Showdown (1973) Movie Script

I haven't seen you
in this county, Sheriff.
Oh, I work south of here.
He works south of here.
What'd he do?
Oh, don't worry.
He's not dangerous.
Robbed a store.
First offense.
He robbed a store.
Now what?
What's the matter now?
Probably a rock slide
or mud slide or somethin'.
looks like a holdup!
Calm down, everyone.
Now calm down!
If you have any guns,
pass 'em up to me.
If they see one on you,
they'll shoot.
I'll protect your valuables too.
Just drop 'em in this blanket.
Do what the Sheriff says!
Oh, that's beautiful.
Drop 'em right in there.
We'll take care of 'em.
Get 'em up.
Just keep quiet
and nobody's gonna get hurt.
Oh, that's trouble.
It won't come off.
I saw a man lose
a finger like that.
Chopped clean
with a bowie knife.
Everybody, get
down low now.
Don't want anybody
in my line of fire.
Give me that strongbox for Cumbres.
Why don't you do something
decent for once?
Go back in the other car
and help those people,
and I'll ask the judge to go easy with you.
Keep your heads down.
Don't shoot.
Here it is.
I wanna thank you kindly, folks.
You're an outstanding
group of citizens,
and I'll always remember
your generosity.
Come on.
Somebody get the Sheriff!
Holdup, other side of the bend!
Come on, girls,
get up and go to work.
Or somebody'll be soup.
Gladys. Quit feeling
sorry for yourself.
Someone's gotta do it,
and I haven't got time.
Three measly eggs!
Those hens are sure
laying down on the job.
You want them for dinner?
Well, fried.
Bennie, I fixed the gate,
but the hinges need oiling.
S, seora.
Would you check the pump? I
don't know if I packed it.
Esta bein, seora.
You're doing a great job,
Well, thank you.
Paint it on the barn.
I want the neighbors to know.
I want to look at that property...
Over by Goodwin's,
so if you'll get ready.
I'll tell the Butler to
finish cleaning the house,
and the upstairs maid
can do the laundry.
The downstairs maid can lay out
my white satin dress.
Hi, Pook.
Train robbery!
Happened about two hours ago.
Anybody hurt?
No, thank god, but they
got $12,000 in cash!
saddle up Almanac.
I'll cool my horse out
and wait for ya.
What's wrong,
A little trouble in town.
Nothin' to get excited over.
Well, what is it?
Same old thing.
Some drunks got out of hand.
Why can't Joe do it?
What are deputies for?
I said,
why can't Joe do it?
Because he's in Abioue...
Giving testimony on
that claim jumper who got stabbed.
Don't you remember?
You look kind of grim to be
going after some drunks.
Well, this helps
sober 'em up awful fast.
Will you be back soon?
Just as soon
as I lock 'em up.
Come here!
- What happened?
- Train robbery, Miss Jarvis.
Art, I gotta hand it to ya.
Whole thing went off
as slick as spit on a round doorknob.
There'll be more, Billy.
I got a sleepless hate
for railroads.
Four years ago
I had a farm in Iowa...
Flat as my hand,
a cornfield like you never seen.
Government let the railroad
come through and take it all.
A mile on either
side of the tracks.
They gave me $22 an acre
and kicked me off land...
I'd been working for 20 years.
I'm just gettin'
some of that back.
Stop worryin'.
The Sheriff in Cumbres is so fat,
he uses a barrel hoop
for a belt.
He couldn't catch a milk cow
if it had a bell on it!
Tell me about it
when we get to Mexico.
We'll be down in the desert
before he can saddle his horse.
This is the third incident of wanton
robbery in the past four months.
I've been appointed District Attorney
of this county...
To bring law
and order!
Then why don't you call in
the federal Marshall?
take my advice...
And tell the railroads to
ride shotgun on their cabs!
Those of you
who were on the train,
is there anyone here
who can identify the outlaws?
Charles, Billy Massey
was one of 'em.
You're wrong, Mr. Bonney.
Billy's in Mexico.
I'm sorry, Charles.
It was Billy.
I believe he's an old friend of yours,
isn't he, Sheriff?
Yes, we grew up together.
Now I insist...
you stick to practicin' law.
I'll enforce it!
Joe, interview
the witnesses.
That, Sheriff,
is my prerogative.
Passengers on the train
will please come to my office.
How did they ride out?
Four of them.
Probably headed for Mexico.
I'm sad about this,
I've known you and Billy since
the day you came to this county.
You better get on
to Wilson's office.
He's waitin' for you.
Oh, no hurry.
He'll take ten minutes talkin' about
how the president appointed him...
To bring law to
this lawless community.
You'd think he'd save some
of that breath for breathin'.
Looks like
a worthwhile day's work.
Not a bad haul.
How could you
be so stupid?
This is the stupidest
thing you ever did.
What's stupid about it?
It just don't make sense
workin' for somebody else.
For 20 years we've been sayin'
we're gonna get a ranch.
We haven't got
enough money yet.
There's enough to bet on me in that
shootin' contest Sunday.
Billy did it too!
Good boy,
Billy boy!
50 cents on lefty Collins.
What's your name, sir?
Sir, I'll be right with you.
Plenty of time for everybody.
Now look what
they're doing.
Billy, we've got $1,500.
Don't you think...
we need $2,500
for that ranch.
He's a professional sharpshooter.
You mean, he was.
Now you cover all bets.
Billy, you're crazy.
But I like your confidence.
If I miss,
which don't seem likely,
we can always
cuff our meals at Kate's.
You'll take us, won't you?
Oh, sure.
I've got a special credit
dinner: Biscuits and sop.
You just plant a kiss on
old Betsy here, and don't worry.
Don't bother with
the small bets.
I'll cover
the $1,500.
Okay, but I don't like
your confidence.
Mr. Bonney, will you
hold this bet here?
Good shootin',
Our father...
Hey, just a minute,
Look at the bottom
of that bottle.
By god, it went clean
through the neck!
They'd better start humpin',
or we ain't gonna have a herd.
If that bull was only
half as horny as you,
we'd be in business.
You want me
to go after him?
Him? You told me
there were four.
If Bonney was right,
if it is Billy...
If it is Billy,
I don't want you to go.
He shoots better than you. What'll
happen if you get a bead on him first?
I don't know.
I'll get some trackers.
Load me four days' supplies and a mule.
I'm coming back
this way.
Want to take this
for identification?
Good idea.
If Billy did it,
any guesses why?
most likely, huh?
Why the hell didn't
he come to me?
That's a nice-lookin'
gold watch.
We all took
the same chances,
but the divvying up
don't seem the same.
When we met back in Bisby,
I said we share.
I didn't say we share exactly even.
Well, I am beholden to you.
You invited me.
That's very true.
We should part friends.
Take up your share
and get ridin'.
Well, I am grateful.
Everything considered,
I am a most fortunate man.
You've lifted me
out of poverty,
opened your hearts
and you opened my eyes.
Now let's close up
the blanket.
Come on,
close it up.
That's it.
Stand back
about ten feet.
No, not straight.
Just in case one of you got somethin'
in your sleeve beside your arm,
we're gonna do
some ear grabbin'.
Art, you should learn
not to be so greedy.
I never naturally
liked greedy people.
Oh, Mike shouldn't
have done that.
Now I'm gonna have to ask you
to throw your belts away.
Bet you a penny I beat you!
Okay, ready, set, go!
Billy, stop spittin' at me
or I'll dunk you!
I'm not spittin' at you, Chuck.
You just got in the way!
I'm spittin'
at the world!
That's the world
spittin' back at ya.
Oh, they got me.
- Three dollar.
- Two dollars a day, and grub.
and I want big-eye.
ten dollars.
He speak
your tongue good.
I know.
My wife taught him.
Everybody gets the same.
Three dollars.
We heard
you'd be out here.
Wilson thought
you might need help.
Wanted to make sure Massey
didn't get away from ya.
That's very
nice of him.
He asked me and them
to ride with ya.
Not this time.
I'm using trackers.
I hope that was
an accident.
Get off that horse!
Okay, change mind.
Two dollars fifty.
Changed my mind too.
Three dollars.
Kate, I didn't
want you to worry.
Why? Just because the last
Sheriff got it in the back.
How did you find out
about the train?
You forgot to tell Pook
it was a big secret.
at least you got them
without any shooting.
Chuck, please don't
lie to me anymore.
Where are
you going?
You want the truth?
We had a bullet hole about four
months ago. For god's sake.
How about one on
the other side?
We've been through this before!
Nice, clean widow maker!
Here's to the widow.
Billy was
one of them.
I don't believe it.
Jack Bonney saw him.
Billy's in Mexico.
Billy posed as a Sheriff.
We had a letter...
that letter was two years ago!
Why did he have to
pick this county?
Because he knows every rock,
hill and creek of it.
Does he know that
you're the Sheriff?
I'll have to ask him if I can catch him.
Hope you don't.
For my sake.
He's a better shot.
You don't have
to remind me.
Chuck... Chuck!
I know I stick pins in you
and I nip at you...
And I rub sand in your craw,
but it's only because I worry.
And I worry 'cause I love ya.
Even a blind Indian
could follow these tracks.
Four horses. One of them's got
a crooked shoe, left foreleg.
Straight on this side,
then it curves.
That's where they went out.
Let's move!
Come on, git.
Come on!
Is rabbit the only thing
you can cook?
Oh, no. I make
a hell of an owl stew.
Let's go over to Kate's place,
get somethin' decent to eat.
Maybe we can take her
dancin' afterwards.
- Another one.
- That's a big one.
Evenin', Sheriff.
Evenin', boys.
Earl Cole and a couple of others
dragged big-eye out of the kitchen!
If you respectable,
self-abiding citizens...
Are just gonna sit there,
I'll do it myself!
Fire that, they're
gonna put you in jail.
And I'm gonna have
to eat his owl stew,
and that could
kill a man.
Come on, Billy.
We havin' the dance
at the hall next week?
About next month, I think.
That's no good for me.
We don't need no help.
He must've done somethin'
awful to deserve this.
Those boots he's wearin',
he must've stole 'em.
I find them back at
Mr. Bacca's house.
He throw them aw ay.
You Mandy red-ear!
You not only steal,
you're a liar too!
He's gonna learn
the hard way.
Right, Billy? A lesson's gotta be
taught right here and now!
Oh, and thank the Lord
that this fine gentleman...
has the courage to protect this town
from lyin' and thievin'!
Good, Chuck.
You can sleep in
the bunkhouse tonight,
but tomorrow you get back to the
reservation and keep out of town!
How is he?
He's still unconscious.
Most likely left here
at first light.
Got a lot of catching up to do.
I never thought someday
I'd be tracking Billy.
Neither did I.
I don't like doin' this
one damn bit!
And you know why.
How do you think I feel?
Looks like Billy had a rabbit
for dinner. Let's go.
Buenos dias.
Buenos dias.
Big, muy Grande.
Muy, Muy Grande.
Husband? Esposo?
No, es mi padre.
Padre Aqui?
No, mi padre esta trabajando.
- Sola?
- S, seor.
Tenqo hambre.
Venga se.
Don't mind if I do.
Somebody had a hell
of a nosebleed.
Somebody got dragged too.
Chuck, look at this.
The one with the crooked
shoe went south alone, see?
And galloped. Look at
the length of that stride.
Probably has something to do
with that blood back there.
Ouieres mas?
No, bueno. Basto.
This chili can
sure heat a man up,
and you don't help
cool me down either.
The three horses joined here and went
south too, following crooked shoe.
Yeah, but going slower.
Maybe catering to whoever got shot.
Looks like somebody took a shot at
crooked shoe hightailing it out of here.
Let's move!
Wasn't much of a funeral.
Stranger to me.
What the coyotes don't get,
the buzzards will.
Any guess how far behind we are?
Not yet.
As soon as we come across some
horse droppings, I can tell you.
Como me gusta?
Que pasa?
Snake got him.
Won't be much good to us now.
You're right, hunters!
And they're hunting for me!
Que pasa?
Muchas gracias.
S, yo lo conozco.
Es un hombre
muy bueno.
Mira que me dio.
Muchas gracias.
My guess is, he did more
than just water his horse.
Where the hell
did he go?
His only chance
is Mexico.
He knows by now, same as us,
somebody's on our tails.
You're goin' the wrong way,
farmer, but just keep goin'.
Stampeding mustangs.
Pretty damn smart.
Takes six hours for stepped-on
grass to come up again.
It's come back this much,
about two hours' worth.
Your brother see
anything over there?
Yeah, single tracks.
The crooked shoe.
Headed north for the mountains?
What the hell for?
'Cause the two that's
chasin' him went south.
We goin' to the border?
Thanks for the excuse,
but we'll head that way.
Billy's got the loot.
They want that as much as they want him.
Let the others go?
You can't ride two ways at once.
I wish I hadn't told you.
So do I.
I don't know who
they are, tops,
but I'll bet you
they ain't friendly.
We'd better
go higher.
It's about
an hour old.
It's a stinkin' way
to tell time,
but at least we're
gaining on him.
Look at you.
Well, tops,
we can't go back,
and we sure as hell
can't go that way.
Tops, we're gonna get
to the other side.
We're gonna go tiptoe
light and easy...
Like we were sneakin'
out the back door...
And the husband was
comin' in the front.
Billy's runnin'
in big-ass circles.
Then he'll hot-tail
across the border.
Show up in Nogales or Magadalena
like you said.
No, we missed him.
He's back there somewheres.
Well, I'm for
washin' it out.
No, we'll get him,
Think he went over,
or that's what he wants us to think?
Yeah, he kicked this
over with his boot.
The underside is always darker.
Somethin' stepped on this and
flipped it over, not too long ago.
Could have been
a deer or somethin'.
That's froth
from a horse.
Hi, Duke.
Where's your friend?
What are you doing here?
Just ridin' by.
Hello, Kate.
Just get up and ride out!
You held up a
train, you fool!
Word didn't never
used to travel that fast.
Billy, you can't stay here.
That ain't friendly.
Do we kiss or do we
just shake hands, Mrs. Jarvis?
You can't stay here!
Is Chuck around?
Where is the old moose?
He's out looking for you!
How'd he know I was back in these parts?
He's the Sheriff now.
- Chuck's a Sheriff?
- Yes!
And I came back here?
What happened to Metcalf?
A year and a half ago.
I told the other men
I was ridin' with...
That the Sheriff
was a potbellied old...
I might have known.
Chuck, solid as a steam engine.
Billy, please leave.
Why don't you relax, Kate?
They're headin' for a gorge,
lookin' for my carcass.
It'll be two days
before they get down and back.
Ain't you gonna
invite me in?
All right.
You must be hungry.
Hungry enough
to eat a saddle blanket.
You alone?
Yes, Bennie's
gone to town.
It sure looks different.
A real female touch now.
New furniture,
pretty white curtains.
Hey, look at that.
Remember how we used to go dancin'?
I'll never forget when you and
me won that waltzin' contest.
Chuck never could
get the knack of it.
He always danced like he
was wearin' wooden underwear.
He's a very good dancer, now.
That was quite a day.
Chuck was as helpless
as a frozen snake.
Charles and Katherine,
as Justice Of The Peace of this county,
it gives me a lot of pleasure
to pronounce you...
Man and wife.
What god hath joined together,
let no man put asunder.
I thought you and Chuck
would have a kid by now.
I don't see
a sign of one.
There's a grave
out back.
Oh, I'm sorry, Kate.
I didn't know.
Wasn't Chuck
satisfied ranchin'?
Oh, sure,
he still ranches...
when he isn't out
chasing idiots like you.
The county needed
a good Sheriff,
so the people persuaded
him to take the job.
You like being married
to a Sheriff?
I buried my first husband
when I was 19.
He was a lawman.
Found him on my doorstep.
Looked like a hayrake
had passed over him.
I think that you think
I don't like you.
I stepped in between
Damon and Pythias.
Who are they?
Juggling act. They play
all the better saloons.
I've often wondered why
you and me never hooked up.
Hook up to the tail
of a kite with no string on it?
Might've been a fun ride.
I love Chuck.
Oh, well,
he's lovable.
You think lovable would mind
if I used his razor?
I don't know.
At least, Kate,
let me water my damn horse!
Use his razor.
Get yourself
a new stove.
We got that secondhand
when we moved in here.
I kind of like it.
It's dependable.
Like Chuck, it stays around
and doesn't get into trouble.
The pump out front is broken.
Use the trough in the back.
Nothin' ever went right
after I left you and Chuck.
We didn't chase you off.
No, no, no.
But the view from the window
of that shack is awful clear.
Every now and then,
at night,
when the lamps were lit in here,
I'd watch you movin' around.
Just a shadow
through the curtain,
but it was
some shadow.
And I'd hear your voice no
louder than a faraway echo,
soft and appealing.
A man can't
stand that too long.
You know, if they took half
of you and half of Chuck...
And kind of mashed it up
into one human being,
it'd really be
This is the first time I've
ever done anything like this.
You tell Chuck that I'm sorry
I put him in a bind.
When it's safe,
I'm goin' back to Mexico.
Then you and Chuck can visit
and we'll have some laughs.
He'll keep on
looking for you.
Oh, I don't know.
I think just this once,
he'll look the other way.
He wouldn't go to
your place, would he?
Billy? No,
he wouldn't do that.
All right,
let's go flush him out.
You hired me to track
Billy, not to shoot him.
So I did.
Be at my office in the morning,
and pick up your money.
Stayed in Durango 'n spent the
money for my half of the ranch.
Went to Cuba with
the rough riders.
When I came back
I drifted along the border,
caught the fever,
lost a lot of weight.
I was so thin, I could've took
a bath in a shotgun barrel.
That's Chuck.
I know how the dogs sound.
Where is he?
He's gone.
He's gone!
Chuck, I...
I told Kate you'd look
the other way. You fooled me.
Drop it, Billy.
Drop it!
I can get three shots off
while you're tryin' to get one.
You know that.
Silly damn thing to do, Kate.
Get out of the way,
I said, move!
Give me the gun,
That's a hell of a deputy
you got there.
I saw the grave,
I wish I'd have known him.
Eat your supper.
Never saw anybody work
so slow on a pork chop.
I figure as soon as I finish,
we gotta go.
No, you smell gamy.
Have a bath.
We'll go in in the morning.
I might sneak out.
Not handcuffed to
that bed upstairs.
You even sound like a Sheriff.
You like Sheriffin'?
it's a job.
What kind of salary
you get?
No salary.
Two dollars for
serving a warrant,
three dollars
for arresting...
and 50 cents a mile for
chasing idiots... like you.
Then you oughta thank me
for doublin' back.
I let you make
a few extra bucks.
And I figure all told,
you must clear
about 200 a year.
about that.
Just think, only half
of what's in that saddlebag...
Might be about
I also pick up
a little extra by...
Turning in anybody trying
to bribe a peace officer.
You don't think
I'd try to bribe...
A straight, upstanding,
honest citizen like you?
Of course not.
Why don't you put that gun away.
I ain't goin' no place.
You mind me askin' why
you're stoppin' trains?
I was infected with
a social disease...
Known as bad luck.
Juries are beginning to take
a dim view of bad luck.
All right, I'll be the best
jailbird Santa Fe's ever had.
What do you think
I'll get?
Chuck, help!
Here I come, Billy!
; I don't believe Billy
would do a thing like that.
He always was a wild one.
the circumstances,
they might show clemency.
I'll have to testify,
of course.
Let me see if I can
reconstruct the whole thing.
Well, I met
these fellas...
I'll do the talking!
You just answer questions.
These three men
were professionals.
You were broke,
and they got you a little drunk.
They didn't
get me drunk...
Oh, yeah!
They got me drunker than
a sheepherder on payday!
I didn't know
what I was agreeing to.
They took advantage of your condition.
That was mean!
When you sobered up,
you refused to go through with it.
I'll swear on a Bible!
Then they threatened you
if you didn't go along.
They tied my hands
behind a chair,
and then they
took out a knife...
I thought so.
After the holdup,
you decided to turn over everything that
was stolen to the proper authorities.
Tell me if
I'm wrong.
No, you're so right!
Where's that Bible?
I don't think you're
gonna need it.
Waited 'til they were asleep,
then gathered up the loot.
One of 'em woke up
and shot at you.
With a forty-five.
You had to shoot back in self-defense.
By god, Chuck!
You're a pinkerton detective
the way you figured this...
they chased after you, but you
doubled-back and came right home.
To surrender every nickel,
dime, quarter, dollar.
I was just oozin'
with repentance,
because it was sinful of me to let those
thieves pour whiskey down my throat!
And he handed me his gun
without any trouble.
Well, yeah.
If the jury is
convinced the way I am,
you just might possibly
get a reward from the railroad!
How much?
How is he?
He's still
He's coming to now.
Thanks, Kate.
My head aches something awful.
Ah. Well, it'll
feel better in the morning.
Now, let me see
the hand.
Oh, it looks better.
How does it feel?
A little better.
Now, soak it in
the hot water.
And then over
in the cold.
Just keep switching it
back and forth...
'Til the swellin's gone.
Oh, I, uh...
I prefer the hot.
I could have done without
bumping into you.
It sure was good
to see Kate again.
Still as pretty to look at
as four aces.
Somehow, she don't seem
happy like she used to be.
She's not complaining.
Never did.
Want some advice?
Take her away
for a few days.
Give her a treat.
Have some fun.
She likes it at the ranch.
Don't be so damn sure.
I still think Kate's
getting mighty tired...
Of being married
to seven square feet...
Of the rock of ages.
I didn't know you were
an expert on marriage.
I'm an expert on women.
Let's move.
The law states that
felonious taking of
personal property aboard
a railroad train...
Is a capital offense
punishable by death.
Suppose he throws himself
on the mercy of the court.
The judge might consider clemency.
The railroads will apply
the greatest of pressure to prevent it.
They were the prime movers in
having the legislation enacted.
Why don't they
go after the others...
That have six holdups
to their credit...
Instead of the one
who surrendered?
I'm not one to ignore
extenuating circumstances.
The fact that no one was injured
and he's made restitution...
Might be persuasive.
If he'll reveal the names
of his accomplices,
I will consider a plea
of rectus in curia.
When and if you
receive the information,
I shall be in my office.
Billy, give me the names
of the others.
I don't think Wilson
swallowed our story...
About how it all happened,
but he said
if you'd help him...
He'd let you plead something
like a "rectum cufious."
You want to cut the deck
a little deeper?
That's eastern talk for
"you've changed...
And you won't do it again."
- Now who were they?
- What if I don't tell you?
A rope and a trapdoor.
Don't be a horse's ass.
You wanna trade
your Adam's apple...
For a couple of heisters
who'd steal your eyeballs?
Chuck, Art Williams
and his son, Perry,
and some dumb ox
named Mike.
I don't know
his last name.
He don't need
one anymore.
I could've shot you
last night.
Why didn't you?
I just keep makin'
these dumb mistakes.
come lock this door.
We got a dangerous
man in here.
Oh, finish your work.
I'll get it.
Say hello to Kate for me.
If she ever makes some extra
of those honey biscuits,
just drop 'em through the bars.
Oh, the district judge
won't be coming through here...
For a week or so on your trial.
Hey, no hurry.
I can wait.
Well, in the meantime,
I thought...
I'd take Kate away for a few days.
That's the only thing
you're an expert in.
Be glad to come with you.
Do me a favor.
Take care of Billy.
A little extra on his plate.
Oh, and Billy's horse
out in the corral,
see that he gets fed too.
Put that down.
Put the leg irons on me.
I want to go outside
to the privy.
You just went.
It's my ears this time.
I'm goin' crazy.
I keep hearin' that same
thing over and over...
And over.
Stop playing that thing
and grab a shovel.
You're doin'
great, Chuck.
Yeah, and here's
your share.
Don't that damn tune
have an end?
I ain't got no end yet
but it'll come to me someday.
Ah! It's stuck.
Oh, this got caught on the agitator.
Now try it.
There. What'll they
think of next?
Maybe an indestructible
That's already
been invented.
I'm taking out
a patent next week.
It's stuck.
It's stuck again.
You got to do it
in rhythm, Kate.
It says, like the way
you like to waltz.
One, two, three, one.
That's it.
Oh, that's easy.
One, two and three.
Two, three.
One, two, three.
Faster, Kate!
I am!
How long do I have
to keep this up?
It says here agitate
until clothes are clean.
Or until I collapse.
I've been thinking.
We haven't gone away
in a long time.
Do you mean what
I think you mean?
It's been over a year since...
you haven't got a fever, have you?
No, Kate, I mean it. Billy's trial
won't come up for a couple of weeks.
We can use the money
from that bull we sold.
Let's go someplace,
have some fun like we used to.
Oh, Chuck.
Let's go to Carson City and see
the Corbett-Fitzsimmons fight.
Santa Fe.
Or we can go to the rodeo in Prescott.
Santa Fe.
Or we can go to snow lake,
go fishing. You like that.
Uh, Santa Fe to shop.
We just got that thing
and that gramophone.
What else do we need?
It may paralyze you,
but I need new clothes.
Um, Santa Fe?
Santa Fe.
Oh, Chuck, we can go dancing.
Not me.
Oh, yes, you! It's easy!
Remember the washing machine.
One, two, three, Santa Fe.
And the restaurants
and the clothes are... dry!
Morning, Mr. Wilson.
Good morning, Pook.
Martinez tells me you're
tryin' Billy day after tomorrow.
What's the hurry?
I can't see any
reason not to.
I thought the judge wasn't
gonna be here for another week.
Sent me a telegram.
He arrives in the morning.
You can get it over fast
while the Sheriff's in Santa Fe.
And I trust enjoying himself.
I've been practicing law
for 20 years...
And I've seen some
pretty shady...
Mr. Bonney, the Sheriff
has done his job.
Now I'll do mine.
And I'll do mine.
I'll defend Billy.
Don't you think you'll
appear rather ludicrous?
A defense attorney
who'll be my star witness?
After all, I have your sworn
testimony identifying Massey.
Room 206.
Have a pleasant stay.
Thank you.
Here we are.
Just leave the suitcases here.
Here you are.
Oh, thank you, sir.
There's more.
Santa Fe!
Frank, give me a light, huh?
Down here.
Hello, Mr. Wilson.
With that stove out, you got
a mighty cold jail here.
Chuck told me what you were
doin' and I appreciate it.
Your friend, the Sheriff,
almost had me convinced...
What a respectable citizen
you really are.
Like everyone else,
I made a few mistakes.
I wrote those names down
that you wanted.
They're professionals.
I'm not. I was broke.
So you shot and killed a man.
In self-defense.
I presume you have
witnesses to testify...
To that fact.
I don't know where they are.
How unfortunate.
I sent some telegrams
this morning.
I find you've been in jails
from El Paso...
To Cumbres.
Well, uh, fights, drunk charges.
But I swear that's
all behind me.
So it is.
I gave myself up.
That was your last mistake.
If you'll glance
out of your window...
You might look
into your future.
Give it a try.
Nice and hot this morning, huh?
Morning, Billy.
Oh, good morning, Frank.
I got a stack of vvheats
for you today.
Don't be a damn fool, Billy.
Open that gun locker.
Put that on my arm.
Sit down and stay put.
Tell Chuck I had to do it.
Don't yell and back up.
Don't shoot!
Get back in that corner and don't
move or it'll be your last move.
Please don't shoot.
Please don't.
I don't know why
I don't shoot you.
You all right, Joe?
Go after him.
Just a little something
to milk the cows in.
It's beautiful but how often
do you have to water it?
Those people in Paris make a pretty hat.
So I've heard, ma'am.
You ever get one in,
we'd like to see it.
Well, which one do you like?
Take all three of them
and the two hats.
Yes? Oh!
Sheriff Jarvis?
In here.
Hotel said you were here. It's important.
Thank you.
How much do we owe you?
Just a minute.
Get dressed.
Hurry up.
Come on, Chuck.
We're gonna beat 'em.
We're gonna beat 'em, Billy.
Come on. Let's go.
He banoed my head
against the wall and took off.
- The telegram said he shot Joe.
- Flesh wound.
Why did he bust out?
Wilson told him
he was gonna hang.
you miserable bastard.
Pook, take Mrs. Jarvis home
and bring my gear and horse.
Go home, Kate, please.
No, Chuck. I am not gonna...
he was spotted on the road
toward Beckmann's at noon.
I've already contacted
12 men and 5 trackers.
They're standing by
with bloodhounds.
I'm the one who appoints deputies,
not you.
I have the authority. I contacted
the governor during your absence.
Well, I'm not absent now
and I don't need your men.
- I'm going after him alone.
- And let him get away?
- Is he riding his own horse?
- Yes.
He held me at gunpoint
while he saddled him.
I know that horse's tracks.
I'll get him.
If I'd had a pistol,
I would have shot him.
It's a good thing you
didn't have your pistol...
Or you wouldn't be here
talking to me right now.
Who spotted him?
No one's going to accept a concocted
story this time, yours or his.
I'll give you two days.
After that I'll send a posse.
Come with me, Mr. Bonney.
Why? What are you trying to prove?
What choice do I have?
Let the posse take him.
And let 12 men blast away at him?
Now get home.
You, uh, ready,
Miz Jarvis?
Yes, Pook.
Sheriff's going
after him alone.
You in the mood
for a deal?
Maybe. I could use
two extra guns.
Half what's in
Massey's saddlebags.
You're kind of expensive.
But you're kinda smart.
There's also a sizeable
reward out for you.
And everything
goes to Kate...
Except that II'Itle parcel
of land over at Goodwin's.
That's for Bennie.
You, uh... figurin' qn gettin'
yourself killed, Charles?
I got a
good chance at it.
All right, tops.
How about you and me
puttin' on 30 miles today, huh?
I think the old moose
is gettin' anxious again.
We'll just follow on
nice and easy.
One of 'em
spent the night here.
We're not
too far behind.
Sheriff's still out there
about a mile ahead.
Let's don't rush him, Perry.
What are you doin' with that?
Special load for Billy.
Busted glass and scrap iron.
Looks like the Sheriff's
settlin' down for the night.
No fires.
Let's move, Almanac.
I can't sleep anyway.
All right. Now we'll
take it nice and easy.
We didn't even
bend a pine needle.
He'll be
all right.
Not if Billy
gets the first shot.
I wish there was
something I could do to...
I just hope he
doesn't find him.
Where the hell
did he go?
Well, friend, looks like
we lost him someplace.
Well, I'll be damned.
Billy's not the kind to walk on water,
so I guess he rode in it.
Let's go, Almanac,
come on.
Let's get out
of here!
You should have stayed up
in the pines, Billy.
That's him,
all right.
How about circlin' around?
Cut Billy off?
No, let the Sheriff
do his work.
Then we move in.
Storm hits,
we'll lose 'em both.
Don't you ever sleep?
Come on.
All right now,
don't panic on me.
We'll go 'round the upwind side. Then
we'll put the fire between him and us.
Come on!
All right, easy, easy, tops,
I won't let you get burned.
Come on.
Okay, if you won't let me lead ya,
we're gonna have to ride out.
Come here! Come here!
Easy! Come here, hold it!
All right, easy! Easy! Stay with me!
Stay with me! Easy!
Hold it, Billy!
Billy, the next one's in your head.
You got no place to go.
Throw the rifle in the creek,
then the gun.
You sure are a
persistent bastard.
You forget.
I get 50 cents a mile.
That's the third one.
Let's go!
Hey, watch that thing!
You ain't that good a shot.
You might miss
and hit me.
I said, throw the rifle
in the creek.
Now, the gun.
Chuck, this is a good one.
It'll take me a week to clean it.
Where are you
up there?
I'll be right down.
How'd you find me
down here?
It wasn't easy.
You're gettin' tricky,
putfin' that rawhide on,
playin' hide-and-seek in a fire.
Oh, it was all hide,
believe me.
Don't forget to tell Kate how sorry I am
I broke up her trip to Santa Fe.
Drop your rifle.
Oh, Billy, you ain't
got nothin' to shoot...
where'd you get that gun?
I won it in a raffle.
Joe's gun.
I should have remembered.
All I want's
your horse.
It's up there, but I'm finding
you pretty hard on horses.
I got a spare one too, Billy. Trick
vest, I should have remembered.
Cut across
the creek.
Did you bring a posse?
Who's out there?
This is Sheriff Jarvis!
Who is it?
We want Billy Massey!
- That ain't no posse.
- Why are they shootin'?
Those are the friends you asked me about.
Art Williams?
Sounds like he picked up
a couple recruits.
Wet his pants though.
Don't waste 'em, Chuck. I'll watch up
the hill and you watch down there.
Sheriff, send Billy Massey
with his hands up!
Make sure that saddlebag comes with him!
You can go back to Cumbres.
Now, that's an
interesting proposition.
It's a little smoky in here,
but I like it.
And I need company.
Hey, Art, I'm set!
Let me know when you're ready.
That sounds like
old frog voice clem.
This trip might be worth it, after all.
Glad you think so.
All right!
Start firin'!
Why'd we have
to pick this place?
Bet this was once
a picnic ground.
It sure as hell ain't now.
where'd they get ya?
He didn't.
I'm just waitin' for him...
To raise up and take a bow.
Perry? Perry!
I think I got him.
What's one from four?
It used to be three.
What do you say
we make it two to two?
Surprise me.
Clem? Clem!
It's two to two.
Now it's even money.
You had to take a bow too, huh?
Ooh, I never knew getting nicked
in the ass could hurt so much.
I'm glad it was you and not me,
'cause that's where my brains is.
These friends of yours
must be usin' bear guns.
They're not close friends.
You ready to send him out?
Sheriff don't feel too good now.
Art, I'll throw the saddlebag out
if you'll leave us two horses.
I want you and the saddlebag!
Still greedy, aren't ya, art?
Here, throw the damn saddlebag.
I'll cover ya.
Wish I had some dynamite
to put in it.
Or maybe I wish we'd spent
the afternoon somewhere else.
Roundin' up the herd
at our ranch.
You think you can...
you think you can
shoot to hit, Chuck?
Yeah, I can make a noise.
What have you got in mind?
I'm goin' out and
shoot the man down.
Don't forget, if you aim towards Art,
I'm the one with the glass head.
Come and get it, farmer!
You've been after him
all his life.
Well, you're not gonna get him.
Billy, you stop spittin' at me
or I'll dunk you!
I'm not spittin' at you, Chuck.
I'm spittin' at the world.
Well, that's the world
spittin' back at ya.
They got me!