Showtime 1958 (2020) Movie Script

You're like a night star
Warbling my latent longing
Bound to be disappointed
With no news
Oh, my soul is in anguish
Thank you.
You shine brightly
The glance of your eyes
Pierces into my heart
Adding a sense of love
In the depths of my soul
Your attitude
The Marilyn Monroe of Singapore.
Saloma. Her voice is world-class.
Yes, truly world-class.
But she's Tompel's ex-wife, Remy.
I know.
But I have never seen
her singing on stage.
This is her favorite song.
Her fianc always asks her
to sing this song.
Why are you still denying it?
Yes. There, the White guy.
The White guy?
It's all over the news already.
Ken What's his name?
Doesn't matter.
But his Muslim name is Ahmad.
He's a Scot working here.
Always, it's the White guys
who get our pretty Singapore girls.
Not necessarily.
Why, Remy?
Are you interested?
If I ever
Get your confession
I would be happy
Living in this world
Living in this world
Honey, have you started
your religious classes?
Yes, I have. Twice.
So, you have reverted to Islam?
Of course.
Praise be to Allah!
A week ago, Ustaz Fuad
witnessed my profession of faith.
So have you selected your Muslim name?
-My Muslim name?
So, we can think about the date
for the wedding--
Wait, dear.
Don't tell anyone yet.
It's still too soon.
Later, when the time comes,
I will announce it personally.
But what about your parents?
Don't worry about it.
It's for our future.
Aren't you fasting?
Of course.
Then you can't touch me.
You'll void your fast.
Ribut! Wait.
Sir? Mr. Jaafar wants to see you.
It was the same last year.
This year? Same thing.
How long must we go on strike?
Until when will you keep on sacking staff?
Sack, strike, sack, strike.
Until when?
This was management's decision.
I'm just following orders.
You are just the same.
All this is affecting our work.
Since last year, nothing has been settled.
If I had known it would be like this,
I'd have told them they'd be better off
working at Cathay-Keris!
Don't act like this.
Why don't you stop acting like this?
Sacking people on a whim
No salary increments
After this, who do you want to sack next?
We'll talk about this later, okay?
Let's not discuss the dismissals now.
Sure. I can always talk later.
Our union, PERSAMA, can always talk later.
But until when?
What do we have to do?
Do you know something?
Our studio staff
cannot afford new clothes
for this year's Eid celebrations.
And on the night of Eid,
there'll be no fireworks.
Ramlee, I will ask the boss
what the story is.
"What the story is"?
Do you know something?
In this studio, anyone can tell stories.
I can write stories.
Jamil, too, can write stories.
Even Aziz can tell stories.
Omar Rojik, too, can create stories.
But let me tell you something,
and I want you to remember this.
Give those you sacked their jobs back
or I will lose my temper!
I always pray
that you are in a better place now.
And if you want to know,
I am fine here.
Tahir has grown up,
and Ernita has just turned five.
God willing,
she will start school next year.
All of us miss you, Ma.
I will take my leave, Ma.
Satay sticks?
Big sis!
There are so many people outside.
They're wearing nice dresses.
They're so colorful!
What are they doing?
They are celebrating Eid.
Eid? Can we celebrate it too?
Can we wear pretty and colorful dresses?
We can't, Ita.
We do not have nice clothes.
God willing, next year,
we will get new clothes.
If Ma was around,
she would have bought us clothes.
Ita! Why are you saying that?
Ma is gone!
Ma is dead!
Have pity on Big Sis.
Every day, she goes to work
to earn money for us.
Why are you scolding me?
Hush! No one is scolding you
Ita, no one is angry with you. Okay?
So come, stop crying.
Here, look at me.
In a few days,
we'll go out for dinner, okay?
Thank you.
Is the fried rice ready?
The customers are waiting.
-Speak or he'll never understand.
-This telephone?
Can I use your phone?
You can.
Five cents.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Is Ribut home?
Ribut is not home.
She went out for practice.
Who is this?
Her friend.
It's okay, Auntie.
Thank you.
Thank you, boss.
Yes, sis.
I'm going out to collect some payments.
Then, I'm going to sell cakes
at Jalan Ampas.
I should be home in the afternoon.
Don't forget to make Ita's milk.
Otherwise, she'll kick up a ruckus.
Yes, okay.
I'm going now.
One more thing.
If it rains,
don't forget to take the washing in.
I will, sis.
She looked at me
She gave me a sidelong look
Oh dear, she's smiling now
Gosh, what a sweet lady
She looked at me
She gave me a sidelong look
Oh dear, she's smiling now
-I'll take my leave now, Auntie.
-Be safe, Yanti.
-Hello, boss.
-How are you?
I'm fine.
-How are you, Mr. Singh?
-Okay, boss.
-All good?
Morning, boss.
-Mr. Singh.
-All good?
Come. Nasi lemak!
Boss, cakes for you?
Is that nasi lemak?
Yes, Uncle.
It's been a month of fasting.
I miss having a good nasi lemak.
What's in it?
The normal things, Uncle.
Fried fish, egg, cucumber.
In that case,
I will take three packets.
Here you go.
-Sixty cents, right?
Here's a dollar.
Keep the change.
Thank you so much, Uncle.
Happy Eid.
Same to you.
Behold, Tokai's open sky
If the sun shines high
Who's winning? Who's losing?
Guess who the champion is?
So, Remy. What's up?
How are PERSAMA's preparations going?
Everything is moving smoothly.
On that night, we will have Norma.
You, of course.
-And there was someone else
Oh, yes, Rosman.
What else?
My girls have been practicing.
They will perform the Tualang Tiga dance.
-Excellent! What about comedians?
For comedy, we have Alias Congo.
And the MC for the night is
Who else but Aziz Sattar?
Okay. Kassim.
How about we get another comedian?
I agree.
Can I suggest inviting Hamid and Sudiro?
It's been a while
since we last saw them perform.
That's a good suggestion.
I can get in touch with Sudiro.
What about the kebaya competition?
Rosnani will be managing the competition.
In that case, everything's prepared.
But there's something else.
I won't be able to attend.
-Work matters.
Always so busy.
Oh, yes, Remy.
Jeffri is asking why he is not invited.
I guess we can ask him
to be the second MC?
He is just looking for opportunities.
We can ask him to sing, but he can't!
Want to know what he is good at?
Politicking. Twenty-four hours a day.
Always teasing.
Omar, I take your men again.
Hirman! Didi! Go home!
It's nearly twilight! Stop playing!
Otherwise, you'll be kidnapped by
the big-breasted demon! Go in!
Take this money. Give it to your siblings.
Next time, don't come around so late.
Come earlier.
It's too dangerous.
I will, Auntie.
I thank you.
Happy Eid.
-Please forgive my wrongdoings.
So, what is the management
going to do, Jim?
Well, if they don't rehire our friends,
PERSAMA will go back on strike.
-A strike?
If we strike, we won't get paid.
How are we going to survive?
Nani, you know I have some savings.
Furthermore, you already have
an offer from Cathay-Keris.
Just grab it.
MFP isn't stable anymore.
But Cathay-Keris isn't Jalan Ampas.
It's different.
Let's do this.
Allow me to discuss it with Remy first.
Let's the both of us decide
if there's another way
to solve this problem.
Okay, then.
I need to go check on the contestants.
You take care of our son, Juna.
His clothes and other things
are in the bag.
-His milk too.
-Hey, Juna. Come on.
Let's go.
Hey, you! Stop there!
Where is she?
She ran here!
Waste of time!
When the moon shines, everything lights up
Excuse me, sir.
David. Okay.
Everything lights up
I closed my eyes but I couldn't sleep
The dark-skinned lady appears
Tempting memories
I am sure you will win, Noni.
No one here has your figure.
Not everyone can wear the kebaya.
Mom, the corset is too tight.
I can't breathe.
-Didn't I tell you not to eat lunch?
-If I don't eat, I get hungry.
Starving won't kill you!
We've just completed a month of fasting.
Now, just one day without food,
and you complain.
We break fast when it's twilight.
It's past twilight now!
I get weak when I don't eat.
Endless complaints.
I'll get you a glass of water if you want.
Only one drink.
No food!
Mom, I think we should re-do my makeup.
Where's the makeup bag?
-Any problems so far?
I'll go to the makeup room.
Greetings, everyone.
Happy Eid. How is everyone?
Nani! You look
even more beautiful in person.
Thank you.
Let me introduce you to my daughter, Noni.
She's taking part
in the Kebaya Queen pageant.
Very pretty. Are you ready?
Ready as can be.
Look at her kebaya.
Pretty. Sexy.
No competition.
That's nice.
But the winner is selected by the jury.
Not by me.
-Oh, really?
Let me remind you,
my last briefing is in 30 minutes.
Remember, or you may not understand.
Give Ms. Meena your full name.
Meena, can you handle it?
You should realize who you are.
You thought those girls
wanted your autograph!
Take a reality check!
You're no different!
I too can't stop laughing,
seeing your hands trembling
to sign their books.
There weren't such things back in our day.
This is the time of people like Jeffri.
That's true, Hamid.
But then again,
if it weren't for old folks like us,
you think they'd be around?
-No way!
-Definitely, no way!
-That's enough, Hamid.
-Let's go in.
Seriously, you
Hey, Hamid.
Is he dead or just sleeping?
Mr. Eng! Wake up!
Oh! Hello, Hamid and Sudiro.
I thought you weren't coming.
"Yew"? I don't know anyone named Yew.
Do you know anyone named "Yew"?
What are you talking about?
What do you mean, "Yew"?
There's no Yew here.
Where? There's no one named Yew here.
You are mad!
Don't try to be funny, okay?
We are joking around. Don't get angry.
You'll get old faster.
Who's old?
You two think you're still young?
Enough! Go in already!
Okay, that will do.
It's been one week
since we last met, Ribut.
Don't you love me anymore?
Don't think such nonsense.
The love I feel for you will never fade.
Then why have you been avoiding me?
Is there something wrong?
My family will be migrating
to Kuala Lumpur next week.
I'll be joining them.
When did you find out about this?
Last week.
Father says he wants to open
a restaurant in Kuala Lumpur.
Now that Malaya is independent,
my father wants to be there.
Good evening, everyone.
-P. Ramlee.
How are you?
I'm fine. Fine. I'm fine.
-Thank you. I'm fine.
Here you go.
We'll see you inside.
Don't forget to catch our show.
Okay, see you inside.
Darling, where are my cigarettes?
You said you had a sore throat today.
So, no cigarettes today.
Is everything okay?
There are lots of problems.
Two or three people aren't alive yet.
Not alive?
Sorry! Haven't arrived yet.
Not having arrived yet is okay.
But not being alive is not good.
Look here, boss.
You don't have to worry.
-In a short while, they will arrive. Yes?
Madam Nani, do you want a drink?
Orange? Okay.
I'll get one for you.
Hey! Come here.
What are you doing here?
Why were you hiding? Are you shy?
If you're shy, you shouldn't have
taken part in the pageant.
Who is it, Meena?
A participant, I think.
She was hiding back there.
Come here.
A bit messy.
But very sweet.
Her hair needs to be done.
Tell the makeup girls to make her up,
and also to get her a dress,
corset, and accessories.
Yes, ma'am.
What's your name?
Yanti. Puspayanti.
A beautiful name.
Once done, before the contest begins,
you can have something to eat, okay?
Come with me.
PERSAMA'S NIGH Where's the artist?
Jim. Here you are.
I've been looking everywhere for you.
I am here looking after Juna. What's up?
Is your script for Batu Belah completed?
Yes, it's completed.
But I still don't know
when they want me to start.
God willing, soon. Very soon.
Someone said you were looking for me.
Well, it's like this, Jim.
I have a new melody.
So, I would like you to write the lyrics.
For your new movie?
When do you want it?
Not for a movie.
But for tonight's Showtime.
So, I want you to write
and complete the lyrics tonight.
Remy, you're pulling my leg, right?
You know I don't like to joke around.
I'm a serious person.
The melody is done.
The lyrics should be short.
An Eid song.
I want everyone involved tonight
to sing along with us on stage
at the end of the show.
I'm not sure, Remy.
With me taking care of Juna,
I'm not so sure.
I'm worried there's not enough time.
That's just you giving an excuse.
I know you can deliver the lyrics on time.
What do you think? Okay?
What's the melody?
The melody is like this.
You don't have to sing it.
You know how I write lyrics, right?
Just write down the beats.
All right.
Good evening, and happy Eid!
Happy Eid!
Thank you for sparing your time
and buying tickets for tonight's show.
Don't worry.
Don't fret.
Tonight's show will be special.
It is brought to you by
the artistes of MFP studio!
We have prepared a special show for you.
There are songs.
There's music.
There are dances.
There are singers.
There's comedy.
There's Saloma,
there's Normadiah, there's
There's me, Aziz Sattar.
-What else?
-P. Ramlee!
Not yet! There's the Kebaya Queen contest.
And who else?
P. Ramlee!
-P. Ramlee!
Yes, P. Ramlee will be performing tonight.
But a note of caution.
Those with fiances, girlfriends,
and wives, be warned!
Take good care of them.
And to start off tonight's show,
here they are, the Kassim Masdor Combo!
Come, kids, come and get some chick-peas
Everyone, remember.
This is not a movie.
If you make a mistake in a film studio,
we can do it again.
This is a stage performance,
and mistakes will not be tolerated.
Yes, Auntie Norma.
Listen to the rhythm. Hear the beat.
And don't forget to smile.
Ladies and gentlemen.
First, some good news.
A film directed by P. Ramlee
that is currently in the cinemas,
Curse of the Oily Man,
won a trophy last night!
A trophy for
Best Black and White Photography
at the Asia-Pacific Film Festival
in Manila.
A big round of applause
for our colleague, A. Bakar Ali!
And now, we present to you
the Tualang Tiga dance
from the movie.
Please welcome our very own
Malay Film Productions dancers!
Crafting a beautiful dance
Bowing in respect
Fast and agile, the crafted moves are
Held in high regard, this pure art is
A legacy of our motherland
Swaying so gracefully like a woman
With the beautiful dance
Of Tualang Tiga
Held in high regard
Our culture
Cherished by the nation
In sync like poetry moving to the beat
So beautiful, the garments of
Our warrior princess
Clapping our hands, a sign of bravery
No fear in defending our dignity
The glorious Eid al-Fitr
The glorious
After a year
It appears
A happy day
Ladies and gentlemen.
It is now time for the lucky draw.
Check the number on your ticket.
If your number is selected,
please come on stage
to have a chance of winning a prize.
All right.
This is the lucky ticket.
No, not her. This ticket.
The lucky ticket has
the number
Yes, I know every number starts with zero.
-Then what?
Number four? No. Again!
It's eight!
Yes! It's me! Me!
What fashion is this?
The latest fashion.
Doesn't stretch your skin?
-You're playing rough.
What's your name?
My name is Mat Chomel bin Long.
Mat Chomel bin Long.
Oh. Mat Chomel bin Long.
I thought it was Jamil Sulong.
You already know the rules?
I will play a song,
and you have to guess
who the singer is.
I know. It's easy.
Easy? You'd better clean your ears first.
Play the song.
From Melaka
Stop the song.
Do you know who?
I know. I recognize the voice.
So who is it?
He has curly hair, right?
He is a filmmaker, right?
Yes, correct.
He is an actor, right?
How many "rights" are you going to do?
Just say the name.
Ahmad Daud? No! It's not Ahmad Daud!
"That's Marina. Marina."
Wrong! Try again!
We still have some time left.
Try again.
Try again.
I'll give you a clue.
His name starts with
a single letter of the alphabet,
full stop, and then his name.
Lam Alif.
Lam Alif? Those are letters
from the Jawi alphabet.
Try the Roman alphabet.
X? That's too far away.
Yes! Correct!
My prize!
Not yet.
That's just the first initial.
The full name? The tail end.
What's with the tail?
P is correct.
The PWD? They make roads.
The initial and his full name.
It sounds like an Indian name.
What the heck!
It's P. Ramlee!
Ladies and gentlemen,
a big round of applause for popular actor
and comedian, Alias Congo!
What are you waiting for? Please go.
My prize?
You gave the wrong answer!
Want me to teach you a lesson?
Is Shelly with you?
Didn't Nani invite her to give away
the prizes for the kebaya contest?
Remy, Remy. Is there something going
on between you and Shelly?
You ask too many questions.
Is it wrong for an old friend
to ask you such questions?
Of course not.
In actual fact,
I have fallen head over heels for her.
Jim, are the lyrics completed?
Yes. But give me a bit more time.
I want to polish them.
Good. Once they're ready,
give them to me, okay?
-I'll be going then.
All right.
I'm sure all of you came
to see more than just my handsome face.
And now, I present to you
the wonderful Normadiah!
With the song "Penggodaan."
Here she is, Normadiah!
Why are you quiet and tight-lipped?
Don't you feel anything
After that plea and caress?
Why are you always shy and submissive?
Come here, my soul
After that plea and caress
Don't hide from me
And pretend to hate me
Don't be gloomy
Or pretend to be mad at me
Come, my soul
Come, my life
Let us both enter the palace
A place of happiness in a world of mirage
Hamid, our turn is still a long way off.
Let's eat first.
You carry on.
Let me rest for a bit.
What's up with you, Hamid?
Are you ill?
You look a bit pale.
You look like a corpse.
Just kidding.
I'm fine.
You should know. I'm already 60.
If I was 16, it'd be a different story.
Please have your food.
Let me rest.
All right.
Don't regret it later, Hamid.
There's so much delicious food here.
Layered cake, traditional cakes
And this is banana cake, I think.
There's even ketupat and lemang.
Come, my soul
Come, my life
Let us both enter the palace
A place of happiness in a world of mirage
Blessings to you and good evening.
Blessings to you too.
I see a lot of surprised faces.
Don't worry.
Aziz Sattar will return shortly.
I, Jeffri Zain,
will take his place for a short while.
How about another big round of applause
for the lovely Normadiah
who has just entertained us.
Sudiro, do you ever regret
being in this business?
Me? Never. This is our livelihood.
But it looks as if our style of comedy
is not popular anymore.
They feel our comedy is stupid.
Stale comedy.
Our time is over, Sudiro.
Just like the traditional theater,
they don't accept it anymore.
They only like movies.
Shows like this are things of the past.
So are we.
Except for the young ones.
They are popular.
At most, we are just intermissions.
Hamid, when we return to our homeland,
let's look for jobs there.
I'm sure we still have fans there.
There are so many Malays there.
I don't know.
I feel tired.
Hamid, when I go back to Kuala Lumpur
with my nephew,
I will look for gigs.
I can check out the shows, the funfairs
We can perform there.
We will have our Showtime again!
The time has come for us to find
our 1958 Happy World Kebaya Queen,
brought to you by F&N.
But before we see the participants,
let's meet our esteemed judges.
A big hand for popular actor
Mustapha Maarof!
Put your hands together again
for the lovely Saadiah!
And our third and final judge,
an actress, a singer,
the beautiful, the irreplaceable,
who else but Saloma!
Are you all ready?
Members of the jury?
Without wasting any more time,
we'll begin our Kebaya Queen pageant!
Thank you.
Good evening, everyone.
Let me introduce to you the contestants.
Our first contestant, Hashimah.
Contestant number two, Zarina.
Contestant number three, Murni.
Contestant number four, Chombi.
Contestant number five, Hamidah.
Contestant number six, Azizah.
Contestant number seven, Noni.
That's my daughter.
The tall one.
Pretty, isn't she?
The final contestant, number eight,
is Puspayanti.
Thank you.
Those were the contestants for the first
round of the Kebaya Queen contest.
What do you think? Classy?
That was the first round,
not the second round.
And we will wait for the second round.
Okay then. Mus! Do any of them have
the potential to be an actress?
That was it, ladies and gentlemen.
Beautiful girls, pretty and petite.
Who will emerge a winner?
Who will emerge as tonight's champion?
We will see.
That damn fellow did not turn up.
Tonight's show might be short.
Who didn't turn up?
That new singer.
What was his name?
"Lost Man."
"Lost Man"? Who is this "Lost Man"?
Oh, you mean Rosman!
That guy can't sing.
It's no loss if he doesn't turn up, boss.
I don't mind as his pay is low.
So many others here can sing.
Why don't you ask someone else
to sing another song?
I've already asked.
No one wants to.
They want more money.
How much did you offer?
Just 20 dollars.
Twenty dollars?
I have a new singer.
-Great voice.
You can pay him later.
Yes. Of course. I can pay him.
-You're sure?
I will call him.
Come here!
Yes, sir?
You want to make some quick money?
Twenty dollars.
-Twenty dollars?
Of course.
But what do I have to do?
I want you to go to the changing room.
-What do I have to take?
-No, nothing.
I want you to change into nice clothes
and then come to see me.
-Change clothes?
What for?
I want you to go on stage.
And sing.
I don't know how to, sir!
I'll be embarrassed.
I'm not a singer.
just a laborer.
David, let me tell you something.
You should grab this golden opportunity.
This is your chance.
I know you can.
I feel out of place, sir.
What is there to be afraid of?
What song do you like?
What I mean is,
what song do you want to sing?
To sing
"Hitam Manis"
That would be easier for me.
"Hitam Manis"? Yes.
Okay. That's the song.
After you sing,
Mr. Eng will give you 20 dollars.
But, sir
No more buts.
Now, go change your clothes.
And another thing.
Do your hair nicely.
Use Tancho or Brylcreem, okay?
Now, go.
Don't waste time.
Have you sung?
I'm P. Ramlee.
I usually appear at the end of the show.
Jim. Lyrics all done?
I'm not done yet. Once they're completed,
I will give them to you.
Are the words good?
The melody is simple and short,
perfect for an Eid song,
which made it easier for me to write.
I think so too.
Aziz. A word with you.
Rosman's a no-show.
Bloody unreliable guy.
Makes so much noise
when we don't invite him,
and when we do, he disappears.
So, what are we to do?
Any replacement?
No worries.
I have a new singer on standby.
A good singer.
His name is David.
David? Which David is this?
You will find out soon enough.
Hey, don't forget to announce his name.
Okay, all right!
So troublesome.
Saloma is here
Attention, please.
Because we are short of time,
the MC will announce the three finalists.
The finalists will have to
perform a talent.
Make sure you are ready. Understand?
-Yes, we understood.
Let's wait outside.
Let's go.
Remy. Here you are.
Here are the final lyrics.
Thank you very much.
Sir. Bad news.
They have rejected PERSAMA's demands.
Excuse me.
Their meeting is over.
They said they will
meet PERSAMA next week.
It's okay.
If we have problems,
we can ask Tunku Abdul Rahman for help.
Remy. Next week, you follow me, okay?
To Kuala Lumpur. We'll meet with Tunku.
I'm not sure if he can help us.
Malaya is independent now.
And us? We are still under the British.
I don't think he will help
Malays in Singapore.
I don't know, Jim.
Day by day, there are fewer Malays here.
Why wouldn't he want to help us?
Think about it.
If he helps us,
more of our people will return to Malaya.
I really doubt it.
Wait. Isn't Lee Kuan Yew Nani's lawyer?
Can't we get him
to negotiate for us against Shaw?
I don't think he will help us.
He is too involved in politics now.
What do you need me to do?
Do this.
Take this.
Make as many copies as you can.
Twenty copies would be good.
Forget it, Jim.
Let's put aside our problems.
Tonight, we enjoy ourselves, yes?
Didn't we call it, "PERSAMA'S Night
of Happiness and Sorrow"?
So, in a short while,
we'll call all our colleagues to the stage
and we will sing the new song, okay?
Let's go.
I don't understand
these new young couples today.
Really? Why is that? What's the problem?
Well, these young ones
Once they get married and have children,
they give their children weird names.
I really don't understand.
True. That's true.
Previously, we had names
like Ahmad, Abu, and Ali.
Mohamed, Salim, Jamil
Those are pure Malay names.
Today, they give them
all sorts of strange names.
How does that happen?
Why don't you give me some examples?
Okay, Hamid.
Just like my friend.
His son just fathered a daughter.
What is her name?
Hey, you already know!
I don't know.
I asked you. What is her name?
Yes! That's correct.
What are you talking about?
I said, "What is her name?"
-Your friend's daughter's baby's name.
-Yes. What is her name!
How should I know?
Why are you asking me?
I want to know
What is her name?
Her name!
What is it? Such a headache!
Hamid, her younger brother is Headache.
-Her brother. Headache.
Headache? Why?
That's what I said earlier.
Today's kids choose weird names.
So. Who's Headache.
What headache?
What Headache.
That's it.
Hamid, her older sister is Crazy.
She is Crazy.
Why is her sister crazy?
I really don't know anymore.
It's up to the parents
to choose the names.
Enough. I don't understand it either.
No more talk about Crazy and Headache.
-Let's go now.
-It's time.
Goodbye. See you again.
Ladies and gentlemen.
Supposedly, our next artiste
is a young, up-and-coming singer,
the incomparable Rosman.
However, as his airplane
is stranded in Batu Pahat
due to lack of fuel
Now, go. Go.
we have to introduce
another talented singer.
Ladies and gentlemen,
airplanes and civil servants,
boys and girls,
granddads and grandmas,
tonight we shall introduce
a singer who is
a fast-rising star!
The young and talented singer David!
Or, in Malay
Also David.
The sweet, dark-skinned lady
Heals the weary soul
The sweet, dark-skinned lady
Heals the weary soul
The sweet, dark-skinned lady
Heals the weary soul
The sweet, dark-skinned lady
Heals the weary soul
When the moon shines
Everything lights up
I closed my eyes but I couldn't sleep
The dark-skinned lady appears
The dark-skinned lady appears
Tempting memories
I remember the first glance
I remember the first glance
The sweet, dark-skinned lady
Heals the weary soul
The sweet, dark-skinned lady
Heals the weary soul
When the moon shines
Everything lights up
I closed my eyes but I couldn't sleep
The dark-skinned lady appears
The dark-skinned lady appears
Tempting memories
I remember the first glance
I remember the first glance
The sweet, dark-skinned lady
Heals the weary soul
The sweet, dark-skinned lady
Heals the weary soul
Darling, you sang great.
Since when do you perform on stage?
That was my first time.
Kassim gave me the chance.
See? My fingers are still trembling
Oh, Ribut
I made a scarf with rainbows
I gathered the wind to cool you down
I made a brooch with a star
My love
I used bubbles to make lace
I step on clouds to move around
And the clouds bring us
To our desired paradise
Ladies and gentlemen,
kittens and F&N Orange,
due to the lack of time,
we have to announce
the three contestants
with the highest marks,
and they have to show us their talents
before the final result is announced.
To those who are not selected,
do not give up.
We shall meet again next year.
Yeah? Right.
The first contestant, who has scored the
highest marks amongst the finalists, is
Miss Murni!
Miss Murni, tell us
how you feel right now.
Surprised and happy.
Thank you, everyone.
You sound very happy.
You do know that this
does not mean you have won, right?
You still have to show
a talent to the audience
and also to the judges.
So what is it that you will be performing?
I will be playing the violin.
Wow! Excellent.
All right.
Ladies and gentlemen,
our finalist, Miss Murni,
will be playing the piano for us.
My apologies! The violin.
A big round of applause, please.
That was one of our finalists.
Miss Murni with her violin.
Wasn't her performance entertaining?
My head hurt listening to it.
Will she be chosen
as this year's Kebaya Queen?
We shall see.
And now, our second finalist
for the night
Who is it?
She is Noni!
Thank you to all my fans.
As expected, I'm one of the top three.
Trying to be the boss, eh?
What is this costume you are wearing?
Before tonight ends, I'm sure the jury
will choose me as the winner.
The Kebaya Queen of 1958.
And to entertain all of you,
I will be performing a dance.
The cha-cha-cha.
What song?
And that was Noni, with her song and dance
and a fruity performance.
With the popular song "Jajambo"!
Thank you, Noni.
You can pluck the fruits and eat them.
Our jury members
will decide who wins tonight.
And our last finalist,
who received the third-highest marks,
is Puspayanti!
-Yanti! Come here!
-Yanti! Where are you going? Come here!
Go on! Go!
Yes, Yanti.
Congratulations on being selected
as one of the three finalists.
So, how do you feel?
I feel hungry.
Oh, hungry, is it?
It is quite late.
I'm sure all of us are hungry.
And for the last performance,
what talent will you be showing us?
I don't have a talent.
Maybe I can try and sing.
Do you want to hear me sing, Uncle?
Not so loud on the "uncle" bit.
I think it's better to call me "bro."
Ladies and gentlemen,
I present to you our last finalist
who will be performing
her singing talent.
Here she is, Puspayanti.
Actually, I don't know any popular songs.
this song was
the lullaby that my late mother
used to sing to me.
And now,
I sing this song to my brother and sister
when I want to put them to bed.
Go to sleep, Nina
Oh, Nina, go to sleep
If you don't
You'll be bitten by mosquitoes
Let's go to sleep
Let's go
If you don't
You'll be bitten by mosquitoes
Go to sleep, Nina
Oh, Nina, go to sleep
If you don't
You'll be bitten by mosquitoes
My lovely sister
Stop crying
If you don't
You'll be bitten by mosquitoes
-Thank you.
So, everything has ended.
-We now wait for the results.
-All right.
Wait here.
-I can't wait.
-Be patient.
How can I possibly be patient?
Any minute now.
I'm not stealing, Uncle.
It's okay. Help yourself.
It's Eid.
There's so much food. Take some.
Let me help you.
That's too much.
Have some drinks too.
-Thank you so much.
-You're welcome.
-Happy Eid.
-Happy Eid.
I will take my leave.
All right.
Are you done, Shelly?
Thank you.
Very nice handwriting.
Thank you.
How's Ahmad? Good?
-Brother Mus?
Okay. Since you are a guy,
I don't have to banter with you.
Ladies and gentlemen.
Before I announce tonight's winner
of the 1958 Showtime and Happy World
Kebaya Queen contest,
I would like to invite
actress, singer,
and the girlfriend of ahem!
Miss Saloma.
Please, come to the stage
to present the prizes.
You're looking so fine tonight.
Please, come to the stage.
Thank you for your presence.
And to accompany Miss Saloma,
I would like to invite
all the contestants on stage.
A big round of applause.
All right.
These are the results
from our judges tonight.
Third place
in Showtime and Happy World's
Kebaya Queen contest is
Miss Murni!
My apologies.
Miss Murni is unable to join us on stage
because maybe she went off
to repair her violin.
Okay? How unfortunate.
All right.
Ladies and gentlemen,
we are left with two more contestants.
Who will be the winner?
And who will be the runner-up tonight?
The winner will receive a trophy
and a cash prize of $50 from Mr. Eng.
All right!
The winner of the 1958 Showtime
and Happy World Kebaya Queen contest is
What are you doing?
Noni is the true winner
of the Kebaya Queen contest!
No, it's not Noni!
It's Puspayanti!
Noni is not the Kebaya Queen,
but the Queen of Fruits!
Hey! That's enough!
Better clear the stage.
Miss Shelly, why don't you
go backstage for a bit?
Give back our trophy!
Apologies, ladies and gentlemen!
Be patient!
Just like the movies.
We would like to take this opportunity
to thank Mr. Eng
And Rosnani.
Show your appreciation!
Please, take care of your children.
Don't let them disappear.
Your wives too.
Or you can just let them disappear.
I'm just joking.
Anyway, that's it
for our Kebaya Queen contest for tonight!
And remember, Mr. Eng wants all of you
to relax, sit down, and not go away.
Because after this,
appearing on stage
Who else would it be but
and thief!
A thief of hearts.
A respected celebrity.
Here he is!
Oops! My mistake.
Here he is! My friend, P. Ramlee!
Thank you.
Good evening, everyone.
Good evening.
I see that all of you are
quite well. Kassim.
Please, enjoy this song.
This world is a sham
Humans deceive
Most of them love to lie
They like to sin
The world is filled
With wrongdoings
Most deceptions
Happen because of lust
Some misunderstood
Some attacked without investigating
The sand seemed like diamonds
The stones looked like diamonds
Who could that be?
Take a guess
Who might that be?
Singing and warbling
With a voice so melodious and charming
It makes me happy
If there are flowers in the garden
That glow like the sun
What's the use of going to the forest
When you can pick one here?
Come here
Don't be mad
That's how the world is
Nothing is permanent
Be careful
So you won't fall for it
Thank you.
-Jeffri, one cigarette please.
-Of course, Shelly.
Sorry, left hand.
That's okay.
Yanti! Come here!
Yanti, everyone was looking for you.
You disappeared. Where did you go?
I was worried,
leaving my siblings alone at home.
So I returned home just now.
Yanti? Your prize
for the Kebaya Queen contest.
It's yours, take it.
Thank you.
So much
Come see me later.
I will help you and your siblings.
Go in.
And my siblings?
Of course. Quickly!
I'll go in first.
Ladies and gentlemen.
Before we, the artistes of MFP,
bid you goodnight,
to close our
Night of Happiness and Sorrow,
I would like to invite everyone
back on stage.
Hamid, let's join them.
I'll join you shortly.
-Come on.
-You go ahead.
-Okay. I'll go first.
-Yes, sure.
-Don't forget to join us.
-I won't. I'll join you.
We invite everyone on stage!
Thank you.
Ladies and gentlemen,
and everyone else who is here tonight.
On behalf of my fellow colleagues
here on stage,
I would like to say happy Eid
to all of you who are here tonight
and bought the tickets,
and also to those who gave donations.
The main reason why we organized this show
is for the welfare of our colleagues
who have been dismissed from their jobs
without valid reasons by our studio.
All money collected will be put together
and donated to all of them
who are truly in need of it.
And that is why
we've named our Showtime tonight
PERSAMA'S Night of Happiness and Sorrow.
Here are the lyrics to the new song.
Everyone is on stage.
-Thank you.
And we would like to sing a new song,
an Eid song,
with the title
What's the title, Jim?
"Aidilfitri Mulia."
"Aidilfitri Mulia."
Come, everyone.
Let's hear this new Eid song.
Please enjoy.
Happy Eid
The glorious Eid al-Fitr
I seek forgiveness
To wash away my sins
After a year
It appears
A happy day
Happy Eid
Happy Eid
The glorious Eid al-Fitr
I seek forgiveness
To wash away my sins
It's our calling
A calling for all
Happy, happy
Happy Eid
Happy Eid
The glorious Eid al-Fitr
I seek forgiveness
To wash away my sins
After a year
It appears
A happy day
Happy Eid
Happy Eid
The glorious Eid al-Fitr
I seek forgiveness
To wash away my sins
It's our calling
A calling for all
Happy, happy
Happy Eid
Happy, happy
Happy Eid
Thank you, everyone.
Happy Eid al-Fitr.
Goodnight and God bless.
Thank you. Thank you, everyone.
Yes, thank you. Thank you for coming.
-Thank you for coming.
-Goodnight, and Happy Eid.
Jim? Where's Nani?
Backstage, taking care of Juna.
This new song is very nice.
Ideal for Eid.
And who wrote the lyrics.
Who else but Jim?
A song without beautiful lyrics
is like the night sky without stars.
Jim. Thank you, my dear friend.
-Thank you too, Remy.
-Happy Eid.
-Happy Eid.
Yes. Happy Eid.
Mr. Wong. How are you?
-I'm fine
-Mr. Wong. This is David.
I really like your voice and your style.
Thank you, sir.
I'm in Singapore looking for a new singer.
For my cabaret in KL.
Would you be interested?
I'm sure you are interested, right?
Kuala Lumpur? Yes, I'm very interested.
This is my name card.
You can call me next week.
My secretary will arrange
your train ticket to KL.
We will also organize your accommodation.
-Thank you so much.
-Thank you, David.
We should be united and strong.
If you cannot handle it, I can.
I can lead PERSAMA.
I am brave enough.
We are here to make movies, Jeffri.
Not to be politicians.
That is why PERSAMA is weak.
We must be strong.
And if need be,
we'll use political leverage.
Don't worry.
We'll carry on.
We won't go on strike.
Remember, our duty is to help
our colleagues who have lost their jobs.
It's okay, Remy.
I will ask Nani if there are jobs
for them at Cathay-Keris.
Yes, Shelly.
Let's move on.
We should be happy tonight.
PERSAMA's Night of Happiness
and Sorrow is our success.
-We thank God for this success.
-We thank God for this success.
I need to tell you something.
What is it?
Next week, I'm going to Kuala Lumpur!
There's this nightclub boss
from Kuala Lumpur.
He wants me to come to Kuala Lumpur
to sing in his nightclub!
Hamid, get up!
You will regret
not coming on stage, Hamid.
We all sang a new song, Hamid.
Still asleep. Wake up!
Hamid, wake up.
Hamid Hamid is gone.
He is dead.
Please, forgive me. I've done so many
wrong things to you, Hamid.
I have lost my only true friend.
I made a scarf with rainbows
I gathered the wind to cool you down
I made a brooch with a star
My love
I used bubbles to make lace
I step on clouds to move around
And the clouds bring us
To our desired paradise
I will seek the lapidary
The man of wisdom
To collect dew
In this homeland
To make diamond rings
To decorate your fingers
To add stories to your life