Short Cuts (1993) Movie Script

The time has come
to go to war again.
Not with Iraq, international terrorists,
or what was once Yugoslavia...
but with the medfly...
a potentially devastating insect...
that has chosen to make
California its new home.
Despite assurances that spraying poses
no significant health risks to the public...
the public is not convinced.
People sense they're being
kept in the dark purposely.
Furthermore, there is
no consensus...
as to whether the objectives
are even realistic.
Is this a war that can be won?
Some say no.
Are we just going through the motions
so certain people can cover themselves?
- Honey, it's on!
- Some say yes.
- Okay, I'm coming.
- How is this war fought?
It's like fishing.
We use bait.
Actually, the bait is spread over
our city at night, like a glaze.
This is very discriminate bait...
- Do you have to wear your glasses on TV?
- like smart bombs...
that destroy one thing,
but nothing else.
The bait attracts the hungry,
newly hatched medflies...
and poisons only them.
The war's objective is clear.
To destroy the medfly before
it has a chance to destroy us.
All right.
Look over there.
Marian, what's so interesting?
- Isn't that Alex Trebek?
- Alex Trebek? Where?
Over there, next to the woman
with the white hair.
Is that Alex Trebek?
Yes, I'm sure it is.
Who's Alex Trebek?
...taken their time adopting a policy
of coexistence with the medfly...
'cause that's the only
realistic course open to us.
Oh, Andy, you're
a long ways away.
I'm in L.A. Can you
hear the helicopters?
What are you wearing?
That was fast.
If you're looking for a rainbow
You know there's
gonna be some rain
One minute you're
filled with happiness
Next minute there's
nothing but pain
When you're a prisoner
And I'm a prisoner
I'm a prisoner of life
One day your man is here
The next day
he's walked out and gone
But no matter what happens
You simply somehow
gotta carry on
When you're a prisoner
And I'm a prisoner
I'm a prisoner of life
What are you doing here?
Just give me some coffee,
will you, babe?
- Are you working, Earl?
- Yeah.
- You got somebody in the car?
- Yeah.
- How come you got 'em here?
- They're passed out.
It's one of those
drive- arounds.
You're not drinkin', are ya?
Just give me
some coffee, baby.
I come all the way down here to see you.
I'd think you'd be happy to see me.
Life's good
It's bad
It's somewhere in between
But it's the unexpected
and the uncertainty
That keeps us goin'
You know what I mean
Yesterday you owned the world
The next day the world owns you
One day everything's a lie
The next day
you swear it's all true
That's what happens
when you're a prisoner
And I'm a prisoner
I'm a prisoner of life
You okay?
I told you I canceled
the Times, right?
Stopped the mail.
All you have to do is come in and
check up on everything and feed the fish.
I'll write... I got it all written down.
Didn't I put it on the, um, fridge?
- Yeah, she wrote it down. I watched her.
- I got it written...
- Just come back tomorrow morning.
- Okay.
- You are gonna...
- I... Your fish are gonna be fine.
What about the lionfish?
Feeding the lionfish?
- That was just a joke, honey!
- No, no, no, no. No, no.
- Lionfish like goldfish.
- That's what you wrote down.
- Yes. You feed them live goldfish.
- I thought you were joking.
- No!
- You do that.
Earthquakes, water shortages...
fires, mud slides...
Crime, gang warfare,
massive overcrowding.
"His mother's name was
Speckled Hen. She looked..."
What will our lives be like if we
have to share space with the medfly?
Gene! Gene, the helicopters
are here! Shut the windows!
Watch your brother. Okay?
Watch your brother.
Suzy! Come here,
my good little boy. Yes!
Sandy, shut the windows
for me, please.
What are you doing?
The dog stays outside.
I've told you a hundred times!
Don't put Suzy outside. The spraying...
It's gonna give him cancer!
It's not gonna give it cancer!
Don't you get environmental on me, Sherri.
Have you listened to
the news lately? It's dangerous!
They wouldn't be doing it
if it was dangerous!
Come on, kids!
It's all right! Come on outside!
It's all right!
It's safe! Come on!
Oh! Oh, yeah! Yeah, go on!
Get cancer!
- Gene!
- Get the dog out!
- Leave the dog alone!
- Stupid...
The dog stays out.
The dog drives me out of my mind.
- Where you going, Gene?
- Out of here.
This is the third night
this week, Gene!
Why don't you start
smoking again?
How about Friday?
Are you free this weekend?
I don't get back till Saturday, but if you
make it Sunday, I'll bring fresh trout.
Marian, why did you do that?
- What?
- Invite them to our house for supper?
I didn't. You did.
- No, I didn't.
- You said, "Let's set a date".
No. I had to say "Let's set a date"
because you invited 'em to our house.
That was just
a comment, Ralph.
What's his name again?
He's some kind of a doctor.
I think he's a dentist.
Her name is Marian.
- Marian, we don't even know them.
- Just relax.
Okay? Just... relax.
Any of those medflies
get on you today?
Ow! I got one.
Do you want me to
describe myself for you?
I'm a blonde...
You don't do that.
- What do you do?
- Oh, yeah?
These countries
ship their food...
Oh, yeah? But I'm not
gonna suck it yet.
Come on. Let's go
play in your room.
Come on.
What if all this is telling us...
that every expert...
before every expert...
Can you speak up, honey?
I can barely hear you.
Yeah, baby. Ooh.
My panties are
getting a little wet.
Well, I'm on my bed, and
I'm on my hands and knees...
and my mouth is
so close to your balls...
Can you hear that?
Can you feel it?
Don't you want me
to lick your balls first?
Mmm. Mmm.
You taste so good.
Ooh, your cock is
getting so big in my mouth.
So big.
Oh, yeah, baby,
I'm just gonna lick it...
Life's good, life's bad
- You don't like the music? You wanna go?
- We've got an early flight to catch.
- Oh, then let's go. Come on.
- And the uncertainty that keeps us goin'
You know what I mean
Yesterday you owned the world
And the next day
the world owns you
One day everything's a lie
- You wanna drive?
And the next day
you'd swear it's all true
When you're a prisoner
And I'm a prisoner
Yeah, I'm a prisoner of life
- The medfly is already established in L.A.
- Mom?
- Baby?
- Mom?
Honey, what's the matter?
Did you have a bad dream?
Come on, sweetie.
Let's watch Daddy on TV.
- We'll all snuggle.
- What happened?
- The helicopters scare you?
- I thought it was an earthquake.
- This is Howard Finnigan...
- He was just frightened.
With thoughts
to make you think.
Go ahead, shut it down.
I gotta go make a phone call.
It's my wife's birthday.
Okay, guys, gather 'round.
Get in line. Specimen time.
That time of the month, guys.
Fill it up.
- Yvonne!
- Hey, sweetheart.
- Cheers!
- You need some help?
- There you go.
- We just spray the stuff. We don't drink it.
You need a magnifying glass
and a tweezers to help you out?
Hey, sweetheart.
Okay, you two.
Y'all haven't been
taking anything, I hope.
Don't let anything run on the sides,
okay? 'Cause that gets real nasty.
- Hello?
- Chad!
What are you doing
up so early?
- It's Mommy's birthday.
- Hey, that's right!
- Did Mom ask you to remind me?
- No.
- I'll bet she did.
- No, she didn't!
- I'll bet she did. You can tell Daddy.
- Give me that.
- She did not!
- Go back to bed, young man.
- Stormy.
- Yeah!
How'd you know?
Two more hours. Please!
- Who else would call me at the crack of dawn?
- Hey, who was that? Chad?
What do you want, Stormy?
I just wanted to see
what was on the agenda.
I got Chad tonight, you know.
Wanna join us?
Whoops. Sorry, sweetie.
I really like the Wymans.
Don't you?
The doctor and his wife.
And Ralph, I think his name is.
You know, the ones from the concert.
He seems, uh, kinda lofty.
Off to work early, huh?
Well, I got two birthdays today.
He's a doctor. Remember?
- And she's an artist, I think.
- Oh, yeah? What kind?
What kind? She's a painter.
You know.
She paints pictures.
- There's Vern.
- They really want us to come to dinner.
Well, we'll see. I'm off.
What does that mean?
We already agreed to go.
We made a date.
Close the door, Stuart!
Got it.
- Oh, Christ.
- I think it's broken.
The little thing didn't come up.
Why'd you let me sleep?
- How am I gonna explain this?
- I don't know.
- What, is it broken?
- Yeah.
Is your kid awake?
I don't want him to see me here.
Is he?
He won't, baby.
He's still asleep.
'Cause kids shouldn't see
that kind of thing.
Jesus, how am I
gonna explain this?
Jesus. Okay.
Kids. Crack.
Kids... Kids on crack.
- What?
- Fucking dog.
Fucking dog knows. I know.
That fucking dog.
- Hey. Ruff! Ruff!
- Just can't live with all this.
I need to... What are you
gotta smoke in the morning for?
No, I told you I don't
wanna do that anymore.
Honey? You home?
Make me some coffee!
Oh. Something hit me
in the fuckin' head last night.
Shut up.
These you can mist.
Water them once a week.
Harriet, we're running
behind schedule.
- I'm gonna bring the bags down to the car.
- Okay. All right.
- Yeah. So those you can mist. Right.
- So these are the same...
Jerry? Saturday's
Casey's birthday party.
The plan was to swim.
Howard's nephew's a lifeguard.
We were gonna pay him to watch the kids.
I don't know now.
Maybe you should drain
the pool, change the water.
Won't the "methalanon"
contaminate the water?
They sprayed again last night.
It's safe, Mrs. Finnigan.
It's only toxic for a few hours.
The water actually
dilutes it, so...
water's probably
the safest place to be.
So irresponsible. Casey has allergies.
The slightest thing sets him off.
I wouldn't worry about it,
Mrs. Finnigan.
Well... why don't you
come again Saturday?
When's your next
regular day?
I can't make it Saturday.
- Hi.
- But really, I wouldn't worry about it.
I was wondering if your guy
could treat my pool. Can you?
Can I what?
Whatever you put in it
to kill the bug spray.
I'll pay you.
I'm afraid to go in.
- I only have time to take care of
my regular customers, ma'am. I'm sorry.
- Hey, Jerry, can I help with the pool today?
- Casey, get back in the house.
It's still dangerous out here.
- Well, maybe I'll become a regular customer.
- Get ready for school.
- Have you seen my wallet?
- Oh. It's next to the phone.
- What's it doing there?
Oh, I was ordering something
from this catalog.
- Will you at least come over and look at it?
- Not now, ma'am!
I... You know, I might be able to
swing back by in a couple of hours.
I'm late. We'll talk about
your bearded iris tonight.
Hey, Jer!
How goes the war?
Bad guys are winning, sir.
Yeah, well,
thank you very much.
Now, see, these bugs...
This Humphrey or this Royal Coachman...
- Here you are.
- Thank you.
Is that your name? Doreen?
- That's it.
- Hey, Gordon, isn't that your first wife's name?
- Darlene.
- Oh.
- Darlene.
- Are you sure?
- So, where we going, anyway, guys?
- An hour outside of Bakersfield.
- Then we're gonna walk.
- How far?
Four or five hours.
There's nobody there.
- You say it's good, right?
- Yeah. Is the fishing good?
- It's gorgeous.
- Oh, good.
You've never seen anything like it.
They want to be caught.
They're desperate
to be caught.
What's that for?
I thought I might have
to examine you later on.
Where'd you get it?
Some doctor left it in my web.
- Better take it to the lost and found.
- Yeah.
What's the menu like, babe?
The Greek's watching. Don't order
anything you can't pay for.
Daddy's home!
Pow! Pow! Pow!
Daddy, you gonna take us
to the park today?
Off me! Off me!
- Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!
- Quiet!
Cut it out.
Quiet! Quiet!
Get in the house.
- Did you do this?
- No. The dog did!
Mommy, Mommy, Daddy's home!
Daddy's home!
That's really exciting, sweetheart.
Please finish eating.
- Bang! Bang! I saw Dada!
- Please don't point that gun at me.
Who gave the dog my belt?
This is completely destroyed.
Completely ruined.
It's a piece of trash.
It's a $35 belt!
Shut up!
- That dog has got to go.
- Wanna talk about where you were last night?
No, I don't.
Not in front of the kids, I don't.
I don't want them to hear about all the
"ain-pay" and "isery-may" I saw last night.
If you would like to hear
about kids on C-R-A-C- K...
you can come in
the other room.
Whose crack are we
talking about, Gene?
I got a list here.
Um, I canceled the 'Times'.
I stopped the mail.
Just check up on the fish...
Harriet! Enough about
the fish. Let's go.
- Okay, okay.
- Which one takes the, um, goldfish?
These are the lionfish,
and these are the goldfish.
- Come on. I don't wanna miss that plane.
- Okay.
Just feed the other fish
regular food.
- Hey, sorry. You guys are running late, huh?
- Yeah. She keeps running her mouth.
You need a hand with those?
- I gotta go. Jim's gonna have a fit,
and I gotta make sure I have the tickets.
- Have a good time in Memphis.
Thank you.
Have you got the keys?
- And, um, that's it.
- All right.
- Say happy birthday to your mom.
- Bye.
Bring us back some
of that country ham.
- You're not gonna smoke in my house.
- I'm sorry.
- Thanks. Bye.
- Bye-bye.
Bye-bye, Harriet.
- Come on.
- They are so full of shit.
They've been good to us.
Don't smoke, Bill.
They brought us to a jazz bar, gave us
a couple of drinks. And what do we do?
We're taking care of their apartment free
for a month. They're taking advantage of us.
- Don't you have some classes or something?
- I don't punch a time card. I'm not in high school.
So, what are you
gonna order?
Uh, let's see, baby.
- I can't read this.
- Honey, put on your real glasses.
Let's see.
- Tuna melt.
- Tuna melt? It's breakfast.
- Have a steak and some eggs.
- Not if I have to pay for it, baby.
You're not drinkin', are you?
- Is that what's startin'?
- No.
Very... Ohh!
Suddenly there's God
so quickly.
My goodness.
Gordon, how about that ass?
I've seen better.
I just saw what
she had for breakfast.
Where have you seen better? Penthouse?
I say that's money in the bank.
- What do you think, Stuart?
- Not for breakfast.
- Excuse me, honey.
- Yeah?
Uh, could we have...
What was it in the bottom drawer
over there you were getting?
- What, butter?
- Yeah. Could we have more butter, please?
Here you go. Oh, hey,
is my tuna melt workin'?
Well, I'd say this trip's
off to a pretty good start.
I say the tuna melt works.
- Cup of coffee.
- Yeah, okay.
You know what we need?
More, uh, you-know-what.
Uh, could we have
some more butter, please?
Oh, yeah. Okay. Butter.
Coming up.
Is that your face,
or your neck just threw up?
- We're out of butter.
- Out of butter.
Ask for margarine.
Well, then what did he do?
He walks in at
7:30 in the morning.
The kids are screaming. They're
happy to see him. Same old story.
Sits down. He's acting
like nothing's happened.
I have no explanation.
- So he's out having breakfast with her.
- Are you serious?
Yeah! I mean, I tried
to ask him where he was, and...
he gave me some...
- I'm going.
- Where's he going?
- He's going to work. Okay.
He gives me some ridiculous
excuse like... like crack kids...
- Who you talking to?
- I'm talking to Sherri.
- And, um... And, um...
- Bye!
And now I'm not even supposed to
say the word "crack" in front of them.
Now tell me about
the Alex Trebek thing.
Did he flirt with you?
- Who?
- Alex Trebek.
No! Oh, no. I mean...
- Shut up!
- What's so threatening about that?
- Nothing.
- Sherri, where are my keys?
Will you get out of here?
Sherri! The dog pissed
on the bed again, Sherri.
Shoot him, man!
Shoot him! He's crazy!
Who are you
talking to, anyway?
Yeah, in those nice, tight pants he likes
'cause it makes his dick look big.
What? I can't hear you.
The dog's barking.
I'm talking to my sister.
Yap, yap, yap.
Yap, yap, yap, yap, yap!
- Yap, yap, yap, yap, yap!
- Where are you going, Gene?
I thought you had
some time off this week.
I gotta check on my work.
Quality control.
How about tonight, Gene?
- Oh, God.
- Sherri.
- Just a minute.
- Okay.
You know what kind of
work I do, right? Look at me!
You know it's dangerous...
and you know there's things you
can't know for your own safety, right?
I was just asking
about dinner.
Don't you worry your
pretty little head about it.
- He's out of here.
- All right, kids.
What is he talking about?
- The king is gone.
- Come on, Suzy. Come on.
Close the gate when you go!
I don't want Suzy to get out!
He might get run over!
You are gonna be late
for school, young man.
- Now, do you want me to drive you?
- No. I'll walk.
You sure?
All right, kisses. Okay.
Oh, my God.
Honey! Honey, you all right?
- I... I'm fine.
- Wait, wait, wait!
Let me get your stuff.
Here. Wait, I'll...
- Come on, let's get in my car.
- No, I- I'm fine.
My mom doesn't want me
to go in a car with strangers.
No, wait a minute. Let me give you
a ride home, make sure you're okay.
I'm... I'm fine.
For sure.
No, no. Look.
Come on.
How old are you?
I'm eight.
My birthday's tomorrow.
I wanna see your mom and dad.
I wanna make sure you're okay.
My mom said
I can't talk with strangers.
Hey, bye.
- Have you got ready-made birthday cakes?
- Yeah. They're right here.
- Have you got one with "Betty" on it already?
- Just what you see here.
I can do something special,
but not for today.
Yeah. Well, all right,
I'll take that one. What is it?
- It's a lemon cake.
- Can you maybe put her name on it?
- I can't do it today.
- All right. Well, how much is it?
It's 14.75 with tax.
Mrs. Schwarzmeier, can you box this up?
Jawohl, Herr Bitkower.
Mrs. Schw... Could you maybe...
Could you just write "Betty" on here?
"Betty"? No. No.
- Hi.
- I'd like to order a birthday cake.
- Sure. What kind?
- Birthdays. They keep adding up, huh?
- Here is your cake and your change.
- Thanks.
Oh, I've got a couple
ideas here.
Okay, this is what I'd like.
What's that say?
"Happy Birthday, Casey"?
- Oh, excuse me.
- Yes. Casey.
- And is that supposed to be a baseball bat?
- Hi, Mrs. Schwarzmeier.
Yes, that's a baseball bat.
I don't draw very well.
- I came to pick up the cake
for Debbie Eggenweiler.
- Are you sure you want this?
Because I have some
very nice baseball designs.
- I think it's prepaid.
- Yes. Yes.
- If you like this, I can do it.
- No, I like this.
He's, um, he's starting Little League,
so we're real excited.
That's really sweet. His name
is Casey, and he plays baseball.
- Down, down.
- No, no, no, no, no.
Beautiful shot, man.
Hey. Casey. What's up?
How come you're
not in school?
- Let him go.
- Hey, Casey, you wanna see the dribble?
- Come on, Joe!
- Hey! Heads up!
- Come on. We're ahead too.
- Let's go.
Pass you. Pass you.
Yo, good pass, good pass.
Take a right
down by that tree.
- That's all?
- Okay. I got it, I got it.
Goddamn back seat.
Hey, Doreen.
Paul Grossman got me
more than $1 million.
Call me. Paul Grossman.
I'll be your attorney too.
Call toll-free. We'll come to your
home or office anywhere in California.
Once a year, the P.B.A.
Touring pros join forces...
in doubles competitions.
What's the door doing
standing wide open?
Hey, you...
you hungry, honey?
What are you doing, anyway?
How come you're not workin'?
You're not gonna lose
your job again, are you?
You'd better give that back.
Some doctor's gonna be looking for it.
I got London broil from the Greek.
You want me to fix it? Want me to freeze it?
Doreen, Doreen
the question queen
Stole a London broil
thick and lean
Hey, how 'bout a fruit plate?
Somethin' light?
How 'bout a
short skirt, Doreen?
Short enough so I can see every
inch of your ass. How'd that be?
- What are you talkin' crazy for?
- Yeah.
We don't wanna talk
about that, do we?
We just wanna talk about Earl.
Let's hear more about Earl.
How 'bout cops, baby?
I bet they love
those short skirts.
I know fishermen like 'em!
- Whoa!
- No, man, wait a second.
What happened?
- Aw, Christ!
- What happened?
That's half my supply.
- Okay? Let's do it.
- All right. Let's go.
- Watch your step.
- Man, I'm thirsty already.
Well, we only got
3 hours and 59 minutes left.
Well, I don't think
it's gonna rain.
What are you doing home, honey?
Why aren't you at school?
Honey? What happened?
I got hit by a car.
What? What do you mean,
you got hit by a car? Where? How?
Casey, now you tell Mommy
exactly what happened.
I got hit in the back
and knocked down hard.
- Well, how did you get home?
- Walked.
Casey, let me look at you.
Ohh. Now, um...
What about this car?
How fast was it going? Who hit you?
She was a lady.
She was nice.
Listen, honey...
something terrible happened.
I hit this little kid with my car.
- Oh...
- He didn't get hurt. He was okay.
- But, Jesus, it scared the hell out of me.
- Oh, Jesus. All right, were the cops there?
I told you, he wasn't hurt.
Okay. All right, listen.
Did they get your name?
I told you, nobody was there.
He's all right.
Okay. All right.
I just don't wanna get sued.
No, it was just a
stroke of luck I didn't kill him.
I'm glad somebody's
luck's holdin' out.
Excuse me. Excuse me. Howard?
You have a phone call.
It's... It's your wife.
I think you've got time.
- Sorry.
- It's okay.
Excuse me.
Jerry, we've got some great stuff,
good footage coming in on the satellite.
- Hello.
- Howard?
- Yeah?
- Casey got hit by a car.
He's all right, though.
What do you mean,
hit by a car?
When? Where is he?
Well, h-h-he's here.
He's home with me.
He's... He's all right.
He's not hurt.
Annie, calm down,
start from the beginning,
and tell me exactly
what happened.
Well, I put him in bed, and...
he fell fast asleep.
He's all right, I'm sure.
Why'd you let him go to sleep?
You shouldn't have done that, honey.
Jesus Christ! I mean, wh...
Who hit him? How did this happen?
I don't know!
I came home and he was here.
I... He went to sleep.
I should let him sleep, shouldn't I?
No. No, you wake him up...
and you take him to the emergency room.
You gotta get him looked at right away.
Call Bob Winslow.
No, wait, I'll call him.
Um, just hang up the phone.
I'll call you right back. Okay?
- All right. I understand.
- Okay. Don't worry.
Everything's gonna be all right.
He's gonna be fine.
Casey, we're... we're gonna
get up and have some milk now.
Casey? Casey, um...
Casey, Daddy's coming home.
Casey. Casey, wake up!
Casey, wake up!
Accidents happen every day.
Fortunately, most are harmless.
But some are very serious.
He's eight years old.
I asked him.
Tomorrow's his birthday.
Such a close call.
Everything could have changed.
Our whole lives could have changed.
Yeah, well, I wish somethin'
would come along and change our life.
- What's that supposed to mean?
- Oh, nothin'.
Look, maybe I'm just sick and tired of
watching you show off your ass at work.
Oh, you're drunk. And you lied to me.
Get the hell out of here.
You want me out of here?
You got it.
You told me you weren't gonna lie no more.
That was the deal... no more lies.
Okay. Watch me go, baby.
You know, a lot of guys don't like a big ass
in their face when they're trying to eat.
Oh, pick a fight. Go ahead.
Pick a fight with me.
Tell you something...
I don't know who you think would wanna
look at your sad, middle-aged ass anyway.
Don't you talk to me like that.
And don't you come back here.
I'm not taking you back no more.
You understand? No more!
- No more I'm not taking you back!
- I'm not coming back!
- Slobberin' all over Honey like that.
- I never touched Honey!
I didn't say you touched her!
I said you slobbered on her!
How come you don't wear your
wedding ring to work anymore?
Oh, you're such
a bullshit artist.
You're the one chippin' away at
our mansion of love, baby, not me!
Why don't you go get drunk
and pee on Irmadine's drapes again!
I'm gonna
go get drunk!
I'm gonna get drunk
right now, goddamn it!
Look how stupid you're acting.
What if I'd killed him?
Then what?
Oh, Pat! What are you lookin' at?
It's nothin' new!
Have a nice day.
And now back
to 'Captain Planet'.
It's as much fun poaching
Planeteers as it is poaching elephants!
I have had enough of this!
- Betty! Chad! It's me!
- Your dad's here.
Come on. Let's go.
All right! I'm coming!
- Let's go.
- Give me that.
- Betty, the key doesn't work!
- Yeah!
Listen, don't you have any fun.
Stay up really late. Okay?
- Give me a kiss.
- Okay.
You changed the lock.
Happy birthday!
- Look at this helicopter I got! Isn't it neat?
- Cool! Come on. Make a wish and blow.
And there's a net
to catch the Planeteers in it.
It's really neat. And there's
Verminous Skumm inside.
He's one of the Eco-villains. Not a good guy.
I don't really like him very much.
- But it's neat.
- You're not all blown out, are you?
Hey, how come there's
only one candle?
Mommy's 29.
- Sure she is.
- Shut up.
That's what she told me.
I'm just trying to get Mommy used to
one big candle instead of a lot of little ones.
Is that a joke?
Come on. Blow!
Wait till you discover...
the rest of my surprises!
- Ohh!
- You got your wish!
- What'd you wish for?
That the two of you
would get the hell out of here.
Oh, Betty, you gotta
keep this wound.
It's your clock, Stormy.
You take it and keep it wound.
I want you gone when
I'm out of the shower.
Suzy, come on, boy.
All right, now, you go run away.
We don't want you anymore.
Go ahead.
Hey, hey, hey.
Sniff this.
Mm-mmm! Look at that.
It's a bone. Mmm!
All right, go get it.
Make sure they do the
neuro checks every half hour.
And diligent suctioning.
Mr. Finnigan.
- Yeah?
- He's resting comfortably.
That's good. We'll let him sleep.
That's the best thing for him right now.
The medfly editorial.
Not too sure about
that malathion.
Nurse, can you get me
some aspirin?
- Sure, Doctor.
- It's for me.
He's got a small blood clot,
a little brain swelling,
but it probably
won't require surgery.
He's aspirated, but we're
not too concerned about that.
- Aspirated? What is that?
- He's got some fluid in his lungs.
Listen, we'll keep
a close eye on him. Okay?
He knows what he's doing.
It's gonna be all right, honey.
- I, uh...
- Three more.
Damn shame you can't feel safe
driving in this city no more.
His vital signs are good. We're just
gonna have to wait till he wakes up.
Is there something we could do?
Something we should do?
You can wait. There's a
waiting room down the hall.
There's smoking out on the porch,
if you want to smoke.
He may be waking up soon.
You'll wanna be here when he does.
Yeah, well, uh, listen, how...
how long you think it'll... it'll be?
You never know with
these things. I just...
want you to do whatever
makes you feel comfortable.
Come on, come on, come on!
- You made it.
- Yeah!
I hope you don't have to
put too much chlorine in.
It's bad for my voice.
The pool's around the back.
Jonathan, that's you, babe!
Go up, go up!
- Right here, right here, right here!
- Zoe!
Excuse me.
Um, see how
that bruise is... is...
it's intense,
but it's not glowing.
So you'll wanna work on that.
Let's take a look at yours.
This is good. I like that. Yeah.
The bruise is really good.
Um... I want you to put
a little bit more blood in there.
Oh, on the...
on the, uh... on...
Yeah, blend off
that one edge.
- And take the brush out of your mouth.
- Sorry.
Filter? What's the filter
got to do with it?
Well, if your filter ain't workin', and I don't
think it is, there's not much I can do.
How dangerous is
this malathion?
Well... How long
have you had this system?
Came with the house.
Yeah? Well,
I hate to be the one to tell you,
but I think it's on its last legs.
Oh, no. Don't tell me.
- So, Ace, what's up tonight?
- I don't know. What do you wanna do?
I mean, with Mom. Is she celebrating
her birthday alone, or what?
Uh, with Gene.
Jean, huh?
Well, who's she?
He's a friend of Mommy's.
May I see your license
and registration, ma'am?
Did I do something wrong,
Take your
sunglasses off, ma'am.
You know, this clown
is detachable.
I, um... I have
a permit for it.
It's to code. I've been stopped before.
There's never been a problem.
- Phone number, ma'am?
- 504-0361.
I'm gonna let you go with
a warning this time, ma'am.
You were driving too slow.
Just as dangerous as driving too fast.
Please refrain from
doing so in the future.
Can I go now?
No, ma'am.
I have one more question.
What's that?
How many clowns
can you fit in this car?
I beg your pardon?
How many clowns can you
fit in this car, ma'am?
Why'd you take
my phone number?
Well, you never know when you might
need the services of a clown, ma'am.
- You have children?
- No, ma'am.
I, uh... I can use some cheering up
from time to time myself, ma'am.
Being a cop isn't easy.
You have a nice day now.
If there's anything I like
more than being mean...
it's being sneaky.
It's a trap!
- Of course it's a trap!
- Gene?
- Is that you?
- Affirmative!
With the Planeteers
out of our way...
Chad left the TV on.
Man dares to go where
only cows have gone before.
Bandini is the word
for fertilizer.
Oh, my God! Chad,
what are you doing here?
- Where's your dad?
- He had to go somewhere.
He had to go somewhere
without you?
He said he had
to do something.
- Something came up.
- Yeah.
I'll bet it did.
I'll bet something came up.
So, what'd he say
about you?
He said we'll have
to do it some other time.
He's a son of a bitch.
He's a son of a bitch.
- Now?
- Bring in the...
Jerry Kaiser.
- Hey, buddy, it's me.
- Hey.
Listen, I'm walking around
with a fuckin' serious chubby.
Listen to what's going on.
There's this girl
at school here...
She's 18, she's got a body to kill for,
beautiful face, and she asked me...
- Why are you whispering?
- to do her body makeup for this...
I'm not whispering. I'm just...
I'm... I'm throaty. I'm excited.
So I gotta do full-body makeup
on her. That takes an hour.
That means I'm rubbing base
up and down the insides of her thighs...
like, right around her puddy...
and I'm just like, "Oh, man!"
I gotta run it up and down, up her...
on the inside of her elastic...
and inside her perfect ass.
I'm just, like...
I'm losing it, man.
I was, like, rubbing some on her titties and
she looked at me and said, "What's your name?"
I said, "My name is Bill."
She said, "Bill, you're
giving me a nipple boner."
I said, "That's right."
And I was just, like... I was about
to drop my brushes and just fuckin'...
Oh! It was amazing.
What do you think about that, man?
Pretty amazing... Jerry?
Jerry? Kaiser?
Oh... Uh, d-did you
get a good grade?
Yeah, they gave me
an A-plus, baby.
- That's great.
- Why are you whispering?
- Shh! Shh, shh.
- What? What are you doing?
I told you! I'm working.
You don't sound like you're... What are
you doing, waiting for some rich dame...
Okay, I gotta go.
I'll call you back later. Bye.
I wish you wouldn't do that.
You're not fooling me,
you know.
Hey Stuart, nothing counts against first,
most or biggest unless we're all fishin', man.
Yeah, I'm just settin' up
this new line. All right?
What about somebody...
What about setting up the camp here?
Somebody's gotta dig the hole.
I'll do that! Just give me
a couple of minutes here!
I'll help you.
Just let me take a leak first.
Hey, don't piss
on any firewood!
Yeah, and don't piss
in the water!
What are you
pissin'in the water for, Vern?
I kinda like the way it sounds.
Hey, Stuart, Gordon!
Come here a second.
What the hell is this?
Stuart, come here!
Gordon, get over here!
Holy Christ!
It's a dead body!
Look at that. Jesus!
Who do you think it is?
- It's a dead body, isn't it?
- Yeah, it's a woman, huh?
She's dead, isn't she?
Yeah, dead. I'll say.
Look at her.
I wonder how.
We gotta pull her out.
Pull her out?
What are you, crazy?
I don't think we should
touch her. Should we?
No, we should call somebody.
I think we should call the police.
I don't think we should touch
anything until we call somebody.
Great idea. How we gonna do that? You got
a portable cellular phone or something?
We can't just leave
her there, can we?
Well, I know what
I'm gonna do.
I'm gonna have a drink.
Uh, I think Vern
has the right idea.
Hey, wait...
wait a minute!
Why don't you go home,
get some rest?
I'll call you if there's
any change.
No, you go. I'll stay. You go rest up.
You've got things at the station.
I'm all right.
I could make some calls.
Probably a good time.
Look, I'll take the number
of the pay phone here.
- That's a good idea.
- Yeah.
Sometimes it takes forever
to get through here.
Uh, could you bring me some...
shoes, some flats,
and a sweater?
And maybe some mail?
Magazines or something?
It's gonna be all right.
- Marian?
- What? What's the matter?
Something horrible's happened.
This has been the worst day of my life.
Oh, my God.
What happened, Sherri? Tell me.
- Suzy ran away.
- Oh, Jesus.
I thought you were gonna say something
happened to one of the kids, or to Gene.
- It's Gene's fault. He's the one who let him out.
- Oh, I'm sure you'll find her.
- Him.
- Yeah.
I've been going up and down
the streets all day trying to find him.
- Kids are going nuts!
- Did you call the pound?
- Dad, Suzy's gone!
- I called everyone I could think of.
- Honey, he's out running around. Don't worry.
- No, Daddy, he's really gone!
Honey, he'll come back
when he's ready. Don't worry.
Daddy, we looked and looked.
Sweetheart, Suzy will be back
as soon as he gets hungry.
Daddy, I want Suzy back!
Daddy, we can't find Suzy!
Listen to me, all of you.
Suzy will come back... sometime.
- What if she doesn't?
- Well, then we'll have to get another dog.
- We'll get a puppy this time. How's that?
- I don't want another dog. I want Suzy!
I want Suzy!
- Tell me how much you want it.
- Put those on my side.
Why should I, Big?
Still got three fingers
in your ass?
Slut. I should make you
get an egg.
You got an egg
in that refrigerator?
No, you don't got an egg?
- What about a candle?
- Candle.
What about the rubber bands
I told you about?
I don't think you got 'em
tight enough. Snap 'em!
- Good.
- Okay. Geez!
Okay, take the rubber bands
off your dick.
I'm gonna suck your dick now.
I'm gonna introduce
your dick to my tonsils.
Sit back down.
Joe, now!
- Baby...
- How long you gonna stay on that phone, Lois?
- Sit down. Look at the cards.
- Say, "Please, mistress."
- Sit down.
- I didn't tell you to come!
So tell me, how did it feel?
Next time I'm gonna make you
get a Q-Tip with some aftershave...
and I'm gonna make you
stick it up that dick of yours.
3:30 Wednesday.
Call me, bitch.
Bend the card!
They don't want another dog.
- Well, neither do I.
- Neither do I.
- Neither do I.
- Neither do I!
- Neither do I!
- I! I! I!
I don't even see
what the difference is.
They're not even gonna know
who Suzy is in a week.
Let's take the kids, put them in the car,
drive around and see if anybody's seen him.
- Can't do it. I got plans.
- Oh, Gene, come on!
Sherri, I told you
a week and a half ago...
I got the leadership...
council thing on the... crack kids.
What you should do is,
you should go out with the kids...
put up some signs, offer
a reward... not too much.
- Remember, it's a dog.
- Who's Claire "The Clown" Kane?
What are you doing
looking in my pockets?
What are you doing with her
driver's license and telephone number?
You wanna know?
I'll tell you.
Claire Kane, a.k.a.
"The Clown"...
is a bunco artist
wanted in three states.
I have her phone number because I'm
running a sting operation. Now you know.
And now, unfortunately...
I have compromised your safety
and the children's safety.
Are you happy now?
There is a...
a hard, heavy physicality...
in my new paintings.
In part because I've executed them
on large panels of wood...
but I'd say that
they're tempered by the...
- Oh. Sorry.
- Sorry.
Um, tempered by the
ephemeral use of color.
You could almost say that
it's beyond natural color.
What are they about?
I think they're about seeing...
and the responsibility
that comes with that.
- Okay.
- And call next week.
- Thanks. Thank you very much.
- Bye.
Who was that? Sherri?
No, that was David...
at the gallery.
Oh. David at the gallery.
I'm hoping to get
a show there.
Is this "David at the gallery" going to be
another Mitchell Anderson in our lives?
What's that supposed to mean?
Well, that's the sort of stuff you two
used to blather on about, isn't it?
What are you talking about?
The lousy painter. The one who never
sold anything. Mitchell Anderson.
Just because he never sold anything
doesn't mean he was a lousy painter.
So you've said.
Well, it's true.
You know,
scientifically speaking, Marian...
there's no such thing as
"beyond natural color".
I don't know why we're sittin'
around here actin'like it was our fault.
We didn't have
anything to do with it.
Yeah. Suppose we'd never
come up here in the first place.
When would she have
been found? Maybe never.
Nothing we can do to help.
She must have been murdered.
I mean, she's naked and everything.
Nothing we're gonna do
about it tonight, anyway.
Suppose it floats away.
Then it's out of our hands.
Maybe that's what we oughta do...
kick it loose and let somebody else find it.
Ah, I don't know.
I think...
I think we oughta tie it up
so it won't float away.
Then we can, uh, you know,
deal with it in the morning.
What do you say about that?
I say we got 2 hours of prime trout
time left. That's what we oughta deal with.
Hey, let's take a vote.
All right by me.
Fish now,
or deal with the body.
I say fish now.
Suppose the current
takes it away.
Then it's not our problem.
The Planeteers are trying to save
the planet and the environment.
Uh, they're all
wonderful characters.
- Tell Gene where he comes from.
- The tropical rain forest.
- This one?
- This is Ma- Ti.
And his power is heart.
Let's see. Where is his ring?
They all come with little...
Stormy did this to me on purpose.
I'm gonna kill him.
Let's say he points his ring
at, maybe, Earth, and...
Chad, you know what?
I think that it was really nice
that Gene brought us here tonight...
and I think we should
say thank you.
- Don't you?
- Mommy, can I go to the bathroom, please?
- Wait. Where is it?
- Uh, excuse me, miss.
Where's the restroom?
- For him? I'll take him.
- Thanks.
Come on. I'll show you.
What's that?
- What?
- That.
Happy birthday.
What is it?
An alarm clock?
It's pretty.
My marriage is breaking up.
Oh, honey, really?
I can't think of
anything but you.
Not at work,
not about the trial.
Just you.
I think I'm, uh...
I think I'm, uh,
getting serious.
Oh, honey, I wanna be
with you too.
- Hello?
- Mrs. Finnigan, please.
Uh, sorry, she's
not here right now.
- Who's this?
- This is Mr. Bitkower.
She placed an order today, and I just wanted
to make sure I was clear about what she wanted.
Her drawing's a little messy.
Well, she isn't here right now.
Call her back next week. All right?
I don't appreciate
being hung up on...
when I'm calling
about your order.
I need to know whether Mrs. Finnigan
wanted a bat or a mitt. May I speak to her?
No, you may not. Whatever it is,
just cancel it and stop calling here.
Now, we've got
a problem here.
We don't need the line tied up
with unimportant stuff!
Either you give me
an answer now...
Look, fuck you, asshole.
Fuck you!
Goddamn it!
All right, tomorrow night
we'll get a motel room.
- When?
- Tomorrow night.
Oh, no, I can't.
I'm going away for the weekend.
- What?
- Goin' to Tahoe, see my sister.
- Tahoe? When did that get decided on?
- I don't know. Last week.
Your sister? Thought your
sister lived in Michigan.
That's Phyllis. This is Bunny.
- Bunny lives in Tahoe.
- Bunny? Who's Bunny?
You never mentioned
her before.
- Yes, I did. She's my half sister.
- Half sister?
And besi... Gene, you were always
with your family on the weekend.
How was I supposed to know
you could get away?
Oh, well...
I don't know what
to think, Betty.
So, is B...
Who is Bunny?
- Bunny...
- Bunny... Who's...
- Bunny is my half-stepsister.
- These your mother's kids or your father's kids?
- My dad's wife's kid.
- Oh, yeah.
We have been planning to
get together for over a year.
- Oh, yeah? Well, what's she do in Tahoe?
- What?
What does she do in Tahoe?
She work? Is she married?
- Tahoe's a fancy place to live, you know.
- Gene, stop this.
I'm going away for a few days
to visit my sister.
Don't try to make me feel
guilty about nothing.
You're making mountains
out of molehills.
- Come on...
- Shh. Kid's back.
There's this really
neat camera up front.
- It's not a real camera.
- Did you find the bathroom okay?
Uh, yeah. There's a man
throwing up in there.
- Oh, my God. How awful. Is he all right?
- Chad.
- I don't know.
- You going to visit Aunt Bunny this weekend?
How about those peas?
Let's eat up some of those peas.
He's too young to
remember Bunny, okay?
Does not remember Bunny.
Eat 'em up.
Anyway, it squirts water...
It looks like a real camera. Please?
I really want it. Come on.
Daddy would buy it for me.
You boys have obviously not heard
of the Joe Robbins legend, have you?
- What can I get you, pal?
- Same, Jay.
Are you laughin' at me?
- No one was laughin'at you.
- Go ahead.
Next to my cell,
a big Spanish brother.
6'4", 6'5", Eddie Valdez.
We called him "Big Ed."
I said, "Big Ed, yo, listen.
Don't fuck with me."
Cat fuck with me. I get my hands
on about 30 feet of rope.
Now, you may wonder
where I get rope in prison.
Like I told you, I'm Joe Robbins.
Inside or out.
It's all in my cell.
How you doin'?
Here's a song I want
to sing for myself.
I lay low, like a black cat
in the shadows.
And I wait for this big Spanish
motherfucker to come moseyin' down.
As soon as he
crossed my path, boom.
- I'm tired
- Flies on shit...
So tired
Around his neck so quick, then
pushed him over the fucking guardrail.
The rope snaps tight.
His fuckin' head pops off.
His body keeps plummeting
downward, and he falls...
neck hole first
into the ground.
My point is...
Big Ed pissed me off
just a little bit.
You wanna keep it down
so the lady can sing?
Hey, come on.
- I made a mistake, all right?
- Yeah, you made a mistake.
- See, my shit's live.
- Shut up. Shut up. Shut up. Shut up.
Where was I?
I was tellin' a story here.
But I won't be sorry
If you won't be
And I don't want your pity
Or your sympathy
But with $45
I can make it
- Hi.
- Hi. How's he doin'?
- You wait and see
He's still asleep.
He really hasn't moved.
What's, uh...
What's all this?
I don't know.
Dr. Wyman ordered it.
Any change?
- Well, he says the numbers look good.
- Yeah?
I don't think it's good he keeps sleeping
like this. I don't think that's a good sign.
He's okay.
He's gonna be all right.
He'll wake up soon.
I talked to, uh, Bob Winslow.
He's in Hawaii.
And he knows this... this Wyman fellow.
He says we're in good hands.
- He knows what's what.
- Good.
I'm gonna go get
a cup of coffee.
- You stay with Casey.
- Okay.
Oh, God.
Why won't he wake up?
It isn't as if
I was just anybody
On Broadway I danced
For that senator
They know me in London
And they know me in Paris
- Hmm.
- I'm only talking
'Cause you looked like
you needed a friend
Here. Gimme that. Gimme that.
I'll tie it around the wrist.
Never thought I'd be
doing anything like this.
- Yeah, me neither.
- What's she feel like, Stuart?
- Oh, God.
- Feel her tits?
You know, I just realized...
there's probably a thousand guys in L.A.
Who'd be ballin' her right now.
Will you shut up!
I'm just trying to lighten things up
a little bit, all right?
Yeah, let's get the hell out of here.
Come on. Tie that up.
Man, if you'd have told me I was
fooling around with a dead body up here...
- I'd have told you you were full of shit.
- Yeah. Okay, let's go.
- Stop stealing.
- Bill, God. What'd ya sneak... Bill.
- I'm sorry.
- You scared me.
- You want to make up?
- Why did you sneak up on me?
- What time are your classes, huh?
- I'm ditching.
I wanna see you.
It's true.
- You've got to go to class.
- Are you snoopin' around?
- All you're supposed to do is just feed the fish.
- Look at this one, though. Look at this one.
- Look it, that's a lionfish, honey.
- Oh, really?
- He is. Go on. You should go to classes.
- Okay.
- These are strange people, honey.
- I know.
- What's in here?
- Bill... Don't snoop, Bill.
- Don't snoop.
- Why not?
You respect their privacy.
Why not snoop around with
their "Hot Fudge" videos out?
Their sick, dirty pornography.
These people are creepy.
They're creepy.
Use an ashtray
when you smoke in here.
- That's a rule. That's a rule.
- Why? There's no...
- Oh, you brought my ashtray.
- Our ashtray.
See, on the list it says
it's good for the carpet.
- Oh, Bill.
- How long are these creeps gonna be out of town?
A month.
You know what?
- I think we should move in here.
- No.
- And really... Yeah!
- We can't do that.
It's the only respectful
thing to do.
- Nah, that wouldn't be right.
- Why not?
'Cause that's not right, Bill.
- Okay.
- She's right.
- So, I'll see you around 6:00, okay?
- Yeah. I'll come home.
But you know we're gonna do
the right thing in their bed tonight, right?
Oh, uh... I don't know.
Hey, Vern!
- Hey!
- Look at here!
- How big?
- It's about three or four pounds.
I got it!
Hey! Didn't I tell ya?
It's Moby fuckin' Dick here!
Look at this!
Come on, baby. Come on!
Come to Papa.
How long are you gonna do that?
Do you know what time it is?
Do you have to play so loud?
That's Chick's fault. He was always
hot for the string players.
I always thought
they were weird.
- String players and girl singers.
- How come...
That was his weakness.
I don't remember him.
Well, mainly because
he wasn't around that much.
Hell, he exploded
when you were barely six.
Get me another
"Veggie Mary," will ya?
Talk... Talk more about Dad.
Not much more to tell, baby.
He was a prick.
That's the long and the short of it.
- Wanna get the door?
- Mommy, Daddy's here.
- Hey!
- Go to your room.
Finish up what I told you to do.
What do you want?
I came to get
my mother's clock.
- What's wrong with you?
- Well, it is my clock, isn't it?
- Finish. Do what I told you.
- Oh, Betty.
What you did to your son
is unforgivable.
What, he didn't tell you Daddy's been
flying nights, bombin' the dirty medflies?
Get it and get out.
- This house is half mine, you know.
- Liar!
- I pay for it.
- Take what you think is yours...
and get out of my life!
New sheets.
Jungle theme, huh?
- Goin' somewhere?
- Yeah, I am.
- Yeah? Where?
- None of your business.
Your... condom
file drawer is open.
Going with Gene?
Going somewhere
with Jungle Gene?
Get your fucking clock
and get out of here!
Goddamn it, Zoe!
What was that?
Thank you.
- What was the patient's name?
- Eh, the boy's name is... is Finnigan.
Uh, h-his father is
Howard Finnigan, if that helps.
Excuse me.
I'm Claire the Clown.
I'm here to do a party
in the pediatrics ward.
- Yes. I'll call the head nurse.
- Uh... excuse me. Uh, Claire?
- Do you do tricks in your, uh, routine?
- Yes. Uh- huh.
Oh, I've got something to show you.
I brought this stuff along.
I wanted to do this trick
for my grandson.
He's a patient in there.
I used to do this for his dad
when he was just a kid.
Now, I am going to move
that egg from this glass...
into that glass
without touching it.
You say to me, "How could you
possibly do that?" Go ahead.
How could you possibly do that?
I'm going to show you.
I-Is that a touch of terrific?
It's yours!
Thanks. It's good for bars,
but I don't think it's a children's trick.
- Claire.
- I'm here.
The Finnigan boy's
in Intensive Care, sir.
- But I think that's his mother over there.
- Oh.
Dr. Wyman, it's Claire.
Claire Kane. Remember?
From the concert.
Um... This is what I do.
I'm doing a chil... I'm... I'm a clown.
I'm really looking forward
to dinner.
- Stuart's bringing the fish. Remember?
- Right.
- Who's that?
- I have no idea.
Ann? Ann Finnigan?
Oh, good. The girl said that
she thought you were...
Yeah, I just didn't want to walk
into the boy's room alone, you know.
- Do I... Do...
- Oh, I'm sorry. Paul Finnigan, huh?
Howard's dad.
- Howard's dad?
- Yeah. Yeah. Howard's dad.
I was just passing
through L.A., and I, uh...
Well, actually, I've been living
in Riverside for a number of years.
Olla filled me in on what
was going on around here.
- Olla?
- Yeah, Olla.
How's the boy?
Well, he has a head injury...
a little clot and some swelling.
But they don't have to operate. We're
a little worried because he won't wake up.
- Oh.
- So you're Howard's dad?
- Yeah, yeah.
- Well, it was very thoughtful of you to come by.
Yeah. Oh, hey, hey.
I was gonna come by...
but I just heard about this now.
You know, I've never even seen him.
You know, uh, Kevin... It's, uh...
- Casey.
- Casey, yeah. Yeah, Casey.
- Howard's doing real good, isn't he?
- Well, we're...
We're very worried. You know,
he... he... he won't wake up.
Uh, but other than that, he doesn't
have any broken bones, so...
No, I mean, Howard's
doing real good.
- Oh.
- The TV editorials, you know.
- Hello?
- Who's this?
- Well, who's this?
- Let me speak to Betty.
- Give me that phone.
- No, she's not dressed right now.
- Give it to me!
- Honey, put your panties on!
- Who is this?
- Give me that phone! Who is it?
Give it to me! Give it to me!
- Have a nice weekend!
- Get out of here!
Hello! Hello!
Hello? Betty Weathers.
- Take it easy with him.
- What is it?
They're gonna operate again.
He's gonna be all right. Thank you.
- Now, don't bump him!
- Keep that hallway clear.
You're not gonna believe this,
but your father's out there.
My father?
You mean Paul?
He was always
such a good kid.
- Who's Olla?
- Olla? That's my aunt.
That's who your father
talked to.
What happened
to the Willis boy?
He's in surgery.
So, when did you last...
So, when did you
talk to him last?
He lives in Riverside.
That's not that far away.
I don't know. This is as much of a
urprise to me as it is to anybody.
I mean, I haven't seen him
in years. I haven't...
talked to him since
the divorce.
I wonder why he picked now.
- Hi, Dad.
- Hey, son. Ah!
Oh, you are lookin' good.
Hey, oh, I'm sorry to hear
about what happened to, um, uh...
- Casey.
- Yeah, the kid. Oh, I'm sure he's gonna be fine.
- We're praying.
- Yeah.
- You, uh... You... You've met Ann?
- Oh, sure. Yeah. Yeah, sure.
I seen you a couple of times on
television there. You're a real authority.
- Huh? Huh?
- Yeah.
So, uh... uh...
It's a bit of a surprise seeing...
- Yeah.
- How'd you find us?
Olla. Yeah.
So, uh, how you been?
Pretty good.
You know. It's...
Well, I'm gonna go back with Casey.
It was nice to meet you.
- Yeah, wasn't it?
- I'll see you back there, honey.
Well, at least
he came home last night.
That's more than
I can say for the dog.
Why don't you say
something to him?
Tell him what you think.
Oh, he'd just deny it.
If I start to get specific
about things...
he starts screaming about
what kind of job he has.
He's a pathological liar.
To tell you the truth,
I'm more worried about the dog.
- Mm-hmm. I know what you mean.
- Hi, Sherri. How are the kids?
They lost their dog.
Suzy ran away.
That's a shame.
She'll probably be back.
I wouldn't worry about it.
It's a he. Suzy's a boy.
Yeah, yeah. That's...
That's what I meant.
What are you doing home?
You're not supposed to be home now.
Oh, we have... we have
that thing with the, uh...
You know, the, uh,
the husband and wife?
- Kanes.
- Who are the Kanes?
They're these people
that we met at the concert.
They have tickets next to us.
It's not tonight. It's tomorrow night.
Remember? He's going fishing.
We're gonna eat his fish.
Tomorrow? Oh, shit!
Excuse me, Sherri. Um...
I told Sherri I'd go home, have dinner
with her and the kids. They're really upset.
Ralph, you're welcome to come.
But Gene's not gonna be there.
I don't think you want to come, honey.
You don't want to come, do you?
You don't want
to come, do you?
No. No, I-I-I can't.
I've got, uh, work.
Some lemons.
I will for a little bit.
Maybe he'll wake up if I'm not here.
Yeah. Well, when you get home,
just sit and rest...
or get something to eat,
or just have a bath.
And let's try to, uh, just, uh,
forget about it, okay?
- Everything's gonna be all right.
- Oh, yeah.
Uh, excuse me. I think... Oh, I'm sorry.
I didn't know you were asleep.
I think your son is in the room
next to my grandson, you know?
At least, I assume it's your son.
I'm not from around here.
I'm just here because
the kid got hit by a car.
Uh, are you the father of
that newsman on Channel 9?
Oh, yeah. Yeah.
- Yeah. Well, I'm Knute. This is my wife, Dora.
- Oh, hi. Paul Finnigan.
Oh, that's your wife?
You two...
- I'm sorry to hear about your grandson.
- Yeah, he got a cracked skull...
- and a concussion.
- Oh, no.
No, he's gonna be all right.
But they said he's in shock right now.
- I... I...
- Well, our son, Brian...
- Well, he's been operated on twice.
- Twice.
- No kidding.
- Somebody shot him on the freeway.
- What?
- Yes.
- Just driving along, minding his own business.
- Driving along, minding his own business.
- And somebody shot him.
- Oh, my God. What's the world coming to?
I don't know.
Nobody knows who did it.
Jesus. Well, ours was like
a hit-and-run too.
A recent graduate of
Seton Hall University...
he drank every day
of his college life.
- Beer and Jack Daniel's.
- Mom?
- Yeah, I'm in here.
- Not necessarily together.
- He still loves to get buzzed.
- Hi.
He doesn't do it
quite as much.
But he's not about
to give up drinking.
- Hi.
- Shh. I'm watching.
- What are you watching?
- Don't call it a disease.
- Why do you like that guy?
- Phil? I love him.
- Got you something.
- Huh?
- Look.
- Oh, cute. Goldfish. Haven't seen those in years.
Aren't those nice?
- I'll set it up for ya.
- How you feed 'em?
I'll show ya.
Jesus. Ma, it smells
like a bar in here.
Well, Earl's startin' on another one.
I don't know if I can take it anymore.
He gets so mean.
Didn't use to.
We used to have a good time
when we drank.
How long you gonna
let that guy ruin your life?
Mom, what are you doing smoking?
You said you quit.
I can't quit smokin' when I got
a lot of other stuff goin' on.
Why don't you think
about yourself for a change, huh?
I got to think about Earl.
Mom, he is a... he is a pig.
Do you know that?
He's a drunken, stupid pig.
I don't want you to talk that way
about your father.
He's not my father.
Well, he's my husband.
Don't you forget it.
He's an asshole.
I know, Mom.
- Believe me, I know. He's a...
- You don't know.
I don't want to
hear that anymore.
You told that story
one time too many.
Look at me. He was
drunk anyway, and you know it.
He's all I've got.
I need company.
We're addicted to addiction.
Honey, yesterday I hit a kid.
- What?
- I hit an eight-year-old kid.
He wasn't hurt. I just kind of
brushed him, knocked him down.
But it was so close.
He's such a little sweetie too.
I tried to give him a lift to his house.
He told me his mom and dad told him...
never to get into the car with anybody
unless they said it was okay.
Oh. You're very lucky,
you know that?
If I'd been going faster,
I would've killed him.
How could you get over that?
You couldn't.
I came home. I told Earl
our whole life could change.
Earl tells me
to go on a diet.
That's all he could
think of to say.
I tell ya? Did I tell ya?
That's the best fishing
I've ever had.
Yeah, but I lost four
of those motherfuckers.
Yeah, but tell me it wasn't worth it. I mean,
even four hours of walking is worth this.
Yeah, but what
are we gonna...
do about you-know-what?
I'm gonna take
another picture.
Okay. Uh, right there, bring it down a little bit.
Right on the cantabile. A little bit down.
Zoe, is that bothering you?
- It looks terrible.
- Oh, no.
- Can we start right...
- How did you do that?
Um, I fell carrying
my mom's lunch tray.
- Can we start right at... at...
- By the way, how is your mother?
- Is... Is she all right?
- No.
I don't think she's got much time left.
I can see her change right in front of my eyes.
It's a cruel disease. Can...
Can we start at number six?
Okay. Number six.
- Hello? Howard?
- No, this is not Howard.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Who are you calling?
I want to talk about
that little bastard Casey.
Casey? Who is this?
This is good. Is that Suzy?
Is that her tail?
That's nice. I really like that.
- Marian.
- Okay.
- Don't let the kids see.
- Why?
'Cause I don't want to hear
Gene's bullshit.
He's playing around.
I can smell it on him.
- You think it's serious?
- As serious as it ever is.
Why do you put up
with it, Sherri?
I just got to sweat it out.
She'll dump him, and then he'll come
running home to Mommy all lovey-dovey.
- It's always the same story.
- He's such an asshole.
He's such a liar.
Sometimes I ask him stuff
just to entertain myself.
What do you mean?
Just to see what kind of cockamamy lie
he's gonna come up with next.
I mean, some of the stories
are really fantastic.
How's the sex?
Well, he's real quick.
He's too quick for me.
Plus, he won't do oral.
- Do you?
- I used to, before we got married.
I would if he would stop
fooling around. I kind of like it.
What about you?
- Ralph's pretty conservative.
- Yeah?
How about other than Ralph?
Oh, we've been married
a long time, Sherri.
There's never been anybody else
since you've been married?
Yeah. Me neither.
Not since the kids.
This atmosphere sure brings it
back to me, son, I'll tell ya.
How many years has it been?
Say, what? Maybe 25 years?
- What?
- Your accident.
Oh, it's about, uh, 30.
I don't know where
all that time went.
Howard. Uh-oh.
You remember?
I brought it along to show, uh...
- Casey.
- Casey. Yeah.
Speaking of that,
you know the creek?
You can't cross it anymore now.
They put a gate up about 10, 11 year...
- Yeah, 11 years ago. Just before I left.
- Yeah? That's good.
Of course, if they'd had
a gate, that would have...
changed things, wouldn't it?
I mean, you wouldn't have been
in the hospital that day.
And I... Hell, you probably
wouldn't be out here.
You might not have even had Casey,
let alone him being in the hospital.
We could still be back in
Minnesota with me, and married...
Pop, stop it.
Hi. This is the Finnigan home.
We can't get to
the phone right now,
so leave a message
after the beep.
"Oh, somewhere in
this favored land...
"the sun is shining bright...
"the band is playing
"and somewhere
hearts are light.
"And somewhere
men are laughing...
"and somewhere children shout...
"but there is no joy
in Mudville...
mighty Casey has struck out."
You still resent my not being
in the hospital with you, don't ya?
No, I don't.
I don't even remember.
Yeah, you do.
You know it, uh...
it wasn't my decision.
Things had gotten so out of hand between
your mother and me by then that I...
Hell, I didn't want to be in
your room and make it worse.
I don't even remember
the hospital.
I remember, uh,
the car flippin' over...
and gettin' washed away.
That's about it.
I did something that day
that I'd never done in my life.
I didn't tell your mother
the truth.
Called in sick, and then I left
like I was going to work.
And I didn't tell your mother
I was going over to Olla's house...
to hook up a new fridge
and an ice maker.
She'd have had a fit!
I mean, even if she knew that
I was getting paid for my time...
she would have had a fit.
It was okay for her to help Olla.
Oh, not for me.
See? She was very
possessive that way.
Well, sisters are funny,
you know.
Hell, in this case, I was happy to oblige.
I needed the extra money.
And it was Olla's idea
not to involve your mother.
It was Olla's idea
for me to lie.
I figured it would take a couple hours. Then
I'll go to work, tell 'em I'm feeling better.
Anyway, I... I told Olla
I'd be over early, and I was.
But there was no answer.
So, uh, the... the door was open.
I go in. I hear that she's up
in the shower. So, I holler out...
you know, so that she won't get scared
when she comes out of the shower...
and hears me working down
in the basement, and so forth.
Anyway, I go down.
After a while, Olla...
comes down to the basement...
In a robe.
And she says that
she got cleaned up... for me.
And I think that's very odd
to say under the circumstances.
But you know Olla. Anyhow,
she says, "How's it going?"
I said, "Fine".
And, uh, after a while she...
Yeah, she asked me if I wanted a beer.
She says, "You want a beer?"
I said, "Geez, it's a little early in the morning
for that sort of thing, isn't it?"
She says, "Well, I'm not your employer,
am I? Do you want one or not?"
I said, "Oh, well, what the hell. Why not?"
It seemed like a good idea at the time.
She comes back
with two beers.
I tell ya, every time I finish a beer...
foom! There's another one in my hand.
Christ, now we're up in the kitchen. And
I'm havin' trouble makin' the joints connect...
I... 'Cause I'm on
my fourth or fifth beer.
And I said, "Olla..."
In fact, this is exactly what I said.
Oh, I'll never forget this.
I said, "Olla, if I have one more beer,
I'm gonna have to take a nap."
And she says,
"I wondered what it would take...
to get you into bed."
Now, I laughed. You know, I...
She says, "Don't tell me it didn't
cross your mind, because I'll call you a liar."
Well, I'll tell you the truth.
It didn't... ever!
Yeah, I found
her company attractive.
But, Jesus,
there was no real...
And I didn't...
I don't know. I didn't want
to hurt her feelings, you know?
I mean, after all,
it was your mother's sister.
Anyway, I, uh... I don't know
how much time passed.
All I know is that I am working like hell on that
ice maker trying to get the damn thing going.
And she is saying
things like, uh...
"If the positions were reversed,
my sister would be doing the same thing."
Do you believe... You know, like this is
some little thing between the two of...
I started sweating. I tell you, my knees
are shaking. I don't know what the hell to do.
- I don't know which way to turn.
- There's no smokin'in here, Pop.
- Huh?
- No smoking.
That's good.
Down to four a day.
And then...
She opens the robe.
And I get a load... Oh, Jesus.
God, that woman was put together...
a hell of lot better than you'd think
when she was just in a dress.
I'm tellin' ya. Jesus,
that's hard for any man to resist.
I mean... I don't know about you...
it sure as hell was for me.
Yeah, well, that, uh...
that's a long time ago, Pop.
Neither of us heard
your mother come in.
Oh, God Almighty.
She was in such a state.
You know, she...
Sh-She... She didn't really
look at Olla. She just...
She looked at me, and she said,
"Howard's in the hospital."
And then on... on the way
to the hospital, she said...
Well, she cried a little bit.
But... But she... she only said...
"Why didn't you tell me that
you weren't going to work?
They told me you were sick."
Oh, Christ, I was
so ashamed. I just...
It was... It was an
unlucky day, you know?
Bad... timing.
But I tell you, that
first day in the hospital...
your mother and I stood side by side
while those doctors reported to us.
And most of the news was bad.
But still, we stood there together.
We took it together!
And then Olla lied.
God! Olla told your mother
that... that...
we'd been having
affairs in the past.
It was only that one time. I tr...
Oh, I tried to explain to your mother...
exactly how it happened.
You know what
your mother said...
to me?
"I don't want you
around anymore.
"I'll get through
this thing alone... better.
No matter what
happens to Howard."
I had to respect
her wishes, Howard.
I mean, whether I
wanted to or not. I had to.
Christ, I kept thinking, you know,
someday... some... some... some...
The truth will come out, you know,
and she'll understand.
We both know that
never happened, so...
Mr. Finnigan?
Excuse me, Mr. Finnigan.
You have a telephone call.
It's Mrs. Finnigan. Oh, you can
use that phone right there.
Yeah, hi. Everything's
okay here. You all right?
Um, I'm coming back to the hospital.
Do you want me to bring you anything?
Why? You should get
a good night's sleep.
- Casey's gonna be all right.
- I'm not staying here.
That crazy person keeps calling.
I'm scared to death.
Well, don't, uh...
don't answer the phone, honey.
Maybe it's the...
the driver from the car.
Maybe she's, uh, feeling
guilty or something.
It's a man.
Well, don't worry.
I mean, I'm here with Casey.
The doctors and the nurses
are there with him all the time.
- He's gonna be all right.
- No, I'm comin'.
No... I wish you wouldn't.
Uh, you finish your coffee.
I gotta get back.
Hi. This is the Finnigan home.
We can't get to
the phone right now,
so leave a message
after the beep.
- That is a good painting.
- Yeah.
Really good.
- Colors are good.
- Yeah.
- Goes with the walls.
- But look at these fish, though.
- Aren't those cool?
- Mmm.
- Aren't those cool?
- Yeah, I don't really give a fuck about fish.
They just kinda swim and shit.
- Hey, your makeup looks good.
- Yeah?
- You think it's too much, though?
- No. You're like a model.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
- Hey.
- Almost ready.
- Did Bill do it?
- Yeah. Of course he did.
- Bill, you've gotta do me sometime.
- Yeah, sure.
Hey, make mine well-done.
Look at that.
- Look at that.
- Looks pretty.
So, what were you saying
about, um, the virt...
- What is it? The virtual...
- Virtual reality.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
You know what "virtual" means?
Uh, sort of.
Okay, it's like really real.
So, virtual reality...
is practically, totally real...
- but not.
- Mm-hmm.
- Claire?
- Stand by.
At my command...
- Claire?
- Get back here!
Goddamn it!
I thought you weren't
coming home till tomorrow.
- Well, you know.
- Oh.
God, I hate that fish smell.
They said on the TV that
there was rain up there.
- Did you get rained out?
- No. Caught our limit.
- Oh.
- Mmm. Mmm, mmm, mmm.
And I missed you.
That'll be the day.
- Your hands stink.
- Mmm.
- Phew.
- Kind of smells like pussy, don't you think?
I hate that.
Go wash your hands.
- Stop it!
- Smells like a rainbow to me.
- Go wash your hands.
- Come on. Come on, come on.
What are you doing?
Come on. I've been sleeping
with men for three days.
Bunny, my ass.
- I'm glad you came home early.
- Oh, me too.
- Oh.
- Ooh, you're all wet.
Yeah. You'll have
to dry me off.
Did I ever tell you about what happened
in the last Pomona game in '83?
- You remember that game?
- Yeah, I broke my... broke my ankle.
Right. Okay, well, while
you were snapping your ankle...
me and Red...
we slipped Mickeys
on these four girls.
This is true. These, like,
bootleg quaaludes.
Like... Like
dangerous stuff, right?
And I remember 'cause two of
the girls' names was Kelly. Remember?
I think you might have met
those two Kellys before.
He doesn't call you, does he?
- What do you mean?
- You know, when you're workin'.
Oh. I don't think so.
I mean, I get a lot of Bills...
but it's... it's a
common name.
'Cause you'd recognize
his voice, right?
Oh, yeah.
Oh, it was so weird.
The bishop in my
parents' church called me.
Oh, and he wanted,
um, an incest call...
with, like, a four-year-old girl.
I mean, I look at, you know,
Joe-Joe or Josette.
Man, that is fucked up.
Oh, man.
Oh, that could just
fuck your life up.
I mean, a little
eight-year- old girl...
she just does whatever
the adult tells her to do.
Oh, man. I... I know.
Believe me, that's fucked.
Okay, look, I...
I don't condone it...
but it's a money call.
And... keeps him off
the streets, anyway.
I like this music.
Yeah. This is good, huh? It's like
it's not... I don't know. It's different.
It's kind of dry.
It's like a dry humping...
some wet... pussy... flap.
Wet pussy.
I know what that's
all about.
You make me very happy.
- Claire.
- Hmm?
We found a body up there.
A girl.
Guess she was murdered.
Well, when we
got there, she was...
This, uh, naked body
in the water...
just floatin' there.
When? Were you fishing?
Nah. No, we...
we just got up there.
We're setting up camp, and...
Well, Vern saw it
in the water.
It was really somethin'.
I never experienced
anything like it before.
Hell, no one knew
what to do.
What did you do?
Well, you know, there wasn't
much we could do.
It was... It was gettin' dark...
and, uh, she was dead.
Nothin' was gonna
change that.
- How old was she?
- Huh?
How old was she?
Oh, I don't know.
In her 20s, maybe.
You couldn't tell.
Must have been horrible.
What did you do?
I mean, after you
got her out of the water.
- Did she drown?
- We don't know.
I didn't think we should
move her, you know?
You left her in the water?
For how long?
Until we left
and reported it.
I tied her to the bank.
How long did you say
you left her in the water?
she was dead.
We didn't think we should
move her. It was dark.
We made a decision to leave her there
until we could report it!
She was already dead!
And when did you report it?
This morning. Today.
- Today?
- Yeah.
And when did you find her?
I told you.
Well, when did you
catch the fish?
That's what we
went up there for.
To fish.
You fished while she
was in the water?
- You just left her there?
- Claire...
You're making me sick!
Marian's got a crush
on Alex Trebek.
- Alex Trebek?
- Yeah.
- Where'd she meet him?
- At a party.
He's an art collector or something.
She thinks he might buy one of her paintings.
- Nah, I don't think so.
- No?
I don't see how she could even
give those things away.
Well, she sells a lot more
than you think.
I posed for her today.
- Ralph walked in the middle of it.
- Ralph. What a jerk.
I don't know if I
know a bigger jerk.
It was embarrassing, but
I guess they're used to it...
being doctors and
artists and all.
What was embarrassing
about it?
Well, you know.
I was nude.
You mean, like,
you were naked?
"Nude", they call it.
You mean...
- without any underpants on...
- Mm-hmm.
Wouldn't it be a trip if Alex Trebek
bought a nude painting of me?
Can't stand the suspense
The endless embraces
Each episode
Yeah. Sit over there
under Art Blakey.
- Why's he here? There's a...
- Who?
- Art... Where's Art Blakey?
- Where?
- He's at the bar. Can you block me?
- Oh, yeah. He's listening to the music.
- He don't see you.
- Can you block me?
You're blocked, babe.
- Okay. Okay?
- Earl's here.
- What?
- Earl's here.
Hey, that's that lady.
I... I just cleaned her pool.
- It's all black people.
- Is he lookin' over here?
- No.
- No?
- I can't believe he's here.
- Wanna go to the Troubadour after this?
- Did he see me?
- Now he's looking. Now he's not.
I favor
A good
Punishing kiss
Thank you.
- Whoo!
- Want to puff one? Want to puff?
- We'll be right back.
- Don't worry. I'll take care of it.
- Please. He'll see me.
- How you doing?
Good. I'd like to
sing you some songs...
that I used to do
with my ex, Chick Trainer.
That was before
he got me pregnant...
in Miami...
and before he
blew his brains out...
through the hole in his arm.
- Come here.
- And that was, like, 20 years ago.
- I don't want to talk to you, Earl.
I'm with some people. Okay?
- I'm with...
I'm with some people, Earl!
You're embarrassing me!
You're embarrassing me.
- Come on, have a drink.
- Earl!
- Here's a song that says something...
- Go!
that I think we've all said
at one time or another...
- To hell with love.
- You okay?
- Hey, even if the music sucks here...
- Mm-hmm.
we're still gonna have fun.
- All right?
- Yup.
I'm gonna like somebody
And let them like me
- Going further means chains
- You got a light?
Uh, no.
And I was born to be free
To hell with love
- I like this one. The sentiment anyway.
- To hell with love
- Shit. You want some?
- Yep.
I find a way to keep
From gettin' in too deep
To hell with love
- Yeah. It looks good.
- I like this one.
You looking for a friend, Trixie?
Uh, I don't need a friend.
I got a husband.
- You mean them boys that just left?
- Yeah. And they're coming right back.
I hope they don't
catch you talking to us.
- Yeah, they'll probably cut your dick off.
- Oh-ho-ho.
I think they went
to get a blow job.
That's what I think.
And I thought you had
to have a brain to think.
I'll tell you what, Trixie.
Why don't you
come with me...
out back...
and suck on my joint, hmm?
Then I'll give you
these two yards.
Go ahead.
You wanna touch 'em?
- Would you just leave us alone, please?
- Honey, it's okay.
It shouldn't take too long.
I just got out of three years of lockup.
- What's your name?
- My name is Joe, baby.
- Fuck off, Joe.
- Oh, Trixie.
Come on, now. You can buy
a lot of mouthwash with that.
Think about it.
- What's this?
- Hey, I believe that belongs to me.
Thank you very much.
Will you shut up?
The lady's trying to sing.
I thought that I would die
Hey, what's goin' on here?
I could have built
a water bed
- You want to say somethin'?
- With all the tears I cried
To hell with love
- I didn't think so.
- To hell with love
- Forget him. Forget it.
- Hey.
When it comes to me and you
To hell with love
We could have used
that money, Jerry.
- I feel a little sick.
- To hell
- Don't worry about it.
- With love
Gotta pick your moments.
When it comes to you and me
that's the way it's gonna be
If you share my point of view
I'm the woman made for you
When it comes to push or shove
If you're holding out for love
To hell with love
Doreen, it's Earl.
Doreen! Goddamn it.
Doreen, baby.
Pat. Pat!
Goddamn it!
What are you doing
up so early?
Did I leave a roach here?
Did you see a roach here?
Had a lousy night.
Couldn't sing for shit.
It was a lousy crowd.
I hate L.A.
All they do is
snort coke and talk.
Yeah, I recognize that. I like that.
I wish Chick was here.
Maybe I'll get
a job in Amsterdam.
Chick loved it there.
Everyone does.
They really know how to treat
a jazz person there.
How was your night?
How'd your hand do?
I remember, Chick damn near
cut his finger off once.
It was in Kansas City.
And he was working with
Anita O'Day, and, uh... I forget.
And he punched
the window of a car out...
'cause he'd left
the keys inside.
That was really a hard time
for him to play...
because... the cut
was on his slide hand.
It kept openin' up.
And I knew it hurt him.
And when I saw that guy
walk in that club...
I knew it wasn't
gonna hurt much longer.
He walked straight to Chick.
Chick bent down...
looked up at me and smiled.
He said, "Five minutes.
Five minutes."
Well, I'd heard that before.
Five hours later
I got a phone call.
Could I please come
and get my old man 'cause...
he'd O.D.'d, and they didn't
want him in the house.
I got there as fast
as I could.
He was turnin' blue.
And wrapped up in sorrow
Like there's
Well, you're up early.
I have things to do.
Uh, aren't we supposed
to have dinner with, uh...
with, uh, those
concert people tonight?
- The Wymans.
- Yeah, them.
- Yes, we are.
- Claire, about last night...
- Uh...
- Read the paper.
Does it say
something about it?
It had a name...
Caroline Avery.
She was 23 years old.
She'd been raped and then
smothered to death.
She was from Bakersfield.
Thank you.
Hey, baby.
Could I, uh, get a...
Some day, huh, buddy?
Earl, what are you
doing here?
I'm here to see you.
What else?
Baby, I've looked
everywhere for you.
I was at the trailer last night.
You weren't there.
Your car was there,
but you weren't there.
Honey, where you been sleeping?
Look at your hair.
I... I slept outside.
I didn't wanna
sleep in our bed.
People are looking.
You wanna order something?
Yeah. How about
you on a bed of rice?
Cut it out.
- You want a cup of coffee?
- Oh, yeah. Give me some coffee.
- How about an egg sandwich?
- With a broke yolk?
Yeah, with a broke yolk.
Thanks, baby.
How did you get here?
Peg brought me. I didn't wanna
use the car after what happened.
Yeah, right.
What time you gettin' off?
- About an hour.
- What do you say I chauffeur you around...
to the manner in which you are
soon to become accustomed?
- I'm sure.
- I'm getting us out of here, baby.
I'm getting us
out of Downey.
Till the wheels come off, baby.
Till the wheels come off.
Is that a fine-lookin' woman
or what?
I beg your pardon?
How'd you like to be married
to something like that?
I am.
Mommy, Daddy.
Ah, silly Daddy,
sleeping on Mommy.
Daddy, Austin's crying
and he woke me up.
- What is it?
- He misses Suzy.
Well, you go tell Austin...
to come in here, and Will too.
- I got some good news, a surprise.
- About Suzy?
Maybe. You go and get them
and bring 'em back here.
Will, Austin!
Wake up, wake up.
Come here. It's okay.
It's gonna be all right. Listen.
- Kids, can you keep a secret?
- Yeah.
Daddy did something last night
he shouldn't have done.
That's why you have
to keep it a secret.
Daddy went down to the police station
and put an A.P.B. Out on Suzy.
An A.P.B.?
You're not supposed to put A.P.B.'s
out on dogs, but I did it.
And I got a call this morning.
I think they think
they know where Suzy is.
- Really?
- Yes. And as soon as I have my coffee...
I'm gonna go down and
see if I can find her, okay?
- Now you guys go and get dressed.
- I wanna go with you.
No. You go get dressed, and we'll see
if we can't find our little doggy.
Put your clothes on, Will.
Do what your dad says.
Gene, not now.
The kids will...
There's a line of prose from
the writings of St. Teresa...
which seemed more and more
appropriate as I thought toward this.
So I want to offer a
meditation on the sentence.
St. Teresa, that extraordinary woman
who lived 373 years ago...
said, "Words lead to deeds.
"They prepare the soul,
make it ready...
and move it to tenderness."
There's a clarity and beauty in that
thought expressed in just this way.
There's also something
a little foreign in the sentiment...
coming to our attention
in these times...
How are you today, sir?
My name is Aubrey Bell.
- You must be Mr. Weathers.
- Yeah.
I have something here for
Mrs. Weathers. She won something.
- Is Mrs. Weathers home?
- Oh, she's not at home.
- What did she win?
- I'll have to show you. May I come in?
I'm kind of busy right now.
Tell me what it is.
She won a free vacuuming and
carpet shampoo, no strings attached.
I'll even do your mattress.
You'd be surprised what could build up under
a mattress over the months, over the years.
- Same with the pillows.
- Really?
Yes, sir.
This is your lucky day.
Well, I can see you've had
some kind of problem here.
That doesn't affect
my work any.
I've seen about everything
there is to see.
- So, what do you want to do today?
- Maybe go to the beach.
No way.
Who's gonna drive us?
- I don't know. Let's go look at the cop.
- Yeah, come on.
- Cops freak me out.
- He's looking at us.
- Oh, what is that cop doing?
- Hello, boys.
- Hi. What's the problem?
- No problem.
- I'm gonna have to take that dog, though.
- What... Take? Take? Dad! Dad!
- Yeah? What's the matter?
- He's taking my dog.
Hey, hey. Excuse me. Officer,
what's going on here anyway?
How long have you
had this dog, sir?
What the hell difference
does it make? It's my kid's dog.
I'm afraid I'm gonna have to take this dog,
sir. It's been missing for a couple of days.
- It's highly dangerous. It bit an infant.
- A police officer's taking the dog.
We have to check it for rabies.
It doesn't look sick to me.
You sure you got the right dog?
- It fits the description, sir.
- Please, sir. Don't take my dog.
I'm sorry, son. I have to.
It's for your own safety.
And kids, in the future,
if you find a lost dog, report it.
Every animal has
their rightful owner.
- Don't let him take my dog.
- Don't worry about it.
- In you go, Suzy.
Don't you have anything better to do
than take dogs away from kids?
Keep up with that lip, sir, I'm gonna
have to cite you for an open container.
Dad, aren't you gonna
do something?
- Aren't you gonna get him back?
- We'll get you a new dog.
- But I don't want a new dog.
- Let's get inside.
- Frisbee was special.
- Don't worry about it.
I've asked one of my
colleagues to come by.
We're not sure why
Casey's not responsive.
His CAT scan shows
the blood clot's still small...
but there's still
more brain swelling.
I'd like to suggest some minor surgery.
Intracranial pressure monitor.
- Oh, God.
- There's no cause for alarm.
Casey's making small
improvements in other areas.
His lungs have cleared up
substantially. That's a big plus.
Brian, the Negro boy in 111.
I think he was operated on yesterday.
Could I inquire about his condition?
- Oh, yeah. He's doing very well.
- Yeah?
He's out of critical condition. We'll be
taking him out of the I.C.U. Today.
Oh, that's nice.
Excuse me just one minute.
- Excuse me. What exactly is a diuretic?
- It makes him urinate more.
- I see. So, that's to alleviate pressure?
- Casey. Casey, please wake up.
- Yeah, okay. I'll be right there.
- Dr. Wyman.
I wanted to thank you for saving
my son's life. You are a miracle worker.
- That's my job.
- He'll have a minor surgery?
Nurse, are you clear about this?
Mr. Finnigan, I'm sorry, I...
Hey, Knute. I just
was hearing the good news.
I can't tell you how pleased I am.
Thank you very much. I mean,
everybody has been so nice.
Casey, we love you, honey.
Please wake up.
Any change in my grandson
that you know of? I mean...
I'm sorry. I don't have
any additional information.
Casey. Casey?
Hey, sweetie.
Hey, sweetie.
Casey. Howard!
- How's your little boy?
- Howard, Casey's waking up.
Look, his eyes are open.
- Hey, sweetie.
- Hey, Case.
Hey, Case. Hey, buddy.
How you doing?
Hey, can you hear me?
Hi, son.
- Hey, Casey.
- Case?
Casey. Hey, Case,
can you hear...
Howard. Howard, what's that?
Howard, what's happening?
Ca... Nurse! Nurse!
Come here!
- Howard, do something!
- Hurry up. Hurry up.
- Come here. I don't think he's breathing here.
- Casey, are you all right?
He opened his eyes
and then he stopped breathing.
Call a code blue and get me
some help in here immediately.
- Can you hear me, son? Casey?
- Code blue. I.C.U.
I need you to clear the room.
I need to make some space.
Let the doctors work. Please.
- We have to go clear the room.
- No!
Come on. We'll wait outside.
We'll be right outside.
Just give them room.
Just give them room to work.
- Just give them room to work.
- Get the bed and pull it out for me.
Mrs. Finnigan, I'm sure you'd be more
comfortable. You don't wanna...
Get out of here!
Let's put him up on this.
- Oh!
- Can we get the thallium?
Nothing. No. 4 of
epinephrine, please.
- After that, you can draw up. 4 of atropine.
- Excuse me. Excuse me.
Start C.P.R.
Okay, atropine ready.
How long we been doing this?
- Uh, two minutes.
- Good.
Check for pulse.
How long?
I'll continue C.P.R.
I can't believe it.
Can you?
She was just over at
my apartment two weeks ago.
Do you know her from work?
- Did you sign the guest book?
- No. No, not yet.
Excuse me.
- Zoe, Zoe, Zoe.
- Let's go, Zoe. Zoe.
Mrs. Finnigan!
How's Casey?
Casey didn't make it, Zoe.
Come on, honey.
Come on. Let's go.
Well, I filled out an application
about two weeks ago.
A Mr. Walsh told me
to call him in case I hadn't heard.
Well, I've been away
on family business.
- Please hold a minute.
- Okay. All right. I'll hold.
Where you been all day?
- What time is it?
- I asked you where you been.
Sir, give me your number, and
I'll have Mr. Walsh get back to you.
Yeah, well, it's 504-0361.
- But it should be on the application.
- Okay, I'll tell him you called.
Okay, thank you.
So this is what it's
gonna be, huh?
Oh, yeah.
We have to be there
at 7:00, you know.
You don't have very much time.
- What's the big deal? It's just a barbecue.
- Personnel.
- This is Stuart Kane.
- You made the date, Stuart.
With a "K".
Aren't you the big sportsman
who's supposed to be bringing the fish?
Why are they always naked?
Why does naked make it art?
- Did you make me a drink?
- It's in the blender.
It smells strong.
I'm gonna have some wine.
- Is that what you're wearing?
- Yes.
I thought we were
cooking out.
Stuart's bringing fish,
Well, if it's just a barbecue,
why are you getting dressed up?
- This isn't dressed up.
- I'm not changing.
She'll probably dress up.
- Are you competing?
- Competing with who?
Claire, honey.
We're talking about Claire.
- Are you completing with Claire?
- For what?
What women
compete for, I guess.
- Do you think he's attractive?
- Who?
- The husband.
- Stuart is.
He's the kind of guy
women find attractive, isn't he?
- The outdoorsman type.
- We don't know a lot about them.
I hope they like something
other than chamber music.
Isn't it wonderful, Marian,
how we can skate around an issue...
always playing our little game?
That's a good idea, a game.
Might help break the ice.
Jeopardy, maybe.
I'm talking about us.
I'm talking about now.
- What about us?
- You know.
Know what?
Let's forget it.
Forget what?
What are you talking about?
- It's nothing. It's ancient history.
- No.
Something's on your mind.
- That party.
- What party?
You know what party I'm talking about,
Marian. The one with Mitchell Anderson.
Jesus, Ralph.
That was three years ago.
- You kissed him, didn't you?
- No!
- Your lipstick was smeared when you came back.
- How would you know? You were drunk!
Jesus Christ, look at this.
Goddamn it! Look at this!
Look what you made me do!
Goddamn it!
I wanted to wear this.
That's the way you looked that night with
Mitchell Anderson when you were out necking.
- He kissed you, didn't he?
- Come on, Ralph.
I thought we were
through with that.
I want you to tell me about
that night with Mitchell Anderson.
- There's nothing to tell.
- All right.
Then tell me about nothingness. I'd like
to hear a complete account of nothing...
what you didn't do
for two and a half hours.
Why, Ralph? What's so important?
It was three years ago.
All right, it's not important.
It's water under the bridge.
But what irritates me, Marian...
if that's the right word for it...
is that you won't
tell me the truth.
You can't say the obvious.
You can't admit that you lied!
That's what I don't like, Marian,
having to play this charade.
God, Ralph.
How did this start?
Do you know how this started?
'Cause I really...
- I really don't know how this started.
- Marian, look at me!
- You don't have any panties on.
- Do you know how this started?
What do you think you are,
one of your goddamn paintings?
Marian, I'm giving you
a chance to come clean...
clear the slate, on to
a higher consciousness.
And then, don't ever
lie to me again, Marian.
- This is not like you, Ralph.
- What, to demand? You're right, Marian.
But I wanna know.
I wanna know the truth.
- We're just talking, right?
- Yes, Marian. We're just talking!
- You want me to tell you the truth?
- That's all I've ever asked, Marian.
He kissed me.
Does that satisfy you?
Did it satisfy you?
Everybody was pretty far gone,
as you may or may not know.
Marian, I don't really need
all this perspective, just the facts.
All right.
All right, Ralph. Okay.
Somehow... Somehow the two of us
were elected to go out and get liquor.
We drove to the Foremost,
which was closed...
and then to Cappy's,
which was also closed.
In fact, everything was closed.
I mean, I was beginning to wonder
whether anything would be open...
and all I could think of were those
all-night supermarkets, and...
I wondered whether anybody
would even be in the mood for a drink...
if we had to drive around half the night
looking for an open market.
He was really drunk.
I hadn't even realized how drunk he was
until we started driving.
And he was driving...
he was driving terribly slow.
He was all hunched over
the wheel, and we were talking.
We were talking about
a lot of things...
A lot of things that
didn't make sense...
I mean, about, uh,
religious images...
and about this...
about this painter,
this painter named Larry Rivers.
And, uh... And then he started
talking about Norman Mailer...
and about how Norman Mailer
stabbed his wife in the breast.
And he said he'd hate it
if anybody did that to me.
He said he'd like
to kiss my breast.
And then he pulled the car over
to the side of the road, and...
then he kissed me.
How long?
How long what?
How long did he kiss you?
Then what?
Then he said,
"Do you wanna have a go at it?"
Jesus, Marian.
"Do you wanna have a go at it?"
"Do you wanna have a go at it?
Do you wanna have a go at it?"
What does that mean, Marian?
"Do you wanna have a go at it?"
Did he kiss your tits?
Did you touch him?
Touch him? Touch him?
Okay, Ralph. Ralph, you wanna
know what happened?
He kissed me,
and I kissed him back.
And then we did it.
We did it right there in the car.
He fucked me
right there in the car.
I was drunk. It didn't
mean anything to me.
I wish it hadn't happened,
but it did.
Is that all? Is that all
you wanna know? Is that all?
Yes, Marian.
- That's all.
- Ralph, he didn't come in me.
I swear to God,
- he didn't come in me.
- Okay.
Where are you going, Ralph?
Well, Marian, we have guests coming,
and I'm gonna go and light the barbecue.
Each day
Just about sunset
I watch you
Passing my door
It's all I can do
Not to run to you
- We're closed.
- But I don't wanna cry
- Can I help you?
- No, I just came to talk to my mom.
- Who's your mom?
- That's my mom.
- Who's that?
- She says she's Tess's kid.
You're kidding me.
A string player?
The same old moon
We knew before
It's all I can do
Not to run to you
Hold it.
What are you doing here, Zoe?
- Mom, Casey died.
- Casey? Who's that?
The little boy who lives
right next door.
- He got run over by a car.
- I'll be damned. Just like that?
I just saw Mrs. Finnigan.
I feel so bad for them,
and I thought you'd wanna know.
It's a cryin' shame, baby.
- She must feel like shit.
- Mom.
Why don't you go sit over here?
We're just rehearsing.
- Okay, let's try it again.
- Mom...
From the top, okay?
Each day
Just about sunset
I watch you
Passing my door
It's all I can do
Not to run to you
But I don't wanna cry
Suzy! Daddy,
you found Suzy!
- Suzy!
- Suzy, we missed you.
Suzy's here.
I missed you, Suzy.
I love you.
Daddy, why can't I
have a monkey?
Geez, I hate this
goddamn thing.
Well, if you'd get a job,
you could get your car fixed.
You sure this is
the right address?
We should've parked
about three blocks away.
- Hi.
- Come in. Come on in.
- We're not early, are we?
- No, not at all.
- Did you have any trouble finding the house?
- Not at all.
I got the fish. Where do you
want me to put this?
- Come on in. Just come right this way.
- Oh, wow.
- Ralph?
- Hi.
- Like a drink?
- Oh, thank you.
- How are you?
- Why don't we go out to the patio?
- Hello, Steven. How are you?
- Stuart.
- Right. I'm sorry, Stuart.
- Oh, wow. Look at these pictures.
- Where did you get them?
- Uh, they're mine. I painted them.
- You're kidding.
- Pia colada.
- Pia colada?
- How was the trip?
- Oh, not bad. Took the 405 to the 10...
- No, I meant the fishing trip.
Oh, it was great.
I got it right here. Want me to take it
to the kitchen or something, or...
Why don't we just take it out
the the barbecue?
Okay. Out here, huh?
- You like fishing?
- Oh, I love to fish.
- Uh-huh?
- Yeah.
- Is that your hobby, fishing?
- No, not really.
Uh, I do enjoy it though.
But I don't like fishing in boats
because I don't swim.
- So I'll go to lakes or rivers.
- I'll give you a tour. We can...
- start with the upstairs.
- Oh, look at this.
- I'll show you the bedrooms first.
- Okay.
I don't get out
as much as I'd like to.
How about you?
You a fisherman?
I'm sorry I had to do that,
but you just got out ofline.
Come on, Bill.
- And I know I'm just a gardener.
- I'm getting tired of this.
Good-bye. Oh, no, let me
fix it there for you. Don't.
- Bill, this has taken fucking hours.
- Yeah, well, you know.
- Come on.
- Stop it, stop it. Don't move.
I gotta go to the bathroom.
Don't lean on me like that.
- I'm taking this thing out till...
- No. Okay, okay.
- Just keep it in for the picture!
- Hold on a second.
Support your husband.
Now, look like I...
like someone really hurt you...
like Earl beat you.
- Thank you.
- Shut up.
- Did he?
- You know he didn't.
I know he didn't literally.
What else did he do?
What do you think about
when you think about Earl?
Can we stop?
I don't wanna talk
about that, okay?
- Come on, Bill. Let's get going.
- I was in the shower sometimes...
and I hear the sound of the water
going down the drain...
and I think it's somebody hurting you
in the other room and it scares me.
- Bill, come on.
- Open your blouse a little for this one.
- No, I don't do those shots.
- Come on, just for me.
I don't wanna do this anymore. I've been
doing this for... I've been very patient.
- I mean, I could've sped up the process.
- No.
I could've just done it my...
my quick version.
Just, crunch! Crack!
Please, let's...
- But I didn't, because I loved you so.
- I love you too.
Why did that excite me? I started getting
a little chubby when I was doing that.
That's weird. Okay,
this is my last request.
- That's it. I'm getting restless. I am.
- Okay. This is it, okay.
- Let's go. Where do you want this?
- Right under your armpit.
- This is it. I've been a sport.
- Okay.
- All right. It's perfect now.
- I want you to just hold this.
- You're dead, and your husband is a creep.
- All right. Okay, go.
- Do it. Do it. I'm ready.
- I love you.
I'm in sales. Hardware, primarily,
but I've sold about everything else.
- Clothes.
- I've never sold clothes.
That's what I'm saying,
everything but clothes.
- So you're retired?
- You know what? I'm almost set up here.
- I wish.
- Ralph, could you bring everybody to the table?
- Claire.
- I been...
- I been out of work for three months now.
- Stuart.
I mean, nobody seems to be
interested in salesmen anymore.
Everything's gonna
become self- serve.
Could you sit
over there with him?
Are you gonna be
Alex Trebek?
- Yes, I'm gonna be Alex Trebek.
- Salesmen will be kind of like the...
middlemen everybody's
trying to cut out.
Well, on that note, why don't we just
go ahead and start the game?
- Claire, do you wanna pick a category?
- It's your buzzer.
"The Night Sky",
"Political Quotes", "Racy Movies"...
- Oh, "Racy Movies". "Racy Movies".
- "The Blues"...
Oh, my panties
are getting a little wet.
Oh, baby, why don't you
take your fingers...
and rub my hot, pink pussy?
Oh, yeah, right on my clit.
And now take your fingers
and put them inside me and...
Oh, yeah. Just fuck me
with your fingers, baby.
Oh, don't you
wanna go inside?
You wanna hear
how wet I am?
- What are you doing?
- Getting a roach.
That's how wet you
make my pussy, baby.
Oh, I really want you
to fuck me now.
I want you to go inside
with your big, hard cock.
Oh, but wait. Wait.
Make me beg for it.
Just tease my clit. Please, baby.
Oh, my legs are
spread so wide.
Oh, I feel you
fucking me so deep.
Oh, please, harder.
Oh, I can feel your balls
against my ass, baby.
Oh, yeah. Oh, lift my legs
above your shoulders.
Yeah, just fuck me so hard.
Oh, I'm gonna come.
Sounded like you really got hot
talking to that guy.
Right. Did you give
Joe-Joe his eardrops?
Talking about his dick
and everything.
"Dick". I never say that word.
- Cock, whatever.
- I hate that word. "Dick".
- Who is Mariette Hartley?
- That's right.
It's not really fair that I
should win all the time, is it?
- Are you cheating, Ralph?
- No, Marian. You cheat, remember?
- Ooh.
- All right.
This time you be Alex Trebek now,
okay? Time to switch.
- Finished with this one. Let's switch.
- We're gonna switch places?
- Okay, Stuart, you have to sit in the middle.
- Does Alex Trebek cheat?
Move over.
You gotta be in the middle.
- Hey, hey, hey!
- Hey, hey, hey.
Here's the categories:
"Little Songs", "Celebrities",
"Gourmet Cooking", "Family Life"...
Gourmet cooking. Shit!
- Aw, shit!
- Oh, Jesus, Ralph!
- Oh, God.
- You said 10 minutes an inch, Stuart.
I did. The thickness,
not the length.
How about we have
another pia colada?
You may mean me some good
You may mean me some harm
You may be a fire
You may be a false alarm
'Cause I don't know you
I don't know you
I don't know you
I don't think you should talk
that way in front of the kids.
- They don't understand.
- How do you know?
It goes in one ear,
and it goes out the other.
You should be happy that I have a job
where I'm home all the time, you know.
We don't send them
to some funky day care.
I make damn good money.
Hey, did you collect
from the Ryans yet?
I don't want you servicing their pool,
you know, if they haven't paid.
How come you never
talk to me like that?
Like what?
Like the way you
talk those guys off.
Are you kidding me?
Well, that might
spice things up.
Look, you wanna fuck me, fuck me.
I'm just a little talked out, you know.
Shit. Can you get this for me?
Jerry, big bear.
Did I hurt your feelings?
- Look at me.
- No.
- Look at me.
- It's all right. Let me just get this.
I'm so glad Joe-Joe got your eyes.
You know that?
You wanna fuck? Hmm?
Yeah, let's fuck. Come on.
We can fuck.
Oh, shit. Wait a minute.
Sorry, I... The TV.
Be right back.
My little puppy's name is Rags
He eats so much
that his tummy sags
His ears flip-flop
and his tail wig-wags
He walks back and forth
in a big zigzag
I mean, being a doctor and all...
do you touch many
dead bodies?
Wig-wag, zigzag
- He doesn't have any pedigree
- That's kind of a strange question, isn't it?
But I love him and he loves me
Come on, it's your turn.
You know, a little makeup,
a little costume.
Oh, no.
A littler weird behavior.
Isn't that what it's all about?
Don't look at me
like that, Stuart.
It's always me underneath.
You know, I can change.
But I can always
go back to me.
- Don't you wish you could do that?
- Marian, what have you got on underneath?
You know, Ralph. Nothing.
So what do you wanna be?
- I wanna be nothing.
- And I'm gonna make you...
a pussycat.
- Wait, does this stuff come off?
- Oh, sure.
Well, I know how to do nothing.
We'll just erase your face.
In a setting by the woods
A little man by the river stood
Saw a girl come floating by
And he heard her cry
"Help me, help me, help me",
she said.
He couldn't help her.
She was dead.
I know who it was.
The baker.
- What, honey?
- Casey's birthday gift.
- Howard.
- What? What is it?
- I know who made the phone calls.
- Who?
The baker, Mr. Bitkower.
- Oh, sweetie.
- Stop. Don't do that.
I don't know you well
I don't know you at all
I don't know you
I don't know you
I don't know you
You know, my mother
was an artist, sort of.
She always said I should draw
or that I could, but... I don't know.
You know, when I was in
art school, I had a teacher.
Eventually killed himself.
He couldn't sell anything.
But he used to have us paint
with sticks and rocks...
whatever you could find, like...
like cavemen or something.
I guess it was
supposed to be like...
He never allowed brushes
or pencils or... or real paint...
the paint you
could buy, anyway...
just to get you to feel,
or something.
I've forgotten.
Zoe! Zoe, don't do this to me.
Oh, baby. Oh, my God.
Oh, baby. Oh, baby.
Oh! No. Zoe, no.
I'm not open yet.
The bakery's closed for business.
We can see you're closed,
but I'm sure you'll see us.
Mr. Bitkower!
Mr. Bitkower!
- Hey, you're not allowed in here.
- Mr. Bitkower.
- What do you want?
- I'm Casey's mother. This is Casey's father.
I'm busy.
You come back when I'm open.
- No.
- All right.
You want your cake now. Is that it?
You finally want the cake you ordered?
We wanna talk to you about
the cake that wasn't picked up.
- Or paid for.
- You're a terrible person, Mr. Bitkower.
It cost me time and money
to make that cake.
I have work to do.
I don't wanna talk to you.
You're gonna talk to her, or I'm
gonna knock you on your ass, pal.
- How can you be so cheap and insensitive?
- Lady, I work 16 hours a day to make ends meet.
- I bake all night and work all day.
- Oh, you bake all night?
I thought you made phone calls
at night, you bastard.
I'll call somebody.
Get out of my store.
I don't want any
trouble here.
My son is dead.
He is dead, Mr. Bitkower.
He was hit by a car the day
I came in here to order the cake.
We have been waiting
with him until he died.
And now he is dead.
There are no more birthdays.
He is dead!
You bastard! You bastard!
Goddamn you!
- Goddamn you!
- Come on.
- Goddamn you!
- Shame on you.
Wait. Wait, don't go.
Don't go. Don't go.
Let me get you a chair.
Here, sit down.
- What are you doing, Joe?
- I've never seen more fucking homeless people.
Hey, you.
Drink that. Don't spill it.
- So...
- Josette, stay in the car.
- Joe-Joe, watch your sister.
- What do you guys want?
- Cigarettes.
- Beers.
- Yeah, we're here for beer.
- Lots of beer.
We're already gonna
get some beer.
- We'll be right back, Joe.
- Where you going?
We're going to get Aunt Honey's
photographs. You watch Josette.
How much is that gonna cost?
- What was your last name?
- Keep your eye on her.
Don't let her get to the edge.
- No, Honey Bush.
- Keep your eye on your sister.
- Honey, Honey Bush.
- Hey.
Hey, Mr. Johnson, how's it going?
Thank you. Sorry.
- Is five dollars enough?
- Yeah. That's how much it is.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Let me see.
Who are these?
She's dead.
- Ew, that is gross.
- She's dead.
Ew, Honey, he's coming. Go.
- Oh, my God.
- Careful.
Come on, get in. Are we gonna
do this picnic or what?
Do you have a pen?
"7 NZ"...
- He's going to that one.
- Come on.
Remember this.
"7 NZ699."
7 NZ699.
6048364. 6048364.
See, look what you do.
You make the food look...
like a little show
down there on the plate.
It looks like a little stage with little...
little sausage people on it.
It's so cute.
I love all those things
about you.
I love everything you say.
I'm getting us out of Downey, baby.
Don't worry about it.
It's all temporary.
Oh, I don't want it to be over.
- We'll do it again.
- When?
Well, I've got three round trips
out of J.F.K. To Berlin.
And then a little stopover in Bangkok
that I requested, a four-day layover there.
That'll be great.
So, uh... next month.
- Maybe we should go to Hawaii.
- Yeah.
Chad could stay with his father.
I mean, he'll be in school, right?
- Chad had a great time.
- Wally had a great time.
How about little Wally?
A smokin' good time.
- Are we there?
- We're here. Finally.
Get out. We're here, babe.
It's not stupid.
It's gonna be fun.
Hey, you didn't have
to do that.
- Let's go get in the dirt.
- It's my pleasure.
Josette, watch out
for the dog shit.
Stay away from the dog poop.
Gettin' out of Downey
- Take me out of Downey
- I'm gonna get you out of Downey
Take me out of Downey
I'm gonna get you
out of Downey
- Wait. Show me how you do it.
- Gettin' out of Downey
I'm gonna get you
out of Downey
- Come on.
- Josette!
- Come on, we're like two innings in, and you're winning.
- Oh, big girlie.
You're such a wild thing.
Such a wild girl.
- Why do you even want to go down this hill?
- Mountain bikes, Nancy.
When you slide, just keep
your feet to the side.
For God's sakes. Jesus.
- You okay?
- Fine.
- There's something in my eye.
- Hi.
- How's the car?
- It's fine.
- You all right?
- Yeah.
- I agree.
- Hey, really funny.
- All right.
- You have a nice afternoon.
- Joe!
- Joe, come on.
Leave those girls alone.
Just like his dad.
Totally out of control.
How'd you like a little of that
stickin' on your drop chute?
Ten bucks says they're
waiting for us.
- Let's go.
- All right.
All right.
Honey. Honey.
- Okay.
- Okay? Be back in five.
- Could you hand me a beer?
- Yeah.
- Where are you going?
- What? We're gonna go, uh...
Discretion around
the little ones.
- When are we gonna eat?
- I can't hear you.
- I said move.
- Here, sweetie.
- Thanks.
We're gonna eat now?
What do you wanna eat?
Ow! Don't hit me.
Very good.
- Come on, Josette. You wanna eat?
- What do you want?
We have baloney.
We have Swiss cheese.
We have peanut butter
and jelly. We have ham.
- What?
- What do you want, baloney?
- Baloney sandwich?
- Okay.
Here, eat these. You need to
eat something to keep going.
Eating's a good thing
at a time like this.
- Thank you.
- I hope you like my muffins.
- Mr. Bitkower.
- Yes, Mrs. Finnigan, what can I get you?
I'd like to see the cake.
You can't.
I threw it away.
- Here we are.
- Here we are. Let's go, Chad.
Don't forget these, bud.
- Thanks.
- See you.
- Bye, Gene.
- Wally, Wally. Bye, Wally.
- Bye, Wally.
- See you.
- Oh, home, sweet home.
- Really.
Now to seal it off.
First order of business,
put all this oil back where it came from.
Aubrey Bell?
Mommy, who's Aubrey Bell?
Captain Planet's doing it!
He's sucking the oil back!
Go, Planet!
The fourth of July
Before the fourth of July
Fourth of July
Come on.
- They're on bikes, Bill.
- Come on, come on.
- They gotta cut through here.
- Let's go in here.
I don't wanna run all over these mountains
for a couple of cockteasers.
Oh, I don't think
this goes all the way.
Looks like we're stopping here.
Those guys are following us.
Okay, let me... I'll warm them up.
And then you just come in.
I'll get one of them
to go there, man.
Hey. How are you?
Wait, I-I... I know you.
From, uh... No, I'm sure I do.
From that photo shoot.
- When I did your makeup.
- I don't know what you're talking about.
The maquillage for the photo shoot.
I'm a makeup artist.
I thought that you were
someone I'd done for a shoot.
- That funny?
- Sorry.
Are you guys
actresses or models?
We're not either. I'm...
We're not either one.
You're not? I just mean, just 'cause
you have the looks for it. You could be.
If, you know,
if you wanted to.
Well, if it happened, that would be okay.
If it doesn't, that's okay too.
But, hey, I mean, sometimes
I do some talent scout stuff too and...
I mean, if you ever want to.
I'm Bill. This is Jerry.
You want a beer?
No, thanks. You want...
- No, that's okay.
- So, have you done any movie stars?
Uh, yeah... Yes, ma'am.
Really? Who was the biggest
movie star you've done?
What was that last one I did?
What was that big one I did last time?
I think it was Roseanne Barr.
- She's big.
- She's huge.
- You're lying. I can tell you're lying.
- Yeah, that didn't work.
- What's your name?
- I'm Barbara. That's Nancy.
- So, you married?
- No.
Uh, we were.
Very unfortunate,
what happened.
Uh, I'll have
one of those beers.
Hey, you know what's a hundred
yards away? You know the Bat Caves?
You ever watch Batman?
Remember the series Batman?
- Yeah.
- Well, the Bat Caves where they shot it...
Let me show you this cave.
Here's your beer.
Let me take Barbara away
from you for one second.
Come here. It'll just take a second.
Don't worry about it.
- Okay, I'll just have one beer.
- All right, one.
Come here.
Don't worry about it.
- Where you guys live?
- Malibu.
- Come back.
- That's on the beach, right?
- Yep, it's on the beach.
Can I have a beer? Thanks.
Oh, Jesus. Excuse me.
No, it's one of the streets
that goes up.
- Oh.
- Come here. It's right down here.
- Do you mind?
- We had a place up there for a while.
Now, after we split up
with our wives, you know...
- Oh, you lived with your wives?
- Well, yeah.
So now we got this place.
We got this fish tank thing,
like a fish tank.
Hey, stop that!
Don't... Leave me...
- What are you doing? Leave me alone!
- What the fuck is he doing? Jerry!
- Fuck!
- Whoa!
Earthquake, you fucking nut!
All right, Josette. Come here.
Okay, look. Look here.
What's happening, Howard?
We have to get under a table.
Gene, earthquake!
Get under the doorway!
- Quick!
- Underneath the door!
This is Officer Gene Shepard of
the Los Angeles Police Department.
We are currently
experiencing an earthquake.
On Broadway I danced
For that senator
They know me in London
They know me in Paris
Jesus. This is bigger
than the one in '71.
Don't worry. Don't worry.
It's not the big one.
Mommy, get over here, quick!
Just lay down, Mommy.
Just lay down.
Whoa! I lost my umbrella.
Here we go, baby.
In the doorway.
If you are close in proximity to any
power lines, please move quickly away.
Falling power lines can result in
electrocution. There is a possibility of...
This is it, baby.
We're going out together.
This is the big one, baby.
- It wasn't the big one.
- No.
You're such a big, brave boy.
- Where the fuck are they? Jerry!
- Jesus Christ.
All right. It's okay.
Well, we should probably eat,
is what we should do.
Yeah, what happened to that
big meal we were supposed to have?
We should probably have a
whole bunch of eggs or something.
We should turn on the TV
and see what the damage is.
We're beginning to
receive reports now...
on that 7.4 magnitude earthquake...
- Dunphy's on.
we experienced earlier this morning.
- Dunphy will tell us the truth.
- Around Joshua Tree, huh?
- A house on fire in Baldwin Hills.
- Seven-point-four. That's big.
- Well, that's pretty big.
You know, that's really
not that bad. Eight is bad.
That's not as bad as an eight.
- Obviously it's not as bad as an eight.
- Well, no. But I mean...
When you come from California,
you don't worry about that stuff.
At least 15 people have been injured
and we're told one person died.
- One person killed.
- One fatality, yeah.
You know, that's really
not bad, one person.
Wait, here he's talking to...
Look at this.
- Stormy was in the air when the quake happened.
- Here's a helicopter pilot.
Tell us exactly what you saw.
You think that's his real name,
Stormy Weathers?
- God, I hope not.
- It all looked pretty normal to me.
Where'd they get this guy?
- Ralph, you have any bourbon?
- What about some tequila?
- Yeah, I'd have a tequila.
- As I was landing I was remarking to myself...
- That stuff gives you a headache, Claire.
- What a beautiful sight L.A. is.
- Where's those lemons I brought home?
- I don't know. Maybe by the bar.
Every Angeleno says
to himself or herself...
just how lucky he or she is
to be living in L.A.
- I'll have some too.
- I hope nothing happened to your house.
Now here is the latest news
on the earthquake.
There is one fatality.
This has been confirmed now.
A young woman in Griffith Park was killed
by falling rocks, apparently while hiking.
- We're not sure if the death was earthquake-related.
- Here's to lemonade.
We're told that 60 people
have been treated at area hospitals.
If you're looking for a rainbow
You know there's
gonna be some rain
One minute you're
filled with happiness
And the next minute
there's nothing but pain
If you're a prisoner
- Let's have another one.
And I'm a prisoner
- And then back in the tub!
I'm a prisoner of life
One day your man is here
And the next day
he's walked out and gone
But no matter what happens
You gotta somehow carry on
When you're a prisoner
And I'm a prisoner
I'm a prisoner of life
Life's good
It's bad
It's in between
But it's the unexpected
and the uncertainty that keeps us going
You know what I mean
Oh, one day you own the world
And the next day
the world owns you
One day everything's a lie
And the next day
you swear it's all true
When you're a prisoner
And I'm a prisoner
I'm a prisoner of
Woke up this morning
Wanted to cry
Then I remembered
Yes, I knew why
He's a real good one
for havin' his cake
I'm gonna go fishing
or jump in the lake
I'm gonna go fishing
That's what I'll do
Think about nothing
Not even you
Catch me a big one
a big speckled trout
Snap him in the water
I'll pull him on out
Sweet-talkin' liar
Spin me a yarn
Tell me a story
Big as a barn
You wanna stop and listen
I won't hear you out
I'm gonna go fishing
and catch me a trout
A man is a liar
A man is a fool
Playing for keepers
And breaking the rules
He'll be the loser
You'll see, you'll find out
I'm gonna go fishing
and catch me a trout
Down in the water
Look at him shine
There goes a big one
That one is mine
Catches are real now
I've got the feel now
I'll snap with a fine fly rod
I'll catch me a trout
Sweet-talking liar
You're in for a fall
You tell me a story
You talk to the wall
Gonna go my way
on down the highway
I'm gonna go fishin'
and catch me a trout
Catch me a trout
Catch me a trout
Catch me a trout
On drums, Bobby Previte.
On bass, Greg Cohen.
And on piano, Terry Adams.
On the vibes, Gene Estes.
And on trombone, Bruce Fowler.
That's it. Good night! Yeah!