Shpion (2012) Movie Script

Studio THREE T Nikita Mikhalkov
With the financial support
Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation
April in 1941. Nazi Germany to
ranked Poland, Czechoslovakia,
France, Norway, Denmark
ready to attack the USSR.
According to data from the Soviet espionage network
border are already grouped.
72 Wehrmacht divisions.
Unplanned war with Yugoslavia
Required the relocation of the military as Germany.
The attack on the Soviet Union off
for even a few weeks.
Fuehrer's plans were
The residence of Admiral Canaris
Lucky a German nation,
His future is in danger.
The main question is,
whether we'll be able to nakraem term
to early winter, fulfill the task.
Destroy the main forces of the Red Army.
I get out of line Arhangeljsk - Volga.
Avalanche which was launched
can no longer be stopped.
Anyone who tries to stop her,
The movement's victory
any stopping the end.
From now on "Barbarossa"
becomes even more risky operations.
But I know, thus we
kompenzovatii lost time.
An attack must not only be strong,
but unexpected.
But it is totally impossible, my Fhrer.
Towards the border with Russia
from the Baltic to the Black Sea,
Advancing 5.5 million soldiers
and thousands of planes and tanks.
How can we be surprised by this?
I do not know.
That's a question you should
to have an answer.
Abver for it and created,
impossible to solve tasks
Pigs. Narcissistic pig.
I'll give you the answer
target in Asia.
Otherwise not.
Do not look evil
do not listen to evil.
Do not say evil.
Sorry Willie, but lii the righteous.
It's time for the formulation of the task.
This is brilliant. Now operations
depends only on the scouts.
It has to be the best agent.
Otherwise would not be even 50 percent.
Your opinion?
Then on the operation must not nobody know.
Messages must go through the embassy.
Vaser has to have a special bond.
Independent of all.
Lord Admiral.
I will immediately look into it.
Yes... However, Franz.
We have once more reviewed.
Now go home.
Get some rest.
My driver will transfer you.
See you tomorrow.
Yes, sir Admiral.
DANILA Kozlowski
VICTORIA Tolstoganova
The film based on the book
"A spy novel" by Boris Akunin.
Moscow, April in 1941.
What are you doing?
All our fire.
Only you still remained.
And you're kidding again.
Egor, you are our last hope.
Enter a new word - uppercut
Second round.
Egor, you're a real actor
why did not he immediately packed?
You take the championship and finished.
Consider the same evening that you are a champion in the sport.
Boxing, it is not for nothing flailing arms.
This defense sporting honor all
our internal organs.
Cleverly fight in this battle, thoughtfully.
That's you in the box, or at all,
life position.
Boxing, Comrade Commander,
Great school of life.
Getting dressed up,
getting dressed up.
Coach complains,
that you do not use defense.
Is not the main defense, but wings.
Your Germany to the school?
Is not fluent.
What can we do?
We are ordinary people.
A true Bavarian?
Where did you get that accent?
From the mother.
Her ancestors a hundred years ago,
came from Bavaria.
My grandfather was the president of the cooperative,
every summer I went to him for any holiday.
After air school in Saratov ...
A special after school to prepare
agents, training of miners,
radio, and more.
Later, sports club "Dynamo".
Where were you a year and a half ago
defending the honor of an officer.
49 wins, 29 knockouts.
Getting dressed up.
Now I will explain myself.
I need an assistant.
Such as you are an athlete.
A principal who knows as Germany, fluently.
The operation is risky,
you can not take it.
If you agree, let's go.
Of course I agree, Comrade Major.
To meet,
Major National Security Oktjabrski.
The name is unusual, Comrade Major.
Rather, it was the second, usually.
I changed three years ago.
- 3 class object "Boxer."
Oktjabrski here.
Stepania to me!
Look, Dorine.
We shall make this a business.
Come on.
Sit down.
Soon will start a war.
The Germans?
This issue is resolved firer last year
Therefore, the special Direction Minister
launched an operation called "The idea,"
to collect data on
Germany to a possible attack.
Last night of our agents
of information to new arrived.
In the area of Lake St.
it'll be delivered to the plane load.
I'll wait it Reskin.
Captain Abwehr,
experienced and dangerous commando.
I Leongar tajberg.
Officer Representative "Farben Industry."
In our lead as agent
spec as Germany. Service.
Remember Dorine.
Movements, gestures, posture.
All may need.
In reality, the load will wait
Major General, by Germany to Oktjabrski
and fighting machines
Dorin brand, which act
our well-known.
This is your victory in aviation school.
And this is the famous knockdown
in a special school.
How to ...
This is a pre-evening.
Masterful triumph in podmoskovskih
vinjekah, club elezniara.
Our entertainment program continues.
Is expecting an interesting lecture.
Boy, can a cigar?
Do not smoke.
I'm sorry.
What kind of Fish, boys!
Miss, let
Show you tango?
Slowly, slowly ... Hold it!
Guys, see what your eyes?
I fell in love. As the headlights.
What is it?
Let me warm up your hands to your chest.
Same and Zoro.
Citizens hooligans
leave the girl alone.
Go here.
Go boy, there is nothing for you.
Repeat for the deaf.
Come on boy, smoking somewhere on the side.
I've been told not to smoke.
You're done, you piece of shit.
What is a friend?
With you all right?
Much obliged.
Most importantly, the hands do not move.
You need to go to the trauma.
Get out.
It must be open non-stop.
My name is Egor.
What will you get it?
As what would we? For the Consecration of the car.
Because I was in church.
For a grandmother, she's sick?
We have no babe, I live with my dad.
With Dad?
And how, Komsomol, and go to church?
I Komsomol.
And you, Komsomol?
A Dad?
He's on duty.
What about neighbors?
We have no neighbors.
We may tea?
Thus, the agreement
nonaggression complete fiction.
What are you laughing at, Dorine?
You've got a smile on his face.
No, Comrade Major.
Yes, yes.
Stepani, measure it.
What do you measure up? The standard figure.
No. 43, an increase of three.
Your foot is a guy, 43?
If the item has hands and feet,
then we're waiting,
two true Aryans.
With the increased volume group,
utljivih friends.
So, Dorine, you have almost the main
With the words, or what?
If need be, I will immediately remember.
The theater is academic.
So without improvisation.
If there is something, I'll give an order.
Hook and the knockout.
Better uppercut.
Shorter the lever.
Can uppercut.
A professional knows better.
Railway station.
These three.
Three fascists
Three cheerful guy
crews battle tank.
Who's the third?
Stalberg and Hugo von Launic.
Lufthansa engineer.
Good face, poorly.
With him, we will also work.
Lieutenant Glavasti,
Chief city departments KGB.
I'm here to escort you
to the landing saboteurs.
It's all right buddy naelnie.
Group is ready.
As there Podjablonski?
How many times I've been told,
Comrade Major, not Podjablonski,
but Podjablanski.
I'm sorry.
Is it time buddy naelnie?
Imagine you're in Budva, on the beach.
The height is about 3000, speed around 200
It's good to have next to you experts.
Three soldiers in each. Two arrested,
third captures and holds batteries.
Just do not scare.
Yes. It's a man.
How long before landing?
Three minutes and 40 seconds.
For skydivers will take us pass.
Now we watch the movie.
Dorin, monitor time.
Password for skydivers!
What a paratrooper?
I'm a diplomat as Germany.
We came with friends to go fishing.
Looking consul.
Password or fight.
You can not.
Dorin time?
Minute and a half.
Take it out, buddy naalnie.
Maybe it says something.
Just try it.
Launic, password.
Me, I'll tell you the password.
Just you and him ...
Get it?
I see.
And this under the ice.
Launic, password.
Here you go.
It was meant to be heard.
This, "FAU-CET", "CET-FAU."
And where is our Cherub?
He seemed to stall much.
Are you okay?
Martha! That is Magda!
No, I'm kidding. Linda!
I have bad your memory of women's names.
This is Rudy, my assistant.
I Reskin, I'm glad.
What are you doing? You'll kill him.
You're not an intelligent man, Dorine.
I do not know to shake hands with strangers.
What is a stranger?
And why was beginning to shoot?
Because I'm a fool. There you go.
Not that password.
For the operation, "Winter Fishing"
You'll get the next act.
Come here.
You've earned.
Much obliged.
We have to go talk
with your acquaintance.
The goal of his visit.
And if he does not want to talk?
He studied the the Abwehr.
When his being baked eggs, propriae.
Who are you?
My name is Stepan Karpenko.
Commando? Terrorist?
No! I do not ...
Midfielder ...
I'm not a commando, I'm midfielder.
This was taken from you.
What's this?
What's this?
It's a radio station,
new version.
It is designed to work
the most important agents.
You are the most important agent?
What are you talking about? I'm ...
I'm a midfielder.
Inserted here to
Cooperation with Vaser agent.
How looks agent Vaser?
I do not know.
He was supposed to call.
Make a phone call ...
The conspiratorial apartment
I should say the password.
"Sorry buddy Karpenko, your phone
they gave me the phone book.
Are you the son of
Peter Semjonovia Karpenko? "
Is there an answer?
It is understood that there are ...
It is understood that there is.
Keep in mind, Dorine,
method ustraivanja the whole science.
First constructed in psychology.
All men are divided into two categories,
"Eyes" and "eggs".
Real men only
beating you will not scare you.
My investigation is a fool,
fist on me all screwed up.
And just looked at my file
and see how much time
I sanctify women
and immediately said:
Oktjabrski enemy of the people,
if you do not sign, you otkinuu eggs.
I signed.
I could have signed a secret agent
belomonarhijskog movement.
Here you are.
This way, please.
You seljanicu his crew here.
And our brother, be nice,
planted in the table,
marked "reserved".
Here you are.
Dorine, if you want to achieve something
in our profession, living head.
The heart is the organ stupid.
Dude, will you come that waiter?
We sit 40 minutes already.
Wait a minute.
How ignorant,
I hate Moscow restaurants.
So, Dorine ...
If to such a life there after,
Then the family better not to hurry.
Why are you talking about.
You're young, it'll work.
What am I, and I think I will
die as a lone wolf.
What are you, beautiful? Do you?
Do not try. Mine.
And the rest are still green for her.
It is a famous actress.
So what? Do you
do not like my hair?
Shaved grava breathe easier,
means faster thinking.
Dorine, you're a soldier, I give you 5
minutes to swallow it all on the table.
After the evacuation. Do you understand?
Do you really ...
Citizens young age, let invite your lady
at one dance.
Citizen, older age,
Ljuboka not in the mood to dance.
And why do Filja rukovodi with me?
Why not dance?
Well, comrade German.
As always, short,
clear and convincing.
And now we hear that another Englishman.
MOSCOW. Operational Headquarters NKVD.
I have friends now out of the country,
travel there, here,
more there than here.
As they say, comrades,
I am from hell itself.
Of course, everyone praises her,
but plainly put,
Our British marshes,
it'll be worse than yours.
In England, the story only,
it's not nihova battle
and do not have to defend the Poles and abare.
Lord informs, that would've Rudolf Hesse,
arrive in England, without any conditions,
counting in English izuzuetno honesty.
Yes, yes. Maybe they will come Fuhrer himself?
Your Lord is lying.
Lord does not lie.
It is a safe source.
Vouch for him.
And you, Comrade Major,
If you do not know, do not speak.
What if hese really resolved,
to come to England for negotiations?
Maybe you should go back?
I see, the Lord personally.
God, there is no need
have a direct relationship
you through the famous canals.
Then well.
Well, comrades.
Each of you must think that
in his area,
decide the fate of the future war.
So do not let
to surprise the enemy.
At the same slubismo homeland.
You can go.
Comrade Oktjabrski,
hold on a second.
When'll arrest the Vaser?
We're waiting for a call.
There is nothing we can do.
It is evident,
the dangerous scum.
Or is dangerous.
You have a reason for that?
No, just the word "Vaser" water,
of Germany to the neuter.
In Russian is female.
Vaser ...
Okay, go ahead.
You make sure you browse to it
creature, indefinite gender.
What the Germans well,
and we may need.
Near the Lubyanka, great.
Few neighbors, beautiful.
From this day on, Dorine,
You're midfielder Stepan Karpenko.
Izuavaj manners, writing, speaking.
Names and nicknames classmates
Geographic names.
Password and the answer must
know who our Father.
Vaser can call
at any time.
You're not Dorin
you Karpenko.
I'm midfielder Stepan Karpenko.
It's easy.
The main thing to remember passwords.
The main instructions ...
The midfielder Stepan Karpenko.
What are you laughing at?
Who is your father?
Gavriliu ... Petro Gavriliu.
I do not socialize.
My father called Stepan Gavriliu.
Not comrades.
My father was called Petro Gavriliu.
Stepan ... Repeat,
Stepan Gavrilovi.
How? Petro Gavriliu?
Petro Gavriliu my father.
Karpenko ...
Good night, Doreen.
Conspiracy Apartments
MAY 1 in 1945.
What do I have to put perfume?
I said nothing Zina
just do not know where
is so disgusting cabbage.
My Juka loves.
Must orbasto sick child to eat.
Women are rude, Zino.
Swear, you live in scumbag,
we need a gas mask to use.
Go to hell, Stjopa!
Vaca's a real gas mask.
How do you only allow
to sell ice cream?
I will go to the president kunog advice!
In the local community.
No naruavaj Kuno order!
Hear, smelly kid!
Taking the piss.
Exercise, socialize naelnie.
It's good.
Again, you have not eaten or slept,
naelnie buddy?
And as I told you first?
And the last.
In childhood I imagined,
I'll have one man.
Such, what I need.
Zavoleu him for a lifetime.
As soon as I saw you,
I realized it was you. - Wait.
How do you know, maybe I
I did that, that you need.
I know that much.
Look ...
You are brave and noble.
You saved me.
There were three of us, you were alone.
What does it matter that there were three.
You well know that I athletes.
You're still beautiful.
Comrade Major ...
Allow an hour to pop over to Taganke.
What will you?
All she'll say, I'll explain.
Will understand.
You want to leave the ward
for a girl?
I do not understand you buddy Dorine.
And if so at this hour she called Vaser?
Maybe you can go back,
the sports society "Dynamo"?
Which one of you Birjulina?
It looks like a ballerina.
Where did you get this kind of cabbage?
Wait, wait.
Only hot, thanks.
I am an expert in the implementation,
I cook.
Call, call!
Been told you,
there's makovih!
And, why did not you say so?
Stjopka! Stjopka you sleep?
Phone for you!
Looking Stepan Karpenko.
Hello, who is it?
Sorry mate,
you did not accidentally sin
Peter Petrovics Karpenko?
No mate,
My father's name was Kuzjm ...
Father called Petro Gavrilovi.
Yes, of course.
Where can I get?
Chief, Vaser is Russian.
He said ...
Do not be an idiot, I heard.
Clear. Called the angle
Petrovke and Kuzneckog bridge.
Execute, as commanded.
What are you froze?
Hey, my friend ...
Do you want half?
Stjopa! I'm EIEA Kolya.
You did not recognize me?
And I recognized you right away.
Wait, proslaviemo meeting.
Miss, may.
Minute! Wait a minute.
Who will you in the face? Who?
Goal hero Halkin, one bottle.
Has the right of the line,
I met a friend.
The tank died together,
blood because you're losing.
How is it? Come on.
I found a place, hidden.
You are Vaser?
Look at him, a lot of looking.
I am a broker.
Did you bring your radio station?
Yes, with me. But the session
radio, done better
in my apartment. You are a Ukrainian?
Yes. From ernjava.
Specialized preparation
izuavao in Kvencgute.
And you, where are you?
Come on, drink.
Stjopa, I'll call you.
How do I not have radio stations.
Your instruction is
obediently listen to this,
Who will say the password. Do you understand?
Come on, hey!
Hold it!
The wrinkled and is Vaser?
He says the agent.
Here we go sir,
personal taxi waiting for us.
He sat in the trolley, Number 1
Hey wait, wait.
No place, buddy.
There is,
Let others tend to your case.
What are you waiting for, go!
Hold it!
Where's the trolley?
Now it follows other car.
Escort in pairs, of course.
The pair.
If you already want to know,
I follow it with 20 rounds.
Also radiofic and ...
That's what I said.
Purchase the trolley.
At the stations did not come out.
Comrade Major, now you do.
It is legal Dorine.
You do not need to see.
Caution came out of the troll.
Crosses to the other side.
To the monument of Pushkin.
Boss, I sat in the cab.
Savenko get it.
Attention, the building is
the agricultural fair.
Get lost.
Ljaljin in 15 pavilions.
Comrade Oktjabrski, here it is.
Let's split up.
I do not understand.
Maybe he's hiding in there?
Uhapsiemo it.
Occurs administration of the park.
On the territory of the park is seen
mad dog.
Urgently take the kids to the playground.
Just scroll, crvendai!
Unitiu radio station and I'll kill you.
He will say just the main.
Seven. I counted,
remained another.
Out of 475
Do you want him to spend it on yourself?
With you saying Chief Administration.
I suggest you talk.
Come on, go faster.
Is it you Dora?
I am Comrade Major.
Ah, Varvaruka.
If you are such a good observer,
you're immediately began to shoot?
I love nature.
I was the last time
to admire the trees.
For God's sake!
A real general, not preobuen.
I see you in the eyes.
Early yourself are buried.
Next year there
will be the Botanical Garden.
There is not just the trees,
but the palm promising, urmine.
You will see yourself.
Next year?
At the spring.
At the spring?
Urmine palm?
Tempt me, General.
NDA, I could not seduce urmom,
nature of our fans.
The mediator could
to communicate information Vaser.
But there is one "but".
Mediator was at the meeting
the signalman, and disappeared.
So, should convince Vaser,
that the agent was killed accidentally.
For example, in saobraajki. Is that right?
Arguably, but too chic.
If Vaser allow such a possibility,
It's already good.
Did you save the backup midfielder?
It is.
Well done.
There's nothing else to undertake.
Ambush the Kuznetsk leave.
And you go, take a break.
And much more ...
Listen Veernje news.
News. News on the radio.
What did the other Minister,
Comrade Major?
Listen Veernje news.
To listen Veernje news?
What to do next?
By night you free.
Get back on after the Kuzneck.
Yes, Dorine, run the cash register,
today's wages.
Are you free?
Then let's go.
When will they already be removed,
the dromedary. We're tired already.
Look, they say that I'm the Leader,
ordered to remove them.
What you need, young man?
Good afternoon.
Is Nadja home?
And what will you?
How will what? Needs.
I Egor.
What are you doing young man to find it?
I was immediately on a business trip.
I did not have a business phone.
Are you mad at dumb?
It'll have to ask her yourself.
Would you like some tea?
Come on.
Come on. I would be sure ...
Are you sick?
I was looking at all the hospitals.
But I have not found it.
Your last name I do not know.
But I still asked,
only those hospitals not.
And the morgue looking for me?
No, I knew you were alive.
You died, I felt like that.
I was sick.
I worked non-stop.
And I could not get that.
Thank God, work, that's good.
Otherwise, I'm such a horror in itself invented,
a car crash.
Do you lose consciousness
have pneumonia.
In the Moscow area appeared typhoid.
Business, it is good to understand.
Of course you could not answer it,
because you could ...
You would be contacted?
What's this?
Nadia, you go somewhere?
Let the restaurant.
Better to show.
Daddy come here.
Nadezhda, today deura.
Dad is dogovoriu, traiu free.
No one will die today.
At the conservatory, now play.
Symphony No. 4 Taneja.
You know how rare it is?
Come into the conservatory.
Start in 20 hours, we will not arrive.
We'll take a cab, stiiemo on time.
Egorova, expensive.
At least not yet forgotten courtship.
You're naive man.
We will not be able to buy tickets
not even standing room.
We sit in the best place.
Dad, he has a subscription.
And you're talking ...
I will call you immediately.
Nadezhda, this is not a subscription.
Rather, it was the fighter card, because wolves
that our Fatherland
sharp teeth.
Nededa, I'm a government official.
You are ekist?
Nadia, what is it?
Dad, what have I done?
What is you?
You even know which quite ...
Explain to her, I'm not the enemy.
I defend the Fatherland.
She would not understand.
Same as deceased mother
Seven years ago, your colleagues are her ...
They probably also thought
she wolf, who sharp teeth.
To our Fatherland.
Goodbye young man.
Breaking news.
Today, at 22 hours and 50 minutes
the Crimean bridge was
heavy saobraajna accident.
Truck trotonac from "Mosoblstrojtrest"
He lost control and
hit a double-decker trolley bus,
the line "B", which fell into the water.
From the Moscow River,
divers have pulled out 43 bodies.
That were taken to
first city hospital.
What did the other minister?
To listen Veernje news.
This is a minister,
trolley full of people.
Everything is clear.
The corpse will,
divers insert in trolley.
Prebacie him to the hospital,
with others.
To Vaser believed,
the mediator is accidentally slain.
Yes, of course.
When you cut a forest, rascepine off.
Vaser And if he does not call?
Conspiratorial apartment.
June 10, 1941.
Where the hell are you?
Twice already called.
Do not sweat it.
He said he'd call back.
Remember the trolley.
Admit it, you thought it was lame.
Halo. To follow the
damn, your Stepan.
The night was. It came,
arrived at, where else would.
Now I call him.
Who is it?
Go right, boulevard.
The password is: Is your name Volodya?
Buddy, you got a cigarette?
Why does he hear?
Go to hell.
Mladic ...
Is your name Volodya?
What next?
Come on.
Where to?
We'll see.
It was said that you switch
less dangerous place.
And there we will talk.
Yes ...
It's bad this place.
And what do we do in this buvarniku?
Whether you'll be able to make a radio station.
Of course they can.
I just need parts.
Tomorrow I get them ...
As soon enter into a radio station,
to sleep.
The mattress and pillow under the bed.
Tomorrow I'll bring the food.
What's this?
Here is all of the above,
Data agents
Details of military observers,
statements of deserters,
counting the days,
Comrade Commissar General.
Vaser is missing?
For now, it is.
You are looking for.
Yes ... What is it? I do not understand.
I'm busy, some come later.
Yeah, you know that?
The estate of Duke of Hamilton.
Here is the report of the Lord.
Imagine, just landed
chute and over.
Another man Reich.
And you Oktjabrski said,
it's an ordinary stupidity.
Lieutenant Kogan, waiting for your minister.
Please excuse me.
MOSCOW, Castle Soweto
18 June.
I have an idea.
How to ruin
the English game.
I have in the foreign department of a guy.
He's all apologized, no details.
I was staring at you. - Have you
remember to take him with them.
Come on, bring it.
Lieutenant Kogan.
Excuse me your idea.
I slept out cold.
You have brought food.
Are you ready radio?
You can send and receive.
When you'll connect with the main?
You ruajte, ruajte.
After we talk.
How to send ifrogam,
You'll get food.
: 9 - 5, 3 - 4, 5 - 8 ..
: 3 - 8,: 3 - 9, 4 - 0
2 - 2 .. 4 - 4 - 4 ..
: 2 - 2 -: 3 - 7
That's it?
On the bed.
On the bed.
Damn ...
this shoot.
You got it, you fool.
I was going as fast as possible.
But for this you'll fry.
What a bitch.
Sister of surgery ...
Nadezhda Sorina, whether at work?
Notice of medical
personnel do not give.
His sister should.
Zina ...
Just a second.
Vaser ... It's here.
Do you let a woman
Sergeant national security?
Transportation a lot.
The main office ...
Young, not high, blonde.
Think fast, Lieutenant.
A young, blonde, not high.
There were two. One third of
departments of other cryptographic.
Interesting woman.
Yes, interesting.
A third of the department
zanjimljive not?
A Matter of Taste, Comrade Major.
I love women that just ...
Then it's not our interest.
Petrakovi, Iraiga Gennadyevna.
She was born in 1913.
The Officer
external observation
Now, do not get to attack.
What you peep here
You will answer to me.
Odgovarae minister.
You know, so positive worker ...
It can work as a student,
and a peasant woman and a lady.
Is it safe to spy?
And you ask about Dorina.
What are you doing in bed,
When you were tied up?
Yes, come.
Comrade Major, you called?
Sergeant Petrakovi.
Let go in, Comrade Major.
Here you go.
Come on Ira, get.
We are here ...
regarding wall paper.
Here, we met, Vaser.
Comrade Major, I do not understand as Germany.
Nearly Major,
you do not need more.
And what a show it Dee,
Us that you act?
I did not know he was the NKVD officer.
Of course you did not know, you
thought he Stepan Karpenko.
Enough with the acting, Vaser.
Or I'll take you to
the small Kazihensku,
in a special laboratory.
Do I need to explain,
what kind of place?
Dorine, expensive group
and go to her place.
Obolenskaja Street, Building 9
Not required
special laboratories.
I know who the Vaser.
Pomoiu you to arrest him.
My apartment was on the passwords.
Without me, you will not find them.
I'll show you.
The authorities got here
Komsomolsk with permission.
The man, whom you refer to as Vaser,
recruited me.
Here never came.
Where are the codes?
The blue notebook.
Where could he go away now?
Hold on and remember.
Do not test me, Iraida.
It is true, in his coat.
Here it is.
Who is it?
Surkov, nephew
Surkov, a man so ring.
He came to the station.
In two hours during the day? According to the pump?
So let us always during the day,
After back to work.
After staying up late.
I believe you, Iraida.
Where is the pump?
In the shoe.
Go to the door,
put the pump and say,
I'm naked, I'm in the bathroom.
Go now.
Shur, why zvoni? I'm in the bathroom.
Get off my dear!
Here's an ambush, run.
Hands, hands!
Dorine that it was the flight falcon.
Let's see, who did not catch it.
Citizens, return to their homes.
Whoa! Order "Krasnoje Znamja."
He must have stolen it.
Not, you deserve it.
What did you stab him?
Something does not look like chlorine ...
Hlorar-scopolamine, very depressed
patient pushes will.
And this, the patient falls into euphoria.
I was completely incapable of lying.
And do not forget that the three
than five minutes.
The patient is switched off.
It is clear
formulate the question.
When will Germany have
attack the Soviet Union?
Certain attack ...
It is a state secret.
I can not tell you.
But you'll say.
The war will start very soon.
And it will be unprepared.
Because I did a perfect
Operation "Asian."
The Fhrer's genius said,
"Asiatic believes that it will not all
failure, and for that we do. "
These people, great
They feel each other.
Fisherman fisherman sees from afar.
Apple falling ...
Two boots, para. Gog and Magog.
Sodom and Gomorrah.
When will the war start?
Asian told me:
Excuse me your idea.
It's always been interesting.
How to look my death.
I'm not a murderer. I am a living letter.
From Fuhrer and Germany nation.
Addressed personally to you.
Can I read to begin?
We were destined to
divide the land among themselves.
And Germany to Soviet Union,
signed a non-aggression pact.
But we both do not give
significance of this papiriu.
I suggest something that is safer,
a personal agreement between the two Supreme Leader.
No war to 1 January in 1943.
Guarantee it will be
my and your honorable word.
Honorable word, it is of course good,
but I would like tangible evidence.
Do you want Germany to attack,
You get a bullet in the forehead.
Fuhrer fully understand that the Soviet Union held,
only your will and
Your success.
As Germany have,
will and success of the Fhrer.
Here's the answer.
Your suggestion was adopted.
Until 1 January 1943,
no war. Done!
Asian to me: you will be sent to Berlin.
My suit personal plane.
I said to him there is no need.
Go, Captain.
You are the Great fulfilled your task.
Does hair falls from his
head, you're over.
How? What ...
There will be no war.
Germany to attack us will not.
Let me ask you,
and where such information?
Is that clear?
Of course, now I understand.
From here you go to the airport.
Fly into districts, Pribaltijski,
West, Kiev, Odessa.
Scare them out there, how do you know.
The first ...
Slightest provocation on our part,
Whereas even graniarski
be barking across the border,
leadership in the dust.
Second ... Commander, who needs
send a holiday. And third ...
Comrade People's Commissars,
two emergency lines from Moscow.
Your secretariat and major Oktjabrski.
Connect me!
With who?
With the Secretariat.
PRIBALTIJSKI military district.
20 JUNE, in 1941.
Oktjabrskom about to end.
He does not respect our leaders.
I do not know how you,
and to me, after the victory,
is enjoying life.
What should exits.
Do you understand what you're saying?
By the way, I'm going to a person known to you.
Wow, kidnapped actress?
Yeah, she's a beautiful woman.
What kind of Asians was talking,
Comrade Major. I did not understand.
Tomorrow we will it.
Comrade Major, where
book with codes?
I would do a bit of codes.
The book in the drawer Dora!
What? Kogan? How are arrested?
Listen to me carefully.
Life answering.
Oktjabrskog ...
Who is it? We have a telegram for you.
9-9, 5-8, 3-9
0-4, 45-0-9
34, 32, 45
9-5, 3-4, 9-9
Vaser for Zeppa:
Operation "Asian" executed successfully.
Zep the Vaser.
The optimal date of the attack,
June 22, 4 hours in the morning.
Did you gave me?
Do you know, what will my head minister?
Have you been arrested?
What am I to them, girl zvonica
the city cantaloupes dinj?
Street godless, June 21 in 1941.
I'm not the enemy.
But another way to enter the machine,
Much obliged.
I have not properly taught, Egor,
Do not listen to your heart, but your head.
Prevarie the head,
when it is the worst.
As you cheated me.
A heart, stupidity,
motor for pumping blood.
Listen to vote.
There is an inner voice.
When necessary, he will always tell you.
Just do not close your ears.
I already have long ceased to hear,
that's why I'm standing in the written cabin.
At Angelic godless streets.
Z God, Egor.
What is this ...
Browse all locate a safe, Egorov.
When you open the safe, do not touch anything.
I'll do it.
Who are you?
State Security Lieutenant Dorin.
Accomplice traitor Oktjabrskog.
Get it.
Oktjabrski not a traitor,
Comrade Commissar.
I know when I will start a war,
deciphered the report Vaser!
The war will start tomorrow at 4am.
Tomorrow at 4 hours.
I deciphered the Vaser.
The war begins in the morning.
The shows four o'clock in the morning.
Vaser, that is, Kogan admitted.
He confessed.
Will not be any war.
How do you know?
I'll have you all crush into powder.
Like those people in the trolley.
As Oktjabrskog.
Tomorrow, people will die.
Pobiete you all.
Who will defend the Fatherland?
Him on trial or immediately?
Expel him from office.
I do not need hysterical.
Avoid vanbrane sex.
This can lead to dangerous
venerinih disease.
What are you yelling,
imagine yourself sabotage.
The Commando would have to suffer?
What's this?
I am.
I can not do without you.
I was afraid,
and that they would never let go.
They tried some.
But I was ...
Zip, I flew on as such.
And I was so worried sick,
none of you did not know.
I wrote you letters.
I just could not be sent.
They are not allowed?
No, they did not allow.
And what you wrote.
Better than you in my
life, nothing will be.
What is it?
21 June, Lieutenant Kogan (Vaser)
was delivered in Berlin
Stalin suit personal plane. 1942
directed "Zondertab R"
created by the training
diversionary works
activities in the territory of the USSR.
For Major DB Oktjabrskog are reported
have been killed in heavy traffic crash
Although the scene of an accident body
no findings. In February in 1942.
Egor and I found they had a son, but Dorin
learned about it only after a year.
When he returned to Moscow
to obtain a new job.
Translation: NIKITA