Ship of the Damned (2024) Movie Script

(thunder crashing)
(dramatic music)
(people groaning)
(rat squeaking)
(dramatic music)
(people groaning)
(dramatic music)
- Jacob, (speaking
foreign language)
(woman cries out)
(dramatic music)
(dramatic music)
You got them blue
eyes screaming
You got my heart--
- First one to tap
out makes dinner.
- That's fine by me.
You've got my mind
dreaming everyday
You've got that
something special
(phone buzzing)
- Isn't that your phone?
(phone buzzing)
- Ignore it, it's been
going off all day.
(phone buzzing)
- Who is it?
- Leave it Charlie.
(phone buzzing)
- It's just Michael.
- It's been years.
- Yeah, four years.
- What do you think he wants?
- When we broke up he
rang me every single day.
Like, there was
always some excuse.
Like I still had one of his
T-shirts or you know, something.
- He's bound to have
moved on by now.
How long were you two together?
- Like a year and a half.
Last year of my PhD
and the first six months
of the real world.
To be honest, it was the
six months that did it.
- What?
- Broke us up.
- That's a very
disassociative thing to say.
Like you had nothing
to do with it.
- Don't do that, don't start
psychoanalyzing me.
- Well, people say
things like that
to disassociate themselves from
things they feel guilty about.
- I do not feel guilty.
- You dumped him, didn't you?
- The relationship reached
its natural conclusion.
We weren't right for each other.
- He obviously didn't think so.
- He used to call me Ellie.
- Crime of the century.
- Well you know, I hate it.
Makes me sound like
a cartoon elephant.
- I thought he was quite nice.
- Yeah, he was nice.
Of course he was nice.
He was too nice.
- This is a small town on
the coast of nowhere Elena.
Not that many nice guys around.
Go east and there's
nothing but farms.
Go west and there's
nothing but sea.
- Plenty of fish in the sea.
- And yet here you are,
stuck living with me
and I'm stuck living with you.
It's gotta be you
- So if he calls again,
are you going to answer?
- Oh, can we just
drop this please?
- A year and a half together.
You can't just ignore him.
What if he's in
trouble or something.
- Michael's not in trouble.
If there's one thing
that man knows how to
avoid, it's trouble.
- Did you love him?
- Can I ask you a question?
- Yes.
- Did you take up
psychology just so
you could stick your nose
into other people's business?
- Yes, absolutely.
- At least you're honest.
- So, did you love him?
- We lived together for a year.
- That's not what I asked.
- Sometimes things
just don't work out.
He was the settling
down type and I wasn't,
the day after I got my PhD,
I wanted to go scuba diving
shipwrecks in Barbados
and he wanted to get
married and have kids.
- Did he actually propose?
- Yeah.
- With a ring and everything?
- In the restaurant
in front of everybody.
And it was the most embarrassing
moment in my entire life.
- I never knew that.
- Well, now you know everything.
So can we just drop it?
You didn't get me a glass.
- You were in charge of dinner.
(phone buzzes)
- Not again.
- I'll get it.
- Don't you dare.
- Hello, Ellie's phone.
Hello Michael?
Yeah, she's here.
- Michael, hi, hi, how are you?
Yeah, yeah, no, sorry.
I was, I was in lectures
and my phone was on silent.
Yeah, I'm, I'm actually
teaching now, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, I'd love
to if, if you're sure.
Yeah, I can meet
you. Half an hour?
Okay, see you then, bye.
- Well, that escalated quickly.
- I'm going to kill you
on the mats this weekend.
(dramatic music)
(waves crashing)
(ominous music)
- Sorry for the weather,
thanks for coming down.
- Do you wanna get in?
- It's nice to see you, sorry.
It's nice to see you again.
- Yes, how are you?
- Fine, you?
- Yeah, fine.
Are you still working at
that British waterways place?
- Oh, no, no, no.
I took a sideways promotion,
Maritime and Coast Guard Agency.
- Doesn't sound like you.
- Well, I, I don't go on
the boats or anything.
It's just a desk job,
but occasionally I have to
deal with things like this.
Amazing, isn't it?
A helicopter pilot
spotted it a few days ago,
floundering a few
miles out to see
he couldn't see anybody on it,
so he phoned it into the office
and we sent a tug to tow it in.
- What do you think it is?
- Well, that's what
I wanted to ask you.
You're the expert on old boats.
Maritime Strategies
and Technologies of
the 17th Century.
- You remember the name
of my dissertation?
- It's literally all you
ever spoke about Ellie.
Basically it was
pirate ships, right?
- Yeah.
- Well there you go.
The real thing, I mean,
that's gotta be from
that period, hasn't it?
- You're not
seriously suggesting
that's actually a, a mid
17th century pirate ship?
- Isn't it?
- I mean, if a ship
like that was to survive
floating around for 500 years,
it would be a wreck at the
bottom of the ocean by now.
You know, you know,
the timber would've
disintegrated to nothing.
It does look old, but
it can't be that old.
- You think it's a modern repro?
- It has to be.
- Well, that's the
first thing we checked.
I mean, there's a
Small Boats Register.
You literally can't go to
sea unless you're on it.
But that thing isn't
registered, anywhere.
It doesn't exist.
- Wooden boats don't
survive for hundreds
of years out at sea, Michael.
Not without a crew
to maintain them.
Are you sure there's
nobody on board?
- We haven't seen anybody.
- Have you been on board?
- Me?
No, no, no, no.
Mine's strictly a a desk job,
but well, we do need
someone to check it out
and that's why I
wanted to talk to you.
- You want me to
go and examine it?
- No, we've got a couple of guys
coming down from
the Coast Guard.
But the thing is, with
anything like this,
we need an expert to sign off
on everything we're doing.
- I see.
- Yeah.
It's box ticking.
Ah, here we go.
If you could just
sign here just to say
that you are happy for us
to investigate the vessel.
- And what if I'm not happy?
- Why wouldn't you be?
- If, if that really is
a boat from 17th century,
and it's, it's somehow
survived being battered
around on the ocean
for 500 years,
that is an object of
incredible historical value.
Okay, nevermind, whatever
else might still be on board.
Okay, look, have you
ever seen those films
where they have archeologists
digging up dinosaur
bones, right?
Only they're not digging.
They're using these
teeny tiny little brushes
and they're delicately
removing the grains of sand.
You know, trying not to, to,
to damage the precious fossils.
Yeah, okay, so that is
the kind of treatment
that this boat needs.
Not some guys from the Coast
Guard traipsing all over it.
Probably putting their
boots through the deck.
- So what do you want
me to do about it?
- Okay, look, I'm still not
entirely convinced about this,
but I'm free tomorrow morning.
Okay, so what I
would suggest is that
you give me at least half
an hour with your guys
before they go on board.
You know, think of it as
like a, a site induction.
You're telling them where to
tread, what to look out for,
how not to break anything.
- Oh yeah.
They'll love that.
- Well that's my condition
for signing off on anything.
- Should've known you
wouldn't make it easy for me.
- These boats are my life
Michael, you know that.
(dramatic music)
- [Michael] Elena his
is Marcus and Tony.
- Nice to meet you,
nice to meet you.
Okay, well I know
you all have work
to be getting on with,
so I will try and
keep this as quick
and painless as possible.
From what I can tell,
the ship you discovered
is mid 17th century era.
This is the closest model I
could find to that period.
As you can see, there
are three masts.
The fore mast, the main mast.
- I thought she was gonna
tell something we don't know.
- Well, I suppose
things haven't actually
changed topside that much.
Okay, so below deck
you have three levels.
The very lowest level
you have the cargo hold.
- That's where the
pirate treasure be.
- Not likely.
The kind of cargo down there
would usually be provisions,
ammunition for guns.
Very rarely anything valuable.
The reason being, if the
ship was to take on water,
you don't really
wanna be traipsing up
and down to the
very lowest level
to rescue your ill-gotten gains.
- And the valuables, you
know, the, the proper stuff,
the, the gold and that.
- I'm getting to that bit.
So the middle level, you
have your sleeping quarters,
the infirmary, and at the
back here you have the brig.
Which was a sort of
jail holding cell
for your prisoners,
hostages, to hold for ransom.
- Hear that mate.
It might be someone down
there that needs rescuing.
- The top level, just below
decks you have the ship's mess,
the galley and at the back here.
- You mean the aft?
- Yes, you're quite
right, the aft.
You have the captain's cabin.
And my guess is that is where
you would find any items
of major historical interest.
- Well, thank you love.
- Oh wait, I haven't gone over
the most important aspect.
- What's that?
- Preservation.
Do either of you smoke?
- Only when we're working.
- Okay.
There has to be absolutely
no smoking onboard
the ship or anywhere
near it actually.
You'll be needing equipment.
These will go over your boots.
- Nope, not wearing them.
- What's the problem?
- Have you ever
set foot on a boat
that's been out
to sea for months?
- No.
- It's slippery as fuck.
That is why we
wear these, grips.
I'm not going arse over tit
just to stop some old
wood getting boot marks.
- What about these overalls?
- Nah, it's against
regulation isn't, mate?
We've got the life jacket,
the emergency whistle,
the high vis patch.
We can't cover this up.
- He's got a point actually.
Regulation clothing must
be worn at all times
and the safety equipment
must be accessible.
- I think we are done here.
Cheers love.
And we will be sure
to let you know if we
do find anything of
historical interest.
- Don't forget to
file your reports.
You've got to understand
that those guys
have been on more boats
than you've had hot dinners.
They're about to
get a bit prickly
when someone tries to tell
them how to do their job.
- I'm just trying to do my job.
- I know.
Look, how about I
make it up to you?
- How do you mean?
- It's been ages,
we should catch up.
We could go for a
drink or something.
- Actually you can
make it up to me.
I want to get on that boat.
- What?
- Once those two idiots have
finished going through it
there's gonna be nothing
left to preserve.
But if I can get on there
as soon as possible,
then maybe I can,
I can do something.
- I don't think that's
gonna be possible.
- Come on Michael.
I am the named
expert on the papers.
Surely I'm allowed
to personally investigate
the actual vessel.
- I don't think non-agency
personnel are covered
by our insurance.
- Is that it?
- You know what these
organizations are like.
It took me six weeks, three
forms and one doctor's note
to get a wrist rest for my desk.
- A wrist rest?
- For my carpal tunnel.
- Can't you just at least ask?
- I'm due back at
the office at 11.
I'll make some inquiries,
that's all I can promise.
- Thanks Michael.
- And I'll call you
later if that's okay.
- Of course.
- Great.
See ya.
- It's okay.
(dramatic music)
- Oh, it stinks in there.
- You'll get used to it,
now go on, get down there.
- What's the hurry?
- You heard the
expert, didn't you?
There might be
treasure down there.
Antiques, all sorts.
- Yeah, but it's
salvage rules, isn't it?
The Coast Guard Agency
towed the ship in, yeah.
Well then they're just gonna
claim anything that we find.
- Not if they don't
fucking know about it.
Look, it's Friday afternoon.
Anything we do find,
we stick it on the van,
park it up over the weekend
and it goes missing.
Who's gonna know?
Now go on, get down there.
(dramatic music)
What is that smell?
Rotten wood?
- Rotten something.
Mate, we should have
brought a bigger crew.
- We can come back with
a bigger crew on Monday.
Once we've had a look
at the captain's cabin.
- Where's that?
- Were you not listening
to lecture this morning?
- No, not really.
- Oh, it's right at the back.
So go on, keep moving.
And watch your step.
(dramatic music)
Come on mate.
Don't, don't, don't fuck around.
There's, there's no
way you can't hear me.
(wood creaking)
Is that you on deck?
(ship growling)
(dramatic music)
(Tony screams)
- Who are you messaging?
- Michael, he was supposed
to call me earlier, but.
- You've changed your
tune since yesterday.
What happened last night?
- Nothing.
- All right, didn't mean to pry.
- Yes you did, but this
isn't about Michael.
Okay, just--
(phone buzzes)
Michael, hi.
Any update?
Yes! Amazing.
Okay, how about now?
Yeah, got my equipment.
Okay, I'll see you there.
Okay, bye.
- Going out again?
- Uh huh.
- With Michael?
- Uh huh.
- Well, if you want my opinion.
- I don't.
(dramatic music)
- Gently, don't rip
it off its hinges.
- What are you looking for?
- I'm trying to see if there's
actually a floor down there.
What did your two guys report?
- Oh, I haven't
heard anything yet.
Those two aren't the quickest
at getting their paperwork in.
- Well, it seems sturdy enough.
So you're sure this is
okay for us to do, right?
- What do you mean?
- I mean, with your office,
we're not breaking any
health and safety rules.
- No, no, no, it's fine.
I pulled a few strings.
- Amazing.
It's still strong and it's
cleaner than you'd think.
- It doesn't smell very clean.
- You're breathing air
that's centuries old.
It's bound to smell a bit musty.
- It smells like death.
(Michael coughing)
- Don't throw up here Michael.
This ship is an
historical artifact.
You need to leave everything
exactly as we found it.
There's no way this ship's
been abandoned that long.
- It looks pretty
abandoned to me.
- Wooden boats don't
stay this sturdy
for hundreds of years, not
without being maintained.
You ever heard of ship worm?
- Funnily enough, no.
- It's basically a
type of saltwater clam.
It attaches itself to the
wooden part of the ship.
Turns it to Swiss cheese.
(Elena gasps)
(dramatic music)
Did we just move?
- Must be the tide coming in?
Yeah, right on cue.
It'll probably lift the
boat by a good few meters.
(dramatic music)
- Careful, floor's
a bit wet here.
- Is that salt water?
If this thing's taking on water,
we better not hang around.
- Boats get wet Michael.
It's nothing to worry about.
- What?
Oh my God.
Are you all right?
- Yeah, it's not my blood,
- Right, okay, that's it.
I really think we should
get off this ship right now.
(ship creaks)
- Wait, what was that?
- I don't care.
- What if it's one of your guys?
You know, Tony and
what's his name?
- What?
- Well, you said you
hadn't heard from them
and clearly someone's
been hurt here.
What if they're stuck somewhere?
- Jesus Christ.
- You were in charge
of this expedition.
Do you really wanna
be responsible for
someone bleeding to death
'cause you were too
scared to go find out.
- I'm not scared.
Look, this isn't a search
and rescue expedition.
We're not properly
equipped for that.
- This is exactly the
Michael I remember.
- What's that supposed to mean?
(dramatic music)
(Tony grunting)
(dramatic music)
(Tony grunting)
- Please, no.
(dramatic music)
- Jesus Christ.
(Tony screaming)
(dramatic music)
- What are you doing?
- Calling the police.
- Shut it off, they'll see it.
(dramatic music)
(waves crashing)
(dramatic music)
(pirates snoring)
(door knocks)
(pirates snoring)
(door knocks)
(dramatic music)
- Calm down.
You'll be no good to anyone
if you start hyperventilating.
- What the hell is this place?
- We're in the brig.
- Where they keep the hostages?
- Yeah.
- We're dead.
We are so dead.
- Shut up, I'm trying to think.
- They took my phone.
Have you got yours?
- No, I left it at home.
- What the hell is this?
And who are those people?
- Well, I told you
there had to be a crew.
- What kind of
fucking crew is that?
- A desperate one.
(dramatic music)
- We're so fucking dead.
(dramatic music)
- You see Garrick?
It is a woman.
- Aye.
- This, what is it?
- You all speak English?
- Aye, we speak it.
We learned it from this.
Got that talking box from a
boat we robbed 40 some year ago.
I like to listen to it.
Time to time, it
even makes music.
- That's, that's
a talking box too.
- This?
- Yeah, they made them smaller.
I mean that, that
can make music too.
- Make it work.
- I can't get into it.
- Into it, what do you mean?
- It's locked, I
can't access it.
You need a code.
- Code, like on a safe box?
- Kind of.
- There ain't no dials on it.
She's playing us
for fools, Jacob.
- Are ya?
You're playing us
for fools miss?
- How long have you
lived like this?
On this ship.
- Forever.
- You said you robbed
a boat 40 years ago.
- More or less.
- Well then, you,
I mean both of you,
you must have been children.
- There ain't no
children on this ship.
Never has been, never will be.
- Shut it Garrick.
We're taking care
of it, ain't we?
What's your name, miss?
- Elena.
- A pretty name
for a pretty woman.
Just the kind we were after.
- After for what?
- You think we came here by
mistake, to your little town?
See Miss Elena, one thing
we're lacking on this ship
is women folk to bear
us our next generation.
- You have a woman.
- That whore is only
good for one thing
and it ain't bearing young 'uns.
- She's never born a child.
Never will, she's
cursed, like us all.
- I said shut it, Garrick!
See that's our problem, miss.
What we need is new blood.
A woman who's fit and healthy
and good for breeding.
I think you'll do fine.
Is the tide high, Garrick?
- Aye.
- Set sail, we got
what we came for.
- Set sail?
Where are we going?
- Where ever the wind takes
us miss, as it's always been.
- Now you and your friend
will join me for dinner.
- I've seen what
dinner looks like.
- Ah, those men,
they're animals,
not a working brain among them.
But Garrick and me,
we're civilized people.
You'll see.
(dramatic music)
See, we're civilized people.
- What's that?
- You know what it is.
- Civilized people
don't eat people.
- That so?
Tell me miss, you ever been
lost at sea for months on end?
Without food or water so
long you can't stand up?
You got flies dancing
in front of your eyes.
Your head's pounding and your
gut feels like it's on fire.
- No.
- Well wait till you have,
then we'll see what a
civilized person will eat.
(dramatic music)
Is this your man Elena?
- No.
- Do you have a man Elena?
- No.
- You do now.
Many a man.
As many as you can take.
Been a long while since we
had fresh game on this boat.
Here's to a new beginning,
and God willing, a new life.
Only question is who
gets to do the deed?
- Has to be you Jacob.
- Maybe, maybe not.
I'm in the mood for some sport.
Is there any man
aboard this ship
who thinks they could
beat me in a fair fight?
This is your prize.
The lovely Miss Elena.
Is anyone here man
enough to try for her?
Come on now.
She not a fine prize?
Does no one here have the
guts to fight me for her?
Well now we've
got us some sport.
Clear the way.
(dramatic music)
I said a fair fight,
that means no blades.
(dramatic music)
That settles it.
Garrick, take the
girl to my cabin.
- Wait.
I'll fight you.
- What's that?
- Michael, no.
- You said you'd
fight any man here.
Well, I'll fight you.
- Well, well, so the man
has a spine after all.
- Michael, don't do this.
He'll kill you.
- Garrick.
- You said it'd be a fair fight.
- Aye, I did, no blades.
- And if I win, you
turn back to shore
and you let Elena off this ship.
- Aye, I'll agree to that.
Will you not have a go, Michael?
Strike me.
- Michael, stop, you don't
have anything to prove.
- I'm wide open Michael,
give it to your best shot.
(dramatic music)
I'll give you a hand.
(dramatic music)
You've drawn first
blood, now my turn.
(dramatic music)
So you can take a hit, can you?
Good man.
- Michael, stop it.
- I think it's going fine.
- He's just playing with you.
- You never had a fight
in your life, have you?
Look at these hands.
They're soft, woman like.
Never done a days work.
There's only one thing
a woman like man's
good for aboard this ship.
Garrick, hold him down.
- No, no, no!
- Stop it Jacob!
I'll fight you.
- You'll what?
- I'll fight you.
- You?
- Yeah, you said you'd
fight anyone on the ship.
- I said I'd fight any man.
- Well, I understand
if you're scared.
(Jacob laughs)
- What's to be scared of?
- Losing to girl in
front of your men.
- I've never lost to anyone.
But there's no sport
in fighting a girl.
- I guarantee you there
will be sport in it.
- What say you Garrick?
- I think you have
to do it, Jacob.
- Untie her.
(dramatic music)
- What will it be, miss?
- Fair fight, no blades.
If I win, turn the ship
around, Michael and I go free.
- She's got balls, this one.
More than her man friend.
- Alright, miss.
Give it your best shot.
- You first.
- I'm trying to give
you a chance girl.
- That was some fancy moving.
- How will we know
when the fight's over?
- One of us will be dead.
(dramatic music)
- You'll have to hit
harder then that girl.
Get her off me!
- Back!
No blades.
- Shut your face Garrick.
- Don't kill her,
we need her alive.
- Aye, you're right.
Go against me again
Garrick, you're a dead man.
Get those two out of my sight.
- You all right?
- No.
- That was very brave of you.
- Please don't.
- I mean it, you could
have been killed.
- Like I'm not gonna
be killed anyway.
Or worse.
- I just wanted you to know,
I appreciate what
you tried to do.
- Not like the old
Michael you remember?
- Hmm.
Sorry I said that.
- You're exactly the
Ellie I remember.
You kicked that
guy off his feet.
- This is gonna sound petty
given our current situation,
but could you just
please not call me that?
- What?
- Ellie.
- What's wrong with that?
- I hate it.
- I've always called you Ellie.
- I know.
- You never said so.
- Sorry, just I, I
didn't mind it at first
and then later on it was
just sort of too late
and I didn't wanna
hurt your feelings.
- I guess that
doesn't apply now.
- Well, we're not a
couple anymore, so.
- It's kind of ironic.
We're gonna spend our
last hours together.
- What are you talking
about, last hours?
- We just need to make
it through the night.
And then in the
morning your office
will see the ship's gone
and raise the alarm.
Cause they know we're on board.
- No one knows.
- What?
- No one knows where we are.
- But you had to get permission.
I mean, who, who
did you speak to?
- I didn't speak to anyone.
There was no way Ellie, Elena.
The Coast Guard agency
don't bend the rules.
Especially for a nobody like
me and you were just so keen.
- What are you,
what are you saying?
- I just wanted to give
you what you wanted
and I thought it'd be nice
to spend some time
with you again.
- Oh, oh Michael.
- Well what about your friend
who answered the phone?
- Charlie.
- Did you tell
her where we were?
- No.
- Well, how come?
- She was being annoying.
She kept going on about you
and me getting back together.
So no one knows where we are
and no one's gonna miss
me until Monday morning.
We could be literally
anywhere by then.
(dramatic music)
- Jacob.
- Leave me be woman!
(woman hisses)
You're no use to man or beast.
I'll have better company
in this bed tonight.
- I'll kill the bitch.
- You'll do nothing.
(woman hisses)
- So how's life?
- Shit.
- I didn't mean now,
I meant in general.
- Yeah, so did I.
- Seriously?
- It's fine.
I'm fine.
- Just fine?
- Fine is good enough with me.
- Yeah, you never were
much of a risk taker.
- And yet somehow here I am,
chained up on a
cannibal pirate ship.
If only I could get my phone.
I've got all the
numbers for the search
and rescue teams on there.
- He smashed it.
But there is a radio
in Jacob's Cabin.
I, I don't think they
know how to use it,
but I heard it working.
- Do you know how to use it?
- No, you?
- Yeah, kind of, in theory.
There's, there's a
standard procedure
for sending out distress calls.
If we can get access to it,
it's gotta be worth a try.
(dramatic music)
If you're lucky
on a ship's radio,
there is literally a button
that says the distress on it.
You just hold it
down till it beeps.
- Yeah, I didn't see
anything like that.
It's 40 years old.
- Right, well in that case,
you just locate
the channel dialer.
Okay, you, you turn
it to channel 16,
and you just say
Mayday, mayday, mayday.
- And then what?
- Hope to hell someone answers.
Look, any boats or, or planes
or helicopters,
anything in the vicinity
should have that channel open.
I mean it's reserved
for emergency signals.
(dramatic music)
- Bitch.
I'll kill ya.
(dramatic music)
- Jesus Christ!
- Michael, the keys.
- What?
- They're by your
feet, kick them over.
(dramatic music)
- Now do me, quick.
Come on then, let's
go find that radio.
- Wait, if someone comes
to check on us and,
and we are not
here, they'll start
combing the whole ship for us.
- So what?
You just wanna
sit here and wait?
What about her?
- I've got an idea.
- Fetch me a drink.
You, head down to the brig.
Check on the woman.
(dramatic music)
- You think that'll fool them?
- Yeah, if they
don't look too hard.
- It's a silly question but
how are we gonna make them
think that I'm still here?
- You will be still here.
- You're leaving me?
- Michael, I know my way
around these ships, okay.
I, I've studied them for years.
It won't take me long
to find Jacob's cabin.
It's just two floors up
at the side of the mess.
- What if he's in there?
- I'll cross that
bridge and I come to it.
- Wait.
- What?
- Just in case, you know.
Just wanna say I'm sorry.
For everything I fucked up.
- Michael it's just
as much my fault.
I mean, I shouldn't
have pressured you
into get me on board this ship.
- I didn't mean that.
I meant everything.
(dramatic music)
- Sometimes things
just don't work out.
- Yeah.
Cause people fuck them up.
- Nobody fucked anything up.
We parted as friends didn't we?
- Friends who don't
speak for four years?
- Sorry.
I just thought it'd be
best if we moved on.
- Did you?
Move on?
(dramatic music)
- When we get off this
boat, I'm gonna call you.
(dramatic music)
- Kill me.
Please, kill me.
(dramatic music)
- All good things
come to he who waits.
Garrick has waited
a very long time.
- How long, 40 years?
- Longer than that miss.
- How, how is that possible?
- Cursed, we're all cursed.
Cause of Jacob.
Forever stuck on this damn ship.
- So what is it you want?
- Same thing Jacob wants.
- Didn't see you standing
up to challenge him.
- He's a big man, but I've
got it where it counts.
Up here.
He'd have sunk the ship
a million times over.
Drowned us all, if
it wasn't for me.
- Why all this fighting over me?
Why, why don't you
just go ashore,
and, and take any
woman you want?
- I told you, we're cursed.
We can't go ashore,
not now, not ever.
- So, so you haven't left
this ship in 40 years?
- 400 years.
- 400 years on a cursed ship.
- It's not the ship that's
cursed, it's the people on it.
All of us.
Perhaps even you.
- So why do you need me?
- You can make a life
with my seed flowing
in between your legs
you're gonna break this curse.
- Oh yes.
It has to be
Garrick that does it
'cause I never ate the flesh.
- No.
- [Garrick] Everything
comes to he who waits.
(gun firing)
(dramatic music)
- My apologies Miss Elena.
I told you the men on this
ship, they're like animals.
Being confined to a
ship for so many years,
it's rotted their brains.
- How many years, exactly?
- I think that's
mine Miss Elena.
Take a drink, won't you?
- How many years have
you lived on this ship?
- Can't say for sure.
- Hundreds of years?
- Aye, could be.
You'll be used to it in time.
- Used to what?
- Life on board ship.
It ain't without it's comforts.
- Beautiful.
- Put it on.
I'd like to see you in it.
(dramatic music)
- What is it you want?
Look, we're both in here.
We're locked up, there's
no need to check.
(suspenseful music)
Ah, fuck.
(dramatic music)
(pirate growling)
- Now that's how a
woman oughta look.
- I'm glad you approve.
Allow me.
- And that's how a
woman oughta act.
- And can you drink like
a man ought to drink?
- Of course.
- Tell me more.
- What?
- About life at sea?
How did you come to
be here all this time?
- You mean all these
hundreds of years?
- Yes.
(dramatic music)
What's that?
- Ship's log.
- Wait.
The oil from your fingers can
damage paper as old as this.
(dramatic music)
Is that a date?
Cartagena de Indias, wait, 1622.
That was the raid on Cartagena,
Lawrence Van der Graaf.
- Aye, that was the
bastard that hired us,
us and a dozen other ships.
- To blockade the town
and hold it to ransom.
- Aye, that's right.
Der Graaf promised us
gold to join the blockade.
But all we got was hostages.
There was this one
woman, strange she was.
They said she had
witching powers.
Thought she might bring us
luck on our next journey.
- And did she?
- She brought us luck
all right, bad luck.
12 days and nights of storms.
Waves high as the mizzenmast.
The compass spinning
round and round.
No way of knowing which
way we were facing,
where we were going.
And then in the
space of one night,
all the food went rotten.
Got me to thinking.
Maybe this witch woman
cursed us somehow.
(dramatic music)
The longer it went on,
the hungrier we got,
the more sure of it I was.
- And so you killed her.
(dramatic music)
And you ate her.
(dramatic music)
- Aye.
That's when the
trouble really started.
- Garrick said, you
can't ever go ashore.
- Can't even make landfall.
We tried time and again.
Every piece of land we found,
the wind and the
tide pushed us away.
Dunno why it was
different this time.
- They towed you in.
- What?
- The coast guards.
- All we could do was
keep sailing, hunting.
- Hunting what?
- Small boats, big boats.
Anything we could raid,
for people, for food.
Ever since we had our
first taste of flesh,
we've hungered for nothing else.
That woman cursed us
every which way you can.
Said we'd never see
life aboard ship again.
We'll fix that.
You and me, Elena,
we'll make a life.
(dramatic music)
(static screeches)
- Shit.
(door knocks)
- Hi.
- Jesus Christ Michael,
what are you doing here?
- Well I just wondered if
you might need some help.
- You were safer in the brig.
- It's all right.
I don't think anybody's seen me.
- Michael, you are
wearing a high vis jacket.
- Oh, shit.
- Don't worry.
Just come over and help
me work this thing.
(door creaks)
- Did you knock him out?
- Yes, with this.
- Mayday, mayday, mayday.
Mayday, mayday, mayday.
(radio static)
- Try again.
- Mayday, mayday, mayday.
(radio static)
- I suppose it was
a long shot anyway.
- [Radio] This is cruise
ship Fleur de Lis,
we hear your
distress call, over.
Hello, so you hear me, over.
- Hello, yes, we can
hear you, thank God.
- [Radio] What are
your coordinates, over.
- We don't know,
shit, over, sorry.
- [Radio] What was your
last known position, over.
- We left the English coast
around eight PM last night.
Nearest town is Saltfleet.
We've been traveling
15 knots since then.
Direction unknown.
- Look, we're on a
fucking pirate ship.
- [Radio] What was that,
please repeat, over.
- A pirate ship.
You can't miss us.
Look, call the UK Coast Guard
Agency, Saltfleet office.
They'll know what to look for.
Tell them to send
the helicopter, now.
Hello, hello?
(radio static)
They must have
moved out of range.
- Think he got the message?
- I dunno.
I guess we go up on deck
and keep an eye out.
(pirates growling)
Oh fuck.
- Michael.
(dramatic music)
- You know, miss, I'm starting
to think you might be more
trouble than you're worth.
(dramatic music)
(gun firing)
(dramatic music)
(pirates growling)
(dramatic music)
(dramatic music)
(dramatic music)
- Are you ready
to talk about it?
(dramatic chord)
Just let me know.
- You were right Charlie.
- What?
- About people not wanting
to talk about things
because it makes
them feel guilty.
- I was pregnant.
When I broke up with Michael.
I found out when we
got back from Barbados.
- Did he know?
- No, I never told him.
He'd have just asked
me to marry him again.
It's all he ever wanted.
I just wasn't ready.
- Did you, I mean,
did you get a--
- No, I didn't have
to do anything.
I lost it after seven weeks.
So, you know, I didn't
have to make any decision.
- And you never told anybody?
- I guess I, I thought if I
didn't have to see him again
and I didn't have
to talk about it,
it would just go away, you know.
- You should eat something.
- You've not had a thing
since you've been back.
Those oranges are nice.
- Just don't really have
an appetite, you know.
(dramatic chord)
(dramatic music)
- It's not the ship that's
cursed, it's the people on it.
Perhaps even you.
(dramatic music)
- [Charlie] Why are you
looking at me like that?
(dramatic music)