Shockwave (2017) Movie Script

[intense music]
Target acquired
and entering hot zone.
Alpha Team is on standby.
Roger that. Hold position.
Awaiting visual confirmation.
- Is the package on board?
- That's affirmative.
Package is on board.
I repeat, package is on board.
Where are you taking us?
Where are we going?
[Kate] Please, you
don't have to do this.
You don't understand
how dangerous this is.
I have visual confirmation.
Alpha Team, be ready on my mark.
Waiting for your command.
[man speaking Arabic]
Target is down.
Execute! Execute! Execute!
Alpha Team is inbound.
Move out! Let's go, brother!
Come from the back!
Let's go!
[man speaking Arabic]
Why are we stopping?
What's happening?
Shut up! Stay down.
[man speaking Arabic]
It's a set-up!
[speaking Arabic]
Why are they shooting?
What is happening?
I said stay down!
I'm taking directed fire!
Hurry the hell up!
- Who did you call?
- I didn't call anyone, I swear.
Put your hands up!
[speaking Arabic]
Turn on the weapon.
- Now!
- No, you don't understand.
[Kate] Those men that are
shooting your men outside
are not gonna let you
turn this on.
You need to stop this now.
Do it! Now.
Do it now! Now!
Now! I said now!
Do it.
Do it now!
Do it.
Do it!
I'm not turning this on.
You're gonna have to shoot me.
[scientist] What are you doing, Kate?
This is crazy.
Just do what he says.
You! Turn it on.
- I-I don't know how.
- Do it!
I've-I've only watched her
run this.
I said, do it now!
- Okay! Okay!
- Do it!
- Don't do this.
- You shut up!
- Don't do this.
- I have to.
Shut up.
- Do it.
- I'm sorry.
Now! Do it!
I think that's it.
What's it doing?
- You don't have to do this.
- Shut up!
I'm sorry.
It's armed.
Kate! Come on, let's go.
No, I've got to
deactivate this thing.
Let's go. Let's go.
Let's go. We gotta go right now.
It's been activated.
I have to stop it.
No, we have go right now.
No, I have to shut it down.
[high-pitched buzzing]
- What the hell is that thing?
- Ah!
Let's go!
- Ah!
- We gotta go!
We're taking heavy fire.
Request evac to this location.
I need all ordnance
on my pod right now.
[radio chatter]
[radio chatter]
Fire for effect.
Fire, fire, fire.
[man on radio]
Direct hit.
[radio chatter]
All stop, all stop.
This is India Zero Two.
The hostage has been recovered.
We're returning to base
at this time. Over.
[man on radio]
Copy that. The weapon?
The weapon's been destroyed.
No, it hasn't.
It's just beginning.
[Jake] So, professor, what
exactly are you hoping to find?
[Rob] Anomalies between the two
sets of data would be great.
Comparing readings
from this close to the fault
with the ones we've collected,
would be invaluable.
[Jake] Ideally, this is
gonna help us make sense
of all the data we've collected.
I mean, really anything
that might help
give us some answers, Jake.
Here we are, guys.
It's beautiful, huh?
Yeah, not exactly
what I was thinking.
Well, if you were thinking,
then you wouldn't be
spending your spring break
with your father, would you?
How many times
do I have to tell you?
It was a political statement.
Yeah, well,
your political statement
nearly cost me my job
and almost got you expelled.
You know, sometimes
I think you do those things
just to get back
at your mother and I.
Judging from your silence, I'm
gonna take it that I'm right.
I'm an adult.
Yours and Mom's problems
have nothing to do with it.
So don't make it about that.
Okay, Miss Political Statement.
There is a phrase...
"If you can't do the time,
don't do the crime."
Look, it's gonna be
a long couple of days
if you don't start
looking at the bright side.
- There's a bright side?
- Yeah! Uh, I still have a job.
And you still get to
go to school, tuition-free.
Sorry, I didn't mean it
to go that far.
I know.
Hey, professor, which of these
goes inside the ranger station?
And you get to spend time
with that guy.
I don't know, Jake.
How about starting with the ones
labeled "Ranger Station?"
[cell phone ringing]
- Got it!
- Hello!
Is that Mom? Is she back?
[exhales] You know what, thank
you very much, I'm good.
- I guess that wasn't Mom.
- No.
Somebody trying to sell me
steak knives, so I guess...
You told me she would
be home a week ago.
She's back.
She had some bureaucratic
things to take care of.
What else did she
get herself into?
Rob Harris.
- Hey!
- Heh-heh-hey! Long time.
How are you, Martin?
This is my daughter Jessie.
- Heh-heh-hey.
- Hi!
I've heard a lot about you.
It's good to finally meet.
Wow! She looks like Kate.
- Heh heh. It's a good thing.
- Thanks.
Speaking of, how is Kate?
I haven't seen her in forever.
Yeah, well,
that makes two of us.
I say something wrong?
Just a... It's a touchy subject.
Oh, the divorce.
Yeah, anyway, uh, so,
let's talk about this stuff.
What's going on?
I'm sure as heck glad
you're here, Rob.
If I'm reading that equipment
correctly that you sent me
there's a crazy amount
of seismic activity
all over the fault line.
Looks like a popcorn machine.
I wanna be wrong,
but all this activity is...
- I got a bad feeling.
- That's why I'm here.
Yeah, we picked up the same
readings at university.
Let's get inside
and see what you got.
Sure. Let me help you
with the equipment.
Hey, don't worry
about your mom, okay?
She's gonna be fine.
She always is.
Worrying about her
and wanting to see her
are two separate things.
You seem to forget that.
The hostage has been recovered.
We're returning to base
at this time. Over.
- Copy that. The weapon?
- The weapon's been destroyed.
No, it hasn't.
It's just beginning.
Yes, I see here we've received
numerous phone calls and emails
warning of impending disasters.
Is that what you were doing
over there in Yemen?
Risking your life
and the lives of others
to stop some crazy disaster?
Sir, these crazy disasters
have already begun.
Yes, I've, I've seen that.
Uh, an earthquake in Yemen.
A temblor in Qatar.
Sandstorm in the desert.
A sandstorm in the desert.
Not really an anomaly, is it?
The winds in the sandstorm
you're talking about
were over several hundred
What's your intel on that?
That's just the beginning.
Global seismic activity
is up 15 percent
since your team extracted me.
Fifteen percent,
and it's on the rise.
The Hellstorm
has been initiated...
There is no such thing
as a Hellstorm weapon.
I am sitting here,
as proof otherwise.
And this is your proof?
Most of my research
was destroyed in the field.
You are right, in the field.
The field where our men,
good men
apart from saving your life
took out a terrorist
weapon stash
that was confirmed
to contain chemical weapons.
Chemical wea...
Is this a joke?
Miss, uh, doomsday scenarios are
nothing new to this office.
Russia's getting squirrely
with her nukes.
ISIS may or may not be
acquiring a dirty bomb.
North Korea...
Well, forget about North Korea.
But your scenario...
Let's just call it what it is,
it's fantasy.
Hellstorm weapons,
resonance weapons.
This isn't fantasy, it's fact.
I have seen it.
Yes, I've read your report,
I think we all have.
Resonance as a weapon
is just a theory.
Enough to know the difference
between fact and theory.
We don't give credit
to outlandish theories
here in this office. If we did,
we would have shut down
for the 2012 Mayan apocalypse.
GMOs would have turned
all of us into zombies by now.
I'd even turn off
my laptop for Y2K.
The point is, whatever was
in that desert was destroyed.
It isn't destroyed!
It's activated!
The only thing your bombs did
was make it harder to turn off!
There are some very smart men
in the middle of that desert
who have figured out a
technology that makes it capable
of wiping out an entire village.
So I would gratefully appreciate
this office's help...
Whatever you think
was or was not in that desert
was taken out by a team of men
who also risked their lives
to save yours.
what we'd appreciate from you
is a little bit of gratitude.
- This meeting's over.
- Uh, over?
- Why am I here?
- I said, this meeting is over.
This meeting might be over,
but mark my words
this... this has just begun.
[woman] Where are the
seats for the tent?
Babe, uh, where's my toolbox?
[sighs] I don't know. I
thought you packed it.
I told you to pack it.
Why would I pack your toolbox?
Because I asked you to.
Yes, and I told you I couldn't
because I had to pack
the groceries.
So you didn't pack it?
I packed the groceries.
do you ever listen to me?
Clearly not, 'cause if you did
you'd have a toolbox,
wouldn't ya?
Oh, my God, babe!
Are you seeing this?
Run! Run!
Oh! Oh, no!
[alarm blaring]
Rob, you're gonna wanna
see this.
That's the second one today.
Not really an alarming size,
it's barely registering.
No, but it-it's not the size
that's of concern
it's the frequency.
Have you been mapping these?
Yeah, every single one of 'em,
like you told me to.
See, it's not the size.
Would you grow up?
Yeah, the, uh,
pins are tagged with size
duration and time.
[Jake whistles] So, what's
that supposed to mean?
Is California getting ready
for the big one?
Well, it shouldn't be.
See, normally,
this kind of activity
would be a good thing to release
the stress along
the fault line, but...
But then the seismic activity
would be decelerating, right?
Exactly, but here
it's accelerating.
You've been paying attention.
What is that?
- Another one.
- Something's coming in.
Okay, professor,
that didn't feel small.
No, it didn't.
[phone ringing]
Ranger Station 219,
go for Martin.
[intense music]
Alright, copy that.
I got an emergency.
You should come with me.
Okay. Uh...
You guys stay here
and finish set up the equipment.
Stay here?
[door shuts]
It's just a tremor.
We should be fine.
[knock at window]
Can we talk?
I can't believe you were there.
I can't believe
you went to Yemen.
- Who are you?
- I mean, you saw it, right?
You saw the weapon.
Was it, was it operational?
[sighs] Sorry, my parents always
said that I was very short on tact.
- Drew. Drew Slack.
- Wait.
What do you know? Why didn't you
say anything in there?
- Off the record?
- Not a reporter.
- Your car's not bugged, is it?
- What?
I was part of the crew
that hacked the files.
We dumped the info out there,
th-the files that you got.
- Files that sent you to Yemen.
- No. Wait! Slow down.
That was you?
Well, me and some anonymous
- That's treason.
- Uh, okay...
I'm acutely aware of that,
but I don't see it that way.
See, okay,
because if you're right
which I think that you are
then it's the men in those rooms
that are the real
treasonous ones.
Okay, they know, Kate.
Keegan, Pierce.
They know that Hellstorm exists.
- They're lying to you.
- Why, why lie?
Because it's their technology
that got stolen
in the first place.
government information.
How do you think
that's gonna look?
Thing is, they're confident
they destroyed it.
Yeah, well, they're wrong,
we've got to get back in there.
Wait, wait, are you kidding me?
You can't go back in there.
They'll have you locked up
before you can say anything.
- Or worse.
- Worse?
This division of government
doesn't exactly answer
to a whole of people,
if you get what I'm saying.
How sure are you
that it's operational?
I was there.
I saw it. It is.
This is so bad.
Oh, this is so bad.
Okay, Drew, listen.
I need your help.
I have to get out of here.
But I need you to get my files.
They have them.
I need them.
You can do this,
go get me my files.
I'm going to jail,
I'm definitely going to jail.
You're gonna be a hero.
Nelson Mandela was a hero, and
he went to jail for 27 years.
Drew, thousands
of innocent people
are going to lose
their lives, maybe more.
I'll do it.
- Where are you going?
- San Andreas Fault.
Is there a problem there, too?
There's gonna be
a problem everywhere.
Go get me the info.
Got it.
Come on, Rob.
[Martin] Oh, Rob, this
does not look good.
Man, what happened here?
What is this?
Oh, no.
I knew these people.
[Rob coughing]
Look at that.
Let's go!
[alarm blaring]
Look. It looks like there was
another seismic event.
You know how to read that?
You do know who
my parents are, right?
Yeah, so, why this
sudden interest
in what your father's doing?
Thought you were
going on spring break.
I was.
I got in trouble
for a little political stunt.
This is my punishment.
I guess there was
a lot of that going on.
I heard that there was this
group of people
who painted themselves green
and went streaking across campus
to raise awareness
for Earth Day.
Thought that was kinda cool.
Thanks. My father
didn't think so.
Wait, that was you?
Where am I at when all
the cool stuff happens? Damn!
- Jake, it was for a cause.
- Well, no, I get that.
And I support it, like,
like wholly.
Like next time you do it,
any time you want to do it
you just, you let me know
and I'll be there, you know,
f-for the cause.
- Jake...
- With a paint brush and paint.
Jake, you remember
when we were in the car
and you told me to tell you
when you were
being awkward and uncomfortable?
I'm doing it right now,
aren't I?
Yeah, you're doing it right now.
I'm sorry. I just...
I get nervous
when I'm around you.
Whatever. Ahem.
- We have internet.
- Oh, perfect.
What? What? What?
Again, what we are seeing
is widespread destruction
that has consumed Paris.
Oh, my God.
Reports are coming in
from all...
Is that the Eiffel Tower?
[newscaster] ...describing
huge earthquakes followed...
[newscaster] Massive storms
that have toppled...
Mom! Where have you been?
Survivors have described
a scene right out of hell
with smoke, ash, and debris
raining down
over the entire city.
- Gotta get out of this park.
- I agree.
Change of plans, guys.
Pack up your stuff.
We're leaving.
Kate, when'd you get here?
[newscaster] ...definitely being
described as a natural disaster.
What are you guys looking at?
We can only assume
at this point
that so many
innocent people are dead.
And the damage
is in the billions
if not more.
Emergency crews are pouring
through the rubble
as scores of buildings
lay in ruins
in the center of
one of the greatest cities
in the world
reeling now from the effects
of this catastrophe.
Don't take your eyes
off the screen.
Let me know
if anything changes.
What time did these readings
come in?
There's a major
at the front desk.
[keys clacking]
- Hello?
- Penny, it's Drew.
- Do you have a second?
- Are you watching the news?
Did you see
what happened in France?
Do you know where I work?
Of course I know.
Why are you whispering?
Because I just told you
where I am.
And this call
isn't exactly legal.
Dude! You are in
a government building.
Go somewhere else.
I can't. I can't. I don't have
time to explain it.
Just need you to listen
to me, okay?
Oh, shh.
Are you in a bathroom?
Oh, my God.
[groaning continues]
- Agh.
- Go.
[Drew grunting]
Oh, sorry.
[Drew groaning]
Sorry about that.
Okay, long story short.
I need to get to the server
room, and I can't get access
unless there's
a critical network failure.
I need a zip bomb.
- Are you kidding me?
- No. I'm not kidding, okay?
I need a data dump so massive
that it clogs the servers
and shuts everything down.
[pipe reverberating]
Come on.
They're monitoring
our activities
so I can't do it here.
Penny? Are you there?
Is this treason?
No, why does everybody
keep saying that?
'Cause it is.
Okay, no, it's not...
Technically, it is.
But it's...
It's for a good cause,
I'm telling you.
What happened in France
is not over.
Okay, if, if you, if, if you
just do me this one solid
I'll give you whatever you want.
Okay, but you owe me.
I'll text you when it's ready.
What do you mean it's not over?
I don't have time to explain.
Um, I love you, bye.
What? You love me?
Did I just say that?
No, the entire park.
We need to close off
to the public.
Anyone still inside,
we need evacuated.
- Why everyone?
- Because it's not safe.
Not just the main entrance,
all the entrances.
So one minute I think
you're teaching in France
and then next, I find out
that you're kidnapped.
In Yemen. By militants.
I was in France,
and I found out about these
leaked government files, and
I had to go see if it was real.
- This is a global threat.
- Hey, that's not your job, okay?
Who-who do you think you...
You think you're James Bond?
Do you have any other
for what's going on right now?
Hey, you know,
maybe I don't, maybe I don't.
Maybe I'm just sitting
at a university
trying to raise our daughter,
while you're running around
risking your life
for God knows what.
Don't do that right now.
[clears throat]
Now, the Hellstorm weapon is,
is real.
I thought we were
leaving the park.
Hellstorm weapon
is a myth, Kate.
Well, now you just sound
like the Department of Defense.
Department of Defense? When were
you at Department of Defense?
They pulled me out of Yemen.
Hey, but now you know
the whole story
so we don't have to go to
couple's therapy.
So you're gonna make
a joke out of this? Huh?
A fully operational
resonance weapon
is burrowing its way
into the earth's crust
and destabilizing
the lithosphere.
Those readings that you sent
to me from here
they're happening everywhere,
but especially on fault lines
like the San Andreas that we are
literally standing on right now.
Do you understand
what I'm saying?
Yes, I know what you're saying.
I don't.
What's a resonance weapon?
- You just heard all that?
- Yep.
And including the part where
my mother has been seriously
kidnapped in Yemen and we have
no idea where you are.
Kate, you were kidnapped?
[cell phone vibrating]
So, what's this all about
'cause you're kinda
freaking me out.
You're kidding me?
We can't talk about this here.
The cameras have cameras.
I feel like Gene Hackman
in "Enemy Of The State."
Does any of this have
to do with the dump?
Are we gonna get caught?
This is bad, Penny.
Like people are going to die.
Like, they may already have.
France, India.
Now, it makes sense
that you said you loved me.
What? No, that was more
of like a moment
of severe stress
and anxiety more than anything.
I didn't really, you know,
mean anything by it.
Oh, too bad.
Too bad? What do you mean
too bad? Too bad?
But hey,
you brought me soup to work.
We're like an old
married couple, right?
Oh, God.
It's the same stuff
every time, come on.
What's this?
It's, uh... It's soup.
What? We can't bring in
soup anymore?
Come on, my girlfriend
brought it for me.
I've been working through lunch.
Burning the candle at both ends.
You know how it goes.
I think it's made of basil.
You smell the basil? Think
it's, like, in there somewhere?
Okay, I'll tell you what, if I
don't finish the whole thing
I'll come back and I'll give you
the rest of it.
Yeah? I'm good?
Great. Thanks, Hughes.
[metal detector beeps]
Loading, unloading.
I swear I'm having dj vu.
Who cares?
Must've been tough to listen to.
Between your parents and all?
It's not exactly
"The Brady Bunch."
Did you really not know
where your mom was?
Apparently not.
You know, she's always off
doing something
and trying to save the world
from something
but this one, you know,
really takes the kick.
My mom never leaves me alone.
- So...
- Well... Heh.
I wish I knew
what that was like.
Trust me, you really don't.
I guess the grass
is always greener.
Yeah, I guess.
What the hell is that?
That's not good.
Look, it's one thing
for some kook
to wax on about the apocalypse
it's a whole other scenario when
the things she warned us about
actually start to happen.
- The weapon was destroyed.
- How certain are you?
France is on a fault line, sir.
They've suffered major
earthquakes before.
This is all just
bad coincidence.
From our intel, it's a bit more
than just an earthquake.
And I don't subscribe
to bad coincidences.
When our offices were hacked,
you know what got leaked.
I don't have to tell you this.
So, did we or did we not
ever get Hellstorm operational?
No, there's never been
a successful test.
Even Nikola Tesla
couldn't figure that one out.
And he discovered it.
You know what they say
about a hundred monkeys?
No. What?
Lock them in a room
with some typewriters
and eventually you'll get
a few lines of Shakespeare.
It's time we started
running some scenarios
on the off-chance that this
wasn't just a coincidence.
Sir, we have reports
of another disturbance.
Alright, Kate,
we are leaving now.
Did you find a pattern?
Between setting up shop
and being chased
by a pyroclastic debris cloud?
No, we haven't had chance
to sit down and access it yet.
- Just a question.
- It's not just a question.
I know how that head
of yours works.
No. This information.
This is what I need.
Distance, time, location.
Do you have a printout of this?
- Kate, come on.
- Oh.
Come on, we gotta go.
I need that printout.
- What are you looking for?
- She's looking for a pattern.
The only way to reverse
what's already happened
is to predict
the waves in formation.
The what? Man, this is
way above my pay grade.
Kate, we're out of time.
We have to go.
No, I got to get one more
[Jessie screaming]
- Ah.
- Ahh!
That's really, really not good.
- Jessie!
- Ah!
- Ah!
- Jessie!
- Get to the truck.
- What is that?
Just get to the truck.
Martin, come on!
We gotta go. Just leave it!
Martin, get out!
Martin, come on!
I got it!
Martin! Martin!
- No!
- He's gone.
- No, no, no!
- He's gone.
He's gone!
[intense music]
Watch out!
The storm's gone.
[Rob] Kate, we gotta go back.
We can't leave him there.
- Rob, he's gone.
- We got to get his body.
The only reason that storm
didn't kill us all
didn't take this entire park out
is because of where we are.
[Kate] The San Andreas is a major
vein on the Yellowstone Caldera
and we are sitting on
a ticking time bomb.
Which is why you need to go.
- Go?
- Yes, it's too dangerous.
I need you to take the kids
and get out of here.
Of course, you know, we've only
been together for a few hours.
- That's good enough, right?
- It's not fair.
Jessie, every minute
you are here
is a minute you are more
in danger.
Exactly my point.
And you feel the need to stay?
Just like you decided
to risk your life in some
Godforsaken desert somewhere?
So not the time to be having
this discussion.
Of course it's not.
You never want to talk about it.
Okay, you know this park,
where's the closest exit?
No. Listen, Kate.
If you're right, where are we
gonna go that we're safe, huh?
Los Angeles? San Francisco?
There's nowhere that we can go
that we're not in danger.
Now, we are not leaving you.
You understand?
But if you have a plan,
I sure would like to hear it.
If I just got
the rest of those readings
off that computer,
I could have enough information.
She's pacing.
What does that mean?
- It means she's thinking.
- Or just triangulate.
Yeah, if we can triangulate
the waves, we can get
three different readings
from three different locations.
That might be
enough information.
- Enough for what?
- To try and isolate the wave.
You think you can
stop this thing?
Whoa, wait. What?
We're gonna stop this thing?
Us? Right here?
This thing that's
tearing up the globe?
Yeah, but we're gonna
need a little help.
Y-you're talking about
an explosion in the magnitude
of a-a one kiloton nuclear bomb!
Where are we gonna get that?
- That's plan B.
- She has a plan B.
- Like this one.
- Okay, look, we're here.
This is where we need to go
to get the first reading.
[Pierce] The Hellstorm
weapon is operational.
You mean the weapon
that doesn't exist?
Sorry, just trying to clarify.
Trying to get my head around
this whole thing. I'll shut up.
Hellstorm is a device
that uses resonance
to amplify toroidal currents
deep within the earth's crust
causing disasters.
Now you've all seen
an opera singer break
a crystal glass with her voice.
It's the same thing,
but on a global scale.
Hellstorm is the voice
the earth's crust
is the crystal glass.
Now the fracture is so deep
within the earth's crust
that it releases a rush
of high pressure gases
causing these storms.
It's a one-two punch
of natural disasters.
As a result, the earthquakes
release the powerful storms.
It'll wipe out any city it hits.
If it's a wave as you say it is
then it should just
fade overtime, get weaker.
No, wh-when the device is active
it's designed to get
stronger over time.
That's what a resonance weapon
is designed to do.
So, we take it out.
Bomb the area again.
It's not that simple.
It's too deep.
Our most powerful weapon
has a range
of 200 feet below the surface.
Hellstorm by now
is over a thousand feet deep.
Besides a bomb of that magnitude
on foreign soil would only
exacerbate global tensions.
Global tensions?
Sir, have you seen the news?
Got it, I'm shutting up.
[Pierce] Now there is
good news, however.
In our preliminary test
with the weapon
there's a signature.
It's a signal
that's associated
with the ultra-low frequency
waves that it sends out.
Uh, drones, radio arrays,
whatever you can tap into
we have to find that signal.
It's the first
and most important step
in stopping this.
What if we don't stop it?
Then it's an end-game scenario.
There are several hotspots
around the globe.
Pacific Rim,
Indonesia, Yellowstone.
A Hellstorm eruption
in one of those areas
would not just threaten a city
it would threaten
the human race.
[intense music]
Bite me.
Godspeed, you wonderful monster.
[intense music]
Did the server crash?
It seems li... It seems like it.
I'm-I'm locked out.
Is everyone else locked out?
Yes, sir.
Uh, no, we have a team working
on that as we speak, sir.
Of course. Call it a...
A contingency plan.
Yeah, yes, sir.
Yes, sir. Will do.
Our entire network was
just shut down.
- We've been hacked.
- Oh, damn it.
- Well, h-how extensive is it?
- Everything, sir.
Have we found that signal yet?
[intense music]
[siren wailing]
The Hellstorm weapon
creates a catastrophic
wave of energy.
And we're gonna need an equal
and opposite wave of energy
to destroy it.
So that's what
we're looking for.
Okay, I think it's working.
Good job, Jake.
So what are we supposed
to do now?
Just kinda wait for something
bad to happen?
Yeah. Hope that
the next one isn't as bad.
That's not very comforting.
You should go talk to her.
I don't know how to talk to her.
Kate, she's not a mathematical
equation that you can get wrong.
You're her mother.
Just talk to her.
Okay, we're getting something.
- This is it.
- Get on the timer.
- Record the readings.
- I'm trying.
You okay?
I think it stopped.
Is one of the storms coming?
Are we dead?
- Jake, we're fine.
- Oh, of course.
Yeah, no, I knew that.
- Did you get the reading?
- Yeah.
Now I know why Rob
likes having you around.
[Kate] We have one
reading, we need two more.
Guys, the quicker
we get these readings
the quicker
we can get out of here.
What do you have in mind?
See if we got the equipment,
we got walkies in the truck.
We need to split up.
I think it's a bad idea.
We are standing
on the San Andreas Fault.
I need readings
from both plates.
The Pacific
and the North American.
That bad idea
is our only chance.
I'll go with Dad.
No, wait.
You go with your mother.
Jake, you're with me.
We're gonna take the truck,
we'll go up that ridge up there
we'll get our reading. You guys
get your reading right here.
When we're done, we'll meet back
at the bridge. Okay?
You guys be careful,
that last shake that we had
is hitting somewhere else,
and we're not gonna be as lucky.
Be careful.
Thank you.
Okay, folks, I got a problem,
needs fixing.
Who's my best tech?
- That's me. Right here.
- I am.
Right. Drew. Come with me.
- Come on, let's go.
- Coming.
Oh! Earthquake.
[intense music]
[siren wailing]
Okay, it's over.
Back to work, people.
Let's go. Come on.
This whole building is gonna
come down on top of us
we'll be trapped inside,
that's like, my worst nightmare.
Well, from what I've been
hearing around the world
you'd be a lucky one.
Get in there, plug in.
You get 30 minutes.
The gate clock ticking.
[Rob] We're approaching the
bridge with our equipment.
Everything you need
should be in those bags.
[Kate] Copy that, Rob. We're
on our way to set it up.
This just feels
kind of ironic, huh?
What's that?
I remember when you and I
would go hike
the canyons together.
That was ages ago.
What was I, like, five?
Okay, you know what?
I get that you're upset with me.
Yeah, what gave it away?
- Let's set up here.
- Yeah. Work.
So much easier than having
a real discussion.
You sure this is it?
Yeah, yeah. This is it.
- We'll set up right here.
- Okay.
Kate, we're in position.
[Kate] Right. Let me know
when you're up and running.
Here, plug it in.
Come on.
What's wrong with this thing?
Oh, you press this.
Look at that.
Your dad taught you well.
- I'm up.
- Me too.
- I'm already getting readings.
- Oh, wow.
- This is crazy.
- Look at that frequency.
Yeah, it's definitely building.
[siren wailing]
- Is there a problem?
- Uh, no.
I was just gonna go use
the restroom. Uh, I...
I didn't ask for permission,
it's sort of
I got an emergency, you know?
Code red,
uh, code brown, actually.
Ah, just go. Make it quick.
- Okay.
- Hold it. You...
You're not taking your laptop?
Well... Yeah.
I mean, I might be
in there for a while
so I figured I'd just, you know,
get some work done, maybe...
No, I need you to give it to me.
Come on.
Why don't you hand it over now?
No, no, no, no, no, no.
- Security!
- Sir! Sir, stop!
I need the building
on lockdown right now.
Stop him! Stop him!
[alarm blaring]
[Drew] What am I doing?
What am I doing?
[alarm blaring]
I'm going to jail.
But not today.
No soup for you.
- Get up.
- Ugh.
Another breach?
Who's messing with us?
I don't have to tell you
the ramifications of all this
should any of it to find its way
back to our doorstep.
- It's not my first day, sir.
- I'm aware.
Just make sure
it's not your last.
I'm on a plane
to brief the joint chiefs.
When I land...
Uh, let me correct that.
If I land, I wanna know that
the situation's been
scrubbed and sanitized.
Are we clear?
Yes, sir.
You have my permission
to proceed...
with impunity.
Lot of seismic activity
over here.
- Ooh! Look at that.
- Wow.
- We got one coming soon.
- Yeah.
Something's definitely coming.
Hey, Mom? I think we're
picking up something.
- Mom?
- Rob! Rob, come in.
- You good?
- Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine, fine.
Kate, come in.
- Mom, we need to go now.
- Rob? Rob, come in.
- Rob. No, Rob!
- Mom.
Kate, come in. Damn it!
Professor, is this normal?
No, that is not normal.
Brace yourself.
Mom... We need to leave.
That's not good.
No. No, it's not.
Mom! We have to go!
- I have to get this data.
- Mom! Mom!
- Jessie!
- Mom!
- Jessie!
- Mom, please!
Mom! Come on!
Jessie, run. Jessie, go!
[Jessie screams]
Mom, we have to go!
I got it, I got it.
- Go, go!
- Mom, come on.
[Jessie screaming]
Let's go. Come on!
Get down!
We gotta go! In the truck!
Do you have any idea
the depth of the trouble
you're in?
Don't you mean us?
Okay, okay, okay, I get the...
I don't think you appreciate
the situation you're in.
We looked at your computer.
You hacked into
a government database.
You stole classified documents.
Now, where did you send them?
I sent them to my mother.
I thought it was a recipe
for sugar cookies.
Okay, okay, okay.
I sent them to the professor.
She knows more about this
than any of us.
No, she doesn't.
We have all the data.
Not just hers, but an entire
network of information.
Now, she's just one person.
Have you ever
stopped to consider
what would happen
if she's wrong?
I will not allow her
to doom humanity
in some ill-conceived attempt
to save it.
No, 'cause you've got
that covered, don't you?
Oh, come on,
you know you want to.
You work out?
You listen to me
you little speck of nothing.
Once this is all over,
and you and the professor
are deemed enemies of the state.
I will make it my mission
to make sure
you end up in the darkest
vilest hole imaginable
to spend the rest of your long
and agonizing life
unless you tell me where she is.
Now, where is she?
Rob, come in.
Rob, come in.
- Why aren't they answering?
- I don't know.
You don't think
they could have been caught
in that explosion, do you?
They were right across from us
if they set up
in the right area.
They could've got caught
in that eruption.
- They weren't.
- You don't know that.
Rob, come in. We need that info.
I thought
you were worried about Dad.
- I am.
- No.
You're worried
about getting his info.
You don't think I'm worried
about your father right now?
Who knows what you worry about
when you're halfway
around the world?
We're not looking for them.
So what are you doing?
Looking for an important e-mail.
I'm gonna go look for Dad.
Uh, no. Uh, you're not
going anywhere.
We're not splitting up.
Not in this.
Holy crap! He did it!
He got, uh, he got the files.
All you care about
are these files!
And in the meantime,
Dad could have gotten killed
in an explosion!
Jessie, there are things
in this world
that are bigger than you and me.
They are bigger than family.
Nothing is bigger than family!
Okay, you're right.
You're right.
Jess, it's just
sometimes the world
isn't that black and white.
- Why can't it be?
- Because it's not.
For me it never has been.
I make sacrifices,
and I live with them.
And I do dangerous things
that take me away from you
because I have to.
Because it's my calling,
and I hope...
someday that you
understand that.
But for now... baby...
let's just go find your dad.
Let's go.
Rob, come in. Do you hear me?
We don't have all day so...
this is gonna keep going until
you give me a reason to stop.
Now, where is she,
and what is she doing?
I don't know.
I swear.
Sir, intel thinks they found
the Hellstorm wave signature.
I may not need you after all.
[door shuts]
Kate! Jessie! Come in.
They're not here?
Kate. Kate, Jessie, come in.
Kate, come in.
Kate, come in. Come on, please.
Come on, guys, please.
- Kate!
- Where are they?
There they are. Come on.
- Rob!
- Dad!
- Jessie!
- Dad!
Oh, God.
It's good to see you.
We got your data.
Let's hope it's worth it.
It'll be, I promise.
Come on.
- Let's get in the truck. Go.
- Okay.
[Keegan] I'm getting ready to land soon.
I need answers.
How long do we have?
By our calculations
the wave will hit
the Yellowstone Caldera
in less than five hours
and twenty-five minutes.
How do we stop this?
We're working on that, sir.
Work faster.
So what are you hoping
to do with all this data?
Quick, Jake, if a tidal wave
were coming
for the coast,
how would you stop it?
Is that a trick question?
You can't stop a tidal wave.
It's a theoretical one.
what would you do?
You'd open up a trench
in the bottom of the ocean.
The waves' energy would go down,
it would never reach the coast.
That's actually right.
- I-I was gonna say that.
- Kate, Kate.
I-I already told you, okay?
That would require
a massive explosion.
- We're talking nuclear.
- Yes.
At the exact time
and exact location.
It's the only way
to counteract the wave.
Without this, we have nothing.
- Oh, oh, right, right. Plan B.
- Yeah.
How-how is plan B coming?
Plan B.
Hey, I need Pierce.
- Yes?
- You have a phone call.
Yeah. Well, I'm kinda busy here.
Yes, I told her that
but she said it's urgent.
Very urgent.
Her? Who?
The professor.
- Okay. Put her through.
- Yes, sir.
Professor, I'm so glad
to hear from you.
I'm here with...
your little buddy, Drew.
Kate, Pierce knows
what I sent you.
Drew, are you okay?
I'm at about a ten on the pain
on the hospital scales.
Yes, we were just
telling him how much
we really don't like
treason over here.
It was a physical demonstration.
[Kate] Pierce, you son of a
bitch, you listen to me.
Drew didn't just send me
info on Hellstorm
I have everything,
I have all the data.
I have all the files.
I have proof.
Proof that you knew
there was a weapon.
Proof that sensitive files
were hacked out of your office
and given into enemy hands.
Proof that when
you went in to save it
all you ended up doing
was turning it on.
You have blood
all over your hands.
Your hands are covered in blood.
That does not sound good.
Phil, listen,
we can make a deal right now
before this gets any worse
and trust me,
it's going to get worse.
I can stop it.
But I need the help
of the US Military.
Military? W-W-What exactly
are you proposing?
I need a device that is capable
of delivering the equivalent
of one kiloton explosion.
Ah. Are you joking? That's...
You're talking about
a small nuclear device.
On US soil, no less.
Yes, I am, and you have it
but I'm talking about
a fair trade.
All of the files
for all of your help
plus Drew.
You're talking
about nuclear munitions.
Hellstorm isn't stopping.
If this wave activity
ignites Yellowstone
it is an end-game scenario.
This is as bad as it gets.
You're right.
I'm sorry, come again?
The device will reach
the Yellowstone Caldera
in a little over five hours.
Okay, yes, but given the right
tools we can stop it here.
Now, what kind of power
do you think I have?
You have enough assets
at your disposal.
You didn't listen to me once.
Don't make the same mistake
We are running out of time.
I'll get back to you.
You've gotta like her style.
Now, am I free to go?
Not exactly.
If this is gonna work,
we gotta get underground.
There's a tunnel system.
Inside of the old mines,
not too far from here.
I think it might be deep enough.
- What are we waiting for?
- Let's go.
I don't think that's a bad idea.
This could be a win-win.
Assemble her a team.
Give her the requested assets.
If she's right, it's gonna
all clean up quite nicely.
Like I said, I want this mess
scrubbed and sanitized.
And if she's wrong?
Then nothing's gonna matter,
We're all screwed.
[Pierce] The professor's been
informed of your arrival.
We'll send in exact coordinates.
Hey, we're counting on you
to make sure
that payload
reaches her safely, huh?
Roger that. I'm on it, sir.
[intense music]
It's coming closer.
Well, it's safe for now.
A few more tremors,
I don't know.
The whole place feels like
it's gonna come down.
A few more quakes and
the whole place will come down.
We're not even sure
this thing's gonna show up.
[Jake] I really don't
wanna be here anymore.
[helicopter whirring]
That answers our question.
That plan B?
Let's hope so.
What are you doing?
Penny! Penny!
Hey, are you okay?
What did they do to you? Hey!
Stop. Come on,
you can't do this.
You can't do this.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no. You can't. Come on.
- Stop.
- Sorry. Loose ends.
[muffled gunshots]
[Kate] Didn't think I'd
see you again so soon.
[Ward] That's good luck.
Started in the desert.
Hopefully it'll end right here.
I like the sound of that.
[helicopter whirring]
- Where are they going?
- Protocol.
They'll be back with the evac
at the scheduled time.
They better be.
That's Jameson,
our bomb tech, as ordered.
[Ward] I hope you guys
know what you're doing.
So you have a nuclear bomb
inside that thing?
Yeah, it's a one SADM.
Special Atomic
Demolition Munitions.
It's capable of one kiloton
Ma'am, I was told you're the one
with the where and when.
You're gonna do down
about a mile down in there
and we are running out
of time...
Whoa. We can't go down there
a mile in that thing
for a remote detonation.
I'm assuming that we're not
all going down there.
No, they're staying here.
Relax. Be right back.
Look, I know it's clich, kid.
Just push the red button, okay?
Push the red button.
I'm not pressing anything.
No, you have to, sweetie.
Look, kid, it's not gonna
detonate anything.
I-it's just gonna set off
the timer.
You'll be alright.
You can do it.
- I can't do this.
- Hey, look.
This isn't you
painting yourself green
and starting
some political statement.
- You know about that?
- I do.
And I'm proud of you,
and I know you don't know that.
And I need to do
a lot of things differently
but right now,
this is a sacrifice
and I need you to be strong.
Can you do that?
- Yes.
- Okay.
Mom? I love you.
I hate to be the one
to break this up
but we gotta go.
Hold that thought, okay?
You can do this. I love you.
Man, I really hope this works.
- Everybody okay?
- Yeah. Let's go.
- Go, go.
- Go.
We do not know
the full extent of damage.
Reports of a sixth major...
We're running out of time.
Base to Bird.
Base to Bird.
Come in. Over.
Base to Bird. Base to Bird.
Come in, Bird!
[man on radio]
This is Bird, sir.
I am still in a holding pattern
above the fault line.
Jameson has the package,
en route.
But the entire area
is unstable, sir.
Copy that.
Three hours and counting, sir.
Come on, man. Keep moving.
Keep moving.
Yeah, yeah.
I say we go over
to my house. Let's go.
Right there.
- You okay?
- Yeah. I'm okay.
I could activate the bomb
but you're gonna have to
tell me when.
[Kate] Wait, wait, it's close.
Just hold on.
We are primed and ready.
No, not yet, it has to be
at the exact time
or this whole thing
is worthless.
Yeah, well, if we
don't detonate soon
we're all gonna be worthless.
Hope you're right
about those calculations, doc.
She is.
Base to Bird. Come in. Over.
[man on radio] This is Bird. I've
got explosions all around me.
Damn it!
[alarm blaring]
I hate to break it to you guys,
but we got to go right now.
Jessie, hit the button now.
Jessie, hit the button.
You have to hit it.
You heard her.
I can't leave them in there.
I can't.
- You have to.
- They're my family.
It's our orders,
and we need to follow them.
Jessie, they'll have time
to get out
but you have to start the timer.
It's gonna be okay.
Press the button.
Jessie, you can do this.
Come on.
- She did it.
- Let's go.
[Miller] The new
detonation's been set, sir.
Alright, let's get out of here.
You're not going anywhere.
What are you doing?
Just following orders.
No! No!
Come on guys, we got to go.
Alright? We don't have a choice.
We gotta get out of here.
I can't leave them.
We have to get to
the helicopter.
Let's go, come on.
Come on.
Go. We have to go.
Come on. Let's go.
There's no evac!
I don't see a helicopter.
They said they were coming back.
Do you see a helicopter?
No. No, they left us!
- Ah...
- Come on.
That's big.
That's it. That's the exit.
Go! Go!
Mom! Dad!
- Dad! Mom! Dad!
- Jessie! No!
- Jessie!
- No, Mom.
We gotta go. We have to go.
- Dad!
- Come on.
Jake, let me go!
What happened to the helicopter?
There is no helicopter.
It was a set-up.
Get to the truck.
Get to the truck.
Everybody hang on!
Faster! We're running
out of time!
We're not clear
of the blast radius.
Come on, come on!
How do we know
when we are clear?
- When we're not dead. Move!
- I'm moving!
How much time do we have?
- So, is it over?
- Yeah.
It's over.
How do you know?
Well, 'cause she has
this nasty habit
of always being right.
Not about everything.
You okay, doc.
Our country could use
more people like you.
I think she made her sacrifice.
I think we all did.
It's time to go.
Hey, professor?
Am I going to get
extra credit for this?
Right. Never mind.
I'll ask, I'll ask you later.
[instrumental music]