Shot Boot Three (2023) Movie Script

Kailash and Pallavi, What is this?
Mam, Ballu failed by 30 marks.
So... I gave him 20 marks.
I too gave him 20 marks, Mam!
Marks are not your lunch
to share among your friends.
But we have been taught in Social Studies!
that the haves should help the have - nots
Kailash, what's our school motto?
Sharing is caring!
Don't try to act too smart.
Do you know what this is called?
is it?
then you guys...
share the punishment as well!
In today's world, where
everyone is obsessed
with likes and shares on the internet,
How can we not like these
kids who share only LOVE?
This is Kailash.
The only son of a workaholic IT couple.
An accidental by-product
from an overseas project trip!
In Short,
he is an accident!
This is Swaminathan,
Kailash's biological dad...
but his actual dad...
Because only Amazon
delivers whatever Kailash wants.
Did you reject my team member Praveena's
leave request to attend
her son's sports day?
Her son is the same age as Kailash.
We don't do these things anyway!
The deadline is next week.
none of your team members
are as knowledgeable as her
He is just a kid.
Won't he be disappointed?
Enough of all the emotional blackmail.
What I'm trying to say is...
No means No!
And You know it.
Please take a day off
from work this Saturday.
We will go somewhere
Talk softly...
Why are you shouting?
She is always singing
in the shower for hours.
What nonsense is this?
This is Pallavi
Her entire school appreciates her voice,
but at home, she is always the brat!
Open your mouth wide!
Pallavi's parents all
day request their patients
to open their mouths,
Pallavi is the only person
whom they ask to shut up.
give me my headphones.
I don't have them.
Ask the person who took them.
Nothing is going to change
if you don't have your headphones for a day
Same logic!
Losing 1 mark in Science
does not change anything!
Look how she's talking?
This loudmouth will
become a lawyer in the future!
Go Ballu.
A boy with many unrealistic dreams.
He always lives in his imagination.
He goes to the extent
of losing track of reality!
- AMRIT: Another dream?
Bunty has wet the bed again!
Master has asked me to Have
a light meal before the class!
Let him be a sickly thin guy!
said by Thiruvalluvar (Ancient Tamil poet)
It means,
One should take his next meal only
when he is hungry and his
previous meal is fully digested.
That too within limits.
Did you get it?
Son is a superhero fan,
dad is a Tamil literature fan!
Especially Thiruvalluvar,
not because of the beard or
the turban but for the language.
- AMRIT: Eat fast.
120 acres, 13 blocks,
264 houses of this grand
Hiranandani Apartment
complex is a world of its own.
Meet Mr.One-stop-solution
to all their everyday needs
Yes sir, I'll give it to him.
call for you.
Hello, that's not a problem I'll handle it.
What's the matter?
Why did they call from Singapore?
Dad, its A BLOCK 150 owner.
Some new tenant is coming
tomorrow to see the house.
The mobile might be mine
but all the calls are for you.
So can I get you a second hand phone?
Why seconds? I already
have my eye on a new model.
I'm saving up some money for it.
Don't take the cycle...
your dad said that the tire is losing air!
I know, I changed the
tube yesterday night, Mom.
Make sure you come home for lunch!
- KAILASH: Ramana!
- Did you fix my bat handle?
- CONDUCTOR: Step out everyone
Will be delivered tomorrow morning!
Come fast!
Bye, bye, bye!
Bye dear!
Bye bro!
Bye, bye
Bye bro.
Heyy hey!
look at him!
Tomorrow at 10 AM sharp, Cricket!
Ballu, better don't oversleep!
My relatives are coming
from Punjab tomorrow.
I doubt if I can make it!
We are going on vacation this weekend
So Karthik and I are
already out of the match!
Okay Kailash...
Happy weekend!
Bye dude.
What is Swaminathan and
Shyamala's last appointment today?
Technical Meeting at 8 pm.
Asking you is a waste of time!
Sorry, I can't understand you!
Nobody understands me.
- hmm...
I'm very bored.
What do you want?
One brother!
Why do you need a xerox machine?
a baby brother...
All my friends have siblings.
I want one too!
Uh... For that mom has
to pray to god and we
have to do a lot of rituals, fasting, etc.
It's a big process.
But it's the easiest process in India!
Don't bluff.
Next week go with Mom
on a tour and make a baby!
I know how kids are born, Dad!
These are the culprits!
Kailash, you're a young boy.
You won't understand all this.
Last week
when I asked you for helping
me with my science project,
you guys told me not to
ask doubts as I'm grown up!
Make up your mind on
whether I young or grown up?
Actually what he is trying to say is...
We have discussed this many times.
I have two onsite projects.
I am up for a promotion
Vice President post.
I can't get pregnant now!
I can't take off from work!
Doctor visits, diaper
changing, vaccination... can't
do this all over again!
So please!
Hey stop, don't run.
I read recently in a magazine
that kids who grow up with siblings
are healthier and happier!
Uh... But I understand your situation.
What 'your' situation?
It's 'our' situation!
The moment you encounter
a problem, you put it
on my head and escape.
My brother told me long back...
I don't need a brother.
but someone like a brother?
No way!
I can't tolerate a dog in our house.
It'll pee and poop all over the place!
Who will take care of it?
Don't worry, I will take care!
You can't.
Do you have any sense of responsibility?
Look at the way you
maintain your room and things.
It's very easy!
We need to take him walking daily,
dog saloon once in 2 months,
medical checkup every 6 months,
vaccination annually,
Just shut up...!
No means no and you know it!
You want a brother, right?
Please take my brother Bunty.
I'm unable to tolerate him.
He is eating up all my food.
Hey that's why I want a dog!
your parents won't allow right?
What can we do?
Which breed?
Golden Retriever!
TEACHER: Book...
Hey Pallavi!
Do you have 10,000?
No! I dont have that much!
Do you have 10,000?
I have 3000 to pay my Karate Class fees.
Right now my brother
Karthik is the richest person in my family.
He won't notice if I take
a few notes from him.
that is stealing
No... Its my Tuition fees.
I have been teaching him
science for past 2 weeks!
What an expensive teacher!
It's really hard to get 3000 from him!
Can't you be quiet?
If you skip your lunch,
will you get a dog?
Okay Grandma!
Enough of your advice.
when I am angry, I eat more.
Imagine that you have bought
a dog and you grow up with it!
They say that there are
many fairies all around us! They
might just grant you your wish sometimes!
What's the name of this game?
It's not a game.
It's kind of positive thinking.
Okay, now close your eyes.
Close your eyes Kailash...
you too Ballu.
The dog has reached Kailash's house.
What's the name of the dog?
I'm scared of Maths!
I always fail in it.
Whenever I call him,
I would be reminded of it.
Dumbo! Subject's name is
Maths but his name is MAX!
Let me suggest a super name!
It's like the name of a video game.
Positive thinking is not
going to work with you!
Kailash you better try at home!
So who said no to the dog?
Who else?
My mom!
How about dad?
Hey buddy!
Why didn't you eat dinner properly?
Are you angry?
I know...
Because your mom said no to the dog?
Wait for a few days...
I'll convince your mom.
We'll definitely get a dog!
Don't you trust me?
No means no and you know it.
Hey look at you... Ha ha
Pinky promise...
Pinky promise!
Is your dad picking us up?
That's new
Just like that...
For a change!
What's happening in the school?
Ah nothing...
Your son was very very
bad in the class, Uncle
We're on our way...
All set?!
We all are taking you somewhere.
Wait for sometime.
All set sir, you speak with the owner.
I'll go with them to the backyard.
Yeah okay.
- What's happening?
Why is he here?
Wait wait.
Have you had a dog before?
We had one when my dad was in the army...
This is a golden retriever.
It's like a baby.
You should be gentle with him.
Yeah, I know.
Do you know what a breed is?
She might ask us to write an entrance exam
before buying the dog.
Cute puppies.
Do you have any offers?
Like Buy one, Get one free?
They are in high demand.
Actress Trisha just got one recently.
We could have met Trisha
if we had come a little earlier.
I'm helping you only
because of Ramana's strong recommendation!
Don't worry... I'll take
care of all the maintenance.
Go ahead
Good choice.
Sister, his dad will pay you.
Okay Ramana.
Are you happy??
Our advance gift for your birthday!
Thank you so much guys.
How did you convince your dad?
It's a small strategy.
What did Valluvar say
about helping friends, dad?
Swift as the hand seizing
a slipping garment,
Friendship acts to
assuage a friend in distress.
Meaning is...
I don't want the meaning
On my behalf,
you need to help Kailash.
Thank you my dear Ballu.
All okay,
but i'm afraid what mom would say.
Don't worry Kailash
Your dad promised.
I'm sure he will handle it.
Did he eat?
He ate well.
leave me alone.
I need to do my homework.
Don't get mad. Take care of
him tonight. He might be scared.
You are calling for the 30th time.
If you call me again...
I'll call your mom and
let her know everything.
Okay okay... calm down.
my mom and dad are not home yet...
Can you leave him here for a bit?
I'll take care of him!
one minute...
someone ringing the bell.
Don't hang up.
Oh my god! can't tolerate
your constant nagging.
Don't get mad.
Ballu my dear.
Okay okay... Enjoy.
I'm very happy...
Play Party music.
Your birthday is tomorrow.
So we decided to come home early.
What happened?
Why are you in shock?
Come... Come here!
What... What's all this dancing?
Dad come fast!
What buddy?
Dad come fast!
Wait wait... Come inside soon.
What's this?
Dad... don't shout!
Hey, I said I'll convince mom
and then we can buy a dog
Dad... it's my friends'
birthday gift for me.
Please convince mom somehow!
Very tough... We are
definitely going to get caught.
Dad... You made a promise remember.
What are you doing inside?
I'm making a promi...
No no, solving a problem.
It's okay...
Kailash is becoming
responsible nowadays, right?!
Yeah yeah.
He is getting too responsible.
I can't handle this!
Can i get a cup of coffee please?
We are out of milk.
Ya right. Ha ha!
Black coffee is also okay for me!
Why were you in such a hurry?
I told you right?
I didn't know dad... surprise gift,
but the moment I saw
him I couldn't help it!
Oh god!
Okay we will do one thing...
Huh... for now try to
return him to Ballu's place.
We'll bring him tomorrow to
our house as your birthday gift.
That was our plan too dad.
Super come...
Thank you.
Oh these hiccups...
coffee is so hot...
That's why!
Okay no problem.
What did you name him?
Come on come on...
Come on Come on...
Come fast.
Go go go...
You go go...
Go go go...
You go go.
I am alone...
- What?
You seem to be in a very good mood?
I'm just recording a song for some app.
For that only.
Can we have dinner?
Ya sure.
In a minute.
What do you want for your birthday Kailash?
Mom's asking right, .don't be shy tell her!
Will you get me anything I want?
Of course.
One... good...
Bread is so dry... so
What is this Kailash?
Oh no...
Hey honey!
His friends planned and
gave him a surprise gift...
Now, I get all the drama you both played!
No Kailash...
no way! You better give
that back to your friends!
Mom... Please!
No means no and you know it!
Me or the dog... Only one of
us should remain in the house.
Why are you talking like this?
Tomorrow is his birthday.
I'm going to sleep
and I don't want to see this dog tomorrow.
Shyamala, listen...
Kailash... don't
He is too fond of him...
I promised him as well.
Do you think we are
ready for this commitment?
How stubborn he is?
He takes after you.
From me??
I mean... I'm so good
I had a long day,
Good night.
Are you both coming in or not?
Don't create a scene now.
I'll come inside only, if Kailash comes in.
I'll come in only if Max comes in.
I won't take care of him for sure.
You two have to do everything!
Absolutely. mom... I'll
not disturb you at all!
we'll not disturb you at all!
Okay come in
Happy Birthday dear.
You achieved what you wanted finally.
From within the misty drizzle,
emerges a playful rainbow,
He jumps into your arms,
to complete you like a painting
He flows into you like a breezy music
He feels comforts
when he jumps on you
He's the love that melts my heart,
he's the friend that cares for me
He playfully nuzzles my heart,
He is my life, my everything
He playfully nuzzles my heart,
He is my life, my everything
How is he now?
Feels better
We had prayed when Kailash was born
We have not visited our family temple yet.
Why did you pray without consulting me?
I wanted to consult you.
you were under the influence of anesthesia
and they didn't let me in...
Are you joking?
Then what?
I prayed for your good
and Kailash's as well!
Let's go and come.
Okay let's go.
A hero with paws, as
pure as the morning rain
a magician who stole my heart
Cuddly in the morning,
protective in the evening,
my loyal friend
At my feet when i leave,
in my arms when i arrive
His eyes treasure me
His barks soothe me
He touches my heart,
filling it with endless joy
A tiny tear in my eye,
weighs him down a ton
From within the misty drizzle,
emerges a playful rainbow
he jumps into your arms,
to complete you like a painting
He's the love that melts my heart,
he's the friend that cares for me
He is my brother!
Oh the lovely soul!
The accusation of brutal
murder of three street
dogs in streets.
Animal welfare activist
filed a complaint with police
They described the killing
of the innocent animals
as an inhuman act.
Animal welfare activist
Pet Revathi condemned such heinous acts.
Why are you holding us here?
Just because of the complaint
from an unknown girl?
We're keeping our calm just for you.
Why all this commotion for
the death of mere street dogs?
Your area guys have killed the dogs.
we have CCTV footage too.
Just ask your guys to
show up and end this thing.
If not, talk to that Pet Revathi girl
and resolve this as soon as possible.
You have made us wait here
for the death of mere street dogs.
there isn't even a single chair to sit.
It's been a while since I ordered tea...
will it ever come?
Hey keep quiet.
You should not bring dogs inside!
This whole problem revolves around them,
why should they not be here?
Excuse me!
Excuse me!
Please move...
move please.
Hello sir!
First... you tell me sir!
these days, there are too
many street dogs in our area.
There are 10 dogs in each and every street.
We are too scared to walk after 9PM.
How many times should we
complain to the corporation?
It's not like we're not doing anything!
We are catching the street
dogs and sterilizing them.
What's the use?
You'll inject and leave them
back on the street, right?
What else can we do?
Just kill them.
There it is...
did you understand, sir?
These guys would have killed them.
Record the FIR first!
We can discuss other things later!
Logu, please be calm.
Calm? It's been a close
shave for our kids sir.
- Hmm...
If the dogs are so important.
Why don't you take
them all to your Beach
house and take care of them?
That's exactly how i got these three.
If everyone thinks like this,
we will never have a problem.
Can't you see i'm speaking...
Why are you behaving like these guys?
Are you calling us dogs?
Please calm down.
Please be quiet for a bit.
We'll begin our work from today.
Give us 3 days time.
We will solve this problem!
I know exactly how you'll solve this.
I will take care of this in court
Move ahead!
Who the hell is this lady?
Why is she shouting like this?
I will ask my team to
catch all the street dogs.
We'll handle the consequences!
You have only two days time...
If you can't handle it, let us know.
We will take care
Yes sir...
Please don't delay,
like the tea I ordered!
Hey... Guna,
Round up and catch all
dogs from nearby streets.
Bring them within tonight.
Our vet doctor
asked us not to bring any
more dogs for sterilization,
next 2 weeks.
Stray dog menace is on the rise
Do one thing!
Lets just get the dogs,
tranquilize them and bury them like before!
That's exactly what we
have been saying all along sir.
Who's going to bother
about a few dead dogs?
Okay... get it done quickly!
Sure sir...
make arrangements for the burials,
we will get it done without
anybody noticing a thing!
Don't worry Guna
I will take care of that.
Okay sir...
Total of three members in our family.
I'll send the staff list.
Please ensure its a decent hotel.
Where are we going?
We are distributing Diwali gifts
to school students in outskirts
Part of the Corporate Social
Responsibility programme.
When will we be back?
Will be back in one day,
or will stay for a day.
Let's leave Max at the dog care center.
Dog care center?
No way
I can't... Max will be upset.
Hey... Kailash.
we can't take Max along!
I can stay at Ballu's house with Max.
We shouldn't disturb others!
This is not a good idea.
They are nice, they won't mind at all.
I'll take care.
Okay i will talk to Sukhvinder singh.
You have to take care properly.
Max is my brother...
I'll take care of him, don't worry.
Kailash, always keep Max on a leash, Okay?
Okay dad.
- Hmm...
And, don't bother Amrit aunty too much.
Just eat whatever she makes.
The Pedigree is in the bedroom cupboard,
and his favorite chicken is in the fridge.
I know dad...
Another thing.
Stay in our house.
Amrit aunty is having some
guests over at her place.
Don't forget everything
we said once you get
absorbed in play. Okay?
Be a good boy!
- Bye.
- Bye bye.
Let's shoot the video...
We'll shoot here.
Not here.
If I start singing Max will join me.
Hey! Max stays silent
when he watches TV, right?
Switch on the TV.
Good idea.
Hey change the channel!
Wait, wait.
Hey put some cartoon channel.
Max barking
Don't keep on changing!
Yeah, he will like this.
Sing one of the latest dance numbers.
I'll dance in the background.
No way...
This is classical round.
Oh... Is it.
Light should be placed here...
Keep the camera over there.
The angle should be like this...
- Hey.
What are you doing?
I'm directing.
I will take care of that.
You open the curtains first...
and switch on all the lights.
You are making a director
do the duties of a Light man...
Shall I start?
Who's that now?
Ballu, go and check...
I brought you guys lunch.
Put that on the table
Do you need anything else?
Don't disturb us.
Close the door while you leave.
You are looking beautiful...
start singing...
Hey, how was it?
Yeah good!
have a look!
Good one!
I will forward it to Saradha mam
You sang well.
Hmm... Thank you.
- Yeah you rocked it.
Who is at the door?
Put that on the table
Our maid.
She got us lunch...
She didn't close the door...
Where's Max?
Don't worry...
He will be here somewhere.
I will check in the kitchen.
- Max!
He is not here.
Let's search for him outside. Come!
Max is missing.
He is not home.
We searched downstairs as well.
No sign of him anywhere.
He didn't come to my house.
Don't know where he is!
Mom and dad will be so mad!
Don't worry. We will find him
before anyone gets to know.
He should be in our neighborhood.
You guys... look for that auto.
We'll go on the bicycle this side.
Hey come...
sit here up front.
On this rod??
Yeah here...
Easy way to watch out for Max!
Can you take us around this Township?
Go and play with your dad,
don't try to play with me.
Boss... This is not a game...
One help!
Can't you help this innocent child?
you resemble like superstar in this getup
Why are you lying?
Not just this apartment,
I will drive you through entire city.
Hop on!
That's it.
Hey... my butt is hurting
What is hurting?
Buttocks man.
Oh bums! don't worry.
You'll get used to it.
You should sit and see for yourself
That's been my seat for
over 10 years now.
If you are uncomfortable,
why don't you ride the cycle?
I'll sit in the front.
I don't know how to ride this cycle.
Then keep quiet... CSK
Chennai Super Kings?
Nothing... just sit quietly!
Hey kids...
Why are you guys making
me wander around this place?
What do you want?
Our Max...
Max... Micromax... I lost my phone...
so we are looking for it!
Micromax phone?
- Dumbo... don't blabber everything!
Hey kid!
I didn't get you.
Everybody calls on the phone!
But, you guys are
calling out to your phone!
- Tell me.
- It will hear us if the signal is strong!
Oh it can hear,
then give your number,
I will give a missed call.
Huh... it's out of charge.
What's out of charge?
I'm Confused!
You check that side.
Boss... Stop here...
Stop the auto boss.
I can't stop just anywhere.
- Get down...
Hey, wait.
Why are you mocking me?
- Huh?
I said thank you in Punjabi
- Oh!
- It's you who is mocking yourself always...
Hey now you are mocking me.
Something fishy with these kids...
She said she was visiting
her village for ten days
Where are you?
I drove my auto to America...!
tell me
Enough of your sarcasm.
I can't hear the engine sound.
Can't hear?
Did you hear that?
Always torturing me.
Now hang up.
Hey... Don't hang up one minute.
Okay then I hang up.
Keeps torturing me through
phone like FM Radio...
We went around the complex.
No sign of him.
We didn't find him either.
If he is not here...
I think somebody kidnapped him.
Stop blabbering...
I think we should go to the
police or a private detective!
Shut up!
Don't worry Kailash!
He might have just wandered
out somewhere and lost his way.
He will come back.
Where would he be?
Shall we check the CCTVs?
But his dad will be on duty over there.
We need a way to divert him.
I have an idea!
Check what's happening there.
This is the last camera...
Did you see anyone?
No one here.
Sir no one here.
Okay let's go...
Come fast guys...
Let's go out and search immediately.
I'll go out and search.
Only you?
I'll join you too!
- We'll come too
- We'll come too
If you guys go out...
the security guards will call your parents.
Then what shall we do?
Come on climb.
Shall I go first?
Yeah fast.
Hey Kailash be careful.
Can you do it?
I surely can.
Ask this fatso if he can do it!
Okay okay climb fast.
Hey give me your hand.
Be careful.
Hold it properly.
Hey Ballu, come fast.
Hey there is no time.
Come on climb.
But how, dude?
Have you never climbed a tree?
Why should I ever climb a tree?
When there is so much
place to play over here...
Okay enough, come on
now climb the wall fast...
Hey leave me dude... please i can't
Hey. Climb up fast...
Come on da Ballu, you can.
Hey, I am scared.
Don't get scared, come.
Don't get scared Ballu, climb
Hey hold my hands guys.
Make it fast Ballu...
Hey, hold it properly, Hey help me guys.
Hey hey...
[IN PUNJABI] BALLU: Oh god, please save me.
- Climb fast man.
Hey, hold me guys.
Hey where you guys leaving?
- You keep screaming like this.
Save me first, hey hey.
Don't leave me alone, guys please.
What are you looking at?
Get lost.
We will check in all the adjacent streets.
In exactly 30 mins, let's
meet at that temple over there.
- Okay.
Hey Sathya, mix with this.
It's for you guys.
I foresee a bright future,
in my heart
I could hear this world
singing songs in praise
I foresee a bright future,
in my heart
welcome! may the
country in which we live, and
the house where you grew
become fragrant welcome!
Can you do me a favor?
Can you hear me?
Max, don't get scared.
Max, we will find you.
We will find you max.
Miss you...
Not sure, how long should I
be hiding from these debtors.
Thanks uncle.
Okay stop shouting. Bhairava
already called me to pay the due.
You are torturing me to buy jewels for you.
I don't care.
Tomorrow is Diwali
I need something to wear.
That's it.
Yeah! your dad sent you
to me as a princess, right...
Don't talk about my dad...
Okay then i will hang up.
First I need to block her number.
Who is this now?
Sir please vote for me.
For mere 4 streets and 4 autos
Why do we need unions,
election and voting?
I don't care who contests or wins!
So, Hang up the phone.
Sir... sir... sir
I am already going through a lot.
There are no Diwalis For Auto drivers.
Coconut uncle.
Did you see this dog anywhere?
I didn't see
Do you want tender coconut?
My golden retriev... Did you
see any brown colour dog?
No i didn't see
Hey, Ballu
Kailah & Pallavi Have still not reached.
They will come.
Let's wait...
The grandpa in D108 ran
out of his diabetes medication.
So, I went to Pharmacy
and the guy in there asked me
to check in this shelter.
- Hmm.
So, you guys go there,
I'll meet you there soon.
- Okay.
Huh... Hey who are you?
Hey... who are you?
Whom do you belong to? Come here.
How did you get in here?
Yeah come in.
What is this?
Bear and dog are coming together.
You didn't die yet?
What is this?
Where did you find it?
It looks like a foreign breed.
We don't have enough to feed ourselves.
How do we take care of this now?
We don't need to feed it.
It is going to feed us.
What are you saying?
Can't you see?
It's a rich dog.
I'm sure it will sell for 20-30,000!
Did you get it?
Take that rope and tie this.
Do as I Say...
Stop commanding.
Will get the money for sure right?
Your husband doesn't matter
to you but the money does, right?
You are just sitting idle, right?
Hold it...
Yeah... come... come...
Hold it properly.
- okay
I will take a picture and send it
to Bhairava. Hey, stand straight.
Hey rich... Look
Yeah... that's it.
Come and tie it fast...
- Don't make him sleep
on the floor. Come... come...
Let him sleep on the bed.
ask granny to sleep on the floor.
Did you have to put the glass right here?
The key chain shifted.
The gods got mad!
A new sentiment everyday!
I'm tired of seeing you in
the same shirt everyday!
You know how lucky
this shirt has been for me?
Even if it is in tatters,
I'll continue to wear it!
Perfect timing!
It's ringing see...
Hello bro... Kumar speaking...
yeah tell me...
One small favour Bro.
What do you want?
Does someone need blood?
No... it, s about money. deal with dogs too, right?
I have one with me...
Check your WhatsApp
it's getting cold...
Drink now.
A good breed.
Golden Retriever
Golden Driver?
I don't know where he
belongs ...he lost its way
He got into my auto.
How much would he sell for?
Just leave the dog where you found him!
The owner
will appreciate your
honesty and reward you
with a few hundred rupees.
If you are lucky, they may
publish news about your honesty!
Nowadays, murderers
names are being published too!
I don't need that...
I just need money!
These dogs need a certificate...
that's the procedure...
it's no different from a street dog!
I don't understand.
It means...
It's like our birth certificate.
I ended up as an auto driver
since I lost my 10th certificate.
By tomorrow...
pay me the due amount for this month!
without fail... or else...
I will hit and change
the angle of your face!
There is nothing to change.
Already it's in a weird angle...
Where is Ramana?
He had to go somewhere urgently...
he will come back!
I don't think there is any other choice.
We need to inform the police!
No Police!
Then at least we have
to inform your parents.
No. They will scold me.
Why he is so adamant?
Where is my phone?
I gave it to her last.
Hey, I think you had his phone...
Hey, how was it?
Yeah good!
have a look!
I kept it in your house.
It's all because of your careless maid.
Couldn't she close the door properly.
No it's all because of her
song recording session.
As if it's some Super Singer audition.
I never forced you guys to
do all this. It was his idea!
Yes, the great director.
Who chose to shoot in the
room, leaving Max alone!
Hey, you stop... Jumbo burger!
Hey, guys stop...
Don't create a scene Kailash...
Why did we gift Max to somebody
so irresponsible! Poor Max!
Hey! We can't blame him
alone as we were in there too!
I'm sorry dude.
I'm sorry too...
Hey... Check on those kids...
Hey... who are you guys?
- Come here.
What happened?
We lost it...
Maximum, we will find it Uncle!
Don't try to fool me.
What happened?
Lo... Lost... we lost...
What did you lose?
My dog.
Golden Retriever.
How did it get lost?
The door was open,
so he walked out...
- Does it have a collar?
- Yeah.
You guys reside at
Hiranandani Apartments, right?
We searched the entire apartment.
We checked the CCTV too.
He ran out!
Smart kids!
Okay... the dog is smarter
than you... It will come home.
Don't lose your way, looking for it.
Its "he", not "it" uncle...
Give me your parents' numbers!
Get it...
Tell me the number.
Note it down.
Why did you give your dad's
number as soon as he asked?
That's my grandpa's
number who is in Punjab.
He is deaf...
Who is that now?
My mom...
Yes mummy.
You guys must be hungry.
The snacks are ready,
Shall i send them over?
Not now...
Maybe after 2 hours.
We are not hungry!
I have a lot to cook for
the party in the evening.
You guys are at Kailash's place, right?
Hey Sathya, keep it there too.
Is the dinner ready?
I thought you just had Idlis.
Oh! They were Idlis?
I thought it was just a snack.
they were so tiny!
She could have lost her
voice instead of her eyesight!
It won't happen!
Hey puppy...
You don't like milk??
Milk... milk?
You want coffee?
Your coffee...?
Even the dog won't drink it!
Get lost
One dog keeps grumbling all the time.
Another one doesn't eat anything!
Run... run
Come on... run...
Hey see here...
Have some more... hmm
Come on eat...
Are you not hungry??
This is our golden retriever dog...
Did anyone bring him here?
No dear...
Give me your number.
I'll let you know if
someone brings him here.
- Okay...
Can we have a look inside?
Go and see...
They'll be happy to see you...
Hey! You didn't eat yet?
These are...
abused dogs.
Hit with sticks, scalded with hot water
and faced all kinds of torture.
We humans are worse than animals.
They get tortured only
when they live among us,
So, we should let all
the dogs live in the jungle.
They will be much
safer there, right?
Dog was the only animal that
accompanied us in the jungle,
But, once we started to live in cities,
we abandoned them on the streets.
But seeing you guys now, I feel
the dogs are in safe hands.
What dear?
I hope Max is safe somewhere.
Have some tea...
Sir looked very stressed yesterday.
Work will be done right?
Don't worry, He gets
paid just to be stressed!
Tomorrow is Diwali.
We will leave as soon as possible.
We should bury all these dogs tonight
and celebrate Diwali tomorrow.
Okay we are leaving...
There is no point in randomly
wandering around like this.
We should think smart.
What are you doing?
I'm going to post a
message on social media.
My dog...
1 year old G.R is missing...
Please inform...
Who would care if you lose your dog?
You are right?
Hey buddy...
Did you check Insta?
There is a post about Trisha's missing dog
Yeah buddy...
You try to call and speak.
Yeah okay.
I saw the post of your missing dog
Oh did you see it?
On Instagram
I meant--
where did you see the dog?
I think I saw him nearby
bus stop this evening...
Huh... Trisha means.
The actress Trisha?
Yes... I'm her niece.
Let me know if you see him somewhere.
Oh... I'm Arjun...
Working in...
We are not alone now.
The entire town will look for Max.
Super, Pallavi.
Ballu... Catch him!
You are useless! Don't think
of yourself as Hulk anymore.
Drop it...
Even I couldn't catch him.
What shall we do?
Buddy, I have an idea
Yeah tell me.
Let's make an image with
the dog and Trisha side by side.
We will make a collage and post it.
Super idea.
we will download her
picture from the 96 movie,
where she is crying
in the bathroom and design as poster.
Do it.
Do it!
What me?
No you should do it
Hey I don't know Photoshop.
You don't even know Photoshop?
So you too don't know it either!
Is this okay?
Actress Trisha's dog is missing.
This news has been
going viral on social media.
We tried to contact her for
confirmation but we have learnt
that she is currently returning
from an overseas shoot
Two minutes.
I have to use the restroom
Yeah here bro.
Okay, Thank you brother.
- Okay Ramana.
Did you guys find anything about Max?
I'm feeling hungry.
It's a surprise only if
you say you are not!
You have to eat if you are hungry...
or the brain wouldn't function otherwise!
One big mac and cheese
One Arabiatta Pasta
and 4 Nachos with salsa
You added tax too?
Need to add 5%, that's all!
and 5% tax...
You are not Ramana,
you are Ramanujam! (the famous mathematician)
Thank you my lord.
How dude?
I learnt it at our grocery store.
If you sit just for four days
at the cashier's counter,
you'll learn this.
Your grocery store?
Where is it?
We had one...
When a supermarket opened up nearby,
our store lost business and closed down.
we went into a lot of debt.
One night, we just packed up
everything and came here.
Is that why you don't go to school now?
Join our school next year.
Who'll pay the school fees?
Oh my god!
Without you I suffer here in agony
Do you hear my tears roll down quietly?
I seek you in everything I see
As my eyes well up
My life, my love
Without you I suffer here in agony
Hmm, what's taking her so long?
No Pallavi, Only Dentures
Hey pallavi is not in the restroom.
Ballu, did you check properly?
Hey, I checked thoroughly she is not there
Okay don't get tensed,
she must be nearby only.
Kailash, you check this side,
Ballu, you check that side.
We will meet after 15 minutes guys.
Uncle, did you see any
young girl coming this side?
We didn't see.
Hey dear, come here...
What happened?
My friend is missing, uncle.
A young girl right?
Yes uncle.
Oh, I just saw a girl in the next street
We can go in the car and find her quick!
Don't panic, we need
to find her, right. Get in.
Get down...
Next street...
We found her.
You get down.
You too get in,
I will drop you both.
No thanks sir.
Get down.
Where did you find Pallavi?
If any stranger calls you,
will you go with him?
Don't do this.
We didn't find her yet.
Why am I losing so often today?
Oh it's Trisha's dog!
I saw the message about the
missing dog in a WhatsApp group
The dog is with me.
How do I believe you have the dog?
Okay, if you don't believe me,
just hang up!
Sir sir, don't get mad...
Sir please reduce a little bit...
how about 25000?
Okay then the dog will
missing a leg, is that okay?
Why are you negotiating,
It's Trisha's dog!
Sir, don't do anything.
Deal okay.
Sharp 10 PM.
Come to nearby Metro
station with money.
Sir, if you don't mind,
Can you send me a pic.
What are you going to do with my pic?
Sir. Dog's photo
Oh okay, I will send it.
Hang up
Ya, tell me Bhairava.
You are in luck today.
There's somebody ready to
buy your dog without certificate.
As its actress Trisha's dog,
I think the dog will fetch 50,000.
I received a message
in our Auto boys whatsapp group
- Huh!
Oh now you stopped calling me boss.
Smart. Very smart.
- Thank you so much.
Don't come to me for anything.
You sell the dog yourself.
Don't get angry boss...
do something please... help me out
Kumar, all my actions are for your good.
I'll send Jamaica with 10,000.
Collect it.
Uh... Yeah.
Will a person reveal that
he is going to do good?
Are you okay?
It's my mistake...
Where are we going?
Apollo is nearby.
After the check up is
done, will drop you at home.
Donut, stay quiet.
How did they leave you out alone?
We are looking for our dog Max.
So I lost my way looking for him.
Rest of my friends must be
looking for him near the restaurant.
What dog?
Foreign breed...
It's okay tell me...
My name is PET Revathi, I
know some basics about pets.
Hey Ballu.
My friend Balvinder
Oh! Please drop me here.
Hey pallavi come.
Lots of traffic...
Thanks sister.
- Thanks.
- Come on Ballu.
This Diwali is going
to be a special Diwali!
Cash is on its way.
No worries hereafter.
What happened to you?
you both got into a fight as usual?
The dog ran away!
Huh... Yeah!
What happened?
The woman you married
tying a knot to is useless,
the the dog she tied is also useless.
The dog ran away.
Hey, couldn't you watch one dog properly?
Can't I be happy for few seconds?
I suspect this old lady!
She has done something.
Huh... Me... Suspect...
Hey... I'm living a dog's life already.
Why, I will do it.
Stop your quarrels...
Oh my god! They let the dog out?
How will I answer Bhairava?
I am sure he is going to beat
me to death. What to do now?
Oh! Golden Tucker!
Sundari, get me a sack...
Pet Revathi here!
Sorry, wrong number.
Oh god.
Hey, the phone is out of charge.
Who was that?
That Pet Revathi only,
She asked for my dad's number.
But I gave yours.
I followed your technique!
- Hey I saw Max and tried to follow him.
I think he must be around this area.
We have been roaming in
different directions for a half an hour
Looking for you.
I only spotted you.
So much trouble because of you.
I got scolded at by an old lady!
I would have informed if
I had my phone with me!
Hey, he is the guy who stole my phone.
Are you sure?
Hey, he is leaving
Hello thief!
Please return the phone.
Hey... What phone?
My phone
You only took it.
I saw it!
Hey, turban head.
Don't make me angry.
I said I didn't take it.
Show me the phone in your pocket.
Don't let me hurt you... get lost!
Leave my hand...
Hey, look at this burger getting angry.
I'll bash you up.
Hey dude, look there.
Come let's see
Good show
Wow Ballu
Amazing, We are proud of you
Hey, he is escaping.
Why are you holding me... catch him!
Wait wait.
What's your problem?
We lost our dog and are looking for him.
This guy stole our phone.
What? He stole your cell phone?
Hey guys, catch him.
Did you find the dog?
Not yet!
What dog?
Golden Retriever...
Okay, you guys leave.
I will let you know if we find your phone!
Where do you live?
Hiranandani Apartments
Hiranandani apartments?
Ballu, why are you telling them?
They are all part of the same thief gang!
Hey are you calling us thieves?
We came to help you.
Ballu... lets go.
Hey, wait.
You can't escape easily.
Brother... brother
She's my friend.
So what?
She is talking too much
Brother take it easy.
I'm a friend of Football Ramesh
Oh you're friend of Ramesh.
Okay I'm letting this go because of you!
brother, You are the boss of this area.
Please help us find the phone somehow.
I will see...
Now you guys leave.
Thank you so much Ballu.
I was wrong.
You are not useless.
You are Hulk indeed!
You can say sorry too!
If we don't find that mobile...
I am scared of my dad.
Don't worry Pallavi.
Those guys are very friendly.
They will definitely help us anytime.
Have faith and be patient.
Kailash, why are you so silent.
What's our next plan?
Today is a bad day,
First we lose Max,
and then we lost Pallavi's phone.
Few minutes later
Pallavi also went missing.
I am really scared.
Don't worry.
All is well.
I need to talk to my dad.
Phone is switched off...
Hey wait...
I heard a sound of dog barking somehwhere.
It's coming from there.
Come inside.
Hey, it's not Max, some other street dog
So what?
Be careful.
Hey, be safe.
Kailash careful! Hey!
Come on Kailash.
Lift me up.
Get up fast.
Come on Kailash!
Hi brother.
Hey Ramana,
Your mom was looking for you.
Where have you been?
I'm going home now...
We were looking for his dog!
The corporation workers
were rounding up all the dogs.
Did you check with them?
Where is that Corporation office?
- It's nearby.
I know it.
Hand over the puppy to him
Here uncle.
- Brother.
look after him.
We will be back in ten minutes.
Hey wait a minute.
All of you, dry yourself first.
Can you give him some milk?
He must be hungry!
Okay sure.
Have it.
I charge money only for humans.
Not for animals.
Thanks uncle.
Thanks uncle.
- Go go.
- Will be back soon.
be careful kids.
Yeah tell me.
Jamaica left with the biriyani parcel
as Bhairava called him.
I'm really scared...
It's all because of that dog, that dog
was bad luck!
Hey Guna,
it doesn't seem like a
street dog, looks like pet dog.
Keep it separate...
Let the owner come in search.
We can get our Diwali bonus from him!
Drop it.
I won...
I won...
Come come my lucky charm...
Come on my lucky charm show your face.
What? It doesn't look
like a Golden Retriever.
Oh no Bhairava,
If I pick the phone he will
swear at me. What to do?
I won't pick his call.
Why is he not picking up?
Huh... hmm
Huh... Sir.
It is our house owner's
dog, give it to me sir.
What dog?
That golden driver.
Wood colour.
Yeah this one.
See, he is looking at me.
Who are you?
I am his driver...
House is nearby.
How did you carelessly
let him loose like this?
Sorry sir a small mistake.
Keep this sir.
What do you think of me?
I don't have time to think sir.
Bring 5000...
What are you thinking?
To shampoo and to
bathe him at a dog saloon,
would cost around 4-5k with Tips and GST.
I will come back in a few minutes sir.
Hey look, you have only half
an hour to get your dog back.
Sathya keep the dog inside and be careful.
Okay Guna.
Hey dog come.
Two has become four now.
You guys!
Still looking for the phone?
Bro stop, please!
I am not ready for another ride.
Let's go
Move over.
Our dog is missing...
so we need to check here.
I'm afraid something will happen to him.
I heard they were going
to inject all the dogs
and bury them tonight.
Don't let them know that I helped you guys!
Do you have any money?
Huh... Yeah we have.
Not for me...
Two men will be standing near the van.
Ask them... Come in.
Go go.
Thanks Grandpa.
Let's check here.
- Max!
Are you here... Max!
Hey, he is here!
Hey Max!
Who the hell are you?
Who let you guys in?
Hey sathya!
He is my brother, please
What brother sister... go
He is our Max bro.
Bro it's our dog.
Get out of here.
Hey, you go out
How did you guys come in?
Hey why are you pushing us?
Hey get out.
Bro please leave him.
Please leave him bro.
Hey leave from here.
Don't come here, go.
OMG! So many people
in search of the same dog!!
- Get out I say!
- Give it to us.
Who let you guys in?
Bro it's our Max please give it to us.
- Hey.
Whatever it is, bring your
parents tomorrow morning.
First get out.
But aren't you going to
kill all the dogs tonight?
Hey... you!
Oh god!
Who the hell told you all this?
We are going through a lot.
First get out of here.
Leave it.
- Who let you in?
They are just kids leave it.
I will handle them
Get out.
Get out first... Come kids.
- Get out first.
Hey kids!
I told you guys to go near
the van, why did you go inside?
It's difficult to get your
dog back hereafter.
Go go go...
What are we going to do now?
Every passing second,
Max is in danger here. stays here!
Let's grab him
I'm okay!
How dude?
What's the plan?
Wait for 10 minutes...
I have a plan. I'll be back!
Hey she is singing so well.
What about the case
sheet of patient Ramasamy?
Wait, two minutes doctor...
It's Pallavi's singing video, Doctor.
She has a wonderful voice doctor.
Send me that video.
Where are you trying to escape?
Where's that girl's mobile?
see you Thank you
Hello Amrit ji...
Where are the kids?
Aren't they playing at your place?
You guys didn't even have dinner.
Where are they?
Ya Shekar, tell me.
Okay sir.
Is everything okay?
Hey, what are you doing?
Ramana asked us to wait!
I can't, I am going to save Max.
Stop Kailash.
We'll come too!
Come... come
Hey watch the drum.
Max, you will be fine okay.
Good boy.
Hey move aside.
Hey stop, you fatso.
Max come out.
Oh god.
Hey let's go let's go.
Come on Max.
What's our next plan?
Not just the dog,
Even You can leave only
after your parents come here.
- Trying to fool me.
Hai Hai
Hey guna,
You put this net on the dogs, right?
Hey, how dare you guys put the net on me?
If I come I will...
Hey guna please save me.
Catch him!
Hey come quick.
Drive fast.
Hey stop!
I am sorry Football brothers
Why sorry?
No ballu, I called them a thief and all.
Okay... okay
Careful, sit down.
Who straightened his tail?
Looks terribly wounded.
Sir, I am going to the
nearby Government Hospital.
Ask him to come with me, only 500.
Hey you, 4 kids came and took the dog
four kids took the dog?
Is that the Golden tower dog?
How dare you!
being so careless and your
mannerism matters now?
If Bhairava comes to knows he will kill me.
Finally, after they saved Max,
Kailash asked a question
somehow, we rescued Max.
but there were so many other dogs in there.
They will be killed.
Pallavi was reminded of the call
that she received from PET Revathi
Ballu, give me your phone.
Hey careful.
Hello, PET Revathi here.
You'll save them right?
Finally, after all the adventures,
it was time for the kids
to be escorted home!
Oh you found the dog!
Okay come on, let's go home.
Get inside the jeep
There is a saying that the
help we do should not be
known to others but Appu
is unaware that he helped.
After seeing the inspector...
Sir... I'm drunk
but I didn't drive...
Hey take this and be careful.
Parents were so overjoyed
to have the children back safe and well,
that no one bothered to scold the kids.
Shyamala was happy
not only for Kailash's return
but also for Max's.
I am sorry.
As kids wished, PERevathi saved all the dogs
that was planned to be buried,
by getting a stay order issued.
Due to Max,
that year's Diwali brought
happiness to many people's life!
Kailash turned out to be responsible.
Yet did not stop questioning!
He asked a question again that day!
There is no school in
nearby village
So our next CSR programme is there.
Do only corporates
have social responsibility?
What about our family?
Pallavi's dad started to
motivate her to practice singing
along with her studies!
Ballu has become brave nowadays.
Not only that...
Ballu has adopted the puppy that he saved
During the rains and
finally named him KRYPTO!
Hey Kumar!
Why you are not picking my call?
If I pick the call you will
scold me badly, that's why...
That is not a dog...
- Yes I know... What to do?
he is God of wealth man!
Since I got this, it's been raining money.
I thought he will beat me up like thunder,
but he is talking about a rain of money.
Hey one minute.
- Yeah!
Here take this -What is this?
Keep this and enjoy.
- Hmmm.
That one?
- Huh!
Okay have this too and again enjoy.
Thanks Boss!
Since the street dog
turned out to be lucky,
Bhairava was happy
and Thala Kumar was relieved from his dues
and was offered a lot of gifts!
Brother another tea.
Though Kailash found his dog,
the boys waiting for Trisha's dog
are still searching it.
But there is a reason behind that
Will you guys come tomorrow?
The Tea master earned
a lot due to these IT guys!!
It's because...
Have love in life!
Have self-realization
that the deity is true!
With friendship please serve,
And conquer all the hearts,
Look upon others similar to yourself
Renounce War Renounce
unnecessary competition for Power
Give up Aggression
on other's properties
Mother Earth is wide enough and ready to
give us all that we desire
like a Kaamadenu,
God, our Father,
is very compassionate to All Daamyata
So, Restrain yourself
So, Donate your wealth to others So,
Be Kind to others,
Oh People of the World
May All People of this World
be Happy and Prosperous
May All People of this World
be Happy and Prosperous
May All People of this World
be Happy and Prosperous
May All People of this World
be Happy and Prosperous