Shuddh Desi Romance (2013) Movie Script

Love? It comes in handy.
Who's denying it?
But it's something that's between
two people
So why does it concern the others?
Look at him ogling at her
He has one purpose after all.
So he has to stare
Girls give boys the once-over
in their own way, too
They have desires, too. All kinds
But here,
if a couple even talk to each other...
...the living and the dead make it
their business and pounce
And what's the bottom line?
You'll commit, right?
Marriage is the glucose drip,
a cure-all
Don't think too much. Settle down
All of India wants everyone settled
Yet in 60 years, we haven't managed
a settlement with our neighbour
I'm in a new relationship.
It suits me
But marriage and commitment?
Another ballgame
I mean...
Another ballgame altogether
Free as a bird
Free as a spirit
At times serene, at times searching
Love her today
Love another tomorrow
This shameless heart of mine
will give me a bad name
O playful heart
So random
Fooled me, stirred me
Fooled me
Swept me off my feet
My playful heart flies to you
Clasp this sinner's
heartstrings gently
Tangled are the ways of the heart
Untangling them is sheer worry
Many are tired from trying
The heart's mysteries elude all
They try to unpick its mysteries
But hide what they discover
Goyal Caterers & Decoraters
We plan weddings.
Prepare the best catering
Not The country of the brave!
Play My mate's wedding
Or I'll whack you between the ears
You play! But you can't?
Smoking all day
When others play,
you bring their morale down
Shut up! You low life
Mr Know-All!
My music is ear-ache.
Your farting is sweet music
All the wedding guests are fake
But still they want a real band
- An arranged marriage?
- I thought he'd go for love
Wonder what changed his mind
To each his own, brother
A man may look modern but
when the call of tradition beckons...
Put it inside. Hurry!
He looks uneasy. What's up?
Who knows? The fool
At least try to look real
even if you are fake wedding guests
Come on, wear your jacket
See, Rag h u ram?
I've hired four wedding guests,
Your magnificent groom's party,
Don't call me Raghuram
Just Raghu. That's all
Give me a break.
Just for today, please
- You promised a deluxe package
- So?
You should've hired
8 English-speaking guys
But you got two. Not even one girl
What will my in-laws think?
For 4 years I've worn my best suits,
playing your wedding extra
Anyone complained?
Why no English-speaking girl
to boost my image?
I'd pass her off as an ex
What's that?
Miss Gayatri!
You may attend A-grade weddings...
...but she goes to super-grade ones
in her flowing skirts
When they hear her speak English...
...they'll be stunned, Raghuram
- No Raghuram in front of her
- Look at her!
The atmosphere will turn English soon
Nothing confirmed
Goel Saab, no discount
He's family. My boy
Give him a discount
He'll do the same for you,
and bring his Mrs...
...for free
A small favour for your brother?
What brother? Don't know him
You pay her. A sister's rate
Only 4000. 2 days, one full night
A sister's rate? 4000?
2 days, one full night
Oh! What did you...
I didn't mean...
Wasting my time. Nothing is fixed
So why call me?
Embarrassing for him and for me
No discount
Pay her a thousand.
I'll deduct a thousand
Load up the groom's party. Go!
It's settled? A thousand for her
You must've fobbed me off
with an old mare as well
Go, see!
The mare is right outside
Dolled up like seven Katrina Kaifs
I know all about your Katrina Kaifs
Explained them the routine?
Hop on! Tell them what you want
on the way
Leave the rest to me
Marry with a free mind. I'm here!
Don't bother. You and brother adjust
All set?
0k, good night
Can I listen to my MP3?
What's that?
Dance Masti 2012
Are you married?
What's it to you?
To me? Nothing.
My marriage is all settled
Get some sleep.
Tomorrow you'll be up all day,
all night
I know
Marriage isn't a simple matter.
Do it and it's done
Do it and it's done?
That's how everyone marries
What if you don't want to?
What if you have doubts?
N ow?
Sitting in your wedding bus?
Doubt can pop up anytime
Arranged marriages aren't easy.
Can one really adjust?
Your sense of humour may not match.
Or your hobbies and habits
Or your sex life...
I get it
So you get it?
Am I making a mistake?
You know? A mistake
I know what the word means
Didn't you think it through?
I did
So why say yes?
I said nothing. She did
I agreed
So get married
Sure! We're just chatting
It's ok. Last minute nervousness.
Can't sleep
Me neither, thanks to you
Not a great boyfriend
A fool with unstoppable hands
A real beast
The other guy was better
He called me often
Smiled when he saw me. Funny guy
So no problem?
He was a clown.
Who wants to marry Charlie Chaplin?
Want a cigarette?
No. Never touch them
May I?
Sure. But sit by the window
When did you start?
Two years ago
How come?
Thanks to my boyfriend
Who? Charlie Chaplin?
The guy before
Unstoppable hands?
No, someone else
I see. What happened to him?
You're inquisitive
Are you marrying me?'re all right?
We're so compatible
You listen to item songs. I never do
You smoke. I never touch cigarettes
You talk a lot. I'm awkward
You have qualities I don't.
And vice-versa
What else could anyone want?
Trying your luck a last time
before your wedding, sir?
Don't trust me. But trust my name.
A godly name
I need my bag...
I'll sit over there
A cigarette please?
I got attracted when he spoke
about a sister's rate
He didn't mean it that way
But one must play it safe
He was getting married,
unsure of his choice of girl
That's India for you. No love.
No romance, nothing
Say yes to marriage.
Work it out later
Has it worked for anyone?
So why would it work for me?
I see many weddings.
All sorts marrying all sorts
Weddings are to show off
pomp and finery
But marriage?
It shows up the lies
and double standards of Indians
Welcome to our humble home!
No formality. We've only come
from nearby Jaipur
Tell me where's the gents toilet?
A common toilet. But for VIPs
No! We're in-laws now.
Life is all about adjusting
Where's the bridegroom?
Call him!
What's up?
She's the groom's sister
I'll be right back
A cool cat!
I'll take care of her
No son, she is a special guest.
I'll take care of her
Look after the groom's friends
Go and call aunty.
Let her see all this.
Who looks after the groom's mates?
Or we can look after ourselves
Take care of them
At your service
Welcome to our home!
Sister is so obliging.
No fuss, no demands
- I can tell she's your sister
- What sister?
Your elder sister.
No, your younger sister...
I like girls like her
- You're most kind
- Don't embarrass me
Do tell her... ask if she needs anything
The villain in him is resurfacing
Your sister-in-law is here.
Take care of him
The gift money?
Your gift money is ready
Ask the bride to lift her veil
Would you lift your veil?
- Wow!
- He'd never find her through love
The lucky fool wins a beauty
I hear she's an orphan.
They're probably getting rid of her
My pants are slipping down
May we talk in private?
Everything will be private from now on
Garland him!
I need the bathroom. May I?
Hurry, son
You won't get a minute's peace later.
I'll show you the way
I know the way
Be quick! Go!
Do not blame...
the impulsive innocent heart
If the heart speaks in a true voice
Just about everyone in the world
would be exposed
He's decamped. He ran away
Who ran?
I'm ready to take Tara's hand
Get lost! Idiot!
Can I get a cold drink?
A cold drink!
- Offer the clients a soda
- You want me to go bankrupt?
- How many sodas have you had?
- Same number of clients I've got you
I'll sell him a dozen veils
You'll go to hell
You'll be first. Send for me
Bless you, son
Bless him. I'll collect my 50 rupees
- Bless you, brother
- No, the foreigner
Bless you, brother
Anything else? Jaipuri shoes?
- I'll bring his wife later
- You sure?
- Don't you trust me?
- Trust him?
- You crazy?
- Why not?
You trust a man who bolts
from his wedding?
What's it to you?
Mind your shop
You ran from your wedding?
Did I rob you?
Charge 1000. 800's mine.
Don't make me hit you
What brings you here?
Is this what you do?
Goel forces me to play
the groom's guest
Want a coffee?
Come on
- I want to talk to you
- What about?
Explain things
- Explain what?
- About what happened
No need. It's your life.
Do as you please. Do I care?
I ran away from my wedding.
So why are you cross?
I'm not cross. I'm fine
So what's the problem in a coffee?
No problem
Coffee and gulaab jumun are
a great combination
A great combination?
Sure. If you give it a shot
Listen. I'll have coffee with you
for one reason
To know what sort of man you are
In your wedding bus, then bolting
And you? And all your boyfriends?
You won't lose your virginity
by drinking coffee
Talk elsewhere
Depraved people!
You pious double-standard man
Downloading on the sly.
And you talk!
I don't want any
Give it here
Why did you run?
You know
Me? How would I know?
You wouldn't ask, if you didn't
- Try one
- Why did you run?
When I agreed to marry,
I didn't know I'd meet a girl... you. I saw Tara,
thought it might work
All of India marries like that
Why did you run?
Why? Because you kissed me
I did?
It wasn't me
I was listening to music
If you meet a one-in-a-million girl
who you could fight the world for...
Suddenly she's next to you.
Wouldn't you even talk to her?
All that? In one glance?
A first glance is all it takes.
Or you never hit it off
Are you done?
You're making a mistake
I proved I have guts
If I had married Tara,
I'd make her unhappy
I'd be thinking of you
She'd be unhappy, so would I
So would you
I'm happy. You're imagining things
Sure! Then why haven't you
even sipped your coffee?
There's something between us
Attraction, whatever. It's there
You know it but can ignore it
- Stay with unstoppable hands
- And you have no hands?
Pass it here
I've had affairs. No big secret.
But I'm fed up of how you boys behave
And love? Cooked it,
tasted it, done with it
Why waste my time?
You're confused.
What'll you do with me?
A mistake
If I walked you home,
you'd have time to think it over
Take me home
I'll pay tomorrow
I don't want to be your friend
or brother
It's simple.
I'm attracted to you. Very Much
Beyond control
So don't tell me: Let's be friends
Maybe you can be friends,
but I can't
- Boyfriend has two words
- Starting with boy
Come here
Will you kiss me?
How fast?
About 100, 150
That's what happens
when I feel for someone
But boys?
They just get aroused
I'm not like that
How can I tell?
Tell me something about you.
Then I'll tell you about me
I don't want to
Say something
I said I don't want to
Open your eyes
You live here alone? Your parents?
Just thought of them?
I asked last night.
You changed the subject
- Will you make tea or the bed?
- As you say
Go! Buy me some cigarettes
Papa lives in Guwahati,
works for Indian Oil.
Mummy passed away
- As for me...
- I know
What brought you here?
I came to Kota... train as an English teacher
I teach. And Mr Goel gives me work
No work in Guwahati then?
Don't like lectures.
Do this, don't do that.
It's good here
I'm used to living alone.
Don't know about family life
It's nice
How's your pulse?
Beating. Do you eat eggs?
Shall I make them?
If it's only for today, then I will
Your turn, then mine
Waking up here every day?
Yes. What will I do at home?
Slow down
- I have work today
- Who is stopping you?
Shall I come back? With some things?
Not slowing down?
You're dangerous
No work today?
I took a chance
His confident approach took
my breath away, by God
He's so romantic. Imagine him
trapped in marriage?
Hejilted his bride, dumped her
in front of everyone
Frankly, I didn't like that
Maybe he's right. Would she be happy?
She's a beauty. Took guts to leave her
You know a man's true colours
when he won't accept a lie
That impressed me the most
He isn't two-faced
Honest, truthful, straightforward
Tell me something
What kind of girl is Gayatri?
Why do you need a character
She's nice
She smokes but has a good heart
She isn't for you
Go near her and you'll get
a tight slap.
You'll see stars
I hear she's had many boyfriends
Why so nosey?
You refusing to issue her a passport?
No reason
It's all below the belt for men
You're not thinking straight
You ended your marriage 2 weeks ago.
Your eyes roving again?
It's the tourist season. Focus on work
What kind of girl is she...
She had a problem last year.
She got pregnant
My daughter's friends at the medical
college helped her out
She had a boyfriend for a few years.
A Delhi guy
Gayatri threw him out
Do I know? I'm not her father
She needed an advance.
The wife said: Give it. So I did
I'm no expert in girls' matters
Why do you ask? Focus on work
What's it to me?
All right then
All right
Mr Goel, the class is over.
Can I come by?
Please pay me cash.
I'll return your cheque later
No, I'm not laughing at you
My brother is here and
my expenses have doubled
Tell your brother to share expenses.
If not, why have a brother?
Forget it! Tell me how's business?
Not many weddings.
So I stage fake ones
to amuse the tourists
You could come and floor them
with big English words
I want to ask you something
What's his name? The runner?
Yes, Raghuram.
What kind of guy is he?
Why do you need a character
- No reason. He's a fool
- That he is
Keep the cigarette down.
You'll die soon if you keep smoking
Why so curious about him?
You refusing to issue him a passport?
No reason
Listen, child. It's youth talking
You aren't thinking straight
Only a year since your problem...
...your mind is wandering
What kind of guy is he?
Just curious.
Seeing you reminded me of him
He's a clown, by God
Does he come here?
Not now. Not till the wedding season
Even the best folk get muddled
when it comes to marriage
Boys are all the same today.
Eat, drink and be merry!
Is he like that?
Do I know? I'm not his father
He came looking for work
The wife said: Hire him. So I did
I'm no expert in boys' matters.
Forget him
What's it to me?
All right then
All right
Listen, stay in your own home
What's wrong?
You should stay there
I've cleared out of my room
Now what?
Let me stay a few days
- I'll look for another room
- Fine
Where do I put my things?
Why did you run away?
I told you why
Why say yes at all?
I told you
What makes you tick?
Is it all eat, drink and be merry?
I'm not a professional marriage bolter
I've never been serious about anyone
Think carefully about
what you're doing
Never been serious before?
What about...
No, nothing
What do you mean?
You want a beer?
Your treat?
Yes. Let's go out
Any problem with staying in?
What's wrong?
Just empty words
That's what I feel
Want to get married, too?
Your mind? You packed that away.
Big talk!
Just be happy with what we have
I've said it now
Put your suitcase away
- Sit on my lap first
- No
Just once?
- I won't move the suitcase
- Do I care?
Close your eyes
I didn't ask you to lie down
Let's forget the beer
Who are you visiting?
My sister
Who is your sister?
Where can I buy cigarettes?
The smoker's brother?
Excellent! It's over there
- What did he say?
- Who?
Who'? Gupta?
The man you were chatting to
We weren't chatting.
I bumped into him
Look where you're going then
Don't stand on the balcony then
- What did he say?
- He asked who I was visiting
- And?
- I said my sister
- You're shameless!
- What else could I say?
I'm the live-in boyfriend.
I ran from my wedding to you
- Shameless!
- What should I have said?
We'll have to say that to everyone
Don't I have a landlord? A cleaner?
A milkman? Is this a hotel?
0k, that's what we'll say
- How about breakfast?
- Your turn
- Sunday is my day off
- When was that decided?
- No one works on Sunday
- Neither do I
Let's go to a movie
OK, brother
Yes, sister
Move it!
Hey listen!
Listen to what I have to say
Don't have any grand illusions
If your say rules the day
My say will rule the night
Think it over now.
So don't ask me later
What's this thing between us?
What's this thing between us?
A sheet!
A homespun sheet woven
with silken desires
It's coming to flower, finally,
my love life is set to fly
It's coming to flower, finally,
my quirky love life
If anything is hidden between us
If a dark night casts over a sunny day
If anything comes between us
If victory is spiked with defeat
Softly will I ask to share your troubles
Softly will I discover your every desire
Desires unchained, stubborn
bubbles floating free
It's coming to flower, finally,
my love life is set to fly
It's coming to flower, finally,
my quirky love life
No change. I'll pay you next time
Where do you stay?
At his sister's
The smoker's brother
Last time...
I'll take the change tomorrow
Give it to him now. Who knows?
He may be gone tomorrow
I'm here only...
I was friends with the last guy
He didn't last long
Things turned serious
Her father rushed here from Guwahati
Then took the next train back
You're my father...
But don't try running my life
Guwahati is miles away. So, enjoy!
He's the permanent pain
You carry on
Easy! What's the hurry?
I'm not going anywhere
I'm not going anywhere
Do you visit Guwahati often?
There's a direct train
Yes. So?
No reason
You're pretty serious about me
Can't I even ask?
I told you I was serious
But you're not the serious type
You said you weren't serious
about anyone
ls something on your mind?
Go on. Ask me
So you won't need to spy on me
I was only...
Don't waste water
Any Pickles?
Or yoghurt?
What shall we eat with the parathas?
Go home
Go on. Leave!
What's wrong?
Nothing. I'm done
What is it?
I only asked for yoghurt.
What's the big deal?
I'm done.
Don't want to make
another mistake
What is it? What did I say wrong?
- Tell me
- It's nothing
You said: You can be friends,
but I can't
Don't you trust me?
What's the point in trusting?
I trust you, so trust me
You could never trust me.
You can only talk
The truth?
- I've asked around about you because...
- Because?
I won't do it again
I can't handle
a dishonest relationship,
and you can't handle an honest one
Never met an honest person
Even friends are tricky
They cheat you
when your back is turned
One has to play it safe
So what do we do?
We'll manage
Don't want to
If you leave me, where will I go?
You'll follow hell
I can't bear to see you cry
Why not? You'll have to
It stings my heart. I can't take it
I didn't let him down. He betrayed me
I ended up in hospital
It's the mental asylum next time
I'll be right behind you
Hey listen
Listen to what I have to say
Don't have any grand illusions
If you fill me with longing,
I'll fill you with desire
Think it over now.
So don't ask me later
What's this thing between us?
What is it?
You know full well
What's this thing between us?
Sweet words
So much to say in nights so short
It's coming to flower, finally,
my love life is set to fly
My quirky love life!
You look cute aged 3.
I could've married you
And me you
Aged 3? Illegal!
Legal now. So marry me
Big talker!
Sure, I will
Yes! You're so lovely.
I'll marry you tomorrow
You think you scare me
Go away!
You ride Katrina
Hurry up! Get in!
It's an emergency wedding
What's up? You look glum and gloomy
I need some advice
Wedding costs worrying you?
- What's this?
- Come aside
- You caught an STD?
- No, my friend
Why do people marry?
What? Another disappearing act?
I'm only asking
The sun didn't turn my hair grey.
I've catered for many weddings
A toastman recognizes a love letter
from its envelope
- You mean postman?
- Yeah, postman
- I knew it!
- How?
You have a shifty face
People can doubt
Even after marriage, they can.
So why fear doubt?
But if you ditch Gayatri,
don't show your face again
You worry about her. Not about me?
You're ok
You've hummed around her for ages
This is no time to think
You can doubt after marriage too.
Or no one would marry
Do yourself a favour. Calm down.
Look a prince at your ceremony
You'll make a happy couple
Blow smoke rings,
watch English movies. Enjoy life!
Who saying no?
A last doubt
- You're so wise
- Tie that turban!
May God keep them happy
Stand guard at the front door.
You, at the back
- Who is coming?
- Just go!
Don't let him pee.
He's planning a bathroom visit
I need the bathroom
- After the ceremony
- Can't hold it that long
Don't be stubborn
I can't wait
Be a good boy!
- I won't move
- But why?
I'll give you one
Move aside
What's going on?
Gayatri has gone
Where to?
The bathroom. To smoke
So where is she?
She's run away
You can pee now
A cold soda!
Offer my client a drink
How many sodas have you had?
Same number as my clients
I'll sell him your Benarasi veils
New stock tomorrow. Bring him back
And my money? New clients, eh?
I'll pay. Don't you trust me?
A man whose bride jilted him...
...can't trust God.
So how can he trust you?
His bride ran?
She dumped him? He never said
So? She didn't rob you
How are you?
You oddball! Vanished from sight?
It may surprise you,
but weddings terrify me
Gayatri isn't in Jaipur now
She left your suitcase with me.
Pick it up
Shove that suitcase!
I was backing out.
You sweet-talked me. Got me caned
You caned someone, too
Caned with your own stick!
Score even now
What do you earn now? Peanuts!
Earn double as a groom's guest
- No more weddings
- One more. Then stop
A grand wedding coming up.
Charging double, paying double
You'll get a new suit and a gold chain
You lost one girl at a wedding,
you'll meet another there
Don't wish that on me, please
I'm off to Ajmer tomorrow
on a pilgrimage
That's where the wedding is
Go to the shrine with a free ticket
and a gold chain
What time do you leave?
That's more like it!
The groom's family are in the bus.
Hop on
Must we go with them?
They reek of perfume
Go! Make sure no one drinks.
Keep my honour
As if you kept mine
Didn't even let me pee
Isn't that her?
Make sure you get her this time
Tasty food at your wedding
Get into the jeep. I'll take the bus
I want to talk to her
To say what?
To say sorry
She'll give you a tight slap.
Say sorry!
Get into the jeep.
Remember that song?
Rajesh Khanna's Queen of my dreams,
where are you?
Sing a Gulzar song,
if you want more emotion
She has the right to hit you.
But why hit me?
I'll smash your face next time
You almost broke my shades
Welcome to my humble city!
No formality!
We're only came from nearby Jaipur
Tell me where's the gents toilet?
The toilet? It's busy
Never mind. We're in-laws now.
Life is all about adjusting
- What can I get you?
- The gold chain
- Let the ceremony start
- It won't! You brought...
the mother of wedding spoilers
An international joke, sir
The groom's Dubai cousin
- A splendid wedding
- With your blessings
The groom's cousin
We know her well
Patience, my child
Sadly one stumbles
across wicked folk in life
May I show you the bathroom,
to freshen up?
The samosas are cold,
the tikkis are soft
The pompadums are ok.
Guzzling free food, you bums?
She's a relative
The groom's cousin
First you dump her, now you ogle
Why didn't you warn me?
I didn't know.
I only knew who was coming with me
You had better slip away
- What about my gold chain?
- Shut up!
The boy is ripe for marriage.
Or he'll be up to no good
Kishorilal, how are you?
Give me a paan
What news?
Does your older son
write from America?
Does he call?
That's great.
Children happy, parents happy
You're standing? Bring a chair!
Are you family?
What is he doing here?
I came with the groom's party.
I'm going to the Ajmer shrine...
---t Pay my respects
A sheer coincidence. I usually...
...avoid weddings
Listen, my son
- Come with me, please
- You come here!
But I am here
- What's going on?
- Nothing yet
But it soon will
What Will?
Come this side, please
- You come here
- I am here
I've waited ages to settle scores
with this moron
Avenge your sister today
Did I ask you to do anything?
You don't need to
Have we no self-respect?
Your parents gave us
your responsibility
When did they do that? Time and day?
I forget
They died in an accident in Delhi.
You weren't there
So what? Your responsibility
fell on us, right?
You're a distant uncle
who I met at weddings
Only the non-veg ones
Whatever happened is my problem.
Hejilted me
So please don't act on my behalf
This is my cousin's wedding
Not your vendetta party
Money for your return
There's no need for that
You're our guest. It's our duty
Now go, please
Get him a cold drink!
Start the music!
Come on
What for?
- To ride on this bus
- So throw me out
In this desert?
Shouldn't be a conductor
if you're soft-hearted
- A soda
- Which one?
They're all the same
Give me a chance to explain
Explain what?
I didn't think before agreeing
Ten minutes before the ceremony,
I freaked out
You had come to see me
before the marriage
Why did you say yes then
Then I thought
such a beautiful girl...
How will I find again?
So you agreed without thinking
While you were garlanding me,
or hesitating to...
...a girl was watching you
She pretended not to look.
Who was she?
- Gayatri
- Your girlfriend?
Not then. But later
Who proposed?
It was me who proposed
You getting married?
We were about to. She changed her
mind at the wedding
So she jilted you?
She said nothing to me
She ran away?
Did a runner!
Well! We're even now
Why did she dump you?
She didn't say
Shall I tell you?
You ran from your marriage ceremony
in her presence
She may adore you. But would she
risk committing her life to you?
Get it?
Something good came out of your escape
My family agreed I could be
an air-hostess
I trained, got a job
Moved straight to Jaipur
They're free of me. I'm free of them
And we meet again
Were you born a smarty?
Or caught an infection later?
Will you be my boyfriend?
Will you?
No marriage. You're unworthy
I didn't want to hurt you
My flight's at 5.
Four days duty in Chennai
SMS me on Monday. We'll eat out
Can't you find a restaurant in 4 days?
Or must I do that, too?
When he had a willing bride, he ran
And when he can't get a girl,
he pants after her
Ok. Run!
We'll see if he runs
Now run
The girl turned out to be
quite the modern type
Flying must have done it
Air-hostesses are decent girls.
Passengers do the flirting
She's a good girl. I wronged her
Now enjoy the fruits of your deeds.
Sweet fruits at that
It's your life.
But marry her this time,
before anyone runs
She doesn't want to marry
What does she want?
To mess around?
There's something in between
When it happens, you know it
So no one else knows?
Tell me something
She doesn't want to marry.
But don't you want to?
Would ajilted man commit
his life to anyone?
She won't marry because you ran
You won't marry because Gayatri ran
Gayatri won't marry because
she saw you run
You people run a lot.
After each other, away from each other
Must you run? Can't you stay put?
That's how it is
Who'll ever marry then?
How will I survive?
The marriage era is ending.
Better find other work
Really? No more weddings?
What are you looking at?
You look lovely when you eat
- Really?
- Really
You look a right idiot when you flirt
How many days a month do you fly?
Do people behave in the air?
Like they do on the ground
In-flight drinking isn't allowed.
God help us if it were
Do you believe in God?
Do you?
Me? Never thought about it
Tell me something. The truth
What did you feel
when you saw me again?
My heart nearly stopped
Never mind
May I ask you something?
When I ran away that day,
how did you feel?
What do you think?
How could I feel?
How do I know?
You know how you felt
What's the matter?
What is it?
I didn't mean to hurt you
You never do a thing to hurt people
They just enjoy getting hurt
You ask stupid questions with a smile
I shouldn't have seen you again
Don't phone me
My Playful heart...
...makes its way to you
Clasp this sinner's
heartstrings gently
They are made of fine silk
Softly they will singe...
your lovely lips
Soft words, soft steps
Mix this brew over
softly burning flames
When the brew is cooked
The air will fill
with a sweet fragrance
Why are you here?
Now you know how it feels?
Without explanation
when someone leaves you... the middle of nowhere
Did it hurt?
You must've lost faith in people
It happened to you,
so I thought you'd get it
But no, you understand nothing
Never ask again how I felt
Listen to me, one minute
When I ran...when I left,
I didn't know...
What didn't you know?
That you would turn out to be
the girl I grew up dreaming of
All that? In a week?
A first glance is all it takes.
Or you never hit it off
A favourite pick-up line?
- You crazy?
- Without rehearsal... one says a line so well
You're such a kid
A big kid
Busy tomorrow?
Phone me
When you came to see me,
I decided you'd be the last suitor
I'd push you out with a slap
Then you started talking
You were the first boy
who didn't mistakenly think...
...he was doing a favour by marrying.
Like the girl was a burden
But you're your own person.
An air hostess
I am not an air hostess
I go to the airport to see planes
and the crew take-off
I grab a bite on the way home
A childhood dream come true
But why come to Jaipur?
To settle a score
A score?
One can't just walk away.
One must work it out
Or else how can one move on?
But what?
You got hooked.
I wanted you to know how it felt
You boys respect girls you can't have
If you have them, they're nothing
All wasted on you
Let bygones be bygones.
Go your own way
What if I don't want to?
Marry me
Want a slap?
I mean it
If you want to kiss me, have the guts.
Why spin it?
Now what?
Answer me
I did
Must I slap you?
I mean let's go
I'm frozen stiff, sitting here
Back off!
Many ways of flirting
But flirting with oneself takes
the cake
If someone jilts you and then
pursues you again... has its charms.
Makes you forget the past
Can't tell if I'm walking or slipping
Dusk is pink. Dawn is pink
Pink is the colour of this city
Pink is me
Pink is you
Day is pink. Night is pink
My pink heartstrings have entwined you
Not through force nor deceit
Not binding you nor cheating you
Passion is pink. Feeling is pink
Swimming in pink waves
Speaking in pink, dreaming in pink
Wanting to live forever in pink
I know in my heart...
...that pink is the colour of love
Suffering is pink. Solace is pink
Cure is pink. Remedy is pink
Dreams are pink. Nights are pink
Our gaze is pink,
and so is ourjourney
Pink is slow. Pink is fast
Rosy lips smile mischievously
If the dyer dips you in pink...
...the world turns pink
The Lord of Love has blessed me!
Drop it!
Get married before your roving eyes
rove again
Sorry! No more
A man can think: Enough is enough.
Now settle down
A miracle!
Even the Gods did not have
a second chance
When are you proposing?
I want to, but...
I scare myself sometimes.
Have I really changed?
I once agreed to marry Tara
and then left. And for whom?
If you can't control your eyes
or heart, you can't control...
...your life
I scare myself, my friend
That fear stops men from
becoming beasts
But if you let fear stop you.
You'll never live
Tie that knot!
Shall I propose?
Take God's name and ask!
When it's done, it's done
That's how weddings work!
Get her along for tonight's wedding
Be Gutsy. propose!
She's lovely
What are you doing?
Shall we congratulate them?
- Let's first attack the food
- Shameless!
- You're sneaky!
- I'm the groom's guest
Shall we?
- Take the plate
- Yeah, sure
- Why is she here?
- It's your friend's wedding
Must be her friend, too
Or a hired extra like you?
- Why are you so upset?
- Who? Me?
You ok?
Your boyfriend?
Pick up the priest at the station.
He's stranded there
- Don't know the way to the station
- Me neither
Go with him.
Be quick!
Its ok, we'll find it
You come with me
Groom's mom is also not well
Go on, hurry! Come here
- Well, I...
- What?
I need the bathroom
How he glared!
I didn't choose to run from my wedding
He doesn't know what love is
I did all the caring
I was serious about him,
washing his torn underwear.
Started prying into my past
He'd ditch me one day.
Bridal clothes wouldn't change that
It broke my heart
When a heart breaks for the third or
fourth time, it makes no sound
Your senses shut down
You feel numb all over
Wearing the maroon shirt?
Don't you know it doesn't suit you?
I gave it to him
And...there he is,
wearing it on a date
Lightning won't strike if we talked
I couldn't face my family in Guwahati
I moved to a friend's place.
Then returned to the flat
Did you approach her? Or she you?
Answer me
You jealous?
Things aren't that desperate
Anyway you won't marry
A leopard never changes its spots.
Remember that
How would you know? You ran
So did you
That was different
If you were to marry her, you would've
I'm marrying the girl
I was meant to marry
And would've, if I hadn't met you
Give us your blessings. Hush now!
My blessings? Am I your mother?
Stop at the petrol station
I need the bathroom
You have 10 minutes to think
- Come with me
- I don't need to go
I'm not going alone. This is India
Weren't you going to dump me?
It's true
Don't talk rubbish
It's true
I didn't run, Gayatri. You did
A man who covers his back
doesn't look ahead
But one must play it safe
You're really getting married?
Thought it over?
Had your fun?
I'm talking to the priest
May I freshen up first?
Let the ceremony begin,
everything will freshen up
Let's bury the past. I've moved on
The priest is inside
You busy?
Busy? Not at all
You're Gayatri?
It's getting late
What did she say?
- Nothing much
- Musfve said something
The usual. How are you? Etc
- Then?
- Then what?
- What did you say?
- I'm ok. Thank you. Etc
Ok. Now tell me about the etc
The priest was sitting behind us
What a tragedy
Introduce us
What's the point?
I'll find out all your secrets
I have none
- Why so ed ?
- Who? Meg';
The smoke is irritating my eyes
No smoke without fire
She's cool. But you're tense
Sit with her then
Calm down. I wasn't born yesterday
Get me a cold drink, please
A cold drink, please
open m
I've asked Gayatri for dinner
on Sunday
I'm very busy on Sunday
You're never busy. So why Sunday?
You can't spare any time for an ex?
Why go to the station with her?
- You didn't say she was in Jaipur
- You'd be all upset. Sort it out
I'm tryingmbut...
But what?
Maybe I should slow it down
The jitters again?
Did you propose to Tara?
I thought I'd wait. Till Sunday
Forget about Sunday, sonny!
Keep those girls apart. Propose now!
I was about to. I'll propose now
To whom?
Tara! Who else! You amaze me
Amaze you?
You're king in that department
Now stop over-thinking
Jitters cannot get in the way
of marriage
Or of having children
Family life is a haven
Family life gives us peace. Wait!
Take my advice
You seem edgy today
Now you see
She's a nice girl.
You should marry her
That's if you marry at all
Something on your mind?
Making a mistake
You won't be happy with her
You're lying to yourself
You know what's worse?
She won't be happy
But I'm happy
You're lying
How many more lies?
At least I have guts.
You're running away again
I didn't run
Gayatri, you ran
I made a mistake, your turn now.
Then me, then you
Must we make the same mistake?
I didn't leave, Gayatri. You did
I don't want us to be friends
Nor have dinner as your sister.
You can be friends, but I can't
That's the way it is
I'll call Mr Goel
No one goes to the bathroom
Get inside!
We need two minutes to talk in private
About what, sir?
On the lines of your dilemma
I'm here to check the lights
Of course!
Another mess!
Hey you kids. Come here
Check all the lights
and the bulbs you want
- No trouble at my wedding, sir?
- I won't make trouble for you
But on the hot water you're brewing?
No guarantees
Damn it! The kids today
It wasn't me
I didn't invite her here
I couldn't ignore her
You could have
What do women see in you?
Why do they come back?
- I didn't ask her back
- Didn't chase her away either
I'll get off
No. It's all right
I didn't want to hurt you
I didn't think...
about me
But you must've thought,
how to rely on a marriage-bolter?
You were kind to me.
You even offered me a cold drink
I liked that
It's nothing
When I'm confused,
I have a cold drink.
It's comforting
You were a lovely bride
You saw everything
He didn't run because of me
- Not because of me...
- Then why?
It's Gayatri I really care about
From the day I first saw her,
my bones have trembled
But whatever happens
I can't hurt Tara again
You have to make amends.
You can't always follow the heart
I didn't tell him to
I'd die, but wouldn't do that.
I know
Why see him again?
You're mad
I didn't come after him.
He pursued me
My wound wasn't healing
If we talked, I thought I'd find
some peace
Have you?
I'm going home
Leaving me with a second-hand love?
Your sacrifice?
Do I matter?
It's no sacrifice
Give me two minutes
That moment, I shall never
forget that moment
Remembering what happens
when falling in love is difficult
When you fall out of love,
you never forget that moment
As I gave her the cold drink,
the feeling vanished
I still don't know why it vanished
After all, if he was with Gayatri
or Katrina Kaif made no odds
Sitting with her in the bus made me
want to laugh at us three
I was freed
Honestly? I didn't even feel
like saying bye
What difference anyway?
She isn't back? Where is she?
The air hostess has flown
Are you done?
They'll start looking for me soon
I must go
Did you want to say something?
You go first
Decide who you'll marry
Something to say?
Say it
Stop beating around the bush
Now say it
Your situation is more urgent
than mine
I think yours is
Speak up!
Love you
I just love you
Need hired guests? Goel Caterers
Your family won't come,
if the lightman is the groom
Goel Caterers. Don't forget
Go! Stay happy
You've hummed around
each other since you met
Have you nothing to say?
That quagmire of yours... one can survive it
Your air hostess was wise
She left just in time.
Or you'd drown her too
Have you both had enough?
Any last wishes?
Listen to your elders sometimes
Greetings to you!
Look. They're getting married
Make notes. It'll help you some day
and help me
You go first
It's ok. You first
Same thing. Go on
Sit down
- A smoke?
- Stop that
What are you doing here?
Where could I go?
I want to ask you something
Why did you run, just now?
Why did you?
Marriage doesn't suit me
Not for now
Why not?
How can you ask me that?
I'll tell you why
Hired wedding guests are
the first to spot the pretence
The groom's pretend mates,
pretend joy, fake rituals,
When marriage is a transaction,
how to persuade...
...anyone to marry?
I thought I was the idiot
Everyone marries so easily... I must have a problem
- Only one?
You're right
When I ran without thinking...
I ended up at your flat. Why here?
Then I understood
When we lived together... was our choice.
The door was open for us both
But if the door is closed and
I can't leave, I want to run
So why must we marry?
We love each other
What shall we do?
Don't know. My head aches
I'll make you some tea
If it's only for today, then let me
Shall I come back later?
With my suitcase?
- Hope you didn't see anything
- No
Well done!
Kids have their own in-built censor
When you grow up,
you'll get married?
You will marry, won't you?
Well? Won't you?
I need the bathroom
Bloody hell!