Shoot Out at Lokhandwala (2007) Movie Script

What you see in my hand.. that is..
..Mumbai police's standard issue.
9 mm bullet shell.
Here not just one, but countless
such bullets are scattered.
Since yesterday you all are
watching on our channel.. the Mumbai police
had transformed..
..a residential area
into a battlefield.
This is not a terrorist's den.
Then why 400 policemen
had surrounded..
..this place yesterday?
Here ordinary people like you and
me stay with their children.
Then why more than 3000
rounds were fired here?
To kill 6 terrorists, 1 12 citizens'
life was put into danger.
The police will have to answer
all these questions.
I am Mita Matu, reporting for
TVN.. Mumbai, Lokhandwala.
Because of one officer, the entire..
..police department is distressed.
This is shameful, sir!
We can't forgive Khan.
I mean without justification..
without authorisation..
a residential building..
..firing without caring
for the citizen's life..
..all this is written in
which police manual, sir?
We are here to protect..
not to kill.
This is the limit, sir!
Khan should be punished.
And I demand it!
Right now he and his officers
should be suspended!
And there should be an inquiry!
Till the time the inquiry is not
over, you all are suspended.
Now our job lies in your hand.
Not job, life!
Now all of yours life
lies in my hand!
Hey! No smoking in this room!
So.. sue me!
Is this inquiry
a game for you, Khan?
It was never a game in the
first place! It was war!
1984! Operation Blue Star!
Blue Star was successful! But violence
spread in the whole country!
What was your connection
with all this?
Terrorists escaped from Punjab and..
..they entered Mumbai's
Sikh dominated areas.
Bhandup! Charkop!
They had learnt of a way to make
rich Sikhs shell out money.
Quietly give us 20 lakhs!
Otherwise we will kill
your family members!
Gradually their terrorism spread
in ordinary Sikhs too.
Where was the police?
The police would have done something
if they had got the report.
But one day the police found out.
Sub-inspector Abhishekh Matre.
My best officer.
Hey! What is this?
This is Abhishekh Matre speaking.
Dahisar, check post.
3 suspects in white gypsy with AK 47.
Yes! I am sure it was AK 47!
Take him!
Shamsher! Your daughter
is waiting for you.
I have to go!
No! Not today!
Rohini, try to understand!
I am trying to understand, Shamsher!
Do you know since when your daughter
was waiting for her birthday?
So that.. at least for one
day you will be with her.
I don't have time for
all this, Rohini.
Yes. You have time for killers and
rapists. But not for your family.
Abhishekh Matre too had a family.
His child became an orphan
before being born.
You only tell me what should
I do? I shouldn't go?
I should sit here and eat cake!
Good morning, sir.
- Good morning, Khan. Come.
What's the matter, Khan?
Is it an important matter that
you had to come home on Sunday?
Sir, just now I have received
the information..
..that Matre's killers are
hiding in Antop Hill.
Oh! So shall I issue search
and arrest warrant?
No search and arrest warrant, sir.
I don't want to waste time and papers.
I want to directly kill them.
So what do you want?
TV coverage, sir.
A journalist will come with
us and cover it live.
So that people will watch it.
And the terrorists will
get the message.
That coming to Mumbai will
lead to their death.
Who will take the camera and
face terrorists' bullets?
We will find someone, sir.
- Is fine.
More than the lipstick..
you will need this.
Stay away from line of fire.
I want your audience to watch
each second of the operation.
And if a policeman is shot.. do
you want us to cover that too?
As long as I am there, no
policeman will be shot.
Just now along with the
death of 5 terrorists..
..the biggest operation in the
history of Mumbai police got over.
The hero of this operation
is ACP Shamsher Khan.
What he said, exactly that happened.
As long as I am there, no
policeman will be shot.
I and the citizens of
Mumbai are proud that..
..we have officers like ACP
S S. Khan for our protection.
I am Mita Matu, from
Antop Hill, Mumbai.
I think she is your big fan.
She is beautiful too.
She should have been a star.
You provide security to
everybody in Bollywood.
Tell somebody to make her a heroine.
You are right. She has something.
There she is praising you and
here you are praising her.
You should have had
your meals with her.
Well! That was sweet!
The press and your department
are against you.
But we are with him.
And who the hell are you?
Kaviraj Patil. Inspector
Kaviraj Patil.
Inspector Kaviraj Patil, speak
only when you are spoken to.
Till then just shut up. Okay.
Otherwise very soon
you will demoted.. the post of a constable.
In which police department
do we need such officers?
..I don't understand.
The best department
of the police! ATS!
Yes! Your baby. How did
you get this idea?
Los Angeles police department. SWAT.
Special Weapons and Tactics.
To fight modern day terrorism
and ordinary criminals.
We need such a unit that is
efficient, fast and deadly.
Deadly! Your speciality.
Which fool gave you
the licence to kill?
Commissioner Krishnamurthy.
Didn't I just tell the
two of you to shut up?
Did I or did I not? No! Did
I tell you to shut up or not?
So why don't you just shut up!
When did you enrol such
fools in your circus?
From all the police training
schools and police stations.. Maharashtra, I selected 27 men.
Those who are fit.. who
are good shooter..
..and who can fight criminals.
I wanted the best!
Oh! That is what you got!
I caught a leader from
accepting bribe.
In return I got the reward.. to check
the pockets of all the people.
What is great, sir? I
am not checking girls.
Will you work with me?
- Will I get more money?
You check people with this iron rod.
You don't say anything!
I promise you one thing. You will
get your rank of inspector back.
Let's go.
Today you were going to
get your result. - Yes.
So your mother said to buy
something good for you.
You like this a lot, don't you?
- Yes.
You got the report?
- Yes.
Show it to me.
Again so less marks in maths.
But papa, I couldn't understand
the question.
So try.. toil more.
When I was of your age, even
I couldn't understand.
My fellow students became
doctors and engineers.
And l.. Iive in a small flat.
For years I couldn't buy
anything for your mother.
Before buying this chocolate for you..
..I had to think 10 times.
Is this what you want to
become when you grow up?
A police officer like me? Son, study.
You people have come here too?
I have told you before too. I
don't want to join your ATS.
But why?
Nobody has a better network than
you in the underworld, Javed.
I have given up risking
my life for the police.
Yes. Of course! Of course!
Sir.. he is used to doing safe duty.
He stops girls and boys
from kissing in the park.
Am I right, Mr. Khan?
This is the chance to reform
your career, Javed!
We need you.
I don't need it!
To get my photo published
alongside yours!
Hey! Talk with respect! You..
In front of my child, respect me.
With Javed's arrival,
our ATS was completed.
Assassin Training School!
It has been given other names too.
- I see!
Allah Transport Service.
- Oh!
'Aata Tu Sampla' (You are dead).
'Aa Tapkade Shane' (Kill me, smarty).
Stop it!
ATS means Anti Terrorist Squad.
Is that a joke to you?
Why? Do you see me laughing?
You mean to say.. all the
charges against ATS..
..torture in the lockup, public
shootout, encounter killing..
..all these were false!
Come on. Answer me!
All this was false?
Come on! Answer me!
You can't find out the truth
and lie on the paper.
You know it in the street of Mumbai.
Underworld ruled Mumbai.
And the boss resided in Dubai.
There was an easy way
of earning fame.. the underworld.
To take somebody's extortion money.
This is how Maya grabbed
bhai's attention.
Maya! How will we do this
work amidst so many people?
Today we don't even have the silencer.
Let's do one thing. Let's
cancel today's program.
God wills we will kill him tomorrow!
Oh no!
- Oh no!
Bhai, listen!
Maya was not afraid of anybody.
Not even the police.
If the two of them survived..
tell them..
..that Maya-bhai escaped
two days earlier.
During that time Mumbai underworld's..
..most dangerous shooter was Bhua.
Who was it?
Look! Her boyfriend has come
to save his girlfriend.
Will you fight all three of us alone?
Let's bash him.
- Come on!
Now nobody will touch you.
Bhua belonged to Ashok Joshi's gang.
Come on! It settles the
account. Now leave!
Maya saw him. And he made a plan.
It settles the account.
That night Ashok Joshi's
gang perished in a jiffy.
- Yeah!
His biggest weapon was fear.
And Maya became bhai's
top general in Mumbai.
In her trance.
In her trance.
In her trance.
In her trance.
In her trance, I walked.
I walked.
In her trance.
- I walked.
In her trance, I walked.
I staggered.
At times I staggered. And at
times I walked straight.
At times I staggered. And at
times I walked straight.
From dawn to dusk.
Her name was on my lips.
From dawn. From dawn.
From dawn to dusk.
Her name was on my lips.
Like clouds and rains.
Like clouds and rains.
Like clouds and rains.
And rains and clouds.
I craved to meet you.
I staggered.
At times I staggered. And at
times I walked straight.
At times I staggered. And at
times I walked straight.
We both had a quarrel.
We both had a quarrel.
We both had a quarrel.
But I couldn't tell her this.
We both had a quarrel.
But I couldn't tell her this.
It was my mistake. It
was my punishment.
It was my mistake. It
was my punishment.
I couldn't endure it.
Friends, I fought with her.
I staggered.
I staggered.
At times I staggered. And at
times I walked straight.
At times I staggered. And at
times I walked straight.
I drank day and night.
Drunkards have drunk it.
It's not their fault.
They drink to their heart's content.
I was raised in beer bars.
I was raised in beer bars.
I staggered.
At times I staggered. And at
times I walked straight.
At times I staggered. And at
times I walked straight.
I think he was hanged upside
down for a long time.
He didn't jump. He has
been pushed, sir.
This is not a suicide, sir.
I want to know who has done this!
Tell your informers to become alert!
Informers! They are policemen's
third ear.
In the city's red-light
area.. beer bars.. the prison, we have informers.
Some work for money.
Some to take revenge from somebody.
Greetings, sir.
Sir, Aslam Kasai thrashed my brother
in front of my mother!
Hey! Why are you beating him?
Sir, he should be killed.
Aslam Kasai works for whom?
Sir, ask me. I will tell you.
He stays in Ghatkopar.
What is his gang's leader's name?
Tell me!
Maya. Maya-bhai.
Maya! What is the connection
in Sidhwani murder case?
Fatso! Shall I hit you!
His leg is reeking a lot.
Shall we leave him, Phatu?
Hold properly.
Is his leg reeking or your mouth?
You! You have eaten so much, fatso!
No, no! Don't leave!
He is reeking! Hold him!
Hold him! Hold him!
Phatu, let's leave him.
He is reeking a lot.
Hold him properly! Hold him!
He is reeking, Phatu!
So throw him.
Are you joking?
Throw him.
Bhai said only to scare him.
Phatu, what are you saying..
RC, why did you let him go?
Why did you leave him?
Hey! Our business runs
on fear. Only fear.
If one builder dies.. hundreds
will come to pay. Understand.
Come on!
Mother, bring bread!
- Yes.
The food is delicious!
- Is that so?
You have made such food
for the first time!
Will you kill us with your food?
You won't die, fool!
It's good that Sidhwani died.
If he doesn't fear us,
he will die. What?
Have your food.
No! I am full.
- Eat it!
Is it new?
It's German. Rapid fire.
By the time the police
loads one round..
..all 6 bullets of this gun
would have been fired.
Bhua.. at dinnertime too!
- Aunt!
Aunt, you are looking
great! Fire all 6!
Aunt, you look great! Wow!
Maya, let's make aunt our gang member.
She will be better than Phatu!
Again the same thing, smarty!
As it is Phatu-bhai is not so good!
Why are you making me mad!
Quietly have your dinner.
Always harping about Phatu!
We are bound to call Phatu as Phatu!
What else to call him?
Keep quiet! I got scared just
the first time. Tell him.
Only the first time?
- Yes.
Never again.
- I won't feel scared again.
Is that so?
- Yes.
Turn back.
- Okay!
Aunt! Keep the gun down!
Keep the gun down!
Phatu got scared!
Otherwise there will be problem.
Bhai, explain to her.
Mother. Leave it. He will
get a heart attack.
Aunt, what do you say?
Will you take somebody's
extortion money?
Will you kill somebody?
Tell me.
What happened? You got scared.
What happened? Whose call was that?
From Dubai.
For killing Sidhwani.
He says henceforth ask before
killing somebody!
Maya will ask somebody!
I told you.
From so far away.. he orders
you people on the phone.
And you all fools obey him.
Mother, keep quiet! You won't
understand. Don't talk rubbish.
I understand everything.
The entire Mumbai knows you guys.
Leave bhai's gang. And
form your own gang.
Mother, go! Do you know
what you are saying?
Do you know who bhai is?
This bhai.. had replaced somebody.
Hello! Hello! Hello, who is
speaking? Hello! Hello!
What, again you could not say
anything? How many days are left?
For the divorce to finalise.
How many days? It is on my head!
Then my dear, when will
you talk if not now?
Javed, I want to talk but..
My dear, a woman's heart
is just like wax.
It melts with just a few sweet words.
I don't know how to talk sweetly!
Try my dear! You cannot become
a poet by harsh words.
You have to talk sweetly for that.
What did you say? What
sweetly? What the..
Yes, yes, the F word. As usual used..
..with a not a lack of
relevance or context.
To the most basic of human acts.
Which is so explicitly and succinctly
describes.. - Yes!
A sad but unavoidable
linguistic travesty..
..of these modern times.
Mr. Javed, are you a policeman..
..or a boring professor? I feel
like killing you. - Kasai!
Oh no!
- Oh no!
Move aside!
Javed! Are you ok?
- It is okay!
Hey, move aside! Oh no!
Hey! Let me go, otherwise I will
kill her. I am telling you this.
Hey Pandu, don't come in front.
Hey! Not Pandu! Inspector!
Inspector Kavi!
Kaviraj Patil!
Enough! Enough! Now the
blood has stopped!
Now you drink a little
water Take this!
It will pain a little.
Rolling, madam!
- Javed, how are you now?
In one of the by lanes of Mumbai.. the bullets of the
ATS one more death.
Proof, witness and courts, has
the ATS forgotten all this..
..and accepted the easy
way of encounter?
Looks like the police think that
they are more superior.. - Easy!
This all looks very easy to you?
You enjoy.. degrading the police?
Move aside the camera! Move it aside!
They just barge in with their
cameras wherever they want.
A policeman is shot with a bullet!
He could have died anytime.
That looks easy to you, isn't it?
What will you say about him?
About Aslam Kasai!
He has already killed ten people.
You will not do anything about him.
Everything looks easy
for you. Fake press!
You can justify how
much ever you want.
The facts say something else.
Listen to this!
1987! Number of deaths
and encounters..
..with Mumbai police. 12.
1990! Number of deaths and
encounters with ATS. 53!
Numbers speak for themselves. But..
Wrong! In these two years the state
of Mumbai had changed completely.
- There is no difference between.. and the underworld.
They are gangsters and
you too gangsters.
Gangsters in uniforms!
There was a gang war between
the two of you.
You used to kill one of them.
They used to kill one of you.
Hey Chhotya! Hey Chhotya! Get up!
Recognized! How are you? How
is your brother? Tell me!
Where is your brother!
Get up! Get up! Come!
Don't hit me! Don't hit me!
I don't know where Gotya is?
- Where is he?
Where is your brother?
I do not know!
- You scoundrel!
I don't know! Get up!
Chhotya, what happened? Hey! Hey!
Chhotya! Chhotya!
What did you think?
That we do not have..
..any informer in the police.
Come! Come down!
Hey Chhotya! I hope you
did not get hurt?
Get up, you scoundrel!
Beat him! Beat him!
Chhotya! Chhotya!
Hit him!
Shut up!
Tell me, you scoundrel.
Tell me, you scoundrel! Tell
us where is your informer?
Where is your informer?
Tell me! Tell me, you scoundrel!
Aslam was killed! Aslam was killed!
He was my brother!
He was my brother!
Why are you hitting him,
he has not done anything.
You are the sycophancy of the police.
You are used to eating
the police money.
Now eat this! Take this in your
mouth! Take it! You scoundrel!
Open your mouth! Today I will
make an example of him!
What are you all watching?
What are you all watching?
You scoundrel! See this!
Hey you, go to your son!
- Chhotya!
Scoundrel! He was acting smart!
What are you watching? Come here!
What are you watching?
- Nothing! - What?
What did you see?
- Nothing!
You did not see anything?
Your eyes are just a show
piece in your head?
You did not see the murder?
- No!
You scoundrel! You are lying!
When the police comes,
with the red light.
Then you must tell them. Maya
Bhai had come! Understood!
Tomorrow you must tell
the TV people. What?
Three bullets were fired. Understood!
Hey Buwa! Only three bullets!
The TV people will not like it.
Then take this! Sensational news item!
You must tell them! What?
Hey come on; enough! Come on!
Ant.. Ant.. I am jaggery..
Hey! Have you called up
that Wadhwani builder?
Maya, I had called up! But he
instead started threatening us.
That he will not talk
to hooligans like us.
What? He will not talk!
- Maya! - You! What do you want?
I don't want! You want, sir! What?
Protection! What do you say?
What did you tell my boys?
You too are a child still!
Understood, Maya!
And your father is there
to protect me.
I talk directly to Dubai. Understood!
The one you are talking about,
his hand will never..
..reach up to your head from Dubai.
Now what.. your wife, family,
everyone is here! In Mumbai!
And even I am here! In
Mumbai! Understood!
40! Keep 40 lakhs ready!
You scoundrel! Whom
are you threatening?
I have seen many like
you coming and going!
People like you not for forty lakhs..
..but they die for four
thousand everyday.
Forget my number otherwise I will
call your father in Dubai.
Hey sit!
Maya! - Hello! - You understood?
- Yes, understood!
70 lakhs! Tomorrow!
- 70!
Hey you scoundrel!
And now whatever cash you have,
give it to us! Come on!
For good luck! Come on! Come on!
Hurry up! Come on!
There is more?
- No, there is no more!
There is no more?
- Hey, come on from here!
Come on; leave from here!
Listen oh my beloved!
This love is very painful.
You lose your heart and
in return you get pain.
My beloved, I thank you for
the company you give me.
I have no other work to do.
I have no other work to do.
I have become yours..
I have become yours and
immersed in your love.
I have become yours and
immersed in your love.
I have to live for my life,
and I love you my beloved.
I read your expressive
face like the Gita.
Your youth and my love!
Your youth and my love
have united together.
I have become yours..
I have become yours and
immersed in your love.
I have become yours and
immersed in your love.
I have become yours and
immersed in your love.
Listen you oh my beloved!
Listen you oh my beloved.
Now I don't like it anywhere.
When I see you only then
I feel a little peace.
I am the thread.. I am
the thread of love.
I am the thread.. I am
the thread of love.
You have become my beloved!
I have become yours..
I have become yours and
immersed in your love.
I have become yours and
immersed in your love.
I have become yours and
immersed in your love.
I have become yours and
immersed in your love.
I have become yours and
immersed in your love.
I have become yours and
immersed in your love.
Janu! I hope you are not hurt, Janu!
Oh my God!
Hey you, what did you do?
Maya, what did you do?
Hey, shut up! That I was
throwing one by one.. hand hurt her, what could I do?
You will hurl the full bundle at her?
What, you will throw the full bundle?
Hey, you keep quiet! See!
Hey Phatu, you don't instigate him.
See, her eye is completely black!
Show! Show! One minute! One minute!
Leave me!
- This is kohl! See, this is kohl!
Kohl! Kohl! Buwa, this is kohl!
I told you not to touch her!
So what if it is kohl?
Her full face has become red!
- Let me see! Buwa this is rouge!
Move! Are you all doctors?
Hey, leave her!
Hey, are you a doctor?
See how this lover boy is angry!
Elder brother!
- Yes! - Your phone!
I have told you not to touch her!
Lover boy!
Yes, Maya!
- Maya! How are you, Maya?
Bhai! How are you Bhai! I
am fine! Fit! You tell me!
Maya, Wadhwani had called up!
And you know that he
is our direct party.
Then why are you giving him tension?
You go just now and apologize to him.
Today itself! Understood!
Bhai, Maya will never
apologize to anyone.
Not to anyone!
- What did you say?
Bhai, what is this? You are
comfortably sitting there..
..on your golden throne.
And here we slog for you.
We take risks for you here! We
rule the entire Mumbai for you.
If we have to go and apologize
to these people.
..then how will we work, bhai?
Then what do you want to do?
I will take the money!
The full amount!
The amount that I had
told him. That much!
Bhai, Maya can never
go back on his word.
It is my prestige! What?
They were dancing and
singing in the bar!
What were you all doing,
sucking your thumbs?
They used to change their
hideouts everyday.
To bring them out we pressurised
their families..
..and their associates.
They are fresh!
- Yes, very fresh!
Okay, give me!
You took the money!
Greetings, aunt!
Hey, aunt! At least give the money.
The money for the fish!
You scoundrel!
- The money for the fish!
Do I look like aunt to you?
- Hey, what are you doing?
I look like aunt to you?
You scoundrel!
Oh madam! Mr. Khan has
called you! Come.
Where is Maya?
He may be somewhere! Sometimes
here sometimes there.
You are acting very smart!
The day your son will
be shot by the police..
..all your smartness will go.
Hey! You go and threaten some one
else with the name of the police.
I know what you policemen are!
He used to beat me like
an animal for years.
At that time you policemen
just watched like eunuchs.
My Maya was just nine years old.
But even then he was a man!
Kill him! Maya, Kill him!
I have given birth to him.
Now even if I have to kill him,
I will not surrender him to you.
Okay, sir! I am going!
I have to cook fish.
That means Phatu is not your son?
- No!
Amazing! But in this file it
is written that Phatu alias..
..Mouiddin Akmal!
His name is Phatim!
But he was born here!
Now we have nothing to do with him.
Is it? Your neighbours say that
he comes here everyday.
Look here brother, he
is a heart patient.
Have mercy on us and
go away from here.
If I come to know that you have
given shelter to a culprit..
..then I will put both of you
behind bars. Understood!
Greetings! Hi!
Wow! Wow! What a dress? But..
it does not suit you.
What do you say.. not at all!
Where is your, that dress? Have
you kept it in the bag?
That one! Those small, small ones!
What are you saying?
You have come here to dance, isn't it?
To increase the glamour here!
Did you see; the best bar
dancer of Deepa bar!
Look here; this is the wedding
of a decent family.
Even prostitutes dance
in decent weddings.
You know the meaning of a prostitute?
The same.. whore!
Sir, what is this you are saying?
Uncle, what is this? We are
waiting for her dance..
..and you are not saying
anything to her.
She is our guest!
- Guest? This?
You did not tell uncle?
That means, you must have
not told uncle that.. are the item of the most
famous underworld.. Bhai.
She is the keep! She is
Buwa's keep! Uncle!
Don't you know Buwa?
But our plan backfired on us!
They did come out, but at the
wrong place and the wrong time.
Shamsher, one thing! Only
one thing can you remember?
That you are someone's father
before you are a policeman.
You are someone's husband.
Greetings, sir!
My dear, go to your mama!
Hey you scoundrel! You are building
your body to fight with us?
What you look?
Hey! You had gone to act smart
with my Tannu! What?
Hey Buwa! Leave him! Today we
have come just to talk to him.
I do not want to talk to you,
I am with my family.
Even I thought the same thing! Family!
Even I have a family!
Then why did Khan go..
..and threaten my mother?
Was that right?
Henceforth if you even touch
my wife and my child..
..then I will kill you!
Do not act so smart!
Don't be so smart!
My dear, go in!
If not about yourself, then think
about your wife and child.
By God, we will make your life!
Hey, Rafiq, tell him!
Posting! Posting! Promotion!
Talk about cash! If you have money..
..then you can pacify your item.
She will not come back by
you just making your body.
What do you say RC? Will she come?
Hey Buwa, she will come!
She will come to us?
Hey you scoundrel! She
will come, won't she?
Listen! You take a big
house, a big car!
Tell me how much do you want?
I will tell you what I want!
All those scoundrels that
are born here like you.
A file is made and it
comes to our office.
Now there are so many files
that there is no place.. keep our feet.
There is only one way
to clean the office.
The person is dead; then
the file too is no more.
The office of the Mumbai
police is so small.
And I have made the entire
Mumbai as my office.
Whatever I have is given by God!
- Oh my God!
And we are very happy with that!
We do not want anything else.
But I would like to
tell you one thing.
There is still time; change
for the better.
Otherwise you will spend the
rest of your life in jail.
We will go to jail? Rafiq,
do you want to go to jail?
What are you talking about jail?
Even I don't want to go to jail
Then don't go! Then don't go to jail!
Go and bring my revolver!
I will kill you right here!
Hey! Don't threaten me!
- Hey, what will you do?
What will you do?
Hey, skinny, move! Let
me do my exercises.
Hey you! I will beat
you with that bench.
Hey Buwa! Leave him! We will
take care of him later.
I am going! But before I go
I will tell you one thing.
This.. This game is between us!
It has nothing to do with the family.
You stay away from our family
and we will stay..
..away from your family.
There can be only one thing
between you and me.
Kill or die!
What? Will you do an encounter?
You policemen really fool the public.
You pick up some goon and
kill him in the by lanes.
Then you keep the revolver in
the hands of the dead body..
..and the next day in the news
on TV.. headlines! Publicity!
In a sensational encounter
a goon was bravely killed.
You people do not understand
what we say.
You only understand the
language of the gun.
And see, one day your dead
body will be found..
..Iying in some alley.
The lanes open on both
the sides, Khan!
I will wait for that day.
- Even I will!
Maybe we may meet, or we may not!
But I will tell you one thing!
I felt nice after meeting you.
At least there is one policeman
whose uniform..
..still has that.. My lndia is great!
I have spoken to you for
so long, don't think..
..that I will even wait for
a second before I shoot you.
Even I will shoot! Maybe..
before you can shoot.
Ganpat, bring liquor.
Ganpat, bring liquor.
More of soda and less of water.
More of soda and less of water.
Clean the table. Come on.
Clean the table. Come on.
- Ganpat!
- Ganpat!
Come on! Come on! And everybody.
Come on! Come on! And
move your body.
Come on! Come on! And
shake your body.
Shake your ass. Shake your
ass. Shake your ass.
Come on! Come on! And everybody.
Come on! Come on! And
move your body.
Come on! Come on! And
shake your body.
Shake your ass. Shake your
ass. Shake your ass.
In the Mumbai. All over lndia.
We are the goons.
We are the goons.
In the Mumbai. All over lndia.
We are the goons.
We are the goons.
I am the goon. You don't worry.
I won't spare the one
who looks here.
Tell me if there is a problem.
Everybody is afraid of me.
Give some coke to my friends.
Give some coke to my friends.
- Ganpat!
Ganpat, bring liquor.
In the Mumbai. All over lndia.
We are the goons.
We are the goons.
In the Mumbai. All over lndia.
We are the goons.
We are the goons.
Be it Bipasha or Aishwarya Rai.
We can go anywhere.
Yash Copra and Subhash
Gai make movies on us.
And they make money.
I want special tea during daytime.
Liquor in the evening, girl
at night and then sleep.
- Ganpat!
Come on!
Look at me, girl.
I am everywhere, girl.
You are heart, I am life, girl.
Shake your ass. Shake your
ass. Shake your ass.
Look at me, girl.
I am everywhere, girl.
You are heart, I am life, girl.
Shake your ass. Shake your
ass. Shake your ass.
In the Mumbai. All over lndia.
We are the goons.
We are the goons.
In the Mumbai.
We are the goons.
We are the goons.
Come on! Come on! And everybody.
Come on! Come on! And
move your body.
Come on! Come on! And
shake your body.
In the Mumbai. All over lndia.
We are the goons.
We are the goons.
Who is Ganpat?
What did you thought? That
Khan will get scared?
Khan has killed 26 people
till date. And you!
30! 30!
We have killed 30!
If he killed you all.. then
his count will be 31.
So should we fear him?
Since when he is threatening us!
Sometimes his mother, at times
my girlfriend's threat.
Am I a eunuch that I will sing!
Oh my!
When will you all stop thinking
like street goons?
This is what Khan wants.
That you all lose your temper..
and come out of your hiding.
And then he could target you all.
That's why.. he and his men
are threatening your family.
Rohini! Heena!
Isn't this what you wanted?
- Yes.
Then sign and end the matter.
Is it so easy for you
to break this marriage?
This marriage broke a long time ago.
Rohini, I am sorry.
Sorry? For what all things
will you say sorry?
Do you know what is going
on in your family?
Your daughter failed in the
exams for the first time.
You don't come home for 4 days.
You don't answer my call.
Rohini.. I had told you what
a policeman's job is like.
How is it?
If you had told me, I would
have tried to understand.
What could I have said, Rohini?
That what kind of things l
have to deal with everyday.
Gangster who kills somebody
just for a few thousand.
The terrorist who hangs tire
around somebody's neck..
..and burns him in the
middle of the road.
The father who rapes his
5 years old daughter.
Should I have told you
all these things?
I would forget these things
and then come home to you.
Thinking that you both are my life.
Rohini.. please come home.
I will make everything
fine. I promise.
Hello! Hello, who is this?
Javed.. I couldn't meet
marriage expense.
And now I have to deal
with divorce expense.
Marriage is about sharing.
And you don't talk.
What should I say? What should I say?
I say the entire fault is of this
police department and this job.
Damn it!
What happened with Mr. Khan?
What happened with him?
Have you seen his plight?
I think the entire department
should have a divorce lawyer.
So that.. we would get group
discount.. on wholesale.
Oh God! Don't talk like this!
You never know which wish
Allah will grant.
What language you speak in!
Don't you know Hindi?
- Yes.
Hindi is epitome of our culture.
It is memento of our ancestors.
But shame on ruining
our mother tongue.
That is leading to disappearance
of our culture
Peter, Jogeshwari, mobile.
Peter, Bengali mobile.
You bore so much!
Hello! Yes! Come on! Come on! Come on!
We know where Bhua is. Come on!
Room number?
- So say it!
Hey! Hold on! I have to
go to the bathroom.
Come on! Hurry up! The
police! Come on!
Sir, are you fine?
The window!
- Okay!
The first rule of any police
operation is backup.
And you went alone. Do you
think you are a hero?
Javed-bhai had come with me.
He was standing at the exit.
So that if he tried to run
away, he would nab him.
Did you nab him?
These are the best officers
of our police force.
God help us all!
Stop here.
You stop here!
- No, I want to come, dad.
Why you want to come?
Come, sir! Come! Don't get scared.
You too come!
Bhai's man! Have you got the money?
Move the furniture! Give the bag!
Hey! Count the money!
How much?
How much?
Oh no! I had told you 70!
Why did you get 30?
No.. I couldn't arrange for so much.
I will do it by tomorrow.
No! Now means now! Go! Get
the rest of the money.
And then take your son from here.
No.. no.. please don't do this.
I have given the money.
Half of it. Yes!
You! Then take back half
part of your son!
Shall I chop him?
I.. I promise.. I will get
the money in a few hours.
- I will get it, son!
Go and get the money.
I will just come!
- Papa! - I will just come!
Come and sit!
Hey! Make place!
For him?
Sit down!
Come on!
- Sit down!
Bhai.. Wadhwani! Bhai,
my son is with them.
They say they will kill him.
I have only one son. Please save him.
On your saying.. I paid
half the money.
Lokhandwala. Swati building. 302.
I will pay the rest too.
But.. save my son, bhai.
I have only one son.
Okay, bhai. Thank you.
Bhai, again Maya is creating problem.
In our business everybody
comes from filth.
Some people progress ahead.
And some people are shot and
again go back to filth.
Enough of talking in puzzles.
Anyway. So.. welcome to the big day!
November 16th!
How did you know they were there?
One of my informer told me.
Swati building. 302. Lokhandwala.
You will find Maya and
his men there, sir.
According to our information,
you received a call from Dubai.
Their Dubai's boss gave you the
instructions to kill them.
This is wrong!
Write Maya's address.
302. Swati building. Lokhandwala.
They are 5 of them. None
of them should survive.
As per the phone records.. you had.. a call from Dubai
on your direct line.
That day I had received
many international calls.
I get it everyday!
Nobody told you that?
Phatu! Phatu!
Why are you yelling
early in the morning?
Phatu, give me a bottle!
Why? Have you sobered from
last night's intoxication?
If I am in my senses,
I see only ghosts.
How long will you live in
fear of that ghost family?
Which one?
- Must be that!
Which one?
- Must be that! Shoot! Go!
So what if you shot the
family by mistake?
Don't think so much, RC! Forget it!
I don't think! I don't think!
That woman.. her children..
I see them all the time!
RC! Do one thing! Become
a ghost after you die.
And then say sorry to them.
Bhua, you don't make me mad!
Phatu, give me a bottle!
- Here, drunkard!
Hey, Phatu! Don't laugh so much!
- Why?
He gets scared of ghosts.
And you get scared of people.
Why are you hitting him?
- Yes.
Tell us how Phatu got his name.
- I will tell you.
I don't want to stay with you people!
- lts nothing!
Phatu! Phatu!
- Phatu!
Where are you going?
- To hell.
Phatu, don't feel bad.
Phatu, hear it!
You too! Why do you make him angry?
Let him go!
Come on! Say it!
- Yes.
Phatu wanted to become a shooter.
Don't kill me, bhai!
- Shoot him!
Don't kill me!
I can't do this! I can't do this, RC!
Shoot him! Come on!
Shoot him! Nothing will happen to you!
Come on! Come on!
After that he got the
name Phatu! Phatu-bhai!
Aren't we all great? We always enjoy!
What do you people think? Move!
This fatso doesn't enjoy?
He enjoys more than us!
What are you saying?
Alcohol every night. Not cheap
brand! Foreign brand.
What are you saying?
- Girls!
I have heard there is strip tease
dance in 5 star parties.
Yes. There is.
You enjoyed it?
- Yes! Its great fun!
Dance for us!
Come on! Dance! Dance!
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,
9, 10, 1 1, 12, 13.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,
9, 10, 1 1, 12, 13.
I wait for you all the time.
Come, beloved. Its springtime.
You felt so bad. They were
just joking. Say sorry.
I will say it. I will
say it. Sorry. Sorry.
I said sorry twice. Now smile.
Where is Swati building?
- Take left turn.
Have you gone mad! Have you gone mad!
Why did you come back, fool?
To tell you people.. that
I am not a coward!
Tell me.
Bhai, here the entire police force..
..has surrounded me and my men.
Don't they have any other work to do?
Bhai, make a few calls.
You had said that you will
look after Mumbai work.
So you only do something.
As it is, Maya. From Dubai
I can't pull the strings.
This is what I wanted to hear!
You only trapped us.
What are you saying, Maya?
Because if Maya escaped from here..
..then I will reach to you in Dubai.
Residents of Swati building!
Listen carefully!
Nobody should try to peep outside!
We have the orders of shoot at sight!
Kaviraj Patil and his men!
Now there will be war!
- Keep quiet!
Bhai! Bhai! Bhai, let me go!
Now why do you need me?
- Keep quiet!
Go! Go!
Listen! Put your hands up!
He is a fool! Where are
you coming from? 302?
Don't shoot! Don't shoot!
Fool! I was right!
Today they are in the
mood of encounter!
I told you! Not to stay
in one flat for long!
I told you, didn't l?
I said it twice! Twice!
Keep quiet! Now it's not
the time to hear and say.
Its time for action.
Tripathi! Maya!
Now what you want to say?
You are dead.
Scoundrel! Keep quiet!
I have bribed you all
my life! Understand!
Now come here! And free
my men from here.
Tripathi, I will give
you so much money..
..that you can never
earn in your life!
I am ready to do kissing
scenes in my movies.
But my hero too should be ready.
Don't you think there can be some
problem from the censor board?
Look, this is 1991.
India reached 18 years of age in 1985.
I don't understand.. why
our censor board..
..doesn't allow adults scenes?
After all why do we have democracy?
Look, I don't want to
create any controversy.
I will do what I want to do!
Nobody can stop me!
Quickly do the touch up!
Ma'am, all the police vans are
heading towards Andheri west.
Let's go.
What were you asking?
- I will just come!
Hello! Hello! Hello!
Come and do the final touch-up.
Hello. Minty, I saw some police
vans passing from here.
Did you hear anything?
Mita, you won't believe this! This
is like a film! Check this out!
Bhua.. Khan!
How are you?
- Nothing. I am fine.
Are you fine?
- Yeah.
How many men?
- Sir, 5 to 10 maximum.
Hand gun. Besides that nothing, sir.
What have you done? There was
only one rocket launcher!
You wasted that too!
I thought this is the only
chance to kill Khan!
Ma'am, stop! Where are you going?
- Fine. Go.
- Yes, sir!
Seal all the exit points of
this area. - Okay, sir.
Within the radius of 1 km,
I want road blocks.. every lane, road and track!
Alright, sir. Okay.
Sir, I will cover up too.
Right now I am outside Swati
building in Lokhandwala.
The heavy police force that
you can see behind me.. because here Mumbai's
most wanted..
..gangsters are hiding in a building.
Just now a rocket launcher
was fired here.
It exploded a car.
What happens next, we will
keep you updated on that.
Please stay tuned exclusively.
Reporting live for TVN, Mita Matu,
Lokhandwala, Mumbai.
Hello! Tanu, it's me.
These people.. they are saying..
They are right.
Meaning you..
Tanu, I am not afraid of death!
But before dying I wanted to live!
What house means.. wife means..
..child means.. I wanted
to see all this, Tanu!
I wanted to marry you, Tanu! But now..
Nothing will happen to you!
Nothing will happen to you!
I too used to think like this!
I killed so many people.
I never thought that something
could happen to me too.
But today.. today.. God
gave my extortion money.. Yamraj (Lord of Death).
All the snipers will take the position
on the terrace of the building.
And Parmar, you stay at the
entrance of the building. Go.
Okay, sir.
We should attack with full force
before anyone finds out.
Right, sir.
Kavi, you go back.
- Okay, sir.
And remember.. shoot to kill.
- Always, sir.
- Mother!
Where are you? Are you fine?
Maya, this police.
Mother, you too! Don't cry. Nothing
will happen to your son.
You don't worry!
You.. you go home, mother.
I will come.
Will you come today?
Yes. Today.. in the evening.
Mother, you don't cry.
You always say this.
But you never come.
Today your son will come
home. I swear on God.
It has been a long time since
I had 'Puranpoli' made by you.
Mother.. will you make it for me?
Go! Go home!
I will hang up, Maya!
I don't want to talk to you!
Please don't hang up, father!
For God's sake, don't hang up!
At least hear what he wants to say.
What to hear?
Has he ever listened to me
that I will listen to him!
I was wrong, father.
I was always wrong.
You were right. I never gave any
happiness to you and mother.
By talking like this
you think we will..
..again come to release
you from the prison?
No, father!
Today I don't want anything.
I just.. before dying.. I want
to apologise to you, father.
Before dying! What are you saying?
I am telling the truth.
I am telling the truth, father.
Today I won't survive.
These police have come for
our encounter, father!
They will not spare us!
Son, don't say this! Don't say this!
Son, come back! All your
crimes will be pardoned!
Come back, son!
Goodbye.. father.
Fatim! Fatim!
Fatim! It's your mother!
Talk to your mother, son!
Sir, here and here.
- Okay.
Khan! What the hell do you
think you are doing?
Is this the way!
This is my case, sir!
And this is my way!
This is not your jurisdiction.
But I am your senior officer!
And I have the responsibility
of any kind of crime!
Now move your men! And let
me talk to those guys!
Guys! They have fired RPG on us, sir!
They have wounded 3 policemen!
Nobody will talk to them!
This is insubordination, Khan!
You can't talk to me like this!
I don't want to talk to you, sir.
I just want to do my work!
Khan! I am giving you final warning!
I know those guys are
ready to surrender!
I am going inside to talk to them!
Khan, how dare you!
Sir! JCP Tripathi is interfering
in my operation, sir!
Give him the phone.
- Right, sir.
Tripathi, here!
Tripathi, what are you doing there?
Sir, I was just..
On whose order?
- Sir..
On whose order, Tripathi?
I have given Khan complete authority.
He will handle the situation.
Sir, what is the order for me?
You stop interfering in
other's work, Tripathi.
Don't intrude. Come back.
Come back right now.
Get out of that place, Tripathi!
- Sir!
Let's go!
Bhua! Bhua!
Come on!
Sir! Maya's mother wants to meet you!
Call her.
I know.. what you people are doing!
You all are killers not policemen!
Is your son Mother Teresa?
Sir, let him go. I will
explain to him.
He will surrender. I will talk to him.
You will explain to him?
Earlier you used to
roam around smugly!
Because your son is a big goon!
Because of mothers like you
he has become like this!
Today he will die!
No, sir! Just.. today leave him.
Leave him. I will talk to him.
Go away! Otherwise I will shoot
you too in an encounter!
Understand! Get out!
Get this!
Patil! Kadam! Is everybody
in their position?
Sir! We caught him from inside!
Where are you taking him?
- Sir, I am..
Come! Come here!
I said shoot to kill! Send
the men to the roof! Go!
Yes, sir!
RC, what happened? What happened?
Ghosts are dead! Do
you also want to die!
No, am I right? Run! Run, RC!
Hello, Kavi! Kavi, come
in! Kavi, come in!
Kavi, are you all right?
You all go there! You all go here!
Sir, your jacket!
Are you fine?
Are you fine?
- What? - They are upstairs!
Take care!
You take the plank and place
it across that roof.
And you give the covering
fire. 1.. 2.. 3!
RC! You!
Come on! Come on! Come on!
Hey, officer? That's it?
Javed! I will be released within
2 days! Within 2 days!
Sir! He is still alive!
No wonder Human Rights.. have
come out with a rally.
Yes, these people.. who can
roam freely on the roads!
They can speak their mind!
Because people like me have
given them the freedom.
Otherwise there are many
places in this country..
..where people have to hide at home.
They can't talk freely.
Because of people like me.. criminals
are afraid of the police.
A person thinks twice before
murdering somebody.
Who are Maya and Bhua?
How can their lives benefit anybody?
Please tell me, Mr. Dingra.
Your Honour!
In the past few days I had
serious discussion..
..with my client ACP S S. Khan.
And I have reached the conclusion..
..that I don't want to argue
much about this case.
I don't want to present
any proof or evidence.
I just want to ask one question.
One question.
From this court.. this society
and this country!
Just one question.
It's not a legal question.
The question is about
your and my family.
Your Honour!
You too have a house, a family,
wife and children.
Right now your wife and children
are alone at home.
And a man is standing
outside your house..
..with a gun in his hand.
Who do you want that man to be?
And what do you all want?
If a man is standing
outside your house..
..with a gun in his hand.
Who do you want that man to be?
Maya.. Bhua.. or ACP Shamsher Khan?
Your Honour, I don't want you to give
a big decision in this matter.
I just want.. you to give a simple
answer of my simple question.
That's all, Your Honour! Thank you.
The high court has declared the..
..decision in shootout
at Lokhandwala case.
All the members of ATS have
been declared innocent.
You can assume this as prosecution's
..or ex-justice Dingra's
strong defence.
Is this justice?
Or the police officers
who killed 6 people.. Lokhandwala, was that justice?
Today Mumbai police's encounter
specialist has won.
But the biggest decision
is still to be taken.
What Khan and his men did,
was that right or wrong?
And you have to this decision,
the people of this country.