Shooting for Socrates (2014) Movie Script

Northern Ireland!
Northern Ireland!
90 minutes gentlemen.
90 minutes to make history.
I know you won't let me
or your country down.
We do this, and you'll be
legends until the day you die.
- All right, Billy?
- All right, Jackie.
Just a few words. Rolling, Albert?
And here we are in Guadalajara,
talking to Billy Bingham...
...the Northern Ireland manager.
The smallest country
in the world so far...
...ever to qualify
for the World Cup.
Billy, can they do it?
Well, now, Jackie,
it doesn't get bigger than Brazil.
But these lads are up for it.
They're fit,
well prepared for the climate...
...and determined to
make the nation proud.
Well Billy, Brazil have won the
World Cup no less than three times.
Daunting, is it not?
Now, I know you went to
Bible class, Jackie...
...and you know the story of
David and Goliath as well as I do.
We'll cut there, Albert.
Thanks, Billy.
See you on the pitch.
Good luck, lads.
Jeez, the boss is telling
them not to worry...
...that Santana's
resting his best players.
But I've just bloody clocked Zico,
Josimar and Falcao.
Yeah, that's Billy.
You couldn't make him up.
Still, I didn't notice Socrates.
Every cloud, I suppose.
Has another one lurking behind it.
You seriously don't
believe in all that...
...David and Goliath s..e,
Derek, do you?
Just look at them.
is that light supposed to be on?
Oh, b..s.
Within half an hour...
...of the Loyalists latest protest
against an Anglo-Irish agreement.
The centre of Belfast
was in chaos... office workers and
afternoon shoppers ran for cover.
Tensions between
Cathloics and protestants...
...remain at boiling point.
that's all from the news desk.
And now for sport, where tonight
Northern Ireland's football fans...
...have been praying for an
unlikely victory against Romania... their battle to reach
next year's World Cup finals.
Tommy, hurry up.
What were you doing, milking a cow?
I kept having to
start all over again.
- What?
- Dribbling.
Aye, me and your dad's dribbling
for the want of a cup of tea.
Well? Can you hear anything?
- Job done, daddy.
- Dead on.
Now, get it out to the yard
before your mammy starts on us.
All right, Arthur?
All right, squire? What about ye?
Look what I brought you.
My ma's cleaning out the attic,
she told me I had to get rid of it.
I near cried, having
to part with it...
...but I know it's going
to a good home.
What is it, Uncle Wigsy?
What is it?
What is it?
It's Subbuteo, son.
That's the best football
game in the world...
...and it's worth a few bob too.
Here, wanna go to the club with me,
sit and watch a football match?
- Can I, daddy?
- You've got school in the morning.
Here, call a sickie.
I never went to school...
...and it didn't do me any harm.
I'll have to run it
by the war department.
The answer is no.
Now clear off, our Wigsy.
Sorry, son.
I did my best there, you know?
Listen, I'll see yous.
Come on, Northern Ireland!
get that bloody bike out of here.
Well, here we are on a bitterly
cold night in Bucharest...
...where Romania haven't
lost a match in six years.
Can Northern Ireland
break that record...
...and keep alive their hopes
of qualifying for the World Cup?
A win here would take them
a step closer to Mexico.
Are Northern Ireland
ready to take a bite...
...of the golden cherry
just within their reach?
Ungureanu and Hagi, little chip
this time and it's back again.
McDonald with a powerful header.
Coras this time hitting the shot.
Iovan in the centre. Hagi wants it.
And what a great save by Jennings.
Sammy McIlroy. A good run
by McIlroy, Quinn on side.
If he can hold it and turn it.
And he's done it!
Jimmy Quinn has given
Northern Ireland...
...the lead with 28 minutes gone.
Made by Sammy McIlroy.
Come on, Northern Ireland.
Do you think they'll win this?
- That depends.
- What on?
And Jimmy Quinn timing
his run to perfection.
Well, if you set a plate of food...
...down 100 yards from
two hungry men...
...who do you think'll
get to it first?
Easy, the fastest one.
Think about it.
Ungureanu this time.
A clear header and a great
save again by Jennings.
Up to bed, our Tommy.
- Can I not see the end?
- No.
And a good save by
Jennings at his near post.
Arthur, get him up to bed.
I'm away to mummy's to
get a bit of peace...
...until that bloody thing is over.
Pat Jennings checking his
position again and again.
The hungriest one?
A clear shot and a great
save yet again by Jennings.
Coras aiming for a
volley and in the end...'s Jimmy Nichol
off the line...
...from Mircea Rednic,
Boloni and Hagi.
Sends one over this time
and cleared by McDonald.
Fantastic save by Jennings.
Oh, for God sake.
Northern Ireland
have done it again.
They did it in Spain in
the World Cup Finals...
...beating Spain
one-nil in Valencia.
They did it in Hamburg.
The European Championships
beating Germany one-nil there...
...and they have done it today in
World Cup qualifying group three.
The seventy two Northern Irishmen
away to our right celebrate... customary fashion
and Northern Ireland.
Well, nobody expected that eh,
Aye, all they need now is a draw
with England and they'll qualify.
Maybe you'll get a run out someday.
Wouldn't that be something?
That would be unbelievable.
When are you back
across the water?
First thing in the morning.
After mass.
Your mother wants you to go
with her before you go back.
- I'm 20, da.
- Just keep her quiet.
Say a few Hail Marys,
it's no big deal.
He thinks he's a big lad now,
Barney, over in England.
His mother's afraid he'll have his
head turned by all them heathens.
I never go near the
church myself...
...but the wife, she practically
eats the altar rails.
If I was the priest, I'd be
asking her for her rent money.
All right, Barney,
I'll see you when I'm back.
who are Forest playing Saturday?
Man U.
Maybe you'll get a start then.
I'll ask the missus to say a prayer
to one of them saints of hers.
Sure our walls is covered in them.
Barney's right, son.
You're a pro now.
You keep your head down,
no fancy stuff, no showing off.
Breaking sweat's the only way
to get anywhere in this world.
You do that, then one day you
could play for your country.
Do-do-do, come on and do the conga!
Do-do-do whoo,
let's conga to the shore!
Do-Do-do, whoa,
come on and do the conga!
it's conga night for sure!
- Come on, lads!
- Come on, boys!
England up next at Wembley!
Lads, if we get a result there,
it's Viva Mexico.
Even a draw and we are
going to the World Cup.
I bet the English there are
sitting the night thinking:
"Northern Ireland next."
sure the bosses we're favorites.
- What bookies does he go to?
- His own, probably.
Well, Jimmy, what bulls..t
did you feed the nation?
I let Jackie Full-of-himself do
all the talking. I just nodded.
- Are we rolling, Albert?
- We're rolling here, Jackie.
- Is the hair ok?
- Hair's fantastic.
Jackie Fullerton here with the
man of the hour, Jimmy Quinn.
Jimmy, talk us through
how you scored that goal.
Well, I was just standing there...
...filing my nails and
scratching my a..e and...
Well, that is certainly what
I'd call multitasking, Jimmy.
And suddenly I looked
down and here's me.
"Where the hell did
that ball come from?"
So I just booted it
out of my way and...
...what do you know,
it landed in the back of the net.
How the hell do you think I scored,
Jackie? You were watching.
Hey, guys.
I must have been combing
my hair at the time.
- License please, sir.
- Morning.
- Where you going, sir?
- Airport.
- And where you flying to, sir?
- Nowhere. He is.
What is the purpose
of your journey?
To play football.
Where are you playing, sir?
Look, I cross this border
every day. Check your CCTV.
I still need to see your license,
First tour of duty, then?
I've got socks older than him.
You should be used to them by now.
If I get used to them,
it means I've accepted them.
But Da you've been
travelling back and forth...
...across this border for years.
Sure what else could I do?
Your poor mother couldn't take
another bloody bomb going off.
I remember when we first moved.
Being left at school,
half six in the morning.
Not a sinner, only me.
Sure we you a favour.
All that time on your own
to kick a ball around.
You should be thanking us.
Da, I was kicking stones.
I didn't have a ball.
Sure, isn't that how half
the Brazilian team started...
...kicking stones around?
Aye, but it's not Brazil, is it?
It's Northern Ireland.
So we're nearly there, lads.
Remember, the whole country's
behind you the night...
...just like they were with
Barry McGuigan and Alex Higgins.
A wee place like
Northern Ireland...
...with all its
troubles can produce...
...a world featherweight champion
and a world snooker champion... why not a world
class football team?
We all know the one
thing that unites us all.
Catholic and Protestant,
is beating England...
So remember the
prize for all of us.
Here we go.
Here we go, lads.
- Here we go, lads.
- Yes!
You have to hand it to him, Sammy.
Nobody'll ever shatter his belief.
What odds are they giving us?
You don't wanna know.
It's not just the large
contingent of Irish supporters...
...who fervently hope their
country reaches Mexico...
...most England fans would
love to see them there too...
...which is why the England
players have to be seen... the eyes of
the football world... be competing more
fiercely tonight...
...than their own
guaranteed place...
Go on Northern Ireland!
Daddy, why does the English
"God Save the Queen"...
...the same as our
"God Save the Queen"?
There's only one United Kingdom,
The Scottish and the
Welsh don't sing it.
That's because they're traitors.
Right, come on, Northern Ireland.
Get the boot in them English b..s!
Plenty of men forward
for England...
Hoddle... On the left foot...
The most dangerous man in
the qualifying group...
...perhaps along
with Hagi of Romania.
Dinner plate hands.
Wilkins, looking for Linekar,
Linekar could be there.
This is Whiteside... Whiteside!
Stevens... Looking for Dixon!
How did Jennings keep that one out?
And no wonder Billy Bingham
can't sit on his bench.
Yes! Jennings.
And Billy Bingham again has
to thank a goalkeeper...
...who's put a completely
different complexion...
...on the phrase middle-aged.
Only another couple more
minutes to go, David.
Jesus, it's torture.
Come on, Pat, keep it together.
If you get through, duck,
maybe they could pick you.
Me? No, Mrs. Thompson.
Christ don't be saying that.
Four minutes to go.
Wright tries to flick
it on to Hoddle.
I think it's time
for the rosary beads.
Mexico '86 beckons.
History for Northern Ireland.
It's McIlroy.
Lineker's there. Lineker...
Jennings with one hand.
Billy Bingham knows it's
a matter of seconds.
Never has one bench
been so animated.
And the other so unconcerned.
And Northern Ireland have qualified
for the World Cup finals...
...for the second successive time.
40 year old Pat
Jennings again a hero... the Irish
supporters celebrate...
...and surely now we must
go to Mexico with them.
Keep your head down Tommy.
Albert are we running?
Lads... Lads, lads...
I can't hear myself think here,
I'm about to do a
piece to camera... anybody who's
claiming the dole...
...and shouldn't be out of
the country, get to the back.
So do you think you'll be following
the lads across the Atlantic maybe?
I'm going home now... book my ticket to
go to Mexico, Jackie.
- Look, ma!
- I don't care how much it costs.
It's Uncle Wigsy on the TV.
I'd sell the house.
I'd sell his van.
- I'd sell my wife, no problem.
- I'd sell his wife, no problem.
And what did you think of the game?
But did you ever see that film...
...the one where the
Englishmen massacred the Zulus?
But the Zulus were ready for them.
That was Rourke's drift out
there the night, Jackie...
...and we were the Zulus.
- I always thought he was stupid.
- Uncle Wigsy's gonna be famous.
And so the Trafalgar Square...
...has never before seen
anything like this.
- Here we go!
- Here we go!
Here we go. This is our group.
It's often your future's
in a load of balls.
This is it.
Irlanda del Norte.
No problem.
Friggin hell, Brazil.
Who wants another drink?
Make mine a double.
Brazil. Jesus.
I'm totally delighted
at the result.
It couldn't be better
for Northern Ireland...
...and I look forward to play,
and I quote Tele Santana... playing the "Jogo Bonito".
What tablets is he on? Brazil?
He's getting on like
they're some school team...
...from the fourth division.
If it was anyone else,
you'd think it was all front...
...but actually he's s..g himself.
He's probably learning
the samba already.
Yeah, well he can teach us...
...because them big hairy
will dance right through us.
You don't think
Brazil will kill you?
No, of course not.
I mean, we'll be in with a fighting
chance. It's 11 men each and... know, all you have to do
is put the ball in the net once.
Algeria. Where the hell is that?
And now we turn to
Northern Ireland's... opponents in Group D.
Captained by no less a figure
than the man they call Socrates.
Beauty comes first.
Victory is secondary.
What matters is joy.
The main goal I score in my life...
...will have nothing
to do with football.
A match finishes in 90 minutes,
but life goes on.
Stop her there, Brian.
Do you know this guy
is a doctor as well?
No kidding, Jackie.
We'll cut away from Socrates
and I will say something like...
...speaking of the best players
in the world, blah, blah, blah...
...and I'll do a bit of
waffling about George Best.
Get me a few Bestie goals in there,
will you?
- Have you got them there, Brian?
- Yep.
What do you think, Albert?
You'd think you were born there,
That's for our own purposes,
Can you tell us where
we'll find the nearest bar?
No problemo, amigo.
Will you look at him, Albert.
The best player in the world
and he comes from here.
Makes you proud.
It's a shame he's retired.
Where we gonna find
another George Best?
So we'll cut away from Bestie and
you can throw me up the cranes... know, Samson and Goliath...
...and I will finish
with something like...
...under the ever watchful
eyes of Samson and Goliath...
...Northern Ireland prepare
to take on another giant...
...and then we'll cut to footage
of the Brazil team in action.
Has he picked the team yet, Jackie?
Press conference tomorrow.
- Any leaks?
- Oh, you know Billy...
...tighter than a camel's
a.s in a sandstorm.
That you, David.
Gotta call that number there.
Sounded urgent.
It's our house.
There must be something wrong.
- Da?
- Son!
- What's wrong?
- You're on the squad.
- What?
- You're on the squad for Mexico.
What? Sure, the announcement
isn't until tomorrow.
Aye but you know this place,
more leaks than the Titanic.
I don't believe you.
You're winding me up.
You've ever right to
be on that squad, son.
They don't call you
Roadrunner for nothing.
Sure, Bingham doesn't even know me.
I've never even met him.
But he's watched you play. Maybe he
thinks it's time for fresh blood.
Or maybe he just needs
another Catholic.
Da, it's definitely a wind-up.
It'll be one of my mates.
Forget it, aye? Call you later.
Son? Son?
Hello? David Campbell speaking.
Congratulations Davey, mate.
We're all in the pub celebrating.
- Paddy?
- Davey?
This is not funny.
And ringing my da.
- What you talking about?
- What are yous at?
Hang on a minute!
- Hello?
- Mexico, here we go.
And now here's the
Northern Ireland squad... compete in the World
Cup finals in Mexico.
Jennings, Pat. Tottenham Hotspur.
Nicholl, Jimmy.
West Bromwich Albion.
Donaghy, Malcolm. Luton Town.
O'Neill, John. Leicester City.
Armstrong, Gerald.
West Bromwich Albion.
McIlroy, Sammy. Manchester City.
Quinn, James. Blackburn Rovers.
Whiteside, Norman.
Manchester United.
Clarke, Colin. Bournemouth.
McClelland, John. Watford.
Hamilton, William. Oxford United.
Campbell, David. Nottingham Forest.
Oh, I can't believe it!
I can't believe it!
I can't... I'm going!
I'm actually going!
And following the news,
there's a special edition...
...of from our own correspondent...
...where Martin Smith reports
from Sao Paulo on the...
...remarkable change
has come about Brazil... it celebrates the
second anniversary...
...of becoming a political
democracy after 21 years.
That's from Football to Freedom,
coming up next.
I'll swap you Sammy
McIlroy for an England one.
No. I want someone with a chance
of winning the World Cup...
...not Northern Ireland.
- I'm not going back to this shop.
Three Sammy bloody McIlroys.
Got any black ones?
Aye. Look at him.
He's black, all right.
From Morocco. Where's that?
Some dopey eye place.
Look, I've got Socrates.
One of the best
players in the world.
My dad's got his books at home.
Thought he was from Greece.
Why would he be from Greece?
They're nearly as s..e
as Northern Ireland.
Who's he?
Who knows?
You'll never get him swapped.
Norman, stop showing off.
Ok, right, gather round.
Somebody give Campbell
a shout there.
Hey, Davey, come on David!
Get in here!
I'm sorry, boss, sorry. Sorry.
I was just trying to do...
- Two rules, David...
Don't a..e lick,
don't try and impress.
It's high altitude,
so it'll be tough, it'll be hot.
Now, last thing we need
is any sunburn issues...
...which case I have a wee batch
of factor 50 at reduced cost.
They'll be three quid
each of two for a fiver.
- Unbelievable.
- Billy's bloody chemist shop.
You're gonna need it
'cause I have a strict regime...
...for you to follow,
and I mean strict.
Alcohol is out unless I say so.
We don't want any
dehydration issues either.
He'll be probably trying
to sell us water too.
So that's it then, lads.
I'll see you on Wednesday.
Not even one beer?
He's strict, aye.
Hey, listen.
Stick with the veterans.
Where there's means, there's ways.
So McNally's missus is having
a baby over there, isn't she?
That's right.
Well, we've gotta wet the
baby's head. It's tradition.
Seeing as he doesn't drink,
I'll be having his.
You don't drink?
No, I'm a born again Christian.
That's gotta be the conversation
stopper of all time.
Now, what are you doing with those?
They still have muck
on them from Gransha.
Do you remember us
sneaking through...
...the railings to
play in the grounds?
There's not many
pros can say they...
...were trained in the
grounds of a loony bin.
- Da, it's a hospital.
- Still a loony bin.
What have you them out for, anyway?
Just wanted to look.
My first boots and yours too.
Not bad, eh?
For a pound down and
a shilling a week.
My God, is that big Pat?
- Aye.
You'll be doing well, you're
still playing when you're 40.
Da, you're getting carried away.
I'm only on the squad.
I taught you to
believe in yourself.
You start thinking
you're not good enough...
...Bingham will think that too.
Now, buck up.
Come on.
Your ma has your dinner on for you.
Is it all right if I take
them with me to Mexico?
Just for luck.
Are you getting all soft?
Is he gonna be all right?
He'll be all right if he knows
you're not gonna go over there...
...and start worrying about him.
Captain of your country, son.
Honours like that are
once in a lifetime.
Get over there and lead by example.
The lads need you.
I'll worry about your dad.
Come on, you'll miss that flight.
There was an explosion earlier,
a good lot injured.
Get you on in case
there's road blocks.
I'll keep in touch.
Remember, them long
distance calls is expensive.
Sure, I'll see you on the TV.
Come on, Northern Ireland!
Eyes up. Knees up lads, come on.
There you go.
Come on, Sammy get those knees up.
Albert, are you rolling?
There's the lads,
altitude training.
Chuck, can we get a bit closer?
Thank you.
I don't believe it.
It's Jackie bloody Fullerton.
- Piss off Jackie.
- F..k off, Jackie.
Sod off!
They're great lads.
F..k off, Jackie.
Seen faster pubcrawls.
The guys are just not
built for this climate.
And all the matches played at noon.
It'll be a murder picture.
Bloody Job's comfort you are.
All right, lads,
take a 20 minute break.
Police have saturated Belfast...
...keeping Catholic and
Protestant crowds apart.
Protestant owners
were the target of...
...petrol bombs thrown
by Catholic youths.
Police land rovers have
already been burned out...
...and at one stage the RUC said...
...that shots had been fired
from the Loyalist side.
Hey, hey, Tommy, get to yous home!
I'll tell your ma's.
What are they rioting about,
Who cares? Just get home now!
Hey, come on yous b..s!
This isn't just the result
of the Anglo-Irish agreement.
We were told that we're
gonna get stability...
...and peace and reconciliation.
I said it was a recipe for war...
...and it has been
a recipe for war.
Oh, thanks be to God.
Where were you, son?
We wanted to see Northern
Ireland training at Windsor...
...but we couldn't get there
'cause of the riot.
Come on, son, it's not your fault.
You're not to know when this
bloody place is going to kick off.
You all right, son? I've been
looking for you everywhere.
Aye, me and Titch ran through
them like Starsky and Hutch.
It was brilliant.
Our ones were firing stones at
the Army to get at the Catholics.
Our ones? Who's our ones?
Protestants. Who you think?
Come on.
Shasta stared into
the great eyes...
...and his own grew almost
as big with astonishment.
"However did you learn to talk?"
he asked.
"Hush. Not so loud,"
replied the horse.
"Where I come from,
nearly all the animals talk."
"Wherever is that?" asked Shasta.
"Narnia," answered the horse.
"The happy land of Narnia."
What were they rioting about,
You don't know?
And you took sides?
- I didn't!
"Our ones"?
When mammy and I argue,
whose side do you take?
Nobody's. I just turn the TV up.
What if we start throwing
bricks at each other?
Don't be daft.
It could be the only
way to settle it.
How do you and mammy sort it out?
Look it up in the morning.
How many more sleeps?
Over 100.
I'll never be ten.
Some things are worth waiting for,
Remember what I asked
you for my birthday?
I do.
- That mean yes?
- We'll see.
Definitely means yes. Can't wait.
Good night, son.
I'm sick of orange juice.
I'm going to turn into one.
Boys, come on, we need to
get an escape plan in action.
You up for it, Roadrunner?
No, Gerry. What if they caught us?
Anyway, he says this place is...
...just full of drunken
cowboys and Indians.
Oh, it's just like Belfast
on a Saturday night.
When does he put the team
sheet up for the first match?
He doesn't.
He waits
'til just before the game...
...then he comes up
to all the players...
...and if he shakes your hand,
you're on...
...and if he doesn't,
you're not and that's it.
But once you're in, you're in.
Billy has his faults,
but he's loyal.
He won't change the
side just to experiment.
I hope everything's all right.
He looks pretty grim.
Perhaps someone's asked
him to buy a drink.
No, looks serious enough, Jimmy.
can I have a wee word with you?
Look, I know it's hard for you,
...but your mother
would have wanted... to stay here
and make her proud.
Don't tell me what
my ma would want.
I need to get home.
I'm not gonna miss the funeral.
Room 365, please.
Sammy, we need you here.
The lads need you here.
There is nothing you
can do back there.
You've just gotta get a grip.
Your country is depending on you.
I'm gonna pack.
I'll arrange your
flight for the morning.
I'm sorry, boss.
I couldn't live with myself.
What time shall I
arrange the return for?
But you will come back,
though, after the funeral?
I can't think straight.
I just need to get home.
You all right, Sammy?
It's my ma.
She's dead.
I don't understand.
I mean, when I left... da was in
hospital clinging on.
My ma was fit as a fiddle.
- Jesus, mate.
I'm so sorry.
You go. Don't worry.
And Sammy, I'll tell you what...
...I am getting you out of
here tonight for a drink.
Indians or no Indians.
Come on.
All seems quiet.
Will we go back
downstairs for a nightcap?
No. I have to lead by example.
Good call, lads.
How the hell did you manage it?
By the way,
the natives are very friendly.
Hey guys,
it's the Northern Ireland team!
Sorry, heard the news.
sit down and Albert'll get them in.
Come on, let's go.
Blue Spanish eyes.
Teardrops are falling
from your Spanish eyes.
Please don't cry.
This is just adios and not goodbye.
Soon I'll return.
Bringing you all the
love your heart can hold.
Please say si, si.
Say you and your Spanish
eyes will wait for me.
Thank you, thank you.
Can you believe he
asked me to stay, like?
What would you have done, Jackie?
Sammy, the way he sees it is...
...he is a general,
you are his army...
...his weapon for glory.
Thoughts, Mr Kirk?
Took the words right
out of my mouth, Jackie.
There is no time for sentiment
in the face of battle.
It's about ego,
it's about selfishness...'s about ruthlessnessness...
So... In the thrust of combat...
...almost every act
can be justified...
...if it is a means
to a victorious end.
Right, Albert?
It's just what I was thinking,
- So you think the boss is right?
- No.
It's just I think
that's what he thinks.
It's not what I think.
I'm just a reporter.
One of life's onlookers.
Nobody cares what I think.
You're right, Jackie. Nobody.
Somebody help me.
I'm gonna get him home.
We just can't do without Sammy.
Brazil. Italy. England. Spain.
And they get to pick from the
best. I have to make do and mend.
I know they'll play
their hearts out...
...but we're gonna be
fighting gods out there...
...and they're just men.
Socrates, he practically
overthrew a government.
I don't even know if my
captain's gonna make the game.
What's that noise?
Do you see what I see, Bill?
I see nothing.
Need to be quiet.
You're gonna waking my ma.
I'm sorry. You know?
I'll see you, sis.
Put that in the back.
I can't believe you took
the wee lad's present.
Shut up.
You're just here on holiday.
Forgetting everything.
And we know that you are behind
us when we hear you sing.
Oh, come on, Northern Ireland,
come on. We support you ever more.
Gather round, gather round,
everything for a pound!
I can see you
drumming away on that.
There you go, love, take it easy.
Get the money out, will you? Look,
we're going to Mexico. Come on.
You'll see us on TV.
Big girl, see you at home,
all the best. Lovely.
That's the home run done.
Come on.
- We've still not enough.
- Hold on.
We sold everything.
- All right, mate?
- Hiya, mate.
And the green and white army
have been deployed to the front.
Let battle commence.
The lads are moving
ever further south.
Today, Albuquerque,
tomorrow Guadalajara.
But with the loss of
captain Sammy McIlroy... this a battle that
is over before it's begun?
Let's hope now.
Well, that's all from me and
Albert Kirk in Albuquerque.
Right, lads, just hold fire here.
There's Billy away
to make a few bob.
- Mr. Bingham!
- Coach Bingham!
Gentlemen, if you want Norman
Whiteside or Pat Jennings...
...I'm only prepared to
let them do one each.
I have to make some very
tough decisions about...
...who gets an interview.
But seeing as you're Irish...
...and La Jergo is based here
and published in English...
...can I have a word with you?
Por favor, gentlemen,
moment por favor, por favor.
I'll do a deal with you.
30 dollars each cash and I'll
let you have first refusal, eh?
Great. No, don't show the boys.
Right, ok.
Great, marvellous, right.
Pat, give Norman a shout.
Come down here.
Today we report from Guadalajara...
...where fate has dealt...
...the Northern Ireland
team a fresh blow...
...with a serious
training ground injury... leading marksman Jim Quinn.
That to a team already reeling...
...from the departure of
their captain, Sammy McIlroy.
It's unfortunate that
we've lost Sammy McIlroy...
...but one man doesn't
make a team and...
...we're all up for the challenge.
I'm not gonna think about
how we're gonna do it.
Let's just do it and... Wonder
how we did it when we've done it.
But standing in their way is the
greatest captain of them all.
One was short,
fat and famously ugly.
The other is handsome, tall.
One skulked about in a
grubby robe and sandals.
The other shines in the
sun yellow shirt of Brazil.
Both men are called Socrates.
Both men are philosophers.
Brazilians are lovers.
We want to play the
game with other lovers.
Treat them like beautiful women.
Dance with them, romance them...
...and pursue them
until they submit.
That's him there, daddy.
Titch had two of him and I had
two of Jennings, so we swapped.
Oh, that's great, son.
Not too many now,
you'll have the whole set.
I have been a revolutionary
since the age of ten.
Football came by accident.
Daddy, do you think there's
any hope for Northern Ireland?
Any hope for Northern Ireland?
McMordies butcher shop
got blew up today.
Best bloody butchers in Belfast.
It's a disgrace...
...and you ask is there any
hope for Northern Ireland.
- Who blew it up?
- Who do you think?
- But why?
- God knows, son.
Maybe they didn't
like his sausages.
And with just a few
days to go before...
...the first World Cup
game against Algeria...
...things are very tense here
in the hotel El Tapiato... the Northern Ireland team
put together their final tactics.
Go on lads, up you get.
And Gerry's team are leading 48-47.
Can Donaghy's team
make a late comeback?
And the ref has blown up.
It's a foul by Gerry
Armstrong for holding on... big Norman and
pushing him under.
You've gotta hand it to big Pat.
We'd be in an awful b..r
if he didn't keep their spirits up.
For how long, though?
We've no Jimmy Quinn
and Sammy's offski.
It ain't looking too good.
And it's a penalty.
Pat Jennings takes up
his position... And...
Who the hell threw that?
Jackie, I told you to
throw the ball in the pool!
You owe me a Chardonnay, Fullerton.
Yeah, all right, that's enough.
Leave that ball.
You, far too hard.
Off. Off. Free kick.
Off. Go on.
- Come on!
Go, take it quickly.
Squeeze em blues, squeeze em.
Look up!
Who's there reds? Who's there?
Bibs off reds.
That wasn't fair.
If Titch hadn't have
been sent off...
...and we had have got those two
penalties we should have got...
...and if they hadn't have
got those two goals...
...that were offside,
we would have won easy.
Not fair.
- You enjoy playing football?
- Aye, love it.
- Why's that?
- Just do.
Even when you don't win?
That's not 'cause of me.
Our team's rubbish.
Then why don't you
just give it up?
Do you remember what Socrates said?
Something about enjoying
it more than winning.
Think about the world's
greatest painters and composers.
When they started out,
they didn't know...
...that the world was
gonna see them as great.
They did it for the love of it.
I'm gonna be ten soon.
Remember what you promised?
Sammy, can you sign this?
Put that away, Christopher.
This is not the time and the place.
No, it's no problem. Here.
Here you go, kid.
- Thanks.
Captain for your country, son.
Honours like that are
once in a lifetime.
I'll worry about your dad.
Somebody must know something.
Treating us like bloody kids.
I've a right to know if we're
gonna have our captain or not.
I've heard nothing.
Two days to go, like.
The place is swarming with suits
and nobody tells you anything.
The boss must know something.
Right, but he works on
a need to know basis.
Aye, if we need to know,
he won't tell you...
...and then you don't
and he'll tell you.
That's just 'cause he thinks
you don't give a b..s.
You have a way with words, Gerry.
You see, when I retire,
I'm after your job, Jackie.
You'll have to have a word with
his hairdresser first, Gerry.
You see? I told you he'd be back.
Go on, Sammy!
Albert, are you on?
Sammy McIlroy is back.
A great day for the boys in green,
a great day for Northern Ireland.
Look. Look at Socrates.
What I wouldn't give
to even get near him.
I mean, he is God.
- There's only one God, David.
Say nothing about what we've seen
today. We have to stay confident.
We're gonna need some
serious players, boss.
That's been arranged.
There's the lads.
Lads! It's us1
There's no point
battling and fighting...
...your way through
all them Cathaholics.
My mate Spud here have
lit about 30 candles.
That's gonna cover the
whole bench and all.
- Fair play to yous, lads.
- Scary. Me and him's Protestants.
- Sorry to hear that.
- Thanks, Pat.
God is God and a candle's a candle.
Sure, who's gonna know what
religion you are around here?
Although back home, me and him'd
be history, no questions asked.
Here, Jackie
Full-of-himself's not down...
...there with that bloody camera,
is he?
No, boys, yous are safe.
Yeah, them Algerian
supporters are in there... candles getting
a dixie and them's Hindus.
- Muslims, empty head.
- Same thing.
But I tell you what, Pat.
Here, lads,
there's some hot chickarickos...
...running around here, huh?
Might even see me here more often.
Adios, amigos. Later, Spud,
come on. Good luck lads.
Hasta la vista.
If you don't see the ball
for most of the game...
...don't moan about it.
Go looking for it.
Defense is what it starts out with.
If we can keep them from scoring
for at least 45 minutes...
...then we can take
the game to them.
We can beat Algeria, all right?
We know that a draw
against Spain will do.
from what I've seen today...
...we can get something off them.
They were amazing, boss.
Like they have wings attached.
And what are you suggesting...
...that we're beat before
we even enter the stadium?
Now, Brazil, they're well
known exhibitionists...
...but we can nail them
if we keep our heads.
We can put a dampener on their
fancy production, and how?
By believing in ourselves.
So Socrates might have
brought down a government...
...but what have
we lived through...
...for the last 20 years
and survived, huh?
Bombing, shooting, rioting,
murder and mayhem.
You not think he's
more scared of us?
And Bingham's line-up today the
same as in their last qualifier... there's no place yet...
...for young rookie David
Campbell from Derry.
Ricardo, vamoose, vamoose.
Ah, now there's that man himself.
Jesus! Ricardo!
Why did you do that for?
Albert I hope that
battery's not broken.
Was he pulled down?
Referee indicates that
he was pulled down...
...and right on the edge
of the penalty area too!
It's Whiteside.
Whiteside! It's gone in!
- Goal!
- Goal!
Through the wall by
Norman Whiteside.
And look at the joy on
the face of Billy Bingham!
A magnificent start
for Northern Ireland!
El Haji no chance...
- Yes!
- Yes!
...a fierce shot by Whiteside
literally went through the wall...
Took a cruel deflection
and into the net.
Zidane! Oh, and it's in!
Doesn't look good, Billy.
Northern Ireland's defensive
looks at each other...
...and looks for the guilty man.
Jamal Zidane has put the scores...
...level right into the corner and
past Pat Jennings' despairing dive.
The battle is not over yet.
It's only just begun.
We just need to up the ante.
We can beat Spain, can't we, Sammy?
We need to forget about
the last 24 hours.
We approach this like winners.
Spain lost to Brazil.
We didn't lose.
They're the losers
going into this game.
This will make a great
tracking shot, Jackie.
Yes, well,
just don't be getting used to it.
Don't you worry, Jackie.
It'll be good, so long as I don't
have to move around too much.
Play long Davey!
Someone get into him.
What are you doing?
- All right?
- I'm all right.
Campbell, here, now.
- What the hell was that?
- What?
A man brings you down,
you walk away shaking his hand?
You have to show
them you're as tough.
They hit, you hit back.
And what if the referee starts...
Well, you make sure he's
looking the other way.
You've gotta make them think twice.
You've just gotta make them
think twice, all right?
Go on.
All right, lads, line up.
Come on, now.
Pat, no more running
about like that, ok?
All right, Norman, how the hell
did you manage to miss that?
And Norman's in, Norman Whiteside.
Mal Donaghy. Jimmy Nicholl.
Good stuff, well done.
Played, Campbell, well done.
No David Campbell.
Sammy McIlroy, Alan McDonald.
Clark is there.
And, of course, big Pat.
Right, lads,
let's get warmed down now.
Get in and see the physio...
...if anyone's got any
little niggles, all right?
So no debut for David Campbell.
Of course, Northern Ireland
famously beat Spain in '82.
Can they do it again?
Well, there's no doubt,
after the draw with Algeria...
...we need to do something
to keep us in with a shot...
...and I have no doubt that we can.
Cut there.
- Can you give us a hand, Jackie?
I've talked to Belfast.
They said they can send
someone to replace you.
And miss seeing Brazil?
Jackie, you can break my other leg,
but I'm going nowhere.
- You all right, Davey?
- Aye, dead on.
You wanna tell your face that?
He doesn't give you nothing,
does he?
All I know is my a..e is getting
splinters sitting on that bench.
Only chance I have of getting
on is if Big Pat gets kidnapped.
I'm sorry. I sound dead selfish.
So you should be.
Don't give two tuppenies about me.
He put me on,
you think I'd care about you?
On the pitch,
you play for each other.
Off it...
It's every man for himself.
Want a cup of tea?
- Aye, go on.
we're conscious that this is... important match
for Northern Ireland.
They'll be looking for
some sort of result here.
It's a crucial game
too for Spain...
...who lost their opening match... Brazil 1-0 and
as yet have no points.
good ball through to Butragueo.
And a goal!
In the opening few seconds...
...and that's an absolutely
disastrous start...
...for Northern Ireland.
Tomas Renones. Salinas.
...and that's number two.
Uphill battle now Billy.
It was a brave performance
by plucky Northern Ireland...
...but they could not
repeat the heroics of 1982
...and the score finished Spain
two, Northern Ireland one.
What hope do they have now
against Socrates and Brazil?
You won't fool them, you know.
They're not stupid.
They only have to
look at your face.
But this is not the
face they're gonna see.
It's the face I see.
You think I don't believe
we can beat Brazil?
What I believe is this... the time it takes
you to walk out...
...that bedroom door,
get in that lift...
...and down to that reception,
you will believe they can...
...and that's all that matters.
Well, it was just unfortunate.
We didn't play to our strengths.
We let them get to us too early... we know now that we're
gonna have to come away...
...with something from Brazil,
and we can...
I don't doubt it and I
never want you to doubt it.
Brazil have everything to
lose here and we have nothing.
What do they know about
little Northern Ireland?
They probably couldn't
even find us on a map.
Knowledge is power and
we know what they can do.
This'll be our David
and Goliath moment.
Look, just ignore him, David.
Ten paces behind Whiteside.
McIlroy, ten paces behind that.
Whoever heard of practicing
taking free kicks backwards?
Possession, Whiteside,
is nine-tenths of the law.
Aye, and goals is the other tenth.
Last time I looked, Whiteside,
you weren't the manager...
Right, drop back, Mal.
Back down, Jimmy.
Hey, stop right there, Pat.
Put the ball on the ground.
All right? Back you go, Mal.
Now roll it out slowly.
If they want the ball,
let them come and get it, right?
Just keep the bloody ball.
They can't score without the ball.
Big day tomorrow, son.
Oh, will you leave the window open?
I'm baking.
You need your beauty sleep.
They'll be out in force tonight.
What, son?
Do you think we can do it? Do you?
Let's wait and see what
the morning brings.
- Settled on it yet?
- Not 100 per cent.
I've just been on
the phone to my mum.
She said it's been on the news that
the whole of Ireland is behind you.
Well, I hope you didn't
spend too long on the phones.
These hotels put the bloody arm in.
Well, I would have sent
a carrier pigeon, love.
I just couldn't find
one in reception.
...wouldn't it be great
if the team were mixed...
...Catholics and Protestants?
What are you suggesting...
...that I choose my players on
the grounds of their religion?
I decide on skill.
It's a football team,
not a bloody peace agreement.
Sorry I opened my mouth.
Listen, love,
if it falls out that way...'s because it
falls out that way.
I don't want anyone pointing
the finger saying...
...I picked my team on
what church they went to.
What a sight.
The whole of the Northern Ireland
team, Catholic and Protestant...
...going into the chapel to pray
together, regardless of creed.
In Mexico,
they have become a team united.
No sectarian divide,
no religious barriers.
What an example they are setting.
The whole country
should be proud of them.
Time to go.
You alright?
Don't think about it.
Let fate decide.
Happy birthday, big man.
Oh, mummy, thanks!
And it's just like Uncle Wigsy's!
On Whiteside! Drop!
Yeah, not bad at all.
- So when are we going?
- God's sake, Tommy...'ve only been
ten for half an hour.
You said when I was ten.
You never mentioned how
long I had to be ten.
Gerry, I'm gonna save
you for the second half.
I know I'm gonna need your
strength in your legs, yeah?
Pat, good stuff.
Make your country proud, son. Yeah?
Alright Alan.
Jimmy, you did alright.
Ah, look there it is. Class.
That's Goliath.
And that's Samson.
This is the bigger one.
- That one's bigger than that one.
That one there's not as big.
Dad, this is amazing!
Remember boys,
they're more scared of us.
That's it. Nice and slowly.
That's it. Now just up here.
Take your time. Watch your step.
Look at that!
That's the wee cabin where I work.
Dad! This is amazing!
Gis your hat.
- What is it?
- Open it.
Da! It says World Cup 1986 on it.
Aye, son.
Tommy ten.
Now enjoy it.
You never know when
you'll be here again.
With kick-off to
the biggest game... Northern Ireland's
history only minutes away...
...for once the streets
of Belfast are silent... fans from both sides
of the religious divide...
...gather in front of their TV's
to cheer on their countrymen.
I think we can do it Daddy.
So do I son, so do I.
No. Me Nombre es Jackie Fullerton.
Yackie Fullerton.
Il soy la prenza del
Irlanda del Norte.
Ok, grante.
- Gracias.
- Gracias.
Quick, daddy,
we don't wanna miss any!
90 minutes, gentlemen.
90 minutes to make history. Now...
That'll be Jackie.
Tell him I'm just finishing up.
It's up to you all now.
My job is done.
I know you won't let me
or your country down... go out there and
play your hearts out.
Do it for your country... it for Big Pat's birthday.
We can do this.
We can bring joy to the
streets of Northern Ireland.
We do this and you will be legends
until the day you die, believe me.
And Billy, just a few words?
Rolling, Albert?
And here we are at the Estadio
Jalisco in Guadalajara...
...talking to Billy Bingham,
the manager of Northern Ireland.
The smallest country in the world
to qualify for the world cup.
Billy can they do it?
- Well now Jackie... doesn't get
bigger than Brazil.
But these lads are up for it.
Son, son, come here, here!
Hi, Eartha.
They are the mighty titans...
...of the world of football,
daunting, is it not?
Did you have a good time?
Did you eat your sandwich?
Now, I know you went to
Bible class, Jackie...
...and you know the story of
David and Goliath as well as I do.
Come on, lads.
We can beat these b..s. Come on!
I don't think so.
Well, the odds are certainly...
...stacked up against
Northern Ireland...
...but what's been amazing has
been the reaction across...
...the whole country in this
David and Goliath battle.
Jackie, don't wanna scare you...
...but you see that
flashing red light?
That's our satellite light signal.
We're in big trouble.
For Christ's sake, do something.
The biggest game in
Northern Ireland history.
I don't believe this.
We're losing it. We're losing it.
What the hell is this s..t?
Hey, what happened to the tv?
Jesus and Mary, go and light
a candle and pray for...
Albert Kirk!
If we do not sort this out...
...we will not be able to
show our faces back home.
I'm serious.
- Hang on.
There's a power
supply in the tunnel.
We can't go down there.
The teams are about to
come out on the pitch.
Are you mental?
Norman, Norman,
we're in diffs here... wouldn't
plug that in for us?
Good luck Norman, good luck.
Come on Jackie.
Oh, look!
That's him there, Socrates.
- Aye, so it is.
One day that could be you.
And Ireland today feels united
as players from both sides...
...of the religious divide
line up for their country...
...including a first start for
young David Campbell from Derry.
Campbell wasn't even
born when Pat Jennings...
...celebrating his birthday here... first played
for his country...
So remind me,
what has to happen again?
If Spain lose and our boys win,
we're through...
...unless Algeria beats Spain by
more goals than we beat Brazil.
Assuming that we beat Brazil.
with that kind of attitude...
...anyone would think
you were English.
You see,
anyone who's anyone back home...
...knows the name of Zico
and Falcao and Socrates.
But I bet you've never even
heard of Coleraine or Linfield.
- Que?
- Exactly.
You see, for your boys, this is
just another day at the office.
But for us,
it's as unusual as a suntan.
Win or lose...
...this is our World Cup final.
Yes! Come on, Ireland!
Get in there! Get in there!
But Julio Cesar finds himself
in the centre forward position.
Elzo to Alemao.
Julio Cesar again.
It's like they've got wings.
Aye, and wings can be clipped...
John O'Neill's made
his way forward...
Come on Northern Ireland!
...and its David Campbell charging
down the right wing. Campbell.
- Go on! Go on!
- Come on! Come on!
...passes inside falls
back for McIlroy...
...and Clarke...
And Colin Clarke from
Bournemouth got a shot in there.
What a good strike.
- Come on lads heads up!
- Jennings.
Heads up!
Well no chance really,
he couldn't stop it.
Careca scoring.
Campbell coming in
from the far side...
...but he can't get it across.
He's going.
And Pat Jennings
makes his first save.
How long to go, da?
If they can just hang
on a few more minutes...
...they can regroup at half time.
And Junior joins the attack
and it's goal for Junior.
Good save from Jennings.
Come on, Northern Ireland.
And somehow it stayed out.
And we're into the 44th minute.
Half time is fast approaching...
...and with it the chance of
respite from this cauldron.
Come on Northern Ireland,
hang in there!
Carenda and Casegrande, Josimar!
He scores! In his first appearance,
with a superb shot.
Beats Jennings to the top corner
and that was vintage Brazil.
It's over now, Billy.
What are you,
the bloody referee now?
Well it's 2-0 to Brazil.
Donaghy to Hamilton.
Come on. Come on.
Come on, push it.
The crowd on their feet.
Zico backheeled it
into Caera's path.
And he rolled it past Jennings...
...and that makes it 3-0
It's Campbell.
Referee's looking at his watch...
...and Elzo takes the ball
and Brazil take the points.
- They played a good game.
- Aye, they did.
- A very good game.
- It's ok.
Well, it seems on this occasion...
...David could not get
the better of Goliath.
The Brazil team may not
remember this team...
...but the Northern Ireland
lads certainly will.
Not every loss is a defeat.
Back home, everything stopped
no shooting, no rioting.
They united the country.
Even if it was just for one night,
they did that.
Win or lose, the Brazil team
cannot take that away from them.
Extraordinary scenes as
the Brazil team gather... applaud the
Northern Irish team.
Cheer up, David, son.
You've just played against some
of the best players in the world.
Watched by millions of people.
It's all you've ever wanted
since you were a wee fella...
...and you done it.
You played the beautiful game.
And believe me, we may have lost...
But we got here and I can tell you
doesn't get much better than this.
I did it, Pat.
I... I got the shirt.
Oh, aye.
And to play against
the best in the world.
That's not a bad start, kid.
Not a bad start.
Now Billy is our leader
and we're coming after you!
And this is what we say!
Once again!
We're not Brazil,
we're Northern Ireland!
We're not Brazil,
we're Northern Ireland!
We're not Brazil we're Northern
Ireland, and this is what we say!
We're not Brazil,
we're Northern Ireland!
We're not Brazil,
we're Northern Ireland!
We're not Brazil,
we're Northern Ireland!