Shoot the Duke (2009) Movie Script

The duke is dead, boss.
Do me a favour,
don't call him the duke.
He's dead.
He came out of the hotel just
like he was meant to.
That, uh, cop, was with him...
What happened?
They walked to his car nice and slow and
Frank has the duke right in his visor.
Is Mardukas dead?
Is Mardukas dead?
Did, uh, did you just hear the story,
he got shot in the head?
Yeah, I heard.
But you don't hear me, huh?
Did you idiots make sure that he is dead?
You say "What" one more time, I'll shoot
Hey, I'm serious.
I shot him in the head, Joe.
He shot (on) him right in the head.
Okay. It's a very simple question
and I want a very simple answer.
Is he dead? Yes or No?
I think, Joe, if you shoot somebody in the
head, yes, he should be dead.
Alright, sure, you know, okay.
There is a teeny-weeny little chance
A teeny-weeny?
But, a tiny-winy...
Tiny-winy, teeny-weeny..
Are you two shit for brains, totally stoned! ?
It isn't that hard, is it! ?
You're supposed to kill Mardukas.
Pop a cap in him, blow him up,
burn him, chop him into
pieces, cut his throat,
drown him, nail him to a cross.
I don't give a shit.
The only thing I care about is: is he dead,
yes or no?.
He certainly looked dead.
Okay you two dipshits.
You go and find Mardukas now.
Boss, the man has a bullet in his head.
We've so many things to take care of.
That's a waste of time.
You know what's a waste of time?
Talking to you is a waste of time!
If he's dead, that's good.
But you call me immediately and
you bring me his head.
You got one hour. Go
What? Why what?
You know what? You don't call me in time,
I'm gonna send in the cavallery.
Yeah, the cavallery. 59 minutes.
Okay, bro, relax...
Come here, 1..2..3..
Can you hear?
You said you have something to tell me, what?
What did you want to say?
I ain shooting nobody without coffee
in my Blood.
If you would've made sure Marduakes is dead,
we wouldn't be in this shit right now.
How do you think?
Do you think Duke is dead or not?
How could I know?
You pulled the trigger!
What if I really killed him?
I, I'm just trying to say that...
I like it. Mardukas's the Duke.
It's a nice Nickname the Duke.
Even the accountant has a nickname.
They call me Dirty Harry.
The accountant they call the Duke
and you don't have a nickname?
What the hack do I need a nickname for?
Frank, that's my name.
Yeah Frank, Frank what?
Frank like in Frankfurt. You know what?
That's a major German capital.
They even named a major German capitol after me,
First of all, it's a German city bro,
it's not the capitol.
Get your facts straight.
And second of all,
Frankenstein, huh? Like in Einstein, see?
That's how smart I am.
You know what? That's what I'm gonna call you,
Frankenstein. Real smart.
You got problems. You know we are going to
a hospital right now?
Check if they've a psych department.
You should check yourself in there.
Yeah, Harrystein, let's go get a cappuccino,
low fat, no sugar diet, you know?
What're you talking about?
You know what? Joe's right, you're stoned.
God, you're such an asshole.
What're you talking about?
I'm talking about how you always
keep your nose clean.
I do the dirty work, you get the laurels.
And when it all goes to shit,
then you don't want anything to do with it.
Seriously? I don't wanna talk about this.
What're you saying?
And these constant questions for answers.
Man, that's getting on my tits.
You never ask a question.
How am I suppose to give you an answer?
You were suppose to turn left here.
- Yea? What are you doing here?
- This man needs some help.
What do you want? Are you playing cops
and robbers again?
This must be Max.
- Are you pregnant?
- What do you care?
What are you doing here?
It's 5 o lock in the morning.
I thought you were a nurse not a drunk.
I need some help.
As a matter of fact we all are
I'm certainly not drunk and
by the way we're closed.
You maybe off duty but I'm on.
Now, is he a doctor or just your sperm donor?
I'm an anesthesiologists.
Then I'm gonna need your help too.
Now, where is a doctor?
I gotta get some information
from this guy right away.
Take your friend and bring him to the new
St Vincent hospital.
His hospital here closed down yesterday.
Then let me introduce you first. 06:52
Oh my god.
- What happened?
- Is it a gun shot wound?
No, he hurt himself with a tooth pick.
Yes, it is a gun shot wound.
Now, I gotta get a doctor over here. Now!
Why are you not the one with a whole in the head?
That's enough. Get the operating room ready.
All the doctors have left.
And what about him?
He's not a doctor yet.
He is now.
Let's go. Move!
Where the hell is Rocksinky.
He was suppose to pick up Marduckas,
he should've been here ages ago.
call him.
Chief Baker. Yeah, put him through.
Max! Where are you?
I'm in a hospital.
What? Which one?
St George.
That's closed. What's going on?
Are you hurt?
No, I'm fine, but Mardukas has been hit.
I think so. He's got a nice little hole
in his head.
Shit, we need him.
Yeah, I know. I know.
What do you think I'm doing here?
Do you want me to send backup?
No, definitely not.
I don't wanna draw any attention.
If Benuso's men did this, then they
gonna think he is dead.
That's a good thing.
Did anyone follow you to the hospital?
No, definitely not.
So, what are you gonna do?
I'm gonna stay here,
wait for Marduakas to get patched up
and then get him to a safe place.
- Max...! You better come.
- Hold on.
I gotta call you back.
Max? Shit.
He's in a critical condition.
It doesn't look good.
Well, lets just get the bullet out of his head
and everything is gonna be fine.
Patricia, could, could you...
Of course.
This's only my second week as an assistant doctor,
I've certainly never done anything like this before.
It's gonna be okay.
There's a first time for everything.
You can do this. Let's get on with it.
I don't think I'm the right one for this.
Well then who is?
No one's left, remember?
I could try and stabilize him till
tomorrow and...
That's not gonna be good enough.
I don't have time for this.
Yeah, but as long as I don't touch the
bullet, there is no danger
that I'll make a mistake and...
What is the matter with you people?
You're doctors.
I bring a guy in with a bullet in his head.
Don't you guys feel any sense
of responsibility?
I, I'm just trying to say that...
Listen to me.
Doc, everything is gonna be fine.
You can do this. It's not even in that deep.
This is easy. I could almost do it myself.
Look, it's sitting right there.
What're you telling me?
Is it better to have the bullet in his head
or out of his head?
It's better to have it out of
his head. Right or wrong?
Am I right or am I wrong?
Yeah, you're right...
Alright then. Let's get on with this.
There's still stuff of yours in my house.
- Your house?
- Yeah.
You said, you'll pick it all up.
It's been nearly six months.
I've been a little busy.
- Oh really?
- But seriously,
is this my work?
What if it was? Nothing's changed.
Listen Patricia.
I'm sorry, okay?
I know that I haven't been honest
with you about my work
and there are things that I couldn't tell you.
Oh please.
And I know that I made you angry
when I couldn't talk about work.
And it really annoyed the hell out of you.
No, what annoyed the hell out of me was
that you only took care about your job.
You don't give a dam about anything else.
I did everything you wanted.
Went to the therapist. Even he admitted that
if you and I had only...
Do you wanna know what the therapist really said?
He said, if you would have put at least a little
bit of effort, it might have worked.
I didn't file for divorce.
Well, I'm just one step ahead of you.
Maybe one step too many.
Especially if I got a kid on the way.
Who says it's yours?
What's that suppose to mean?
Forget about it. Who's that guy?
I really shouldn't talk about it.
You see, that was our problem.
You never talked to me.
Or maybe, I just don't wanna give you an information
that might jeopardize you and your new family.
His name is Jonathan Mardukas.
He is an accountant for the mafia.
Six months ago we convinced him to testify
against Joe Benuso.
Ever since then he's been
under my protection.
Who's Benuso?
He's the mob's king pin.
And about what this guy's got in his head,
I can put him away for life.
Sorry I can't do it.
- What are you talking about?
- I can't do it.
Look, we've already been through this before.
No, I can't do it. It's just too dangerous.
He might die.
I, I, we should take him to the new hospital.
They have doctors who...
I can't wait that long. You're right,
this guy may die. We gotta do this now.
Max. Can I call you Max.
You have wasted enough of my time.
The information in this guy's head
could put away one of the biggest crime bosses
for a very long time.
I'm talking drugs, prostitution, murder.
Doesn't that matter to you! ?
You gotta do this now!
Max, he can't do it!
Thank you.
Okay. Look, I don't want anything
more to do with...
Don't move!
I got two questions for you.
You golf?
- Yes.
- Good.
You've ever been shot?
- No, of course not.
- Well, it really hurts.
- Max, stop it.
- You stay out of this.
Now, you gotta work
on him to the best you can.
Because I'm not gonna lose one year of my work.
You understand?
Do it now, or you never gonna golf
the same again.
Will? He won't do it.
He doesn't really mean it.
- Yes I will.
- No you don't.
I'm gonna count to 3.1...
He's just bluffing. I know him.
I was married to him for three years...
- 2...
- Max, we are not in the kindergarten.
This is really gonna hurt.
Okay, okay, I'll do it,
I'll do it. Just...
Max...come here...
- R's emPYW-
No lead, no dead.
You see?
Once again you don't tell me everything.
I need you to tell me something, seriously.
Who's the daddy?
Me or unintelligible man?
Don't worry,
I'm here too and I'll help You.
You can do it. Just stay calm.
I thought you'd quit.
I started again.
Too much stress in my life.
Too much stress at work, stress at home...
I lost my woman.
Ohh, how sad...
But smoking is not permitted in here.
What difference does it make?
You said, the hospital was closed.
Yeah, Rock.
How's it going?
Alright chief. Yeah, it's going good, we're
in the middle of the operation now,
taking the bullet out of his head.
- But he's alive?
- Yeah, he's alive.
- Did he talk?
- No not yet.
You think he'll be better once the
bullet's out?
Well, I've seen this kind of thing before.
Sometime it can be a mess
but I think we got shot.
You better hope so.
He's our only witness.
You know, hospitals they just make me sick.
Tell me about it.
You know, they're suppose to make you
healthy but they make me sick.
And the nurses, it's, not like,
like it used to be.
You know what? Forget your stories.
You think they're here?
This place looks like a rat hole.
Let's go up here.
It's closed. So what now?
Joe was sure they're here. So we go
check, whether it's closed or not.
We got exactly 25 minutes to call Joe
and confirm Mardukas is dead.
Mardukas is dead and we'll bring his head.
That rimes.
I'm telling you,
we should form this rap group,
man and call ourselves the cavallery.
Let's just go check.
Hey, close your window and lock the door.
Why? Because there's gangsters around?
Just lock the door.
Was that Keith Jarrett?
'Come on, that's Keith Richards, man.
Keith Jarrett is a piano player, man.
Well, first of all it's a black songwriter.
I'm talking rock music, man.
Think you got everything?
Closed doors, power lines, telephone cables,
I wanna be prepared for anything.
Who are you, MacGuyver?
I am professional.
Excuse me!
Yeah, good morning, but the hospital's moved.
We're just looking for a friend.
I told you we are closed.
There's no one working here anymore.
Just some farewell party going on.
Yeah, we know that.
We're just here to pick up a friend,
he got drunk, you know how it is.
Where's the party at?
They are probably all in intensive care?
Well, well they are.
But I can't just let you run up there
just like that.
I'll make a quick call
find out if he's still there,
and if it's okay.
No need to bother, we just...
Sorry, sorry.
I have to do everything by the book.
I'm new here.
Shuut. all these, all these numbers.
Do something.
Move away.
Shit! Again!
- Adrenaline! Give him a shot.
- Yes.
Come on, faster!
Thank god...
That's great.
Here is the number.
seems like this line is already shut down.
Well, I try my cell phone.
Nurse Patricia.
Glad you're still there.
Who's speaking?
I'm the new security Guard,
I got two nice men down here
who want to come up and see their friend.
That's odd, she just hung up on me.
Max. The security guard just called.
- What did he say?
- Two guys are looking for their friend.
- Where are they?
- I don't know. Don't stairs I guess.
Don't worry about it.
We just gonna go up there ourselves.
Where, where did you say intensive care was?
Will, how much longer?
With the extraction treatment,
hard to say. About half an hour.
Hurry up. Come with me.
I'll just make one more call, okay? Okay?
That's a very good idea.
Don't very about it.
By the way, you have no idea about music.
Keith Richards, man.
It's Keith Jarrett, I'm telling ya.
See, you gotta be prepared.
You could've pulled the plug, bro.
You're killing me,
you're killing me man.
The fucking jealousy and ignorance the whole
fucking time.
I'm telling you right now. This is Benuso's
guys. We're gonna be in trouble.
But I thought no one knew where you are.
Somebody must've tipped them off.
Oh great.
So, what're we going to do now?
Not we - you.
8 minutes
8 minutes what?
We got 8 minutes.
If we don't call Joe in 8 minutes,
he's gonna send in the cavalry.
This is serious now.
You do exactly what I tell you. Alright?
You wanted to know what it's gonna be like
in my work? Now you gonna find out.
Fine. But, uh, maybe you gonna learn
something from me now.
Yeah but, what do you think they mean by
the cavalry?
How should I know
Maybe von Nah...
Von Klaft, you really think so?
Won't know, maybe the brothers too.
C'mon, the brothers?
He just wants to kill not cause a bloodbath.
Hi. Can I help you, gentlemen?
Actually, yes, you can.
We're looking for a friend,
he's easy to recognize.
He's got a bullet in his head.
Well, there are no patients here anymore.
You got the wrong hospital.
This one is closed.
Listen, nursery!
We ain stupid.
Where is Jonathan Mardukas?
Sorry, I have no idea what you're talking about.
Okay, let's do it the hard way.
I'll give you one last chance.
You tell us what we want to know
and your boyfriend can go on enjoying
your pretty face and your little bambino.
Hey, fellas!
Oh my god, swap.
Quick, quick, quick...
- Oh my god, I can't work on that.
- Pull yourself together.
That was some pretty fancy footwork,
I was married to a cop for three years.
Rubs off, doesn't it?
Yeah, I guess.
Who are these guys?
I have no idea,
I don't think thus guy is gonna be
answering any questions any time soon.
Let's wake this guy up and see
what he has to say.
You're putting up with this kind of shit
for a lousy 10.000?
What the hell's that about?
Vonn Klaft.
Konrad! It's Joe.
Joe. It's a bad time.
I'm in a business meeting.
Okay, listen. I need your help,
it's urgent.
Yeah. But like I already said,
it's a bad time.
I'll call you , Joe!
Konrad. Kon...!
You stupid...
- What?
- Konrad, I'm talking a lot of money!
- How much?
- Half a million
Why didn't you say so right away, Joe?
I've got time for you. What do you want?
First of all, it's gotta be now.
Sure, no problem... hold on a second.
Yeah, I'm still here, Joe.
What's the job?
Well, Frank and Harry blew it,
I've got a problem.
Frank and Harry, huh?
Why are you wasting your time
with those two idiots anyway?
Let me tell you Joe, if you lay down with dogs,
you'll get up with flees.
Now give me the details.
It's very simple. Shoot the Duke.
Wake up sleeping beauty.
What the hell is wrong with me?
Local anesthetics.
We numbed your legs and arms.
You bitch
Which is probably why you might piss in
your pants and there is nothing you can do about
This stuff lasts a long time.
What do you want?
I'm gonna ask you a couple of questions
and you gonna answer them.
' Okay.?
' Okay,
How did you find out Mardukas was here?
I don't know what you're talking about...
You work for Joe Benuso, right?
Now I know.
You're the one that got Mardukas
out of his hideout.
That's right. One more time.
How did you find out we were here?
I have no idea. But you know what?
Why don't you ask Joe?
Very funny.
I got a better idea.
How about you answer this question?
Does that hurt?
No? How about this?
- No.
- How about this?
Hell no.
You better start giving me the right answers
or by the time this anesthesia wears off,
you gonna be feeling some serious pain.
What time is it?
Cause you're the one that's gonna be feeling pain.
Kazamarov .
this is Joe Benuso.
I need to speak to the brothers Kazaramov.
This is Olga Kazaramova, their baby sister.
Okay, look sister.
I need to speak to your brothers.
You can't...
Listen, darling. This is Joe Benuso.
Maybe you haven't heard about me yet, but I'm talking
about a very important and extremely lucrative job.
So go better get your brothers on the
phone now and stop screwing around. Okay?
Okay,just speak.
Yeah, this is Joe Benuso,
am I speaking to the brothers Kazaramov?
Are you there?
Am I speaking to the brothers Kazaramov?
Look sister, I told you to get your
brothers on the phone!
I have.
Well, then I damn well wanna speak to them.
You are.
Kiddo, all I hear is your voice.
Are you trying to put one over on me?
My brothers are on the phone.
Well then say something,
or are you fucking deaf?
And dumb.
What! ?
My brothers are deaf and dumb.
Benuso. We've heard about you.
You can speak freely.
They are reading my lips.
It... it concerns a job.
But it has to be today.
How much you pay?
What?! I mean, well,
I meant 250.000 each of course.
Half a million.
What can my brothers do for you?
Make sure the dead Duke dies.
Deaf and Dumb.
Well done.
The cavalry is coming.
You gonna tell me what that means?
Actually, I have no idea. But Frank,
may he rest in peace and that,
we were talking about that. And I have
a feeling they gonna find out real soon.
By the way, how's Mardukas?
Don't worry about it.
Frank shot him in the head, right?
- Hey, hey. I got it!
- Hold on one sec.
- You got what?
- I said, don't worry about it.
Good job. Is he alright?
Yeah. Much better. He even said two...
Oh, okay, two words.
What were they?
I didn't really understand him.
But you said, he said two words.
Yeah, sure but I uh...
What did he say?
It was something along the lines of...
Right. Well, do me a favor.
Get him ready to travel. Go.
What do you mean?
- I've gotta get him out of here.
- No you can't. He needs to rest.
That's my problem.
Go, get him ready. Go.
Why are we not calling the police?
Sweetheart, listen to me.
This is a very complicated,
sensitive case, okay?
Oh and Max Rockinsky has some big plans
for that, right?
Maybe so, alright?
Mind your own business.
What are you two, married?
We still are.
So that's your kid.
You know, that's what I'd like to know.
You know what? Shut up, both of you.
Excuse me, sir!
Careful, careful.
Alright, you two girls can go!
I stay, you go
Max! You can't do this.
He probably won't Survive!
If he stays here, he is probably not gonna
survive either.
Shh! What is that?
What is that?
Sounds like a motorbike.
Son of a bitch. Alright, listen to me.
Take this. Take it!
You see anything, shot first,
ask questions later
Go! Go!
Careful, careful.
Push the button.
You know something?
- What?
- That extra curve makes you extra sexy.
Okay, here we go.
Hey you.
- You're a gangster, right?
- Excuse me?
Are you a gangster, a, a criminal,
so you know about those kind of things.
How is he?
Still alive.
Here are we going?
Second honeymoon
the three of us?
Well, if it's mine, but first we need to
get him out of here.
Don't get your hopes up.
Come on! Gun, gun, gun, gun, gun!
Watch the bike, the bike,
Son of a bitch shot me.
I can't even feel it.
What should we do?
- Boogie babe.
- What does that mean?
- Hide.
- Okay
Excuse me? What are you doing?
come on, faster.
That's Konrad von Klaft!
The guy is the meanest killer there is.
You think I'm dangerous?
Huh, the guy's the devil himself,
you know what I'm saying?
- I know,
- No you don't.
You don't know nothing.
This guy is Satan.
Somebody is not fooling around.
What about Will?
I'll go get him. You stay here,
find a place to hide.
I'll be in there.
- Be careful.
- Yeah.
- Is the gun loaded?
- What?
The gun. Are there any bullets left?
- What are you doing?
- I don't know. It's hard to say.
Show me, show me.
Open it up. The other side, other side.
Yeah, push it, push it
You gonna have to shoot him.
You know that?
Are you crazy?
You gonna have to.
Point, aim, shoot.
Point the gun and aim high.
Higher, higher, higher.
Pull the trigger.
Pull the trigger.
Yes. I did it.
Shoot, shoot! All you got.
Shoot! - Shoot, shoot!
Oh no.
Please, please, don't shoot!
Please, please, don't shoot!
- Oh thank god.
- Everything alright?
Thank you.
Now I know what Joe meant with the cavalry.
What do you do with this scumbag?
Hey, hey. Look,
this wasn't exactly my plan, you know.
Let's kill this guy
and we'll figure out later, okay?
Look, we got him.
Let's get outta here.
Don't do anything stupid.
So, where am I going?
Da Vai.
Shut up.
I can't breath!
Shh, Please.
Where is Rockinsky?
Shh, Please.
Where is Rockinsky?
What is going on, here?
We should be dead!
You were shooting your mouth off the
whole time.
And these killers didn't hear a single word.
What's that you said?
Here are two guys with weapons in
the corridor, they want to kill you.
I have no idea
why but they didn't hear anything
Oh shit.
What is it?
Who are you anyway?
I'm Patricia Rockinsky.
I'm Max's...
Max is here and he's trying to save your life.
These guys out there.
I didn't think they existed.
I thought they were one of those
gangster myths.
Hat are you talking about?
You were shot at.
Max brought you here to the hospital.
Those brothers are a legend,
the worst killers money can buy.
Listen... Max is here!
Nothing's going to happen to you, okay?
But maybe we should move a round.
So, let's get out of here.
Alright. Will?
- You have a cell phone?
- Yes.
When we get down stairs,
I want you to call the cops,
so they can come and pick him up.
Then, you go home.
Oh, yes.
Great. First the bitch breaks my nose,
the I get shot
and then you gonna hand me over to
the cops? What else?
Go, go, go!
What the hell is this, man?
It's the auditorium
- Stop, stop, stop, stop.
- What?
Too many doors, man, we gotta get outta here.
You wanna go back to the closet?
That was great.
You know,just put some bullets in the gun,
- I don't have any.
- They are here in my pocket.
Man, what am I doing here
so, what exactly did Mardukas do wrong?
You can't be working for the mafia and then
suddenly decide to switch sides and go clean.
Doesn't work that way.
In our business you're in for life.
The Only way out is a body bag.
It's coming back,
man... good feeling,
You mind not pointing that gun at me man?
Okay. I need a short break.
Everything I know is on there.
Every deal that Benuso has ever touched.
Legal and illegal.
Tax paperwork, account numbers, emails
I'm not sure if I really want to have that.
But with that... with that,
he will go behind bars forever.
He and his whole crew, all the dirty cops.
So, this is a complete backup?
Yeah. Nobody knows that this backup exists.
If you get out of here alive...
give Max the data,
and Benuso is history.
Okay, if I see Max again.
You know what's funny?
I always thought it was so stupid
when someone in a movie said,
"I feel so cold" or
"I don't feel my legs anymore"...
But L...
Jonathan! Hey!
Jonathan! Hey!
give me the gun.
I ---
You what?
Give me the gun.
- Well, I... You're still,
- What?
You're still a gangster.
You're god damn right.
So, ahh, give me the gun.
I can't do that.
Will. We're friends, aren't we?
You see, I don't really know about that.
Oh come on. Give me my gun before I...
That's what I mean.
No, we're not friends!
Stop fucking around
and give me my gun. Or I'll...
Or what?
I'll show you what.
Do you...
Don't move.
You see me laughing?
How is he?
He's dead.
- Oh Dammit!
- Max.
- He can't be dead.
- Max!
What is that?
That's what you need.
Mardukas gave to me before...
Anyway, he said, everything is on here.
You're sure?
You did a good job, my friend.
Mardukas is dead
As a doornail.
Did he speak? What did he say?
I'm gonna need some back up, right away.
Okay. But Mardukas is dead.
What's the problem?
Von Klaft and the Kazamarov Brothers are here.
Oh my god.
My only question is,
how did they find out we were here?
U mean,
there must be some kind of a mole inside.
But, but who could that possibly be?
That's what I'm gonna find out.
I'll call you back.
This is bullshit, Will.
What is this suppose to proof?
You're just too dangerous.
Okay. And now?
What are you gonna do now, huh? What?
I'll call the cops.
Och, great idea. The cops aren't
always the good guys Will.
Don't bullshit me.
The only clean cop I know is this guy
Rockinsky, okay?
That's why Mardukas
demanded to be pick up only by him.
He would only go with Max Rockinsky.
And how much good did that do him, huh?
We still found out where he was. Just like we
found out about this god dam hospital.
So, trust me when I'm telling you. The last thing
that you wanna do right now, is call the cops.
I don't believe you.
Listen. The only thing that they want is
Mardukas dead.
Mardukas is dead and this thing
is over. Capiche?
What do you want, Will, huh?
I just wanna get out of this thing alive.
Great and I can help you do that.
But you gotta let me do what I gotta do.
I can't trust you.
In this hospital. There are three of the
worst killers in the world right now.
What are you gonna do?
Trust him or me? And by the way,
Rocksinky might already be dead.
Did you ever think about that, Einstein.
How do I know you won't kill me
You're a nice guy. We're friends,
I help you, you help me. You know how it is.
And then you'll let me go?
No. Then we'll marry and live happily ever after.
Yeah, I'll let you go.
Good. Thank you.
Thank you, you're good man.
Credits and tax, tax.
What am I looking for?
Do a search on dirty cops.
- Great.
- You gonna get snappy with me now?
I know you don't know anything about
Computers but maybe you have a name for me?
Try 'Backer'.
- Chief Backer?
- Give it a try.
- You don't think he...
- Just do it please.
Or you can do it yourself.
It is Chief Baker.
I thought so. And I think I knew it all along.
Why? He's such a nice guy.
He gave us an Ice-cream maker for the wedding.
Yup, and it broke the first time
we tried to use her, remember?
Cheap piece of junk.
Alright. Listen to me.
With this, we got Benuso,
the brothers and now Baker
and with this information we can nail them all.
Nothing can stop us now. Let's go.
You walk as if you've shit your pants.
- Don't say it.
- You know,
I was just thinking that...
Shut up.
Put the gun down.
I said, put the gun down.
Will, get the gun.
So, here we are again.
But someone is missing.
Where is Mardukas?
He is dead.
Funny, real funny.
Seriously, where is Mardukas?
He's dead. Really.
But Harry, that means your job is done
now and that means we can all go home.
Shut up.
Where is he?
Why would I I about that?
Cause you wanna save your ass that's why.
You hide Mardukas somewhere and
you tell me he is dead.
That's your plan? Great plan.
But it's true.
Really? Where's the body?
Harry, we can all go home, come on.
Shut up.
Where's the body?
In the morgue.
Then that's where we are going.
Missy, you seem to know the way,
so why don't you go up front to show me.
- But I was...
- Shut up. Let's go.
Hey, Harry, what do you actually need me
for anymore? I'm ready to go home...
Shut up and come along!
Don't move.
Put the guns down.
Von Klaft.
Hey Harry, is that really you?
Konrad...You shot me man. We are in the
Same team here, remember?
I don't play on any damn team.
Put the gun down!
Awesome. You know what...?
Say one more word and I'll blow you to
kingdom come.
Put the gun down!
- Konrad...
- Shut!
Mardukas is already dead, man.
Oh, Really?
We're just on our way to go check.
So you don't know if he's really dead?
You said you were on your way to check.
Before that, you said he was dead.
Which one is it?
Well, before I call Joe, I just, you know,
wanted to the body, make sure.
Good. Let's have a look at the body.
Who knows the way?
These two. Uh, they do.
Okay. Off we go!
Harry, shouldn't you take your guns...?
Hey Harry, you walk like you shit
your pants.
It's just, forget about it.
You want something done properly
do it yourself.
Case closed.
Are you out of your mind?
The man was already dead.
Is that how you see the matter?
What is there to see?
The guy is dead as a doornail
Because I shot him.
You're crazy as a shithouse rat.
Look. I found him. He started
a discussion with me
and I didn't like what he said!
That's how it went, didn't it?
- Too bad
- Mr von Klaft?
I believe it happened just like you said.
Very nice,
but the whole thing happened differently.
He was being protected by four people.
So I had to kill them one by one.
Uh, three.
Three people, protected by three people!
I don't like to share!
Share what?
I have a deal with your boss.
He promised me half a million for Mardukas.
If he finds out that Mardukas was killed
like that, he might rethink our deal.
Half a million?
Are you serious?
Since he was dead before I found him,
I have no other choice.
You're nuts.
I show you how nuts I am.
Kneel, everyone Down.
Get down.
I always shoot the women first
That way, it spares me all that whining.
Whining drives me crazy.
No problem, I never whine!
I'm not the whining type.
Are you sure?
Do you have any idea why Benuso wanted
Mardukas dead?
None of my business.
Because he had information that could put
Him away for a long time.
I don't care.
What if all that information would get out
to all those newspapers tomorrow?
Then, you wouldn't be able to get
your pay check from Benuso.
So how's your dead friend there going
to manage a stunt like that?
He doesn't look like he's in any shape
to talk to the papers.
This whole thing is gonna blow up in your Face.
How? I'm gonna kill you all.
Mardukas had all that information. Including
his testimony backed up on a memory Stick.
And where is that?
You kill us all and you'll never gonna find out!
You are pretty cocky, aren't you?
Now, cut the crap.
You got something to say?
Yeah, Rot in hell,
von douche bag!
Von douche bag.
You're a funny guy.
Max. There's something a gotta tell you.
Not know, honey.
It's about the baby.
Well, let's see when you start to
remember where the memory stick is.
What's that! ?
Get your ass back, move!
Who is that?
I have no idea.
That must be the brothers.
Shit. You can't even talk to those two.
You gonna need back up.
Throw me another gun!
Throw me the memory stick!
- What?
- Throw me the god damn memory stick.
Uhm, we don't have anything to do with
this, so please just let us go.
I'll let you go, as soon as I got
the memory stick, right now.
We don't have it anymore!
I was nearly shot just now,
do you think I wouldn't have said
anything if we still had the thing?
Honey, shit up.
Give it to me!
Max, everything okay?
What are you doing here?
I came with a backup.
We got the hospital surrounded.
Everything is under control.
Mardukas is dead! I'm coming out.
Sure, come on out, Max!
Max! No! You can't go out there!
Max! Everything okay?
Yeah, I got all kinds of information
from Mardukas, chief.
What sort off information?
All about Benuso, and corrupt cops, payments,
What did I tell ya.
Do you have a weapon, Harry?
I got one
Then bring them out where I can see them
You got it, chief!
You heard the man.
Move your ass.
You too.
Hey chief.
Drop the gun.
Now, where is this Information you got
from Mardukas.
He's got it on a memory stick.
Check his pockets.
Give it to me.
Can't believe it chief.
I should've known.
And now you're going down.
Along with Harry and all those crooked cops
that got skeletons in the closet.
Well, the cops...
For quite some time,
and with not a little effort,
they've had the hospital surrounded.
You're lying.
Oh, I wish I was.
No one apart form our killer friends
has come in and no one has gone out.
It's just a private party.
Now, give me that memory stick.
I'd bet a million-to-one
you've got on ya.
Hey sweetheart,
I was wondering why you
didn't answer your phone?
I was busy.
Oh yeah, you don't look very busy.
And you know what? That's a big problem.
I've got the feeling I gotta take care of things
myself and trust me, you don't want me to do that.
Where are your brothers?
There they are.
Hey Max. I can't believe you had the stick
with you the whole time.
Why didn't you give it to them?
We don't have time now.
I'll explain later. Get in the car.
My car is right there.
My car is right there.
Well, are you going to be okay?
- Sure.
- Good. Bye.
- Bye.
- Good job.
Where is the money
Bring me to the office
What the hell is that?
It's a bomb.
Are you crazy? Get rid of it
So you got all that money in your office?
250.000, sure.
I mean do I look like I trust banks?
But we said half a million.
Did we say that?
Gee, don't give me that look.
Don't you have a sense of humor?
I was kidding
I understand. The memory stick was the
only thing you had to bargain with.
Even if you gave it to them
they would've killed us anyway,right?
See you're starting to understand
my line of work.
So, you gonna tell me?
Is it mine?
Come here.
I knew it
- No, you didn't
- I did too.
- You didn't
- I did
- Honey...?
- What ever you...What?
You didn't
Thought of any names?
For sure not Max Junior