Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi (2012) Movie Script

"When you're in love, why be afraid?"
"When you're in love,
why be afraid?..."
the weather over the next two days
is expected to be sunshine all around.
Get up and have tea.
Egg seller.
Give me bigger eggs.
"My father told me..
...wake up."
"Mom cooks eggs
and chick peas with butter."
"Butter toast with tea.
I love watching football."
"We have the power."
How are you?
Careful. Careful.
How are you, Farhad?
Wear a helmet.
What are you doing?
Hi Farhad.
- See you, son.
Mama, please answer the door.
Coming. Coming, my dear.
Oh! Feroze Uncle, you..-
So early in the morning?
Is everything okay?
Where is Farhad?
It's an emergency.
Indira is leaving for Russia.
I have to write this
letter before she leaves.
Farhad Farhad
Feroze uncle, making eggs.
Farhad, come quickly,
it's an emergency.
Sit, Feroze uncle, I'm coming.
It's been so long
since Mrs. Indira died.
But this crazy man
still dreams of her.
My dear Indira,
Dear Indira,
- No, no, no!
My dear Indira,
My dear Indira,
I'm still very upset.
- Upset.
You're still going to
Russia with the wrong Feroze.
I am the real Feroze Gandhi.
- I am.
- Written.
Good, next para.
- Next para.
I've ordered the 'Godiwala special'...
as the main
course for our wedding.
The marriage hall's been booked.
You'll be shocked to
see the guest list.
I am still waiting for
your answer Indira...
My Indira.
- Written.
Now, where do I sign?
- I already did.
Fine, don't forget to post it, okay?
Please remind Farhad.
It's a life altering moment.
Otherwise Indira will
just leave for Russia.
And my marriage will get on hold.
I want to get married before Farhad.
- Definitely Feroz.
Bye, Farhad.
Eat on time.
Yes, mama. Don't worry.
Come home early.
Yes, mama. Don't worry.
And drive carefully. Not above 40.
Mama, this vehicle
doesn't go above 15.
Bye, mama.
- Bye Farhad.
Dear Lord, please find him a girl.
I'm old now.
How long will I look after him?
Hi Farhad.
- Hi Gustad Ji.
Hello, boys.
Hello, Farhad.
Hello, aunty.
- How are you?
Hello, Dolly aunty.
Is my parcel ready?
- Of course.
Get Dolly aunty's parcel.
Here. How are you, Dolly aunty?
- I am doing fine.
How is Nargis?
- She's fine.
Coomi's married now.
So she's very happy
Now that Coomi is married,
it's your turn.
No more excuses.
From being the most
eligible bachelor...
you've been now reduced to
being the most reliable bachelor.
Settle her bill.
Thank you.
Aunty, whenever you're here,
the day becomes so cheerful and bright.
Everybody tells me that.
- Sure.
Love you, baby.
- Bye
Bye, boys.
- Bye.
Oh, Mama.
Yes Mama.
- Farhad.
Meru aunty just called.
She was saying we've
to go see this girl.
Freny Mehta.
She's a nice girl.
Farhad, we'll meet at Tardeo circle.
Five o'clock. Don't be late.
Mama. How many times do
I have to tell you
I can't skip work like this.
Why don't you understand?
Farhad, there are very
few Parsi girls left.
Otherwise, after this..
...we'll only find
widows and divorcees.
Get ready.
I'll go and get ready.
Actually, mamma is right.
Farhacl just 'loves' cricket.
He's crazy about cricket.
He spends the whole day on the field.
I see.
So what are you, batsman or bowler?
- 12th man.
He's very fond of sports.
You know, he's at
the Parsi Gymkhana every Sunday.
Oh, he should've
made the top 11 by now.
I'm a scorer now.
Top scorer, he means. Top scorer.
Farhad, son.
- Yes.
What do you do?
Let me tell you.
We are from a well to do family.
We have a farm at Navsari,
a nice big house
...and Farhad has a garment business.
Just a minute.
Sorry, mama. Don't feel bad.
She's my mommy.
She really loves me a lot.
And wants to see me happy.
Just like every mommy
loves their child
and she wants to see me happy.
Happily married, basically.
Let me be honest with you.
Don't feel bad, uncle.
We don't have a big
house or a farm at Navsari.
And more importantly...
I don't have any garment business.
The fact is that I am a salesman
at Tem Tem's bra and panties store.
Let me know if you
have any requirement.
Pass it on.
One for granny too.
Let me ma, please. Yeah..
From Parsi Dairy?
Mama, pass me a slice of cake.
Don't be sad, mama.
I'm very sorry.
- No, Farhad.
I am not sad.
I'm so proud of you my son.
You've become so honest.
I would let go of a thousand
Freny's for you to stay this way.
And anyway,
why do I need to get married?
You're there to look after me, right?
Don't talk like a fool.
You think I'm going to spend
the rest of my life..
...feeding you chicken and eggs?
Frankly, I think
it's a very good idea.
Farhacl Pastakia!
- Yes.
Don't you recognise me?
- No. - Cyrus.
We were together
from the fifth standard.
- Hi, Cyrus.
How are you?
Mama, don't you recognise Cyrus?
Remember, the guy
that was suspended
...for sneaking into the girl's toilet.
Farhad, meet my son Firdaus.
Hi, Firdaus. How are you, son?
Hello, aunty.
- Hello.
Where's your wife?
- Divorced.
And yours?
Still searching.
Please tell me if you
know any nice girls for him.
And by the way, where's your wife now?
See you.
- All the best.
See you, son. See you.
Bye- Bye
She's single now.
What's the harm in asking?
Mama, you're too much.
Who's come this late?
Really, it's a surprise.
How are you, aunty?
- Great, come come.
Please come in.
- Aunty, that's my girlfriend Anahita.
Hi, Anahita. Nice to see you.
How are you?
- Great, great.
Come, come. Welcome.
How are you?
- Great.
What a pleasant surprise.
Farhad. Farhad.
Look, the entire gang's here.
Hi, Beroze aunty.
- Hi, Farhad.
You're looking like a bomb.
Forget my bomb,
when is your 'rocket' taking off?
Hi, mama.
- How are you?
Hey, Perizad .
How are you?
Celebrating, are we?
Hormuz's wedding date's been fixed?
- Yes, it has.
That's why we're all here.
Meet the bride to be. Anahita.
How nice.
Welcome to this family.
Hi. How are you?
- Super fine.
Sit. Sit.
Mama, get the raspberry.
Bringing dear.
- Come.
Finally marriage date has been fixed.
Oh I am so happy for Hormuz.
Thank you.
Consider the marriage, approved.
Feroze Uncle, how did you know?
Indira's a wonderful girl.
Who's Indira?
- Indira Gandhi.
Uncle's slightly cuckoo.
He's still living in
a 60 year flashback.
So cute.
- Farhad, son. - Tell me.
I just heard the
announcement over the radio.
Indira's coming to Mumbai.
And the secret is
she's not here for the meeting.
She's coming to see me.
So everyone please
Indira, you're here!
You didn't even tell me.
Feroze uncle! Feroze uncle!
Feroze uncle!
My Indira-
Feroze uncle!
I am the real Feroze
- I am not Indira Gandhi.
Feroze, leave her alone.
- Feroze uncle. What are you doing?
Feroze uncle!
What are you doing?
Someone stop him.
My Indira- I am the real Feroze
- Feroze uncle!
What are you doing?
- Feroze uncle.
I am the real Feroze.
What are you doing?
Stop it. Come on.
Sit down.
Come on.
Indira's coming tomorrow.
Tomorrow Indira will
finally realize
that she married the wrong Feroze.
What Feroz Uncle.
Farhad. Tell me this,
when will you give us any good news?
We'd gone today, to see a girl.
But somehow, we didn't like her.
Come on, Nargis.
The 'girl' wasn't good enough for you?
Farhacl doesn't have
the time to be choosy now.
I suggest that you grab
whomever you can find.
Stop it, mummy.
This is not the
right time for all this.
But, this is the right time.
Tomorrow, Indira
will go back to Delhi.
Beroze aunty, I know I'm 45 years old.
That doesn't mean
I'll just marry any girl I find.
I'll marry someone
that my heart calls out to.
I agree.
But do you know what your problem is?
Your problem is what
you do for a living.
Which girl these
days would ever marry...
a bra and panty salesman?
Beroze, shut up.
- It's alright, mama.
Beroze aunty.
What's the problem with my job?
What's wrong with my job? Tell me.
Am I not doing an honest job?
Is that not enough for you?
Don't you people wear underwear?
Who are the ones at this
table wearing underwear?
Come on, put your hands up.
Come on, show me.
Beroze. Are you so
fond of 'going commando'?
Mama, stop it.
I've got them on.
And the day Hormuz
sanctions my loan
I'll start my own
undergarment business.
Stop day-dreaming, Farhacl
and stop looking
for excuses to not marry.
You think I don't want to get married?
You think I'm not trying?
You think I like getting
rejected by some girl each time.
Where are you going?
To see my friend.
Friend or Boyfriend?
Beroze, stop it.
Stop, Farhad.
You know mom.
Come back now.
No, it's alright.
Finally, I've found the right Indira.
- Hormuz.
Feroze uncle. Feroze uncle.
Feroze uncle.
My Indira.
My Indira.
- Feroze, please stop it.
Please someone save me.
Leave me.
What is this crazy man doing?
Feroze uncle, leave her.
- What is he doing?
Sit down.
Enough. Enough.
Sorry, Beroze aunty.
"I say who! Who's there!"
"She makes my heart go.."
"I say who! Who's there!"
"She makes my heart go.."
Good morning, madam.
Can I help you?
Yes. One 38D, white.
38D, white.
Madam, my opinion, based
on experience, tells me
36B will fit you perfectly.
But, I want a 38D.
No, madam., I'm telling you
Wait, I'll measure it for you.
Just a minute.
You wish.
38D white, plain.
Thank you.
- Fine.
Sarosh ll
- Yes.
One 38D white, plain. Quickly.
- Yes.
- Yes.
It's in the stock room, not here.
- Okay.
And It'll take a while.
I... I'll show you a few varieties.
This this and this
Look, ma'am.
- No, it's fine.
You please sit down, take a look.
Look, this is our silky item.
It's so soft.
Touch it, so soft.
Go on, touch it. Try.
Soft, right?
And this one's florescent.
It glows in the dark.
- In the dark?
Yes. That's that.
And this one comes
with extra padding
Ehhh you don't need them.
And this is our latest item.
One for all and all for one.
It fits any one, all sizes.
Even you?
Farhad, your mama's on the line.
Tell her I'll call her back.
It's urgent.
- I'll be right back.
This mama of mine,
what a time to call
Yes, mama.
- I've been calling you for so long.
Why aren't you answering your phone?
It was on silent.
Don't keep it on silent mode.
Yes, mama.
- Just a minute.
Those trustees have sent us a notice.
About our water tank.
They say the tank's illegal.
It's the tank your father built,
our last memory of him.
Who does this secretary think she is?
The Cabinet Secretary?
I'll show her who's
who for messing with me.
Let's see who has the guts
to break our tank.
Please do bring it
back if you find it loose.
I'm telling you, Farhad.
Go and knock some sense into them!
Later, mama.
Move aside.
Farhad. Farhad, are you there?
Gayomar Sarjara, Mervan Irani,
Dara Karanjia.
Please, Mrs. Mehta.
Enough with this long list of yours.
And the only reason I'm meeting you
is because Dhun Aunty said so. Ok?
Why don't you just
pick one and show me?
Look at this. He is Gayomard Sanjana.
Young, eligible,
47 year old Parsi boy.
Boy? - 'Boy' meaning,
young at heart, Shirin.
He just underwent a by-pass
His heart is solid again.
Every evening, Parsi Gymkhana
3-4 pegs, 20-30 cigarettes.
Anyone else?
That's Merwan lrani.
He's from Dahanu.
Dahanu's so far, Mrs. Mehta.
So what?
He owns 50 buffalos.
So? What will I do with them?
You think I'm going to get up
every morning at four to milk them?
Frankly, I'm not the milking type.
I get it.
You want the office types.
Young entrepreneur, Dara Karanjia.
Very smart.
I've seen him somewhere.
He used to come on T.V. a lot.
- No.
He was sent to prison
for that 26 financial scam
His family says he'll
be out on bail soon.
And if he doesn't
you'll get us
married behind bars, right?
Shirin, you are impossible.
This way you'll never get married.
There are no normal Parsi men left.
Mrs. Mehta, there is one left.
Perizad had an excellent suggestion.
What now?
Why don't you attend the
Parsi Trust's Matrimonial Social?
Mama, you've started again.
You keep sending me to these
speed-dating gigs, then those clubs
and now you're asking me to
attend this matrimonial social?
You know I get very
nervous in such situations.
This very nervousness and
shyness is the reason why
our community is disappearing.
Take a look at the others.
See with what gusto
they get married
and keep giving
birth to child after child.
And look at us,
there's hardly any left.
I feel in every street of our nation,
there should be a TATA, a WADIA
And even a PASTAKIA too.
Now we'd like to invite our
last candidate for today
Mr. Farhad Pastakia.
Please come on stage.
Please give him a big hand.
Come on. Yeah.
My name is Farhacl Pastakia.
And I'm 45 years old.
Thank you.
Farhad, what is it that you do'?
Speak up!
Well choose only
you will say more.
I'm a salesman at
the Tern Tem's bra and parity store
Now you tell me, is there anything
wrong in being a lingerie salesman?
You should be proud
that you spoke the truth.
I know better than anyone else that
the room's filled with..
...only pretentious liars.
Did you see how they were laughing?
I want to know
is there any man inside
not wearing bra and panty?
You mean I know men and
women wear different kinds.
I got it, I got it..
- Yes.
You know what I mean.
People think I'm just a bra salesman.
I'm an expert.
Big companies consult me on to design special
bras for specific body types.
They ask me for my opinion.
What's going on?
I saw her first. - So what,
does she belong to your father?
What did you just say?
Oh, God.
Oh no, not again.
Shirin, don't go.
Don't worry, these people
need to be taught a lesson.
What are you doing?
Move out of the way. Stop, stop it.
Mr. Wadia, Mr. Mehta.
Why are you two fighting?
Over her?
- Yes.
Oh no, stop.
Calm down.
Bloody useless buggers.
This is why you'll
are still unmarried.
Look who's talking.
Say that again.
Look who's talking.
Wadia, you foul mouthed rascal.
Take this.
- Hit him hard.
Go to hell.
- Don't hit me, please!
Enough now. Don't make me come in.
Let's go.
Ok, I'll drop you home myself.
No, I have to go with
the other organizers.
Ok, so at least give me your number.
My number? You already have it.
Where do I have it?
- 36B.
Don't joke around.
Just give me your number.
Why do you need my number ?
If it is in our destiny,
we'll definitely meet again.
What a rocking social, nah!
So, did you like anyone?
So, did you like anyone?
Really? Congratulations!
Who? Who is it? What's her name?
I forgot to ask her.
- Excellent!
- What?
Get up.
- What is it?
Farhad's rooster is up and
awake after so many years!
What are you saying?
The rooster's up!
"I met a special girl this evening."
"And she stole my heart."
"I met a special girl this evening."
"And she stole my heart."
"My lips were sealed."
"Such a fool, I was."
"I didn't ask her name."
"What an Idiot, I am."
"What an Idiot, I am."
"Youthful hope has blown up
like a balloon in my heart"
"In just one meeting,
she has filled my heart"
"Youthful hope has blown up
like a balloon in my heart"
"In just one meeting,
she has filled my heart"
"I threw away my chance with her"
"Such a duffer, I am."
"I didn't even ask
what is it she does."
"What an Idiot, I am."
"What an Idiot, I am."
How can you just barge in like this?
Wait just a minute.
Allow us to do ourjob.
- Yes, mama.
- Yes, mama!
Mama, coming!
- Farhad.
What's wrong?
- Please.
No, wait just a minute.
My son's on his way.
Farhad, come quickly.
Mommy, who are they?
They're here to
break your papa's tank.
They claim it's illegal.
How can it be illegal?
My father built it 25 years ago.
Look, please don't interfere.
We have orders from
the secretary to break the tank.
I will teach that
Shirin Fuggawalla a lesson.
And you, break my tank and
see what I'll do to you.
Aunty, this is my last warning.
Otherwise I'll have
to call the police.
I'm not scared of the police
- Police?
No, don't call the police.
- Then allow us do ourjob.
No, police.
Careful with that ladder.
Enough of this. Come on, get aside.
Move aside, you'll get hurt.
Move aside. You'll get hurt.
Move aside.
Why are you doing all this?
Something horrible might happen.
Watch it, be careful!
I'll show that Shirin Fuggawalla.
Who does she think she is?
Your father built that
tank with so much love.
Don't worry.
I won't spare that Shirin Fuggawalla.
I will smash her.
I'll go and burst that Shirin
Fuggawalla in her office right away.
So sweet my tiger.
Your father, Homi had done
only two good things in his time.
First, he built that tank.
And second, he gave me 'you'.
Don't worry, mama.
People think I'm a wimp.
But at times, when it is necessary,
I can be vicious.
Yes. - I want to talk to
that Shirin Fuggawalla.
I'm sorry, but ma'am is busy.
You'll have to take an appointment.
No, I want to see her right now.
Tell her, Farhad Pastakia is here.
Just a minute.
Hello, ma'am. Mr. Farhad
Pastakia's here to see you.
Oh. Yes, ma'am. Okay, ma'am.
Mr. Pastakia, you can go in.
Shirin Fuggawalla
Hi, Farhad.
I must admit I'm impressed.
You found me, how?
The tank
- Tank?
- Destiny! Sit. Sit.
Farhad, you always surprise me.
At times, I surprise myself tool
Remember what you'd
said about destiny?
- Number?
You said the next time we meet
- Phone number.
Oh yes, of course.
Can't go against destiny now, can we?
Take down my number.
- One minute please.
- 961.
- 65.
- 33.
Oh, it's yours.
I'll be right back.
- What did she say?
I gave it to her left,
right and centre.
The poor thing is crying.
Well done my tiger, well done.
Don't spare her.
I'll come home and
tell you everything.
That's my number.
Save it, okay.
Crack pot.
- Coffee?
- Okay.
Nice place.
- Very nice.
You come here often.
I bring mommy here.
- Your mummy.
Here, for coffee?
- Yes.
How sweet.
The owner at the counter
is an old acquaintance,
since when I was young.
How about some bread and butter?
The bread's fine, but no butter.
- Why?
I shouldn't.
Health reasons?
Even I agree.
Our thoughts are so similar.
- Thoughts?
Now that we're friends.
We should know each
others' likes and dislikes.
What's your favourite colour?
Let me guess.
I think so, 100% it's black.
Correct? What a coincidence.
What's your
Let me guess.
I'm sure it is... 'Salli boti'.
Me too. What a coincidence.
What's your favourite drink?
Let me guess.
100%. According to me,
has to be Mangola.
Is it Mangola?
Mangola? Yes?
See. Me too.
What a coincidence.
Who is your favourite actor?
Ranbir Roshan.
Me too.
- I see.
What a fine actor!
He dances well too, right?
Brilliant dancer.
There is no such actor.
- No?
I just made it up to test you.
Ranbir Roshan! Caught you.
And so, what's the result on the test?
- Positive?
Shirin. I want to ask
you a personal question.
Only if you let me answer.
Do you have a boyfriend?
No. Do you?
What nonsense, Shirin?
Let's sit there.
- Yes.
120 for a cafe laatee.
Not laatee, its latte.
Welcome, ma'am.
- Hello.
Welcome, sir.
- Hello.
One coffee.
- I'll have another coffee.
Coffee and tea for me.
And a chocolate pastry.
One by two.
Two spoons.
- Thank you, sir.
You're a very nice person.
- Thank you.
Really. I mean it.
- Thank you.
And may all your dreams come true.
I have a dream too.
- Underworld!
You want to be a don?
Where do I work now?
Tem Tem's.
- Aah, very clever.
Actually, I wish to buy out Tern Tem's
As it is, the boss
relies on me completely.
That' won't be a problem.
I've asked my cousin Hormuz..
To get me a loan passed
from the Zoroastrian bank.
But he doesn't take me seriously.
You think it's a good idea?
Farhad, I think it's a very good idea.
And you should do it.
- Really?
If business is good, we'll expand
to a first floor, then a second.
And soon enough we will
have a departmental store.
- Yes, 'we'
because you're the first
one who truly understands me.
Sorry, I got carried away
there for a moment. - It's fine.
You know I like talking to you.
And you also listen to me.
I don't have a choice, Farhad.
You never let me speak.
Actually, I've been talking
about my own self the whole time
and never asked about you.
Look at the time.
Oh my God, four hours!
Time really flew.
I'll drop you home.
- No need, we've arrived.
Wow, we're here?
That's your house? Great.
Thank you for a lovely evening,
I had a great time.
Thank you, and
I also want to say something.
Frankly speaking, even
I had a wonderful time.
Okay, goodnight.
I really enjoyed.
- Goodnight.
Really. Go, leave.
Let go of me. Goodnight.
Call me.
- Okay.
- Okay.
24 hours.
- Okay.
- Really?
Not between 11-7 though.
I sleep at that time.
My sleep is very important.
"Sweet and sour
just like a strawberry.."
"... there's a feeling in the air."
"My desires, they happily soar."
"My wishes, they seem mellow."
"Something new has
begun taking over me."."
"I want to touch the sunlight."
"I want to chase the rainbow."
"I wonder what is going on."
"This feeling's so right."
"I never want to let go."
"This is what my heart wants."
"Sweet and sour
just like a strawberry.."
"... there's a feeling in the air."
"My heart was lying..."
" some drawer like an object."
"Life was meaningless."
"What else do I say?"
"The windows were closed."
"My thoughts could never take flight."
"My dreams were
lonely in a closed house."
"Now there's a tingle in my heart ..."
"My feelings have taken on colour."
"I want to touch the sunlight."
"I want to chase the rainbow."
"I wonder what's wrong."
"This feeling's so right."
"I never want to let go."
"This is what my heart wants."
"Sweet and sour
just like a strawberry ..."
"... there's a feeling in the air."
What is it?
I want to tell you
something very special, mama.
Tell me, what is it ?
Mama, I'm in love.
Boy or girl?
- What rubbish you say sometimes?
Have you told her you love her?
- No, mama, not yet.
- No.
I will, I will. No problem.
But we've become
very close friends. - I see.
And what's your close friend's name?
- Shirin. Oh wow.
What does she do?
- Just say it, don't stretch it out.
Mama, she's
The Secretary at the Parsi Trust.
That, Shirin Fuggawalal
What are you two whispering on about?
Siloo mama's too funny.
Very funny.
Mama, don't make any
plans for this Sunday. - Why?
That's a surprise.
Wow. Surprise? I love surprises.
But I don't like suspense.
Tell me what it is. What is it?
It's definitely a surprise.
When you see it,
you'll be blown to bits.
What rubbish are you saying?
But why should we
pay more for security?
The security in our
society's already good enough.
Why would you be
worried about security?
Your wife roams around with
everyone in the colony as it is.
Why you
Leave me. Leave me.
Order! Order!
Please, be seated everyone.
You are spoiling the arrangement.
Don't do that.
What is this?
What's going on?
Calm down!
Please! Calm down!
Stop it.
Here son, your flowers.
- Thank you.
Don't you understand anything?
Calm down!
Stop it.
Calm down, calm down.
Behave yourself.
Uncle, may I sit here?
- Sit, sit.
Thank you, uncle.
What's going on here? I don't like it.
What can I say?
They ruined the flowers I had brought.
Leave all that.
First tell me,
do you live in A-block or B-block?
Uncle, I'm not from this colony.
What? You've come here
to watch the circus?
Get lost.
My stick. My stick.
Please. Calm down.
Maintain some decorum.
Dr. Driver is coming.
Sit down.
Oh, God. Thank you, Lord.
Ladies and gentlemen.
I am of the opinion that we must
all agree to pay more for our safety.
I understand that 10 rupees
every month is not a small amount.
But we should also remember this
that we live in dangerous times.
Last month there were two
crimes committed in the colony.
Someone stole Pest's
half-drunk Rum bottle
from his own balcony.
And the second crime
to even speak of it, I am ashamed.
But someone was watching Temina
undress through her bedroom window.
Temina, it's a scandal!
Considering this serious situation,
I have just one request.
Our security guards
should be given
machine guns and hand grenades.
You swine!
Try and put your hand on me new!
See what I'll do to you.
You got me beaten up by your men.
Me, Sohrab.
Doctor, where are you?
Where are you?
Shirin. Shirin.
Beroze, just listen
Silloo mama told me
that Farhad's bringing a
girl home for the first time.
Here, for lunch.
Farhad. What happened?
First, meet my friend.
Shirin Fuggawala.
I see.
Hello, Shirin.
- Hello, aunty.
Welcome. Welcome.
Look, your surprise is here.
Coming, mama. They're here.
Hello, aunty.
- Hello.
Wait, wait.
She's a good girl.
Have it.
- Farhad, what are you doing?
Are both of you fine?
What happened to you'll?
Leave some fun for after marriage too.
Some more Salli
You know how these Trust meetings are.
But I hope nothing
happened to you, Shirin.
Aunty, I've been working in
the Trust for a while now.
Dealing with these mad men on
a daily basis is part of my job.
Take your colony, Cusrow Baug,
for instance,
an old hag's been
troubling me for a month now.
So irritating, I tell you.
Some more 'Salli Boll', darling.
- Enough.
Have some more 'Salli Boti'.
- Why?
It's about some
illegal water tank of hers.
I had her tank torn down.
Mama Why don't you tell her
Forget all this.
Tell her about the man
who beat me with that stick.
Had I gotten hold of that stick
I would've beaten
that old hag so badly and..
...In places I don't want to mention.
This is very good.
- She's so funny.
And you know what else happened, mama?
A man pulled out a gun and fired it
right in the middle of the meeting.
Oh, darling. You have no idea.
Had I gotten hold of that gun earlier...
...I would've blown
that old hag to pieces.
- What happened, mama?
- Oh, God. She's choking.
Help her.
- No, no.
No, no.
- Yes, she's choking.
What are you doing? She's choking.
- Aunty, drink some water.
Mama. Mama.
- Drink some water.
Drink some water. Please, drink water.
She is choking.
- Shirin.
Oh, God. She's choking.
Au nty! Aunty!
Farhad, I think something's
wrong with the prawn curry.
I knew something was wrong
as soon as I'd eaten it.
Aunty, these servants don't
cook well at all these days.
And to top that, the
prawns itself wasn't fresh.
See, she's choking.
Au nty! Aunty!
Aunty! I think a piece
is stuck in her throat.
It's stuck.
- Shirin.
Farhacl! Farhacl!
Don't worry, son.
Everything will be fine.
But my judgment was right
Nargis was 'blown to
bits' by your surprise.
I didn't know.
I didn't know my son would
turn out to be so useless.
Out of all the girls in the world,
you could find only this one?
The one that
happens to be my enemy.
Mama, I've grown old now
and for the first time
I'm in love.
I'm in love. What can I do now?
Oh, shut up.
Let me make one thing
very clear with you.
Either it's that
Shirin of yours or me.
You have to make a choice.
But, mama. You're the one who asked me
to find a nice girl and get married.
Now, I'm the very same one
telling you, "Don't, Don't, Don'tl"
He's out to make my enemy
my daughter-in-law!
Looks like I raised you wrong
...for you to have turned
into such a useless fool.
Homi Pastakia.
You flew away on
your plane for good
leaving your idiot
son with me in this mess.
That tank you had so
affectionately built for me
that Shirin
Fuggawala had it demolished.
And now your son, he is in
love with that very same woman
wants to marry her.
Be warned, Farhad Pastakia.
This marriage will never happen.
Shirin Fuggawala will never
become my daughter-in-law.
Never! Never! Never!
Thank you.
Au nty.
How are you?
- Fine.
How are you? Please eat well.
She's all grown up.
You didn't call me.
How are you?
All well.
Thank you so much.
Have food before leaving.
- Congratulations.
Thank you so much.
Hip Hip Hurray!
Congratulations to our
dearest Anahita and Farhad.
He is mad.
He's saying that just to hurt Farhad.
- Forget it.
He's a nutcase.
Feroze uncle, that's not
Indira Gandhi. That's enough.
- What are you doing here?
Who's the caterer?
- Godiwala.
So here I am. I don't need an invitation
when there's a good spread.
And are you here for the free alcohol?
I am on the welcoming committee.
Hormuz is my cousin brother.
Really? Anahita and I have
been friends for a long timell
Farhad, you're on the
welcoming committee, aren't you?
Won't you welcome me?
Shall we.
- Come. - Come on.
Feroze Uncle, stay here.
Welcome the others.
Oh wow, your mommy's
looking stunning today, Farhad.
Hi, Aunty
Let's go meet her.
- No, later
What are you doing, Farhad?
- Let me think.
What's there to think?
Anahita and Hormuz
What are you saying?
- Listen to me.
On the count of three.
One, two, three
Farhad, where are we going?
Bloody rascal
Nargis, look.
Farhacl has finally found a girl.
Take a look.
I can see.
I think we should go on the stage..
Get him up with Hormuz on the stage.
Are you crazy?
She's the one who broke my tank.
The one from the Trust?
Where did she go?
- Yeah.
Farhad, where are
you whisking me off to?
It looks very bad, we shouldn't
have left the wedding like that.
If we hadn't left when we left,
there would've been a riot there.
Riot? Why?
I'm just kidding.
And by the way, my
granny really likes you.
Really? But just granny,
not your mommy?
Actually, mommy
- It's actually my fault.
I shouldn't have commented
on her prawn curry. - Right.
Really, I'm so stupid.
Fat people are so sensitive.
Don't keep saying 'fat'!
She'd feel bad.
- I know.
Atleast, don't say it to her face
- I know. Old people can be so
What old? Don't call her 'old' too.
You're crazy.
- Nargis aunty. How are you?
Where is Farhad?
Did you see him?
- Don't know. I just arrived.
I got late.
They're taking a picture.
He's disconnecting my calls.
Wonder where she took him.
They must be around.
Don't worry. Smile for the photo.
Smile please.
Another call from mom.
He just isn't answering.
He keeps disconnecting my call.
I wonder where he is.
Let him come, I'll show him.
Nargis aunty, shall I drop you home.
- No, no.
We'll go with Farhad
when he gets here.
I'll drop you.
- No, son. You can go.
- Okay. Goodnight.
That Farhad, where is he?
Farhad, it's really a beautiful place.
What is it?
It's not just a beautiful place.
I come here when I'm sad.
And also when I'm happy.
Because no one butts in,
questions me
or judges me here
It's a very special
place for me, Shirin.
And you're the first
person I brought here.
Me? Really?
You know why?
Because you're special.
Farhad, it's raining.
Let's go to my place.
I'll make you some coffee.
- Coffee?
Okay, come.
- Come on, come on.
Nargis, how long will we stand here?
It's raining heavily now.
Let's hire a taxi and go home
Oh god!
Shirin, towel.
- Just a minute.
- Thanks.
Shirin, where are you going?
I'll just go change, Farhad.
Just be comfortable.
This rain..
Even this wiper
had to stop working now.
Hello, Farhad.
Where are you?
You left Nargis aunty alone out there.
You know she's very upset.
I'm at Shirin's house.
She said, "Let's go have coffee".
Oh! You're all set brother
- What do you mean 'why'?
Do you know what it means when a
girl invites you home for coffee?
- Sex.
What are you saying?
Are you trying to fool me?
So, how will I know?
Will she give me a hint?
- Of course she will.
If she starts playing 'mood' music
then understand, that's a hint.
What music
I love this song.
"I feel it. Wonderful feeling."
Farhad, you like this song?
"She's the reason for this feeling."
"It's rising."
"It just keeps rising."
I just love this song.
She played music.
She played music!!
- Yes!
Go on, what else? What other hints?
What else would she do?
She'll give you
other hints like
She'll offer you chocolate.
- Chocolate?
Why chocolate?
Chocolate means energy.
Energy means aaahahahaha
Coffee or tea?
I want ch
Hot chocolate. Give me two minutes.
She offered me chocolate.
Hot chocolate.
Hot chocolate ll
"Be my bedroom girl."
"My Pretty girl."
- Yeah.
Get comfortable.
"Yeah, my pretty girl."
Do me a big favour and
please don't disturb me.
Because I'm going to be very busy.
Okay, okay, I won't.
Listen, time to get in to action, bro.
All the best.
Oh no.
He's finally on a roll.
What are you doing?
Shirin, my clothes
were completely drenched I took them off.
I'm very sorry, Shirin.
Bastard Sarosh.
Shirin? Shirin.
Shirin, the towel's
completely drenched.
It needs to be dried.
What happened was, see
the window was open..
...and the breeze was making
my clothes stick to my skin.
And you said "Get comfortable".
So I got comfortable.
I was feeling cold.
- Cold?
I thought you were
feeling a little too hot.
Whose clothes are these?
- My papa's.
Your papa's clothes?
Do you want to meet him?
In his clothes?
- Farhad.
I really want you to meet my papa.
Come on.
- What are you saying?
Just relax. Come on.
Come. Come.
Is he a nice guy?
Farhad, he's my papa.
He's been in a coma since many years.
How did this happen?
Years ago we had
thrown a party at home.
It was papa's birthday.
He'd asked me to go get him Mangola.
When I went into the
kitchen to get it
I heard a lot of
commotion out here
And when I got back,
I found papa on the floor.
We rushed him to the hospital.
Doctors, the whole nine yards.
But we still don't know
how and why it happened.
How did you take care
of him all these years?
You know, sometimes
when I think about it
I mean, it was impossible.
But if it wasn't for Dhun aunty.
Dhun aunty?
- Papa's sister.
She's gone out tonight.
Thank God.
Dhun aunty left
everything and came here
and looked after papa and me both.
She's an
She's an angel.
Now you know Mr. Pastakia
why I didn't marry?
Who would be willing to take
on this added responsibility?
Or stay with me here,
under my roof, after marriage?
It's not going to happen.
And I will never leave my papa.
Frankly Shirin, it's not a big deal.
It's not that
burdensome a responsibility.
For example,
I would do it happily.
Come here.
Give me your hand.
That's Farhad.
My boyfriend.
You just proposed indirectly
responsibility and all that,
and now you ask "Boyfriend" ?
Yes or no?
Okay, Boyfriend .
Welcome to the family.
Can I hug you?
- Yes.
Is that too tight?
No, hold me tighter.
Farhad, what are you doing?
What are you doing?
- Shirin.
Bugger, leave me.
You just said I'm your boyfriend.
So you'll do this.
Here, start again.
"This friendship's...
become dearer than life."
"This friendship's...
become dearer than life."
"Your love's. ."
"Like an intoxication."
"I've seen some beautiful dreams too."
"Without your love.."
"Without your love...I'm so lonely."
"Without your love.."
"Without your love...I'm so lonely."
"After we met.."
"I realized what my life was."
"My life."
"Smiles on my face,
but my heart was empty."
"My life."
"Your love's. ."
"Like the spring."
"I've plucked a few flowers too."
"Without your love.."
"Without your love...I'm so lonely."
"Without your love.."
"Without your love...I'm so lonely."
"You've filled my heart with desires."
"It's wonderful."
"It's wonderful."
"I was out of tune."
"But you turned it into melody."
"It's wonderful."
"It's wonderful."
"Your love's. ."
"Like an intoxication."
"I've seen some beautiful dreams too."
"Without your love.."
"Without your love...I'm so lonely."
"Without your love.."
"Without your love...I'm so lonely."
Sarosh, handle the shop today.
Tell the boss that I'm
unwell or something.
I am going to Shirin's house.
To meet Dhun aunty.
Dhun aunty?
Farhad, don't you think this
is going a little too fast?
Of course, she'll
give the final approval.
And then I'll handle mommy.
Hi, mama. I'm talking to Sarosh.
Oh no!
I think mama's heard everything.
I've lost my son.
How do I save him from her clutches?
Sarosh. Wish me luck.
Mama, Farhacl has started lying.
To me, and at his workplace, too.
And all this is because of that girl.
- No, Nargis.
Shirin's a nice girl.
If Shirin comes into this house,
she'll throw us both out.
What do I do now?
Walk straight.
Very nice, very nice.
Believe me when I say this, mama
Shirin and Farhad
will never get married.
And I say, "They will.
They will. They will."
Lord, now You please do something.
Hello, aunty.
I'm Farhad.
- Hello.
This is for you.
Shirin, Farhad is here.
- Coming.
Come in.
Come in.
- Oh, sorry.
Come in, please.
Hi, Farhad.
- Hi, Shirin.
So late you've come.
So, the 38D was for her.
That day I was confused
why you were buying a 38D.
Tell me something about yourself.
For years I've written
about myself in bio-datas
for all these
matrimonial agencies.
So, I'll tell you the same thing?
Name: Farhad Pastakia.
Age: 45.
I am single
...and male.
Family members:
An over-loving mother and grandmother.
Job: I am a salesman in
Tem Tem's bra and panty shop.
My dream is to make
my own undergarment shop
First love, Shirin.
And my last love, Shirin.
That's all.
Go get the phone.
- Phone?
Don't you want to book the spot
for your marriage? - Marriage?
Dhun Aunty, I love you.
Love you. Love you.
Shirin, this is just like in films.
"Are you ready?"
"Ramba and Samba."
"The road is long."
"But once more make
a u-turn for love."
"Less or more"
"The destination you
will find, for sure."
"Don't leave that
road of love behind."
"Ramba and Samba."
"The road is long."
"But once more make
a u-turn for love."
"Less or more."
"The destination you
will find, for sure."
"Don't leave that
road of love behind."
"Everyone on this journey..."
"Will never find reason to suffer."
"Join me."
"Ramba and Samba."
"The road is long."
"But once more make
a u-turn for love."
"Less or more."
"The destination you
will find, for sure."
"Don't leave that
road of love behind."
"All right lets go.
Come on. Come on."
Its got to be the Rarnb
And the Samba."
"Celebration were
planned within moments."
"But everything was in vain,
once I gave my heart away."
"Celebration were
planned within moments."
"But everything was in vain,
once I gave my heart away."
"God bless your family."
"Rumba and Sumba."
"The road's long."
"But take a u-turn of love."
"Less or more."
"The destination for sure."
"Don't leave that lane of love."
- Shirin... Come on.
Get Lost.
Hurry up, man!
Farhad, I am coming.
Come fast, come fast. - Farhad!
What are you thinking?
Today, frankly speaking
you're looking very beautiful.
Frankly speaking,
you need an eye-checkup today.
Shall we order?
- Look at the menu.
It isn't that expensive.
Farhad, this is very expensive.
Don't worry.
- Are you sure?
Will we have to wash the dishes?
Hello, sir. Hello, ma'am.
Cake for you both.
- Cake, already?
Compliments of the chef.
- Compliments?
- Free cake. Lovely.
Here, sir.
Mama's calling.
Don't eat yet, we'll eat together.
Just wait.
Hello, mama.
- Hello, Farhad, where are you?
What happened?
I've been trying to
call you for a while now.
Listen, we're taking
Feroze uncle to the hospital.
Hospital, why?
He isn't well.
Beroze and I are taking him.
Come on, Feroze uncle.
Push. Push.
- No gas for two days..
He hasn't been able to fart.
What do you mean?
He can't fart. He can't fart.
Mama, you handle it now.
I'll call you later.
- Okay, bye.
Don't eat the cherry.
Sorry, I already ate the cherry.
I'm sorry.
- What?
Yes. Ambulance.
Why? - There was a
diamond ring in the cherry.
What, Farhad?
I wanted to surprise you.
- Diamond ring in the cherry.
I wanted to surprise you.
I tell you, darling,
this is not a surprise
it's a shock.
Call the ambulance.
Call the ambulance.
Call the ambulance.
Shirin. Shirin. Shirin.
Shirin, please.
Don't touch.
Shirin, nothing will happen
to you. Nothing. Lie down.
Shirin, what are you doing?
Leave the doctor.
Someone save the doctor.
Have you gone mad?
Shirin, you've gone hysterical.
Shirin, you've gone hysterical.
Tomorrow morning,
we'll be drinking coffee
Don't touch.
- Easy, easy.
Look, it's simple.
We'll have to just flush it out.
It's just a tube.
Just soap water.
Soap water? What is happening?
Nurse, get it done.
- Thank you.
You'll be alright. Simple.
You'll be alright.
- Farhad.
No. No.
Can you do anything normally?
I never imagined my
engagement ring
will be coming out of there.
Tomorrow morning we'll sit in
the balcony and have coffee.
I will kill you Farhad if they put
a tube up my - It will come out.
They're here. They're here.
It hurts here.
Did the air pass?
Whenever I open the window
the air passes in and out.
I meant to say, 'fart'.
Usually, whenever I walk, talk,
sit and stand - I seem to fart healthy.
But I haven't been able
to for the past two days.
Nurse, inform me as soon as he farts.
- Yes, doctor.
I'll be back soon, okay.
Nargis, inform
Indira of the situation.
Tell her emergency's been declared.
The entire nation's running on gas
...and here, I alone cannot pass air.
Nurse. Just a minute.
- What happened?
Don't put that in the pot.
- Why?
You do know what this is, right?
I know, aunty. I know.
But the problem is
there's a diamond ring in it.
Oh my, where have you put the ring!
It's a very long story.
Don't put it in the pot yet.
Give it to me, I'll keep it safe.
No, no, that's my job.
- I'll keep it.
- It's my job.
Leave it. What are you doing?
It's my grandmother's.
So what? It's my job.
- Please. It's my job.
If this falls
- I'm very sorry.
Very sorry.
Have you passed gas yet?
Why do you keep asking me that?
Nargis, ask her to get a whistle
and put it behind there.
That way, when I finally do fart,
the entire hospital will get to know.
Okay, I'll be back.
There was just
a cherry seed in the pan.
Nothing in the X-ray.
So, where has the ring gone?
How do I know?
It wasn't in the bedpan, or
the x-ray, or the cake
and not even in the box..
Farhad, the ring's still in the box.
All the best, son.
You crazy man, what if I had
really swallowed the ring?
You crazy wo man .
You didn't swallow the ring
and still put up this charade.
Charade? There was
something stuck in my throat.
What was it? Just a cherry seed.
And you
Farhad, don't ever try
to put that ring on me.
Let me see.
Here I come. Here I come. Here I come.
Oh, God.
I say if we had given him
some eggs and potato
he would've
passed air in 15 minutes.
Farhad, it's beautiful.
Was it very expensive?
Why are you peeping into
someone else's room? - Nargis.
You'll wear it always?
- Always.
Don't lose it.
- I'll try.
Oh! Its so beautiful Farhad
Fart camel!
What should I decide now, Beroze?
Farhad's deciding
everything on his own.
He doesn't eat with us at home.
Doesn't talk to us.
Doesn't watch television together.
And doesn't even
visit the temple any more.
What do I say?
Don't worry, I'm with you.
You know, I feel better coming here.
Nice idea, it was.
Come on, darling. Cheers.
- Cheers.
Hello, Gustad.
- Hello, Farhad.
How are you?
- Fine.
It's been long.
Remember, Shirin.
- Hello.
We're friends now.
Your mommy's here too.
She's already had two beers.
Girls on a drinking spree.
Beroze aunty.
How are you?
Hello. Hi, aunty.
I know her, your 'late night'.
Come, sit.
Hi mamma.
Shirin, would you
like to have something.
No, thanks.
Who else stays with you at home?
Me, my aunty and my Papa.
But he's been in a
coma for many years now.
You mean to say your papa will come
to live with you after your marriage?
Actually we haven't
decided anything yet
whether we'll bring papa
along or Farhad will stay with us.
Oh, God. She's choking.
- Farhad, should I?
Aunty, we were going to
discuss this with you.
Oh, I'm honoured.
The both of you got
engaged in the hospital
without informing any of us.
So, Farhad's going to be
a 'live-in' son-in-law.
What's wrong in that?
No, no, not at all.
Farhad, a 'live-in' son-in-law.
What do you say, Nargis?
Aunty, I actually
wanted to apologise. - Why?
The other day
I criticized your prawn curry.
You think all this is
because of that prawn curry.
Remember that woman
you wanted to beat up?
That crazy old hag.
- Yes.
Yes, what about her?
Do you remember her address?
I can never forget
her flat number, aunty.
She must've called me
a thousand times
and written to me at a least
a hundred times by now.
I know that address by-heart.
Flat no. 7, C-block, 2nd floor.
Which block do we live in?
- C-block.
And which floor?
- Let it be, mama.
Second. Second floor.
Yes and do you remember when
you came over for lunch that day?
Which apartment did you come to?
Flat number
I am that old hag
the one you wanted to beat up
shoot with a gun.
My name is Nargis Pastakia.
Farhad's mommy.
Excuse me.
Mama. Mama. Mama.
Shirin. Shirin.
- Get lost, Farhad.
- Shut up, Farhad.
Listen to me
- I can't believe
that you didn't tell me..
...all this while that your mother was
Nargis Pastakia.
Since childhood,
her name's been Nargis Pastakia.
Very funny, Farhad.
And I was impressed for no reason
that you found me
without knowing my name or number.
You weren't there to see me
you'd come to fight with me.
And on top of that, flattering yourself
saying, "Destiny brought me here".
If it wasn't Destiny
- What else was it? - What?
In fact, you should thank my mommy.
I see, really?
If my mother hadn't gotten
into this mess with you
If you wouldn't
have demolished that tank.
Then I would never have
come to your office
and we would never have met again.
If it isn't 'Destiny',
then what is it?
But you should've told me,
at least once
that that fatso was your mommy.
- I didn't.
Now you wait Mr. Farhad Pastakia..
You want to break the tank again.
- You're tank is gone.
You want to break the tank again.
I will break it.
- Go ahead, break it.
Break it.
- I will.
But please, make
sure of just one thing.
Don't ever break my heart.
Melodrarnatic bugger, came here!
Farhad. I wish to talk to you.
Mama, please don't
start all over again.
You never have time to
talk to your mother.
But so eager you are
always to talk to her.
Answer it. Answer it.
She must be dying to talk to you.
Come on, come on, come on, Farhad.
Pick up the phone.
Why don't you answer it?
It's obvious, she's more
important to you than us.
- Aunty, I can't get through.
He isn't answering his phone.
Why are you wasting
time with the phone?
Hello, Farhad.
Farhad, why weren't you taking
Why are you calling
me again and again?
I'll call you back!
Come on. Where were you people?
I've been calling on
you'll for so long.
What are you staring at? Hurry up.
Move aside.
- Shirin, come on.
Come on.
He got up on my bed.
Be careful.
What are you doing?
Mind his head.
Ma'am, please. Let us do ourjob.
He's my father, not yours.
You'll have arrived so late.
Ma'am, please. We're doing it.
Hurry UP-
Put the mask properly.
- Shirin.
Shirin, take your bag.
Will you go alone,
isn't Farhacl coming along?
Just forget Farhad.
Shirin, take care.
Sorry Shirin. I really miss you.
I am sorry.
- Aunty.
I want to talk to Shirin.
I've been calling her since
yesterday. She isn't answering.
She tried calling you so
many times last night.
I've been very rude to her.
I want to apologise.
You're too late.
- What happened?
Her father had to be
taken to the hospital.
His condition became really serious.
And we needed your help desperately.
But you didn't answer your phone?
Which hospital?
- Parsi Trust.
Don't worry, he's doing well.
Sure, doctor.
- Yes, I'll come tomorrow.
Thank you.
I am so sorry, Shirin.
I am so sorry.
How is papa now?
Farhad, I don't want
to hear anything now.
Shirin, please
- No, really Farhad.
I really don't want to hear anything.
Last night when you called
mamma and I were arguing.
- That's the point, Farhad.
You're so scared of your mother
how will you ever marry me?
You know your mother hates me.
She'll never like me. It's impossible.
Please go and take care of your mamma.
And leave me with my papa.
This was the first time
I needed you Farhad
And I reached out to you.
And what did you do?
You insulted me.
You didn't stop to think even once
why is it that I was
calling you repeatedly.
I needed you when
papa was dying, Farhad.
You just disconnected me.
You know what?
Now I disconnect you.
And about all those 'destiny'
and 'made for each other'..
...speeches that you'd made
hear this and go,
My favourite colour is red, not black.
My favourite dish is 'Dhansak',
not 'Salli Boti'.
And I like tea much more than Mangola.
So you see, Mr. Pastakia.
Our likes and
dislikes don't match at all.
It's over.
"Strange darkness."
"Surrounds me."
"Standing at my threshold."
"With the dawn, nowhere in sight."
"The cruel moments."
"Don't let me sleep."
It feels lik
"My heart's in a turmoil."
"rm Paying the price."
"What is my crime?"
"Tell me before breaking all bonds."
"In the world of your memories."
"I wander in every nook and corner."
"I'm lost."
"Strange darkness."
"Fate didn't give me a chance."
"It was that angry."
"I wonder why the dark skies.."
"..are celebrating my sadness."
"As autumn donned."
"The destination was lost,
and the path destroyed."
"In the world of your memories."
"I wander in every nook and corner."
"In the world of your memories."
"I wander in every nook and corner."
"I'm lost."
"Strange darkness."
Farhad's message.
You read it.
It's alright, you can read it.
Anyway, there's nothing
left between us, any more.
Let's give our love one last chance.
This 31st night I'll
be at your door
to take you to
the New Year's party.
How dare he?
After everything that has happened
he thinks he'll get to
take me out for New Year's ?
He actually thinks I will go with him?
Guts he's got, yeah!
I have a feeling you'll surely go.
Dhun aunty!
- Be fair to the boy, Shirin.
He's been to the hospital
so many times.
He tried to meet you.
He's fighting with his family for you.
Shirin, he truly loves you.
He really loves you, darling.
Shirin, look.
Your favourite colour red.
Dhun aunty, you're too much.
You'll look beautiful in this.
You will go, won't you? For my sake.
For your papa. Please.
Love you.
- Love you.
My child
you're always so
serious these days.
So we thought we'd throw
a party for you, right here.
Okay? To celebrate the New Year.
Thank you, mama.
Sit everybody, sit.
Hi, Perizad.
I just want to tell
you something. Come.
Okay. Hi.
Yes, Perizad.
there's no point in worrying.
If Nargis aunty
doesn't like that girl..
...then just forget about her.
Take my advice.
Mommy's found a nice girl for you.
Meet her.
Please, for my sake.
Just a minute.
MY Prince.
Listen, I've solved
all your problems.
Tonight before the
clock strikes 12
you will find your Cinderella.
- She's superb.
What are you talking about?
- Come on.
- Come on.
Farhad, come on. Come with me.
- Come on.
"Baby girl."
"When you are going in style..
...all the girls will envy you."
Farhad, let me introduce you.
This is Firdaus Sanga.
His wife Mithu.
And their beautiful daughter Khurshid.
Farhad, take Khurshid to the balcony.
Go and do some chitchat.
You mean get to know each other?
Go, dear. Go.
With Farhad.
They look so nice.
I think it's working
out between them. Yes.
I feel it too.
Lord. Set my Farhad up with this girl.
Take a look.
- No tell me, what's..
Look, they're hugging. Look.
They're hugging. They're hugging.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you, Lord.
You finally fulfilled my dream.
Thank you.
Look, they're coming.
Guys, we're in love.
But not with each other.
What is he saying? Has he gone mad?
What kind of joke is this?
What is this?
Mama, I should've
behaved this way long time ago.
I think about everyone's happiness
but no one thinks about mine.
How can you say that?
Farhad, I think about you all day.
You know how much I love you.
Then why aren't you happy
that I found a girl like Shirin?
You know what a bitch
she's been to your mother.
Beroze aunty, you stay out of it.
I am warning you.
Do you know what kind
of a girl Shirin is?
Do you have any idea?
How she's at home, with me,
with her family she looks
after her sick father?
Do you know? Then just keep quiet.
Okay, be quiet.
When you didn't know
she worked for the trust
you liked Shirin, didn't you?
You liked her?
Yes. She was doing her job.
She was doing herjob, mama.
And it's an illegal tank.
And you are willing to break
your son's heart over a broken tank.
I'm 45 years old.
I'm 45 years old, everyone.
Today I realize
love doesn't have an expiry date.
I'm in love, mama.
What to do?
And you know what?
I feel so good, you've no idea.
I'm so proud of you.
Today, you 'blew everyone to bits'.
HaPPY new year.
Shirin. Shirin.
Sohrabl Manjil Temu! Come quickly.
Come quickly, I've caught the thief.
You cannot escape today.
Beat him.
Beat him. Beat him. Beat him.
Who's this creating a racket?
You cannot escape today.
Beat him, beat him.
What are they doing?
- Oh, God. What's going on?
They are beating up someone.
- It's New Year's night.
All the hooligans are out
on the street. - Beat him.
You come in, forget it. Forget it.
Listen. I am not a thief.
Actually, I came hereto see
- Exactly, you came to see.
He's the peeping tom..
Who watched Temina
changing her clothes.
I am not a peeping tom.
Call the police. Call the police.
Just a minute.
We live in a Parsi colony,
this is not a fish market.
This gentleman is
trying to say something.
Thank you.
- What's the problem?
The problem is they
say I'm a peeping tom
they're calling me a thief.
What are you doing here?
I came here..
No need to call the police.
- What are you saying?
Yes, no need. No need.
I've got a better idea.
- Say it.
What is it?
I have my ancestral gun.
I could just kill you
with a single bullet. - No.
No, no.
Police! Come quickly.
Come quickly. You've gone crazy.
You've gone crazy.
- What's going on?
Move aside. Move aside.
What did he do?
- Nothing.
He's a thief. He's a thief.
He's a thief. He's a thief.
Wait, sir. Wait, listen.
Listen to what I've to say.
Arrest him and take him away.
Sir, at least listen to me.
They won't let me speak.
Sir, please let me.
I am wearing a suit.
So, who's the gentleman?
And look at them.
Look, they're all in
their night-suits.
Who looks like a thief?
Don't act too smart.
Let's go to the station.
Sir. Sir, please.
He's a thief.
Sir, listen to me.
Look at my suit
You've all gone crazy.
You've all gone crazy.
Few days ago, he saw me
without my clothes on.
Yes, he did.
- Quiet!
Inspector, charge him
with sections 362, 172, 288.
If you don't take action against him,
then I will kill him, right here.
Will you shoot me?
Who do you think you are?
Inspector what does he think?
Hey mister, do you have
a license for that gun?
Confiscate his gun.
I'll get the license.
I'll get the license.
Happy New Year, papa.
Can I ask her a question?
- Yes.
Aunty, how many fingers
am I holding up? - Four.
And now, aunty?
- Six.
And now?
- 12.
She can't see properly
even under the light
how could she know for
sure that I'm the peeping Tom?
Who's ringing the bell
so early in the morning?
Farhad. Come in.
Happy New Year, aunty.
- What happened?
Your clothes!
Your sweet neighbours took
me to the police station.
Why? What happened?
- I'll tell you later.
You want to see Shirin?
- Yes.
Better change.
- No.
You can wear Hoshidaar's clothes.
- No.
Good luck, son.
Hoshidaar uncle,
If you can hear me
there's something
I would like to say.
Your daughter Shirin's
favourite colour is red.
And mine's white.
She likes 'Dhansak'
and I like 'Salli Boti'.
She likes tea, but I don't.
I like
- Coffee.
I like Duke's Mangola.
But what's the difference?
What difference does it make?
The point is
that we love each other.
Just think about it.
Imagine, 30-40 years from
now I fall really sick.
Doesn't make a difference.
Just an example. Let me say it.
Imagine if I can see
no more. hear no more.
Can't ..
Can't remember anything
everything's locked away inside my head.
Even then,
I will always remember one thing
I love you.
I just love her.
So can I, Farhacl
marry your daughter? Is it ok?
Look what I brought, uncle?
My back. My back.
Can I get a Dukes Mangola?
Papa's awake! Papa's awake!
Papa's awake! Papa's awake!
Papa's awake!
Papa, I can't believe it.
- Get the Mangola.
I missed you so much, papa.
- Mangola.
Farhad, Mangola.
Papa's awake.
He's awake.
It's here.
Farhad, Mangola.
Don't worry.
- Where is the Mangola? Get it soon.
Papa, Mangola's here.
Mangola's here.
I did it.
Papa! Papal
- Slowly, papa. - Hoshidaar is awake!
- Hoshidaar is awake!
Slowly, slowly.
- Hoshidaar is awake!
"They're on a roll."
"They're on a roll."
"They're on a roll."
"It's a circus of destiny."
"A saga of fate."
"The punctured lives
of two people ..."
"... that had gone bust."
"Love gave it a push
and made it jumpstart."
"Shirin-Farhad made it."
"Shirin-Farhad made it."
"Shirin-Farhad made it."
"Shirin-Farhad made it."
"Shirin-Farhad made it."
"Shirin-Farhad made it."
"Shirin-Farhad made it."
"They made it."
"Shirin-Farhad made it."
"Shirin-Farhad made it."
"Lets stomp the ground, ground."
"Hit the floor come, come down."
"Lets stomp the ground, ground."
"Hit the floor come, come down."
"Don't stop it yeah,
Lets do it yeah."
"Shirin-Farhad made it."
"Shirin-Farhad made it."
"It's a circus of destiny."
"A saga of fate."
"The punctured lives
of two people ..."
"... that had gone bust."
"Shirin-Farhad made it."
"Shirin-Farhad made it."
"Shirin-Farhad made it."
"Shirin-Farhad made it."
"They made it."
"Shirin-Farhad made it."
"What will the priest do..
...when the lovers have agreed?"
"Still it is not easy to meet.. there's lot of topsy-turvy."
"A spark is enough to fire."
"It is such a wonderful thing."
"Shirin-Farhad made it."
"Shirin-Farhad made it."
"Shirin-Farhad made it."
"Shirin-Farhad made it."
"Shirin-Farhad made it."
"Shirin-Farhad made it."
"They made it."
"Shirin-Farhad made it."
"Shirin-Farhad made it."
"The road of love is difficult.. have to be careful while driving."
"Listen to your heart or all."
"Who do you want to wave goodbye to?"
"Drive slow and steadily."
"Or you'll have to pay a heavy price."
"Shirin-Farhad made it."
"Shirin-Farhad made it."
"Shirin-Farhad made it."
"Shirin-Farhad made it."
"They made it."
"Shirin-Farhad made it."
"Shirin-Farhad made it."
"Shirin-Farhad made it."
"Shirin-Farhad made it."
"Shirin-Farhad made it."
"They made it."
"Shirin-Farhad made it."
"Shirin-Farhad made it."