Shooting, The (1967) Movie Script

Hey, Leland!
Who's gonna unpack this mule?
I'm tired as hell!
"Leland Drum.
A good friend shot dead...
by I don't know what...
and buried in this spot by Coley
Boyard, his good friend...
in April."
Who is that down there?
That you, Coley?
Willett who?
Gashade! Gashade!
What's the matter with you?
You step out so's I can
see you, if it's you.
You look! That over there's the pack
mule, and that's Frazer, ain't it?
Well, so who could I be?
- Willett?
- He's crazy.
That's right! It's me!
Hi, Will!
Been sittin' up in the
mine for two days.
Spooked near crazy.
Would've shot anything
on two legs moving, Will.
'Ceptin' you. If I knowed it
was you, I sure wouldn't have...
Never mind. Just tell me
what you're telling me.
You should've been here, Willett!
Lettin' me go on thinkin'
everyone's dead and me next.
I pulled up fever-sick,
I said, Coley.
Now, become calm and tell me
in a way I can understand.
Where is Coigne?
Well, like I said, after you was gone Leland
and Coigne decided to run into Winslow.
For the pleasure, Coigne says.
"Can I go?" He says no.
"Someone's gotta watch over stores
and things, so you stay, Coley."
Well, then they go off.
Not comin' back till
next morning, early.
I get waked by them
pounding in like hell-bent.
Then I hear 'em talking mad and arguing,
so as I conclude they're drunk.
I mean to go back to sleep when your
brother Coigne tears inside here...
and grabs up his roll
mad as I ever seen.
I said, "What are you doing, Coigne?"
"Shut up," he says.
"I am taking your horse."
And he tears back out.
Sure enough, I see him throw
onto my Shorty and dig out fast.
And there stands Leland,
spittin' in the dust, disgusted.
"How come Coigne rode off
that-a-way, Leland?"
"He rode a man and a little person
down in the streets of Winslow.
Maybe it was a child," Leland says.
"But did he kill 'em?" I ask.
"He's not for sure, but he ain't waitin'
to find out, and now he's runnin'."
"Oh, I hate to hear it," I says.
Then I crawls back in to sleep,
assuming Leland done the same.
But damned if I don't
get waked again.
Leland's voice I hear,
and I don't know whose.
Thinking it's your brother, I open up the
flap and look out at Leland drinking coffee.
I can't see nothing else, so I ask,
"Who you talking to, Leland?"
He looks like he's makin' to answer
or to take a mouth of coffee...
when just like that...
his face all spitters out...
spilling in his coffee
and all over hisself...
with none of his
face left on with it.
I reckon someone come to settle with Coigne
on account of what happened in Winslow...
and got Leland instead.
Figurin' I'm next, I jumped
back inside, scared white.
Give me the whips and
jingles so bad, Will, I...
I can't yet catch hold of myself.
Is that the whole way of it, Coley?
I believe.
My mind's all unsatisfied with it.
Seem to me like if Leland had been
involved with the event in Winslow...
he'd have rode off too, wouldn't he,
like the way you told me Coigne done.
Run a man and a little person down.
That's all Leland said. Maybe it was a child.
He's just a-sittin' there,
gettin' killed that-a-way?
I got no understanding of it at all.
It's a terrible thing.
- Give me hold of your gun, Coley.
- What you want it for?
I might be gonna need it,
so just give it to me.
No. I might be just a-needin' it too.
How do I know? All these happenings.
I hate to tell ya,
all riled up like you are...
but I been trailed most of the
way here by I don't know who.
Where's your own gun?
Go on and use your own gun.
Well, it plainly ain't there,
or I wouldn't be asking you.
No, sir. No. Not with
trouble on the way.
I'm tired, Coley.
And I can't get me no sleep
without you give it to me.
What about me?
It's all right.
You'll be dependin' on me.
Whereas it wouldn't have worked
out the other way around.
Well, here I sit.
Just keep an ear, Coley.
Sure. Them with the gun can sleep.
Ain't as though I ain't been hawkin' night
sounds till I can't tell a twit from a twig.
Shoot, I'm as tired as you.
Every bit.
Hey, Will?
I'm depending on you.
Lord A'mighty.
I'm so hungry I could
chaw off my own arm.
I wouldn't sit there, Will.
That's right where he was at.
And right like you're sittin',
drinkin' coffee.
Go on and stow them stores
in the tent, Coley.
Maybe... Maybe could
have been your imagination.
Huh, Will? Y-You think?
Do like I say.
Aw, shoot.
How come I always
gotta be the one to...
Sure gonna be a bunch
of ugly work, I'll tell ya...
with just the one hand.
One more thing ain't to my likin'.
Aw, Bill, you can have my saddle
George, you can take my bed
Jack can have my pistol, boys
After I am dead
- Something's comin'.
- Boys...
Hey, remember, Willett,
how Leland used to sing that song?
Oh, boys, think upon me kindly
As you gaze upon my grave
Yes, sir.
You crazy?
You crazy? Don't stand there! Git!
Lord A'mighty, what's comin'?
Go on then, Willett! Cover yourself!
I ain't got no gun! Remember?
How am I gonna be dependin' on you,
starin' out into the sky like that?
Shut up!
I see somethin'!
- Something's comin'!
- From where?
Straight ahead. A bit to the right.
Get up here, Willett,
while there's still time!
- Just one?
- I can't see.
Yeah. Yeah, one.
All right, Coley, get quiet now.
Duck back down.
Don't say nothin' at all.
I'm gonna... get down.
It's a woman.
Will ya look.
Will ya just look at that.
I'd be grateful if you'd
sell me one of your horses.
You didn't arrive all to here afoot.
My horse stumbled and
broke a leg. I shot him.
I'll pay you well for a good
horse and for some shelter.
And if you would help me, please,
I need to get my things off my horse.
Well, I'd sure be glad to, ma'am.
Wouldn't we, Will?
No trouble at all.
I'd like the brown one.
The bay?
Oh, well, that bay there is Will's.
His, I mean, ma'am.
I like that one.
Well, main thing is,
I believe Will, he does too.
I like the brown one!
I'm gon' give you that
black over there, miss.
He belonged to a dead man,
so's you don't have to pay for him.
Coley, fetch Leland's pony
out with just a bridle on her.
What about Coigne's, Will?
Well, he looks stove up.
Then I don't wanna be stuck with him.
Are you looking at me, Mr. Gashade?
How do you come by that name?
I hear you're a bounty
hunter, Mr. Gashade.
- I wouldn't name myself as that.
- No?
It was just a way of
making wages once.
- And now?
- Mining suits me just.
Well, you look less
than prosperous at it.
How much would you ask to take me
across the Supuecio to Kingsley?
I ain't askin'.
I told you I'd pay you very well.
And I said I'm doing just fine.
Look at me, Mr. Gashade.
Without perishing from the
tricks of my own mind...
how could I possibly get
to Kingsley on my own?
Well, I ain't the only one
knows the way, ma'am.
But it's you I'm asking.
Please think about it.
That's just what I'm doing.
Really nice pony you had here, miss.
Looks to me like you run
him to death though.
Good pony like this hard to come by.
What'd you shoot him for?
There ain't a broke or
unsound bone in his body.
I'll give you 500 now and
500 when we get there.
How long would it take?
Two weeks? Three?
How much gold could you dig out of
this mine in three weeks, Mr. Gashade?
Three weeks?
Let me figure.
Oh, I'd say, bein' it's a...
pretty dead hole, why...
Well, it wouldn't be
a hell of a much.
Would you say, Will?
Yeah, I done the best
I could for ol' Lee.
By the time I got out my gun to help,
why, he was already dead.
And what with Will's
brother run off...
well, there was only me to
do the best I know how...
for ol' Leland Drum.
It isn't April.
- What's that?
- It's March.
"His good friend in... March?"
She don't like me much.
I don't know.
Sure holds out good wages though.
But for what she don't say.
Take her to Kingsley, she say.
We'll see.
We're goin'?
I don't know.
What, Will?
Well, if Coigne got in bad...
He went and harmed someone
or killed someone...
A man and a little person.
I'm wondering why nobody's
come out here a-lookin' after him.
Maybe it was a child.
- Well, ma'am, I gotta...
- This water is not clean.
In fact, it's stagnant!
- Please!
- H-Hold on.
Do frogs breed in this water?
Not frogs.
- Well, what then?
- Oh, other things.
Oh, I'm sorry!
What is that?
Well, it's all I could find.
There's some type of snakes knowed
to take a romp in that water.
- In this water?
- Oh, yeah.
And people been knowed to swallow
one of their little eggs...
and it'll hatch out inside 'em without
they's knowing it till it's too late.
What do you mean, too late?
Well, suppose it was a poison snake
and it hatch out hungry, as they do.
Well, what's it gonna eat but the
nearest thing to it? And that's you.
Not me, because I didn't
swallow any of it.
Well, you're lucky then.
Say, ma'am. Ma'am?
I been considerin', and,
I got an offer to make.
- Say, ma'am?
- Yes?
I'll take you up to
Kingsley like you asked,
but Coley here's gonna
have to go along with me.
And that's why I'm askin'
a thousand dollars...
so's I can pay him too.
Then there's that five you
mentioned when I get you there.
That's it.
That's my offer.
All right.
Not fine, but all right.
Let's get started.
- Take it, Coley.
- No!
You take it, Mr. Gashade.
I'm ready to go.
We'll go tomorrow.
Morning always makes a good start.
Would you like to go with me now?
- Why, sure.
- Coley.
Take up the money then.
- Coley...
- Go on!
- Coley!
- What, Will?
Pack the mule.
No mule.
I do not intend to be
held back by any mule.
Ain't nothin' will hold you
back like no vittles, ma'am.
No mule!
Gashade! Do you know Cross Tree?
- I do.
- Well, head for there, please.
Cross Tree ain't Kingsley.
Never mind. First, Cross Tree!
- It's out of the way.
- By how much?
Twenty, 25 miles.
Which way?
Well, we'll have to go faster then.
Yes, sir.
You run on four now,
you walk on two later.
Haul freight, Coley!
Come on!
Look at that splay-legged,
plantered, spavined...
wind-broke, damned droop-naped,
galled stumbler...
Coigne went and stuck me with.
And takin' Shorty,
who was as sound as a nickel.
You can't haul no pale-pink, ratty,
walleyed devil mule behind no horse...
that ain't got the
sense to switch flies!
No kiddin'.
This ain't no fun.
Howdy, miss.
We're stoppin', I guess.
She stalled again?
Unpack the grub out of
those mules and let's eat.
You could try and be
a little more pleasant.
Is that mule tethered, Coley?
You sure have a pretty way.
I surely don't ask that
you be fond of me.
Tend the mule.
"Fond of me."
Surely fond of me.
Hold the talk.
Not even snake water could be
more poisonous than this coffee.
Do you think that maybe I could
call you by your name or somethin'?
I mean, of course,
"Miss" this or that. You know.
And respectful,
till you knew me better.
All right. You just tell me,
what is your most favorite name?
My most favorite name?
Let's see.
My most favorite name...
Glory, sure is hard to
think of a lady-type name.
Let's see. Well...
Yeah. There's my mama's name.
I know that one.
But now, I never did
call her that though.
Well, just "Mama."
That's all right, Coley.
You just tell me. What was it?
Well, let's see.
My daddy called her by...
Well, don't ever call me that.
Well, ma'am...
just could you tell me what though?
Hush! She's been japin' you.
Can't you sense?
Now quit her,
'fore you get tromped on.
Didn't you hear what she say, Will?
She called me by Coley.
She say...
"That's all right, Coley."
"Boyard, his good friend and-"
I don't know.
Something's been scratched off.
Looks to me like somebody
settled with one of 'em.
- Yeah, look like.
- You gonna want to find out?
- Well, it don't matter.
- What about the other one?
Could be anywheres.
Well, might be they're just tryin' to
throw us off with this here grave.
Well, then I'm throwed.
You mean we ain't followin' 'em?
Hell, I got my duties.
- It's so satisfying!
- Ma'am, you ain't sleepy?
Come on. Let's get started.
Where's the mule?
I told you to tether the mule!
I did, Will. Ain't he there?
I did, Will! I hobbled 'im.
Right over here. I swear.
You see? This here's
what I attached on 'im.
Well, somebody just went
and unattached him.
Will you please help me?
I wouldn't do that
if I was you, ma'am.
Frazer's layin' back his ears.
He's just likely to let fly.
Cursed, hellish sun!
- Well, blow on your wrists.
- Oh, shut up!
You mind telling me why
we're goin' to Cross Tree?
We're goin' to Cross Tree?
What for, Willett?
For fresh horses?
That's right. Fresh horses.
So long, ol' Funeral.
Get two horses and as much store as you
can pack on behind the three of 'em.
- No mule?
- No mule.
Only two ponies, Will?
How 'bout ol' Frazer?
- He's sound. Only two.
- Wait, Will.
Say, could I have me a little
of that money for myself?
- What for?
- Aw, shoot. Nothin'.
Just so I could, you know, get me
some do-funnies. Hell, somethin'.
You just get them horses
packed and...
get yourself a gun.
You just come from over there...
and seen this friend of mine.
Did you? A woman?
Well, that's all right.
I'm traveling right along with her.
What's her name?
Hold on here.
Listen, you tell me who she is and what she's
doing over there, or I'll break you in half.
Have the paper?
What do you mean, a paper?
Writing? A letter?
Do you read?
Who give it to you?
- Bear?
- Beard man.
You mean a bearded man?
That's all? No name?
Beard man.
Where'd he go?
- North.
- Far.
Poor, sorry sight you are.
Hey. Want a piece of candy, Shorty?
Is that Shorty?
Hi, Will. Look who this is.
My ol' Shorty.
All done...
with a real bad cracked foot.
Coigne's been here.
- Where's he at? Did you ask?
- He ruined 'im.
Traded him off.
The man's gonna get rid of him,
he says, 'cause he ain't no use.
What'd he tell you of Coigne?
Just nothin'.
Coigne come here a while back.
Then he just left. Couple days ago.
The man don't know wheres neither,
'cause I asked him all them kind of things.
He don't know nothin' about it.
Just sold him a horse.
Give him poor ol' Shorty.
Hey, Will.
What's he runnin' from?
He wasn't runnin'. The man
didn't say he was. Hey, Will.
Could you give me... $50?
I want this one!
Change my saddle over to this one.
Right off.
What do you want the 50 for?
Oh, you know.
So's he won't...
- Sooner or later, Coley...
- What's $50, Will?
So let him stand and
eat till I get back.
I'd like to be asked
my preference first.
Mr. Gashade!
You want a piece of candy, Will?
Now you begin to earn your pay.
We'll see.
Plan to shoot a bit?
What if I was just to up and
pull out, keep the money?
Unless I know right here
and now what you're after.
You're not the only one
who knows the way.
Looking for something in there?
Day and a half, near two days old.
Come on.
You sure are gettin'
good at that, ma'am.
- So are you, Coley.
- Me?
So is Mr. Gashade.
We're making time.
Why are we all the time hurrying?
What's the pleasure?
I'm the one gettin' all the dust!
Oh, up in the mornin'
Toward daylight
Before I sleep
The moon shines bright
And my horse tossed me off
In a freezin' cold brook
And my horse tossed me off
Oh, I jump in the saddle
Grab hold of the horn
If I heard your name, I wouldn't know it.
Come a-ti-yi
yippy-yippy-yay, yippy-yay
Come a-ti-yi, yippy-yippy-yay
- Would I?
- No.
Give a little yell
- I don't see no point to it.
- There isn't any.
What's that?
Oh, I heard it in the holler
I'm just singin'.
It's all right, Coley.
And I done real well
Till the boss said,
"Boy, go and give 'em hell"
Come a-ti-yi
yippy-yippy-yay, yippy-yay
Come a-ti-yi yippy-yippy-yay
- You sure you don't wanna light down?
- How's the trail?
Pretty cold.
But you'll pick it up, won't you?
Best damn cowboy ever was born
That's what I was
supposed to do, ain't it?
Not if you're a gold miner,
Mr. Gashade.
Come a-ti-yi
yippy-yippy-yay, yippy-yay
Come a-ti-yi yippy-yippy-yay
Oh, stray in the herd
and the boss says kill it
So I shot him in the rump
with the handle of a...
Look over yonderly.
Yes, sir.
Might be some folk?
Maybe so.
He see us too, you think?
Oh, yeah, he see us.
What is it?
Tracks is freshening a bit.
Trail breaks off here
and heads that way.
- Too bad.
- Wait. Where are you going?
No! Follow that!
Well, looks to me like this 'un's
headed dead into the Supuecio?
It's bad enough we gotta cross
part of it to get to Kingsley.
You won't get there that way at all.
Then why would someone
want to go this way?
To get theirselves lost is the only reason
outside of ignorance that I can give.
We'll follow it, Mr. Gashade.
Hell, I don't see nothin'.
What are we followin' anyhow?
You think you know who laid down
this trail better than I do, miss.
How do you know it's gonna
show up what you after?
I just can see you, you know...
all up in them goldurned pretty flax.
Hold your horse.
What's this shootin' all the time?
You're tryin' to tell someone
where we at. Ain't that so?
You're so stupid.
You gon' tell me what
this is all about.
- I hate you.
- She's just practicin', Will.
What's the matter with you, miss?
You got somethin' wrong?
- She look like sick, Will.
- Don't touch me!
That rider back there. Who is he?
- He's a-followin' after us.
- Light up on her, Will. Can't you see?
Oh, now look what you done. Miss?
- She's waltzin'.
- Let me help you down off.
- Stop groping at me!
- Well, you was slippin'.
I'm not!
It's just an excuse to touch me.
Will you stop staring at me!
Get back up on
your horse, Mr. Gashade.
You're feeling that bad, miss,
maybe you oughta light down.
How much sun is left?
An hour, maybe.
Well, we're keepin'
on till dark, I guess.
You don't like her much, Will, do ya?
She ain't showing me nothin' to like.
But you're goin' along with
her then 'cause she's pretty.
Hell, pretty ain't nothin'.
It'll pleasure you
nothin' but the eye.
Why, a coral snake, its ring's
prettier than a rainbow...
but it's got a real mean way
of pain in it, is the fact.
Well, I'm glad then you
ain't crazy after her.
It's just a... a feeling
I got to see through.
Just that.
The reason bein' 'cause I am.
And I wouldn't want us
gettin' touchy over Miss...
Well, you just try and
forget about her, Coley.
Because she's got other
interests than you.
Sayin' what, Will?
Sayin' I pretty much believe
she means to kill someone.
Will you please help me?
Would it be too much to expect
that you might have some tea?
Tea? I got tea!
Tea? How 'bout that?
Ask her if she want a cold
wash to her and a spoon.
I seen and got it special.
Tea. Special tea.
"Lei Ling's Cut Black Comfort Tea.
Forsythe, R.I."
How sweet.
What are you workin' on him for?
He's easier than you.
He don't see what I see.
Maybe he's the more useful to me.
You think that he's gonna be able...
to lead you on this trail
to the Supuecio?
If you won't, maybe.
Maybe nothin', miss.
He may go pantin' after you like a little
doggie, but he can't lead you nowhere.
Well, he can't stop me either.
Now leave me alone and let me sleep.
- You see that how I done?
- Give me that!
You disgustingly stupid...
What's the matter? He wouldn't give
the wrong signal for you this time?
Which it'd mean?
Come in or stay off?
Who's out there?
Who is it?
No, please! Don't put your
hand anywhere near your gun.
He can see you.
Who the hell is out there?
Billy Spear?
What's your trouble?
Nothing, Billy.
It was a mistake.
A mistake?
He that one we seen
way back, ain't he?
What she want with him?
You did somethin'.
See how she look like him?
Hell, I don't see that.
He's about as unfriend-like
a thing as I ever seen.
No, sir, I don't like him.
Well, I hope you're gonna
keep that to yourself, Coley.
Why should I? What do I care?
For the reason bein' that there's
a hired gun if ever I seen one.
I don't want you to do nothin' to put
yourself in the way of it. Okay?
Well, if you say, okay.
Shoot. Real strong on the pretty,
ain't he, way he got himself up?
What's that you got there?
Aw, just a game.
You're supposed to get
them little buckshot...
in the feller's eyes, see?
The same into his mouth.
It's real hard to do.
I ain't been able to yet.
This is Billy Spear.
He wasn't to join us until later,
but now it doesn't matter. He's here.
He'll be going on with us.
That figures.
Mr. Gashade...
but does that figure us
now as three or as four?
Well, let me see.
Whatever you brought him along for,
one thing it ain't is for followin' sign...
or you wouldn't have had to shoot up
half the countryside to get him here.
So figurin' it that-a-way...
I ain't displaced and I'm
still earnin' my pay.
Well, hey. You got 'em in,
every one of 'em.
How 'bout that?
Hey, I got another one too...
but with a nigra's face,
you wanna try.
Good then. I hope we'll make an
effort now to all try and get along.
So we'll get started,
say, in three hours.
Say sunup.
Hey, look, miss. There's one of
them pretty little blue jay birds.
Make a wish. It's a
true sign of good luck.
How's that, Billy Spear?
Real sharp. Poor draw.
These are the last trees
you gonna see for a while.
So if you're plannin' to shoot
anything else up, then...
Yes, sir.
These here appear to be as
fresh as yesterday's, miss,
and there ain't no hurry to 'em.
Like they don't think they're bein'
followed and they don't care.
It shouldn't take us too much longer
to catch up to him, should it?
"Him," miss? I say "they."
The one we been followin' got joined
a little ways back by another.
These tracks is made by two horses.
Two men?
Well, let's go.
- Hold on, miss.
- Leave me alone, Gashade.
I can see the trail easily.
I don't even need you.
Ain't you got no wipes?
Here. You can use mine.
Move along.
Hold up!
You can feel that, can't ya,
that horse goin' lame?
No, no. That ain't gonna make
no difference to the horse.
Gonna make a difference
to you, that's all...
bein' it's your grub you're
tossin' off, not mine.
You're willin' to destruct
everything, even yourself.
Quit with that.
I say somethin' to you?
I don't give a curly-hair, yellow-beard,
double-dog damn if you did.
I'm gonna blow your face off.
Two up on old Frazier?
Sure gonna be pretty nasty for him.
- You wanna walk?
- Nah, but hell.
Why wouldn't she get on behind me?
If you don't shake your mind loose of her,
I got no respect for you, damn it.
You don't remember her near
shootin' your head off?
- Will?
- What?
I got a funny feelin'. I don't
even know if to say or not.
Well, don't then.
Just try shuttin' up, damn it!
- I don't wanna lose this horse.
- Okay, okay, Willett.
I'm likely just
spookin' again anyhow.
Triple them wages and triple 'em again.
I ain't goin' that far.
You moo to me one more
time 'bout her...
and I'm gon' knock you
down without a word.
I wasn't talkin' about her.
Well, you went and give up your horse
to her so easy it makes me sick.
- And here you are now a burden to mine.
- I'm sorry, Willett.
Well, just shut up. I can't
take no more of ya. No, sir.
For all the dirty rotten
gall and hate of a thing...
that ought never above the
ground be called a woman.
No, sir.
I've lost it.
Will you please go ahead now?
Take on Coley then.
Light down and change the damn packs.
No! You take him.
You wanna ride with me, boy?
Leave him.
You better be japin'.
I ain't.
Mr. Gashade, it's not a bad idea.
We'll make better time,
and then we can come back for him.
You'll need this pack, Coley.
Take it off.
It's all right. You ain't stayin'.
You see? You see, just this minute,
he's taking up time.
I have to insist that he stays.
Come on. Get back up here, Coley.
He'll ride ya just fine.
You see the way of it, Coley?
You'll be all right here.
You just bide it easy.
I'll come back for you.
How long you think that'll be, Will?
Bring me over the guns, boy.
Not long.
They ain't got left
but one sack of grub.
And no way of knowin' it I ain't
gonna lead 'em straight into hell.
Move on.
Find some shade.
Oh, wait, miss.
Can I get my things out of there?
Oh, I almost forgot.
- Thank you, Coley.
- It's all right.
See y'all later, I guess.
You wanna ride with me, boy?
Okay. I'd soon not get left
behind here like this.
How'd you like the way
I done Leland Drum?
Like I say, I'll blow it
off the first word out.
Go sit down over there.
And think on this:
Far as your voice gonna carry...
ain't too far for me to turn right
round and hit you in the eye.
Your brain gonna fry out here.
You know that?
Oh, Willett.
It's easier to stay behind.
If I let you go too, would you go?
Do you hear what I'm saying?
I could've left anytime.
I'm talking about now.
I got my reasons for stayin'.
There ain't gonna be no kill.
The reason, Mr. Gashade,
for a hunt is the kill.
Are you talkin' to me?
No, Billy.
Feel like you was.
It was just to myself.
I've read a person's thoughts.
Many times.
You never take those off, do you?
He talkin' to me?
Not even with a woman.
What'd he have to say?
He knows why you're here.
I wouldn't worry after
your friend, you know.
He's got a real relaxin'
time compared to us.
No, that's right. No worries.
He's where I want him, back there.
Clear and safe of you.
Look at that.
Wait! I'll go first now.
Billy, keep him back a way.
Who is he?
Ask her.
You know him?
She payin' you good for this?
Good as you.
Twice as much wouldn't buy you off.
Yeah, I figured you'd
likely do it for nothin'.
- Nearly nothin'.
- What for?
For her?
What does she mean to you?
She liked me.
You know anything about her?
Her name even?
Ask her.
What lies in that direction?
- More of the same.
- No, but beyond that.
- Kingsley.
- You're right.
Kingsley, Gashade, not hell.
What about him?
He don't interest you?
No, not now. His leg's broken.
- Who is he?
- Just a friend.
- Like me and him.
- Yes, like you and Billy.
Where's his horse?
I don't see no horse.
He must have wandered away.
You thinking of Coley?
Yeah. He could've used it.
Bein' as you're leavin' that poor jay
a-layin' out there starin' up at the sun.
I left him some water.
Well, ain't that somethin'?
Why didn't you just shoot him?
Billy, did you ever
leave behind a friend?
I never did have one.
How about you, Willett?
It's different.
He's better off where he's at.
This mornin'.
- Let's eat him.
- No, Billy.
You don't want any?
It's candy.
It's all I got to give. I'm sorry.
Don't mention it.
And I'm real sorry too I
can't help you none...
bein' as I gotta catch
'em as fast as I can.
That way, you say.
Oh, oh, sure. I-I'll be back for ya.
Me and Will.
I hate to leave ya layin', you know.
Oh, say.
Here now.
You take one of these too.
Which one'd you like?
That 'un?
I'm surprised. Most people
wouldn't have chose that 'un.
- What?
- Water. W...
I said it's all gone.
Quit with that. I don't
like that, what you're doin'.
This horse is goin'!
So's his!
How long to catch up?
That depends on who's gonna last.
Him or you?
Come back!
Coley, don't do it!
Why did you do that?
He draw on me first.
He was gonna shoot. Ask him.
It's too bad.
But he should've stayed behind.
He didn't like me, that's why.
He should've knowed
to not draw on me.
What are you doing?
I know that feeling, Gashade.
I've carried the burden
of it longer than you.
That would be your final
foolishness, you know.
You hate me too?
Get down.
She's fallin'. She's fallin'!
Can you see him?
Makin' for that rise.
Shoot him!
Come back and shoot him!
Slow up, damn it!
Remember, I got the water!
Don't forget!