Showdown In Manila (2016) Movie Script

Are you sure about this, Kiki?
When have I ever been wrong?
Name one time.
- I don't lie to you, Nick.
- Yeah, without a doubt.
- This is who you saw?
- Yeah, that's him.
- He's there a lot.
- Take one more look.
Definitely him.
You know serge, What do they say?
That Diaz works for Wraith.
I've heard the rumor.
We've got something.
He's Diaz.
Remember, We get Diaz and we get out.
- What about the girls?
- We'll try to set them free.
- Here, Kiki.
- Thanks, Nick.
Watch yourself.
Excuse me, boys.
- This man just came in.
- I don't remember.
He came in with three
other men and five girls.
I must have missed him.
You saw him. Where did he go?
Four...fourth floor.
It's there.
Cesar, come in.
ACU, this is VCU-1.
We have 10-45B.
Come in.
There's no signal.
Someone's using jammer, sarge.
It's a set up.
They knew we were coming.
What's up little bitches?!
You're looking for me?
I'm right here.
Flash bang!
Wraith, on the end.
- You're hurt?
- No. you?
I'm out.
Sarge... I'm hit, I'm hit.
Sarge, sarge...
- I'm bleeding, I know.
- No.
You'll be alright.
I'll get Wraith.
Back up is coming.
Come on, you've got this.
Come on.
Move, let's go!
Honey... hey.
Doctor say you were lucky.
Your head, It was just grazed.
The shoulder hits were worse.
We need some rehab in that.
And it would be fine.
You'll be fine.
- Hi, Sofia.
- Hello.
- I shouldn't be alive.
- Don't say that, Nick.
She's right. You've got to
focus on the real bad guys.
The ones responsible for all this.
This wasn't you fault.
Lieutenant Kalalo.
I need a word.
- Captain Minter.
- I just came from the crime scene.
Do you realize what kind of PR
nightmare we have on our hands?
What the hell happened?
It's a bloodbath out there.
Almost an entire strike team was wiped out.
With all due respect, captain...
This is the violent crime unit.
- We deal with the worst of the worst.
- Funny how he made it out.
Sergeant Peyton is an
excellent team leader.
Was a team leader. He's thorough.
He led them right into an ambush.
His recklessness caused all this.
With all due respect sir,
I think you're looking for a scapegoat.
Watch yourself, lieutenant.
Somebody didn't do their job right.
I'm saying it was him.
Keep up this attitude,
It could be you, too.
Excuse me, sir?
Is that a threat?
Are you threatening me?!
- Stand down, Lieutenant!
- Are you threatening me?!
Lieutenant, Stand down!
Captain... It's on me.
Just me.
You know, we should probably
get out of these chairs at some point.
Why would we do that?
I don't know, get some
exercise or something.
I came here to relax, besides...
It's a long walk to the bar.
I like your thinking.
You want another one?
Yes, please.
Another one what?
Go get help!
No, no!
Shh..., It's okay.
I love you.
I love you.
You're gonna be okay.
You're gonna be okay.
No, no, Matt!
Hi. I'm Lieutenant Efren Kalalo.
I'm deeply sorry for your loss.
Look, I've been here for hours.
I've told everyone that
interviewed me exactly what I saw.
I've read your statement.
That must've been a horrific
experience for you.
We confirmed that your husband
was employed by the FBI back in states.
And to vacation in here,
as you told us.
So you believe my account of what happened.
Do you know if your husband was
involved with the perpetrators, in any way?
What do you mean?
Not counting your husband, we have
three dead. all innocent people.
We have a lot of gangs here,
and when they go to war they...
This wasn't a gang war.
I gave an exact description of the people
that I saw that were involved.
I appreciate that, It's just that there're
dozens of conflicting descriptions...
about the perpetrators
and what they look like.
I believe this man was in charge.
Impressive work.
I'm a police sketch artist.
Do you recognize him?
I'm not sure.
Can you wait here please?
This is detective Jovelyn Sabio
from the violent crime unit.
Hello, Mrs.Wells.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
She would take you to a safe place.
Can we at least stop by my hotel first?
Sorry, It's too dangerous.
- What?
- Sorry.
I thought we had a tail.
It's safe now.
It's all right. We're okay.
Come on!
It's okay.
You know those guys?
- No.
- But they know you.
That's why you can't
go back to your hotel.
You did good.
Okay, show me.
What's wrong?
I don't know, must be the batteries.
Up, there goes.
- That's my wife.
- Keep watching, Mr. Camato.
Who is that cret with Vivian?
His name is David Beckels,
he's a car salesman.
But it doesn't matter.
What do you mean?
Keep watching, Mr.Camato.
She has two lovers? Slut!
Keep watching, Mr.Camato.
- Three lovers?
- Clients.
She's a pro, Mr.Camato.
- A prostitute?
- A call girl, a high class call girl.
That's why she kisses on the lips.
Not that I know of.
Never should've married such a young woman.
You know, you don't watch anymore.
You don't... you don't wanna see this.
- It's gonna break your heart.
- Not again.
Surveillance photos.
We're really sorry you had to find out
about your wife this way, Mr.Camato.
It's what I paid you to do.
Thanks, Mr.Camato.
What was that, Charlie?
I forgot the camera was rolling.
Did you forget to don't
sleep with our clients too?
Technically she's not a client.
Hey, I don't have a hot girlfriend.
Wanna see it again?
- Hey Jovelyn, how's it going?
- It's going good, Nick.
I'd like for you to meet Sheryl Wells.
Charlie Benz, Private investigator.
What are we doing here?
Lieutenant Kalalo believes
that they can help you.
And who are they?
Nick Peyton was a sergeant
on the violent crime unit strike force.
And Charlie Benz
was a Los Angeles police officer.
Alright Mr. Peyton,
Why aren't you with the strike force anymore?
The bust went bad, we were set up
and I took the hit for it.
Mr. Benz, why aren't you with LAPD?
- It's complicated.
- He slept with his commander's wife.
I used to have a problem.
- He's a sex addict.
- I go to meetings now.
Look, Mrs. Wells, these men are
actually really good at what they do.
Trust me, they can help you.
Help with what?
As an FBI agent, my husband worked
with Interpol more than once.
I'm guessing that you recognize this man
from one of his previous cases.
He's called The Wraith.
A police artist drew this
sketch for me, two years ago.
How the artist might've seen him before.
You think you can find him?
If he's back in this area, yes.
But you'll have to be
fast, because he moves
his space of operations
around, all the time.
Excuse me.
"The Wraith"?
The cold blooded human drug trafficker
that no one ever sees?
And if they do they end up dead.
Which is why
they call him "The Wraith"
in the first place.
- That's who we're going after?
- Yes.
But Jovelyn just said, He works globally.
He's probably not even in
the Philippines right now.
You lost an entire team,
and almost got killed.
And now It's rumor that
he has his own private army.
Why the hell can't
the police handle this?
Because Lieutenant Kalalo believes...
that some of the forces
actually are on The Wraith's payroll.
That's why Nick got set up,
When he went after Carlo Diaz.
Look, Mrs.Wells...
I feel for you, I really do.
But we work with fraud, cheating partners
and some daily scam cases.
I'll give you 50 thousands Us dollars,
if you find him.
- We can look for him.
- Another 50 if you bring him to me.
I mean he can't hide forever.
- Does anyone know what his real name is?
- No.
Wonderful, I wanted for this.
You should take her somewhere safe.
I'll take her to my place.
The lieutenant says that
this is off the books.
Call him on his mobile phone,
only after you find the Wraith.
And Nick...
Don't forget that you still have friends.
- Where do you wanna begin?
- We check every resource we have.
- Somebody has to know something.
- The trouble's getting them to talk.
- Oh, we'll make them talk.
- We will make them talk?
- You're gonna go Godzilla on me?
- Godzilla?
Every time you take a case personal,
someone gets his head pounded.
- Not all the time.
- Most of the time.
- Some of the time.
- Almost every time.
So what? When you were a cop,
you didn't get passionate about your cases?
- When I was a cop?
- Yeah.
Work was work. I did my job,
I didn't take things personal.
That's what we're gonna do on this job.
We're private investigators,
not terminators.
If you want out.
I don't want out.
We're partners.
- And you want your cut of the money?
- I do.
My friend, we're looking for this guy.
No, I haven't seen him.
- You're sure?
- Yeah, I'm sure.
We're getting nowhere fast.
- Nobody's seen a thing.
- Or they're covering up.
Probably scared of the Russian hulk.
We should've done this in my way.
And we would end it up in jail.
Look Nick, I know
how much this thing means to you.
No, you don't.
I got my whole team killed
by this son of a bitch. I owe him.
We'll get him, partner.
Something will turn up.
We're cool.
Hey, Nick. Charlie...
Hi Zoya, how are your folks?
Good. business is great,
lots of deliveries.
Listen, you ride all over the city.
Have you seen him?
Who's he?
Someone very bad.
We really need to find him.
I can keep my eyes open.
Why don't you ask Kiki for help?
She's good at these stuff.
- She's away, In rehab.
- No, she's not.
I saw her in a club dress last night.
And I saw her with that Datu guy,
outside the Tiki lounge.
That's the first place we checked.
Told you, we should've done this my way.
Do you always have to have the last word?
- What are you having?
- Information.
I don't know about that guy.
Where can I find Datu?
Who is that?
No more lie!
I don't know anything of Datu!
- Where's Datu?
- I don't know, I don't know.
I don't speak Wookie, Chewbacca.
- Talk.
- No, no, no. I don't know.
Upstairs! Upstairs!
Thank you.
- Nicolas Peyton.
- No shit.
Let him in.
- Hold your fire, bro.
- Relax.
Well, well, well!
Look at you.
What are you here for?
You're no longer a cop.
That's true, but I missed you so much
that I thought to stop by.
What do you want, Peyton?
First, Where's Kiki?
She's smoking pole...
- somewhere.
- I see.
You're still pissed you
can't have Kiki, right?
I don't know what you're
talking about, Peyton.
But I've been banging
Kiki, like a firecracker.
You know Bella, you should probably leave.
There've boyfriend over here,
he's going down.
It's time someone shuts your mouth for you.
Get him!
As I said...
two questions.
Where's Kiki?
Trina's seen her in...
Bagail street.
Second question.
Who is he?
I don't know, I don't know him.
Look again.
I told you. I don't know him!
I swear!
Leave Kiki alone.
I thought you were in the rehab.
It sucked, I had to leave.
And you moved out of your place?
My landlord wants favors again.
- Who is this?
- The Wraith.
- Seriously?
- Yeah.
I've never seen his face before.
But I've heard a lot about him, though.
This man, he caused us pain.
Me and Charlie are working for a woman now.
He took her husband in cold blood,
right in front of her.
Hi. I'm Sofia,
and you must be...
That's Kiki, Our informant.
Hmm, cool.
So, this is the girlfriend.
I guess so.
You want some Chinese?
Yes, Chinese is very good.
We met in New York.
I was a cop and she was a journalist
I still am.
Back then, when I got
transferred to the Philippines,
Nick said, he wouldn't let me fly alone.
I followed her to Manila.
Finally got a job at the VCU.
The rest is history.
What can I say?
That's a really nice love story.
Thank you.
Anyway, I just stopped by
to remind you of our...
date on Friday?
Don't you forget.
- Okay?
- I will not.
Thank you.
Bye, Kiki.
Say hi to Charlie from me, alright?
- I will, thank you.
- Bye.
Brought you Chinese food.
Sofia stopped by, she said hello.
There's one thing though.
I don't know if this is gonna mean much
but, I worked at Wraith's bar yesterday.
Oh, great Go-Go's there.
Or so I've heard.
Anyway, there was this guy,
This big guy.
And he had long blond hair.
Long blond hair?
Yeah, and...
His name was Dorn.
He likes the girls at Wraith's bar.
He's from out of town, so
he doesn't come around often.
But yesterday I saw him there.
Last time I saw him was two years ago.
When you were trying
to take down Carlo Diaz.
What time have you seen him yesterday?
- Around happy hour.
- Great time to go.
Appetizers are half off.
You can stay here tonight.
We have a couch over there.
And Kiki, take it, take it.
But tomorrow you start to earn it.
You can clean up around here,
you can answer the phone.
And there's a secretary desk,
which is there to use it.
- We have a secretary desk?
- It's a secretary desk.
Looks like you've got
my whole day planned out for me.
Get used to it.
- So how the meeting's going?
- Huh?
The sex addict anonymous meetings.
Oh, good, okay.
I guess.
You know, addiction control
is difficult with...
- So many neighbours out there.
- Neighbours?
Cute Filipino girls.
And they're beyond cute.
And keeping what I'm up against,
I'd say that myself discipline
is pretty impressive
You're my hero, Charlie.
Yeah, I know.
Hey, It's him.
We can't chat him up too much
We need him to talk.
Don't worry.
- Hi, Charlie.
- Hey, Anton.
- It's Peyton.
- She's there.
- Hi, Charlie.
- Hey.
- Nice to see you again, Charlie.
- You too.
My neighbours, huh?
You no call me!
I was gonna call you,
We've been working a big case.
You want bang bang?!
Hey, It's my colleague.
Peyton, Miss. Divina.
Miss Divina, Peyton.
- Peyton.
- Miss. Divina.
Okay, don't.
We're looking for someone.
He's big, almost like him,
blond hair.
- Dorn.
- Yeah.
I don't want no trouble here, Charlie.
When have I ever given you any trouble?
Okay, that was just that one time,
Thank you.
How do you wanna do this?
That'll do it.
Don't move!
Ladies, out.
- Who the hell are you?
- You don't remember?
You tried to kill me.
- If that were true, you'd be dead.
- But I'm not.
Palace hotel, roof top, 2 years ago.
Looks like you got lucky.
Alright, you can move with us now.
- We need to talk.
- What are you, cops?
Can't put it out, huh?
Well, I'll tell you what,
I'm leaving now,
And If you're smart,
and that's a big If...
You forget that we ever met.
I know what you wanna talk about.
It's not gonna happen.
You either shoot me,
or get the fuck out of my way.
Or we're gonna go mano and mano,
and you can try to make me talk.
But I don't think your
balls are big enough.
Nick, What are you doing?
Put your gun away, Charlie.
Charlie, what's going on?
You still owe me money,
you only paid me 20!
Charlie, you told me no trouble!
What is...? what is going on here?
- Hey mister, looking for someone?
- Two really big guys.
- Are you police?
- Private investigator.
Wow, so you're chasing bad guys?
Yeah, really bad guys.
- Did you see which way they went?
- They went through that gate.
- Yeah.
- Look, I can show you the better way.
Take it.
- I'm Larissa.
- I'm Charlie.
- I'm an exchange student, you know.
- How great.
- I won track in school.
- I don't doubt that.
- Is this a big case?
- Breathing!
- I'm thinking of being an Olympic athlete.
- I believe you.
- It's him.
- Thanks.
Come on!
- I had this guy.
- I know you had him, buddy.
You guys put some pain on him.
Although you might want balk up a bit.
Get a little more mass.
I should get a pic of this.
No, no, no photos.
You see, we're undercover.
Oh, cool!
Thank you. but you should go.
- And good luck at the Olympics.
- Thank you.
I'm gonna be a watcher for you.
- Olympics?
- What?
So you like Go-Go's girls, right?
Hey, hey!
You're about to lose your balls, man.
We're gonna ask you some questions,
and you answer them.
Believe it, I've seen him do it.
Holy crap!
- Is he dead?
- Nope.
Just out.
He was getting us in trouble
and then we tied him up.
How can you blame him?
Okay, so now that I've seen that,
does that make me accomplice?
- Pretty much.
- For what?
Kidnapping, discharging a
foreign army in public.
- Probably damage to lots out there.
- Yeah, that too. a lot of stuff.
I thought you guys only
did like kiddy spouses,
Dating fraud, stuff like that.
So did I.
- Is this like when you are a cop?
- Actually was.
You know, Kiki, It's important
that Dorn will stay in the trunk by now.
If anyone stop by, looking
for him or for us...
- Be polite, be professional...
- And lie!
You've never heard of Dorn.
Tell we're on the infidelity case.
- What if the cops come by?
- Lie again.
Tell them nothing,
they could work for Aldric Cole.
- Who's that?
- The Wraith.
- Or at least that's Dorn said.
- So I'm working for you now?
- Yep, that's the plan, if you want.
- Okay.
- But I want a raise.
- Haven't offered a salary yet.
Yeah, but when you do,
it's gonna be too low.
You hired her.
- We gotta go.
- Yeah.
- A raise?
- Raise.
- She came in a minute.
- She's a good woman.
I know you, something big is happening.
Please, tell me what's going on.
I told you it's nothing
I care about you, don't shut me out
okay, I have to do something.
Part business, part personal.
How dangerous is it?
Don't you dare miss the
theater night on Friday.
I won't, I promise.
Don't worry.
You think Dorn left the place?
I think he wanna do keep his balls.
I just hope I can read his handwriting.
Lieutenant, I think I've found The Wraith.
I need some help.
Where are you?
I'll give you my location, but listen,
I need my friends.
Peyton, don't tell me you're
still a lowlife gunshu?
You surprised me, Ford.
I thought you'd be beach bencher by now.
Barking at others to meter maids.
Well, you know the Three Stooges, right?
Yeah, I've seen a few of their films.
I see you're still getting
your butt kicked.
And I see you're still nagging me
when I do, Hainse.
- Good to see you.
- Good to see you too.
- It's been a while, Peyton.
- For a long, my friend.
Guys, this is Charlie.
He's my friend, you can comment him.
Charlie, Haines, Ford,
Dillon, and Victor.
Great to meet you all.
Another Russian, huh?
Yeah, there is more than one into work.
I was talking about speaking Russian.
It's called bilingual.
You know what's called
when you speak only one language?
They're just bursting your balls pall,
We do it all the time.
You see, We all used to
work together with Nick.
I work with him now.
Alright, let's get this out of the way.
We all know you got set up by the Brasol...
in PR, Nick.
Everybody knew it was bullshit.
Enough of this.
Let's kick some ass.
I see you came hard.
Well, we set stuff the best we could.
- And I brought a few things to go boom.
- Not bad.
That wasn't creepy.
You've gotta see this.
Dorn told the truth.
They're getting ready to move.
Figures, he's always on the move.
Can we get eyes on him?
Check out the tent.
It's Aldric Cole.
That son of a bitch.
You know what, Charlie,
screw the money.
You do that, he'll know
exactly where we're at.
We can still get him.
I can take out those.
At least they won't be able
to tell the others where it's coming from.
What about the fifty?
- Who is the quickest runner?
- Me!
Think you can take the one in the fifty's?
I can make it to the first one,
but I'm gonna need a lot of cover.
Will diversion help?
Yeah, a lot.
You see the gun snipers?
That would be the biggest problem.
Hit again, I don't know
of how many are them.
You can end up stepping on them.
Call lieutenant, get the rest of
the forces back up.
Yeah, in the moment we
do that there's a good
chance he'll get tipped
off, they'll be gone.
If we want to get him,
We're gonna have to to this on our own.
But It's up to you.
Let's do it.
I can make it down that
bridge, get out their rides.
- That'll be the diversion.
- Good enough.
Victor, where can you get the best shot?
Right there.
Charlie, Ford, and me,
we'll take this side.
And try to be up to the
tent to grab the Cole.
Hey Victor, give us ten.
Before we get to the position
and after that take out the OPS.
And Haines, as soon as you
get to one of the fifty's...
take it, we need a fire power.
You've got it.
One question. when we get this Cole
asshole, what do we do with him?
Take him alive. Me and Charlie are
supposed to bring him to Mrs. Wells.
For what?
We didn't ask.
I can not find Dorn.
Get down!
Go, go, go!
Batman and Robin come to save the day
I wish I could offer you a cigar, but...
that ain't my way
You're coming with us.
Rather not.
You blew up my lab,
you killed all my men.
Wouldn't it be hard to believe
that I fought back and got away?
Not this time.
You know, I've got international
friends in law places.
Who wouldn't be happy if I were arrested.
We're not here to arrest you.
As I said, you're coming with us.
Good job
Hey, Cole!
Take a good look. come on, take it!
- You okay?
- Cold.
It's so cold in Russia,
I used to have an Ice fish
in Czech in my bathtub base with my bear.
Let's go.
- I'll be right back.
- Okay.
Good bye.
Next time you wanna take
down some bad guys,
count me in.
I promise to you. Thanks for everything.
Next time you need your hand health,
make sure you give me a call.
You must be there.
I'll be right back.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- You did good out there.
- Thanks.
I was wondering...
Would you like to go out with me sometime?
I'll go out with you.
But if you cheat on me...
I'll kill you.
Call me.
If you ever get tired of work in VCU,
You can be PI very fast.
Are you kidding me?
That's too boring.
The lieutenant has a doctor
that will take care of Victor,
- No questions asked.
- Good.
What are you gonna do with Cole?
I don't know. It's up to Mrs.Wells.
He doesn't go to jail.
Let us know if you need a cleaner.
- I will, thank you.
- Alright.
It would've never worked out
between her an I.
She's here.
Thanks, send him in.
Hey, Kiki, you can go home now.
I'll see you tomorrow.
But... but I thought that...
No, just lock the front
door on your way out.
Do it.
This is Aldric Cole, The Wraith.
And Dorn, as viki.
We've seen your social club.
Can we get on with this?
Shut up!
You murdered my husband, Matthew.
He didn't stand a chance
considering the odds against him.
Matthew was a good man.
Good husband.
And an excellent marksman.
He taught me all about guns.
How to shoot them.
That's so touchy.
Are you done?
Am I to arrest?
Detective Sabio, I need
a car to the airport,
transporting my husband's body back home.
Okay, Mrs. Wells.
Your money will be in your accounts...
before the end of the day tomorrow,
is that alright?
Mr. Peyton, Mr. Benz,
Thank you.
Send it down to me cleaners.
What are we gonna do now?
We'll sit down and wait for cleaners.
I took these off from
Cole when I cuffed him.
He won't need them in where he's at.
That's true.
Not bad.
We should go to Cuba.
We should.