Shoot to Kill (1988) Movie Script

- Hi.
- Hi, Warren.
George Kelly called us in.
Uh, he wants to waive the 24-hour rule.
Make it ourjurisdiction,
at least informally.
The guy in the pyjamas is Mr Berger.
He owns the place.
Mr Berger, this is Special Agent
Stantin ofthe FBl.
Mr Berger, I don't believe
you're stealing your own diamonds...
Ieast ofall,
not in your pyjamas.
Why the heck don't you tell us
what's going on here?
This is my store. I was taking
some diamonds home-- my diamonds!
You have no right to be here!
I want to leave now.
Do you usually take two pounds
ofdiamonds home with you like this?
I can do whatever I like
with my own stones!
I want to leave right now!
Mrs Berger is listed as co-owner.
Why don't we call her
and have her meet us downtown.
No, no, you mustn't do that!
Please, don't do that! Please!
Where is your wife, Mr Berger?
Please, for God's sake,
help me.
He made us watch him
kill our dog.
He said he would
kill my wife next.
Get up there.
- Hello?
- Mrs Berger?
Please don't be alarmed.
You're going to be all right.
I'm here with your husband.
Now, please, let me speak
with the man there with you.
- Mrs Berger?
- Yes?
Hit the lights.
This is Special Agent Stantin
ofthe FBl.
You can see that the house
is completely surrounded.
We have Mr Berger and
the diamonds in our custody.
I'm going to give you some instructions.
Ifyou follow them exactly...
no harm will come to you,
to holdtheirfire.
I'm sending out the maid
with a message foryou.
Okay, hold your fire.
The maid's coming out.
Didyouget the message?
isparkedin the driveway.
Stockit with onepolice radio
this woman's deadin one minute.
You take one car.
You alone.
Have the diamonds withyou.
Tailme to where
mypeople meet me.
I'llmakesureyou're alone.
Then we'llmake the trade.
- No deal.
- You'vegot no choice, Stantin.
She'sgot30seconds left.
Who's your best sharpshooter?
- I am.
- Good.
You're gonna have to nail this guy
before he gets to that Mercedes.
The items you requested
are in the car.
Son ofa bitch!
That's one smart fucker.
Get me a civilian CB radio, fast!
Just plug this into
the cigarette lighter.
We've banned all CB use
on channel 30 for two hours.
He spots one ofour tails,
and we've had it. Tell them not--
not to take any chances.
Stantin, doyou have the diamonds?
- Yes.
- Good.
Nowmoveyourpeople back.
Ifanyone besidesyou
tries to followme...
Ikillthe woman.
They're moving back now.
Iflhearanybody's voice
on this radio butyours...
Iswearto God, she's dead.
Pull back! Let 'em through!
Everybody! Pull it way back-- way back!
That's an order! No one fires!
We're letting 'em out of here.
We're lettin' 'em out.
Let'sgo fora ride.
Okay, here they come.
Back it up!
Okay, here they come!
No one fire.
Just watch him leave.
Here we go now.
Back it up!
- Move it back! Move it back!
- Here we go. Here we go!
That's our second time
around the block.
The dumb bastard's lost.
No, he's not.
He'sjust trying to shake our tail.
I think he's going to double back
towards the water.
Get your police boats ready
and alert the coast guard.
Stop the carhere.
We're at pier 99.
He's got to have a boat waiting for him.
Try lining up a shot
out the window over my shoulder.
Stay low.
So far, sogood.
Now, turnyourradio up.
Put on the externalspeaker.
Get out ofthe car, bring the diamonds
halfway down thepier.
- Have you got a shot?
- Maybe.
He's right on the edge.
If I'm a quarter ofan inch out,
I could hit the woman.
Too risky.
I'll try to draw him out.
Ifyou're absolutely sure, take a shot,
but only ifyou're absolutely sure.
Throwthe diamonds to the car.
First, send Mrs Berger to me.
Bullshit!lknowyou'vegot a sniper
waiting there formesomewhere.
I'mgoing to keep MrsBerger
right here in front ofme.
Now, you throwme
thosegoddam diamonds.
Jesus Christ!
That'sasfarasyou can throw?
Get back toyourcar.
Hey, you!
You've made thisa hellof
a lot harderthan it hadto be.
Now, I've handcuffedMrsBerger
to the endofthepier.
You wait formysignal.
Thenyou move in
Idon't thinkyou do.
Speedboat heading for Oakland!
Move in! Move in!
- Go! Go!
- Let's go!
He's on radar, heading 022.
We lost him!
Where is he?
Over there.
Flight 005,
San Francisco to Paris.
- The one with
the unidentified passenger.
- Yes?
- A 1 2-year-old girl travelling
on her mother's passport.
- Okay.
Let's check the flights that left
after we covered the airport,
just in case our boy slipped through.
The only makeable prints
belong to the maid and the family.
And the lab will have the fibre analysis
for us in a few hours.
Okay. Thankyou.
What have you got?
I've called up every kidnap/extortion
in the last five years.
267 possible match ups
with our MO.
It's as narrow as the computer goes
with the information we have.
Then use the telephone.
Call the investigating officer
in each ofthose cases.
Tell him what we have,
and see ifanything strikes a chord.
We don't have the manpower to recheck
the airports and make those phone calls.
Round up eight other agents.
That's 27 phone calls apiece.
Start with homicides.
He used a 9mm automatic. Check that
against the suspect's profile.
Caucasian, male, 20 to 40--
I promise you, this guy's killed before.
It was too easy for him.
It's been 1 2 hours. I thinkyou should
shut it down and get some sleep.
- I feel fine.
- You feel like shit.
Look, I read all the reports. There's no
possible way you could have figured out
what was gonna happen last night.
- What are you saying, Charlie?
- I'm saying that it happens.
It happened to me.
Remember that kid in Sausalito?
Look, sometimes you lose a hostage,
and there's not a damn thing
you can do about it.
I know the speech, Charlie.
I wrote it.
Come on.
Walk me out.
Warren, you're letting this thing get
to you. You're taking it to heart.
You're saying, "Maybe I could have
done this. Maybe that."
The point is, you did everything
correctly, and that's all
anyone can ask ofyou.
Now, go home.
Get some sleep.
I'll call you when I get to DC.
Have a nice trip.
- We've started doing
those phone calls now.
- Good.
-Do you want us to call you at home?
-I'm not going home. I'll be right here.
Good mornin'.
Nice day for fishin'.
I guess we must be
the first ones here, huh?
Yes, I know it's happened before.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry I didn't
call the restaurant.
But we've been in the middle
ofa terrible situation.
Yes, I'm sure it was
terrible foryou too, honey.
I'll try.
No, I can't promise, but I will try.
Baby, I gotta go.
Bishop's Falls, Washington.
Sheriff reports the murder ofa tourist
just offthe highway into Canada.
- So?
- Large calibre wound through
the victim's left eye.
Where the hell is Bishop's Falls?
It's right over here,
uh, to the northwest ofSpokane.
Book me on the next flight to Spokane.
And while I'm in the air, figure out
a way to get me to Bishop's Falls.
Crilly here found the body.
Agent Stantin, Austin Crilly.
Stantin's the FBI man, Crilly.
- It's up this way.
- Are you really a G-man?
- The last I looked.
- Yeah, well, I'm a caretaker
hereabouts, since the mine closed--
-Jesus, Crilly.
Yeah, I'm getting to it, Dave.
So, I seen where the gate was bent up
there, so I went to snoopin' around.
And Judas Priest,
there's this body lying there,
flies as big as Chevys and--
Who do those cars belong to,
Mr. Crilly?
Well, sportin' folks-- uh, fishermen.
They head out from here
and gather above.
See, the guide meets them
up above at a base camp.
- Bishop's Falls Guide Service,
Jonathan Knox and Sarah Renell.
- You really a G-man?
See, this area is known to be
the greatest high-mountain
fly fishing in the world.
That's how we found him--
buck naked and his eye shot out.
He was killed outside,
then dragged in here by his heels.
The killer wrapped this
around the victim's head
before pulling off his clothes.
- Why would he do that?
- He didn't want to get any
bloodstains on the garment.
We have to assume the murderer
wore the victim's clothes out of here,
right down to the underwear.
- Holy shit.
- Hey, don't step there.
What's that?
- Burnt hair.
- What does that mean?
All we know about our boy is that he has
long hair and a beard. And this is it.
Howdy, Sheriff. What's the matter?
You look all shook up.
Sam, we need a description ofthose men
who left in that fishing party
from the mine yesterday.
Oh, I don't know
any ofthem by sight. Why?
- You don't meet these people?
- No, not often.
They go straight to the staging area
above the mine. Is somethin' wrong?
- How many are up there in this party?
- Five fishermen, one guide.
Sarah-- Sarah Renell.
- Dave, what's goin' on?
- Can we contact them?
This Sarah, does she carry a radio?
Oh, there's radios in the huts
along the way.
Yeah, they were supposed to call me
from Timber Falls.
And they didn't?
They could be anywhere in here.
See, sometimes they go
into places nobody's been before.
Jonathan will know.
- And the border isjust there.
- That's right.
I've got the county
fire and rescue chopper standing by.
No, that would tip the killer off
that we're searching for him.
Too dangerous.
Couldn't use a helicopter
even ifyou wanted.
A storm comin' in-- too much wind shear.
- And no roads?
- Not a one.
- Who could guide me in there?
-Jon Knox is the man you want. He's
Sarah's partner, I guess you'd call him.
Mr Stantin, please, listen. Sarah--
she's kind ofspecial around here.
Do you really think he'd kill
any more ofthose people?
Yes, I do, Mr. Baker.
Imagine living
your whole life out here...
so far away from people.
Well, it's a good thing there's
a godforsaken wilderness somewhere...
'cause it's the only place
thatJon Knox would fit in.
Just what I need--
another psycho.
Oh,Jon's all right.
He'sjust different.
He doesn't feel real comfortable
with people.
He lives back in those hills
like a hermit.
Then Sarah came along. In about
five minutes, they fell in love.
Fell in love?
That makes things more complicated.
Jon, it's Dave Arnett.
I've got Warren Stantin ofthe FBI
in San Francisco with me.
Mr. Knox, I know this is
a difficult time foryou, but I think
we can work together and we--
Mr. Knox, I'm in pursuit ofa kidnap
and murder suspect. I need a guide.
Get your hand off me.
- I understand you're the best.
- Find someone else.
Now, you listen to me, Knox.
You are going with me.
Ifyou refuse to assist a federal agent
in the pursuit ofa felon...
you will be arrested
for obstruction ofjustice.
Get out of my way.
- You're under arrest!
- Bullshit.
- You have the right to remain silent.
- Move! I go alone.
Jon, the man has the right.
He ain't gonna make it out there, Dave.
He's only gonna get in my way.
Don't bet on it.
Ain't no elevators
out there, mister--
no cable cars, no busses,
no damn taxicabs.
So why don't you settle your ass at
the motel, and I'll do what I do best.
Mr Knox, you've got one choice
and one choice only.
That is to guide me
into those mountains.
That is the one way-- the only way you
will be permitted to help your friend.
You're not a vigilante.
You will be acting under my authority--
under my orders!
Questions so far?
Good. And I don't give a rat's ass
whetheryou like it or not.
You try going after this guy alone
and your ass will be in jail so fast
your head will spin.
Is any ofthis
getting through to you, Mr Knox?
- Where's his gear?
- In the truck.
- What the hell are these?
- Battery-powered, heated socks--
the latest thing.
- Ed Miller sell him this stuff?
- Yeah.
It figures.
- Ninety-eight bottles
ofbeeron the wall
- Ninety-eight. Ninety-eight.
- Ninety-eight bottles ofbeer
- That's right!
You take one down, youpass it around
Ninety-seven bottles ofbeeron the wall
Ninety-seven bottles
ofbeeron the wall
- Ninety-seven bottles
- Come on, I'm dying. I'm dying.
Let's not get sidetracked.
- No, let's play,
"What's My Line," all right? Huh?
- Ilove aparade
What'd you say you did?
I work with a moving company.
You know, furniture, household goods,
that sort ofthing. How about you?
You know, business-- this and that.
You make a buck.
Like what, over the counter,
wholesale, computers, what?
-Hey, you make a buck. Who gives a shit?
-I'm just asking the guy
what he does, guys.
- Go, go, go.
- I have an inquiring mind.
- Do you wanna talk about something else
like lures or something?
Okay, you guys, we're gonna stop here
for a five-minute break.
Take offyour packs
and relax a while.
You guys look a little winded.
I want you to stop before you can't talk
without gasping for air, okay?
Hey, Ben, don't get so close
to the edge there.
- This is not a good place
to go river rafting.
- Oh, hold on. Here you go.
You know what I'm saying?
I can't get this thing off my back.
It feels like somebody swapped out a
Cadillac and slipped it inside my pack.
Don't you boy scouts know better
than to be heroes?
Sarah, my boots are killing me.
Loosen up the laces a little bit.
Don't take 'em off,
'cause you won't get 'em back on.
- Okay.
- How you doing, Harv?
- I'll live.
- Good.
I hope.
Hey, Sarah, when are we gonna come
across a radio that works?
- What was wrong with the radio
at the last hut?
- It was busted.
- What do you need a radio for?
- Weather forecast.
My knee got pretty banged up
in football. Now it tells me when
the weather's gonna change.
We're gonna be at a lodge tomorrow
night. We'll have a roofand a radio.
Sounds good to me.
The last time my knee felt like this,
it rained for three straight days.
Best fishing, though,
in the rain.
My last trip,
I latched onto a river...
that was full ofthe biggest steelhead
you've ever seen in your life.
-You know how spooky steelhead are, huh?
-Oh, yeah, yeah.
The slightest little sound
and they're gone. Now, is this
gonna be another wild fish story, Ben?
- That's right, my friend.
And on this particular day,
it was coming down in buckets.
- You okay, Norm?
- Uh, where-- where was this?
- What?
Where was it?
What-What-What river?
It was the-- the Fraser.
Up in BC--
British Columbia.
- Anyway--
- So, uh, you've never been
on one ofthese trips, huh?
No. No, I always figured
the wilderness...
was the botanical gardens
in the Bronx.
What brings you
on this trip now?
I just finished going through
a really ugly divorce...
and I was looking for
a vacation spot...
where I was sure
I wouldn't run into my ex.
And since she's never been
away from room service
for more than a minute in her life--
You picked a great spot.
The sound ofthe water
is kind of lulling the steelhead...
and the action on the river...
is kind of bringing them up
close to the surface.
How big do these, uh,
Fraser River steelhead get, huh?
What's up with you
and the questions?
They're this big, okay? Does that make
you happy? Can I go on with the story?
You can turn back any time.
You worry about your own ass, hmm?
Easy. There, there.
Don't get excited.
Don't get excited.
No. No, the other way.
Wrong way.
Whoa. Hey, hey, U-U-turn!
Hey, hey, hey, you stop this shit now.
Wait. Wait.
What have you got?
Earth to Knox, do you read me?
What's happening?
End ofthe trail foryou, partner.
She's taken the route to Ryan's Gorge.
- The horses can't make it there.
- Good.
If I never see another horse...
if I never ride another horse,
if I never smell another horse--
no offence, horse--
it would be too soon.
Hey, I ain't taking
no tenderfoot trails. So you
might as well turn back right now.
Maybe you're forgetting
what I said back there.
This man is mine. You understand?
Now, what do we do with the horses?
Okay, horsey--
Home! Home!
Whoa! Whoa!
- Better walk in the stream a bit.
- What'd you say?
Helps to break 'em in.
Walk 'em out wet.
You're bullshitting me, right?
Weird shit in the country.
- Son ofa bitch.
- What'd you say?
I said,
"I hate the damn woods!"
You're looking at that moss like
it's gonna sing to you. Or are you
saying your prayers? Come on, will you.
Look, mister, you might be
some hot shit on your turf,
but this is my territory.
So why don't you just
sit back and enjoy the ride.
See the moose?
- So the doctor hears
this terrible screaming.
- Another doctor story.
-He runs back into the examining room.
-Do you believe this guy?
-He takes one look and he says, "No, no,
nurse. I told you to prick his boil."
- Come on!
- Oh, I heard that when I was 1 2.
- I heard that when I was two.
All right, I got another one here.
Now, the old man--
- No, no, no, Ralphie. No more. No more.
- Let's talk about fishing
or anything, please!
- Hey, Sarah,
Normie's slowing down again.
- Norm, you all right?
Yeah, I'm actually starting
to like it up here, you know.
- Hey, did you guys see the view?
- Come on!
So what do you think?
Fifty bucks for the biggest fish?
You make it a C-note,
and you got yourselfa deal, big guy.
- Yeah, but I wanna
see the lure first.
- I'll give you a lure right here.
I can't believe
I'm out ofshape.
Is this thing
safe enough to step on?
- I like this.
- God! How awesome!
- Did somebody make this,
or was this already here?
- Quite a sight, huh?
- This is great!
- Holy shit! What in the wide
world ofsports is that thing?
That thing, gentlemen,
is gonna take us across this gorge.
- That's it?
- That's it.
- We'll die.
- Hey, relax, okay? I've been on
one ofthese things before.
- Oh, yeah. Here we go.
- No, no, I tell you something--
- Yeah, tell me. Tell me.
- It's worse than it looks.
- Yeah, t-tell me, Big Ben.
- What is it that you haven't done?
A trip to Mars, maybe?
- Come on, Mac, please.
- Hey, I'm a fisherman.
- Gentlemen, gentlemen. Please,
gentlemen, let's apply logic here.
- Let us simply ask ourselves
ifthis trip is genuinely necessary.
- Come on. Stop whining.
- What's the big deal? Let'sjust do it.
- There you go.
- Now you're talking my language, boy.
- You guys, wait a minute.
You don't have to do this.
This is supposed to be a fun trip,
not hell night.
We can trek down the gorge
and go down river a couple miles.
Probably only set us back a day.
No. I'd rather die right now
than miss a day.
- He's right, I guess.
- Hold onto that real tight, will you?
I'm gonna go across with one ofyou
and show you how to do it.
Then the others
come across in twos.
- So who's gonna take
the big plunge with me?
- Well, when you put it that way, l--
- I'll go.
Oh, real macho!
- Yeah, I guess, uh--
I guess he goes, huh?
- Is that okay?
- Oh, yeah.
- Yeah, it's 'cause if
I don't go right away--
- Hey, fine.
- Okay, great. Thanks.
- Yeah.
- Okay, what do we do now?
- Now we let gravity take over.
- Right.
- Let her rip!
My stomach!
- Oh, I don't want to do this!
I wanna go--
-Just look at the boys.
You're all right.
Norm, look at the tree tops.
- Isn't it pretty?
- I wanna go back. I wanna--
I don't wanna be here.
You're fine, see?
You're doing real good.
- Can you stop it?
- Sure, ifyou want.
- It would mean a lot.
- No, this is worse. This is worse!
- Pretty exciting, huh?
- Yeah, so's a plane crash.
- Hey, Norman, I want you to do
something for me.
- What? What?
- I want you to turn around and take
a hold ofthis rope with both hands.
- What?
- I want you to start
pulling hand-over-hand.
- Uh-huh.
- And I want you to focus on that side.
- Okay.
- Okay?
- Okay.
- That's good.
- Like this? Like this?
- Norman, you don't
have to push yourself.
- There's a rhythm to things out here.
- I'm sorry. I'm sorry. It'sjust, uh--
- I'm just a little nervous.
- You're fine. You're doing fine.
Well, we're almost there.
A little more. A little more.
Oh, God. We're over land.
Thank God.
- There we go.
- Okay.
All right. Pull her in.
And then I want you to take hold
ofthe log there at the end.
- Okay.
- Good.
- Yeah?
- I'm gonna over to help the others.
- When they come back, I want you
to give them a hand down, okay?
- Yeah. Sarah?
- Yeah?
- Your boyfriend.
How does he feel about you being out
here alone with the five of us
like this, huh?
-Well, it's not really up to him, is it?
I've always been pretty good
at taking care of myself.
- What's the matter?
- What do you think's the matter? Look!
That basket's supposed to be
in the middle and the rope's cut.
Take it easy. Anybody could have
doubled back and done that.
- That doesn't mean anything's
happened to Sarah.
- Yeah.
- What are you doing?
- I'm going over to get the basket.
- Oh, shit!
- Get your pack off. Put your gloves on.
Take this rope
and feed me the slack.
When I get in the basket,
pull us over. Got it?
Got it.
- Are you okay?
- No!
- Try and reach the face!
- I'm trying!
Pull up!
- Pull!
- Okay.
God, what's he doing up there?
Okay, hold on!
Here we go.
You mountain men do
this kind ofshit a lot?
Every damn day.
Hey, you all right?
That arm--
- Let's push on.
- No.
No, you--
you need some more rest.
- No, I don't.
- I need some more rest.
I gotta hand it to you. It's good.
- Yeah?
- Yeah. It's really good.
It's not oysters on the halfshell,
but it--
- No.
- What?
I'm supposed to be meeting my girlfriend
right now at Donatello's.
- Three days.
- Three days?
To the nearest telephone.
I'm dead.
Ah, don't sweat it.
She'll understand.
Forget it. Over and out.
Let me cut you some more.
We got a long day tomorrow.
You'd better keep up your energy.
Three days to a telephone.
How do you stand it out here?
You oughta try it sometime.
Might do you some good.
Couldn't do it.
I'm big city.
Tell me something.
-What would you miss besides telephones?
Activity, action.
Theatre and music.
Getting a good meal
at 4:00 in the morning.
I don't suppose you've ever
eaten this before either, have you?
They serve rabbit
in lots of places.
Yeah, maybe, but that ain't rabbit.
- Then what the hell is it?
- Marmot.
Marmot? What's a marmot.
A rodent.
A rodent?
You mean, a rat?
Sort ofa big, hairy rat,
I guess. Yeah.
Oh, shit.
Hey, I know how you feel.
Me, I think oysters taste like snot.
Oh, shit!
-Jesus! You frightened
the crap out of me!
- Shh!
- I almost bashed
your brains in foryou!
- There's a bear.
- Shut up. I'm trying to sleep.
- Ben, I heard a bear.
- Harvey, wake up. Harvey, wake up.
- I heard it.Just-- Shh.
- Where's Steve? Where's Sarah?
- Steve. Steve.
Steve. Steve!
- Yeah, I wasjust, uh,
building a log cabin.
- Oh,Jesus.
- Thought there was a bear or something.
- Scared the crap out of us.
It was a big cabin.
- That's the noise.
- That's it. Give it to me.
- What?
- Give it to me. Give me your knife.
- What's that? What's the matter?
- What noise?
- Over there.
- Shh.
- What? Look. Look.
- Shit.
What, did you guys
think I was a bear?
- Bear, my ass.
- Are you kidding?
- What bear?
- Bear?
- Come on. We're not stupid.
They always think I'm a bear.
Born on the mountaintop
in Tennessee
Killedhim a bear
when he was onlythree
Killedhim a bear
when he was onlythree
He killedhim a bear
when he was onlythree
- Yes, Davy, Davy Crockett
- Norman, watch the tree!
- King ofthe wildfrontier
- Sorry. Sorry.
- Yes, Davy, Davy Crockett
- You just take care ofwalking.
-Just gonna walk and sing.
- King ofthe wildfrontier
Born on a mountaintop in Tennessee
Killedhim a bear
Okay, you guys, I want you to be real
careful in here. It gets kinda tricky.
Don't be embarrassed ifyou have to
hang onto tree branches or rocks, okay?
- Here's Mommy.
- Whateveryou say.
- Hey, Benny, this isn't the right way.
- What a view.
- Hey, Steve, wait up.
- I'm telling you, we're lost.
- Gotta tie-- tie my shoe, okay?
- Yeah.
- Boy, I'm really starting
to like it up here.
- Yeah?
I didn't think I would, you know.
I just came up here
to get away from my ex-wife.
Actually, I'd like to have her
up here with me right now.
One little shove would save me,
what, about 79 alimony cheques.
Yeah, I get it.
Oh! No, no, no, no! No, no--
Get your feet.
Don't look down. Don't look down!
- Norman, look at me.
- Help me, Steve.
Okay, calm down.
I'm gonna help you.
Do what I tell you.
Catch your breath.
Now, reach in that crack
and give me that gun.
No-- What? Help me, goddam it.
I am gonna help you.
Now, just do what I tell you. All right?
Reach in that crack
and hand me the gun.
Good. All right,
now give it to me. Come on.
- Where the hell did this come from?
- It came from my pack. I'm a cop.
Now, come on.
Good boy, good boy.
- All right, now, take it easy.
- Help me. Help me.
Grab my wrist.
That's right.
Come on-- Oh. Good boy.
Come on. Come on.
All right, you got it.
You got it.
All right, one more. Ready?
- What the hell happened?
- Who's screaming?
Look out, look out. Don't move!
Don't-- Look out!
- Hey, what happened?
- What happened?
- It's Norman. Didn't you see?
Hejust went over.
- What?
- Norman?
- H-he slipped here, and he fell!
- Where?
- I don't know. Do you see him?
- My God!
- Get back from the edge.
- Steve!
- Harvey, run!
I'm sorry. I can't.
Stop it. Stop it!
Take it easy! It's over!
Calm down, Sarah, calm down! It's over.
Understand?Just calm down. Calm down.
- I'm not gonna hurt you. Understand?
- Okay.
- Now, I need you.
Understand me? I need you.
- Yeah.
- You have to get me
out ofthese mountains. All right?
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Okay? All right. Good girl. Let's go.
There you go. Yeah, just forget
this happened, all right?
- Okay.
-Just forget this happened.
-Just go on like before.
- All right.
You're the guide, I'm the customer.
All right?
- Okay.
- Go ahead now.
0-4-7 calling Bishop's Falls.
0-4-7 calling Bishop's Falls.
0-4-7. Do you read me, Sam?
Sarah. Sarah.
Is thatyou, Sarah?
- Sam?
- God, Sarah, I've been trying--
-I didn't try anything.
-Thought you might be thinking about it.
Listen, uh, Sarah, there's a storm.
One hell ofa storm.
It's here now,
and it's coming your way.
Now, you andyourpartyneedto stay
there in the hut. You understandme?
- Tell him you wanna make
one more day oftravel.
- Tillthestorm blows over.
I want one more day oftravel.
Stay put.
Sarah, listen, don't do that.
Don't do that.
He wouldn't be upset about a storm.
Ask him what's wrong.
What's wrong?
- You wouldn 't be upset
about a storm, Sam.
- Big storm. Don't-- Big storm.
This is a very serious storm
we're talking about, Sarah.
At least five inches ofsnow.
- Tell him you're alone so we can talk.
- I'm alone.
Miss Renell, this is
Special Agent Minelli ofthe FBl.
One ofthe men inyourparty
isan impostor.
He'sa fugitive
Doyou understand?
- Understand?
- I understand.
Sarah,Jonathan's coming.
He's leading Stantin,
the FBI man, up there.
He'sabout two days
behindyou, we figure.
But with thesnowcoming, who knows?
Now, stay close to the lodge
and that radio, Sarah.
That'sa hellofa storm front
that's coming in.
- Okay, Sam, I will.
- Okay, Sam, I will.
- Well, was she under duress?
- Well, she sounded kinda strange.
I'm not sure.
So, who'sJonathan?
Is that your boyfriend, Sarah?
Is that your boyfriend?
Yeah, it's your boyfriend.
Don't move.
She's dead.
- Washed down the river.
- No.
If he knew the mountains,
he would've gone alone.
He doesn't, so he needs a guide.
Come on. She's still alive,
and we've got to help her.
Hey, this is Sarah's handwriting.
What the hell does this mean,
"You ought know me by now"?
- Take it easy, Knox.Just take it easy.
- What did this guy do?
- You said it was extortion and murder.
- It was. How do you light this?
That wasn't all it was, was it?
No, it wasn't.
He had a hostage in San Francisco.
A diamond merchant's wife.
He killed her...
after he got the diamonds...
just to make a point.
- What point?
- That I shouldn't have interfered.
You botched it up,
so now you want revenge,
and she's gonna get killed for it.
You listen to me.
That note is right.
I am getting to know this guy.
He'll only kill a hostage
he has no use for. Understand me?
So long as you and I stay tight
on his ass, Sarah will stay alive.
Now, let's get some rest.
We'll catch up with him tomorrow.
Go get your pack.
They already got a hell ofa head start.
Now there's only two ofthem,
they'll move faster.
Then we'll move faster.
In two or three days
they'll be at the border.
You said yourselfthat he'll kill her
as soon as he doesn't need her.
That means I gotta get to them
before they get to Canada.
- We'll get them
before they get to Canada.
- Wait a minute, Stantin.
You're already exhausted.
It's cold, and it's gonna get colder.
There's a storm moving in.
I'm not afraid ofa storm.
You dumb bastard.
You could die up there.
And if not that, you'd slow me down
so much that Sarah'd get killed.
So you got one choice,
and that's to stay here.
You go with me,
oryou don't go at all.
You're not gonna shoot me.
You ever killed a man?
You ever break up a bank robbery?
I'm 22 years in the FBl, Knox.
I've come up against the Mafia,
the Ku Klux Klan...
the KGB.
Understand me.
I'm qualified to go after this guy.
You thinkyou are, but you're not.
All right.
All right, I'll take you.
But you'd better keep up, because ifyou
slow me down and Sarah gets killed...
I'll kill you.
Sarah, slow down.
Stop! Sarah, wait.
For the last houryou've been getting
farther and farther ahead.
What's the matter, Sarah?
You're crazy.
See that?
I'm not crazy.
You get me across the border,
I'll give this to you.
You understand me?
I'm giving you this.
But you pull any ofthat shit again,
and I'll kill you.
Your name. Say your name.
Warren Stantin.
Every time you lose your wind,
you stop and say your name. Got that?
What if I'm too tired
to remember my name?
For ten bucks, I'll remind you.
Okay. Okay.
Should've stayed in that cabin
while you had the chance.
I have to go up the rock face,
then up through a chimney to the top.
That'll save at least a day.
They'll keep to the valleys
to avoid the storm that's coming in.
I gotta go over the mountain
and right through the storm.
So when it gets dark get in your bag,
get under my poncho, say your prayers.
You'll be okay.
When I get to the border,
I'll send some guys foryou.
You stubborn son ofa bitch.
Can't you listen to common sense?
Tie my rope around your waist,
and I'll loweryou down.
What are you-- Oh! What are you
trying to do, kill yourself?
- Tie it around your waist.
I'll loweryou down.
- No.
- I'm coming up.
- You're crazy.
I'm coming up.
Fine. Go ahead.
- I can't!
- Good. Now, are you gonna tie on?
- Are you gonna lower me down?
- Yes.
- No.
- Oh, to hell with you, then.
I'm going to Canada.
Change your mind
about going back down, Stantin?
No. I want to go up.
All right, you pig-headed bastard.
I can't argue with you all day.
- Tie it around your waist
and I'll bring you up.
- How do I know you're not
gonna lower me down?
Because I said so, you son ofa bitch!
Now, tie on while I'm still
in a good mood!
Well, you gotta climb too.
I'm not gonna do all the work.
All right, you push up while I pull.
Come here and light this.
All right.
Hey, what's all this smoke?
You sending a signal or something?
The wood's wet.
It's gonna smoke.
Yeah? We're not gonna have
any fucking fire. How about that?
I'm sick ofthis.
You don't want a fire, fine.
We'll have sushi.
You want some?
My leg. It's cramped! A cramp!
Lay back!
Yeah. Yeah.
You're soaking wet. When it
starts to freeze, you're finished.
Get your pack off!
Find something to dig with.
Dig, Stantin, dig!
Start digging, or we're both gonna die!
Oh, God, you've gotta get out ofthese.
Your belly's ice cold.
Get up.
What-- What's your problem?
You heard about us country boys,
haven't you?
Jesus, you smell.
- Do I smell like that?
- Well--
Oh, yeah. Weather looks better.
I think we should be able
to make up some time.
- Thanks for helping me.
- Ah, don't mention it.
How do you feel?
How do I look?
My great-granddaddy
was 87 when he died...
and I'll always remember
seeing him in his coffin.
Well, he looked a damn sight healthier
three days dead than you do now.
Jesus Christ!
What do we do?
Don't move.
I know that.
You're the mountain man.
How do we make it go away?
You can't.
- Maybe we oughta throw it some food.
- We are the food.
- Why don't you shoot it?
- Uh, that'll only piss him off.
Let's backtrack.
But be real casual.
I've never-- I've never seen a grizzly
turn and run like that before.
everybody else around here acts like
they've never seen a black man before.
Why should a bear be different, eh?
Which way, Sarah?
Which way, Sarah?
I can smell it.
We're right behind 'em.
Ow! Damn! Ow!
- What happened?
- I don't know. It's my leg.
Please help me!
- Sarah!
- Get back.
You make a move and I kill him.
Hey! Hey, stop!
Stop! Stop, okay?
Okay. Good, good, good, good, good.
Come on. Come on.
Thanks a lot.
Well, halfof my refrigerator is gone.
I haven't checked the rest ofthe house.
- There could be things missing,
for all I know.
- I'm sorry. We're right in the middle
ofa very big manhunt here.
- I can't get anyone up there.
-Jack, I know what you're thinking.
This is not the same thing as them
painting graffiti on the side ofthe
wall or-or digging up the flower beds.
- No, I understand--
- I mean, when they actually break into
the house, then I'm sorry, I can't--
I should've ditched you in the woods.
I should've let you freeze
up there in that snow.
I could've left you hanging
on that rock face. You know that.
Aw, Christ.
Gentlemen, we have two new reports.
A motorcycle was stolen
from behind the high school...
and $300 is missing from the till
at the Crown Market.
Now, I know it doesn't sound like much,
but you never know.
- Uh, we're about to
go check out the market.
- Mildred, we're very, very busy here.
They broke into my house.
The kitchen is an absolute pigsty.
I'll get someone up there as soon
as I can. I promise. Okay? Thankyou.
Excuse me, ma'am.
Exactly what happened in your kitchen?
Inspector, could you check to see if
there were any long-distance phone calls
made from this number?
I don't think they were teenagers.
What teenagers are going to drink
just milk and Cokes...
when there's also beer
in the refrigerator?
On that side, the table and the utensils
have been wiped clean.
Over here, prints everywhere.
The suspect brought Sarah here.
Rope fibres.
He tied her to the leg ofthis table,
sat over there where you are...
and ate.
There was a call.
Vancouver number. 926-0484.
Mr Stantin.
Superintendent Hsu.
I hope my men have taken care ofyou.
They've been wonderful.
I'd just about forgotten
how good a hot shower feels.
- Hey, how you doin', man?
- Good.
- This is MrJonathan Knox.
- Mr Knox.
- Thanks for the clothes.
- Promise you'll burn these.
- You bet.
Wejust finished interrogating the man
the phone call was placed to.
His name is Fournier. He lives
out in the British properties.
Very expensive neighbourhood.
He's a diamond broker.
- How you been?
- You're saying he's a fence.
- What's up?
We've never been able to prove anything.
He claims the call was a wrong number.
Phone company said the call
lasted 1 9 minutes.
Yeah, we know he's lying.
Here's Fournier now.
Superintendent, I'm so concerned
about that poor girl being held hostage.
I'm very sorry I can't help you,
but I would like to know
how everything turns out.
Isn't that a fine man?
He and I havejust been to see
your boss, lnspector Hsu,
and I think we made our point...
which is that ifyou ever bring
my client down here on this kind
ofchickenshit questioning again...
I'll sue the whole fucking department.
Understand? Make sense to you?
Uphold the law and all that?
- Why the hell are you letting him walk?
- We have nothing on him.
No grounds for charges.
- We'll keep him under surveillance.
- I'm sure your men
will come up with something.
We appreciate everything, lnspector.
- You'rejust gonna let him
offthe hook, aren't you?
- Look, the police are doing
everything they can.
- Oh, Stantin!
- Look, mister.
You may be some hot-shit guy
back on your turf, but you're in
my territory now...
so sit back and enjoy the ride.
What-- Hey! Hey, hey!
Hey! What the-- Get your hands
offof me! What is this?
- Shut up!
- Do you know who I am?
- Shut up!
- I could pick up the phone
and have you killed. Fuckyou!
- Did you hear that?
He could have us killed.
What is it, money you want?
Huh? You want money?
I'll open the safe,
I'll give you all the money you want.
Good, good.
- Set?
- Set. Two minutes.
What's that noise?
What's happening? Huh?
What's happening?
Talk to me, goddam it! Talk to me!
Let's rip some ofthe stuffing
out ofthe couches.
Oh,Jesus, what, are you
gonna burn down my house?
Look, we can make a deal, huh?
Can't we make a deal, for Christ's sake?
You're already dead.
Dead men don't make deals.
- What did he do, anyway?
- He stole two pounds ofdiamonds
from the wrong people.
- No. No. I didn't steal them.
- Okay, we'll torch these, and the
whole city'll come down on top of him.
I didn't steal them!
I don't have them!
Look, all I was doing
was brokering them. I-l don't
even know where they came from!
- They could trace that tape.
- Nah. It'll burn right along with him
and the rest of his--
You can get the diamonds back.
The guy who stole them
is meeting me tomorrow.
Robson Square, noon,
at the skating rink.
- Okay, okay, 30 seconds. Let's go!
- Okay.
He's the one you want! Not me!
You can have the diamonds back!
Just turn offthe timer!
Diamonds, Mr Fournier?
- What are you doing here?
- We received a phone call.
They said there was a break-in.
H-Hey! He's got my purse!
- Hey, come on, buddy!
- Someone stop him! He's got my purse!
Somebody stop him, please!
You bum!
Fuck. Shit.
- Go!
- Go, go, go!
- This way!
- No!
- Come here!
- Let go of me!
- Get up! Get up!
- You motherfucker!
- Sarah!
Go! Get! Get! Go!
- Get out ofthe car!
Get out ofthe car! Come on!
- What are you doing?
Get in here! Come on!
- He took my truck!
- Everybody down!
- On the side! Let's move, move, move!
- Open the door!
Watch out!
You're crazy!
Okay, what do we got?
- See the car?
- No.
- Yes! There he is!
- On the ferry!
- On the left-hand ferry!
- Go, go!
- Okay!
Wait till you get a good shot.
He's still got a hostage.
- All right, there's gonna be a lot
of people up there, so watch your fire.
- Go!
Stay calm!
- Let's check the wheel house.
- The wagon, the wagon.
On the upper deck!
- Knox.
- What?
He's on that one.
Why do you think that?
- That's the kind of move
this bastard would make.
- Stay back.
- Hey!
- Hey, you can't go on there! Hold it!
- Where do we start?
- Right here.
You take the right side,
I'll take the left.
Sarah! Get down!
Get up!
Come on! Don't fight me!
Come on!
Hold it!
- Let the girl go.
- Fuckyou.
Come on, Stantin.
We've both been here before.
You tried to play games last time,
got a woman killed. Remember?
This time you do exactly what I say,
or I'm gonna have to kill another one.
- Now, go over the side.
- You shoot her,
you're dead halfa second later.
- Stantin, I'm serious.
- So am l.
You want to die, go ahead and shoot.
- I'll do it!
- Let her go or die.
That's the only deal you're gonna make.
I'll kill her, Stantin!
Goddam it, I'll kill her!
Oh, my God!
Get out of my way! Move!
Get out of my way!
Out of my way!
Move! Move!
Go on, move! Move!
Go on! Down! One side!
Get down! Get down!
- Hey, come on over here. Come here.
- No. No. No.
Come here. Come on. Come on.
Come on. I'm not gonna hurt you.
Get over here. Come on.
Goddam it, come over here!
Yeah, that's right.
That's good. Come on.
It's gonna be okay.
- All right.
- No! No!
You FBI guys
do this kind ofshit a lot?
Every damn day.