Shoplifters (2018) Movie Script

Five croquettes, please.
Five croquettes, sure.
That'll be 450 yen.
- How much?
- 450 yen.
A crusher...
is shaped like a hammer.
One blow with that thing
shatters any glass to bits.
How much is it?
About 2,000 yen.
- If you buy it...
- Here you go.
That store makes the best croquettes.
You're right.
- Man, it's cold.
- Oh...
- What?
- I forgot shampoo.
Let's get it the next time. It's so cold...
- Feels like it's going to snow.
- Yeah.
She's there again.
What's wrong?
Where's your mummy?
Hey, let's go. They'll get cold.
But she's...
Say, want to eat a croquette?
Want to eat a croquette?
Can't you bring home
something to make us money?
Your husband isn't good
at sniffing out profits.
- Shota, where's the shampoo?
- I forgot it.
Got a name?
- Hm? What?
- Hm?
- It's Yuri.
- How do you write Yuri?
How old are you?
- She's so frail.
- Your nails are flying.
After you've fed her, take her home.
It's so cold out.
I'll take her home tomorrow.
No, we're not a foster home.
But look, we've got
our very own guardian angel here.
Don't point your chopsticks.
That's disgusting, Grandma!
Your spit's flying everywhere.
I told you not to throw
your nails away in the entryway!
Eat another one?
You live off my pension,
but you're so unreliable.
Shut up.
You're so skinny.
Let's have a look at your arm.
What happened here?
I fell...
Does it hurt?
Let's have a better look at you.
You're covered in scars.
Take her home before the cops get here.
She's right. Can't get involved.
Grandma, your noodles will get cold.
- Straight on?
- No, right, right.
Hey, hey. Is she asleep?
She got a good deal.
She ate three croquettes.
Ring the bell?
No, no, put her down by the door.
She'll freeze to death.
In that case...
Put her down, ring the bell and run?
Like Santa Claus?
That's what you always say!
You're never here!
- I told you.
- I'm the one looking after her!
I'll go take a look.
You take her.
God knows who the real father is.
- Don't!
- Shut up!
That hurts! Why?
I didn't want to have her either!
Now's our chance.
It's cold.
So cold.
She wet the bed.
- Stinks.
Say you're sorry-
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
That's enough. Shhh, be quiet.
We should have taken her home last night.
Hey, those are mine.
But they don't fit you any more.
- Where's my belt?
- OK, raise both arms.
It's so cold today,
I should take the day off.
Send an email saying I caught a cold.
Here's your belt.
He's going out.
I'm just pouring it now.
Wait a minute.
Oh, throw that out.
Here you are, here.
Your nail. Bad luck.
Oh, my nail.
It's all rubbish.
Another one ran away.
It was Koga.
No, he sent an email saying "I quit."
He was useless anyway.
When I see him, I'll beat him up.
Show me your arm.
Many scars.
The pain went away, went away already.
Now, the other side.
- Hello!
- Huh?
I'm Yoneyama, here to check up on you!
- Huh? Coming!
- Hatsue, are you there?
Hey, this girl...
Oh, hello, there. I'm Yoneyama.
The other side.
This way?
Hello, excuse me.
Your neighbour, Kaneko...
finally moved into an apartment.
Even though she had three grownup kids.
Ah, so that's why
I hadn't seen her around recently.
Hatsue, you should talk things over
with your son.
Does he live in Hakata?
Did some estate agent send you here?
No, no.
I know how hard it is
for an old person to live alone.
How much money are you making
by moving me out of here?
That's all in the past.
I don't flip properties any more.
Only kids who can't study at home
go to school.
- Hey, mister.
- Yeah?
I need a packet of cigarettes.
- It's getting so cold.
- It's cold.
- I want Wakaba.
- Hm.
Hm. 320 yen.
The baby doesn't look like
either of them. Plastic surgery?
The father could be anyone.
She used to be a call girl.
But she's hiding it,
pretending she's lousy in bed.
This is for helping me out this morning.
- Here.
- You don't have to, we help each other.
- I'd like a drink, too.
- I'd like a hot lemon.
I'm not treating you guys.
What was it? A fever?
Mumps, from the other kids at pre-school.
Do you have mumps, too?
Hey, I don't have mumps.
- I'll catch it too.
- Oh, no.
- Hey, you already...
- Caught it? I caught it?
I'm home...
Hey, Show.
How did you get hurt?
I fell.
You got burned.
Who did it to you?
Your mum?
My mum is nice.
She buys me clothes, too.
Then what were you doing outside?
What will you do?
Go back to your home?
I took the shampoo.
Merit Shampoo...
- Yamatoya only has Merit.
- Merit smells bad.
Don't be so picky.
Hey, it looks like we kidnapped her.
No, it doesn't.
We're not confining her
and we haven't asked for a ransom.
That's not the point.
They haven't reported her missing
to the police?
I bet they're relieved she's gone.
It's all Chinese cabbage.
Chinese cabbage is good for you.
It absorbs the meat broth.
The gluten cake is cooked.
What? Gluten cake?
Hey. You like gluten cake?
Come over here.
- It's hot.
Is that tasty?
You've eaten it before?
With who?
There's more.
If you feed her too much,
she'll wet the bed again.
She can sleep in my bed.
No, I sleep with Grandma.
Hold out your hand.
- Salt?
This keeps you from wetting the bed.
Go ahead, lick it.
- It's salty.
- Aah.
She licked it, licked it!
That's how we used to cure it.
- Sounds fishy to me!
- I swear it's true.
She's licking it.
He's home!
It's cold, Shota.
- It's cold.
- It's cold.
Hey, please close it.
This is fine, here.
He's hurt!
On crutches!
Is he drunk?
I'm fine now. I'm all good. No, no.
Shota, you made such a mess.
Make some tea.
This room is fine.
Her nail was a bad omen,
but you forced me to go to work.
What is this?
You can't work for about a month?
Even day labourers get
workers' compensation, right?
- Well, probably...
- Really?
Really? So it would be better
if you broke it, rather than cracked it?
Stop joking around.
I thought I was going to die. Ouch!
You get compensation?
Oh, thank you.
She's cute.
- Grandma?
- The other one.
- My wife's sister.
- Different mothers.
So, you have a family?
I thought you were single.
I hear that a lot.
I'll teach you how, some day.
This is your favourite, gluten cake.
Was your grandma nice?
Did you live with her?
Now she's in heaven.
Then forget about her.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Thank you so much.
Enter your code now...
1192. Everybody knows
the year of the Kamakura regime.
- Just say it in your head.
I am.
No, you're not!
No one else should know it.
What does MVK stand for?
Male virgin killer.
What exactly do you do?
You wear a knit dress
that shows your side boob a little...
- Side boob... That's what's popular now?
- Mm.
It's 3,000 yen.
The shop and the girl split it 50-50.
How great you can get paid just for that.
You're getting paid, too.
I get paid for damages.
- Damages?
- Right.
Your pension is?
Right, my pension.
I guess, in a way.
Mr Four?
- Yeah.
- Yours.
I should go...
Was that your rice cake?
Why do you use
your sister Sayaka's name?
What do you mean, why?
You're so mean.
Just like who?
Oh, good, good...
That's good timing. Try it again. Good.
That's right! You've got really good.
Yuri, you're getting the hang of it.
You're late going to work today.
It's work-share today.
What is that?
They can't pay us all,
so ten of us start at noon.
So everybody gets a little poorer.
Something like that.
I'm not finished yet.
But no workers' compensation
is a real pain.
A real pain?
What a waste, being so nice to you.
Do you think that guy was OK?
He doesn't care about us.
He certainly was good looking...
Hey, what's this?
A tie pin.
It's yours.
But it's fake.
Is he full-time?
So lucky to be full-time...
- Want it?
- Yes.
You can't have it.
Granny's pension
is 70,000 yen a month, right?
60,000 yen.
But, lucky her, she gets that till she dies,
because of her husband.
She talks big,
like she's actually earning that money.
We take care of her...
It's so damn cold.
- Welcome home.
- I'm home.
- Welcome home, Grandma.
- The pond at the shrine was frozen over.
We can't have you slipping
and breaking your hip.
- Where's Aki?
- She went to go shake her breasts.
- What's this?
- Sweet bean jelly.
You're heading out?
Hey, it's cold,
you should wear another layer.
- Look after Yuri, Grandma.
- Yes, yes.
Go ahead and fix up
whatever there is to eat.
Until the morning?
- I was up hostessing all night.
- Go to sleep.
I $24233?
You're booked for the chat room at 3:30.
- You're raking it in.
- I have to save money.
- Sayaka.
- Yes?
A customer complained
about you wearing two pairs of knickers.
- Take one off.
- OK.
- You think you're too good for this.
- No, I just get cold.
- Harumi.
- Me?
No fingers in underwear here, so watch it.
You could get us all shut down.
- Right.
- Thanks.
- Harumi...
- You take this too seriously.
Shut up.
- You're up, Sayaka.
- Right.
Is today your day off?
I didn't go to work today.
I played truant today, too.
Mr Four, you're a breast man,
not an arse man, right?
Because I want to see your face.
I'll start now.
- Break time.
- Right.
Excuse me.
- I'd like to catch a sea bass.
- OK.
What's the difference
between a plug and a pencil popper?
I'll show you the pencil poppers.
- There are so many, it's confusing.
- Happy to help.
A plug is the generic name
for a plastic fishing lure...
That worked out great, right?
Yuri, you did a great job, too! Yay!
In those situations,
the trick is not to panic
and wait for a clerk to go on a break.
We don't need her help.
This is what you call work-share.
What's that?
It means what it sounds like.
We all share the work.
She's in the way.
Don't say that. She's your sister.
She's not my sister.
She's your sister. Yuri is your sister!
You're his sister, right?
It's no big deal.
He doesn't mean it.
He's just rebelling now.
How much can you get for those?
About 40,000 to 50,000 yen.
With these, I won't have to work
any more this month.
Hey, Aki.
You should contribute, too.
You're making money, right?
She doesn't have to.
That's the deal we made, right?
She gets her big ideas
because you always spoil her.
You're the one with the big ideas.
You're preying on her pension.
"Preying" is not a nice word.
Try preying on me if you can.
No one can prey on her.
Oh, I got myself an insurance plan.
Because I don't want a lonely death.
What do you call that kind of insurance?
- You're so warm, Grandma.
- Watch out.
I'm mending with a needle, watch out.
Whose clothes?
That girl, the little girl's...
Did something bad happen?
Your feet are colder than usual.
You know everything, don't you, Grandma?
You're lucky to have such a pretty nose.
You think so? I don't like it very much.
Don't stare at me.
Yuri! Lick salt before you go to bed!
- She's right there.
- What? Why?
What's going on?
You must be cold, sitting out here.
Will he come home?
You're worried about Shota?
It's not your fault, Yuri.
How about we name it
the "no lonely death" insurance plan?
Even though she's being abused
by her parents...
You mean Yuri?
She should be more worried
about her own troubles.
With a mother who wishes
she hadn't given birth to you...
usually, you'd turn out more like us.
You're right.
You don't grow up to care about others...
You're right.
Here you are!
I figured...
It's so cold!
Yuri's so worried, she's been waiting
for you by the door the whole time.
You don't like Yuri?
So, what's wrong?
It's more fun with just us guys.
Of course, it is.
But for Yuri, if she helps us out,
it's easier to live with us.
- Got it?
- Got it.
Yuri is your what?
My sister.
That's right! Right, right.
In that case, what am I?
I'm your...
Da... Da... Da...
- It's OK.
- Say it, come on.
Just try saying it, once... Go ahead.
- I will, some day.
- Shoot! Not fair.
Oh, Well.
OK. Some day, then.
Let's go home, it's cold.
- Hey.
- Huh?
Did you sell the fishing rods?
They are still there.
OK, then.
What, you want to fish?
Do you know what Swimmy is?
Your dad can't speak English...
It's not English.
It's in the Japanese textbook.
Your dad's Japanese is even worse.
Swimmy is a story
about a bunch of little fish,
that beat up a great big tuna.
- Do you know why?
- Why?
Must be because tuna tastes good, right?
I don't think so.
We haven't eaten any tuna recently.
I'm going to eat you all up!
- Hey, hey.
- What?
Did you know
there used to be a pond here?
Grandpa used to keep koi carp in it.
You couldn't keep koi carp
in a place like this.
I'm sure that's one of Grandma's tall tales.
The last time
Juri was seen was February 8th.
A neighbour remembers seeing her
playing alone outside her home.
She has been missing
for over two months,
but her parents never filed
a missing persons report to the police...
Was it really Yuri?
What are you smelling me for?
Hey. don't!
Hey, Yuri's on TV!
She was found to be missing,
and the child welfare services
contacted the police.
Why did her parents tell lie after lie?
Why did they hide her disappearance
for over two months?
The police are questioning them
as important material witnesses.
The cops think her parents killed her!
What? So, her name is Juri, not Yuri.
This looks bad, really bad...
It's too late for that now.
Hey, Yuri, listen.
Can you find your way home by yourself?
She can't do that, it's too late.
What will you do?
Try going home?
You'll stay here, right?
How about Hana?
I had always wanted to name a girl that.
Hana? She doesn't look like a Hana.
Let's see...
Lin? Lin.
- Do you write it like a bell?
- No.
You know, that other way.
It's short.
All done!
- Cute!
- You look cute!
- It's a good disguise.
- You look so cute.
Want to look in a mirror?
looking 900d!
A real beauty.
Looks good.
Short, isn't it?
What do you think?
- It's cute.
- It's cute.
You're cute.
Your hair's naturally brown.
I'm jealous of your hair.
I have another name, too.
What is it?
I like Lin better.
I like Lin better, too.
I'm Lin.
Hello, I'm Lin!
Like this...
The man saved you, right?
Do you like Auntie and Grandma?
So, you can stand it?
I can.
I was sure she'd want to go home.
Do you think she... chose us?
Usually, you can't choose
your own parents.
But then, maybe it's stronger
when you choose them yourself.
- What is?
- What is...
The bond.
The bond.
I chose you, too.
" Amazing!
- Right?
- Do that again.
- Again?
You're so cool, Dad!
Are you a kid?
Shut up.
Tell me...
When do you and Nobuyo...
do it?
We don't need that any more.
Is that true?
connected in our hearts, not down here.
Cut it out!
Sounds fishy.
How do you think we're connected?
But we're not normal.
You're so cool, Dad!
Say, Lin, have you ever been to a beach?
How about you?
What? Sure, I think so...
You think so.
Coming in.
She looks so cute!
What's this?
All that won't fit in your bag.
Then just wear it out.
Just wear it out...
Which looks better?
She looks so good in yellow.
Her hair is brown.
- We'll get this one, then.
- Great, great.
You don't want it? Why not?
Won't hit me?
You won't hit me later?
I'm not going to hit you.
Three, four, knock at the door
Five, six, pick up sticks J
Time to get out?
What's that?
An octopus.
I'm going to catch fish.
Catch a fish?
It looks so real.
In, out!
What happened to you there?
This? I got burned with a hot iron.
Me, too.
We're the same.
It's OK. It's all better.
OK, OK... Thank you.
"He taught them to swim close together,
"each in his own place,
"and when they had learned
to swim like one giant fish,
- "he said, 'I'll be the eye.
- Aki!
"And so they swam
in the cool morning water,
"and, joining together in the midday sun,
"they chased the big fish away."
Yay! Great job!
But don't you feel sorry for the big fish?
Not at all. After all,
he ate all your friends, right?
That's true, but...
Come and sit here.
Let's burn it.
The reason they hit you...
isn't because you are bad.
If they say they hit you
because they love you, that is a lie.
If they love you,
if they really love you,
this is what you do...
This is what you do...
There's really a bug.
Look, a boat.
What is it?
- A cicada.
- Where?
It hasn't grown up
and come out of its shell yet.
A caterpillar. Don't get itchy.
Oh, it touched...
Go for it, go for it, go for it! J
I'll give you these.
Don't make your sister do it.
Are you firing one of us?
Why is it between us?
Well, we're in a real bind too.
If we have to cut back,
it has to be one of you,
as you get the higher hourly wage.
Can the two of you please talk it over?
Why does it have to be me?
I said I'm asking you.
But that's not... We're both hard up.
It's not just you, you know.
If you let me stay, I'll keep quiet.
You were stealing stuff, too.
Not about that.
The news.
I saw you...
when you were with that little girl.
But if you talk, I will kill you.
How is father's former wife
related to you now?
I know, but I can't help it.
But she keeps visiting.
Don't mind me.
I just stopped by to honour his memory.
Is everyone doing well?
I haven't seen them
since my father's funeral.
You can't fight blood. This area is...
Welcome. I'm off!
Sayaka, dinner tonight?
- What?
- Cabbage rolls tonight.
Yay, I'm in.
But with tomato, not white sauce.
- OK.
- Off you go.
- Save me my slice of cake.
- The Mont Blanc.
- I'm off.
- Off you go!
She's so grown up.
She's a sophomore.
And your elder daughter?
You mean Aki?
She's abroad, right?
Yes, she seems to be enjoying Australia...
She didn't come home for the summer
holidays, which made her father sad.
Oh, I see, that's wonderful.
It's not very much, but...
Oh, I see. Well, in that case, thanks.
I'm very sorry about
what happened with my mother.
Well, it's hardly your fault.
Shoot, only 30,000 yen again.
Thank you so much.
I hope you enjoyed it.
Mr Four.
Let's go to the chat room.
I'd like to see your face too, Mr Four.
What shall we do?
Cuddle? Hug? Sleep on my lap?
My little sister...
Her mother bought her
a swimming costume,
and she just loves it.
She wears it around the house,
even when she has a bath.
And it just reminds me
how I used to do that.
I used to do the exact same thing.
It's OK to talk to me, in this room.
I mean...
What happened here?
You hit someone?
hit myself, too.
It hurts, doesn't it?
It hurts, right?
It's all right.
It's warm together.
Does it hurt?
I can feel it's going to rain.
Your leg comes in handy.
Cold noodles hit the spot in summer.
Why did you put makeup on?
The department store clerk
recommended it.
This, too.
- Hey, how did you afford...
- Hah. I just got fired.
They found you out?
Something like that.
We could open another bar, together.
Way downtown.
If we hire Aki, we might do well.
No, you're still looking good, you...
If you wear makeup, like in the old days...
Here comes the rain, see?
I'm just so tired.
You got this too?
You can tell?
1,980 yen. Looks more expensive, right?
It looks great.
Hey, hey... What, what...
Oh, oh...
Oh, oh...
I can't run any more.
This means thunder comes?
There'll be thunder, right?
What are you acting cool for?
I did it.
Hey, I did it, right?
Yeah, well...
What's with you, looking like
you're not totally satisfied?
I hardly broke a sweat.
You're a liar, you...
Another round?
No! Hey, how old do you think I am?
Let me bask in the afterglow a little longer.
Your afterglow is a lot longer...
You're soaked in sweat.
I did it, right?
Hey, look, you've got leeks on your back.
What? Where?
Where? What?
Don't, stop, that tickles!
Tastes salty, leek...
Oh, they're back.
They're home, home!
- We're home!
- We're home!
Oh, you got caught in the rain!
We found a cicada grub.
What, a cicada? OK.
I'm soaked.
It just started pouring.
That's right, pouring rain.
All right, OK.
Pouring rain!
What were you doing?
Look, it's raining, raining...
It poured.
Take your cicada and go take a bath.
A bath, go!
Make a hole in the centre, and let's...
Put it in there, young lady.
Here goes.
Yes, watch carefully...
How many kids?
- Three.
- Three?
The daughter-in-law sweet talked her son,
and they moved out.
Oh, yeah. That happens a lot.
- I'm home.
- Welcome home.
- Welcome home.
- Welcome home.
- Did you get rained on?
- I was fine.
- What?
- Did something good happen?
I'll tell you soon, Grandma.
I see...
I see, she says.
Was it a guy?
That's right!
What kind of guy?
Just a regular customer where I work.
- What?
- He was a customer?
So, we're the same.
Even if that's the same...
But it's important.
- What?
- Is he handsome?
Yeah, you could say so.
- That's different.
- It's different.
So, what's he like?
The quiet type-
The quiet type is good.
The quiet types are...
Talkative men are no good.
Talkative men are bad!
You calling me?
- Not calling you!
- Not calling you!
Here goes, here goes!
Here goes, blow!
It disappeared again!
- Look! Look!
- Huh?
- Where'd it go?
- Look, where'd it go?
- Amazing, right?
- It's really gone.
Where was it before?
- Where was it before?
- Here.
Maybe it's here again?
Maybe it's here again, or here?
No, no, it's not there.
Where, where? What? Where, where?
Look, it's gone!
What's that?
What are you doing!
Idiot! Cut it out, cut it out!
- That's all?
- No, no, no.
- That's all.
- No!
I had thought it was amazing.
Don't do that.
- All right, hey!
- I can do some of it, too.
I'll show you a more amazing trick.
You'll be shocked!
- Bring the deck of cards.
- I know that trick.
Don't tell them, you dummy!
Don't get up! Do that over there.
Find it?
- No.
- Below the red one.
He said, "Don't make your sister do it."
Do what?
Who did?
The Yamatoya guy.
Of course it's still too early for Lin to...
Find it?
I can't.
What are you doing?
It shouldn't be hard to find.
You old fart, you'll catch a cold.
Oh, fireworks.
On the Sumida River.
In the old days, we went every year.
After I got rained on one year,
I stopped going.
Rain cancels fireworks.
Can't see them, right?
- Sounds only.
- Can't see them.
It's almost over.
- The show's over.
- All over?
That huge one, what's it called?
The Peony?
The one that tumbles down is the Willow.
See, look.
- I can't see a thing.
- Can't see, but listen to it.
What else?
A cloud that looks like a fish.
You're right!
Does it look like a whale?
- A fish.
- Is it?
Shota, hurry up and blow it up!
A huge wave!
- Shota.
- Hm?
- You like boobs?
- Not especially.
Liar, I saw you looking.
It's all right. All men like boobs.
Your daddy loves them, too.
Tell me...
Are you getting big down there
in the mornings?
Everybody does?
Everybody does. All men do.
Feel better?
I thought maybe I was sick.
You're healthy! Great!
Feels good?
It's cold!
it's just like I said, right?
It's not going to last long.
I know that.
But sometimes,
it's better to choose your own family.
If only not to have expectations...
Yeah, it is.
Lady, when I look closely,
you're a good-looking woman.
What did you say?
Your face.
I'm off.
Oh, look at all the age spots.
Thank you.
Watch out, Show.!
Watch out!
Hey, those...
That's not a swimsuit, they're underpants.
What is it? Don't open it suddenly.
My tooth came out.
Your tooth?
You say, "Please grow
a strong tooth," and then you throw it.
Say, "Grow back in," and throw it.
Wake up.
Wake up.
Wake up.
Come on, wake up.
Hey, Grandma.
Oh, no, AK. Get me the phone!
- What the hell?
- She's dead.
Look at her, she's not coming back to life.
We can't call an ambulance here.
There's nothing we can do.
We each get our turn.
What about a funeral? Or cremation?
We don't have the money for that.
But, you...
Let's just stay by her side a little longer.
She gets lonely too, right?
What? No, you...
Lin, you...
You don't want to say goodbye
to Grandma, do you?
- Listen.
- Hm?
This is a big secret.
Grandma was never here.
It's always been five in our family.
Got it?
I can't believe we're burying another one.
But this is really different from that time.
You're right.
Depending on how you think about it,
Grandma must be happy.
Of course she is.
So much better than dying alone.
There's more.
You know, when I die...
Bury me under the pond in the yard.
That pond isn't big enough.
You're right.
Wait, you always walk out wet.
Wipe your feet.
I know that.
How much?
110,000 yen.
Whose money?
It's Grandma's money.
So, it's not bad.
It's not bad.
What about shoplifting?
What does your father say?
Whatever's in a shop
doesn't belong to anyone yet.
Well, as long as the shop
doesn't go bankrupt, it's OK.
Hello, young mother.
Croquettes for your son?
Do you like being called mother?
By whom?
I won't know until she does.
Why do you ask me that?
Because he wants me to call him Dad.
But you can't?
No, not yet.
It's really not a big deal.
So don't worry about it.
What was that?
You try it!
Grandma's amazing, she keeps
helping us out even after she's dead.
Well, the really helpful one
is the old man.
What can you see?
What? The ocean.
The universe.
Found it! Found it!
I knew she'd stashed some away!
With her dentures.
- For real? There it is, amazing!
- Yes, yes.
It's in there? It is!
- Wow, amazing!
- Ten, 11, 12...
Amazing! That's 30,000 yen each.
Did Grandma have a scam going?
Money is money.
- Hey.
- What?
Don't these belong to someone?
So what?
You want to try this, too?
Hey. hey!
In that case, hey!
You be on the lookout by the stairs, OK?
This is amazing!
- Back when...
- Huh?
- When you saved me...
- What?
Were you trying to steal something
from the car, too?
No, you dummy!
That time, I was just trying to save you.
Shoot. Hey, come on!
In mourning
What does this mean?
Day off?
Did it go bankrupt?
You wait here.
Hey, you!
- Shibata Shota.
- Shibata Shota.
How do you write that?
- The standard Shibata, like the ball player.
- Like the ball player.
For "Sho", the character with sheep,
- and for "ta", the character for thick.
- How old is he?
Oh, wait...
He broke his leg,
but he didn't hit his head.
Excuse me, are you Shows mother'?
You'll need to come with us
to the police precinct.
- Oh, I just came to get him.
- I left my other child at home.
We have to get his insurance card
and things.
- We'll be right back.
- I'm sorry, our other child...
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
- Give me that.
- No.
' WW non
' Nd.!
OK, that's OK.
Listen, if they ask your name,
you tell them it's Lin.
And if they ask you about Grandma,
tell them you don't know her.
- What about Brother?
- Shota? We'll go and get him later.
That's right.
They'll feed him at the hospital.
Let's put Lin's shoes on here.
Don't bother.
Wow, what a pretty colour!
So it was a beautiful day.
How many of you went to the beach?
Five people.
- Five people.
- Five people.
What were you doing at the beach?
- Jumping-
- Jumping?
- Hm?
- Hm.
Was your grandma with you then?
Where were you living?
In a car.
In a car?
- All alone?
- Yes.
Are you covering up for someone?
When we got to the house,
they were all packing their things up
and trying to run away, abandoning you.
A real family
would never treat you like that.
The man's real name is Enoki Shota,
the woman is Tanabe Yuko.
They had killed someone?
Her previous husband.
Stabbed him, killed him and buried him.
Tangled up in a crime of passion.
That's how those two are connected.
That was self-defence, right?
If we hadn't killed him,
he would've killed us both.
Well, that's how the judge ruled.
And what does that have to do
with this situation?
No, it wasn't a kidnapping.
She looked like she was starving,
so Nobuyo brought her home...
and the girl was happy to come with her.
When was that?
Last February.
That's what we call kidnapping.
That's what I told her too,
but she said...
We weren't demanding a ransom,
so we were protecting her.
Thank you for coming.
How is Juri doing?
I guess she was relieved.
She fell fast asleep.
Nozomi, what did Juri eat yesterday?
- Her favourite, omelette with rice.
- You cooked it for your daughter?
Yes, I cooked it.
That's because...
Grandma asked me to move in with her.
But that wasn't out of kindness.
She was getting money from
the family that stole her husband.
Money? From my parents?
They paid her every time she visited.
What? So my parents knew
that I was living with her?
Your parents say they didn't know, but...
So Grandma...
only wanted their money?
Not me?
Where is your grandma now?
We're outside the house where
Shibata Hatsue was discovered.
Several weeks have passed
since she died,
and the police are investigating,
including considering
the possibility of murder.
What the people
who pretended to be her family
were doing in this house
remains shrouded in mystery.
So you say you did it all by yourself?
The digging and the burying?
That's right. I did it all myself.
Corpse disposal carries a heavy sentence.
Do you understand?
I didn't throw her away.
Yes, you did.
I didn't throw her away.
I found her.
Someone threw her away and I found her.
It was someone else who threw her away.
Didn't you feel guilty,
making children shoplift?
don't know anything else to teach them.
But still...
Why did you name the boy Shota?
That's your real name, right?
Is it an apartment?
A two-storey house.
You'll live there with six other children.
- Just with other kids?
- Yes.
You could commute to school
from there, Shota.
I thought only kids
who can't study at home went to school.
There are some things
you can't study at home.
Like what?
Meeting people.
Making new friends.
How is Lin doing?
She went back to her family.
Her real family?
Shota, if you, too...
But I don't remember anything.
You know, this...
Listen, I'm busy. Go away.
That hurts.
I told you not to touch me.
Just go away.
Say you're sorry-
Say you're sorry-
I'll buy you new clothes.
So come over here.
Why not? Come here.
Lin said she wanted to go back?
Yes. Juri is her name.
No, she would never say that.
Children need their mothers.
That's just what mothers imagine.
Giving birth automatically
makes you a mother?
You can't become a mother unless you do.
I understand it's tough for you
that you can't give birth.
Were you jealous?
Is that why you kidnapped her?
Maybe I hated her, my mother...
What did the two children call you?
I wonder...
I wonder...
- There are two types of lures.
- Yeah?
There are soft lures, made of rubber.
They look like small fish or worms,
to catch other fish, they say.
And the other type...
is the hard lure, it's called the hard lure.
They're made from wood or plastic,
and they're used to catch big fish
and things like that.
Where did you learn all that?
- It was in a book.
- In a book!
I'm sorry. You're doing my time too.
You've got a record.
You wouldn't get away with just five years.
But you...
I had such a good time.
This is nothing, really.
I'm sorry.
It's because I got caught.
Don't worry about it.
Things don't always work out.
How is the facility?
Are you going to school every day?
Yes. I got eighth place in
my Japanese test.
You're smart, Shota, right?
Did you cut your hair?
You look good. Let's see.
He looks good, right?
- You look cute! Cute.
- Doesn't he look handsome?
You look sweet.
We found you...
- at the pachinko parlour.
- Yes.
The pachinko parlour in Matsudo.
The car was a red Toyota Vitz.
The licence plate was Narashino...
If you really want to,
you can find your real mum and dad.
- Hey, you...
- Hm?
Did you tell me to bring Shota here
so you could tell him that?
That's right.
You know it, too.
We're not good enough for him.
I'm done.
Wow, amazing!
So tasty. A super combo.
Who taught you this?
- Hey...
- Yeah?
Do you live here all alone?
It's tiny, but the bath is brand new.
Want a bath later?
Hm. I'm not sure.
You're more than welcome to.
The bath is super clean.
Maybe I'll spend the night here.
But won't they get mad at you?
No different if I go back now.
Hey, Shota...
Come out here.
The snow's piling up.
Hey, be careful.
Let's make a snowman!
Tomorrow, you go home, right?
Did you try to run away without me?
It's true.
But we got caught first.
I see.
I'm sorry.
From now on...
I'm not your dad.
You tell them you're sorry.
Tell them I made you spend the night.
Right, I'll do that.
I'm sorry, I can't see you.
I got caught
I got caught on purpose.
I see.
Hey, Shota...
Shota! Shota!
One, two
Buckle my shoe
Three, four, knock at the door
Five, six, pick up sticks
Seven, eight, lay them straight
Nine, ten, a big fat hen
One, two...