Shuttle (2008) Movie Script

Works that travel pills not?
Shall I get you some water?
- No, wait a minute.
What a weekend, h ? First
boose that party on that boat and now this.
Poor girl.
Maybe I have some water.
- Oka , I'm back.
What a flight, h ? Mexican Airlines.
What do you for 1 dollar 99.
We have never proposed.
I'm Seth, he called Matt. And you are?
Nauseous. And engaged,
so they get married, so opzouten.
Everything is closed. There is a fountain.
- Are you that girl from that body shots?
Did you dream, Rico.
Help me.
In America you can at least throw up
without your kidney stolen.
I think I have everything out of there.
- If Michael but no cruise book.
He does not.
- Good, because that would be a disaster.
He does not plan the honeymoon.
I have the engagement broken.
- You are kidding.
I thought you left your ring at home
had, so he would not be stolen.
Why did not you say?
I am your best friend.
I wanted first to know.
I wanted my head as empty.
- On the beach lie.
What happened?
I want it now not about.
I have the yellow fever.
- I is not your color.
Asian women are so exotic.
Bored me after three days?
- You? Never.
Without me you are between
the boring management trainees seated.
But now I have been watching
how you each woman decorating.
You really need a turn.
And you need therapy.
Let me. No problem.
- Great bag.
Do you have any luck.
- Yes.
What is she doing?
- She works with deaf children.
And what do you do if you do not
in the Caribbean are?
Acting. Well, acting lessons.
- You do it for the camera.
What are you doing?
- Luggage Co. I follow lessons.
Ga you just drink it?
Will I see you home?
- Well that sounds promising.
It does not.
- But you still had doubts.
My girlfriend is sick.
Good then.
My bag is red. Bright red.
He hears this.
With a big label on it.
- Come back tomorrow.
Hello? Wait. Stop.
Where should you go?
- You are just too late.
Where do you go?
- The town.
How much?
- I understand you.
Ask how much it costs
as he brings you.
What are you doing?
- If a sottish cat in the rain is.
We take the shuttle bus.
- My brother is our pick up.
Call it off.
- It is night. I must work.
Just do something spontaneous.
- 30 dollars for us twee n.
I do it for half. With a smile.
You are the last ride tonight.
I am back.
- He does it for fifteen dollars.
He direction city?
Careful. The floor is slippery.
Are they lost your bag?
Are you on vacation?
- In Mexico.
Have you lot
the flowers put out?
Is there a hidden camera or something?
- 64 to Central. Three on board.
We need them.
- I'm full. Take the just.
We want them.
- EA n, two, three on board.
Keep your money.
Wait. They belong to us.
Hearing those bastards with you?
Where you live?
- I bring them home from our house.
You have to know, but I
can you get something better.
I'll put your bags in there.
- Thanks.
Excuse me, are we gonna have?
- I do my best, sir.
64 Centrale. Two there.
- Do you know Seth yet?
How can I forget him?
- And Matt.
Where is your lift?
- Matt's brother gave us leave.
Yes, unbelievable.
I see something bloom.
Have you tried ginger?
A Chinese remedy for travel.
You too?
- Aircraft, car, boat.
As a child in bath. Therefore, I
was not often crops.
He makes fast friends.
-, It, too.
You are no longer at home.
- I know.
Where are we in hell?
Sorry that I ask,
but where are we going?
MOK Boulevard.
- I do not ride through the slum.
The highway is closed
because of roadworks.
6th Avenue And then?
- We need to South Side.
Yes, and?
You know what, princess?
Let me just driving.
I do this job for five years.
You are on time at home.
Great. Our driver is Dr. Seuss.
He is right. You are a princess.
That girl in the baggage hall was deaf,
but they could sign.
Yes. Children who are born deaf,
learn that very quickly.
It is not difficult.
Want to try?
What I say now?
Hi, my name is Matt.
Can you have a speech
in sign language?
One more.
- What the hell?
Watch out.
Is everyone okay?
- Fine, a detour through the slum.
Why are we stopping?
Why are we stopping?
- Sir?
What is he going?
The rear is a leak.
- Great.
That happened when we cut mad.
- You wanted here.
I have enough of your whining.
Seth, love your convenience.
Make just not worse.
What should we do?
- We have two options:
I can ask
or they send another bus.
How long will this take?
- It's late. Approximately one hour.
Maybe even longer.
- And option two?
You remain seated while I
the band-switching. If chirp.
Maybe someone can help me.
- Option Three: We call a taxi.
Too crazy. No range.
- You do not have to pay this trip.
My apologies for the inconvenience.
What do you think?
0k .
I am also Melanie. Mel.
Andy, hi. Just Andy.
This is Jules and he is called Seth.
My wife is worried. I had
to call when I landed was ...
but I wanted the baby
not wake you.
I go see if I can help.
So you have handy?
But you could not lift rules
from the airport?
Seth is everything, but he is
no stop by.
The truth comes to the top.
And you? Where is your fiance
where we have heard so much about?
The truth comes to the top.
Michael was all,
but he was not faithful.
I do not do dick,
but Michael is a loser.
On the side, I have erlang.
That damn thing will not.
- Let me.
You have talent, kid.
Where are the nuts?
Do something.
Give him something to them.
He must go to the hospital.
- Put it in the bus.
Keep your arm up.
- How is he?
What do you think, asshole?
- How far is the hospital?
A few kilometers, I think.
- Drive just now.
Does he know the way it?
- I hope that we arrive.
Why we brake off?
He does not know where we are.
- Are we lost?
Hello, are we lost?
Where are we?
What the hell?
What is that bastard?
The guy really is not consistent.
It is crazy.
He is not in his head.
Sit down,
otherwise I bang your head from your torso.
We know you are under great pressure,
but we have to the hospital.
What do you want from us?
Would you even guess, rich boy?
- Money.
You are smarter than you look.
This never
- Oh, yeah, princess.
Ga rear seat. All.
He, too. Hurry.
Help yourself. I never seen.
If I were you, I sit
and I tried to keep my convenience.
Mobile phones. Learn it.
We do it as follows:
You remain calm
and not do stupid things.
Then, there are no injuries
and it's all so over.
Is that a good plan?
- Matt has been injured.
I trusted him immediately not.
- Where are we going?
To a remote location.
- This is remote.
I am an accountant.
I have a family, I do not want any trouble.
Something is not there.
- Really.
Let him deal with our money
and off.
He is not stupid.
He can not just let go.
Why not?
- We have seen his face.
He makes us, picked us money
and dump us on the road. Sure.
It is no coincidence that Matt is injured.
He was the only threat.
Calculate out.
- Do you count?
Ga je gang. It is about money.
Everything is always about money.
Watch me.
- That I will not come.
But you should keep your convenience.
- Yes. We must stay calm.
That is he right. The further we go,
even worse it is.
You wanted to jump from a bus?
Should one of us shot
, so that you can run?
We must do something.
I open the window
and you let that thing off.
What are you doing?
What are you doing there?
Open the window.
- He does not open.
Not, Jules.
It is worth it.
Ga open.
What do you want from us?
That was you should not do.
Your deeds will not go unpunished.
- No, please.
Get up.
You too.
Duck, duck, duck, duck ...
He lives it.
Is the message clear?
Well. The plans have changed.
Is it?
- I have a stomach ache.
He let us go
as he has money.
What would you say?
If your family still want to see
what you need to show courage.
I do not want to die
because of a few hundred dollars.
You are young and stupid
and put everyone in danger.
She is right.
We must do something.
Fire, fire.
Come on. Smoke alarm.
Disingenuous bitch.
If someone moves,
should someone pay for this.
- Fuck it.
This is our chance.
It is not enough?
Who picked it about to?
Not her, not you but me.
If you touch her again,
ga you out.
oka, you you want.
Your girlfriend is dead.
They are choking on the spot ...
if you do not come out.
What did I tell you?
- Let her go.
What did I tell you?
Do not dumb things,
then nobody gets hurt.
Well breathe.
Would he let us go?
Have you learned your lesson?
Nine things. Buy only what is
state. Nothing more and nothing less.
Go inside, find the stuff,
go to checkout, pay and come back.
But I do not understand
how someone can do what you do.
If you talk with someone or
to try to attract attention ...
this is nothing compared with what I
ga with that pyromaantje there.
You have ten minutes. Are you not,
then I leave and they die.
Do this about. You both.
Do you strap it.
That of him.
Get up.
We are going to walk.
He does not want to go.
- I know.
Remove all valuables out.
Jewelry, cameras, photographs, passports,
medicines. They go in the bag.
The rest goes back to the luggage.
How fast can you run?
He can not back us to.
- Are you well in your head?
What happens to the person he arrested?
- Yeah, that makes it only worse.
We must put it down.
Fucking shit.
I do not think I can.
- Yes, you have no choice.
You go that way and I this way.
And let me not choke this time.
Otherwise what I do.
Cash or pins?
Are you all right?
74 dollar 95.
You forgot your change.
Call the police
watch the camera images
If it off, run your way
like you have something stolen.
I have never stolen anything.
Am not dead.
- The choice is yours.
Dirty bastard.
What is this?
Had I said that you should buy?
See what happens
when people do not do what I say?
It is for him.
It is hell for him.
What can I do for you?
What's happened outside, Andy?
Answer me, motherfucker.
He is away.
And not you.
Why did not you run away, Andy?
Why not?
He let us go. You must.
If we do what he says.
He does not let us go.
He drives us flat.
I'm not away, because I
was afraid that he would murder me.
I'm not away.
I could have flights in the shop.
I just had to go.
Where are we going?
Where are we going?
We die.
No, you know.
Help, help.
Help us.
Let him go.
I said: Let him go.
Sit. If you even blink,
I make you dead.
The keys of the belts. Now.
Give them to Jules. Come on.
And now?
- Now, let's go.
What do we do with him?
We put him
on the side of the road.
We shoot him in his leg
and throw him into the ditch.
What have you done with the radio?
Get up and walk slowly to the door.
Standing, I said.
I have a doctor. I quite blood.
- Vette luck. He also bleeding.
Where is your knife?
Enter here.
Shoot, though.
But if you shoot the wrong, I ga death.
Then you are a murderer.
Whatever you do,
you do not get me off.
Bind it tightly and keep the gun
at his head. I drive it.
Are you sure it works?
I got it.
Love you not.
Jules, ga here. If he moves,
scream your lungs out of your body.
You get a kick out of?
Just as people pick up
and cut them to shreds?
Now you have nothing more to say, h ?
Jules? Shut your mouth please.
Fuck you.
Fuck you.
Look in the mirror.
Foot of the accelerator.
Put the car care
along the side.
Turn off the engine.
What you are waiting for?
I could not help it.
What a tragedy.
She had to get a good deal.
Why stop you two times?
You had to see the knife.
You go on the girls,
I have the men.
Where were you
when my skull was broken?
It was dark.
Besides, you had two entrances.
What was in the luggage?
- Aspirin, the pill, nothing else.
Are you sure?
Belt it.
The chores are almost completed.
Then we as fun.
Unfortunately, we
because all detours ...
less time together than I had hoped.
But we need to
the best of them.
I believe that the creation
of the right expectations ...
is crucial in any successful relationship.
Take a good look.
What do you feel?
Master, servant.
I, you.
And you ... You and your boyfriend have
a nice area removed, h ?
That will give you comfort,
now he is in his own blood.
Do not blame yourself. It was
not the person that the boys meevroeg.
Not listening, Jules.
He runs you to sew.
You may hereinafter.
You are a monster.
You had a clue.
You see what experience.
Sometimes good things happen ...
with poor people.
I hope you miss me too much.
- Where are you taking us?
I will give you a hint:
It is easy,
but it is dark, with lots of wood.
And once you are,
do not come back.
The next time we go to Cabo.
Since it is very clean,
with beautiful beaches.
Mel, what have we done wrong?
We have not done anything wrong.
- Apparently it does.
We are in the wrong bus on.
I do not want to die.
Jules, you have to promise me something.
If you get the chance to escape,
you must not doubt.
Do not wait for me, but put it
on a walk. Promise me.
You first.
Sleeping Beauty is awake.
You are quite a bitch.
You had a clue.
Keep the original receipt
as proof of purchase.
Let the throttle go.
Help me, please.
You okay, girl?
Are you hurt?
I bring you to the hospital.
She is still alive.
- Who?
I want to make a emergency.
I think there is an accident happened.
I do not know.
The victim is a young woman.
No, I do not see the accident.
Hurry up,
they said that there is someone alive.
Does one of you die?
Say on, otherwise I look ga.
Then stick,
as it goes all night.
Do you have one?
Just one?
0n my ...
- on your ass?
Go ahead.
He has burned me.
Calm down, it is good.
We come here way.
Promise you that?
It is a coffin, h ?
Not far away, dark and with lots of wood.
Once you are,
do not come back.
I ga what paper towels tackle.
Stop. Now.
And do not say that everything is,
because you know that it is not.
Excuse me.
- Stop it.
I sometimes have to apologize you ask?
You wanted to Matt and Seth them,
but did not because of me.
You are at least
no liar and not a bitch.
You are not dumb box.
- How do you know?
You do not have the fiancee
fucked your girlfriend.
I wanted to tell you.
You knew of nothing.
It was just ...
One stupid night.
I am my entire life
all envy you.
What a worthless excuse, h ?
I knew it already
I suspected it.
I saw how you looked at him.
I wanted to see if you would confess
what happened with Michael ...
and to see if we
could be behind us.
I didn't lose because
a man who I do not want to see.
But it does not matter anymore.
Jewelry off.
And get your piercings out.
- Why are you doing this?
This rich guy was right.
Everything is always about money.
My father has money.
I can do with money.
40,000 dollars?
Whatever you want.
- Per month?
Believe him, Jules.
Nobody does this for the money.
Not five years.
You have to enjoy.
While driving you
in the shuttle, h ?
Use this. Did you hear me?
Help her.
Do it right, do it fast.
Over everything
and then come out.
I know nothing of.
Here. Hurry.
Ga is the dash.
Underwear remains.
Just work with you, ladies.
Throw that on the side.
Pull them.
Stop and move you.
Turn around.
By ga.
Oka . Freeze.
What should we do?
I do not know.
What do you think?
We are his twee n, he is alone.
- He will kill us. You know that.
I do not know
he was our plan.
There are four people dead.
We are the following.
He does us nothing.
He can not. That's it.
That says it all throughout the evening.
He will keep us alive.
- He wanted me to choke.
He bluffing and I kicked it.
Jules, look at that.
I do not scratch with your.
Everyone in the shuttle is dead,
but us two.
He protects us all night.
He even connected
on your backside done.
Because he wants to heal.
He will keep us alive.
He wants us healthy.
He was only on us, so
if no one involved in the bus.
What do you do?
Ensuring that we get out here.
Is this you?
Fluconazole. What?
- What kind of infection?
What infection?
- A fungal.
This is very normal.
Not one thing.
You come with me.
You stay here.
- Why should we not participate?
Because I said so.
You do not shoot.
Are you sure?
Where are we going?
If you cut yourself,
I have nothing more to you.
But I also support.
- Would you die like the rest?
Put the gun down.
- Want to end just as if your girlfriend?
Put the gun down.
Ga backwards.
You can go nowhere.
- Shut up.
Give me the keys.
I do it, you know.
- Dan ga je die.
That's it.
- Define here.
You got me twice stabbed.
Let me out.
Help. Help me, please.