Shree (2013) Movie Script

Subject one.
Experiment failed.
Subject two.
Experiment failed.
Subject three.
Experiment failed.
Subject four.
Experiment failed.
Subject nine...
Just sorry?
Only sorry does not
suit you at all.. least fix a lame
excuse with it..
Like.. you got up early..
..but the lift of your
chawl got stuck..
No. An idiot forgot to give
me a wakeup call.
What wakeup call?
I told you yesterday,
that my balance got used up.
So recharge it..
..working in the biggest
telecom company..
..of India and crying
for balance?
Yah.. As if I got Air
calling as a dowry.
Ma'am I am an accountant,
not the owner.
My prepaid dries out talking
to you and now pay extra..
And demand of your mother..
-How dare you! -Oh, just slipped..
Excuse me.. say it again..
Oh.. Because of your respected
mom, I am saving..
..every single penny and
now you started again.
Whatever is the matter,
you always drag my mom..
Ok, we'll do one thing ,
because of that small condition..
..let us stop all expenses,
eating drinking even phone etc..
Ok? -Having a house in Mumbai..
My own?
Look, I am not even able to pay
50% deposit of my single room..
..but it is useless to
tell you anything..
Yaa.. you're right.
As if I am not bothered
about our house.
No, your house..
..because it wouldn't
be my house..
Don't bother about me, somebody
will replace you, I was only.
And the replacement will be far
better than him like me..
..come & sit, tell me what
-In-law asks for..
Only one room kitchen flat..
I have one BHK and a better
job than him..
And look he is waiting for bus,
but I have this car.. off in your tinpot,
and listen.. case my bandit queen becomes
late, I don't know..
..about my love, but you will
sure get a kick at your ass..
..ok, ok, leaving..
Bye looser.
..sorry sorry Me not me sir,
sorry sir, that cyclewala pushed..
Ya.. ok, ok.. -Sir.. I am
sorry. -It's ok. Go..
Yes Mr. Randhawa.
He is the Man.. Shree..
May I come in ma'am?
Come in.
Thank you..
Good morning, Ma'am.
You are looking great today.
The report of Kandivali 3rd zone
is ready Ma'am, and within..
..20 minutes 4th and 5th zone
also will be ready..
..actually they arrived late
from the branch itself.
Otherwise I had already
Shree, Sir wants to meet you..
Sir.. ?
Who.. Ma'am.. ?
Owner of Air calling,
Mr. Randhawa..
Ma'am, Mr.Randhawa.. to me ?
You have to reach here today
evening at 8 o'clock..
Mr. Randhawa..
..lives have already been
at stake.. now one more..
I think we should stop this..
I agree.. Jayraj..
if really it was possible..
..It could have been
done till now.
Being a commissioner,
I should save lives..
..and here..
Ok.. problem..
..but don't you think..
..when something big
is at stake..
..smaller things have
to be sacrificed..
Right Mr. Randhawa..
..sacrifices are given
for big causes..
..but not asked for.
Sacrificing oneself with
consent is one thing..
..but being victim of ignorance
is totally different.
And here , even we are not
aware of consequences.
You know professor..
..what is most unwilling
job in this world.. sacrifice oneself
for a cause..
No.. make someone else
to sacrifice.
I agree, 8 times, we have
not been successful..
..and Shree is our 9th option..
..but Shree is not just
the 9th option..
..he is our last option..
So lets meet Shree..
the last option..
Sheena, Sheena Jaiswal..
Mr. Randhawa's business manager..
You are working in one of our
Air calling branches, right?
Yes ma'am.. Malad..
as an accountant..
And if I am not mistaken,
You have joined recently..
..about 10 or..
? -12 days.. today is my 13th..
And how much you get there..
Well.. 12,700..
And where were you
working before?
Stepping stone..
it's a small finance company..
And how much did you get there..
Well, 6,500..
See, that's the big difference..
..between us and the others..
..12700 is a lot more
than 6,500..
..we know the right
value of a person..
..who deserves what..
..and you.. and you deserve much
more than this, Shree..
You deserve 4 BHK.. Bandra, A company's Flat..
You deserve,
a BMW, a company's car..
..a post like,
Air Calling Mumbai head.. annual package
of 70 to 80 Lakhs..
..and you are about to get that,
Ya ma'am.. ?
Am I going to get all this?
Not now, but you can..
Shree Many a times people
make themselves..
..miserable with lots
of desires..
..but they actually don't
know what they deserve.
And you deserve much more..
..because you are
the chosen one.
Ten lakhs,
This is your first installment.. will get ten lakhs
more after 2 days..
..and after that the deal which
Sheena has described you.
Sir, what I am supposed to do?
Nothing much, only you have to
mortgage 12 hours of your.. to us.
You will get 20 lakhs
for those 12 hours.
Today is 7th.
You come back on 9th in the
morning, give us 12 hours..
..and take away 10 lakhs more.
What I will have to do
in those 12 hours?
Baby sitting..
Shree, if you are getting 20 lakh
rupees for 12 hours only..
..then certainly the job
can not be disclosed.
Be sure that..
..there will be no crime,
but it is a big job, very big.
And you cannot share about
this deal with anyone..
Not a soul.
Now you take this bag and
I will see you on 9th..
Sir.. I can't.
You know Shree, what is the most
difficult task in this world?
Getting money for free..
..but returning back
that free money.
You keep this bag with you,
if you have a strong will power..
..then come back after two
days and return the money.
You will retain your job.
But if this money possesses you,
..come after two days.. 12 hours and take
back 10 lakhs more.
Ae, where are you.
I am calling you since long.
I am at Ghatkopar..
At my aunt's place..
Listen, come at once at my room..
..there is some amazing
news for you.
Ae Hello.. What come at once..
I am at Ghatkopar.
A boy is coming to see Pallavi.
-And Mom has brought me here.
Ok. That's fine but tell me,
when are you coming back?
Shree I told you that
in the morning..
Aee Sonu, you stuck up
again with your phone?
Just coming. Two minutes.
Will You prepare Puranpoli
after the guests arrive?
Got it? Coming.
Shree listen.. I will call you
in the morning I have to go..
..otherwise I will be dead
tomorrow. -Bye.. -Sonu. -Bye..
Darn it..
These mothers..
Ya.. one minute.. Coming..
Shree bhai, Seth has asked
for three month's due?
You have made my tea
bitter Shubbu..
Let me drink..
..tell him that I will clear
all by next week.
What Shree bhai..
Seth will scold me..
..clear the balance please..
-Take it..
..and give to him,
and tell him to keep quiet..
What Shree bhai,
just 100 Rs won't do anything..
Ok. I will pay rest of money
next week, just leave.
Whether this way or that way.
-Hey! -I am always in a fix.
Uncle what is the News?
-Everything is okay.
Sony... you!
I will change it in just
two minutes, that's it.
What two minutes.. You haven't
taken bath yet.. -Arre..
who bothers to take bath every
day.. -Stupid, ok. Be quick.
Just wait..
You don't have any self respect?
Hello, Aunty.. -You are so
shameless, if you really love her..
Why don't you run away
from this city?
You are in Mumbai since
eight years..
What have you achieved till now?
Just tell me?
The grain-grocer always
tells me about your..
..pending payments with him,
you know?
I know.. -What do you know?
When will you understand?
After 50 years, you will come
to me to apologize..
..that neither you could own
a house, nor a good job.
You have become a beggar only.
And then I would marry my Sonu
to some lame person or.. some widower already having
two-three children.
What is this Mom,
you started again.
Don't you feel bored?
Every day the same story..
..let's go.
-Ya, I know, there is no use..
..whatever I say you
don't understand..
..he is blind and you stupid..
Don't create nuisance,
go inside, everybody is watching.
Let them see, I don't care, I
only care about my daughter.. your daughter let me go..
..I am already late
for the office.
She knows she is late
for the office..
..but not of being
late to marry..
My mother has made it
her daily routine.
She does not feel satisfied
without taunting at you..
You just watch..
..within 10 days..
..I will buy a one room kitchen
and show Her. -Yeah?
Really I am gonaa get
20 lakh rupees.
Shree, if want to loot a bank
make it a big one.
Why one room kitchen,
we'll get a 3 BHK..
Sonu, I am serious..
The joke sriously,
why the nonsense one?
Going to get 20 lakh..
Sonu, I am not kidding..
It's true that I am going
to get 20 lakh rupees..
Yeah? -I swear,
dude, I am going to get 20 lakh..
..and I already have
10 lakhs at home..
Oh Shree, don't take the call,
first tell me.. -Shree. -Hello.
Good morning Shree.
So, finally you have decided that.. are going to get 20 lakh.
No Ma'am.. I was..
Shree just now you have
sweared on Sonu..
..that you are going
to get 20 lakh..
..20 lakh Rs is a big
amount Shree..
..and you need the money
desperately.. might have forgotten
that you can..
..not tell anybody about
this deal..
Not even Sonu..
..bye Shree..
Sonu is waiting for you.. lets see, how are you
going to explain her..
..about 20 lakh Rs..
..see you tomorrow Shree..
Whose call was this?
What? -Whose?
It was ma'am..
Couldn't you tell her that
you will call her back.. put me on fire
about 20 lakh..
..and now talking on phone..
From where are you getting
these 20 lakhs?
Get 20 lakh?
You just said you
will get 20 lakh.
Ya, no, no, that's not true,
nothing, nothing..
Look, you have just sworn on me..
..tell me the truth. What mischief
have you done? -Mischief?
What mischief Oh,
no, no, Sonu there is no..
..ya.. My aunt..
-Aunt? Who?
I have an aunt..
I don't know that.. -What?
Sonu, I surely know, I have
a aunt..
..but I did not know that
she was childless..
So. -So?
So, what..
..she is childless, so
she is going to distribute..
..all of her property
between we cousins..
..hence I will get my
share of 20 lakh.
Is it really true?
Why I will lie to you,
stupid, I am telling the truth..
..that is why Tapan bhai has
already sent me 10 lakh..
Stupid, why are you giving me
such good news with long face?
Idiot, where is the money?
At my room..
Let's go, right now..
"What a beautiful morning"
"What happened suddenly"
"Life smiled upon me"
"Life smiled upon me"
"To live me fullest"
"To live me fullest"
"Come, play with me"
"Laugh with me"
-Shree, our home is sit?
"Laugh with me"
"Every movement of life
has brighten up, since I met you"
"Every moment of this life"
"The moments I spent with you"
"The moments I spent with you
they all tell me"
"You laugh, you smile"
You will feel slight dizzy after
drinking this coffee..
Because it is necessary for
you to be unconscious..
..state for the next 12 hours.
What's all this?
What is going on here?
What are you doing?
I don't want to do all this..
I won't to.
I will die, you are killing me..
..professor I don't
want your money..
You can't force me..
..look don't push me,
professor, I won't do..
Randhawa ji, I don't want your
money, I will return it.
You had pushed me?
Where are others?
How are you feeling?
-My head is blasting.
Where are others?
Come in and drink something.
I don't want anything.
- You will feel better.
I don't want to come with you..
I told you to come inside..
-Listen to me..
-Let me off.
Where are all others?
Tell me, why don't you tell me?
Because I don't want to.
It is five minutes past seven.
You sit here for only
eleven hours and..
..fifty five minutes
more with peace.
After that you will get answer
of your each question.
Something is seriously wrong.
They are trying to kill me.
I don't want to do this job,
I am leaving..
Look mister, I request you
to sit down quietly..
Your twelve hours have started.
It is better for you
if you listen to me.
come here, have you gone mad?
What is the matter..
Why did you come out,
why did you come here? Shree.. ?
Why did I come here means..
Sonu I had to come to my home,
where else? -Yeah, do come.. your home..
..your natives are sitting
there for your welcome.
Why did you come out from there
Shree? -From where dude?
Look Sonu I am already having
a splitting headache.. go,
we will meet after two hours.
Hey, you came here like
an idiot and now..
No, I will deal with you later..
..listen Shubbu run and bring
an auto here.. fast.
What are you doing?
I told you not to come
out from there..
..and you came here only
to get trapped?
Shree, two cops are still
on constant watch..
Run away, kick your butt.
Oh.. go to hell, but leave at
once, Shree go from here..
Listen to me..
Hey kid, where is he?
Who.. saab?
That man from room no16?
-Where had you seen him?
We saw him here with his dame.
-Now say.
What, Sir, you made me
loose my 10 Rs bet.
He said that he will trick you
running here on your heels..
And you really bite the bait..
Are you going to make cops run?
Would bet on it?
No, sir, no, I did...
- Damn you.
Mom, I am going.
Just take your tiffin..
Mom Bye.. please..
Sonu.. Sonu.. listen.. girl, hey..
I saw, but you haven't..
..or may be you are doing it
deliberately.. -Shree you.. many times the same thing
I have to tell you dude?
What's the new drama now?
Drama? Am I making the fuss?
And what you did in Our Colony?
Was that daring?
Why did you come to our colony?
When did come that...
You locked me here yourself..
keys are with you..
..and is there any window to jump
out? -That's what I'm thinking..
But now I have to go Sonu..
Nothing can be solved
while sitting here..
..whatever is the problem ,
only I have to solve, and I am..
Hey Shree.. no nonsense now
ok.. -Sonu , I have to..
Enough.. sit around here..
Let Rajeev come here, then we
will decide what to do next..
He remains so much busy..
I still cant understand
why did you..
..hello hello Rajeev..
..where the hell were
you I've been..
..trying to reach
you since long..
This Shree is driving
me crazy dude..
Yes.. Shree has gone mad.
Do you know he came to the
colony this morning..
..and now he wants
to go out again..
Rajeev please convince him.
That's what I was doing
for so long..
..before talking to you
I was talking to him?
What?? Rajeev..
when were you talking to Shree?
He is with me since 10 minutes..
But he told me that you made him
sit in the auto a while ago.
And now he is in Borivali..
Hey.. what nonsense ?
Shree is here, with me..
Come, come.
Hello, Hello Rajiv..
What happened?
-Dude, Shree has escaped again..
..why does he not understand
that it.. dangerous out
there for him..
So.. Sonu don't panic,
stay there I am coming.
Rajeev, please do come fast,
I am going crazy.
Hello, Hello.
Shree, ya, ya, look, I
know, I was at fault.
I should have been agreed to you,
but Now can we meet?
..same spot?
No, No, I will be there
exact at 7 o'clock..
Rajeev, what do I do with
this idiot boy..
..why does not he understands..
..police is looking for
him in whole Mumbai..
..and he is roaming
around carelessly..
I don't understand Rajeev.
Look, just stop worrying so much
as the very first thing..
I have already spoken to Shree..
And told him to meet
at Yogi Nagar..
Nothing will happen to him..
Rajeev, are you mad or something?
Police is looking for
him in whole Mumbai..
And you have called him outside
to meet him, shit.
Sonu, I am not mad, okay!
I too know things.
In Yogi Nagar C M Brothers..
..who is an estate agent, that
is why I called Shree there..
The police can not
even dream that..
..Shree would be in
sitting in Borivali?
Let me go..
Hey, what are you doing to me?
Atleast tell my fault..
You can not arrest me
without any reason..
..wait, look you can not
arrest any innocent..
..citizen without any charge..
..listen to me please..
Compose yourself.
Why are you shouting so much?
Sir, sir, they are harassing me.
At least tell my fault..
I am an innocent citizen sir..
..please tell me my crime sir..
Right. He is right.
I mean you are civilian
and there is government..
..and I am civil servant..
Public servant..
It's your fundamental right
to know about your crime..
About the charges
slapped on you.. certainly can ask,
but you cannot shout..
..actually I have
pain in my ears.
Sorry sir, I am sorry sir..
..sir please tell me what
wrong I have done?
Ok. I will tell you..
..crime no 1..
You have murdered the Police
commissioner of Mumbai..
..and I caught you red handed..
Commissioner's murder?
You have murdered..
After which you fled from
police custody.
My custody ,showing me a gun,
like this..
Crime no 3.. have killed
your own partner, right?
No, No, Sir, there must be some
misunderstanding sir..
I haven't killed anybody sir,
please listen..
You guy, don't you watch
Hindi movies?
Haven't you heard "No one can
escape from the hands of law"..
You can run but cannot escape.. are trapped at last.
Sir, sir, I am telling the truth.
- Yeah.
Sir, I dont know anything
what you're saying.
You bastard, you knocked the police
jeep hey go, and see who is this.
What are you doing
Hey, look, look..
Damn you, keep your hands away.
I got screwed,
What are you doing..
You also want to die..
Come on.. run..
"Life never had been smooth"
"And became more rough
because of my impatience"
"I was shocked, I was broken,
All hell broke loose"
"Life turned upside down overnight"
"I got screwed, I got screwed,
I got screwed"
"I got screwed, I got screwed,
I got screwed"
"I got screwed, I got screwed,
I got screwed"
"I got screwed, I got screwed,
I got screwed"
"I got screwed, I got screwed,
I got screwed"
"I got screwed..."
Mumbai and traffic jam,
it's a common site..
..but this Traffic jam is
not common just now.. bright day light, a police
man is murder right here..
..and it's a shameful matter..
..because after the inspector's
..the culprit has run away
making the police a fool.
The police has blocked the road..
..if you see this hardcore
criminal somewhere..
..please inform in your nearest
police station.
The criminal's name is being
told as Shreedhar Upadhyay..
Who lives in the Dindhosi
area of Goregaon.
The people are requested
to inform the police..
..but do not dare to go
near the criminal..
..because this Shree has done
the crime at the first time..
..before the murder of
police inspector..
..he has already murdered
two more persons.. which one is our own Police
commissioner Mr, A.K. Raina..
..and for the time being
no police officer
This criminal Shree
has become a new..
..threat in the city right now.
The people are requested
to inform in the..
..nearest police as soon
as they spot him.
What is happening..
I will go mad..
I will go mad.
Shree, now you have to think
about further action..
..whatever is happened..
happened dude!
I am accused of 3 murders, and..
..twice escaped from police..
..look, till yesterday everything
was allright..
Sonu, but suddenly just
in one day, all this..
The events have turned out sore,
look, now..
..police does not even
need to arrest you.. they are licensed
to shoot you at sight..
They are not going to take the
killing of their men lightly..
I haven't murdered anybody,
Who wore the mask of Spiderman
is the real culprit..
We know, Shree..
We know that you have
not murdered.
I know you Shree..
I know you more than myself..
I haven't done anything Sonu..
I am telling you the truth
that I am innocent..
Rajeev I don't know,
when and how all this happened.
I don't know anything.
Look Shree,
I will repeat my words that..
..whatever is happened,
is happened.. think about further action.
Shree, your staying in the city
is very dangerous.
You just run away from Mumbai..
Run away means..
Where to dude,
and why should I run..
I won't go anywhere, Sonu..
-I haven't done anything.
Shree, just try to understand.. is dangerous here..
..and it will be matter of
just 2-3 months, Shree.
Look, I have spoken to one
of my friend in Satara.. will get shelter there.
Look, I won't go alone Sonu..
I won't go anywhere leaving
you behind..
I do not want to leave
in Mumbai..
I want to live with you..
Shree, for my sake Shree.
"May I snatch all your sorrows,
my love"
"I am not afraid of the fate"
"Heli aariiiiii..."
"How can I sleep when
my love is awake"
"How can I sleep
when my God is awake"
"Tell me my friend how can I sleep"
"Tell me my friend how can I sleep"
"How can I sleep
when my love is awake"
"How can I sleep
when my God is awake"
"Without adorning myself
I walk with attitude"
"With my love, in the path of love"
"Without adorning myself
I walk with attitude"
"With my love, in the path of love"
"In the path of my love"
"I adorning myself
with my lovers smile"
"How can I sleep when
my love is awake"
"How can I sleep
when my God is awake"
Hey, Conductor.
Coming, ma'am. Coming.
Take this 100 rupees.
100 rupees.
The matter is..
..that I have utter belief
on your love..
I knew that your lover would
certainly come to you..
..and look,
your love has made me reach you..
"I took poison in the name
of Krishna"
"I fought with god of death
for my love"
"I took poison
in the name of Krishna"
"I fought with god of death
for my love"
Your 12 hours are about to
get over, just 20 minutes left.
"I could never become Laila
or Shirin"
"How can I sleep when
my love is awake"
"How can I sleep
when my God is awake"
"How can I sleep my friend,
how can I"
"How can I sleep my friend,
how can I"
"How can I sleep when
my love is awake"
Hold on someone is coming.
Wait, come here quick.
Seems, he must one
of his cronies.
So it's you?
What it is?
Damn it!
He is the guy.
He is doing all that crime.
And I am being dragged
in all this.
Just one proof
so I too be able to say.
Now what to do?
I know what to do.
Don't star. Just look around
some rope to tie him up.. fast.
Who are you?
It is you who is going
to tell us your identity.
What are you doing here Sonu?
I have brought her here.. tell me..
What is this all happening here..
..another Shree is born
from nowhere..
..and you became alive from dead?
How could you be alive?
You have already died yesterday?
-What the crap are you talking?
I am talking crap,
you come out of dead, and..
..accusing me of talking crap?
Do you want to say that yesterday
I am killed yesterday?
Why are you listening to him..
..if you had already
died yesterday.
Then is your ghost is roaming
around with me since morning?
Will you shut up, please?
Yesterday means when..
which date?
What stupid question
you are asking..
..yesterday means yesterday..
Today is 11th then yesterday
was surely 10th.
Hey, duplicate..
..have you totally gone insane?
First you have made
this monster dead.. you are telling
11th for 9th.
I told you to keep quiet.
You want to say that I
am killed on 10th..
How? Who killed me?
Amazing dude!
You are murdered, and you don't
know your murderer..
If he is dead, only then he
will know his murderer.
Since morning he is bullying me?
Look, he is already dead..
..yesterday, on 10th..
I myself have seen his dead
body in that car..
Listen dude,
yesterday was not 10th..
..coming tomorrow is 10th.. is 9th.
You just shut up for a
few seconds please.
He is telling the truth..
Today is not 9th, today is 11th.
We are two days ahead in future..
END OF PART ONE. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
It was 9th in the morning.
After making me drink a cup
of coffee, he pushed me..
No, not pushed..
..but he himself jumped with me.
And after the jump,
we reached from 9th to 11th..
It means I was living in
11th since morning.
Who killed me?
If I had known this, I had
already told this to police.. killed commissioner,
and roped me in..
..then you were killed,
and for that too, I was trapped..
Look Shree I just don't
..please tell in detail..
What and how everything happened?
Okay, date 9th..
After 12 hours,
7 O'clock in the evening..
I saw myself fallen down from the
terrace of the farm house..
..and Mr. Randhawa, Professor..
Randhawa, Professor, Commissioner,
Sheena and you, Tilak..
..everybody was there,
and were very happy.
But most happy was the Professor.
Thank you Shree, Thank you.. have made my six
years fruitful.
I did it..
I did it Mr. Randhawa,
I am so happy.
I was thinking about what heroic
action I had done..
..that all of them are so happy..
..and then whatever Professor
..blew me out of my senses.
You are the only person
in the world..
..who can travel through time..
Time travel!
You must have seen many tricks
in different films..
Like.. Time machine time travel
with the help of magic.
Or any person comes in to modern
age from ancient age..
..but I..
I have researched differently
on time travel..
..time fissure.
It means breakage of time.. this time breaks.. When?
I can show this to you right now.
The earth revolves round
the Sun in 365 days..
..and also rotates
around itself..
..and its rotation is completed
in 24 hours.
Many parallel layers rotate
..around the earth..
Time also travels parallel
to earth's rotation.
So, when any big natural event
or disaster effects..
..the earth, it simultaneously
effects the time layer.. Earthquake,
tsunami or avalanche etcetera.
The effect of these natural
disasters on..
..our earth is well known
to every body..
..but when these disasters become
more violent, not only..
..the buildings on the earth,
but the whole earth trembles..
..though very slightly..
..the tremble is so minute
that nobody notices it..
..when the whole earth trembles,
the time layer..
..moving parallel to earth, also
tremble slightly and cracks..
..and then, the time takes a
leap, mean the time breaks.
This is Time-fissure.
Breakage of time.
This time breaks only
for a few seconds..
..hardly for one,
two or maximum..
..for three seconds.
When, earth completes its
24 hours rotation..
..and again passes
the same place..
..the time takes a leap again..
..then this process continues
after every 24..
..hours on that particular
place forever.
Slowly this few seconds'
gap continues to..
..widen and becomes
a big time lapse.
Seconds convert into minutes,
..into hours,
and hours into days..
Shree, there are many places
in this world..
..where this kind of
disaster took place.
Like, Mont St. Michel the famous
bungalow in France.
This small Harbour Island
of Bahamas.
Abu Ghraib Prison of Iraq.
And our farm house too.
An earthquake took place
here 60 years ago..
..and then, the time broke above
its terrace for two seconds..
..since then two seconds
widen into 12 hours.
And now when the earth complete
its 365 days..
..cycle and travels
from this corner..
..then, one can time travel
for 12 hours..
..from the terrace of
this farm house.
But only that person can do
this task who is born..
..during this kind of disaster
or time-fissure.
There were only nine people
in this whole world..
..and you are the 9th one Shree.. are the 9th one..
You are special one.
..not only you can return, but..
..somebody else also
can travel the..
..time zone holding your hand.
When professor told me about
his research, I thought..
..that this could be helpful
to stop the crimes.
Any future terrorist attack,
any future bomb-blast..
..we can know them and can stop
the crime before time.
Shree, till the time our
experiment gets successful..
..we can't disclose it
to the government.
I was not able to sponsor
this experiment alone.. going to different
countries, building secret labs..
..countries, building secret
labs, secret research.. needed big money.., I roped in my childhood
friend, Jayraj Randhawa.
We are going to launch
4G service..
..of Air calling after two days..
..and you will be the Mumbai
head of our venture..
..for others, you will be the
regional head of Air calling..
But your main job will be..
..whenever Professor calls you,
travel to the future.
And will bring the reports
of future crime..
You are the chosen one.
Now your life is going
to be very special..
..and the first step
of this new.. will start after 8 days..
..from France.
This has personal numbers
of all 3 of us.
But keep in mine.. one else knows about
this place apart from us.
I shared my good fortune
with Sonu.
But when I detailed everything
to her.. -Open your mouth.
Are Sonu, believe me. Its true..
You must be drunk, yes beer,
because you don't like whisky.
Tell me. -Oh my mother..
..nothing at all..
I tried my best to
make her believe..
I am the only one in this world
who has this power..
..think that you.. you are Sun..
Shree.. -And I am earth, and
earth revolves around the Sun.
I was happy.. very happy.
Shree, stop it!
I take rounds and rounds
and rounds..
Shree, Shree, shut up..
Shree, electricity went off.
Electricity went off.
Shree, are you okay.
My shirt tore off..
Shirt torn..
It seemed like I was in trance.
Shit! A good shirt is torn
because of your nonsense!
Oh let it be Sonu.. who will wear these
cheap clothes.
I will wear Armani now..
-Really? -Yeah. What else..
It will be raining money now!
But she did not believe me..
Enough.. it is going to
be twelve-thirty..
..knows that I am
at Annu's place.
I can not dare to be late now..
..otherwise apart from
your future travel.. mother would ruin our
future too. -Sonu.. -Bye.
Take rest, meet you when
you will be normal. Bye.
I thought that I will take Sonu
to meet the Professor..
..only then she will believe me..
..but I could not
get the chance..
..because next morning Sheena
came to my place.
Good morning, Shree.
Good morning, ma'am.
The remaining 10 lakhs rupees
of the deal and a new offer..
He wants you to travel in
the future only for him..
..and not For the pre-crime
If you travel in the future
only for him..
..then you could inform him
stock market in advance.. will be like this.
But Sheena ma'am do you think
that Professor and..
Commissioner will agree
to this plan?
Shree, haven't you seen
the morning news?
Then the news that Sheena showed
me, freaked me out.
Neighbouring houses also
bore the cracks..
This Bungalow was owned by
Professor Krishn Kant Desai.
Who was farmer scientist from
Bhabha research center..
The reason behind this blast
is not clear yet.
And Commissioner..
He is a gem of a man..
..but within half an hour,
he also.. going to the same fate..
..look, only three persons
in this world..
..know that you can
travel future .
Professor, who is no more..
who is going to die..
..and Randhawa,
for whom you have to work.
I don't want to do
any job you are..
..responsible for Professor..
Not me..
..only Randhawa..
My task was to deliver
his message to you..
Then I came to know that Sheena
is also trapped like me.
She gave me a suggestion
to save myself..
There is only one person,
who may help you..
..that is Commissioner..
..but sorry that within
half an hour, he also..
..if somehow you could save him..
I am sorry, Shree.
After Sheena's exposure my
mind had gone haywire..
I called Commissioner..
Jayraj is my childhood friend..
I can not agree with any one
whether Sheena or you.
Sir, it is right to have faith,
but blind faith is.. -Shree..
Good morning sir..
Tilak you..
what are you doing here?
Sir.. Mr. Randhawa has
sent a message.. .
Sir I told you..
Mr. Randhawa knows that I have
come to see you, so, he..
Shree.. relax..
-Sir sir please.. -Relax..
..just remember one thing..
..if you try to make
him any harm..
Sir, I can't harm him at all..
..but you will bear the harm.
And next moment,
he shot at the Commissioner.
What have you done ?
Not me.. -Heyyy.. nobody moves..
..stay there.
Sir! Sir!
Sir is dead..
You fool..
Who killed him? -He, sir..
He killed commissioner.
I came here to save him.
Ae.. just put down the gun..
I get nervous when I see
gun in others' hand..
..put the gun down..
S.. sir.
Hands up.
- Sir.
Both of you come with me
to police station..
..we will decide there
that who shot..
..the gun and who caught
the gun Ok?
But Tilak had come to trap me.
I had not been scared as
much in my whole life.. much I was in
those two minutes.
Hey stop.. stop..
..look.. is not my fault..
..your partner ran away leaving
you behind. -Sir.. sir.
Now you will be blamed
for all this mess up..
Sir, he was not my partner sir,
promise sir..
I had to come here to
warn Commissioner..
Ok, now I warn you..
..its your turn now..
You are finished..
Sir.. believe me..
Sir, I'll tell you everything..
Tell me. -Sir.
Professor did an experiment
on me.
Sir his lawyer has arrived.
Let him come..
..your luck is at
your side today..
..luck is at your side.
Your friend Rajeevv has
given me your case..
Thank you very much..
I'm speaking the truth.
I am innocent sir.
Look Shree, one thing I want
to tell you clearly..
..this is an open and shut case..
Mumbai's police commissioner
has been murdered..
Sir I have not done
anything wrong..
I'm being set up..
from this conviction neither.. nor any other
one can save you..
..yes, there is a way of
slipping from the law.. run far away from Mumbai..
Run away from Mumbai?
How sir, they are not even
letting me meet Sonu.. the hell will
I get out of here.
Rajeev along with your girlfriend
is waiting on highway 4..
..and there is a gun on the
left side of my coat.
Don't come forward..
..don't come forward or else I
will blow him up. -Ae.. stop.
Bring the jeep..
Bring the Jeep!
Hello.. -Shree you idiot..
what have you done..
Me? -Yes, talking as if I have
killed the commissioner.. people.. -Shut up Shree..
I myself came there..
..keeping my life and my
job on stake.. and you..
..can't you understand anything?
You couldn't make out that
how does Rajeev..
..know that you are
in police custody.
Shree, that advocate is
plotted by Randhawa.. you have charges of not
only killing the commissioner..
..but escaping from police
custody also..
..and you sit in anybody's car
and do not even see it once?
What are you saying?
Look behind..
Now you listen to me Shree.. will not do anything
as your wish.
Meet me as fast as you can..
..because now you have 2 murder
charges on your head..
I know how to deal with
that Randhawa..
Hello, Shree..
..are you listening to me..
And after that I called up Sonu..
..because I couldn't have
trusted anyone else..
..and Sonu had made arrangement..
..for me to stay in her friend's
house at Jamuna nagar..
..last night I was there..
..and when I got up
and saw the news..
..every news chanel was
slapping the charges..
..of Commissioner and
Tilak's murder on me.
You just have the charges
of murder..
..and me..
I don't even know..
..who and how killed me..
..look Mr. Shree..
I don't know..
..whether what this man has
said will be true or not..
..but after we reach
back to 9th.. will have my full support..
..but now we have to
leave immediately.. only few minutes are
left for 12hrs to finish.
Shree.. Shree..
Thank you.. have made my 6 yrs
of research successful..
I am so happy..
You are the only person
in this world..
..who can travel through time..
..time travel..
..when the earth trembles..
..the time layer moving
parallel to earth..
..also cracks and
then time jumps..
..but this time only
breaks for seconds..
..these seconds convert into
minutes, minutes into hours..
..hours into days.
Now go home and take some rest.. have to do a lot of
important work in future.
Open your mouth.. you are drunk..
..but you did not like whisky..
Beer? -Sonu.
Believe me I am not drunk..
..and I'm telling the truth..
I can travel in time..
I am the only..
..leave it I know you
won't believe me..
I'm the idiot,
trying to make you understand.. won't believe.. will only believe me
when I'm totally screwed..
One minute..
I can prove it, I can prove it..
..according to Shree
of the future..
..light should go off by now..
Sonu it will go off..
Shree, you are irritating me now.
Sonu believe me light
will go off..
I don't know about the light
but I'm leaving..
Sonu believe me light
will go off..
Shree Bye..
See I told you so..
Shree!! Shree.. you ok? -Yeah..
..what happened..
Because of your non-sense talk ,
a good shirt is now torn..
The shirt had to tear Sonu..
..and the light had to go..
..believe me Sonu..
..look I'm telling you..
I knew all this,
light will go off..
..and my shirt will tear..
Shree, It was a coincidence.
Light is irregular..
Not coincidence Sonu,
believe me..
I can go into the future..
I'm telling the truth sonu..
Don't know about you Shree,
but now I'm leaving.. it is going to
be twelve-thirty.. mother knows that
I am at Annu's place.
I can not dare to be late now..
..otherwise apart from
your future travel.. mother would ruin
our future too.
Understand.. bye..
Then Mr. Future man..
..tell me who's at the door?
Now go.. open the door..
That.. Mr. Shree..
Tilak.. !! You..
..come in come in..
come in come in..
The incidents of tomorrow
have started rolling..
..50 lakh rupees which Mr.
Randhawa has given me.. shoot the police
..tomorrow at half past eleven.
What's happening?
Hey Sonu can't you still get it..
Sonu these..
..these are 50 lakh rupees..
..this is Tilak..
..and tomorrow he will shoot
the Commissioner.
No, now this won't happen..
..because tomorrow we
won't kill him..
..if he dies,
only then my turn will come.
Yes Tilak, but the next death..
..look Tilak your death is after
that of Commissioner..
..but before Commissioner
Professor's house will blast..
..if we stop the Professor's
house blast..
we can change the future..
..we just have to anyhow stop
his death understood?
Then why to delay,
let us leave now.. -Yes.
Yes. -Sir first of all you
come out of your house.
Why.. why are you sounding
so weird Shree.
Your life is in danger sir..
..your house is going to blast,
come out sir..
..calm down Shree.. tell me everything
in detail..
Sir look we don't have much
time left. Please trust me..
..your house is going
to blast sir.. please get out of there,
any how..
Sir I'll meet you at
Inorbit's signal..
Ok.. ok..
I'll be there right away. -Ok.
Ok great he's reaching here.
Shree, phone and ask if
he left home or not.
Tilak, like you, even he loves
his life too much..
..he must have left
that very moment..
..its about to be 2..
..till now he might be far
away from his home..
He has reached..
..please at least smile
now my friend..
..professor has been saved.
Thank you Mr Shree..
..its 2 now..
..and the professor is alright..
he's safe.
No headway is made
about the blast yet..
..and as of now, no police officer..
I knew it all along..
--is willing to comment at all.
Professor Krisnakant..
..even if we could change
the future a bit..
..but we can not escape death..
Yes you are right..
..but I will not let my
death come near me..
I may not know that how will I
be killed, who will do it..
..but I do know that
Mr. Randhawa..
..will give the order
to kill me..
If Mr. Randhawa himself dies
then? -No no no no..
Tilak.. had shot the commissioner..
..don't kill him..
..if you don't kill him then even
your death can be avoided..
..look we can still
change the future..
Do one thing,
you go in, go in..
Sonu even you go there,
go fast, fast, go..
Namaste aunty..
Your 'Hello' may go to hell.
Where is she..
Who aunty.. -Look there is
no need of fooling me..
..where were you both
roaming last night?
Who aunty..
I had night shift..
..and Sonu said that she
was at Anu's place..
Don't try to act too smart
infront of me..
Hello, hello, mom where are you?
Where are you? -And where
were you all night long..
I told you,
I was at Annu's place..
I am waiting since long at
the door where are you?
Yah, you reached?
I came to buy the bread..
Take keys from Champa aunty and
open the door.. -I am coming..
..yeah, be quick..
..don't give me this look..
I understand your
and her drama..
..don't try to act smart on me..
She went.. ? -Look I have to
reach there before her.. go anywhere,
text me the place and the plan..
..and don't take any risks..
Nothing will happen..
Take care..
Take care.. -Yes.
Bye. -Bye.
Now what do we do.. ?
Mr. Shree, I am scared..
Tilak there is no
need get scared.. you don't kill
..if he stays alive
you stays alive.
Hello.. -Good morning Shree..
Good morning madam..
Where are you guys?
I went to your house
but it was locked.
Oh Sorry madam..
I will be late, anything special?
Well.. i came to give remaining
10 lakhs of your first deal..
..and i know these
ten lakhs would.. very special thing for you.
Sorry ma'am.. i wont be able
to come right now..
I shall call you back later.
Wait a minute Shree.
See. I want to meet you right now..
..I wanna discuss few more
things other than money..
I know what you want to tell me.
I am going for that work only.
You are forgetting ma'am,
I already saw the future.
That means..
Yes, and it is sad that
even after watching..
..future I wont be able
to save professor..
..but I won't let
commissioner die.
As you already seen the future.. must have seen
that I am with you..
..whenever you need my help
I am always with you.. both take care..
..and if you need any help
just call me, ok.
Yes madam, bye.
Shree I am not ready to accept
what you and Tilak are saying..
I don't know who has killed
the professor..
..but Jayraj?
No ways..
Look Sir..
-Look Mister..
..your believe on Mr. Randhawa
has nothing to do with me..
I just know that my death
is linked to your death..
..and to kill you Mr. Randhawa
has given me these..
..50 lakh rupees..
..but I will not kill you..
..because as soon as you
die I'll die too..
..nobody move..
everybody stay on their places.
Ganpat you..
..what brings you here?
Sir, I got information that you
were going to be attacked..
..that is why I am here to save
you.. -No there is nothing.. may leave..
Ok sir..
..let's go..
And listen..
..take this gun and bag of
money in your custody..
..they are illegal..
Yes sir..
And report to me in my office
in the evening..
Ok sir..
Your information was wrong..
Sir my information
is never wrong..
I didn't do anything..
I'm just a runner.. knocked him out..
Hold this.
Hey.. don't try to act too smart.
Come on, now pick it up.
Pick it up..
..very.. very nice..
..pick it.. that your finger prints
are on it now keep it..
..your work is done.. keep it..
Yes, now let's go.
Lets go t the police station..
..and there we will decide
on whom should..
..we put the blame for
killing my boss..
..and on whom for my constables..
..heavy tall guy, do you need a
separate invitation or what?
Keep your hand up..
You are trapped!
Hands behind your neck, Ok.
You stupid..
You want to kill me?
Hey, hey.. stop!
Hey, hey..
where are you running to.. look it is not my fault..
..your partner ditched
you and ran away.. all the blame is on you..
..hmm.. shall we go..
Very nice..
Had total fun..
I'll get enough for killing
this commissioner..
..and 50 lakh rupees afterwards..
Very nice..
..this is called tip is
more than the bill..
Take this bonus too..
Didn't you hear..
..the hands of law
are very long..
..and right now you have
tied the hands of law..
I'll give you a very nice offer.. free me,
and I'll leave you..
..then you can take your
girl and run away..
..and out of these 50 lakh rupees
take 10 lakh as yours..
..what say..
Amazing sir.. -You are so funny
in such a serious situation..
I mean we have your bag
of 50 lakhs with us.. are tied..
..then why would we
give you 40 lakhs?
Why do we need to free
you up for our escape?
Only you can blame me for the
murder of commissioner..
..till you are tied here,
no body will know about it..
..that I was there at time
of commissioner's murder..
..till you are here..
I can walk freely out there.
There is tension in Mumbai city.
Corpse of Commissioner
of Mumbai raised..
..question on the security
in the city.
Police can't find out how
Commissioner reached there.
And who is behind his murder?
Yes watching..
..after all how many will
get the chance.. see their own death news..
Let it go the same
way it is going.. things will go the
way we want them..
Hello.. -It is Tilak.
Yes Tilak..
Well I was trying to reach
Mr. Shree but was unreachable..
If he's with you then can
I please talk to him?
No he is not with me.. do one thing you
write an address..
..we'll meet there..
The tension is aroused in
Mumbai city because of..
..the death of police
commissioner of Mumbai..
..and his body was found in
a rather curious place..
..this murder has put a
rather big question..
..mark on the law and
order of the state..
..police is still trying
to figure out..
..why did commissioner
reached there in..
..the first place and
who killed him..
Saw the news?
Yes. It's the same on
all the channels.
Just an inch away from stardom
your essentials for our escape..
..this thing is going
to be enormous..
..even after killing commissioner
you have..
..not fallen in the hands of
Randhawa he will not stay quite.. have to rush from here..
What? 'Me" I thought 'Us'.
Yes dear, we are going.
But for now you go,
give me a day or two..
..for now wear this and run..
What are you looking at?
I have already worn it.
After Ganpat's murder
you and Rajeev gave.. this get-up to run
away from Mumbai..
Inspector Ganpat's murder was
on 11th at eleven thirty..
Ganpat is with Rajeev.. Rajeev.. fast.. fast..
Why is his cell always busy?
Its 11:05 now,
we still have time..
..come on move fast. -Yes.
Not reachable..
Tilak.. you?
Inspector Ganpat..
He's dead.
When I came here..
Where is Rajeev.. ?
Where is Rajeev..?
-Here is no one except me..
I searched all over the place..
..when I came here he was
already in this state..
But how did you reach here?
Actually, yesterday..
-rry I forgot to tell you..
..he called yesterday.
Sorry Mr. Shree, I left you
alone there and ran away..
I was scared that he would put
the blame on me. -One minute.
How are you still alive.. ?
According to the future you
already have to be dead by now..
..according to the future on
10th the professor dies..
..then commissioner..
Then your corpse in the car..
..and then the death of
police inspector..
..if everybody is dying on
time then why not you.. ?
That means you were not
dead in the future..
..but were acting..
That is.. -That means Sonu
that he knew that..
..he did not die in the future..
..and he will not die even now..
..that is why after the death
of commissioner he ran away.. that he may blame
me for the murder..
Now I understand everything..
They are still working
for Randhawa..
..he just stopped you
from going in right..
Rajeev's in there for sure..
Rajeev's in there.
Not bad Shree..
Not bad at all..
..even after having
so much problems..
..your mind works very
..whatever you said
just now is true..
..but for one thing..
..that we don't work
for Randhawa..
..he himself is very intrigued..
..on the murders of commissioner
and professor.
That means that you..
Its very simple Shree..
Commissioner and Randhawa..
..were going to waste
your special power.
Shree, having these powers means
to make yourself powerful..
..which you will make me..
Sheena Jaiswal..
..richest person on earth.. will travel the
future for me..
..which company up.. which down..
it will be like this..
When Tilak came from
the future he told.. that you have
seen everything..
..that is why I had to
change the plan..
..bomb had to be placed
in professor's.. instead of his house..
..and Tilak did the blast
infront of you..
For the assassination of
commissioner, instead of Tilak..
..calling this stupid was
a big mistake.
Okay, here is the new plan..
Tomorrow Air calling Mumbai's
new Airnet..
..service is going
to be launched..
..whole media will cover it..
..all news channels.. have to shoot Mr. Randhawa
in front of them..
..then take me at gun point and
come out of the launch party..
..and I'll take you
out of India..
And you think that you will
say it and I'll do it..
Sonu.. -Sonu..
I don't find its necessary
to say..
..where the next bullet
will aim..
So, tomorrow, Randhawa..
Good morning sir.. all please carry on.. are you Shree.. ?
Sir but.. -I know I know..
..sheena told me that after
the death of professor..
..and commissioner you
were quite scared..
..its good that you
called Sheena.
Now don't worry..
..once this launch is done..
..then I will dig in to who
the hell is behind this..
..who else knows about
our experiment.. you don't worry as your
security is our concern now..
Yes sir..
..from yesterday I have kept
4 bodyguards with Shree..
..who stay with him 24 hrs..
Be ready for the presentation.. know what you have
to do right.. ?
Yes Sir, I have explained
everything to Shree..
..what to do and how to do it..
Good.. then let's start..
Sure. -Sheena.
Good morning ladies
and gentlemen..
..and WELCOME..
WELCOME to the future.
We have all gathered here today
to witness the carrying..
..forward of Indian Technology
into the future.
And that future is called..
High speed Internet.
WiFi, 3G..
..everything has become a part
of common man's everyday life.
So what is that special factor
that makes AIR NET uncommon?
To answer this..
..may I call upon, Managing
Director of Air Calling..
Mr. Jayraj Randhawa..
Thank You Sheena..
..and Thank you all very much..
..for being here to share this
proud moment with us..
..and if you all sit here till
the end of this speech..
..or Randhawa?
Ladies and gentlemen..
..for the First time in India
you will have an..
..internet speed that will
download or upload..
..a 50mb of Data in a
matter of 30 seconds.
Do it..
You shot Tilak too..
Obviously Shree..
Tilak was the last person who
knew about your powers.. me, just me.
Madam, maybe you are forgetting..
If I can see the future,
I can change it too.
Dont put so much pressure
on your brain.. already use it to much..
..else you have to go
to mental hospital..
..instead of police station.
You knew it..
Yes I knew it,
I caught you long ago..
..what you said?
Where you people are?
Where you people are?
You both take care of yourselves.
How do you know that
Tilak is with me..
..and I am not alone.
That time I was suspicious
about Tilak also..
..but because Tilak
saw his death.. future i had doubt in him..
..but I was sure about you..
..and then I realised its
you who convinced.. to meet commissioner..
In future it was you who
was aware about.. escape and that
to in which car..
..after getting aware
about you I..
..don't want to take any chance.. I messaged every details
about you to Sonu and ask..
..her to inform commissioner
sir to keep himself secure..
..but you are smart too..
..this time you use
Inspector instead..
..of Tilak to shoot
..but sorry this time we are
one step ahead of you..
..and Commissioner sir survives.
We can arrest you
that time only..
..but Shree thought you are
doing this for Randhawa..
..but I knew you are
not with him.
And we have to confirm our
suspicion about Tilak too..
..which got cleared when
I saw him alive.
But in all this Sonu and
Rajiv got trapped..
..and till Commissioner
didn't free them..
..I had to do this acting.
By the way,
those two are safe too.
Right, sir? -Right.
They have been freed too.
You know Sheena what is the most
difficult job in this world.. is to trick Jayraj Randhawa..
Rather to trick Jayraj Randhawa
and get away with it..
Your future is waiting for you.
Thank you, Shree.
Today your power saved
commissioner's and my life.
Now, what have you thought
about your future?
What's the point of thinking,
I will just see it and get back.
END @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ DJS