Show Stoppers (2008) Movie Script

Damn, that's a gang of grease, Maribel.
Shut up.
I'm just having a bad hair day, okay?
You ain't never lie about that.
Bell, it's damn near
a hundred degrees outside.
Aren't you afraid when the sun hits
your hair, your head'll catch fire?
It'll be like Michael Jackson's
Pepsi commercial all over again.
Just poof!
Well, at least I don't have HBO
in my head.
- Hair Belonging to Others.
- Oh.
Oh, bubble guts, bubble guts.
Sweet Jesus, bubble guts.
Bubble guts.
What is wrong with that girl?
You know she always gets the bubble guts
every time she gets nervous.
- She has a big test in chemistry today.
- A test?
It's like day three of school only.
A- Ow-ow-ow!
All right, basic.
Oh, my gosh. That's really good.
It's the locomotion now. Uh-huh.
Oh, yeah.
Now, this step here is called locomotion
It's guaranteed to cause a commotion
Watch your body freaking
As you're getting busy
Go get some aspirin
While you're getting dizzy
You're Daddy's little menace
I came to praise
We don't need faith
It's just the Lambda way
- What?
You know.
- Hey, Lambdas.
You're looking good today
- I said, "Hey, Lambdas."
You're looking good today
A Lambda lady looks good every day
I said, a Lambda lady looks good every day
- That's what I'm saying.
- That's what I'm talking about.
So take note
Take note
All you people take note
As the Lambda ladies show you
How we conquer the show
All right.
- Whoo!
- Hey.
- Get up.
- Whoo!
- Look at them.
- Calm down, man.
- What?
- Hah! Hah! Hah!
- What?
- Whoo!
Do that?
- Yes.
- Go, girls.
- Lambdas.
- Don't Cuss, calm down, man.
- He's crazy.
- Man, they...
Be cool, man. Be cool.
Casino, this is the woman's bathroom.
Are you crazy?
Oh, damn. My bad. Heh.
Yeah, look, Virginia Downs girls is here.
And they out there:
Stepping on the quad.
- On our quad?
- It's real nice up in here.
- Oh, hell, no.
- Come on, y'all, let's go.
Hey, wait for me.
- Hey, come here.
- Chill, man.
We are the Lambda ladies
In all pink and blue
Stepping to you
Like only we can do
There is no other that can take our place
Lambda Zeta Gamma is the only way
Get some:
Oh, yeah. Break it down. Break it down.
Uh! Uh!
- I called her, she don't even look.
- They rocking now.
You don't want none
- Oh, back it up.
- Move your hoochie thing.
- Thank you.
That was real cute, but...
- Uh!
- What?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
That hair don't fool us, baby girl.
Let me see.
- What about that one, dog? Ha-ha-ha.
- Okay.
We are the truth.
That's right.
You ladies are false.
Five-time champs. You just lost.
Y'all lost.
- You sure did.
- Bye.
Get in.
- Bye-bye.
So, what are you gonna wear?
They look really good.
Thank you, Angel.
So, what do we?...
I say that we do more pink than blue.
That would be, you know,
at least for me.
I think we should all pick one neon color.
Damn, I'm talented.
I know y'all peeped how
the crowd was loving me today.
Today, I made it official.
This is our year to win those nationals.
"I am so talented. I proved to everyone."
Am I the only one hearing this chick,
or were we not all there today?
Porque I could have sworn
I was on that stepping board.
Don't play yourself, mama.
You know those people
are coming out there to see me.
No, the people are coming to see us.
even though you're the captain...
...I'm responsible for the sponsors,
I'm responsible for the outfits...
...I'm responsible for the step routines,
I mean, really, need I go on?
- That is so true, girl.
I know.
- Yes, it is.
- Get off her clit, Angel.
- You need Jesus.
Okay, look.
We couldn't have done this without Pam.
Thank you, Destiny. Thank you.
And you couldn't have done
any of this without us.
- Thank you.
Pam, I love you.
I mean, you're our sister.
Me and you been road dogs
since elementary school.
But as captain of this team,
I selected you as choreographer.
Because seeing the good in someone...
...and allowing their gifts and talents
makes a great leader.
Oh, I make a great leader, okay?
There's just a whole lot of politics
sitting around this little table.
- You think so?
- Do I think so?
- Do I think so? I know so.
Anybody can see this team without me
is like Destiny's Child without Beyonc.
Just because your mama decided to name
you Destiny does not make it official.
It's my routines that took this team
to nationals for the past two years.
- Pam's routines, baby girl.
- With the second place, okay?
With the second place, okay.
And was this team
even a contender before that?
No, we weren't.
- We're grateful to you for that.
Thank you. As you should be.
Question. Can you tell me why the captain
of Virginia Downs wasn't out there?
She graduated. But they're still using
the same routines, so it doesn't matter.
Mine are better than hers.
You see how we demolished them today?
Come on.
- Stop hating.
- Mm.
All right, now, I was just wondering
who's gonna be the captain.
Mira, they have been winning the nationals
for the last five years...
...and they've been placing in the top three
for the last 20 years.
They just have a great team.
And they rich, bitch.
No, but this is our year.
- That's what I'm talking about. Confidence.
Say it with me, Maribel. Confidence.
That's what I'm talking about, Destiny.
You got it.
I got things to do, places to be,
people to see. I'll see y'all later.
While she talking all that mess
about what she's doing...
...I work in Admissions. Ha-ha-ha.
If she don't pay her tuition,
they gonna kick her ass out of school.
Chica, how come you didn't say that
back when she was here?
Don't say anything behind your sister's back
you too afraid to tell her in her face.
Pamela Johnson?
This year's
National Stepping Competition...
...will be held in the land
of the movie stars.
As in Los Angeles? California? Ooh!
Let me start saving my pennies.
I need me a future baby daddy with money.
- Where's Pam?
- I don't know.
What's going on, Pam?
I'm transferring to
Virginia Downs University.
I'm the new captain of their step team.
That's what's going on, Destiny.
Are you serious?
Oh, yes.
Why don't we just go
talk about this for a second?
No, there is nothing for us
to talk about, captain.
Let's go.
- Bye-bye.
- Yeah, bye-bye.
Excuse me, girls.
- We're so gonna win.
- I know.
Ain't tripping.
- How can she just do that?
- This is a free country.
She can decide what college
she wants to go to.
How can she afford their tuition, huh?
That's a school where your parents
have to be a doctor, a lawyer...
...or have their own record label.
Black movie stars send their kids there.
Don't play us like we stupid.
Is somebody gonna check
how her tuition is getting paid?
Scholarship, maybe? I don't know.
No, scholarships
are not given out for stepping.
Listen. Let me tell you something.
Schools make a lot of money
off of sponsors.
Okay, we have sponsors.
Wasn't Pam the mind
behind your routines?
You ladies really think you have a chance
at beating Pam's new team?
Yeah, we do.
Sponsors have to go
with what's financially real.
Pam is what's real.
She's going to get folks'
behinds in those seats.
We put folks' behinds in those seats.
One look is not gonna make it
in the NFL, son.
One, two... You should have let that ball go.
You should have let that go.
That's what I'm talking about.
Good work.
Thataway, Fab. Do your thing, dog.
I love it. That's how you do that, dog.
Handle yours, right there. Right...
There you go. There you go.
Two hours after practice,
he's still out there working hard.
That's a ball player right there.
Wait! Look, don't get all scary on me.
Look, I'm gonna tell y'all what happened.
What happened?
- Let me tell you. I had the money.
- I had it. But then, see...
Hit him.
Wait, wait, wait, man.
Okay, look...
- You think we playing?
- No, man. I do not...
Oh, man.
Come on, man, I know y'all serious.
Man, I swear to God.
- On the count of three. One. Two.
- No, no, no.
She gonna give me the money back.
Soon as she get her SSI check.
- Three.
- Look, look, look. Come on, man.
Wait, wait.
Stop. Get off of him!
Casino. Casino, no.
Come on.
Why are we in downtown Richmond
at this stupid play?
Oh, relax, sweet pea.
Don't be afraid to be
a little light in the loafers.
- It's good for you. Hell, it's culture.
- Mm-hm.
I have to write a paper on this show
for my African-American theater class.
Yeah, that's what you gotta do.
But what that got to do with me, huh?
Man, ain't even no tight ho's up in here.
- Man, I'm up out of here.
- Hey.
- What?
- I need to keep my eye on you.
For what?
Somebody has to make sure
you don't get beat up.
You got jokes, huh?
Whatever, man.
This play need to get beat up.
I would like to thank all of you
for coming out tonight... support my debut play, entitled
Mama, I Think He's Cheating on Me.
As a special treat for opening night...
...we will have a live performance
by Lambda Zeta Gamma...
...of Virginia Downs University.
Can you catch this beat?
Uh, uh, uh!
They're not that good.
Hey, wh?... Where y'all going?
See, y'all just haters.
Miss Destiny.
So how'd you like what you saw?
Yeah, did y'all like
what your eyes just showed you?
What do you want, Pam?
Feels good.
For the first time since we're 10,
I'm not around for you to steal my glory.
You let everybody know
that I'm the better captain.
That Pam Johnson is the real deal
behind your little team's "success."
Yeah, Destiny, admit that Pam's
the real deal behind your success.
You know what, Pam, you're tripping
right now over just a little bit of power.
Uh-uh. Come on, Destiny, let's me and you
have a one-on-one step-off...
...right here, right now. Let's let them
decide who's the better captain.
Yeah, Destiny, let's have
a one-on-one step-off...
...and let the audience decide
who's the better captain.
- Dang, Pam, you got it going on.
- What are you talking about, fool?
You got your little repeater pet...
...that repeat everything you about to say.
- Oh, I got condoms.
- Call it?
That's enough of that.
Back up, cousin, back up.
You see her, okay? You see your face?
She don't want you looking like her.
Hey, man, just let them fight, man.
Back up! Back up!
Wait a minute! Back up!
Stop it. Wait, stop.
Stop, stop!
Don't Cuss, help me out, man.
Have you guys lost your damn minds?
I mean, are you insane?
Fighting each other?
Have you forgotten that you are sisters
from the same sororities?
- We're sorry.
- Yeah, right, you sorry.
- Y'all the ones that started it.
- No! You did!
Stop! All right!
Hey, hey, hey, shut up!
I don't need all that.
And, Destiny, I am very surprised at you.
We'll make it up to the sorority.
Oh, yeah.
Both squads
should be expecting letters...
...that have outlines
of the community service...
...that must be done.
What? Come...
Yeah, I just need peace of mind
on something here.
Pam, why did you leave these girls?
Because I have a lot to offer this squad...
...and they have a lot to offer me
as their captain.
I get more love, more respect.
And most importantly,
I'm blessed with a better education.
Ugh! You're such a phony!
You just wanted your own step team.
Yeah, is somebody looking to see
how her tuition's being paid?
Who cares, Destiny?
As long as it's not coming out
of our treasury...'s none of my concern,
and it shouldn't be yours either.
Now, you guys have regional competitions
in a week, right?
Well, you-all automatically qualify
as defending champs.
You know,
when I was coming up, man... guys fighting, y'all would have got
thrown out of here, no questions asked.
So I'm gonna say this one time.
I'm not gonna say it no more.
Don't ever let something
like this happen again, understood?
Yes, ma'am.
All right. Good luck with all you ladies.
Place first or second in the regionals
and that qualifies you for the nationals.
Anything lower, well,
you'll still be in there...
...but it'll definitely be left up
to the judges on the panel.
I'm just, you know, giving you a little tip.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- You know...
- Pam, just get in there.
Go. I gotta break.
- Des, Des, Des.
- Yeah?
You know I've been dancing
since I was knee-high to a pup, but...
Well, I've been watching
a lot of those hip-hop videos, you know.
I was wondering if I can come up
with our routine.
- You think you can handle it?
- Yes.
Yeah, it's yours.
Really? Yes!
I feel like a pig in mud. Ha-ha-ha.
Work it out.
Yes, the girls gonna love this. Uh-huh.
All right. Ooh.
Mm-hm. Mm-hm.
Mm, mm, mm, mm.
One is to pay your tuition, and the other
is a little juice for your pocket.
- But there's only one there.
- It's two checks.
- Oh.
- What do your parents do for a living?
My father, like, owns a agency
for print models.
And my parents, like, own Wavy.
The product that allows African-Americans
to have straighter hair.
- I like to call it nappy killer.
You could use a bottle.
I'm from Compton, okay?
My mom worked at a hotel for 23 years...
...retired making a measly 6.50 an hour.
I'm only here to step
and to win nationals.
I mean, I thank you guys
for your little check, but I can't take that.
I just need for your parents
to keep their word...
...and pay my tuition, that's it.
Are you, like, sure?
Because Manolos are 20 percent off
at the mall this weekend.
- This weekend?
- Yeah.
Girl, just keep paying the tuition, okay?
Yeah, whatever.
Five, six, seven, eight.
We are the sisters
We just can't hide
We're here to show you a flip side
We are the sisters
We just can't hide
We're here to show you a flip side
We are the sisters
We just can't hide
We're here to show you a flip side
We are the sisters
We just can't hide
We're here to show you a flip side
- Are they serious?
- Yeah.
Are they serious?
Oh, my God.
Third place, huh?
Now whether or not we go to nationals
is in the hands of the panel.
We'll know in 10 days.
Angel's my girl...
...but just because she was an extra
in a Missy Elliott video...
...does not make her
a qualified choreographer.
I may have to fire her.
Gotta do what you gotta do.
Yeah, but if I do fire her,
who's gonna do the choreography?
Hey, it's like they say, when the boat
is in shaky water...
...then the captain gotta steer the ship.
I don't wanna talk about it.
So, what's the news?
I saw your agent at the game the other day.
I don't know. You know
they still ain't called me back yet?
So your guy friend in there?
- Yup, all three of them.
- Huh?
They go by Math Book, Science Book
and English Book.
But you know who I do think
is checking me out?
Yo, what's up with him?
You like him?
I think he's cute.
Talk to him.
But I hear he has a lot of women.
Girl, I don't know about all that.
How long have we known each other?
First grade.
And the only heads up I get is
"I don't know about all that."
Do you remember
when we in the third grade?
I liked you, but you didn't like me,
and I said, "Let's go together"?
Yeah. You said,
"I don't know about all that."
- I remember.
- Hmm.
Just be careful.
Remember, I need everyone to paint
a portrait of someone dear to them.
Destiny? Late night?
No, it's just I'm up all night thinking
about this whole step team.
As the captain, it's up to me to pull
the team out of this state of disarray.
Greek stepping? Is that what you do?
I teach a African dance class.
You should come check it out sometime.
What's this?
Additional homework assignment.
And that's for sleeping in my class.
Come on, come on.
Open it.
- Some of our sponsors pulled out.
- What?
So when we do get the invitation, we're
only gonna have 10 days to prepare.
So we gotta bust our butts now
as if we are confirmed for the big show.
Okay, Angel, show us what else you got.
- Okay, ready?
- Mm-hm.
Da-na-na-na-na. Uh. Uh.
Boom, boom, kick.
Uh! Uh!
You step on the da-na-na.
- Step...
- And then, boom, so:
Da-na-na-na-na. Da-da.
Hah! Hah! Ah!
Ah! Ah! Ah!
Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!
Okay, already in your pick.
Check this out.
Luck, it is. What'd I tell you?
You do what I said.
Yeah. Like doing business
with you, Don't Cuss.
But you know what, baby?
I'm gonna holler at you, man.
You know, you win some, you lose some.
But you live.
Is that me? It is, let me see.
- Come on. Quit playing.
- No.
- Give it to me.
- You can't see it.
- Let me see. Why? I wanna see.
- You can't see it. You can't.
It ain't you, it ain't you.
- It is me. I just saw it was me. Come on.
- No, come on, you'll be all right.
Hey, Fabian.
- Hey, what's up, girl?
- Is that one of your little rag heads?
- No.
What's up, Fab?
- What's cracking? All right.
- What's going on, man?
Yo, so I'm gonna catch up with you
in a second, bro.
I'm gonna walk Destiny over to her class.
See, that's why I'm swinging
over here anyway, so I could do the honors.
You gotta ask her that.
Is it okay?
You're a grown woman.
All right. I'll see you after class.
- All right.
- See you at practice.
Yo, son, hold up.
You the quarterback?
Yeah, that's what they say.
Let me show you something.
Show me your quarterback stance.
Come on, you're the captain.
Okay, now follow your receiver.
You complete more passes if you
don't look where you're throwing.
You know where he's going.
The eyes tell everything.
Just a thought.
- What's up, dog?
- What's up, man?
Practice ain't until another 20 minutes.
I've been here a hour already.
Man, you all right?
Yeah, I'm straight.
Yo, what's your intentions with Destiny?
- Excuse me?
- What's your intentions with Destiny?
She cool.
No, that wasn't what I asked you, man.
What are your intentions with her?
Are you gonna do her
like you do all the girls out here?
You know the Clem way,
hit it and quit it.
Look, man, I know y'all two
grew up together and all of that...
...but you tripping.
I mean, we boys, man.
- What, you like her or something?
- No.
I mean, she means a lot to me.
If you gonna treat her right,
then I'm all for you.
I just don't wanna see her hurt.
Calm down, man.
You being a little
too overprotective over this girl.
I'm just saying.
- I'm not gonna dog her out, all right?
- Okay.
All right, man.
We're gonna have to fire you
as our choreographer.
- Why is that?
- Because you suck bigtime at it.
Okay, you know,
maybe everybody's right.
Right about what?
We don't have a snowball
chance in hell of beating Pam.
I mean, hell, she's the one
that's behind our routines.
Maybe she'll rethink what she's doing
and come back next year.
- Then leave.
- Excuse me?
If you don't think we're gonna get selected
and it's so impossible for us to beat Pam...
...maybe you should leave, Angel.
And where do you expect me to go?
I don't know,
but I think we can beat Pam.
Why do I look like the bad guy here when
all I'm trying to do is just keep it honest?
You know, why don't you just go
join Pam's step team?
I mean, her school
is only a few blocks away.
Okay, fine.
Fine. I'm not gonna let y'all
treat me like a cotton-field slave...
...and throw me away
like yesterday's trash.
She's tripping.
Why didn't you tell her?
Destiny. What's up?
I'm here to ask you to please speak
with our sponsors...
...and persuade them to stay with us.
By losing our sponsors,
we lose that trip to nationals...
...and it's my understanding that
this chapter can't function without money.
Well, now you're starting to see
things clearly, that's good.
I'm gonna give you and your squad
some advice. Back down.
Step down, come back next year.
That way, you have time
to practice and rebuild.
And who knows?
You might get Pam to come back.
Look, I know the $ 15,000 first place
sounds great.
But let's be realistic.
I saw the tape of the regional step show.
Your whole squad was wack.
Y'all were terrible.
An embarrassment to the sorority.
So all I'm saying is, maybe you take a step
down this year and come back next year.
I don't care about winning that money.
I'm here asking you, big sister,
please just speak to our sponsors.
Okay. I'll see what I can do.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
Oh, man.
I swallowed a bug.
I wonder.
Wonder what?
How many women
have you had in this bed?
- What kind of wonder is that?
- I'm just curious.
Where's your boy Clem?
I thought you could tell me.
- So you really like the dude, huh?
- Clem?
I think he's cool.
I have a question for you.
- Do I gotta fully get up for this?
- Yes, you have to get up for it.
I see doubt in their eyes.
I mean, how do I convince them to believe,
you know, that we can beat Pam's squad?
- You want my honest opinion?
- I think so.
Destiny, first you have to
convince yourself.
I just hope we get the invitation
to go to nationals.
Keep busting your butt.
It'll all work out.
I hope so.
Lambda ladies.
I love y'all.
So basically, my job is to make sure
that you're taken care of.
You take care of this, I take care of that.
And then together, we make money.
The cars, the house, I'll have you set up.
Your son's sons never have to work again.
Fabian. Go take some snaps, son.
Son, go take some snaps.
Hey, yo, Fab, man,
you good with the ladies, man.
- I'm just trying to...
Don't Cuss.
It's 1:00 in the morning, man.
I got a test in the morning.
What are you trying to say to me?
Man, I'm trying to figure out
how to get her to notice me.
- Who?
- Maribel.
Oh, okay.
You know what? Do this, Don't Cuss.
Tell her something sweet,
tell her something from the heart.
Chicks dig that kind of stuff.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Hey, man, thanks, man.
- No problem.
Hey, you know what? You should
probably use your own advice...
...with Destiny.
Goodnight, Don't Cuss.
Oh, so it's like that?
- Hey, yo, Destiny, come here.
- Go to hell.
Come here for a minute.
It's not even like that.
Yo, Destiny.
Hey, Maribel. Tomorrow's the big day.
When you ladies find out
if you made it to the nationals.
Are you nervous?
Why not?
Is there something you want from me?
Your hair.
Your hair looks great, it's different, it's...
I like it.
Yeah? You noticed.
Don't Cuss?
- Huh? Yeah, yeah?
- Who are the flowers for?
- Flowers?
- Flowers?
- Mm-hm.
These are for you.
Thank you.
What's your real name?
Well, I really don't tell people.
It's Charles Alexander III.
I got the nickname Don't Cuss
because my dad was a preacher.
I was the only one of the homies who'd get
his butt whooped for using foul language.
- You're a P.K., huh?
- Yup.
So am I.
- What?
- But I cuss like a fucking sailor.
In two languages.
Whoa, whoa. I get it, I get it.
Charles Alexander III.
Would you like to go out sometime?
Would I like?... Hell, yeah.
I mean, heck, yeah.
I didn't even stick around
to hear what he had to say.
Can we talk?
About us?
I'll catch up.
Can we take a walk?
Come here.
We showed a lot of fight
and we showed a lot of heart.
But, ladies...
...we didn't get the invitation
to go to nationals.
Casino, you're not helping.
You really think they're gonna cry?
Look, I think you need to quit being
so negative. Just open the letter.
You don't understand.
A good leader has to be prepared
for the good, the bad and the ugly.
And this could be bad,
and really ugly too.
Oh, ugly. Real ugly.
- I'm just gonna wait until they come.
- Right.
Whatever it takes.
While I eat this. This is good.
How can you eat a time like this?
- Easy. Ha-ha-ha. You paying, right?
- No, I'm not.
- Come on, coz.
- Uh-uh. "Come on, coz," my ass.
I am a broke college student
just like you.
Oh, man, come on. Look.
I'm gonna get my wallet in your truck.
It's cool.
Be right back.
Wait. Man, I'll pay y'all your money back.
Come on, dog.
- Don't put me in the trunk.
- Get in.
- Shut up.
- Come on, dog. Damn, man.
Come on, dog. Damn, man!
- Eww.
- Uh.
- Tramp.
- Skank.
Oh, I see the rejection letter
from nationals is in.
Man, what are you gonna tell the squad?
They are gonna be so disappointed.
Maybe next year, huh?
You know what,
you're looking cute, Destiny. Real cute.
Sluttish, but cute.
All right.
So, look, was that Pam I saw driving off
when we came in?
Forget that trick. Let's talk about us.
Are we in?
Come on, I can't take the suspense.
Come on.
Well? Hurry up. Oh.
Okay, wait a minute.
Good Lord, bubble guts.
- Ugh.
- What's it say?
Wow, ladies...
...I don't know how
to tell you this, but...
We're in!
Hold on, man! Wait, wait, look.
Put me down.
- What you gonna do? Come on, man.
- Shut up.
- What is that, man?
- It's meat.
Brother, don't put that in me like that.
- Shut up.
- Come on.
Oh, damn.
Son, um...
...I know you wanna take care
of your family.
But you're just a sophomore, son.
And you know I believe in education
over sports.
And I rejected every one of my players...
...who wanna leave school early before
they got their degree, and you know that.
Sir, this is a new generation.
Now, we have an, heh, appreciation
for your old-school ways.
Stay in school, get an education.
But this is a new day.
A new generation. Get paid, bling-bling.
You dig?
Let me ask you a question, son.
- What do you have your degree in?
- Law.
- You're a lawyer?
- Yes, sir.
- And that's why you became an agent?
- Yes, sir.
How many clients do you have, son?
- Ten.
- Ten.
And you charge each one of those clients
15 percent, am I right or wrong?
And I figure you'll be doing that until
the time you're about 65, 75 years old.
Or until the day you go into your grave,
am I right?
This young man right here is special.
And I don't wanna see anything
happen to him.
Let me ask, what's the average career span
of a football player in the league today?
Three and half years.
This young man right here
may or may not reach that.
Or he may play 10 years,
or even 15 years.
And you and I both know that takes
a great toll on the human body.
Fabian, what do you wanna do, son?
Thank you. I was wondering when
I was gonna get my say.
What do you wanna do, son?
Is anybody willing to sign me?
I have several teams right now
salivating to draft you in the first round.
Look, coach.
I know we said we was gonna work on
my fundamentals, and I still do want to.
- But that's not what I wanna do.
- Are you sure?
I'm broke, my mom's broke,
we're tired of being broke.
I'm sure.
It's your choice.
I'll stand behind you 100 percent,
if that's what you wanna do.
Thanks, coach.
I'll make you proud, coach.
I hope so.
We appreciate your support, sir.
I'm going pro.
One other thing, I'm gonna...
Yeah. What you got planned
for tonight, chief?
Oh, man.
I met a chick off-campus.
Chilling with her.
- Word?
- Yeah.
- That's what's up.
- She let me hit it raw.
You're bugging, man.
Your ass is gonna catch a disease.
No, man. This chick was too pretty
to have a disease.
Come on, man. Please, bro.
It's the pretty chicks that a brother
would most likely catch something from.
Everybody wanna hit it,
you know what I'm saying?
It's the ugly ones, maybe,
you got a little bit of leeway.
Hey, man, check this out.
- She was a virgin.
- You serious?
- I was the first one.
- You had a virgin.
- I was the first one.
- I didn't know they even existed anymore.
And believe me, she was a screamer.
I'm tearing it up. Ah! Ah!
The deeper I go,
the louder she screams. Ah!
Screaming so loud,
the neighbors called the police, man.
Get out of here. You lucky, man.
You know what I'm saying?
Who is this?
You know that little dime piece
on the step team?
- No, no. Who?
- Little cutie, man.
- The captain of the step team.
- Oh, oh, oh.
I know who you talking about.
That's a catch right there.
That's a winner right there.
- Type of shorty you take home to Mama.
- I ain't taking them to meet my mama.
She a little wholesome, though,
you know what I'm saying?
Yeah, about to turn into a ho, son.
- You crazy, dude.
All right, I'll see you, dog.
When I'm done with your hair... wanna help me with my extra-credit
assignment for art history class?
Well, let me think about that one.
Um... No.
Trust me. I got my hands full
with graduate school.
But congratulations on your invitation
to nationals, Miss Destiny.
Thank you. Thank you very much.
All your sponsors pulled out.
How are you gonna make it to California?
We worked too hard.
If we have to hitchhike
and sleep on the street, we'll be there.
What? What are you not telling me?
The board wants to close
your chapter down.
The invitation your squad got to nationals
was almost out of sympathy.
You know, kind of like a last hurrah.
You have to beat Pam.
If not, your two schools are so close...
...the board will unite
your team with Pam's team.
And I'm 99.9 percent sure
they'd make her captain.
This can't be happening.
Girl, I'm sorry.
You know I've been your personal
big sister in this sorority since day one.
I have to give you the real deal.
- So, what are we supposed to do?
- Beat her.
I don't know if we can.
Then prepare to bow down
to your new captain, Pam.
That's all I get, is a "yeah"?
- Yeah?
- What's wrong with you?
Can I come in?
No, I'll come out.
- Can we talk?
- About?
Fabian, I haven't heard from you
in weeks.
- So why you wanna talk to me now?
- I mean...
You let your boyfriend
slam the door in my face.
- Thought so.
- I am so sorry about that.
- Sure you are.
- Fabian.
- You don't know...
- I don't know what?
That I...
I'm going to the restroom.
I don't even know why I came here.
Are you in trouble?
You did tell her that you were helping me
with my artwork, right?
Hey, coz.
Girl, what's wrong with you?
What, you drinking and shit?
What's wrong with you?
What's not wrong?
Talk to me, what's wrong with you?
Hey, don't be drinking all my drink.
You still stingy.
Damn, what's wrong? I'm trying to see
what's wrong with you, you... Ahh.
What's wrong, girl? You crying.
How am I supposed to explain
to my team...
...that we're not gonna go to nationals?
You're not going to nationals? Why not?
Every last one of our sponsors...
...pulled out.
Sponsors pulled out.
What that got to do
with going to the nationals?
Because there's travel and hotel, Casino.
I understand that sponsors
got a big part of it...
...the whole little thing.
What else is wrong with you?
Something else wrong with you, I could tell.
I rejected the idea
of being in love with Fabian...
...for fear of losing him.
- Oh.
- Now he's gone.
Come here, coz. Come here,
come here, come here, come here, yeah.
It's all right, all right? Look, look.
It's all right, all right? For real.
Don't let fear stand in your way, all right?
Look at you, it got you drinking.
You don't need to be doing this. Fear is just
nothing but false evidence appearing real.
That's all it is.
You know?
Dudes come and go.
Destiny? You hear me?
Oh, that's good.
I remember when I used to play football
down there.
The name Fabulous Smith
was on the lips of every scout.
Fabulous Smith? The Fabulous Smith?
- Yep, in the flesh.
- Oh, man.
Know how many stories
my father used to tell about you?
You was one of the only brothers
QB'ing in the early '70s.
Coach is telling me
they wanna turn you pro.
Well, I'm not one
to be giving advice about life.
...Iook at me.
An unexpected injury ruined my career.
A nasty cheap hit,
coming out of the backfield.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Oh. No, man.
Nine months later, I was as good as new.
And the very first play
of the very first game back, bam...
...pulling out of center,
my own guard fell on me.
Damn, I'm sorry.
What you sorry for?
You know how difficult it is as a man
to one day be the talk of sports...
...then suddenly you find yourself
looking for a 9 to 5...
...because you didn't have something
to fall back on?
I need the money, though.
Hell, we all need the money, son.
But do you have something to fall back on?
I'm an artiste.
So you wanna be rich when you dead.
Artists don't make no real money, boy.
You got to have you
a degree in something.
Like business.
That way, if this pro thing
don't work out... got a little money
to invest in your own business...
...create your own future.
Yeah, but I gotta put
some food on my plate.
You're a young man.
Do what you wanna do.
Boo! I was just playing with y'all.
Man, you must be one crazy fool, man.
You must got nine lives or something.
Let's get this fool.
I wanna tell you something real fast.
Tell you something real fast.
Hey, this better be good, man.
Hey, can I talk to y'all for a second?
We've all been working really hard...
...and your work ethic has been amazing.
I don't know how to say this to you, but...
- Step, step, girl, how y'all doing?
- What's up?
Doing good, I see you. See y'all
do y'all two-step thing.
Ain't nothing to it.
All right, how you doing?
- Hey. Good.
- How you doing?
- Yeah, I need y'all to do me a favor.
- What's that?
When y'all get out to Hollywood,
go out there and kick that ass for me.
It's all I ask. I know y'all could do it.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
And this for you, coz.
I know what you're thinking.
It's legit, all right?
Didn't do nothing. It's for you.
Go on, take it, girl.
- Yeah.
- Hang on. Give me a second.
Oh, okay, no problem.
Go get your bags packed.
I'll be right here.
- You know what?
- No, what?
You are a true leader.
I don't know if I'm a good captain or not.
I have to be honest
with you guys tonight.
If we lose this weekend...
...over a hundred years of blood,
sweat and sisters...
...who put their all on the line
to establish this step team comes to an end.
Even if we get the money to pay our fees,
the board wants to close our doors.
They wanna unite us with the
Virginia Downs University team.
The only way our squad can stay
in existence is if we beat Pam.
My gut feeling is telling me
that when we step on that stage...
...we have to reach in
and tap into everything we have...
...and bring it to them.
True sisterhood is gonna bring us through
whatever they come with.
It's gonna be in every step
that hits that stage.
True sisterhood is gonna throw...
...all our petty differences we have
with one another out the door.
Now, if there's any arrogance on that stage,
we forfeit sisterhood.
If there's any hatred
or animosity on that stage...
...we forfeit our sisterhood.
We are step sisters.
- Right?
That's right.
You are a true captain.
Come here, girl.
That's what I'm talking about, love.
That love.
Give me a little of that love too.
That's all right, can't we all get love?
- I can't breathe. I can't breathe.
- Casino, leave them alone.
- Casino, stop!
- Stop it!
Come here.
Let me talk to you.
- I ain't had a girl hold me...
I know.
Come on, man.
That speech you said today,
it was powerful, girl!
It was so powerful,
I didn't know what to do.
It sounded like you was speaking
at the Million Woman March.
You did.
- Don't lie to me.
- Ain't nobody lying to you.
Where did you get the money from?
All right, man, I saved it up.
I saved it up, that's all.
Why you don't you pay your debt
so you can stop getting beat up?
I like the way I get beat up.
It's like a workout for me.
I'm just playing.
I don't like getting beat up.
I just like the way
how money feel in my pocket.
I'm not playing with you, Casino.
I ain't playing neither.
Look at me.
Look at me, coz. Look at me.
Do?... All right? Trust me, all right?
It's a loan... It's not a loan.
It's not a loan at all. Scout's honor.
- For real.
- You'd better not be lying to me.
- Ain't nobody lying. Do I look a liar?
- I'll call your mama, make sure...
- Do I look a liar?
- I'll call your mama.
- Make sure you were a Boy Scout.
- She got no phone.
- Her phone cut off...
- You liar! I just talked to her yesterday.
Look, I don't care. If you do call,
all she gonna do is say yeah.
And to be honest with you... Look,
I went to African Methodist Church.
- I did, I went to African Methodist.
- Who was the pastor?
- I had a bishop.
- Yeah?
- Bishop Don Juan. Guess what he did.
- You know what? What did he do?
He blessed me with a cup and everything.
You know I'm just playing with you, girl.
- You straight, though?
- I'm straight.
- All right?
- Thanks for the money.
You welcome, girl. You could have
my right hand if I didn't have it.
- You know that.
- Come on.
You know I love you, though, right?
One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.
And two, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.
Three, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.
Four, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.
Five, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.
Six, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.
One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.
Sss. Damn.
Clem? Hey, it's Destiny.
Hey, what's up?
Listen, I want you to come to California
to my competition.
Yeah, I'm gonna have your plane
and your hotel covered.
Yeah, just bring your ID to the airport
and your ticket will be reserved.
- Okay.
Look, don't fake me out.
Okay. I miss you.
Ooh-ooh, I miss you too.
Was that to your liking, big daddy?
Man, Superhead ain't got nothing on you.
Oh, my God.
All right, my turn.
Sixty-eight and I owe you one.
I gotta go.
Welcome to the
2006 National Step Show.
I'm Dorian Gregory. Can I hear it?
Let's get this thing started
by introducing our celebrity judges.
You've seen him in Dr. Dolittle,
Fighting Temptations.
Superstar recording artist Lil Zane.
Give it on up!
Now, you also know this next cat.
From the 7UP guy,
Soul Plane, VH1 's I Love the 80's.
We got more coming.
From the original
It's Showtime at the Apollo...
... Live in Hollywood,
Bid Whist Party Throwdown...
...Miss Kiki Shepard.
Beautiful as ever, baby.
Now, Damion "Crazy Legs" Hall,
from multi-platinum recording group Guy...
...singer, songwriter, CEO
and hall of fame entertainment...
...Mr. Damion "Crazy Legs" Hall.
Come on, people.
All right. All right, brother.
The man can dance
and sing his behind off.
Last but not least, Petri Hawkins-Byrd, don't
start no trouble, won't be no trouble...
...the bailiff of the hit TV court show
Judge Judy.
Let's get this thing started, now.
Let's get to stepping, baby. Come on.
- Hey, auntie.
These the dudes who been beating me up
all the time for loaning me money.
- How you doing?
- Okay, I'm all right.
Guess what.
You see those two guys over there
with your cousin?
But I mean, damn, auntie,
I ain't seen you in a couple years.
If you weren't family, girl, ha-ha,
you'd be on my list of MILF.
Mothers I'd love to fu... Ha-ha.
Watch that.
Don't Cuss just gave me the heads up.
Those are not Casino's friends.
- They're his bookies.
- What?
- He bet on us?
- Mm-hm.
Oh, Casino.
Oh, yeah!
I'm gonna tell you
About the ladies of Zeta Mu Delta
I said, I'm gonna tell you
About the ladies of Zeta Mu Delta
I said, I'm gonna tell you
About the ladies of Zeta Mu Delta
I said, I'm gonna tell you
About the ladies of Zeta Mu Delta
I said, I'm gonna tell you
About the ladies of Zeta Mu Delta
I said, I'm gonna tell you
About the ladies of Zeta Mu Delta
Zeta Kappa Eta.
Break it down, now!
Theta Eta on fire! Ahh!
Theta Eta on fire! Ahh!
Theta Eta on fire! Ahh!
Theta Eta on fire! Ahh!
Theta Eta on fire!
Theta Eta on fire!
We are those Lambda Xi
Those Lambda Xi Nu
Those smooth brothers incorporated
Of orange and blue
We are the Lambda Xi
The Lambda Xi Nu
Those smooth brothers incorporated
Of orange and blue
We are the Lambda Xi
The Lambda Xi Nu
Those smooth brothers incorporated
Of orange and blue
Xi Nu
Oh! And blue
Whoo! Ahh!
- Big sister Pam is who I be
- What?
Captain of the squad
'Cause my steps are so nasty
My chants are so fresh
And my moves are so tight
Put a mike beside our feet
'Cause this right here
Is why we gonna win tonight
Uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh.
Uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh.
Uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh.
Mm, mm, mm.
A Lambda lady went up the hill
To fetch some water
She looked up in the sky
- Saw the Lord and said, "Holler!"
I feel the spirit
Oh, I feel the spirit
I feel the spirit
Moving down in my soul
I feel the spirit
Oh, I feel the spirit
I feel the spirit
Moving down in my soul
I feel the spirit
Oh, I feel the spirit
I feel the spirit
Moving down in my soul
I feel the spirit
Oh, I feel the spirit
I feel the spirit
Moving down in my soul
No, we're fine.
The winners are the Lambda Zeta Gammas
from Virginia Downs...
...and the Lambda Zeta Gammas
from Virginia National District.
It's a tie!
What? What?
Who wants to see a step-off?
Oh, no, I can't hear you.
Who wants to see a step-off?
So let's step off. Come on, ladies.
We got Jesus on our side.
- That's right.
- We need him right now.
Five, six, seven, eight.
Oh, yeah.
That's my baby.
How y'all doing out there?
Y'all ready to hear it?
Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo!
The winner of the national step show is...
Y'all ready?
- Lambda Zeta Gamma
of Virginia National District University!
Give it on up. Come on out here.
I love this. Come on, ladies.
Come on! Nice!
You truly are a great captain.
You know, you still are the best stepper.
Oh, yes, I know.
We coming for that ass next year,
you know that.
We will be waiting.
Papi, hi!
First of all, I wanna congratulate you.
I also wanna wish you luck
on defending your title next year.
You did great.
So congratulations.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Go on with your bad self, girl.
That shit was hot!
Yeah, yeah, yeah, see?
Y'all didn't believe me.
I told y'all that was something.
See? See, I'm saying,
money went to a great cause.
That's what I'm talking about.
You was right about this one.
Boy, you lucky.
Damn. You know,
since I'm all lucky and stuff...
...I don't gotta pay y'all
the money back, right?
Come on, man. Come on. Okay, since...
Not this time.
You sure?
Well, since y'all saying all that... know, sign this for me
stating that all debts are cleared.
Because a brother wanna be safe.
You know?
- Put my last name too?
- Just sign... Yes.
- Put your Social Security too.
Are y'all going to the after party?
Hell, yeah. Hee-hee-hee.
Is Thick and Thicker gonna be there?
Which one of y'all cuter?
- Yeah.
- Chill out, man.
Come on, man. Why you gotta keep on?...
No, we got your money, okay?
So just don't hurt him.
- Why you tripping, Des?
- What?
- They my boys.
- Casino, come on.
Look, they my brothers
from another mother. They great.
No, for real, they all good. For real.
We signed the paper to kind of say
they gonna leave me alone.
Unless you just wanna give that money up.
Because we can take it from you.
- No, I'm good.
- We'll take it from you.
You signed. Okay?
Because we fixing to party anyway.
Stop wearing them small shirts.
I'll have a heart problem, man,
hitting my chest like that.
You know what I'm saying?
I gotta go with them because they big.
Hey! Wait on me, black and white.
You's a black ugly boy,
don't even know why I'm hanging with...
I never slept with Clem.
How do I know that?
Because you know me.
I never lie to you.
It's just so crazy now...
Just please stop. Stop. Just...
No more games between us.
After nearly most our lives...'s time for us to be in love.
I don't know about you...
...but I know my love for you is real.
I have always, always...
I can't even remember a time
when I wasn't in love with you.
I get this incredible feeling in my stomach
every time I think about you.
And I just...
I know you love me.
I can feel it.
I know you're going pro...
...and I just couldn't let you leave
without knowing how I felt.
I'm not going pro.
I'm gonna stay here and finish out.
Are you sure?
That's good.
She played me?
Oh! Wait, wait.
Okay. I got money, man.
Oh, damn. Come on, man.
Come on, man.
Damn. Come on. Come on, man.
Yeah, nigger.
Cut. Cut.