Shuttered Room, The (1967) Movie Script

God bless mommy.
God bless daddy.
And God bless
Aunt Agatha.
God bless
Aunt Agatha.
There's a good girl.
Into bed now.
There you are.
There you go.
Night-night, Susie.
Night, mommy.
She's going to be
a beauty, isn't she?
Of course, dear.
A beauty.
[door creaking]
Daddy! Daddy!
Aah! Aah!
You've left that door
unlocked again.
You've left that door
unlocked again!
No! No, John!
Please don't be violent.
No! No! No!
No. No. No.
Please. No.
[mother crying]
This way.
Easy. Come on. Come on.
[door locks]
Please stop!
I'm sorry.
I don't want
to go back there.
That's all
there is to it.
The nearer I--
The nearer I get,
the worse I feel
about it.
Isn't it stupid?
No, it's not stupid.
You must think you married
some sort of nut.
Hope not.
Why am I so scared
of going back there?
I was a little girl.
I don't remember
My mind's
a total blank.
Blanks are
rarely total,
And I don't think
your mind
Is as blank
as you'd like it to be.
That's your trouble.
Are you going
to insist
Upon being older
and wiser?
I don't need it!
What was that
about a cigarette?
It'd be the easiest thing
in the world
To turn the car around
and go back to New York.
Oh, Mike...
I don't deserve you.
I'm just an ignorant,
overemotional juvenile.
No, you're a highly
intelligent young woman.
At least that's
the impression I had.
If I find I'm wrong,
I'll throw you
in the nearest ditch
without a backward look.
I don't believe you.
You'd look back.
Maybe one quick glance.
To see if I hurt myself
when I hit the ditch,
[music plays]
Anybody home?
[horn sticks]
[horn turns off]
Lookin' for somebody?
Yes. Are you the gentleman
who runs that ferry?
That's right.
Could you take us across?
Don't lead nowheres.
The other side's
the ocean.
No hotels
nor nothing.
How much for the trip?
Come on, Barry.
Looks like
we got business.
$10. He saw us coming...
For Miles.
Come on, fella.
What are you
waiting for?
Ha ha ha ha ha.
Come on. Don't be
scared, mister.
You ain't going
to hurt her none.
Ha ha ha ha.
So long, fella.
Thank you.
Thank you.
[horn honks]
Hey! Hey, buddy!
Hey, move over,
will ya, man?
Oh! Oh! Oh!
What'd you let go for,
Is he going
to be all right?
Yeah, sure.
He scratched himself
on a piece
of barbed wire.
That's careless.
Oh. I wonder if you
could tell me
Where I could find
Zebulon Whately.
Yeah, sure.
How many guesses
do I have?
He's in the forge.
Thank you.
If you can walk
that far.
Thank you.
Mr. Whately?
Mr. Zebulon Whately?
Can I be of help?
Mr. Whately?
Lots of people around here
named Whately.
I'm looking for
a Mr. Zebulon Whately.
I think that's the way
you say it. Zebulon.
That's correct.
Where could I find--
I'm Zebulon Whately.
Hey, this is crazy.
You folks on one of these
"see the USA first" tours?
I mean, this ain't
exactly no beauty stop.
At least not until
you came along.
Well, I was born
on this island.
My name is
Susannahh Whately.
You're kidding?
I'm glad to know you.
You might say
we're related.
I'm married
to your niece.
My niece?
She's in the car.
Would you like
to say hello?
The one that was raised
in New York?
Why'd you bring her here?
Do I have to have
a reason?
If I were you, mister,
I'd turn
that pretty car around
And go right back
where you come from.
What's your name?
Susannah. What's yours?
come here!
I told you not
to speak to strangers.
You know,
that Mrs. Sutley,
She believes
in those stories
About New Yorkers
eating children.
Do you?
Yeah, sure.
It's possible.
on hot nights.
That mill wheel's
been rusted up solid
16, 17 years,
Ever since Susannahh's
pa and ma died.
Ain't no use
for nothin' these days.
We don't intend
milling corn.
Can't get in there.
It's locked.
The lawyer sent us
the keys.
Yes, on my wife's
21st birthday.
Is she?
You're sure you wouldn't
like to meet your niece?
Is she beautiful?
Tait, come here.
I wouldn't take her into
that old house, mister,
'less you want her
to end up like this.
Hey, fellas.
She says she's one of us.
Born here.
What do you think of that?
Ha ha ha.
How do you do,
She doesn't look
like nothing we've
ever seen here.
Does she?
We're happy
to welcome you back.
Ain't we?
I wandered to that place
a couple of years back.
Was liquored up, figured
to sleep in the mill
So my wife wouldn't
smell whiskey on me.
In the night, the hot breath
of hell blow in my face.
There was beelzebub
rushing down on me,
And from his mouth
A red-hot tongue of flame
that smote me in the eye.
I ran out so fast,
Even the devil
couldn't catch me,
And I'm advising you
right now,
Don't go near it.
There's no one
but demons lives there,
And they don't take
to strangers
No more than we do.
Miss Susannahh,
I want you to meet
big Rick.
Oh. Oh, Rick's hurt.
You hurt, Rick?
Yeah, Rick's hurt.
Get him, Rick!
Get him, Rick!
You go get him,
[cheering and clapping]
Get him!
Come on!
You get him, there!
Ha ha ha ha!
[engine starts]
Where are
they going?
They're going to open up
the old mill,
Use it as a Summer home,
they reckon.
Aunt Agatha!
Aunt Agatha!
Aunt Agatha!
Aunt Agatha!
Yes, boy?
The Whately mill,
is it mine or not?
Will be one day.
When I'm gone.
Susannahh Whately?
Come up here, boy.
What do you hear
about Susannahh Whately?
I just seen here
with her fancy husband
and fancy car.
Where are they headin'?
To my mill!
Zeb told them
how to get there.
She's come back.
All I can say
is it looks, um...
No, I was trying
to think of something
more like, um...
How about...
Come on.
Did you feel it?
Feel what?
When you opened
that door,
It was like I was standing
in front of a refrigerator.
I didn't want to walk in
in case I froze to death.
Aren't I stupid?
No, you're not stupid.
What am I afraid of?
Some bogeyman who once
played the starring role
In the nightmare
of a little girl.
Maybe she ate
too much apple pie
That particular night
for supper.
That's about it.
Mmm. Ha ha.
Some dream I once had,
that's all?
What do you think?
That I'm getting
dangerously close
To being discarded
in that ditch, right?
Look, you're doing fine.
You're doing fine,
But I'd like to catch up
with that bogeyman
And ask him
a few questions.
Wait a minute.
I'm only going
back there
On your
personal guarantee
That he isn't
around anymore.
This must be
the place.
Where are you?
You know
what they say--
Is next to godliness.
What is it?
Ha ha ha ha.
Oh. Ha ha. Darling,
don't ever do that
to me again.
I'm glad
you're here.
Oh, I didn't mean
to disturb nothing.
I can come back later
if you folks are busy.
What is it?
I got a message
to hand on to the lady.
Mornin' again, ma'am.
Nice to see you again...
Uh, so soon.
You have a message
for me?
Yeah, from your Aunt Agatha.
She says
if you want to visit,
She'd be glad to see you.
Aunt Agatha?
She used to
take care of me
When I was
a little girl.
Fine. We'll drop by
this afternoon.
Oh, it's a pretty tough
place to locate.
If you want to come now,
I'll show you where it is.
All right.
You won't get
that machine up there.
You got to use
boot leather.
O.K., honey.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
What's keeping you?
Here. Come on.
Thank you.
[Ethan whistling]
the wedding March]
the wedding March]
Come on.
Move it.
"John & Mary Whately."
My mother
and father.
Are you coming?
Oh, you got plenty of time
to visit them folks.
They ain't goin' nowheres.
Why wasn't I told?
Why did I
have to wait
Till I was
almost grown up
To find out
who I am?
[awk awk]
[woman laughin
Tell your mistress
there are folks here
to see her.
What are you waiting for?
If I were you,
I wouldn't sit,
Not unless the old lady
says so first.
If you don't act
pleasing to her,
Your aunt's likely
to put a spell on you.
She's got enough stuff there
to cure most anything.
She put her mind to it,
She could make you blind
for a week.
Maybe you ought
to play it safe and get up.
Oh, I'm not so sure
I believe it,
But some folks do.
She's a-comin'.
I bet they cost
$2.00 a pair, them hose.
10, at least.
$5.00 each leg.
Isn't she great
at figures?
Ha ha ha.
Aunt Agatha.
Susannah Whately.
It's almost
too wonderful
to be true.
I prayed and prayed,
And my prayers
have been answered
my wildest dreams.
You've grown
into a beauty, my child,
A beauty,
Just like your mother,
God rest her.
Aunt Agatha.
You remember me?
Yes, I do.
You were standing
on the dock,
Waving goodbye to me,
And you were crying.
You remember.
And you were only
4 years old.
Who is this man?
My husband Mike Kelton.
Is she happy?
You make her happy?
I try.
See you do.
There's been
enough misery
In the Whately
And this island
has seen it all.
That's why you
were sent away,
To be reared
To save you from it.
You mustn't
tempt fate
by tarrying here.
Begone now before
anything happens
to you. Ethan...
Take them across
in your boat.
Oh, they got a--
they got an automobile.
Well, sail across
and fetch Wilkes
and his car ferry.
Tell him these people
are returning
To the mainland
before nightfall.
Wait a minute.
It's nice of you
to help,
But we like it here.
We may stay a few days.
You can't stay
in that mill house.
Oh, what a pity.
It'd make
a great Summer house
With paint
and the services
Of a cobweb-disposal
No, you'll
start it up again.
With a Whately
living there,
No one will be safe
on this island.
You'll start it up
again for sure--
Excuse me if I find that
difficult to understand.
There's a lot of things
city folks don't understand,
Mr. Kelton,
Even with their
scientific know-how.
There are things
they have no way
of knowing,
No way
of figuring out.
Like the Whately curse?
Mr. Doubting Thomas,
The Whately curse.
You don't know
where it come from,
But it's there.
How does
a chicken know
When a fox is hiding
behind a bush,
ready to spring?
That chicken can't
see the fox,
Can't smell the fox,
But it knows
the fox is there.
Now, a chicken is
a stupid creature.
All it does is run
around in circles
and cluck.
You linger around
looking for proof,
And you'll end up
like the chicken,
With your neck
tore out.
Do I, um...
Detect a threat there
I'm not threatening you,
But I see you're beginning
to sense danger.
That's a good sign.
I'm glad you think
there's hope for me.
There's hope for you,
Mr. Kelton,
Because you're
not a Whately.
But there's no hope
for Susannahh
If she spends even one night
in that house.
Well, thanks
for the chat.
I found it
quite informative.
Maybe we'd better
be on our way, Susannahh.
It's not exactly
a good road.
Did you ever hear
what happened
to your wife's parents?
Struck by lightning,
both killed instantly.
Their faces
were horribly burned.
Do you have to tell us
things like that?
Her ma and pa
died violently.
So did her aunt and uncle.
How many more
Whately deaths
Do you need
before you leave?
I sent her away
to protect her.
Why'd you
bring her back?
Can I ask you
a question?
Does, um...
Does this fella bite?
Of course
he does.
That's how
he stays alive.
No power
on earth
Could tame
a creature
like that.
He remains
as God made him,
No matter how much
we try to civilize him.
That's why I love him.
The road's up there.
[Ethan laughing]
Are they staying
in my mill
or ain't they?
Seems like they are.
Why'd you say
it was mine
When you knew about her
all the time?
What'st matter?
You'd never have
the nerve to set
foot in that house.
Would you spend
one afternoon
there alone?
No. I'd burn t mill
and use the land, but...
I wouldn'ttay
in that use.
No, sir.
Oh, no, sir.
If I'd known about
the family curse,
I'd have had
you fumigated before
the ceremony.
"spend one night
in that house
And the Whately
curse will get you."
I feel a bit silly
being so afraid before.
She's a great
old girl.
I like her.
She should be saying
all those things in
any other century.
The moment I saw her
I remembered her.
She was around
all the time
when I was little.
I hope she came
the short way.
Maybe she rode up
on her eagle.
Or her broomstick.
Hey, what kind
of room is that?
Oh, the wagons
used to pull up here.
That chain would
pick up the sacks.
Let's see
what's there.
We haven't seen
the house yet.
What are you doing?
There's no hotel
on the island.
We'll have to spend
the night here.
Of course.
Shall we take
another crack at it?
Let's go.
Shall we?
After you.
That's where
my parents slept.
I just know it.
And through there...
Was my bedroom.
How strange.
I didn't expect
to remember anything.
I do.
My doll.
My cot.
I don't think
anybody's been in here
since they sent me away.
Nothing's been touched.
The doll's house.
I used to
be afraid
That someone...
Or something
Was hiding in it,
watching me.
Some nights
I couldn't sleep...
Because I was sure
that there were
people in there...
Staring out at me
through the windows.
I can't remember
anything anymore.
Just a feeling...
A feeling that
when I was a child,
There was something
in this room
that was hostile,
Angry towards me.
A power terribly,
terribly strong.
Look at this.
A genuine,
early American
sweeping tool.
Ha ha ha.
Do you a lot of good
to get rid of some
of these old cobwebs.
We'll clean the place up
together. How about that?
No. I'll do it.
I want to.
You go
to the store,
get some food,
And we'll have
a picnic.
Sure you'll be OK
Here alone?
I'll be fine.
Now, beat it.
[music stops]
He's left his wife
alone there.
Where'd your wife go?
On your way.
Didn't know where
I was, I tell ya.
Mr. New York!
I got something
to tell ya.
I got something--
Oh, let me catch
my breath.
Wow. You own this?
You own it
or you're paying
for it?
You, um, said you had
something to tell me.
You aren't going to stay
in there, are you,
With the curse
and all?
What have you
come to tell me?
'bout your wife.
The fellas
are after her.
How 'bout a go,
now, baby?
Hey, Elmer,
where you going?
Go! Go! Go!
[wolf whistle]
Doing anything
tonight, baby?
Hey, pop!
I got something
to tell you.
Wanna hear it?
Ha ha ha.
Hey, I like the taste
of your wife's ears.
She's so white.
White like a bed sheet
straight out of
the laundry.
She looks at you
like you was about
to dirty her.
That's hot!
You need it hotter
to cleanse your
sinful thoughts.
And her hair...
I bet you
a dollar she washes
her hair every day.
It's silky.
You can tell
because it blows
in the wind.
I'm rning you, boy,
Get your thoughts
off another man's wife
Or you're headed
straight for hell.
So what?
Ever been
to New York?
Lots of times.
You never told me.
Shut up.
You gotta take me
to the city
one of these days.
Take me to the airport.
I've always wanted
to see the wheels
come down.
All my life
I've seen them go over
But never coming down
From all those places.
Shut up, will ya?
Shut up.
[child screaming]
Please don't
be violent, John.
You've left the door
unlocked again. Why?
John, please...
The door...
Please, John...
[child screaming]
%% Susannahh %%
[horn sticks]
[horn blaring]
Hee hee hee.
[horn blaring]
[horn blaring]
[horn stops]
Ohh, ohh...
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
[chain rattles]
Thank God.
I'm sure your explanation
will satisfy me
Once I've heard it.
I don't think
you believe
What I told you
about the Whately
One doesn't
run into many curses
on Madison avenue,
At least not the kind
you're talking about.
I knew you were
going to be hard
to convince.
Forgive me--
Though I respect
your right
to believe.
But I don't.
I beg your pardon.
I never believed it.
I invented it
in the first place.
The moment
I met you,
I knew you were
a remarkable woman.
I had to invent
To make those
superstitious islanders
Afraid to go
near that mill
for their own safety.
Hey, you wanna
drive more careful?
This ain't no
express highway.
Out of my way,
Just offering you
a piece of friendly
Thanks. Now,
I'm in a hurry.
Can I ride along?
Where are you going?
Same way
you're going.
All right.
Jump in, but hurry.
Hey, is this
next year's model?
Hey, she really
takes off,
doesn't she?
That's what you
gotta have, right?
What's your
line of work?
I edit a magazine.
No kidding?
A movie star
Maybe I read it
all the time.
I don't think so.
Maybe not.
We don't get some
On account of
we ain't got
no use for them.
See them pylons?
Bringing electricity
into your home
To power
better things
for better living.
Only we ain't got
no electricity
Unless we
generate our own.
Them pylons walked
right over
this island
Like it was
somewhere to
wipe your boots.
They don't
stop here.
They just keep
right on going.
That's one magazine
wouldn't have much
sale here,
One with electric
Such like
fancy gadgets.
One of these
I'm gonna
get me a bunch
of dynamite,
And I'm gonna knock
one of them pylons
right over.
Then I'm gonna
sit back
And listen to
all the squawking
When you city folks
wake up and plug
everything in.
Ha ha ha.
Ha ha ha ha!
[chain rattles]
Lookin' for me?
'cause I was
looking for you.
Got a couple things
to talk about.
Please, I have to
see my husband.
What's wrong with
passing the time
of day with me?
What's wrong
with that?
We got
the same aunt.
That makes us,
uh, relations,
don't it?
This is
where I am.
Over here.
You see anything?
You're hurting me!
Oh, that proves
I'm around here
someplace, don't it?
That's good to know.
I got the idea
there was just you
and a lot of air.
I was beginning
to worry.
Your eyes
are beautiful.
[honking horn]
Come on, give me
one of those
fancy punches
Right there.
Come on.
Show me.
What kind of stuff
you throwing there,
That's some kind of
imported fighting,
ain't it?
How'd you like
to try some of this?
This is strictly
Hey, chief,
That sure is
a lovely wife
you got there.
I hear she's just
as pretty all over.
Ain't that right?
You wouldn't know
what your wife's doing
right now, would you?
Hey, guys,
where's Ethan?
Hey, maybe Ethan knows
what this guy's wife
is doing.
Maybe this guy's wife
Knows what
Ethan is doing.
'cause maybe they is
doing the same thing.
Ha ha ha.
Ha ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
the wedding March]
Let's see
if he's chicken.
Hey, that's
a peachy idea.
That's it.
Hold him down.
Hold him down.
Hold him down.
Hold him down.
Tie him up.
Tie him up.
Don't you
worry, now.
No, no.
Just take it easy.
Ha ha ha.
Just stay there.
We're just going
for a little walk.
Just stay there.
Come on, cowboy!
That's right!
Come on,
let's try it.
Come on, boys.
Come on.
Hold on down there,
big daddy,
We're coming to get you!
Stay right there.
We're coming to get you.
Can I come in there?
Wait a minute.
Let me help you.
If I can't stop you,
Let me help you.
Is this
what you want?
Is it?
You animal!
Come back here!
Hey, you come
back here!
Come back, you
New York bastard!
You viper!
You're a witch.
You hear?
Where are you?
My sister.
I know, darling.
Aunt Agatha
told me.
I'll take you home,
Let's take you home.
No. No.
Save her.
Give me the key
to that chain.
Give me the key
to the chain. Hurry.
Come on.
I promised
your mother to
care for her always
And to keep you
from learning
the truth.
Oh, Lord in Heaven,
How many's the time
That I prayed
to be released
from that promise?
Aah! Aah! Aah!
Let me take her,
Mr. Kelton.
I know how
to handle her.
Give her to me.
I'll--I'll calm her down.
That's all right.
Let her go.
Lead the way, please!
I can't see
through the smoke.
Open up!
Open this door!
It's best this way,
Mr. Kelton.