Shipwrecked (1990) Movie Script

[ Wind Whistling ]
[ Sharp Noise ]
[ Man ]
Officer Howell.
- Merrick ?
- Yes. It's Me.
Merrick Died.
The British Navy
Did Its Best,
But I'm Still Alive,
My Friend.
[ Grunting ]
You'll Not Get Away
With This, Merrick !
- Hand Over
Your Sailing Papers.
- What For ?
Because There Can
Only Be One Of You,
And It's Gonna Be Me.
Take Off Your Uniform.
Oh, You'll Look Very Pretty
In This Uniform, Merrick,
But You'll Not Pass
For An Officer
In Her Majesty's Navy.
You Don't Have
The Stuff.
[ Groaning, Panting ]
You Wait Until
My Father Comes Home !
He'll Take Care Of You.
Your Father
Isn't Coming Home.
He's Lost At Sea.
[ Boys Laughing ]
He Is Not !
He'll Be Home Soon.
He Owes My Father
So Much Money
He'd Be Better Off Lost.
[ Laughing ]
Papa ?
Papa !
Papa. I Thought You Were
Never Coming Home.
My Leg Got Tangled
In A Jib Line And, Uh,
I Was Knocked
Over The Side.
Jens Cut Me Free
Before I Drowned.
Cup Of Coffee
For The Road ?
[ Child Chattering,
Laughing ]
Isn't It About Time...
You Showed Hakon What
You Brought For Him ?
Something For Me ?
Something I Always Dreamed
About When I Was Your Age.
You Know What That Is ?
It's A Commission
From Our Ship.
Hakon, You're Gonna Be
The New Ship's Boy !
Now You're Ready,
Aren't You, Son ?
Papa, I--
- I, Uh--
- He Is Too Young.
And With That Leg Of Yours
We'll Need Him Here.
Well, Why Didn't
I Think About That ?
I Need You Here.
I Guess You'll
Have To Stay Home.
Is Wernes Here ?
Yeah. Wernes !
[ Door Opens ]
Ah, Mr. Hakonsen.
Heard About Your Accident.
It's Too Bad.
[ Mr. Hakonsen ]
I'm Just Glad I Survived.
But They Don't Pay A Man
Who's Laid Up In His Bunk,
So I'm Afraid I Have
To Ask You For A--
To Extend My Loan.
How Bad Is Your Leg ?
[ Laughs ]
It Doesn't Look Like
I'll Be Going Back To Sea.
Then I Don't See How
I Can Extend Your Loan
Any Longer.
[ Sleigh Bells Tinkling ]
Stay Here.
Hello, Mr. Hakonsen.
Sheriff. Wernes.
[ No Audio ]
This Is Our Farm Now.
You Have To Get Off--
My Children Were Born Here.
My Mother Died Here.
[ Door Opens ]
I'm Paying The Debt.
I'm Going To Sea--
To Be Ship's Boy
On The Flora.
It Looks Like You Are
Going To Sea.
Hakon's Gonna Be
A Sailor ?
[ Laughs ]
It's A Deal.
They Have To Go.
Hakon, Look.
This Was Given To Me
By My First Captain.
He Said It Would Always
Bring Me Home Safe.
And It Always Has.
It's Yours.
Look After Him,
[ Jens ]
Like He Was My Own.
[ Clicks Tongue ]
[ Man Shouting,
Indistinct ]
[ Men Shouting,
Indistinct ]
Let Go Gaskets
On Fore Mainsail !
[ Man ]
Captain Wants You Below,
Ship's Boy.
[ Man ]
Yes ?
Hakon Hakonsen, Sir.
The New Ship's Boy.
Tell Me.
Your Father's A Big Man.
Why Are You So Puny ?
I Don't Know, Sir.
I'll Tell You This.
There Is No Room
For Children
On Board This Ship.
You Will Work Hard,
Be A Sailor,
Or I'll Put You Off
In London.
No, Sir ! You Can't !
I Have To Sail
For Two Years.
I Can Do Anything I Like
On Board This Ship.
And Never Talk Back
To A Captain.
Understood ?
Yes, Sir.
Go Find The Bosun.
He'll Put You To Work.
Yes, Sir.
Thank You, Sir.
[ Chuckling ]
Sheet's Fast !
Nothing To It, Kid,
Once You Get The Hang Of It.
- I'll Never Learn
How To Do That.
- I'll Teach You Right Now.
I'm Supposed To Speak
To The Bosun.
I Am The Bosun.
And Who Wants To Know ?
Hakon Hakonsen, Sir,
The New Ship's Boy.
- Come For Your Orders,
Have You ?
- Yes, Sir.
Did You See Jens
Tying A Knot To That
Piece Of Rigging...
On The Foremast ?
Yes, Sir.
- Go ! Untie It At Once !
- Untie It, Sir ?
Hurry Up, Boy !
Or Are You Trying
To Get Us All Killed ?
Come On.
We'll Hoist You Up.
Wait !
We Can't Send Him Up
Without A Blindfold.
Remember Poor Little Karl,
When We Forgot
The Blindfold ?
He, Uh,
He Looked Down.
But Jens Didn't Have
A Blindfold.
He Had His Eyes Closed.
You Don't Need A Blindfold
When You've Been
Doing This...
As Long As Jens.
My God !
It's Breaking !
Hurry !
Hoist Him Up !
Right, Right !
Get Him Up There.
That's It.
Get The Blindfold
On His Face.
One Hand For The Ship,
And One Hand For Yourself--
And Don't Look Down !
[ Hakon ]
Whoa ! Oh, Help !
Please !
[ Men Laughing ]
Yeah !
All Right,
That's Enough.
Fun's Over.
Aw, Just Like You, Jens,
To Ruin The Fun.
[ Laughs ]
I Remember When The Trick
Was Played On You, Bosun.
But Your Pants
Were Too Wet To Fall Down.
[ Men Laughing ]
Don't Ask
Too Many Questions, Hakon.
Just Do Your Work...
And Keep Your Eyes Open.
You'll Find Out Everything
You Need To Know.
Ugh !
Hey, You Idiot !
A Knot Like This
Could Cost A Man
His Life.
This Is A Knot !
So You Better
Pay Attention.
[ Bosun ]
Clear Those--
[ Continues, Indistinct ]
[ Jens ]
Watch Out !
[ Grunts ]
[ Bosun ]
Who's At The Wheel ?
What's Going On Here ?
[ Clears Throat ]
[ Laughs ]
[ Men Talking ]
[ Grunts ]
[ Men Laughing ]
Land Ahoy !
[ Men Chattering ]
Hakon, Captain
Wants To See You.
It's A Long Journey...
And A Very Hard
Every Man Must Be Fit,
Or Nobody Can Be Safe.
Please Don't Put Me Off.
My Family's Depending On Me.
Come Here.
Have You Ever Seen
One Of These ?
No, Sir.
It's Called A Photograph.
Look At It.
That's Your Father And I.
I Want You To Have It.
That's All.
It'll Remind You Of Home...
During The Long Voyage.
Aye ?
Thank You, Captain.
I Mean,
Thank You, Sir.
I Felt The Same Way
When I Was Your Age.
[ People Chattering ]
[ Organ Grinder Playing ]
[ Whistling ]
Get Off Me,
You Stinking Bed Bucket !
Anything Of Value,
You Better Keep A Close
Watch On Around Here.
[ Organ Grinder Continues ]
Thank You, Sir.
Hello, Sailor.
We're The Shipmate's
Best Friend.
[ Cackles ]
Not Today, Ladies.
I Got My Little Brother
With Me.
Oh !
[ Cackling ]
Looks Like Your Brother
Could Do With A Little
Learning, Hmm ?
[ Jens ]
Told Ya, Boy--
Keep A Close Watch
On Your, Uh, Valuables.
[ Chuckling ]
Ah !
Here We Are.
Come On.
Here You Are, Boys.
Oh, Yeah !
Yeah !
Bottoms Up !
Bottoms Up.
- Milk ?
- [ Chuckling ]
[ Men Laughing ]
Bottoms Up.
[ Men Chanting ]
Bottoms Up ! Bottoms Up !
Bottoms Up !
[ Men Cheering ]
The Next Round's On Me.
Yeah !
Oh, Yeah !
[ Together ]
Skoal !
[ Laughing,
Gagging ]
- Milk ?
- Come On. Bottoms Up !
Bottoms Up.
[ Men Groaning ]
[ Men Groaning ]
- Another Round ?
- [ Together ]
No !
This Is Mine.
[ No Audio ]
Guys ?
You Can't Fool
A Real Sailor.
[ Man ]
Yeah !
[ Laughs ]
Thank You.
You're Welcome.
The Voyage Ahead
Takes Us To Sydney,
And Then To Calcutta.
That, As You All Know,
Is Pirate Territory.
The Company Has Signed On
A First Mate...
Who Knows
Those Troubled Waters--
Lieutenant Howell.
Mr. Howell...
Is One Of The Most
Respected Officers...
In The British Royal Navy.
So, Mr. Howell,
I'm Pleased To Have You
And Your Bosun Join Us.
I Wish You Welcome Aboard.
You Are A Fine Body
Of Seamen,
And I Have No Doubt
That You Will...
Bring Our Ship
To Its Destination
As Fast As Nature Allows.
Some Of You May Be
Concerned About Pirates.
Do Not Be.
Her Majesty's Navy
Has Dispatched
These Evil Men...
Back To Where They Belong.
- That Is All.
- Stand By, Fore And Aft !
[ Man ]
Let Go Forward !
[ Men Shouting,
Indistinct ]
[ Shouting Continues ]
- Take Down !
- [ Man ]
Take Down Buntlines !
Free The Mainsail !
Hey, Ship's Boy !
Don't Stand There Sleeping.
Get These Down.
[ Indistinct Chatter ]
Hurry Up !
Hurry Up !
[ Grunts ]
[ Grunts ]
You Ought To Be More
Careful With The Property
Of The Royal Navy, Mister.
But We'll Keep This
To Ourselves...
Because We're Mates.
Hmm ?
Every Ship Has
Her Own Secrets.
And Every True Sailor
Knows When To Keep
His Mouth Shut...
For The Sake
Of His Ship...
And His Mates, Hmm ?
I Don't Know
Any Secrets.
Good Boy.
You're Learning Fast.
[ Snoring ]
[ Whispering ]
[ Bosun ]
Let Down Fore Topmast !
Give A Bit More.
Go On. Go On.
[ Sighs ]
Captain ?
Oh ?
You're Still Here ?
Yes, Sir.
Are There Rules About--
I Mean--
Spit It Out.
What's On Your Mind ?
If A Mate Knows Something
About Another Mate,
Or-Or An Officer--
Kind Of A Secret--
I Mean--
If He Knows That Someone's
Got Something On Board...
That Maybe They Shouldn't,
Should He Report Him
Or Not ?
Has Someone Smuggled
Some Rum On Board ?
[ Chuckles ]
Don't Worry So Much,
I Just Want To Be
A True Sailor, Sir.
I've Never Known A Truer.
Now For That Secret
Of Yours,
Sleep On It.
And In The Morning,
If You Feel You Should,
Come And Tell Me
About It, Hmm ?
Yes, Sir.
Good Night, Sir.
Good Night, Hakon.
[ Chuckling ]
Ay, Yi, Yi, Yi, Yi,
Yi, Yi.
He Needs Rest, Lad.
I Have To Talk To Him.
Oh, No.
[ Footsteps ]
So, How Is
The Captain Today ?
His Temperature's High.
It Is Ship's Fever,
Mm. Most Likely,
But No One Else
Is Sick.
I Haven't Seen Ship's Fever
Attack Only One Man,
Have You ?
No, Never.
He's An Old Man.
[ Man ]
We, Therefore, Commit
His Body To The Deep,
In Sure And Certain Hope...
Of Resurrection
To Eternal Life...
Through Our Lord,
Jesus Christ.
[ Men ]
[ Splash ]
[ Together ]
The Lord Is My Shepherd
I'll Not Want
He Maketh Me Down
To Lie
In Pastures Green
He Leadeth Me
The Quiet Waters By
Now There Could Be
Plenty Of Explanations
For This Cargo.
- Like What ?
- To Use Against Pirates.
Then Why Does It Say Glass...
When It's Guns ?
Now, Listen.
Captain Howell Is A British
Naval Officer, Hakon.
He Is Here To Protect Us.
It's Not Our Place
To Question How He
Does It. Come On.
[ Men Chattering ]
[ Man ] Clear Hatch Covers
For Unloading !
Hello, Hakon.
Hmm ?
Sydney's The Kind Of Harbor
That Leaves A Mark
On A Sailor.
Really ?
Did On Me.
[ Bosun ] Rig Those
Cargo Blocks ! Go On !
Hmm ?
[ Hakon Chuckles ]
Easy There !
I Have An Announcement
From The Captain.
We're Behind Schedule.
We'll Have To Make Up
The Lost Time...
On The Passage To Calcutta.
All Shore Leave
Here In Sydney Is Canceled.
Hey, Wait !
That's Not Fair.
Mr. Thatcher,
We've Been At Sea...
For Three-And-A-Half Months !
Sir, We've Been
Working Hard.
Don't We Deserve
Shore Leave ?
Must I Remind You
That This Ship
Is Under The Command...
Of The British Navy ?
Is A Punishable Offense.
Any Questions ?
[ All Muttering ]
[ Man ]
Now What ?
Different Captains,
Different Styles.
Bosun, These Are
Your New Mates.
Show Them
To Their Quarters.
You Didn't Say
Anything About Taking On
Extra Crew, Mr. Howell.
We Need These Men
To Protect Us
In Pirate Waters.
Carry On.
Show Them Their Quarters.
This Way.
[ Men Snickering ]
[ Man #1 ]
Secure Those Lines !
[ Man #2 ]
Line Secured !
[ Man #3 ] Aye, Aye, Bosun !
Who's Down Here ?
Look, Relax !
I'm Not Gonna Hurt You.
You're A Girl.
Well ?
You've Seen One Before,
Haven't You ?
Yes, But--
What Are You Doing
Down Here ?
Going To Calcutta,
Same As You.
Why ?
To Get Away
From Some Busybodies...
Who Want To Put Me
In An Orphanage,
All Right ?
Why Don't You Stay
With Your Parents ?
They're Dead,
If You Must Know.
Why Do You Think
I'm An Orphan ?
I Have An Uncle In Calcutta.
That's Why I'm Going There.
That's Mine !
You Can Have It
If You Keep Quiet.
I Can't Read
Very Well.
I'll Teach You.
You Don't Have To.
I'll Keep Quiet.
I'm Hakon.
I'm Mary.
And I'll Teach You
"In Xanadu...
"Did Kubla Khan...
"A Stately...
Pleasure Dome Decree."
What's Xanadu ?
My Mother Said It Was
The Most Beautiful Place
On Earth.
Where Everybody Was Happy...
And Safe.
But It's Only In A Book.
It Doesn't Really Exist.
Yes, It Does.
[ Clattering ]
Huh !
Jens, It's All Right.
- She's My Friend.
- A Stowaway, Huh ?
She's An Orphan.
She Has To Get To
Her Uncle In Calcutta.
[ Jens ] It's Too Late
To Tell You Two How
Foolish This Is--
And Dangerous.
Do You Know What The Penalty
Is For Not Reporting
A Stowaway ?
[ Sighs ]
Found These
Lying Around.
I Thought Hakon Had
Smuggled A Dog On Board.
[ Clears Throat ]
From Now On,
You Stick To Your Bunk
At Night.
And You Lay Low.
He Won't Say Anything,
Will He ?
No. I Trust Him
With My Life.
[ Gasps ]
[ Laughs ]
[ Thunderclap ]
There Is A Thief Among Us.
I Want That Man
To Stand Forward
And Take His Punishment.
[ Moans ]
[ Groans ]
This Here
Is A Stowaway.
One Of You Has Been
Concealing Her...
And Stealing Food
For Her.
Point Out
Your Confederate.
You Give Me
No Choice.
Ow !
Prepare To Keelhaul
The Prisoner.
She's Only A Child !
Take Her Below.
Clap Her In Irons.
Come On !
[ Thunderclap ]
So It Was You.
You Know The Penalty
For Hiding A Stowaway.
Give Me The Cat.
This Man Will Receive
40 Lashes.
No, Wait !
Jens Didn't Do
Anything !
It Was Me.
Hakon !
[ Hakon Groans ]
[ Grunts ]
The Cat
Will Kill Him.
[ Jens Grunts ]
Sir, You Can't
Do This.
[ Thunderclap ]
You Will Do It.
Pick Up The Cat.
Pick Up The Cat !
Pick Up That Cat, Sir !
Do Your Duty
Or I Shall Do Mine !
[ Thunderclap ]
[ Sail Canvas Ripping ]
Clear The Decks !
[ Bosun ]
Clear The Decks !
- Go On ! Cut The Yard Free !
- [ Bosun ]
Cut The Yard Free ! Go On !
Take In The Topgallant !
- [ Clamoring ]
- Out Of My Way, Boy !
[ Bosun ]
Take The Wheel !
Take Her Onto Winds !
Help !
Someone Help Me !
[ Bosun ]
Hakon, Slit The Ropes !
Take The Main !
Get The Jib !
[ Shouting ]
Watch Out !
[ All Shouting ]
Help !
Help Me !
Launch Longboats Now !
Go After The Girl !
[ Merrick ]
Abandon Ship !
Mary !
Hakon ! The Keys !
Hurry Up !
My Foot !
My Foot !
Unlock My Foot !
The Keys !
Come On !
Hurry !
Hurry !
Hakon !
You Go !
I'll Hold The Line !
You Go !
Hurry Up !
Hurry !
Let Go The Line !
We're Not Leaving
Without The Kids !
Do You Hear Me ?
[ Gasping ]
Come On !
[ Merrick ]
Let That Line Go !
- Get Off Or I'll Shoot !
- [ Gunshot ]
- [ Jens ] Wait !
- [ Hakon ] Jens !
Hakon ! Come On !
Hurry Up !
Come On !
Hey, Watch Out !
Come On !
Hurry Up !
She's Sinking !
Jump !
Come On !
Come On, Hakon !
Jump !
[ Screams ]
Jens !
Help !
Help Me ! Jens !
Help !
Help !
[ Groans ]
[ Clears Throat ]
Jens !
Where Are You ?
Jens ?
Mary ?
[ Grunts ]
[ Grunts, Groans ]
[ Birds Singing ]
[ Hakon Imitates Owl ]
Jens ?
Mary ?
Anybody ?
[ Screams ]
Ugh ! Ugh !
[ Hissing ]
[ Sighs ]
[ Rocks Sliding ]
Hello ?
Anybody Here ?
[ Grunts,
Screams ]
[ Bat Screeches ]
[ Gasps ]
[ Screeching ]
Huh !
[ Rock Hits Bottom ]
[ Screaming ]
[ Screaming ]
Oof !
[ Panting ]
[ Clicks ]
[ Clinks ]
[ Blows ]
[ Thinking ]
"In Xanadu...
"Did Kubla Khan...
"A Stately Pleasure...
Dome Decree."
[ Imitating Gunfire ]
[ Rustling ]
[ Rustling Continues ]
- [ Growling ]
- [ Gasps ]
[ Blows ]
Merrick. He'll Be Back
For His Treasure One Day.
[ Growls ]
Mama !
Mama ?
Mama ?
[ Gorilla Growling Softly ]
[ Sniffles ]
[ Grunts ]
[ Drumming Slowly ]
[ Drum Tempo Increases ]
[ Man Singing
In Native Language ]
[ Men Singing
In Native Language ]
[ Singing ]
[ Singing Continues ]
[ Gasps ]
[ Man Speaks
In Native Language ]
[ Native Language
Continues ]
[ Native ]
[ Shouts ]
Hakon !
I Knew It !
Hakon ? Hakon, Hakon,
I Knew You Were Alive.
[ Shouting ]
- This Is No Time For A Reunion.
- Wait !
- [ Gunshot ]
- [ Gasps ]
[ Gasps ]
What Are You Gonna Do, Kid ?
Take On The Whole Village
By Yourself ?
Jens !
They're Peaceful, Friendly.
They Saved Our Lives.
They Plucked Us
Out Of The Ocean,
And We've Been Traveling
From Island To Island With Them,
Trying To Find You.
But Mary Was
Fighting With Them.
Those Boys.
They Claim Me As Their Sister,
And Now They Expect Me
To Clean Up After Them.
Well, They Can Forget It.
She Fights With Them
Every Night.
I Almost Gave Up Hope
Of Ever Finding You Again,
But Mary Never Did.
[ Jens Sighs ]
I, Um, Better Go Tell
The Chief We're Leaving.
Hakon, It's Beautiful.
I Thought I'd Never
See You Again.
I Thought I'd Never
See Anybody Again.
[ Native Language ]
[ Native Language ]
Stop !
What's The Matter ?
One Of My Traps.
For What ?
Merrick Will Be Back
For His Treasure One Day.
See Up There ?
[ Jens ]
Looks Like Ropes And Pulleys.
You Step On That Vine,
And You'll Be Swinging
From The Top Of That Tree.
Come On.
Jump Over It.
[ Footsteps Approaching ]
He's Really Put Together
Quite A Place Here.
A Real Xanadu,
Fit For A King.
[ Chuckles ]
I Felt Like A King.
I Really Did.
But It Wasn't Quite Like Home.
We Better Go To Sleep.
Good Night.
Good Night.
Good Night.
Don't Touch The Vines !
I Can't Believe You Ever
Got Out Of There Alive
The First Time.
I Nearly Didn't.
- Poor Merrick.
- Yes, He's Really
In For Trouble.
[ Waves Lapping ]
[ Gasps ]
[ Jens ]
We Have To Get
Out Of Sight.
It's Howell.
He's In For A Surprise.
[ Wings Flapping ]
[ Chain Rattling ]
- Don't Any Of Them Work ?
- I Don't Know !
Shh !
[ Merrick ]
It's Gone !
I Don't Believe It !
Get Out Of There !
Get Out !
Get That Treasure !
I Want Whoever Done This Deed.
I Want My Treasure !
I Want It Found.
I Want Every Rock,
Every Hole, Every Tree
On This Island Searched.
You Hear Me ? You Hear Me !
[ Thatcher ]
Aye, Captain, Right Away.
Go Back To The Ship.
Get The Rest Of The Men.
We Spend The Night Here.
What About The Prisoners ?
Bring A Couple
Of 'Em With Ya.
The Rest ?
Lock 'Em Up.
Right. Come On !
[ Twig Snaps ]
Look !
[ Jens ]
It's Berg And Steine.
Thank God They're Alive.
That Means Our Other Mates
Probably Are Too.
[ Hakon ]
We're Not Leaving Without Them.
Come On.
I've Got An Idea.
This Is So Stupid.
I'm The One Who Should Go.
Hakon Knows The Island Best,
And, Jens, You Know
Everything Else.
No ! It's Too Dangerous.
I Sneaked On Board Your Ship
When You Were Standing Guard.
I Believe Her.
Have You Ever
Used A Gun Before ?
[ Lid Opens, Closes ]
[ Clicks ]
I Think I Can
Handle Myself.
Now, Get The Treasure
Safe Aboard.
But Wait For Our Signal,
Then Carry Out The Plan.
What If You're Captured ?
That's Not Gonna Happen.
But If It Does,
You Sail On Without Us.
Take My Share
Of The Treasure To My Family.
What Are You
Looking At ?
Thought I Heard Something.
Probably Just A Fish.
[ Boat Creaking ]
[ Gasps ]
Shh !
You've Got To Help Me
Take Over The Ship.
You Got A Knife ?
The Ropes.
There Are Only Two Guards
Left On Board.
The Knife.
We'll Take Care Of Them.
[ Shouting ]
It's That Blasted Boy
And His Friend
To Break Out These Fools !
Run !
- Don't Let Them Escape !
- They Won't Escape ! Come On !
Jens !
Wait ! This Way !
Come On !
[ Grunts ]
This Way !
Come On !
Over Here !
Hurry ! Come On !
Go On. Get Him Loose.
I'll Be Right Behind You.
Get Him !
Aye !
[ Gasping ]
Oh ! Oh !
Cross Over !
I'm Waiting For Jens !
- You Gone Crazy, Lad ?
- Come On ! Hurry Up !
[ Gasping ]
[ Whimpering ]
Come On ! Hurry Up !
Come On !
Stay There !
I'll Be Right Back !
Jens !
[ Echoes ]
Jens !
[ Grunts ]
You Got Him Now, Thatcher !
Whoa !
Whoa !
Jens !
Come On ! Let's Go !
[ Thatcher ]
There's The Boy !
Get Him !
[ Shouting ]
Let's Go !
[ Both Shouting ]
[ Thatcher ]
Get Them !
Come On !
[ Gasping ]
Don't Just Stand There !
Get After Them !
How ?
Get A Log ! Make A Bridge !
Get After Them !
And Get That Brat !
The Hollow Tree !
We Made It !
Hello, Shipmates.
You Wasn't Thinkin'
Of Leavin', Was Ya ?
Not Without Saying Good-Bye
To Your Old Mate ? No.
You Wouldn't
Do That, Eh ?
You Weren't Thinkin' Of
Betrayin' Me, Were You, Hakon ?
No. Not Me
What Was So Kind To Ya.
What Looked After Ya.
I Thought We Was Mates.
I Thought We Was
More Than Mates.
I Thought We Was... Friends.
I Trusted You.
Now You Listen
Here To Me, Boy.
I'm Gonna Count To Three,
And Then You're Gonna Tell Me
Where My Treasure Is.
'Cause If You Don't,
I'm Gonna Blow Your Head Off.
[ Shouts ]
[ Groans ]
It Worked !
[ Laughs ]
Come Back Here, You Little Runt.
I'll Flay You Alive !
Hold It !
Come On, You Idiots !
After Them !
[ Merrick ]
There They Are !
Come On !
[ Merrick ]
Get It Up !
Mary ! Set Sail !
[ Mary ]
Here They Come !
Get Ready To Sail !
Hoist The Mainsail !
[ Mary ]
Hurry Up !
[ Mary ]
Come On, Hakon !
Hoist The Mainsail !
Come On ! Hurry Up !
[ Mary ]
Hakon !
Hurry !
Faster !
Keep Her Steady.
I've Got Him In My Sights.
- You're Finished Now, Boy.
- No !
[ Cheering ]
Whoo !
[ Laughing ]
[ Mary ]
Come On ! We're Ready To Sail !
Come On !
Hurry, Hakon.
Come Back Here, You--
Come Back Here !
[ Merrick ]
I'll Skin You Alive !
After Them !
Come On, You Fools !
What Are You Waiting For ?
I'll Get You, You--
They Told Us
You Were Dead.
Hakon. Hakon.
Jens !
[ Both Laughing ]
This Is Mary.
She'll Be Staying
With Us For A While.
[ Chuckles ]
Hello, Mary.
Listen, Hakon,
I'm Afraid That None Of Us Are
Able To Stay Here Any Longer.
The Farm Is For Sale.
It Was Sold
This Morning, Papa.
What ?
It's Our Farm Now.
But How ?
Ole !
Carry Our Luggage.
Right Away, Sir.
Now, This Is
A Long Story. Come.
[ Chuckles ]