Shrek The Pig Who Cried Wolf (2011) Movie Script

Did you enjoy your stay
in the hospital, Heimlich?
Not funny.
No more spying on the neighbors, ja?
You see what kind of trouble
it gets you into.
Ja?, first it's the poor old lady
in the shoe.
Well, I thought I saw something.
You called the police
on that poor woman. And for what?
She was forcing those children
to make shoes. I saw!
They live in a shoe!
They were fixing their roof!
But do you learn? No!
Ja, no! Then you are bothering
the children, Jack und Jill.
- They looked suspicious!
- Ja, ja, ja. So you still don't learn.
Next, you are climbing up
on the roof to see something.
I tell you I see something,
und I think it's a UFO!
Ja, it was only the cow
jumping over the moon.
Ja, so why is the dish
running away with the spoon?
It's like talking to the brick house.
Ooh, what is going on over there?
When did we get the new neighbor?
- Wait! Wait! I thought I saw something!
- Nein!
No more of this snoopy-spy nonsense.
You're going to sit right here
und not bother the neighbors.
Now you behave, ja? Ja.
Nein!. I will behave.
This little piggy is all good.
Tell me I am not seeing things.
I know what I see.
Very suspicious.
If I have to sit here all night,
I will see something.
I have the eye of the eagle.
I miss nothing.
What is that?!
Heimlich, are you crazy?
There's something
going on in that house!
See for yourself
and then call me crazy.
- Ja, you are crazy.
- What? Give me that!
- He is a maniac!
- Halt! Enough!
We are going over there
und we will prove, once and for all,
to this little piggy
there's nothing going on!
Ja, und when we return
we will make with the "I told you so."
Horst! Horst, look out!
Look behind you! Oh, Gott!
Oh, my stars, another little piggy!
What do you want from me?
I want you for dinner.
Buckle up, buttercup.
Why is it always
the screaming with you?
Oh, are you going to eat this?
- What's going on here?
- Dinner.
Oh, ja. The frulein makes
the best everything.
But what about...
You guys didn't see me
doing anything weird, did you?
You were acting like
the cuckoo without the clock.
You buried a box of knives
in the ground.
You turned into this big fat lady
and cooked us food.
Yeah, that one.
You guys better get out of here.
- But everything is so delicious.
- Ja.
- Ja.
- No, trust me.
You guys don't wanna be here for... main course,
stuffed piggies in a blanket!
- I told you I saw something!
- Come back!
I'm really sorry that... can't stay for dinner!
- Wait for me, you swine!
- Move faster, Heimi!
This is just awkward.
Come back!
Keep running.
Come back!
Just keep running.