Short Time (1990) Movie Script

Come on! Move it!
New orders!
Your move.
Go for it!
Scared ya!
Get outta here!
All rlght!
Gimme some beer here!
Job well done!
Hit the siren.
We got cops!
Happy retirement, burty!
- What, no presents?
- Actually, we dld get you something.
yeah, I guess you should have.
Ohh, shucks!
hardly struggled at all.
Just my size, too!
- Let me glve you a kiss, pal!
Boys and girls!
to subsidise the donut house.
Hard-nosed old bastard.
Thanks, guys! Thanks! I thlnk.
Yes! Yes! 909! Offlcers in pursult!
Come on! Come on!
No dletary flbre in a doughnut, at all!
Two vests?
You worrled about chaflng?
Damn rlght, two vests!
You know what they got now?
Magneslum-tlpped bullets.
Armour-plerclng bullets.
They penetrate... and explode.
- If it happens, it happens.
- Not thls week, pal.
Remember phll deegan?
- Who?
- Homlclde, over in roxbury.
Short tlme, same as you. Flve days left on
Furnace in hls house explodes.
- They had to peel hlm off a car!
Lewls? That guy in there?
- Looks ilke he robs grocery stores.
- Not any more.
Not any more?
Dld you see the women in there?
So... buoyant!
You gotta plan thls klnda thlng.
Not agaln!
Just ilsten for once. Some slmple rules
of flnance can make a very blg dlfference.
- You got $11,400, rlght?
- Rlght.
- rlght.
- Compoundlng at 91/4 per cent annually...
(ernie snores)
Now you amortlse that over 32 years,
you got about... $500,000.
- How about you retlre?
- You just never ilsten to me, do you?
- You never talk to me. You lecture me.
How many tlmes dld i tell you
not to smoke in the car!
Why do they glve us these thlngs
that never look ilke the real guy?
Sometlmes they do.
Dark halr. Broad nose.
Always the same face.
But it works!
Name me one tlme when somebody
nalled a suspect from a composlte.
Now that guy over there. He looks
about as much ilke the sketch as...
(truck horn)
- Offlcers need asslst at 1300 chestnut.
What about backup?
Halt! Pollce!
Thls is not a good idea!
All rlght, asshole!
What about our backup, ernle!
Thls guy kllled two cops!
Watch your shoes, burt!
(tyres screech)
(horns blare)
(beggar) can you spare some change?
- (door slams)
- Shh!
(baby crying)
- I bet he ilves here.
- Thanks, sherlock!
- Walt, ernle! The backup!
- What?
The backup!
of us, and just one of hlm.
- Wlll you shut up and just follow me!
- (exasperated sigh)
(dog barking)
I love thls klnda stuff. You know that.
(baby crying)
I am trylng to make a polnt here!
I hate you for thls, man!
Ready, tlger?
- (siren)
- (gunshot)
- Shlt!
Ernle, what are you dolng!
Nobody shoots at me
and gets away wlth it!
- You ok, burt?
Up the flre escape!
- Here he goes! Come on!
- Damn it!
Good cholce!
Ernle! Ernle!
Ernle! No!
- Let go of my throat!
a 25-storey bulldlng!
You may not care about
the future, but i do!
for any lowllfe scum!
Does anyone know why...
...simpson and dllls refused to chase
a dangerous felon yesterday?
Can anyone tell me why they
declded to slt down on a roof...
...whlle the rest of the preclnct chased hlm
through the streets of downtown seattle?
Could it be because detectlve slmpson
only has slx more days... serve on the force?
- Elght.
Golng for that gold watch!
We chased the guy up to the roof.
Where you managed, slngle-handedly,
to subdue your partner...
...untll backup unlts could arrlve.
knowlng that!
Nlce job, fella.
Detectlve slmpson dld manage to, uh...
retrleve a vltal plece of evldence.
- (officer whispers) yeah! Wlth hls head!
- Thls... part of a shlpment of experlmental
weapons that was hljacked last tuesday.
The feds belleve it was a gang...
...last known to be operatlng out of
chlcago, run by thls guy: Carl stark.
bust hls ass to brlng thls guy in...
...wlll be as popular around thls preclnct
as a reggae band at a ku klux klan rally.
Is that clear, burty?
(woman) you think that because i wear
a uniform i stop having feelings?
- What are you saying?
I thought thls was gonna happen.
- 30 years in the department!
- Twlnkle?
- And he attacks my whole career...
...cos i exerclse a ilttle judgment
elght days before i retlre.
- Hey, chlckenshlt! Nlce collar, boys!
- Screw you, dan!
If you guys wanna smooch,
- I sald screw you!
- Just humour hlm, ernle.
Dan mlller on the asshole label!
I thlnk your buddy forgot thls.
You got elght days left on the force,
and now you wanna buy ilfe insurance?
Gettlng shot is not the only way
to buy the farm, pal.
More men suffer masslve coronarles
in thelr flftles than any other tlme.
Llver dysfunctlon. Renal dlsorder.
Degeneratlve nerve stuff.
- All that stuff happens in your flftles.
- Burt, stop worrylng about your insldes.
If it happens to me,
how does he go to college?
How old is he?
...and a half.
Have a seat, please, mr splvak.
You guys here for the drug test?
- I wlsh!
- Llfe insurance.
sprang thls on me at the last mlnute.
Do you thlnk, if i smoked a jolnt two days
ago, it mlght show up on thls thlng?
- Well, burt, what do you thlnk?
- Deflnltely.
How do you know?
smoke a jolnt two days ago!
Ok... mr slmpson, mr splvak,
you can come in now.
Jeez! About tlme!
Thanks, mr slmpson.
You can get dressed now.
- Goodbye, mr slmpson! Have a nlce day!
- Thanks a lot.
(school bell ringing)
(children shouting)
(car horn)
- Hey, boy!
- Hi!
- How ya dolng?
Here you go, my man.
Wow! What dld you get me!
A surprlse.
- What is it?
- A beer steln, wlth the harvard crest on it.
on the shelf. Look at it...
- Dld you tell her i was comlng?
- Yeah.
- One ilttle present.
- Oh! The pennants, the sweat shlrts...
20 years in advance.
Nothlng wrong wlth gettlng a head start.
- What twltch?
That twltch.
You know what he asked the other nlght?
- What dld you tell hlm?
- I sald not to worry about harvard yet.
Oh, honey, jesus!
- Some thlngs are out of your control.
- Oh, yeah, here we go!
- Why not say what you really mean?
Look, i planned my whole ilfe
so that kld could go to college.
Can he please flnlsh
grammar school flrst?
I know you do, burt.
(lovers moaning and groaning next door)
(woman next door laughs)
(machlne) you have one message.
What do you say, boys?
Mr simpson, this is becky colton
from the gas company.
This courtesy call is to inform you that
your gas will be turned off today at 5pm.
Thank you for using
seattle gas and electric.
(machlne) that was your last message.
(lovers groaning)
(groaning intensifies)
Bless you, cowboy!
- (whiplash)
- Ow!
- Yeah...
- No, stay here.
Mr scalese?
Oh, man! Look at thls shlt!
The barrett. Model 82-a1,
50-callbre. Startron scope.
11-round capaclty,
staggered-box magazlne.
- Heavy. What about the shells?
- Llke i told you...
...50-callbre, magneslum-tlpped.
The prlce is not negotlable.
A scratch!
You ever been shot at wlth one of these?
That was stupld!
So you wanna do some buslness or what?
Vlto, get up!
See the inflammatlon
around the cell wall?
- Really?
No questlon. Look how the spores
invade the cell ilnlng rlght there.
- I may have seen three of these in my ilfe.
- Poor guy. He was gonna retlre.
You eat yet?
- (phone rings)
When, now?
where? At your offlce?
Well, yeah... i can get there about two.
41... 42...
(knock at door)
Burt, thls is dr goldman.
- Hi. How are you?
I asked hlm to come because... it appears
you have... a rather rare blood dlsorder.
Dlsorder? You mean ilke, uh...
ilke a, uh... a dlsorder?
and can make it a lot clearer than i can.
I thought you were gonna
explaln it to hlm?
- Well... you know the dlsease.
- Yeah.
Burt, you have a dlsease
known as... autotoxla haematosa.
The lymphatlc system attacks the red
blood cells, mlstaklng them for a vlrus.
- Yeah?
As the dlsease progresses,
the ilnlng of the cells weakens...
...and can no longer oxygenate the body.
Thls, of course, includes the braln.
- of course.
- As the deprlvatlon becomes...
...more pronounced...
...the tlssue itself beglns to deterlorate...
...llterally suffocatlng
from the lack of oxygen.
The entlre process takes about...
two and a half weeks.
nothlng they can do. But in your case...
...the progresslon is so rapld,
i thought you mlght need a chance... get your affalrs in order.
The later stages are marked
by a neurologlcal breakdown.
- what about chemotherapy?
Unfortunately, burt... thls is not cancer.
Your body has actually... turned on itself.
I hate to have to tell you thls, burt.
whether he should be candld...
...wlth someone in your posltlon.
I just felt that telllng you was the rlght
thlng to do under the clrcumstances.
you dld the rlght thlng.
...please, let us know.
In the meantlme, take two of these
as soon as the dlzzlness starts.
They accepted me!
I have been offered a place at harvard!
- What is it, mom?
Ten years ago, when your father dled, the
insurance company only left us $22,000.
I am?
- Well, wanna come in?
- Yeah.
- What would i worry about?
- The future.
- you always worry about the future.
Remember when dougle
made thls for us?
- Nothlng.
- What?
- Would you ilke to slt down?
honey, i just want you to know that...
as it always was.
- burt, talk to me. What is the matter?
I can handle it.
(door slams)
- How much is it worth?
- At thls polnt, $350,000.
350... ok... well, thank you very much.
- The only thlng is...
- what?
They only pay out for ilne of duty.
Oh... ok. Well, thanks.
- I want double duty.
- What?
- I want double duty.
- Is thls a joke?
- I owe it to the department.
- Is it what i sald in the squad room?
- Are you all rlght?
- What?
- You seem a ilttle tense.
- Tense?
Look, i know how hard thls last week is.
- No, damn it!
I want double duty.
- Double duty in the flats?!
somethlng about yesterday...
Why not just lose your halr
and date unsultable women?
- Is the radlo worklng?
- What?
- The radlo - is it worklng?
Toughest nelghbourhood,
- Burt, what is the matter!
- Not wearlng it.
- No!
Issue a press release about it!
(radlo) domestic violence in progress.
1235 chanteclaire. Proceed code three.
Open up! Pollce offlcers!
Pollce offlcers! Open up!
- (old woman) who?
- Pollce.
- Pollce!
- She trled to klll me.
- What?
- (shouts) what?
- Unbellevable!
- Slr, tell me what happened.
She hlt me wlth an iron. Look!
He says you hlt hlm wlth an iron.
An iron. he says you hlt hlm wlth an iron.
Why is he a skunk?
Because he sald he was leavlng.
She sald that you sald you were leavlng.
I sald i was eating!
(old woman laughs)
Open the book! Look at thls and you
can be saved, even as i was saved!
I was just ilke anybody else here!
apply to you, because thls is your ilfe...
...thls is your truth! He took me down
as low as a man can go...
i got you some yoghurts.
Peach or... blueberry?
Do you belleve in ilfe after death?
Look, if peach or blueberry
is too tough a questlon...
do you, uh... belleve in heaven?
- Heaven?
- Mm-hm.
That was somethlng my dad talked about
after hls flrst heart attack.
You know those storles about people
who almost dled?
They talk about thls tunnel of whlte ilght,
whlch they klnda float into, and...
My dad was out for two mlnutes. When
they got hlm back, he talked about it.
What dld he see?
- Nothlng.
- Nothlng?
No tunnel, no floatlng.
No whlte ilght. Just hlm.
Lylng there on the bed one mlnute,
and the next...
Glmme one of those.
(radlo) bravo unit. Silver pontiac.
Need assist, southbound, on east seattle
parkway. Respond code three.
Thls is it!
the east seattle parkway!
- Get out of the car!
- What are you talklng about?
- Burt! Oh, god!
Burt! Your yoghurt!
I sald... save hlm!
- How fast is that?
- How fast are we golng?
- 90!
Is he trylng to klll hlmself?
(tyres screech)
Thls is for you, dougle!
No problem!
Machlne guns! All rlght!
Go! Go!
Look out!
- Get thls thlng movlng!
Lose them!
Get thls guy off my ass!
Rlght here!
Goddamn it!
Goodbye, carolyn!
Holy shlt!
Blow thls guy away!
Come on! Shoot!
How do you ilke that,
you ugly son of a bltch!
Slow down!
Watch it! Watch it!
- You son of a bltch!
- Get away from thls guy!
Come on!
You wanna play rough?
Look out!
- Aaaghh!
- Aaaghh!
Now your ass is mlne!
Son of a bltch!
Look out!
Now or never, burt, old buddy!
Get off my face!
For rlsklng your ilfe for thls department,
for bravery beyond the call of duty...
to present you wlth thls medal of valour...
...along wlth the accompanylng cltatlons.
I wrote them.
- She died in the orphanage.
- No!
- Shh!
I managed to escape,
but i lost my memory!
You klck me out of the car
and drlve off a bulldlng!
An impulse.
- Put the gun down!
- What do you want?
- Just congratulatlng your partner.
You squashed lutz, jonas b,
and hls brother mlchael.
Two rlght-hand men to carl stark.
Gun smuggler supreme...
...and klller in cold blood
of any cops that cross hls path.
if i were you.
Easy come, easy go, huh?
- Can i help you?
- Oh, um...
- a houslng?
- Excuse me?
- We call them houslngs.
- Oh. Well... yeah.
What prlce range?
Is there a blg dlfference?
from 1,800 to 60,000.
60,000 dollars?
Most people thlnk they just put you in the
hold up when the body starts to rot.
- Was it a loved one?
- Well, uh... i guess. Yeah.
- A frlend?
- Sort of. Yeah.
the houslng wlth the indlvldual.
for an awfully long tlme.
- He was, uh... he was... reasonable.
- Reasonable?
Yeah, he was. And he was young.
- 50. just turned 50.
Yeah, it is sad.
- Dld i tell you he was a cop?
- No.
30 years on the force, and...
...flve days from hls penslon, and now...
He once wanted thls convertlble.
Llttle red mustang.
He declded he wanted to save. He wanted
to... put somethlng away for the future.
Well... is that so wrong?
So wrong to wanna put somethlng away?
Somethlng to... rely on?
Not that you can rely on anythlng
these days. Nothlng makes any sense.
Does it make any sense to dle at 50?
Is that senslble?
I guess you just gotta ilve for today.
Llve for today.
Yeah. You know...
let the future take care of itself.
Let the future take...
ilve for today and let the future
take care of itself.
How about somethlng in a nlce cedar?
About what?
- Huh!
- Toaster?
Yeah, thls toaster. Remember?
You wanted the one wlth the top brown.
I made you buy thls
wlth the better warranty.
I was wrong.
I accept your apology.
Sorry about those plastlc sllp covers, too.
I, uh...
cllp these damn coupons.
- Burt, what is the matter?
- Nothlng. Nothlng.
I can tell.
i love you.
Jesus, burt!
I do.
Not in the way i ever loved you before.
- Not the house, the tax returns...
- stop it, burt!
- I love the way you snort when you laugh.
- (snorts) you hate the way i snort!
Look... i need you to know thls, carolyn.
I have to have you know thls, rlght now.
- You sald not to snort when we went out.
- I hate myself for it.
Is thls a mldllfe crlsls?
Yes. Sort of.
Want some hawallan punch?
You came into the bathroom wlth me...
the party was golng on outslde
and you were a ilttle drunk...
- I wanted to, too!
- Yes, i dld!
I just thought, wlth all those people...
Do you remember when you used to
slng to dougle when he was a baby?
I used to stand out in the hall...
...and just watch you.
And sometlmes i would...
i would start crylng.
And when dougle was belng born, i made
the nurse let me stand in the doorway... i could hear that you were all rlght.
And... when you were taklng
those drawlng classes...
some of your plctures?
I plcked those plctures out of
Jesus, burt!
Me, too.
No. Not really.
Have you?
Not really.
Ever notlce how perfect a tullp is?
The petals. They open up ilke...
...tlny ilttle bells.
Burt, please tell me
what the hell is golng on.
My partner is turnlng into oscar wllde!
(radlo) one-eleven in progress. 1800
marshall avenue. Proceed code three.
All rlght, men, into your posltlons!
- Get back there!
- Yes, slr!
- Glad you guys could make it.
wlred to some dynamlte.
Wants to talk to the presldent
or hls ex-wlfe.
- Ex-wlfe?
- Yeah.
Every tlme we get close
he says love is dead in the world.
Shut up, dllls!
Excuse me.
- Oh, no!
- What the hell?
Hey, slmpson!
Slmpson! Thls is my...
slmpson! Slmpson!
Thls is my bust, slmpson!
Slmpson! You ilsten to me!
Love is dead in the world.
I know what you mean.
You do?
ilke it just got... lost or somethlng.
Llke it just froze along the way.
I, uh...
i heard about your wlfe.
I know... how much paln you must be in.
Because you thlnk
I thlnk... maybe she stlll loves you.
You do?
Yes, i do.
When, um... when was the last tlme
you told her you love her?
A long tlme ago, huh?
Just slowly stopped talklng to each other.
you fell in love in the flrst place, rlght?
Well, obvlously, you can remember that
...go ahead and blow yourself up
if you want.
Do you have any klds?
Mlckey and mlkey.
How old are they?
31/4 and 5.
they graduate hlgh school?
How you gonna flnd out
whether they found a nlce glrl?
Huh? many ilttle thlngs that
Can mlckey rlde a blke?
Or see hlm get hls braces?
- Or touch the top of that door jamb?
- How dld you know about the door jamb?
Pal, come on!
You may thlnk you know hlm, but...
who hls teacher is.
Or the names of the monsters in hls room.
Or why he burled hls shoes that tlme...
...or why he made you call hlm peter
for a whole month.
You know, you just take
thlngs ilke that for granted.
standlng in the door, saylng:
Can i borrow the car keys, dad?
God! matter how hard you try.
No one should klll hlmself.
- Thank you.
- Ok, pal.
All rlght, come wlth us.
Hell of a job, burt! Completely insane,
man, but a hell of a job!
Flrst rate!
- Here, we can get a shot.
- All rlght, folks...
- The bomb?
- Yeah.
And in recognltlon of an act
of outstandlng herolsm...
...the seattle pollce department
awards you the sllver cross.
Why? Where are you golng?
- Where are you golng!
- Jesus, mlller, not now!
- Who do you thlnk you are?
Just ilke i always thought you were.
On the other hand... could be wrong.
I love you, burt slmpson.
(car horn)
Hey, boy!
- How ya dolng?
- Who were ya talklng to? Glmme a hug.
- Just my buddles.
I gotcha, rlght where i want ya!
- I gotcha now!
- (car horn)
- You glve up?
Uncle! Uncle!
(car horns)
- Are you really sure?
- Never been so sure in my ilfe!
- Ok, great! Thank you very much.
You all set, mr slmpson?
- You bet!
- All rlght!
on car radio)
You ilke it?
I love it!
Dad, walt a mlnute!
Thls is a really good song!
- Thls? You ilke thls?
- Yeah!
(sings along)
~ you can make it... roll wlth it, baby
~ when thls world turns its back on you
~ hang in, and you just re-thlnk it through
~ you just roll wlth it, baby
~ hey, you just roll wlth it, baby
~ come on and just roll wlth it, baby
~ hang on and just roll wlth it, baby!
We came here wlth mlss graham.
- Are ya?
- Yeah.
- Wow! Look at thls guy!
- My god!
- Blrd-eatlng?
- No?
He eats mlce and bugs.
But he can klll blrds if he has to.
You know, if they get too close
to hls hole where he ilves.
- You know a lot about bugs, huh?
- Yeah.
Then dlnosaurs, and then bugs.
Hey, dad, you gotta see thls!
Oh, yeah!
Scary! Huh?
Blrd-eatlng splder.
They ilve in holes.
Dad? Can we do it agaln next week?
- Ok.
Remember when we flrst moved in, burt?
How we planned thls porch would be?
Whlte-washed decks and...
gave us hanglng over there.
- Whatever happened to that chalr?
Oh, burt, i feel so lucky!
I really thought it was all over for us.
...somehow you made it all happen
for us agaln, burt.
Yes... you dld.
And suddenly i feel ilke...
we have a future agaln.
Oh... i love you, burt slmpson.
I love you, too.
Oh, burt...
the guy says to hlm,
and the prlest says:
Never mlnd!
- I guess you heard about tucker?
- No.
Got blown away thls afternoon.
He pulls thls guy over
for maklng an illegal rlght...
...and blam!
He takes two rounds in the chest!
- They id the guy?
- Yeah. Carl stark.
Boss of those guys you put in hospltal.
Man, that guy is an evil son of a bltch.
Wanna get somethlng to eat?
- When dld i last buy you dlnner?
- A couple of weeks ago?
No, you got the plzzas on monday.
(~ chopin nocturne)
Are you outta your mlnd?
- That jacket is you, pal!
- Thanks.
I just wanna buy you a ilttle dlnner.
Not lobster thermldor.
Ernle, you were best man at my weddlng.
three lousy dollars buylng you dlnner?
- you are, pal.
- More wlne, slr?
Yeah. Let me have a bottle
of your best champagne.
Ernle, i have just found out somethlng
thls long to flnd out.
You gotta do it now.
And that includes your hot tubs.
I was wrong about lewls.
Thank you.
You gotta go for it, ernle.
You gotta enjoy it.
Oh, i almost forgot. These are for you.
What are these?
- The keys to my mustang.
- You bought a mustang?
Llttle red convertlble.
I want you to have it.
(whispers) slt down, slt down, slt down!
Ernle, have you ever drlven
a convertlble?
Do you know how it feels
Do you know how alive
it makes you feel?
I want you to have that feellng.
I want you to feel allve.
I love ya, pal.
Oh, god!
So, flnally, he takes me out
for a $400 meal...
...klsses me, and glves me these.
The keys to hls new convertlble.
- And today is hls last day on the force?
- Mm-hm.
to worry very much.
He sald he loved me!
Many offlcers on the polnt of retlrement
experlence contradlctory feellngs.
Some relate to immlnent loss of power.
Others to a fear of maklng it alone outslde
the close camaraderle of the force.
Thls is ilke drlvlng around
wlth a completely dlfferent guy.
from some form of manlc depresslon.
Well, how can we flnd out?
It would show up on a blood test.
- Good mornlng.
- Good mornlng.
- Mornlng.
- Mornlng.
- How about a ilttle break?
- Gee, thanks a lot!
Hello, boys!
- Get the hell outta here.
not gonna tell me where stark is?
my number... rlght here.
If you change your mlnd,
you just glve me a...
...a call. Can you read that?
Oh, walt a mlnute.
Is that better?
- Jesus!
- Huh?
- Ow!
- Can you read thls?
- Yeah. I can read that.
- Excellent!
- Ow!
- Go ahead.
- What?
- Screw you!
about calllng me, were you?
Good boy.
- Can you tell me where dr drexler is?
- Drexler?
- One moment.
Room 207.
207. thanks.
Out of the questlon!
All records are strlctly confldentlal.
- I have to see them.
- Not wlthout authorlsatlon.
- So? Show me a warrant.
Screw thls!
- Put those back! Thls is outrageous!
Well, your partner is dylng!
- What?
Autotoxla... haema...
- Marljuana?
You must have notlced somethlng wrong
when he began to go bllnd.
- Where the hell is slmpson, dllls?
tlll they told hlm where stark was.
- Shlt!
Hey, ed. The captaln wants to see you.
Go on! Get golng!
Where the hell is my partner!
25... 6...
- used twentles.
We gotta do thls more often.
I deducted for the damages on the doors.
- Pollce! Freeze!
- He wrecked the llncoln!
Pollce! Freeze!
Come on!
(panting) llke i sald...
Go ahead.
Make my day.
What do you thlnk i am? Stupld?
(elevator bell)
Thls is rldlculous.
You are one crazy son of a bltch!
I ilke that!
Walt up!
What klnd of a cop klller are you!
Can you belleve thls guy!
Come back!
Oh, no!
You mlssed me agaln, you idlot!
Where the hell are you?
Thls is really plsslng me off!
Hey, stupld!
Hey, watch out, man!
Elther you come up here and klll me...
and pull us both off. You got it?
Good. Plssed off is good.
- Burt!
- Ernle?!
Burt! Burt! Llsten carefully!
- Shut up!
Dr drexler made a mlstake!
I am gonna dle. I am gonna dle!
Damn rlght, sucker!
Ernle! Do somethlng! Ow!
Do somethlng! Come on!
- Shoot the son of a bltch!
- Sayonara, sucker!
Help me!
You gotta be klddlng!
Hang on, burt!
(stark screams)
Burt! You ok?
Dearly beloved, we who gather here...
...come from many dlfferent stages
in our journey through ilfe...
...wlth dlfferent ways of looklng
at ilfe and death.
We gather here to mourn a man. A frlend
to those who knew and loved hlm.
A man who served thls clty well.
A man who wore hls unlform wlth prlde.
- Hey... show a ilttle respect.
(priest) at some polnt our ilves were
touched by hlm whom we mourn here.
And our ilves...
...touched hlm.
Hls sudden departure from among us
has cut across all our ilves.
Who was thls guy?
He drove buses.
And also... gave me back my ilfe.
(priest) a tlme for every matter
under heaven.
- Carolyn.
- Captaln.
- Well... you made it.
- Just about, anyway.
- i was hanglng out the chopper.
- Shut up, dllls!
wlthout you.
- Well...
- oh, i almost forgot.
The hellcopter pllot sent that over.
Thought you mlght ilke to see it.
- Not my best angle!
Here, you can keep thls.
Thanks, captaln, for comlng out here.
I appreclate it.
Thanks a lot, slr.
- Here we go, honey.
- Ready?
- You got the keys, ernle?
- What?
- He gave it to me.
- You gave it to hlm?
- When i thought i was dylng.
- So, can i borrow the car?
- Flgures.
- Keys! Keys!
- You ok, honey?
Ow! Plece of cake.
So, where do you wanna go?
- Burt!
- Burt!
(sirens continue)
So, where do you wanna go?
(dougie) i wanna go to the park.
- (ernie) i wanna go to a bar.
~ when life is too much
~ roll with it, baby
~ oh, no, baby
~ hard times knocking on your door
~ get on through it
~ roll with it, baby
~ come on and just roll with it, baby
~ you and me, roll with it, baby
~ hang on and just roll with it, baby
~ hey!
~ the way that you love
~ is good as money
~ i swear by stars above
~ sweet as honey
~ you can make it
~ roll with it, baby
~ when this world turns its back on you
~ hang in and do that sweet thing you do
~ you just roll with it, baby
~ yeah, you just roll with it, baby
~ come on and just roll with it, baby
~ you and me, just roll with it, baby
~ roll with it, baby
~ yeah, you just roll with it, baby
~ you and me, just roll with it, baby
~ hang on and just roll with it, baby
~ hey! Come on!
~ roll with me, baby
~ hang on, baby
~ roll with me, baby
~ roll
~ hey!
~ come on and roll
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