Shriekshow (2022) Movie Script

(bright ambient music)
(suspenseful music)
- Is that you mom?
- Who else would it be?
- Just making sure.
- What have I told you about
keeping that door locked?
Some psycho could come wandering in here.
- Pretty sure one just did.
- Stop it, I'll show
you how psycho I can be.
- Oh, I know.
- So what are you getting
all dolled up for?
I thought we were gonna stay
at home and eat Halloween candy
and watch scary movies.
You know, our usual tradition?
- Yeah Well, Sage wants to
go out tonight with them.
- Them? who's them?
- Just Sage.
- And I suppose Kyle and Riley
will be there too?
- Yeah.
- Mm-hmm. So what are
you gonna do tonight?
- We don't know yet, it's Halloween,
so there's lots of stuff to do.
- Which means all the
crazies are gonna be out.
- Just like every other night.
- Just be careful.
- We will, don't worry.
- And no drinking.
- We're not gonna drink.
- Alex, give me a little bit of credit.
I was not born yesterday.
- I promise there'll be no drinking.
- Okay. And I want you home at 12.
- 12? On Halloween?
Can't I stay out a little later than that?
- No, 12.
Take it or leave it, Alex.
- Fine.
- Yes. I will save you some candy
and we'll watch a movie when you get home.
- All right. Sounds good.
- All right. Good girl.
Well, you have fun.
And don't do anything crazy.
- Something crazy?
What do you think I'm gonna do?
Raise the dead.
- Well, if you do something like that,
you're definitely grounded.
Now go on, get outta here.
- Okay, bye.
- Oh, honey, you're a big girl.
And you tell everyone when I said hello.
- I will.
- All right.
My hands (indistinct) down.
- Bye mom.
- Bye baby.
Have fun.
See y'all.
I'll just eat the candy myself.
Not all of it.
Most of it.
I'll save you one, two, punishment.
- Where are we going?
- To the lame ass fairgrounds.
- Wait, why are we going
to the fairgrounds?
- Cause, Riley claims it's haunted.
Some stupid shit like that.
- It is haunted.
- Okay man, whatever you say.
I think you're full of shit though.
- Look, I don't care what you think.
I've heard all sorts of
goofy shit about this place.
- Me too.
- There was a carnival
here back in the day.
And one night a girl got killed on a ride
when it fucked up.
- It was the electric swings, right?
That's what my (indistinct) said.
- Right. (indistinct) she
was the one that came loose
and it threw her ass halfway
across the (indistinct).
It broke most of the bones
in her body when it landed.
Hella people say they
still see a ghost wandering
around up in it.
- My cousin said that he saw
her when he was a little kid.
Really creeped him out.
- Yeah. And would that be
your same cousin that claims
he saw Bigfoot jerking
off in the woods behind
his house that one time?
Hell, that's a reliable source.
- Fuck you.
- Then there's the whole
thing with the knife door.
Like apparently he got a little
too drunk one night before
his (indistinct) planted
a knife right in between
his assistant's eyes.
- Let me guess, her
ghost supposedly haunts
the place too, right?
- His too, actually.
He was so upset about the whole thing
that he blew his fucking brains out
in the trailer before the cops showed up.
- Are you listening to this shit?
- Look, I don't (indistinct)
you believe me or not.
I'm just saying there's a
ton of cool stories about
this place and it might be
awesome to check it out.
Especially tonight (indistinct)
- You don't really think
we're gonna see a ghost
or something, do you?
- I don't know, maybe.
Stranger things have happened.
(suspenseful music)
(birds chirping)
(suspenseful music continues)
- Creepy.
(suspenseful music)
- Check that out.
- That's fucked up.
- Give me a break.
What did you two come out here earlier
and set this up to try and scare us?
It's not working.
- We had nothing to do with this.
- Of course you didn't.
- Wanna go check it out?
- Yeah, let's go.
- All right.
- I don't know.
- Y'all coming or what?
- Come on. This is stupid.
Let's get outta here.
There's gotta be something better to do.
Come on Sage.
Let's go check this out and
get it over with so we can get
the hell outta here, all right?
- Okay.
- Yo, you're scared, ain't you?
Little bitch.
- Fuck no.
I am worried we might die of boredom.
Let's go.
(suspenseful music)
- You don't really expect
us to go in there, do you?
- Come on, don't punk out (indistinct).
It's gonna be fun.
We're already here.
- Oh, (indistinct)
- I'm not going in after him.
(suspenseful music)
Hey, come on.
(suspenseful music)
- Yo, Riley, Reggie, how (indistinct)?
- It's like an adventure man.
Check out new stuff.
- It looks like good will.
- So you should feel right at home.
- Oh, hey Riley, look
it's your ex-girlfriend.
Huh, wow.
(suspenseful music)
Is there a light switch in here?
Gotta get a switch.
(suspenseful music)
(suspenseful music)
- Fascinating.
- Yeah, yeah.
Can we go now?
- Come on man, let's check
some of this stuff out.
- Dude, why? There's nothing in here?
It's just a fucking old ass warehouse.
- Right, (indistinct) think
that's what it looks like.
I can hear it.
Check this out
- Now he's going through shit.
Not surprised.
- Yeah. Nothing here he says.
(suspenseful music)
- Babe, how do I look?
- Like a moron, as usual. (laughs)
- So fucking funny.
- Typical Riley.
- I wonder why all this stuff is here.
- Maybe it's fidget stuff.
- What the fuck's a fidget.
- He was the midget clown that
used to work at the carnival.
They had him in the
dunking booth and stuff.
- Used to insult the people
that tried to dunk him.
One day, he pissed off
a bunch of rednecks.
Went a little too far.
- What happened to him?
- Things didn't work out too well for him.
Pretty sure they beat him up and hung him.
- Something like that.
- Actually they beat him
profusely and set him on fire.
Poor little guy.
With his dying breath,
he vowed to one day of return
and make those responsible
for what happened to him pay.
Perhaps tonight will be that night.
- Yo, who the fuck are you?
- Ah, forgive my manners.
I am Bogo the Magnificent,
but you can call me The Ring Master.
- So what are you doing here?
Setting up a carnival or something?
- Something like that.
The others will be here shortly,
but until then I will
be glad to be your host.
- For what?
- For the wonderful tales
I'm about to tell you.
Please join me, make
yourselves comfortable.
- Great, fucking story time!
Yeah. Wonderful.
Thanks a lot Riley.
Now I could be at Nina
Bloomfield Halloween party
right now getting drunk.
But instead we're here doing this shit
with this fucking clown.
- Her parties are the same every year.
They're like super trash.
- Oh, I think you'll enjoy them.
For they're not just any stories
and not for the faint of heart,
but ones that I have gathered
around my many travels around
this magnificent country of ours.
- So, what's with the box?
- What we have here are certain artifacts
that are connected to each
story I'm about to tell you.
- Oh awesome, he's a prop comic.
Just what we need.
Well, hopefully he's
better than Carrot Top.
- The stories I have for
you are not exactly funny,
though I guess one with
a twisted sense of humor
might find them as such.
No, these stories are guaranteed to grant
you many sleepless nights.
- Sure they are.
- Now please, make yourselves comfortable
and we'll get started.
This particular item belonged to a fellow
that came from a town, not like your own.
You're free to take a look at it.
- Is that blood?
- Indeed it is.
(suspenseful music)
- So what's the good news?
- Wish I had some,
they discovered another
body a couple of hours ago.
- Jesus.
This one was 19 years old.
She had her whole life ahead of her.
- I know.
Her parents reported
her missing last week.
We were hoping it was gonna
be another runaway situation,
but obviously that's not the case.
- What did the sheriff say this time?
- Not much.
He's still can convinced
that these murders
and disappearances aren't connected.
- And what's your opinion on the subject?
- That he's a fucking idiot.
I mean, anyone with half a brain can see
that they're linked somehow, you know,
but he's one of those backwards,
everyone's related, (indistinct) sheriffs.
I'm not surprised by any of the way
he's handling it right now.
- I mean, it's his town.
I mean, you would think he
would know better than anyone.
- I think he's covering for someone,
maybe even involved himself.
- I think somebody's been watching
a few too many conspiracy
videos on YouTube.
- Maybe. I just think it's odd.
You know, his behavior,
it's raising more than a few
red flags that he doesn't seem
at all concerned that several
people in his jurisdiction
have gone missing or just plain
dead in the last year or so.
- Now that sounds like a woman
who has some pretty severe trust issues.
- I can't argue with you there.
Hey, who did you send out?
- Culver and Skies.
They left early this morning
and should be arriving anytime.
I'm hoping to hear from
them any minute now.
- Just the two of them.
- They're the best we've got.
- Well, I agree with you on that,
but do you think that
that was a wise decision?
- They can take care of themselves.
- I'm not saying that they can't,
but we don't really know
what's going on out there.
If they get into trouble
and we need to send help,
it could take hours.
We could be putting them and
more potential victims at risk.
- Allison, they have the
cooperation of the sheriff,
as well as his (indistinct).
- Unless they're in on it.
- Enough!
Look, once they find out what's going on,
and they will,
we can send agents out at that point.
We're already short staffed
as it is due to the cutbacks.
There is no sense in
sending our people out there
for a wild goose chase
until we know exactly
what we're dealing with.
- Okay. I see your point.
Listen, off the record,
what do you really think
is happening out there?
- I have my theories.
- Care to share them.
- Not particularly, no.
- May I ask why not?
- May I be frank?
- Of course.
- In all honesty, it's
above your pay grade.
You have the uncanny ability
to consistently forget
who's in charge here.
So a reminder, it's me,
and I don't appreciate
being constantly questioned
about my decisions.
Bottom line, I'm your superior officer.
If you don't like it,
you are more than welcome
to put in a transfer.
Hell, I'll write you a
letter of recommendation.
Now, if you'll excuse
me, I have work to do.
Not all of us have the luxury
of crying Chicken Little
every time they believe
the sky is falling.
- Right.
Why don't I let you get at it.
- Thank you.
(suspenseful music)
- Ass.
(suspenseful music)
(upbeat music)
- Please, I won't say anything, I promise.
Please, please, no, please, no.
(suspenseful music)
Summer (indistinct)
I (indistinct)
- Have a good day.
- Have a good day, man.
- You too.
(birds chirping)
(suspenseful music)
- And here we are.
- So what do we do now?
- Wait.
- I hate waiting.
Yeah. Like I need this.
I've gained four pounds in two weeks.
My God, what I wouldn't
do for a cigarette?
- Ah, no, no, no, no.
Don't do that. You gotta control life.
You gotta take life by the balls
and grip it and just like,
I'm not used to gripping
balls, but life's balls...
- Yeah. Save your speech for the junkies.
- Okay.
- We better be stashing our IDs.
- Oh, yeah. You're right.
All right, well, let's hit it.
All for (indistinct)
- So are we gonna check
in with the local cops
and let them know what we're up to?
- Hell, it is one guy.
One guy out here to the county
and it was 12 people that
went missing in the last year.
Seven of them turned up
dead and he didn't do shit.
He's not working with the authorities
or anybody on the outside.
So that's the whole reason
we're going in like this.
- Wow. Like Christy, Kelly and Reynolds,
Kinda like heart to heart.
- Now all we need to do is (indistinct),
across the creek to the psycho killer.
And we are in business.
- Yes.
I so love my job.
(upbeat music)
Really pretty here.
- It is.
- Yeah. This would be
a good place to live.
Well, if it wasn't (indistinct)
a psychotic killer?
- Exactly the thing that will
drive down property value.
- Right?
I (indistinct)
Lost (indistinct)
In the (indistinct)
- Stop, stop.
- Here we go.
- That didn't take long.
- Please, please stop.
Please, you've gotta help me.
My sister, she's been taken,
three men took her, please.
- Did you see where they took her?
- Oh, I think so.
- Okay. Relax.
Hop in the back seat, okay?
- Okay. Thank you.
(birds chirping)
There, she's in there.
Please. Please go save my sister.
- Hey, hey, hey, it's okay.
Calm down, just try to relax, all right.
We're gonna do everything
we can to help your sister.
Just stay here with the car.
And we'll be right back, okay?
- Okay.
- Okay.
We'll be back.
(suspenseful music)
Do you believe her?
Think she's on the level?
- I have no idea.
(suspenseful music)
- We can walk into a set up.
- Yeah, maybe.
But the fact is, if
she's telling the truth,
I mean, somebody's getting murdered
in this (indistinct) right now
and we have no choice but to check it out.
(suspenseful music)
- Help!
Somebody, help!
(crying) Help!
Leave me alone!
(suspenseful music)
- I'm going round to the other side.
- Okay.
- When you see me busting over there.
- Okay.
- You bust in over here, okay.
- All right. Got it.
(suspenseful music)
- (crying) Please, please don't do this.
(suspenseful music)
(door creaking)
(suspenseful music continues)
- I told you to stay in the car.
I could have shot you.
(suspenseful music)
- Where'd your sister go?
(suspenseful music)
(gun shot banging)
- Help!
(ambient music)
- Folks, you come with me.
Phil, you stay here.
(suspenseful music)
- Somebody, please help me!
I just need help.
(crying) Please.
- Put the weapon down and put
your hands in the air now!
(upbeat music)
(gun shots banging)
(suspenseful music)
- Hey. Can you understand me?
- Yeah.
- Can you walk?
(gun shots banging)
- Who are you?
- Chris, my name is Chris.
- My name is Kelly.
- Kelly, it's nice to meet you,
but right now it's not the best time
for a formal introduction.
- Those men, they want to kill me.
- Really? No shit!
(gun shots banging)
We need to run.
All right, what I'm gonna do is,
I'm gonna lay some fire down, all right.
My car's upfront (indistinct).
All right, this is what you do,
I'll lay down fire.
You slip through the woods.
You keep going north, all right?
Keep going until you see the main road.
Once you see the main road, you stop.
Don't flag anybody down until
you know it's absolutely safe.
Stay out of sight, all right?
- Why are you doing this?
Those men, they have no interest in you.
I'm the one they want.
Why would you sacrifice
your (indistinct) for me?
You don't even know me or
why they're doing this.
They may have a good
reason for wanting me dead.
- It doesn't matter if they
have a good reason or not.
It doesn't give them the right to torture
and kill anybody, you understand?
I need you to go, okay.
You can run, right?
- You're gonna get hurt.
- It doesn't matter.
Don't worry about me.
Listen, can you run?
All right. I need you to get outta here.
You need to go as fast as possible.
Run. Just go, please go.
(gun shots banging)
(suspenseful music)
(gun shot banging)
All right (indistinct) Bob,
let's do this.
(upbeat music)
(groaning and screaming)
Do it!
What the fuck are you waiting for?
Just fucking kill me, come on.
You not going to find her.
She is fucking miles away.
She is gone.
And whatever it is that you
and your fucking goat
fucking friends had going on,
it's fucking over!
And your buddies, (laughs)
oh, they got off easy.
Oh, cause Bob,
when they catch up with
you here in this state,
oh, they do not take kindly
to people killing
federal fucking officers.
You are going to fucking fry.
You are going to fucking fry!
No! No!
What are you doing?
Don't even fucking (indistinct).
No! No!
- Kai, you have served me and my son well.
You will be rewarded.
- I don't understand, what's going on?
(indistinct) I die trying to save you.
I'm fucking done!
- And you have our gratitude.
- Our gratitude?
- Yes. This is my home.
And these are my faithful
and obedient subjects.
- I still don't fucking get it.
What, who the fuck are you?
- I'm afraid the answer to that question
is beyond your ability to comprehend.
But I could tell you the
story of my people begins long
before the creation of this world.
And now by right, it will be ours to rule.
- Why was killing us fucking necessary?
- Because as inferior and inconsequential,
as you, as your people are as a species,
your existence has
threatened our existence.
- What fucking threat are we to you?
- The presence of human beings
on this world was unplanned.
That you evolved at all
is still inexplicable.
And the fact that you are,
threatens our ability to lay claim to it.
- What the fuck is you talking...
- What we needed was someone of character,
of strength, of courage,
a hero, a willing sacrifice.
You prove worthy where others failed.
We thank you.
It's time.
(suspenseful music)
(suspenseful music continues)
- What's going on?
What the fuck is...
(suspenseful music)
- Finally, the scriptures
have come to pass
and my son shall rule this world
and everyone who resides there in.
(suspenseful music)
(suspenseful music continues)
(phone ringing)
- Is it done?
So they've both been taken care of then?
What's that?
(indistinct) dead too.
Well, that's unfortunate, but
not completely unexpected.
And the rebirth was successful.
Praise him.
You have nothing to worry about
that, I'll take care of it.
Because I'm in charge here
and I know what I'm doing.
I've kept them off your
back this long, haven't I?
Just trust me and do as I say.
Yeah, there's just,
there's just one more last loose end
that I have to take care of.
It's a new world out there because of us.
I'll be in touch.
Praise him.
(suspenseful music)
Alison, can you come to my office please?
(suspenseful music)
- You wanted to see me, sir.
- Can you have a seat please?
I wanna start by apologizing
for my actions earlier.
I was completely out of line
and I owe you a tremendous apology.
I should have recognized
your abilities on this case.
And for that, I am truly sorry.
- Well, I appreciate the sentiment, sir.
Do you mind if I ask
where this is coming from?
- We just heard back from Culver.
You were absolutely right.
- They're in on it.
- The sheriff, his men,
and it gets worse.
- How so?
- We have reason to believe that someone
from our own agency is involved.
- Seriously.
- Now, I have to ask,
have you shared your
theories about this case
with anyone else in this office?
- No.
No, absolutely not.
- No phone calls, no emails.
- Nothing.
- Good.
That's really good.
We don't need this leaking out any further
than it already has.
I have already underestimated
your abilities once,
I will not let that happen again.
I'd like you to head up
this case from here on out.
I believe this file belongs to you.
- I appreciate your confidence in me, sir.
How soon do I leave?
- Oh, you'll be going very soon.
(suspenseful music)
- I won't let you down.
- Oh, I know you won't.
Praise him.
- Damn, that's messed up.
- So wait, you're saying
that's a true story.
All that really happened.
- Indeed it did.
- I call bullshit.
If that really happened,
then how come the baby
and its freaky ass mother
haven't taken over the world yet?
- Because that time
has not yet come to be.
Be patient my friend.
All will happen in due time.
Maybe you'll be one of
the lucky ones spared,
should they find you worthy enough.
- You know what?
I'll mark my calendar for all that.
- I don't think that would be a bad idea.
- Okay. All right.
So can we go now?
I mean, seriously, this is fucking stupid.
- Bro.
- No, you guys go ahead and stay.
I'm gonna get another beer.
At least that will bring me up.
- I'll come with you.
- Oh, I bet you will.
- Sit down. Please.
- Don't worry, it never
takes him long anyway.
At least that's what Sage says.
- Huh, well, your mom didn't complain
the other night, so..
- Get some new material.
- Whatever.
Anyways, continue on with your next story,
without a side show, Bob, okay.
We've got better things to do.
And I've (indistinct).
Come on, babe.
- Yo, just don't do it in my car.
- No promises.
- I'm dead ass.
I'm not trying to burn
my back seats later.
- I'm sure we can get along without him.
Now, where was I?
Ah, yes.
Here it is.
This belonged to a group of friends
who went on a fishing trip one weekend.
Unfortunately for them,
they got a little more
than they bargained for.
(suspenseful music)
- Oh my God.
- What's your problem?
- Look I don't have any service out here.
- Yeah. We're out in
the middle of nowhere.
What do you expect?
- I know that.
It's just, I figured I
would have like something.
- Okay. We came out here to relax.
So, put the phone down,
and relax.
- What have you been doing?
- I'm baking you a cake, honey.
- What are you doing?
- Oh my God, I'm building a campfire.
What does it look like?
- Okay. Whatever.
I just don't want McGruff to come out here
and start freaking out about forest fires
and being on drugs.
- What in the fuck are you talking about?
- What? Don't you remember
in like grade school McGruff
would come to our schools
and he would go off
about setting forest
fires and being on drugs.
- Sweetie, McGruff wanted
you to, I don't know,
take a bite out of crying.
Smokey the Bear cared about forest fires.
- Oh, oh yeah.
I totally get them like
confused all the time.
- Of course you do.
- Why are you even doing this?
It is hot as hell out here.
- Cause I brought some hot
dogs we can roast later.
- That's nasty.
I don't like hot dogs.
- It's okay, I got marshmallows too.
- Well, I don't like those either.
They look like balls.
- Okay. How about if we
sit around the campfire
and tell ghost stories?
- Oh, I like ghost stories.
You know what my favorite one is?
Oh my God, it's so scary.
It's the guy with the hook for the hand.
It's so scary.
- Sweetie, that's not a ghost story.
That's an urban legend.
- What does that mean?
- See, a ghost story generally
contains one or more ghosts.
That's just a story about a
dude with a hook for a hand.
- Well, I don't care.
It was really scary
and my uncle used to tell
it to me all the time,
and I would have like
nightmares for weeks.
- Speaking of scary.
Have you heard about
all the disappearances
around here lately?
- The what?
- There are people who've come out here
and they just disappear without a trace.
- What people?
- Like campers, hikers.
They just come out here
and no one ever sees them again.
- Here?
- Yeah.
Right here. These woods.
- Well what happened to them?
- They disappeared without a trace.
So nobody knows what happened to them.
- Well, why would you bring us here then?
- That'd be fun for shits and giggles.
- Well, you're a shit and I don't like it.
It's scary.
- Don't worry, honey.
I'll protect you.
- Well, you can't even start a fire.
I'm sorry.
I love you.
- Yeah. Now you do.
Are you a little more relaxed now?
- I could be.
- A little more relaxed.
- Definitely now.
- I'm sure you do (indistinct)
more relaxed now.
- Oh, I definitely could be.
(cool music)
- What was that?
- What was what?
- Oh, didn't you hear that?
- No. What did you hear?
- What if it's the guy with the hook?
- Sweetie, you do know
animals live out here, right?
- Well, what if it's a ghost?
(suspenseful music)
- It's a good thing you're hot.
- Right?
- I'll go check it out, okay.
- No don't go.
- Don't worry.
Look, I'm armed and dangerous, okay.
Be right back.
- You better be.
- I'll be right back.
Hey Mr. Racoon.
Sorry if I have to bludgeon you,
but apparently my
girlfriend's a (indistinct).
And a food snob.
Who doesn't like girl scout cookies?
(suspenseful music)
Yeah, just as I suspected, nothing.
(suspenseful music)
- Miranda?
Where are you?
Okay. I am done with urban ghost legends.
Like I just wanna go home.
Fuck this.
Miranda, this is not funny.
I wanna go home.
(suspenseful music)
(suspenseful music)
Miranda, this is not funny.
I wanna go home.
(suspenseful music)
- My sunscreen.
I got my bug spray.
Gotta have my toothbrush.
Let's see, I got my..
- Good morning.
- Morning. I got my (indistinct)
- Really? I mean seriously,
do you have everything?
- I think so, babe.
- Because you know, you can't
fit much more in that bag.
- You can never be too prepared, hun.
- Aw, my little boy scout.
You're always so prepared.
- Rather have it than not need it
than need it and not have it, babe.
- Okay. Well, how come
you didn't have condoms
when we were first dating? Hmm.
- Well, because baby, I'm a
allergic to latex, remember?
- I am still trying to
believe you on that one.
- It's true, scout's honor.
- Yeah. Okay, whatever.
- Are you sure you don't wanna go?
- I'm sure.
I mean, I think when we go
camping is not a good idea.
The last time I went was in middle school
and that was a total nightmare.
So I'm perfectly contentious staying home.
- It's not a camping trip,
it's a fishing trip, babe, come on.
- They're the same thing.
Okay. You go to the lake,
you're in a cabin, in the
woods, somewhere scary.
And there aren't any people
around for like miles away.
I'd say it's the same exact thing.
It's totally different.
It's not the same thing.
It's not the same thing, babe.
(car horn blowing)
Oh, I guess they're here.
I'm gonna miss you.
But guess what?
When I get back,
you're gonna have the biggest fish fry
you've ever seen in your entire life.
- Okay. Yeah.
And I'm gonna go to the market
and get some fish sticks.
Just to, you know, play
it on the safe side.
- All right, babe, I love you.
- I love you too, be careful.
- I will.
- Be safe.
- I will.
- Come home in one piece.
- Always.
- Okay. Whatever.
I love you, bye.
(suspenseful music)
- (indistinct) last night.
- Your cousin?
- Oh fuck you.
It wasn't my cousin.
- Then who the hell was it?
- Mary Joe Bartlet.
Yeah. You want some (indistinct)?
- Get that shit out of my face.
- Yep. Just jealous.
- Nope. Still don't want
to catch nothing from you.
- Hope you wore two rubbers.
Oh, Mary Joe (indistinct) so nasty,
her crabs have herpes.
- Finger-licking good.
(soft music)
- No talking about work, right?
We're here to fish.
We're here to fucking party.
(indistinct) have some fun.
Get whatever you guys want.
It's on the house, come on.
- Appreciate.
- Get some stuff guys, come on.
Take it down here girl
Take it down here
Oh, we got everything we need.
This is some place here, isn't it?
- Hey my man.
How's the fish biting today?
- Wouldn't know.
Been here all day working.
- Really cool little place you got here.
- It's a shithole.
This it or you want something else?
- Yeah, I probably get some bait too.
We're heading up to Axtell today.
- What kind of bait do you want?
Worms, chicken livers.
- Whatever you recommend.
- It doesn't matter.
That place has been fished out for years.
Just worms.
Just get worms.
(soft music)
- All right. Well I got it guys.
I got it. I got it.
I got it.
- You sure?
- Yeah. Yeah, of course.
(soft music)
- I don't got no change.
- I could've (indistinct).
- For cash only.
- Let's go.
- Have a nice day.
Whatever you have been.
- Yeah, I Got it.
- Yeah, that was just something, huh?
Just got a nice tip out me, huh?
- Yeah. He's a charming fellow.
- You sure did.
- Yeah. Real generous guy.
- What are you doing here?
I told you to stay the
hell away from here.
- Just doing some shopping.
Ain't nothing wrong with that, is there?
- All right, let's go guys.
- Hey Morris.
- Hey, how you doing?
- I just wanna apologize
for Mr. Sunshine in there.
We ain't all assholes around these parts.
I promise you.
I'm Edgar.
- Hey Edgar, Howie, Randy and John.
Nice to meet you.
- How you doing?
- Hey, did I hear you guys were planning
on going fishing up at Axtell?
- That's right.
- You might wanna listen to Mr. Sunshine,
'cause yeah, that place been fished out
for a couple years now.
- Oh, really?
- Oh yeah. It's empty.
I do know a better place though.
- Where's that?
- It's called Cove Ran.
I fish some great (indistinct)
outta there about a week ago.
Place is so stocked, fish
would be jumping in your net.
- Yeah. But the only thing
is, it's private property.
- Yeah, it is.
It's my sister's place.
I was planning on doing some
fishing up there myself.
Your boys are welcome to tag along.
- You know what? I appreciate.
But we already gotta place
a cabin out in Axtell.
- I hate to inform you boys,
but those cabins got
bulldozed a few months ago
to make room for a new titty bar.
- What?
- A titty bar?
- I knew we should have
called ahead of time.
What are we supposed to do now?
Go camping out in the
woods without a tent?
- Fuck that.
- Well, my sister's got a cabin up there.
Y'all welcome to sack
out there and no charge
since you're in a little bit of a pickle.
- I don't know. What do you guys think?
- Sounds fine to me.
- It's not like we got any choice.
- So what's verdict boys?
- Guess we'll take you up on your offer.
Certainly appreciate it.
- You (indistinct) welcome.
All right, well just follow me up.
It's just up the road a piece.
- Let's go.
(soft music)
- Finally we get here.
- Thought he said it was just up the road.
- Yeah. About an hour up the road.
- Oh man.
(soft music)
- This is it guys.
- Well boys, I'm gonna
head on down to the lake.
Y'all are welcome to a company me
or you wanna get yourself
situated in the cabin,
get your stuff in there.
Door's unlocked.
Help yourself.
- I'm ready to do some fishing now.
- Yep.
- You know what guys?
I don't think it's a good idea to leave
our stuff in the car.
Let's take our stuff in first.
- You take it in man, I'm going fishing.
- Oh, hell yes!
- Yes.
- There's a path just behind the cabin,
lake's just a little ways down the path.
You can't miss it.
- Just behind the cabin.
- Yeah, just five or six miles.
- Yeah. Right?
- (indistinct), huh guys?
- Guess so.
- Thanks a lot.
- Here, take this,
by time you get down there it'll be dark.
See you in a bit.
- Thank you.
And don't forget,
we're all counting on you.
- Don't forget my tip.
- Jeez, some friends they are.
(soft music)
(birds chirping)
- What the..
(suspenseful music)
- What was that?
- We got a lot of birds out here,
make some pretty in interesting noises.
(birds chirping)
(soft music)
- Jesus Christ, man!
Are we almost there or what?
- Yeah. And if I known we're
gonna be blare witching it out
in this bitch, I would've
brought a machete with me
to clear the way.
- Right?
- We're almost there boys.
It's just a up yonder a piece.
- Oh, just up yonder a piece now.
- (imitating) Just up yonder a piece.
- Come on.
(soft music)
- Pretty cool, huh?
- Very cool.
- Yeah.
- And hanging out with
you guys is worth it.
- It was a long trip, but we made it.
- You boys here to catch
fish or scare fish?
- Ah, the fish can't hear above water.
Don't worry about it.
Hey, you know what though?
Howie should have been back by now.
It's been a while.
- Who cares about Howie?
Why do we even bring him along?
He's not even drunk yet and he's already
a big pain in the ass.
- He's been up there a while.
I think I'm gonna go get him.
- You do what you want.
I'm staying right here.
- I don't think you want
to head up there alone.
These trails can get pretty tricky.
Especially with it
starting to get dark soon.
I'll come up with you.
You watch my pole?
- Yeah, sure. All day.
- We'll be back.
- Come on, let's go.
- See you guys when you get back,
I gotta take a piss.
(birds chirping)
(suspenseful music)
Wider than a (indistinct)
(birds chirping)
(suspenseful music)
- What the hell!
Looks like somebody got murdered.
- Somebody did.
(birds chirping)
(suspenseful music)
- What the fuck?
- I'm sorry.
I really am.
(suspenseful music)
- You killed Howie!
You fucking killed all of them!
- I didn't kill anybody, she did.
- What you talking about you sick fuck?
Who's she?
- Look, I had to bring
everybody here, all right.
I had to let her eat.
I couldn't just let her starve.
- Well, come on, relax man.
- It's not her fault either.
It's that thing that bit her that night.
- What thing?
- I don't know what the hell it was,
something out in the woods.
Ever since it bit her,
she's been like this.
I couldn't just leave her.
- Why didn't you get help for her?
- Who the hell's gonna believe me?
- Point taken, but it
wasn't our fault either.
And you killed everybody!
And we trusted you.
And what are you gonna do now?
You're just gonna kill me.
That's fucked up.
- You should go.
You should just go.
She's already eating your buddy,
I'm sure she's fine for a while.
Just go.
- Okay. But you come with me.
- I can't, she's my sister.
I can't just abandon her.
Just go.
(suspenseful music)
- Get the fuck away from me bitch.
You just ate.
- Lily, I'm sorry.
I love you, but I cannot do this anymore.
I'm sorry, I just, I can't do it.
(suspenseful music)
(gun shot banging)
(creature growling)
(suspenseful music)
(man groaning)
(suspenseful music continues)
(gun shots banging)
- Thank you.
(soft music)
- Fuck you sun.
(birds chirping)
God damn!
(birds chirping)
- Where is that bunch of assholes?
(soft music)
- What the fuck?
(birds chirping)
(suspenseful music)
- Randy, come on.
(indistinct) around.
(birds chirping)
(suspenseful music)
- Oh my God!
(suspenseful music continues)
- All right, now that story, that was hot.
I like that one.
That was cool.
- Definitely makes me never wanna go
to my uncle's cabin ever again.
- Facts. But nah, that
was a very good one man.
- Too bad your friends weren't
here to enjoy it as well.
- Their loss.
- They've been gone quite some time.
You don't suppose
anything is wrong, do you?
- Other than Kyle having sex,
'cause that's just wrong
anyway you look at it.
- (laughs) Nah, I'm sure they fine.
Don't worry about them.
I'm actually happy they're gone anyway.
(indistinct) to hear more
of Kyle's stupid ass comments again.
- Amen.
- Good. Now let's get
on with it, shall we?
(suspenseful music)
- Something wrong?
- Not at all.
I'm just having a little
trouble locating the item
that goes along with our next story.
I must have left it in my trailer.
Do be patient my friend.
I shall return momentarily.
- I didn't see a trailer
when we came in, did you?
- No.
Can we go?
He's creeping me out.
Now's the perfect time to go.
His eyes, like, something's
not right with him.
- Come on, stop being so scared.
Like, matter of fact,
let's check some stuff out
while he's gone.
- No, no.
- Babe, please, come on.
I promise, it's gonna be okay.
We're gonna be fine, come on.
- Stupid.
- It's okay, it happens sometimes.
- Not to me it doesn't.
Must be 'cause all the
fucking beer we drunk
or something, I don't know.
- It's fine. Don't be upset.
- For God's sake, don't tell Alex,
whatever you do, I'm serious.
I'd never hear the end of it.
That's why she fucking (indistinct).
- We can try again later if you want.
I mean, if you're up for it.
- The fuck that supposed to mean?
- Nothing. That's not what I meant.
You know what I mean.
- I know, I don't know
what you fucking mean.
- Where are you going?
- To take a fucking piss!
At least it's good for that, huh?
- I knew I should have given
him one of them blue pills.
- Fucking bullshit.
(crickets chirping)
(suspenseful music)
(creature laughing)
- Sage?
(suspenseful music)
(creature laughing)
Riley if that's you, I swear to God,
I'm gonna beat the shit outta you.
Not in the mood for your fucking bullshit.
And what the are you supposed to be?
(suspenseful music)
(creature laughing)
- What is taking him so long?
(suspenseful music)
Takes forever.
It's fucking true.
Is that you?
(suspenseful music)
Kyle, stop playing...
(suspenseful music)
(creature laughing)
(suspenseful music continues)
(creature laughing)
Who the fuck are you?
(creature laughing)
(suspenseful music)
(creature laughing)
(creature laughing)
Please, help me.
Help me.
- Now, why would I do something like that?
- What?
- As you were.
(suspenseful music)
- Stop!
Stop! Get off me!
(suspenseful music)
(creature laughing)
- (indistinct) this place really is, babe.
- Why are we still here?
- (indistinct) this is cool.
- No, it's not.
We need to...
- Terribly sorry about that.
- Nah, you good, man.
You found what you were looking for?
- I certainly did.
I can't believe I left it back there.
After all, it is the crown jewel
of our collection in many ways.
I acquired it just this very morning.
- What's that?
- Yo, I had one of these when I was a kid.
I loved that thing.
- So did the person I acquired it from.
You may say it one time, it
was his only (indistinct).
- Aw, that's sad.
- This is dope.
- One may say it is even
sad what happened to him.
- What happened to him?
- He was a shy little guy.
His mother forced him to go to
a birthday party thinking it
would help him make friends.
It was a decision both of
them would learn to regret.
(carnival music)
- Okay. everyone.
Are you ready for the main event?
- Yeah.
- Let me introduce, Chuckles the Clown.
(carnival music)
(children laughing)
- Where'd you find this guy?
He is awesome.
Maybe a little too good.
- I know, right?
Listen to them, they're eating it up.
Fine by me though.
That means they'll pass out early
and then I can have some cake on my own.
- Thought men were
supposed to be the pervs?
- Well, lucky for you, they're not.
Now get the candles on
the cakes so we could get
the presents started
for these little shits.
It's sad that Brian and
Tracy couldn't make it today.
- Yeah, but Nick's sick.
We'll see them next week.
- Uh oh, we have a frowner.
- You get the candles on the cake
and I'll take care of that.
(carnival music)
Hey, big guy, in case nobody
told you the party's outside.
What are you doing moping
around in here for?
- I don't really know.
- You're sad 'cause your buddy
Nicholas couldn't make it.
- Yeah, I guess so, he's sick.
- Just has a fever,
you'll be push him in the
mud again in a day or two.
You're missing the clown.
He's pretty cool.
I bet he could make you
a shark or an alligator
or something out of a balloon,
or is that too lame?
- It's too lame, and
plus, I don't like clowns.
I don't like their faces.
- Nah, he's not too bad at all.
You know who has a much scarier face?
Miss Christina. (laughs)
All right big guy, I'm
gonna head back outside.
Don't stay in here too long
'cause we're gonna do cake and pizza soon.
- Okay.
- All right.
(suspenseful music)
- That day replays in my
head every single night.
When I'm trying to sleep,
it's like a never ending nightmare.
It's like the clown is
the master of my dreams,
and he's controlling
me and he's watching me
and he's every single night.
- Cam, we've been through
this multiple times
in the last 15 years.
You know there's nothing to be afraid of.
You told me yourself, the clown is dead.
- But what if he's not dead?
What if he's still out
there waiting for me?
I don't know, lately I felt a presence,
you know, like somebody's
waiting for me or watching me
or just hiding behind my eyes.
- Sometimes when we
experience a traumatic event,
our bodies find a way
of framing the event.
Sort of like a freeze frame
of that moment in time,
where your brain just can't let go of it.
But we try and we try as hard
as we can to get past it.
But it always stays with us.
It's our own choice.
If we wanna let it consume us
or if we wanna fight back
and regain our control.
- I'm guessing you're
going somewhere with this.
- The point is to concentrate on today.
- Well, I wish today would
be over with already.
- Well, I think this will help you.
- What is it?
- It's an antipsychotic.
I want you to take it once a day.
- Okay.
- But only take the prescribed dosage.
Otherwise you could have
symptoms of delirium
and that would make things much worse.
- All right, I got it.
- Cam, you've been coming to
me ever since you were a kid,
and I am really proud of you
and the progress that you've made.
I know this time of year
can be troublesome for you,
it always has been,
but you are here, I'm
here and we're a team.
Now, you can do this.
You've always had this within you.
- Yeah. I guess you're right.
It's been 20 years.
(alarm ringing)
- Well, I guess we're all done for today.
Same time next week okay?
- Yeah. Yeah, sounds good.
But what if I do start seeing him again?
- Cam, I want you to repeat after me,
this isn't real.
- This isn't real.
- The clown is gone.
- The clown is gone.
- He cannot hurt me anymore.
- He cannot hurt me anymore.
- I'm in full control.
- I am in full control.
- Now, see?
Don't you feel better?
- Yeah, actually a little bit.
- Okay. Well, so I'll see you
at the same time next week.
And remember if you need
me, you can call me.
My phone is always on for you.
- All right. Thanks.
- Sure.
Oh Cam, Happy Halloween.
- Yeah, you too.
(suspenseful music)
Yes, 911.
I need help immediately.
Somebody broke into my house.
It's 322 Maple Avenue.
Please, hurry!
Come on, come on.
Nick, Nick, dude, you gotta
get into my house right now.
Somebody broke in.
I don't fucking know.
Just get here.
- Well Cameron, we can
definitely classify it
as a breaking and entering.
The bright side is,
it doesn't look like anything is missing.
- You sure? None of like my
hockey stuff or anything?
- No, nothing. It checks out clean.
The only room that was roughed
up a little bit was yours,
but it was just a couple
of things thrown around.
- It's fine, I guess.
- I know. I'm sorry.
But you know, we usually do
get a couple of break ins
around this time of year.
I mean, Halloween is tomorrow.
- Yeah, I know.
Thanks for coming over so quick.
- It's part of the job,
bud, but you're welcome.
Say if you ever need anything,
you give me a call, you hear?
- Good news is you didn't lose
any of your Star Wars (indistinct).
- Yeah, that would've
been an act of violence.
- But besides all this
bullshit, are you okay?
How was your appointment
today with Dr. Harris?
- It's the same as usual.
You know, a lot of, "how
do you feel about that?"
And, "you're doing great."
She did tell me I've been making a lot
of progress lately though.
And that actually felt pretty good.
She said I was one of her best cases.
- Hey, good.
See, you got this.
I mean, you've been doing
this stuff for what? 10 years?
It's bound to sink in at some point.
You can't be running around here
like one of those other psychopaths.
- Yeah, only when I'm off my meds.
Well look, thanks for coming over, man.
I appreciate it.
- Hey, no problem, dude, anytime.
- Still over (indistinct) tomorrow?
- Hell yeah.
Have a good night.
- You too.
(suspenseful music)
Not again, not again.
(suspenseful music continues)
(crickets chirping)
(suspenseful music)
Don't do this.
It isn't real.
None of this is real.
You're in control.
This happens every year.
It's not real.
It's not real.
(suspenseful music)
It isn't real, it isn't
real, it isn't real,
it isn't real.
(suspenseful music)
What are you doing here?
- I came over to get a beer,
I didn't expect to die for it.
- Why didn't you call me first?
- I did. You didn't get it?
- No, obviously.
Why are you laughing?
- (laughing) Cause it's funny, dude.
- Drunk as shit, six
o'clock in the morning,
sun's already up.
We're working our way home.
We pass by a playground
with a tether ball thing.
We decide it's a great idea
to play Drunk Tether Ball.
- Oh God.
- Five minutes in,
I spike it straight down
into the girl's face.
- You did not!
- I swear to God.
- Oh my God.
Was she bleeding?
- No, dude, it didn't even leave a mark.
It just made a loud sound.
And I felt that for like a second.
- Oh my God.
Dude, that's funny.
Hey, I know today was a lot,
but honestly, are you okay?
(crickets chirping)
- I don't know man.
Something weird's going on.
- Like what?
- I keep seeing stuff.
- I told you to stay off
your sister's Tinder.
- Man, shut the fuck
up. I'm being serious.
I Keep seeing clown stuff, man.
And it's not just any clown,
it's the clown from the
birthday party, man, I..
- Jesus Christ, Cameron.
We've been over this.
There is no clown.
You didn't see anything, okay.
Look, I don't know where
any of this is coming from,
but we've been over this a million times.
- They never caught the guy.
- What?
- After I got away,
I told the cops and they came
and they couldn't find any sign of him.
He was gone.
They never caught him.
I couldn't sleep for years.
I had to do something.
So I made myself believe that he was dead.
I even told my therapist that.
- So all this time,
you've been lying to me
and to everyone else.
I can't believe you, Cameron.
Like that is literally the
shittiest thing I've ever heard.
How could you not tell
me the whole story, dude?
Like, I can't believe you, man.
- I don't know, it was just
my way of coping, I guess.
You don't know what it was like, man,
I was terrified every night.
- I'm just at a loss of words, Cam.
'Cause like, you lied
to your therapist too?
What the fuck!
They're trying to help you, dude.
Like, you honestly think
that the guy is still alive.
It's been 20 years, 20 years.
- I don't know, man.
If they've never caught him like...
- Listen, listen, let's
just stop talking about it.
- Yeah.
You been on my sister's Tinder lately?
- What? Fuck no.
- Come on, man.
I know the way you look
at her when she's around.
- (laughs) I'm getting another beer.
- Hey, grab me one too.
- You got it.
(suspenseful music)
- Nick! Nick! Nick!
(crickets chirping)
Nick, I just saw him.
He's outside.
- Who?
- The clown!
- There's no clown, dude.
- Nick, dude, I swear to God, I saw him.
He was right there.
He was right across the fire.
- There's never been a clown.
It's all in your head.
- He's in the house!
- Where dude?
- He's up, he just went out the stairs.
- Listen, I'm gonna go up and check,
but then I'm gonna get you a Valium.
- Nick, wait!
(suspenseful music)
- You know, out of the two of us,
I pinned you to be the smarter one.
But today I won the golden ticket.
- What the hell does that mean?
- It means that there's
no one else in this house
except for the two of us.
And I'm going home.
- Nick, I'm serious, man.
- Me too, man.
Look, I love you dude,
but later this week we're
having a serious conversation.
(suspenseful music)
- Isn't real.
Isn't real.
(suspenseful music)
(phone ringing)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music)
I'm so sorry, Nick.
(suspenseful music continues)
It isn't real.
It isn't real.
You're not real.
You're not real!
(indistinct) yourself together.
It's not real.
- Holy shit!
- What?
- I've heard all this stuff before.
Well, the birthday stuff anyway.
- How'd you hear about it?
- My parents and older brother,
they used to live in the same
town before I moved here.
I wasn't born yet though.
I don't talk about it.
- Are you serious?
- Yeah.
Ask my mom that about it sometime.
- Creepy.
- Yeah.
- And do you want to know
what the best part is?
- What's that?
- When Cobalt kills his
victims, their souls become his.
There is no going to heaven or hell,
they have to do what he tells
them to for all eternity.
Do you want to know how I know this?
- How?
- Because I was at that party too.
I went there to take my little brother.
He insisted I escort
him inside to the door,
because there was a
clown and he was afraid.
- You're shitting us, right?
Like this is all part of your act, right?
- No, I'm not shitting you.
I belong to Cobalt.
And now, so do you.
- What!
- Ah, come on in, don't be shy.
They're waiting for you.
- This isn't happening.
This isn't happening!
- Ah, but it is.
(suspenseful music)
(creature laughing)
(suspenseful music continues)
(screaming continues)
- All right, we gotta get back to the car.
Okay, c'mon.
- Okay.
(creature laughing)
(suspenseful music)
Get off me!
(suspenseful music continues)
- (laughs) Strawberry.
(creature laughing)
- Somebody help me.
(suspenseful music)
Oh, God.
(suspenseful music continues)
Oh my God!
Help! Help!
(suspenseful music)
(suspenseful music)
- Alex, help me please, help.
Alex, I'm hurt.
- Sage, is that you?
- Please help me.
- Are you hurt?
Where are you?
- I'm hurt.
Alex, help me please.
- Sage.
- I'm hurt.
- Where are you?
- Please help me.
- Okay, I'm gonna come and get you, okay.
- Alex, help, I'm over here.
- I can't find you.
- I'm hurt really bad.
- Sage.
- Alex!
- Where are you?
Come on, we gotta get outta here.
Go to the car.
(screaming) My God, Sage!
- Thank you for coming to the show, Alex.
(suspenseful music)
(phone ringing)
- Hello, Alex?
Where are you?
You should have been home hours ago.
- Hello.
- Who is this?
This is not funny.
Stop messing around, Alex.
- I'm sorry dear.
She's busy enjoying the show.
- Where's Alex?
Who is this?
Where's my daughter?
Where's my baby?