brains all over the wall!
Okay, get his gun.
You... You get his gun. You get his...
Fuck! You get the gun!
Okay. Now, go. Destroy it!
- I can't!
- Cuff yourself!
- Too high.
- What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Smash it! Just smash it! Smash it!
Smash it!
- Smash it!
- I am!
Smash it! What are you doing?
Don't fucking move!
Cut the wires! Cut the wires!
Just smash it! Smash it!
Uh, yeah! Okay. Okay.
Good! Now, go!
Let me guess. Step two: Unlock vault.
Shut the fuck up!
Or I'll shoot you in the face!
Hey, what's happening?
What the fuck do you think is happening?
We're robbing a bank.
I know, but inside, is it going good?
Yeah, Chris.
It's going real good. Super good.
Fuck! Come on!
What is this, The Price is Right?
How many times you gonna spin that dial?
- Shut up or I'll shoot you...
- In the face. I get it, I get it.
- Do you mind if I finish my dinner?
- Will you just shut the fuck up?
What are you doing?
What are you doing? Get back!
- Just a second.
- Get back! Stay back!
Stay back! I'll shoot!
What are you...? Go back! Go back!
What are you doing?
What the fuck are you doing?
What are you...?
Let me see it.
You think I care about the money?
It's all federally insured anyway.
You...? You don't care
if I take the money?
- Easy, Ed, your accent's slippin'.
- I'm not Ed! I'm Doug!
Arnold's less successful... brother.
Fuck it! All right. Yeah, it's me!
I'm gonna be long gone,
anyway, by the time they get you
out of that fucking vault.
Huh? So, here. Good luck.
It's 86.
How do you read that
as a fucking eight, huh?
Six, 28, 86. It's his...
It's his fucking wedding anniversary.
[scoffs] Yeah.
I can see it now with my...
with my mask off. Okay.
Yeah! Whoo!
Hey, Andy,
you think when this is all over,
things will go back
to the way they were before?
I sure as fuck hope not.
No, I mean, like, before everything.
Like, Ed Jr.
It'll never be like it was before Ed Jr.
Yeah. I guess people
really don't like dead kids, huh?
Yeah, no shit. They fucking love 'em.
We had some pretty good times
back in the day.
You and me. But now, 'cause of tonight...
I'll probably never see you again.
I guess that means
you're not planning on shootin' me.
Come on, Z, you think I'm actually capable
of doing something like that?
Jesus Christ.
I don't know.
You killed Ed Jr. pretty good.
[clears throat] Excuse me?
You heard me.
- That was a fucking accident, Zeke.
- Hey, shit happens.
Fuck you, Zeke!
You sound like my goddamn wife.
Hey. Here.
Get in the fucking vault!
Get in the fucking vault, Zeke!
And if I suffocate in there
before morning,
I guess that'll be an accident too, right?
Do you want me to kill you?
'Cause I can fucking do that!
You know what they say...
"Once you take a life,
it's always easier the second time."
I could kill you.
I am on the edge right now.
I'll fucking do it!
Fuck! Do not fucking push me, Zeke!
Or what?
Or I'll...
[groaning, breathing heavily]
Oh, shit!
What the fuck?
What the fuck is happening, man?
What's happening?
You're robbing a bank, Ed.
And pretty soon, you're gonna shoot me,
and then race out that door
with the money.
But first, you'll kill Chris.
Maybe Dawkins.
But probably Chris, then Dawkins.
And once they're dead, you'll kill Andy.
And then,
once all your loose ends are tied up,
you're gonna disappear with the money,
never to be heard from again.
Except... none of that's gonna happen
'cause I'm gonna kill you...
and I'm gonna bury you in a hole
out by Shimmer Lake.
What? Why are you doing this?
Why are you doing this, Zeke?
What the fuck?
Shit, what's happening?
What the fuck is going on?
- Justice, Ed.
- Justice... Justice for what?
We couldn't just let you get away with it.
Not you. Not Chris Morrow.
Not Andy Sikes.
Not Brad Dawkins.
He wasn't dead two weeks
and you were already cutting a deal.
You stole him from us.
You stole my baby.
Oh, come on. Come on.
He was my baby too, okay?
Don't you get it?
He wasn't your baby.
What are you talking about?
Stop saying that.
Do you remember
back when we were all so close?
Steph and I made a mistake.
I stayed with you
because I still loved you.
And I hoped seeing that beautiful boy
could have straightened us out,
could have... could have saved us.
Then you killed him.
It was an accident.
It was an accident.
We thought we were doing the right thing.
We thought you'd changed.
He was my son, Ed.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, too.
I'm going in.
- The fuck you are!
- I'm going in there!
No! No, Chris, you're the driver.
You get back in the driver's seat
right now.
For all we know,
those could've been warning shots.
- Warning shots?
- Yes.
- What the fuck?
- No, Chris! No!
- This is really happening, isn't it?
- Yes.
- Zeke, this is really happening.
- Yes.
Okay. Are you ready?
Relax. Breathe.
- Does it hurt?
- No, I don't feel a thing.
All right, give me the pistol
and get the tarp.
Oh, shit! Fuck! Go!
Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!
Fuck! Chris, fuck, it's Zeke!
Go, go, go, go, go!
[tires screeching]
[starts engine]
[alarm ringing]
- Why? Why?
- [stammering] I'm sorry, Andy.
- I fucked up.
- [vehicle door opens]
Oh, fuck. We're fucked, Andy.
- We're fucked.
- [vehicle door closes]
License and registration.
- [tires squealing]
- [alarm ringing]
- Zeke?
- Back here!
Oh, shit!
[engine running]
[engine stops]
- [Steph grunting]
- [banging]
[man on police radio]
019. Come in.
- Shit! Oh, shit! Fuck!
- [officer] This is 019.
We got an alarm signal
coming from First Mackey Bank.
- I'm gonna shoot him.
- What? No! Get the... You stupid...
[officer] Chris Morrow...
- It's your lucky day.
- Really?
- Ed Burton shot you?
- Yeah.
Ed shot me.
Then he took off out back with the money,
and two others took off out front
in a blue Caddy.
I took some shots at 'em,
but I just got too woozy.
I had to come back in and lie down.
Hi, I need an ambulance and, uh, cops.
I need... I need a lot of cops.
It's just something to numb the pain
before we take you to the hospital.
- No, no, I can't. I'm allergic.
- You have to have something.
Trust me, I'll be fine.
He says it was Ed Burton for sure.
He couldn't make out any other faces.
He did say they sped off in a blue Caddy.
Thank you.
- What's going on?
- Um...
I was just talking to Pete and Luke,
and not five minutes ago, they pulled
over a Caddy for excessive speeding.
It was your brother.
- Man, Zeke. This is a real mess.
- Yeah, it's an old mess.
How do you mean?
I mean, this is what happens
when wrongs go un-righted. They fester.
You talking about Ed Jr.?
Yeah, you're damn fucking right
I'm talking about Ed Jr.
Eight lousy months he got.
Don't worry about it. We'll get him.
I'm not worried about it, Reed.
As far as I'm concerned...
he's already got.