Shot (2017) Movie Script

[bird caws]
Let me play that back.
I can fix this.
If I just add a little bit bass
and a little bit of reverb,
I can make those gunshots pop.
[louder gunshots]
Better, yes?
MAN: Better is getting
this job done by Sunday.
MAN: Can you make that work?
Uh, that's not a problem.
In fact, I can have this up on
your FTP site tomorrow night.
- Just do it.
- Done.
36 hours to do five
days worth of work.
No problem.
Down you go, faggot.
Punk ass Miguel.
Where's our money, loser?
Get off, man!
What is this?
"Maricon," say it!
Say it.
Maricon, get off.
Let's go, before
he starts crying.
Go home, little girl!
Are you OK?
He threatened to shoot me!
Did you threaten to shoot her?
You can't believe
a word she says.
She's just after my money.
Because that's
all you care about.
OK, here's what
you need to consider.
Do you want to
resolve your issues,
or do you want to make war?
[music playing]
What up, cuz?
You the one who shot 'em down?
Did you know
that there are more
tigers privately owned by US
citizens than in the wild?
How'd it go with suits?
Really great.
They totally dig what we're
doing, what I'm doing.
In fact, thank you very much,
I have to work all weekend.
What else is new?
Just print and sign where
it says print and sign.
I don't know what the rush
is with this separate checking
account stuff.
I thought we were gonna take a
little time and think about it.
You said you were gonna
move your things out
three weeks ago, and have you?
I said I would do it.
I will do it.
I don't wanna do it.
I think we've established that
you don't know what you want,
but you can do this
one thing right now.
[pen clicking]
You know what that is?
It's the sound of your
biological clock ticking.
But just so you know, I am not
just packing an overnight bag.
I will be taking
the Chagall poster.
- What?
- Yeah.
- Oh no.
- And the espresso machine.
No, you are not taking
the Chagall poster.
- No?
- It stays exactly where it is.
And you gave me that
espresso machine.
Mark, you gave that to me.
You know, let's not do this.
Let's not do this.
Come on.
No one's gonna mess
with you if you have this.
Where'd you get that?
Do you want it or not?
We can still make this work.
How are we gonna
make it work when
you can't even sit still long
enough to have a conversation?
Because I love you.
[gun cocks]
Cool, huh?
It's not even loaded.
Dude, get the
fuck out of here!
MAN: Hey, ma'am,
is he all right?
Are you OK?
Can you help me up?
You're bleeding.
OK, just somebody help!
We need help over here!
What happened?
I think he got shot.
I can't... why can't I move?
Ask inside if
there's a doctor.
I gotta get up.
No, don't move, don't move!
OK, I'm not.
I'm not.
MAN: You gotta put pressure
to stop the bleeding.
All right.
An ambulance is
on its way, right?
I just called 911.
MAN: You gotta elevate his leg.
MAN: You gotta sit
'em up, so he doesn't
bleed out from his chest.
You don't move them.
You don't wanna hurt their back.
Oh, fuck!
MAN: No doctors in there.
It'll be OK.
Just hold on, OK?
I need air.
Can you just...
Back up.
Please, back up, OK?
Please, just move!
Here, use this.
You're gonna be OK.
All right?
I got this.
Just stay calm, OK?
And just breathe in.
Hold on.
I can fix this.
Just hold on.
We need to rewind.
I don't think
he's gonna make it.
Don't listen to them.
I don't wanna die.
You're not gonna die.
There's a will.
It's on my computer.
We won't need it.
I didn't mean
to hurt that guy.
PHOEBE: All that matters
is that you keep breathing.
God, just help
me and help him.
I'm good.
I'll get it.
No, I'm... I'm OK.
[siren wailing faintly]
PHOEBE: Did you hear that?
That's my job.
I hear things.
You're gonna make it.
[siren wailing]
[sounds skipping]
That's not quite right.
Stay with me.
Hey, Mark?
[kettle whistling]
[siren wailing]
POLICEMAN: All right, people.
Please clear out.
Sir, the ambulance
is right behind me.
don't go anywhere, OK?
We need to ascertain
what happened here, OK?
Stand by if you saw anything.
We're gonna need to talk.
OK, make way, people.
MAN: Hey, what happened?
Someone shot him.
How many times?
I think it was one shot.
I've been keeping
pressure on the wound.
OK, well, you
can step aside now.
Well, he's bleeding.
We're gonna take
care of that, OK?
But I'm his wife.
POLICEMAN: Come on, folks.
Help us out.
Did anybody see anything?
All right, what's
your name, buddy?
Hey, can you see me?
Yeah, I can see you.
Hey, what's your name?
Mark Newman.
All right, Mark Newman.
You know where you are?
Answer the question, please.
My man.
All right, where does it hurt?
The back, my chest.
Pick up the phone, Juan!
How many times were you shot?
I only see the
one entry wound.
Yeah, I told you
it was just one shot.
Hey, relax, man.
We're just trying to
find out what happened.
All right, there we go.
Yeah, one exit wound.
All right.
We'll secure that.
Did you hit your head?
I don't... I don't think so.
OK, you feel any pain here?
What about here?
All right.
Can you wiggle your
fingers for me?
And your toes?
Your body's in shock.
The body has a
tendency to shut down,
so we immobilized your neck
to protect your spine, OK?
You on any meds?
Heart condition?
[inaudible] Stay with me, buddy.
Hey, you have any allergies?
PHOEBE: Antibiotics.
It starts with a C. Shit.
One, two, three.
I got him.
All right.
Is there anyone
else we can contact
about other health information?
There's his mom.
All right, you wanna call her?
Bad idea.
PHOEBE: She's not
very good at crisis.
JONES: Neither is mine.
All right.
All right, you guys.
All right.
Three, one, two.
Let's step out.
One, two, three.
Could you move?
Let me do my job.
You do yours.
Got forensics on the way.
I got you.
All right.
Pick it up, pick it up.
I wanna go with him.
Can I stay with him?
Get in.
Over there.
Unit 52, go for St. Joseph's.
[radio chatter]
Patient is a caucasian male,
GSW, entry point at chest,
exit point the whole back.
You got that?
Possible internal bleeding.
I said, you got it?
MAN (ON RADIO): Got it.
JONES: 96 over 7.
GARCIA: 96 over 70.
Limited movement in
lower extremities.
Good movement in upper.
[radio chatter]
Hang in there.
[siren wailing]
I need more air.
All right, we'll
take care of it, buddy.
We're gonna try to relieve
the pressure from your chest,
all right?
There we go.
There you go.
Vital signs show
some decompression.
Any better, Mark?
I really got shot, didn't I?
I'm not dreaming.
Where you taking him?
MEDIC: St. Joseph's.
My back.
My back hurts a lot.
Can't you give him something?
Yeah, we got
something for that.
Thank you.
Saline injection
begun with IV drip.
Two liters saline fusion.
Oxygen being administered
out with 100% non-rebreather.
02 level at 95.
[radio chatter]
JONES: BP sitting at 90 over 64.
I'm not gonna die, right?
Not on my watch.
Let's get another one.
GARCIA: Got it.
Have you taken any medications
in the past 12 hours?
GARCIA: Any access to EDMs?
GARCIA: Sex drugs.
Viagra, Cialis,
that type of thing.
You want some?
JONES: What's that?
The answer is no.
No time for fun.
[siren wailing]
Hey, you mind driving
a little smoother?
DRIVER: Don't blame me, man.
It's the road's fault.
How's it coming, Garcia?
Fine, but the driver
isn't making it any easier.
My mom's a better driver
than you, and she's dead.
DRIVER: Tell you what, how
about I just pull over,
and you can walk the
rest of way, huh?
Hey, you know what?
You ruined our vacation.
Now I don't even feel like
going to the hospital anymore.
[phone ringing]
Hey, where are you?
I'm under a house.
JUAN (ON PHONE): A house?
We're under a house?
I... I...
I got rid o the gun.
So should I...
Are you crazy, man?
You go and get
that gun back, OK?
And you don't talk to know one.
Juan, you're gonna
help me, right?
Can you find my cell phone?
What for?
I need to get somebody
to call the job.
Don't worry about
that right now.
GARCIA: Is he allergic to...
JONES: Still hurting, huh?
GARCIA: Sing a song.
You want me to sing?
Whisper, then.
To keep your mind off it.
What's your favorite song?
(SINGING): After
you've gone, there's
no denying you feel blue.
Try "row, row, row your boat."
Is that a joke?
DRIVER: Indulge him!
Makes the ride easier.
Row, row, row your spliff
gently down the scene.
Merrily, merrily, merrily,
life is but a dream.
Ice cream.
Oh, I want ice cream.
He eats ice cream
when he gets upset.
Peanut butter brittle,
mint chocolate chip.
Never eat all I want.
Well, promise you'll treat
yourself to some when you
get through this, all right?
Gotta stay in shape.
Hell yeah.
Women like that.
We got problems.
JONES: Who doesn't?
You want me to call Rick?
MARK: Rick?
To finish that job?
Rick left two months ago.
I don't understand.
Work hasn't been working out.
There's debts.
I borrowed money from our
house and can't pay the bills.
How much?
I tried to tell you.
Just waiting for
you to find out.
Knew you'd be real pissed.
JONES: All right, here we go.
Let's get him into Bay 3.
The victim suffered a gunshot
wound entry point in the front
left chest, exit point
low back at the abdomen.
On site administration of two
liters of saline solution,
two liters of oxygen.
Patient immobilized with
a surgical collar in back ward.
The patient has no
medical history.
Allergic reactions to Cipro.
No other known medications.
- Good luck, man.
- That's it.
Marci, one of the nurses
who'll be working on you.
And right now we're gonna
be running some tests.
Dr. Roberts, your
attending physician.
Can you tell me where you are?
I don't know
ROBERTS: Your name?
Mark Newman.
You know what day it is?
You have HBO.
That depends.
What day is it?
Not a good one.
It's 2000 and...
2000 and...
Right, let's lose the board.
2000 and...
All right, we're
gonna turn you over.
Don't move.
3, 2, 1.
All right, hold still.
NURSE: 3, 2, 1.
Try to relax.
Let's get some scissors.
NURSE: I got 'em.
How's your neck feel in here?
Feel all right?
MARK: Yeah.
How about this?
MARK: Yeah.
Looks like you're
happy to see us.
MARK: I'm sorry.
- Don't worry.
It's normal.
You got nothing
to be ashamed of.
Give me his chart.
Squeeze my fingers.
You an official doctor?
That's better.
How you feeling?
Not good.
ROBERTS: Be specific.
On a scale of 1
to 10, what hurts?
My back nine.
A truck hit my office.
Can't breathe.
But hey.
one tough mother.
Is she your wife?
Ask her.
NURSE: That her over there?
I'm going to start running
some analgesics into your IV
in a minute to ease the pain.
MARK: You've done this before.
You're not my first gunshot.
So mack, when you
were shot, were
you're standing or sitting?
It's Mark.
Move your legs for me.
Try that again.
And again.
[groaning] I'm dizzy.
Rosa, open up.
It's Miguel.
We're gonna do an ultrasound
now to look inside your chest.
Look, is Juan here?
- No.
- Look, let me in.
- What do you want?
- Look, just open up.
Something happened.
I have a job interview.
I need to get ready,
and I gotta look good.
Might feel a little cold.
You always look good.
ROSA: What do you want?
OK, look, just because
I busted your cherry
that one time I was stoned,
you know I'm Juan's chica.
You want Juan to
kick your ass, hm?
Would you hire me?
I hurt someone.
That's good.
Maybe they'll stop
beating up on you now.
If you get shot,
where do they take you?
Did you shoot someone?
Do you have the cops on you?
I don't know.
- I didn't see.
- You gotta get out of here.
No, no, no.
This is not happening.
No, let me stay here, please!
I left the gun.
Just give it to Juan when
you see him, all right?
You don't throw a gun.
You crazy?
What if it goes off?
ROSA: Go away!
I hurt somebody.
ROBERTS: A little more
gel on the probe, please.
OK, we're gonna move over
here to the left side.
Just checking the
pleura here to make sure
your left side's as
good as the right.
Hey, hey, easy,
easy, easy, easy!
ROBERTS: Check the vitals.
I can't breathe...
I can't... I can't...
O2's holding at 89.
BP dropping 70 over 50.
Heart rate 120.
ROBERTS: All right,
he's hypovolemic,
bleeding internally.
Take it easy, mack.
We're gonna get that one working
better for you, all right?
Let's get the IV started.
Tracheal shift.
Sam, get her out of here.
You have to wait
out there, please.
Do you need help with...
No, help with the chest tube.
OK, I'm just
gonna take your arm.
I'm gonna put it here
behind your head.
Your lung is collapsing
That's why you can't breathe.
I'm gonna need to
put a tube in there.
I'm gonna put some numbing
medicine here on your skin.
Feel that?
OK, you won't for long.
There we go.
Easy does it.
I'll be putting the tube in now.
It'll take the fluid out of
that space squishing your lung.
Almost done.
Hurts now, but you're
gonna love me in a minute.
You're gonna feel a
little more pressure here.
Just a little further
and we're there.
Almost done.
We're good.
I'm gonna hook it up
to the suction pump.
Oh, Jesus!
Pinch the tube.
Just force it in there.
I'm sorry.
Start the suction, Marci.
You know, I'm
not your servant.
ROBERTS: That feels
better, right?
NURSE: Set the suction
to 20 centiliters.
I guess we get the official
award for the messiest chest
tube insertion of the month.
One of us is
breathing easier, huh?
I'm gonna take this
needle out of your chest.
We could take that mask
off now if you like.
NURSE: His oxygen
sats are back to 98%.
Respiratory rate down to 20.
MARK: My back still hurts.
Yeah, wiggle your toes for me.
Are they going?
Hm, can try again.
That's shock, right?
That's what the paramedic said.
The body just shuts down.
Shuts down.
ROBERT: Yeah, that can happen.
So I'll feel better soon.
Yes, you will.
You're strong.
My Bulgarian split squats.
Feel that?
Yes, I can.
How about that?
I think.
Yeah, I can't.
How about that?
You feel that?
Let's get a sphincter test.
NURSE: ER handshake,
best part of the job.
Doctor's gonna examine
you internally now.
Nothing like a prostate
massage to light up a guy.
Watch and learn.
NURSE: Why don't
you let Sam do it?
She could use some
practice on her skills?
ROBERTS: Let's lose
the small talk, OK?
Open your legs, please.
Let's put him on his side.
1, 2, 3.
Watch the chest tube.
ROBERTS: We're doing this just
to make sure your spinal cord
is functioning all right.
NURSE: And to see if all
men really have prostates.
[phone ringing]
1, 2, 3.
I could be charging
hundreds of dollars
- for this on the street.
- We're in the ER.
We get to charge
thousands of dollars.
ROBERTS: If they pay.
All right, we got blood in
the gutter around the sigmoid.
Moderate tone.
Moderate tone?
That's funny.
I think it's in 4.
We had a multiple car crash.
The blood, that's
not an issue?
- I'll go check on the x-ray.
- No, Sam.
You stay here.
New girl, you go.
Hey, watch the wires.
I'm watching.
Hey, we need a spinal
team in here, stat.
Why them?
Just I think we had
intestinal bleeding.
We need a trauma surgeon.
Take it easy, mack.
Page Schiabarassi.
Tell him it's either T8
or T9, injury incomplete.
NURSE: Hi, could I get
Dr. Schiabarassi, please?
ROBERTS: Get the OR ready.
Maybe you should
just knock me out.
We have to get all
the information we need.
So try to hang in
there, all right, mack?
See if his blood count's
back from the lab.
Can you tell me
what's going on?
Is it his spine?
We don't know yet.
Hey, am I gonna get
up and walk out of here?
No, we got a great team here.
Should I believe you?
I wouldn't lie to you.
I might lie to me.
Chest and belly.
Got it.
MARK: Why the x-ray?
To make sure there's
no bullet lodged in you.
There could be a bullet in me?
Sometimes it splinters.
Oh, I don't know
that I wanna know this.
What happens to the pieces?
Can you get 'em out?
Look what we're putting
in your IV right now.
This should help you relax.
There you go.
OK, let's close the curtain.
We need to close
this for a bit.
It's not a good time
to talk about insurance?
Oh my god, woman, does
it look like a good time?
Go talk to his wife.
She just left.
She left?
NURSE: We're about to do x-rays.
Do you wanna stand
around and get zapped?
OK by me.
WOMAN: If you don't
mind working for free.
Where did she go?
Who is your
insurance provider?
I'm sure she'll be back.
Us ladies like to stick with
you when things get rough.
Do you really believe that?
everybody needs to clear out.
NURSE: Yeah, let's go.
ROBERTS: Come on,
don't tap a thing.
Oh, cross table lateral 2.
Got it.
OK, I'm gonna need you
to take a deep breath
and then hold it, OK?
OK, that one didn't
spray it on to you?
Why did this
have to happen now?
Is Father T in?
[knocking on door]
We have the youth
ministry on Thursdays.
Miguel, what's happening?
I'm in trouble.
I shot someone.
What happened?
Here come the drugs.
My cousin gave me a gun.
See, I just wanted to be safe.
I don't what to do.
Here's what I
think you should do.
You should tell the truth.
Go to the police and
tell them what happened.
I will go with you, so
they don't push you around.
Do you have the gun?
Better give it to me.
I gotta go.
Miguel, wait!
Hold it.
Thank you.
God bless drugs.
I get you to put your hands
over your head, please?
You want everything.
When are you gonna
take responsibility
for me, everything?
For... for... did you
ever even want a family?
How do you make
'em feel better?
didn't catch that.
You have a girlfriend?
Ah-hah, a wife.
Yeah, got married last year.
Had a big, fat wedding.
Even my homophobe dad came.
Ah, I ha done of those.
A wedding or a homophobe dad?
No, no, no.
Her mother made a lot of
jokes about mulatto babies.
Oh, you have babies?
need you to inhale for me
and hold it one more time.
OK, we're all done.
Bet you're feeling a
little bit better now, huh?
Check this out.
Some splintering here.
Just laying here like an
idiot, getting very good at it.
You're holding up
better than most.
You're nice.
MAN: Code green, code green.
I've heard you finally got a
patient with health insurance.
Yeah, which means
you owe me 50 bucks.
Looks like med school
paid off for you.
I'm Dr. Schiabarassi.
I'm the trauma surgeon here.
This hurt?
SCHIABARASSI: How about this?
I'm gonna go prep the OR.
I'd like a CAT scan.
I gotta find out where this
bleeding's coming from.
Are you sure we
got time for that?
Yeah, I need it.
Your mom proud of you?
I guess so.
I bet she is proud.
Mine is.
She starts every conversation
with "my daughter
the radiologist."
It's embarrassing.
Helping people, I would
like that, actually make
a difference in someone's life.
At least the bullet
missed the heart.
That's good, right?
ROBERTS: There's
blood in the stool.
That's not good.
OK, I'll get
Douglas up to assist.
Any more signs of hemorrhaging?
Not yet.
Do we know who was on
call for neurosurgery?
The kid?
- He's gonna need his hand held.
- A kid?
see you guys in surgery.
Not me.
I promised my kid I'd
be home an hour ago.
What are you
all talking about?
The bullet might have
gone through your intestine.
They want to make
sure the right doctors
are going to work with you.
So it's my intestine,
not my spine?
It's my spine.
Can we talk to him?
Yeah, just make it quick.
Thanks, Doc.
I'm Officer Ramirez.
Do you know who shot you?
No, I just dropped.
RAMIREZ: You didn't
see anyone running?
I'm more of a sound guy.
Gangbangers, right?
Why would a
gangbanger shoot me?
ROBERTS: There's a lot of
Latino gangbangers in the area.
Truth is, there are
very few Latinos in gangs.
Yeah, but everybody's
got a gun, right?
Happen everybody and
their brother's got a gun.
Yeah, but why
would they shoot me?
Well, who knows?
Usually, they shoot their own.
Maybe if we got rid of all the
illegal guns, all of our jobs
would be a lot easier.
Especially yours, Doc.
ROBERTS: Yeah, are we finished?
Wait, so if we just stayed
a little longer, or walked
slower, or parked in another
direction, none of this
would have happened?
Hey, I gotta get back to work.
- Are... are we done?
- Yeah.
OK, good.
Good luck.
I was just in the way.
What... what kind of
fucked up world is that?
Some asshole can unload a gun
in the middle of the street
in broad daylight?
What did I to deserve that?
Hey, don't go there, mack.
I need you to stay
positive, all right?
I'm minding my own
business and I get shot,
and you're telling me
I should stay positive?
You, who don't even remember
my name, which is "Mark!"
Stay calm.
Would you like to talk
to the hospital chaplain?
Fuck you!
I'm through being calm!
I want my wife!
OK, bring his
wife in, would you?
Will you want some privacy?
We'll give you
guys some privacy.
Come on, everybody.
Let's clear out for a bit.
All right?
How you doing?
My legs may never work again.
I have spinal damage.
I might be paralyzed.
If you hadn't insisted that I
leave work early, none of this
would have happened.
If it helps you to place
the blame on me, then go ahead
and just blow off some steam.
Stop with the psycho speech.
Just be real.
Look, I am sorry
that this happened.
Me too.
I called the insurance guy.
I called my sister.
She's coming.
I better call your mom now.
Moms, they like to know.
Not mine.
Mine is a bit of a drama queen.
She'll have to cope,
just like the rest of us.
MARK: Some people can't change.
It's hard to change.
You have to want to.
I can change.
I'll do whatever you want
to get back to where we were,
back when we were dancing.
We could take lessons again.
I could stop working weekends.
I could do it.
If you just said you were in, we
could get back to being normal.
"Normal" wasn't working.
And when did we wanna
be normal anyway?
We were supposed to be special.
NURSE: CT's ready for him.
ROBERTS: OK, let's go.
NURSE: I need you to move.
Yes, best for you
to wait outside.
OK, he's ready.
This is just a mistake.
Which means I can fix it.
You believe me?
So say it.
"You can fix this."
You can fix this.
From your mouth to God's ear.
You remind me of
Erin, my first love.
But you know what you're doing.
Well, you remind
me of my brother.
Did he know what he was doing?
He used to.
Then what happened?
He died in the war.
But not you.
You're going to make it.
Am I?
This This is GSW?
All right, let's
get him on the table.
All right, here we go.
On three.
Everybody ready?
1, 2, 3.
Sorry about that.
Doesn't matter.
Hold on, hold on,
hold on, hold on.
Got that.
Here we go.
My machine's been acting
up a little today.
So this may take a
little longer than usual,
but we'll get through it.
Just relax, all right?
Should be working now.
Wait a second.
I'm gonna go in the
other room and fix it.
Yo, wanna play?
[helicopter flying overhead]
MOTHER: Miguel?
MOTHER: Donde estas?
You look a mess.
Those boys got him again.
You gotta toughen up.
Give me the treatment, huh?
Ma, I got a lot of
things on my mind.
What do you mean things?
What things?
I'm bushed.
Come on.
Get in here.
Just this one.
Ma, this looks...
this looks bad.
You should get this checked out.
Think maybe my
foot will fall off?
Any carnitas from last night?
Well, tengo hambre.
You want me to...
I'm gonna make quesadillas.
[knocking on door]
Don't get that!
MOTHER: Why not?
I got it!
Yo, you got the cuete or what?
Yo, what the fuck?
- You left me hanging!
- And you put us both in shit!
- Man, I called you!
- Yeah.
What the... back
the fuck up, man.
Guys, what's going on?
What's Up, Anita?
Ma, just give us a second, OK?
What were you thinking, man?
Dude, it was an accident.
Why don't we go talk to the
cops, explain what happened?
We're good.
No No, no!
That piece came from
an illegal dealer.
It gets traced to
me, I go to prison.
So go get me the gun.
You're coming with.
- No, I'm not going with you.
- Oh yeah.
- Yeah, you are.
- No, I'm not.
Yeah, you are.
We're gonna go see
Raul and the Vatos.
No, I'm gonna give you
the gun, leave me out.
Dude, they know how
to handle this shit.
They can help us.
Bro, I'm giving you
the gun, all right?
- OK, go get me the fu...
- That's what I'm doing!
MOTHER: What's
going on with you?
I'm getting rid of it.
Getting rid of what?
What did you do?
Somebody got hurt,
but it was an accident.
What kind of trouble are
you getting my boy into?
Nothing, as long as
he keeps his mouth shut.
He's not gonna say a word.
Right, baby?
Yeah, you better not.
You're breaking my heart.
I'm going to the police.
And do want?
I'm gonna tell
'em what happened.
I don't care what happened!
You're not going to the police.
Look, Father said he can help make
- them understand what happened.
- Look at yourself!
Open your eyes, Miguel!
You are brown.
You are not going to police!
I'm not gonna let
you ruin your life.
CT TECHNICIAN: Here we go.
Now, don't move.
Hey, I'm not too
sure about this.
Um, can you get me out of here?
couple of more minutes.
No, no, no.
Get me out!
Get me out.
I... I don't wanna die in here.
I don't wanna die like this.
I'm done.
I'm done.
Just take it easy, buddy.
MARK: Untie me.
I don't... I don't...
You're going to hurt yourself.
I wanna get out.
Listen, you can do this.
I can't do this.
I can't.
No, no, no, no tears.
You're OK, Mark.
Look right here into my eyes.
OK, here we go.
OK, sir, we're gonna
go back on three.
1, 2, 3.
Life is but a dream.
We're gonna take
you into surgery
as soon as the OR's ready.
We'll patch up your
lungs and other organs
and try and fix your spine.
Am I gonna walk again?
gonna do everything
possible to make that happen.
Do you bike?
I used to.
MARK: Why'd you stop?
I got a car.
MARK: I bike everyday.
Things go by so
fast you miss them.
I wanna apologize.
For what?
I'm sorry for lying.
You always believed in me,
and I wanted to impress you.
I wanted to be a good provider.
Money, work, and...
Why not just tell
me what's going on?
Because I was embarrassed.
I didn't wanna look bad,
so I just closed down.
I just thought you
didn't want me anymore.
That's crazy.
I pulled away.
PHOEBE: We both did.
You're here now.
Ice cream?
You said you wanted some.
I did?
In the ambulance.
I couldn't get your favorite.
He can't have that.
We're about to cut
open his abdomen.
Can I just...
can I smell it?
Of course you can.
Go ahead.
Hey, would you
get me some water?
That's cold.
Will you stay?
Of course.
Give me a kiss.
What's going on with him?
He's diaphoretic.
And bradycardia.
Mark, can you hear me?
Probably autonomic
Check under here for any tubing.
- Anything under the sheets here?
- Nothing.
All right, do we
have a cath in him?
All right, let's intubate
and take him to OR now.
100 milligrams of
Tell Schiabarassi we're bringing
him in for anaesthesia now.
We need you to clear
out, if you don't mind.
Get that catheter in him now.
Let's prepare for intubation.
Patient 7.5 ET tube,
the MAC 3 blade.
Hang in there.
I see the cords.
Connect the ambu bag.
What's going on?
Sometimes when a patient
has a spinal injury,
too much stimulus can
over-run the nervous system.
ROBERTS: Squeeze out
bilateral chest inflation.
We're clear.
ROBERTS: All right.
Let's get him to OR.
So let's work on
some upper balance.
Look straight ahead.
Try to keep your chest up tall.
I'll move your legs for you.
Straight ahead, up tall.
How's it going, Batiste?
Nothing's working right today.
Aw, come on.
We gotta show these physical
terrorists what we're made of.
I can't.
Enough of this.
We've got goals.
We gotta walk under
our own steam.
Don't puss out.
Get real.
I'll be better next time.
Wake up!
Stop it!
Yeah, I'm sorry.
I was making noise again?
Yeah, again.
Just try to go
back to sleep, OK?
I will if you shut up.
I still can't go out at night.
And I'm always waiting for
something terrible to happen.
How about you, Lauren?
Oh, well, I had
a little victory.
For the first time, you
know, since Henry got shot,
we went to a show, and
we were able to stay
through the whole show.
And then after he kind of
got stuck in the bathroom,
you know, dealing
with his catheter.
And I thought, "oh man, I'm
gonna have a panic attack."
You should try some
anti-anxiety meds.
They helped for me
the first few months.
Let's remember
this is a place just
to listen, not to give advice.
You know, we're all
trying to just figure
out a way to cope with this.
How are things with Mark?
I think about him a lot.
I mean, he hasn't
even wanted to see
me since he got out of rehab.
And then all of a
sudden, he wants
to take me out for a
night out on the town.
I mean, he's all over the place.
[jazz music playing]
SONG: They call
it stormy Monday,
but Tuesday's just as bad.
They call it stormy Monday,
but Tuesday's just as bad.
Wednesday's worse.
Thursday's also sad.
Lord have mercy.
Lord, have mercy on me.
Lord, have mercy.
I just got a call from school.
You've been skipping out?
You know I've been
working at the market, ma.
School is more
important than that.
Yeah, more Important
than the electric bills?
School doesn't give
a shit about me,
so long as I keep my mouth shut.
Miguel, I care
that you graduate.
All right, what
about those ADD pills?
Keep me up.
We're not doing that.
Your brothers asthma pills are
enough drugs for one family.
Come to church with me.
What's that gonna do?
Look, I made some dinner.
You can have some before you.
God has a plan for you.
I'm not sure about that.
Maybe you're not
listening hard enough.
Maybe I don't
like what I hear.
Hey, be careful with
those jalapenos, huh?
Don't stick your
finger in your eye.
Can I get you anything else?
Shall I remove this chair?
Yes, please.
The assisted cabs take a little
longer than they promise.
Well, I ordered for us, and
I got you an old-fashioned
ye old cup of ice.
I got you a gift.
Took me forever to find it.
I figured, since
you probably saved
my life with the last one,
you should replace it.
It's not quite the same.
It's almost the same.
It's better.
But are you sure?
I mean, with all your expenses
and bills that you should even?
No, no.
It's all... it's all good.
I sold my bike on eBay.
Dessert first?
Why not?
You know, chocolate was used
as currency by the Mayans.
And the flavenols
are said to improve...
Mouth feels.
How's the boys?
He's gonna ride a horse.
Hippotherapy, It's called.
Sounds like he should be writing
a hippo, but it's a horse.
It's supposed to be
very good therapy.
Well, you could do it too.
You OK?
I thought it would be
a good idea to come out.
Now I'm not so sure.
Que pasa, cabron?
Little talk.
How you doing?
Like the new whip?
Cool, right?
Been a good boy?
Have you been a good boy?
Dude, yeah.
All right.
- Yeah!
- All right.
All right.
Well, maybe one day
I'll let you drive it.
Take care, man.
[knocking on door]
Is that you?
- Hello.
- Hi.
Come on in.
You found the place.
Any trouble?
This a lot better than
you made it out to be.
Oh yeah, it's a palace.
Put that right there.
Are you hungry,
Not really.
I'm good.
You look good.
Thank you.
You want a tour?
After you.
You're now in the kitchen.
Yes, I see it.
Approaching the bedroom.
Ah, Bedman is here.
I'm glad he's still around.
I... I brought
you Eagle Pacino.
I know you gave him to me,
but you seemed to love him.
- I did give him to you.
- Most.
I do love him
the most, though.
I remember when we got that.
We were in Monument
That's right.
And it was really, really hot.
Too hot.
Um, and this guy?
Thank you.
It's a match set, yes.
Where do you want it?
How about
on top of the book case?
You want me to
hang this one up?
Are you offering?
Well, if you're offering,
I'm gonna accept.
But I should warn you
that, as you can see,
there's a ton of
shit to hang up,
so I'm gonna put you to work.
There's a hammer and
nails in the desk.
MARK: You don't
have to do it now.
Well, no.
I can do it.
Not... not that.
The other side, other drawer.
Is that a gun?
You're not planning on
doing anything stupid?
No, I mean, you
see where I live?
It's home protection.
Yeah, well, even
the best shot is
not gonna stop a random bullet.
Well, most bullets
aren't random.
And this is just for safety.
And if you don't
mind me saying so,
you should think
about getting one too.
Not a chance!
Come on.
Mark, guns in the house?
That causes accidents
and suicides.
OK, OK, I don't need...
I don't want a lecture, OK?
This didn't happen to you, so...
No, it didn't.
It didn't.
But I'm still affected.
Do you get that?
Everyone is affected.
Everyone pays.
How do you pay?
I pay.
Do you?
Do you... do you wake up in the
middle of the night sweating,
and shaking, and
screaming, and trying
to picture the face of the
son of a bitch who shot you?
Well, that's the PTSD, Mark.
I told you to get help!
Don't say that to me!
Don't say that to me!
Talk, talk, talk,
therapy, therapy, therapy!
It doesn't solve
everything, Phoebe.
It doesn't solve everything.
It doesn't help an 11
year old kid who gets shot
on his way home from school.
It doesn't help me, even
if it pays your bills.
Oh, that's an
asshole thing to say.
I'm an asshole now.
Maybe you should go.
Is that what you want?
Yeah, yeah.
That's what I want.
[door opens and closes]
[festive music playing]
[siren wailing faintly]
[helicopter flying overhead]
I'm surprised to see you here.
Yeah, me too.
Your mom's been telling
me about your nightmares.
Those nightmares
are not gonna go away
until you set things right.
Sometimes it hurts
to do what's right.
I don't know
what else I can do.
You have to face what
happened and take responsibility
for what you did.
Yeah, but there... there's
no way to find the guy.
Except if you
go to the police.
I wasn't in this alone.
What if my cousin
gets in trouble?
And if I end up in jail?
My family, they need me.
And how is that fair?
A lot of things
in life aren't fair.
But if you have
faith and courage,
you might be surprised
how things turn out.
[phone ringing]
I'm sorry.
I got carried away.
It's hard to be around
you when you're so angry.
Listen, I know that
I'm hard to be around.
I... I...
I don't wanna push you away.
Then, why do you?
Maybe I'm scared.
Of course you're scared.
So do you wanna
try this again?
Yes, I do.
You wanna maybe bring me
back my espresso machine?
That I have to think about.
You brought flowers?
Yes, I did.
You did give it some thought?
Yeah, well, you know, I
don't really use it that much.
So French roast.
Shall I make us some?
No, no.
I'll make it.
That's OK.
No, no.
I got it.
It's OK.
OK, it's just humiliating.
Mark, it's just, I don't...
I don't know how
you want me to be.
Well, I don't know.
I... yeah, it's just, you
know, a little over...
It's OK.
Baby, it's OK.
All right.
So look at you.
Yeah, it didn't all shut down.
Um, how do we, uh...
I don't know.
I am still kind of
figuring it all out.
It's called body mapping.
It's just certain places.
You... you hungry?
I can order some take-out.
Let's see how this
espresso machine is working.
PHOEBE: I'm gonna take a shower.
[knocking on door]
If you want money, I'm
not gonna give you any!
MIGUEL: No, I don't
want any money.
You got shot, right?
I just wanna say I'm sorry.
[shower water running]
Why are you sorry?
I'm the guy who shot you.
You shot me?
Five months ago.
I didn't mean to shoot you.
Come in.
Shut the door.
Sit down.
How did you find me?
God did that.
Oh, you're one of
those... you're crazy?
No, no.
I don't know.
It... I'm just really sorry,
and it was an accident.
I didn't mean to hurt
anyone, and the gun, it
just... it just went off.
How old are you?
MIGUEL: 17-year-old
You're in a gang?
No, no.
I'm in school.
Why are you here?
Look, I'm just trying
to do the right thing.
Oh, what is that, exactly?
I don't know.
You're gonna give
me my legs back?
I can... I can help
around the house.
- I know how to cook.
- What are you doing?
Sit down.
I... I can clean
up, fix things.
Whatever you need.
Do you honestly think that
I'm gonna let you walk around
free will I'm stuck like this?
I'm gonna call the cops.
Is that gonna fix things?
It's not gonna hurt.
And that... and that's
gonna make your legs better?
You fucking punk.
You walk into my house,
and you apologize,
and you expect to be forgiven?
Well, let me tell you,
that's not gonna happen!
Meet the prick who shot me.
Is this true?
I should just shoot
you in the legs.
PHOEBE: Mark, don't.
No, Mark.
OK, no, no, no.
If you're gonna shoot me,
go, go, go. o it, do it.
What's your name?
[music playing]
turn on the news,
it just brings me the blues.
And I feel such despair.
Don't know how we got here.
Helpless, broken, hopeless.
How to reach out to you
when the walls are so high.
And when troubles appear,
how to give up fear?
Will our love really fail?
Past the limits of the pain,
ours souls light the way,
Past the limits of the pain,
ours souls light the way,
showing us how we can change.
When I look in your eyes,
I can see where to start.
For you open your heart
when you're by my side.
I know love will provide.
When I look in your eyes,
I can see where to start.
For you open your heart
when you're by my side.
I know love will provide.