Siam Square (2017) Movie Script

Where's she?
Where's the girl?
When's she coming?
Where did you meet her?
She was a student here.
And she's asked about you.
Jublek, where have you been?
What're you guys doing here?
But you disappeared.
You and May!
What's your problem with May?
I have no idea where she is.
And I don't care!
Tell me, Jublek.
You had that dream too, right?
What dream?
Spill it out!
What did you see that night?
What happened?
Tell us everything.
Our lives depend on it.
You know Birdie
from the physics class?
She's dead.
Because of that girl!
Because May's an idiot!
It's her fault.
I warned her but
she didn't listen.
There was no class that evening.
But May had some problems
and didn't want to go home.
We were the only
two persons in the room.
Then a girl came in and
took a seat at the front.
We didn't pay attention until
she suddenly spoke up.
Have you heard about the strange
story people keep telling?
It's about a girl...
...who kept walking in circles
around Siam Square... if she couldn't
find a way out.
She walked and walked
for a long time until...
...she finally
found her way home.
But when she got home.....
May was curious
so she blurted out.
I tried to stop her.
But she asked the girl anyway.
What happened
when she got home?
May, what the hell was that?
What's going on?
Vanished? Where to?
May took this notebook
so I've come to return it.
I've returned your thing.
Now let me go!
Do you know
how old Siam Square is?
Do you think
there're ghosts here?
Yes, at Key Building.
If you want to pass
the entrance exam,...
...go up there after 11pm.
Tie red threads on
the second chair of the first row.
You have to enter
the room blindfolded.
Because if you happen
to look into her eyes,...
...she'll enter your dream.
And when you wake up,...'ll see red threads
on your wrist.
Which means your days
are numbered.
It started with a blackout
in Siam Square 30 years ago.
A girl went missing.
They say she sometimes
...looking for someone
to join her.
One week earlier
You asked me to come
so wait for me.
Stop complaining.
You keep walking off!
Okay, sorry.
Your mind's still
on the biology paper?
The teacher is senile,
just knock it off.
Rewrite it, I'll help you.
But if your mind's on Pond,
there's nothing I can do.
And you won't have my sympathy.
Who Is It: What're you up to?
MayMay: You keep asking me
that all day.
Who Is It : What're you up to?
= I miss you
MayMay: Corny.
MayMay: Can a guy really say
"I like you" to a girl
MayMay: And a month later
say the same to another girl?
Who Is It:
What's wrong with that?
Who is it:
It's not a crime.
Hey, Pond!
Where's Fern?
Not here yet.
I thought you'd come together.
We're supposed to.
But her mom showed up
at school,...
...probably to talk about
her loss at the piano competition.
Fern plays the piano?
You don't know?
And you're making a move on her?
Dropping the target in.....
Three, two, one!
Still in one piece?
What're you guys doing?
If I jumped from up there,
would I be dead?
Why did you say that, Fern?
Just kidding.
Got to go.
Moowan, do you know
Fungjai Concert?
Want to come with me?
Mon, let me ask you something.
Let's say you got
5,000 baht from your clip.
You'll have to give me and Moowan
1,000 each, so you have 3,000 left.
Do you seriously think
that's enough... buy a new iPhone
for Moowan?
Mr. Newton.
The idea is
to add value to our clip.
Value, of course.
Use your imagination.
A pointofview shot as
I'm falling from the top floor.
Wicked eh?
If you say so.
Let's hope there's
a ghost in that room,... our clip will
score a million views.
Hey, Terk.
I heard your father is moving
the school to another location.
What's with the phone?
You've been glued to all day.
Hi Nid.
I missed class,
been chatting too long.
I made sure you're
the last person to write it.
So I'll see you again
at the entrance exam?
I guess.
Is everything all right?
I have to go.
It's empty.
What should I do with Aom?
Should I just ask her frankly
to give up her place for me?
Her grades are better,...
...why does she hold on
to the quota slot?
I approached
the teacher first.
I'm fed up with you.
Why do you keep texting
this mysterious "Who Is It"?
Are you crazy? You've been
chatting with him for a year...
...and you haven't a clue
who he is!
What if he's a psycho?
What now?
What if he's as old as your dad?
Would that shock you?
Or an old perv who wants
to hump a highschool girl?
Wouldn't you be disgusted?
Leave me alone.
Why do you keep grumbling
about the admission quota?
If Aom wants it so bad,
let her have it.
Sure, my problem is never
as important as yours.
Now let me tell you something.
Get ready to hear this.
I have your biology report.
You're so careless.
You thought you asked
Nikorn to hand it in,...
...but you left it
on your table.
I saw it then but I
didn't want to tell you.
Do you know why?
Because I'm tired
of cleaning up after you.
I'm fed up.
All you do is babble
"Leave me alone, leave me alone!"
Gosh, you think
you're so special?
Do you have any idea
how people talk about you?
I defended you, at first.
But I'm sick of it now.
You know why?
Because you're a jerk.
You messed up your assignments,
you messed up with the boys.
Serves you right!
May, are you all right?
Darn, a blackout!
I won't start without them.
Moo's at the comic store.
And god knows where Terk is.
I'll smack their stupid heads
if they bail on me.
Did you hear that?
What was that!
You think it's funny?
I almost soiled my pants!
It was, like, pitch black.
You know, they say
Siam Square is haunted... the ghost of a schoolgirl.
What if we actually
see a ghost?
In that case,
just pretend you didn't see her.
The more you're scared,
the more it'll come after you.
Are you okay?
Should we help her up?
What's your name?
Where do you live?
What do you want?
Where are you?
Something came up.
How can we get up there
if you're not here?
Coast's clear. I told
the guard to let you in.
You should be here to help us!
Where are we now?
Your house is on
the next street, right?
Feeling better?
Pull over.
I'll drive you home.
What! I can't leave a friend
in the middle of nowhere.
Sorry, but I'm not your friend.
Do I disgust you that much?
Just that I don't need
more friends.
Jublek alone is enough.
Shut your trap.
Whoa, why the trash talk?
I'll tell you why.
I don't like you. I don't want
anything to do with you.
Come on.
I teased you once and you're
holding the grudge forever?
Hate means hate.
And I hate you.
So I'm not as good
as Pond. Right?
He's so perfect.
I said stop the car!
MayMay: Had a fight with friend.
Plus a jerk kept bugging me.
MayMay: Not my day.
Who Is It: Breathe.
MayMay: I hate it when
someone gets on my nerves.
MayMay: Hate his guts.
Who Is It: Umm.
MayMay: A boy who seemed to
like me suddenly ditched me.
MayMay: Scratch my head!
Who Is It: I've had a crush on
someone for three years now.
Who Is It: She doesn't
even want to look at me.
MayMay: Three years?
You've been texting me
for just a year.
Who Is It: Jealous?
MayMay: Hmm.
MayMay: Maybe.
MayMay: I wish I could
forget things easily.
Who Is It: Would that be good?
MayMay: Sure would.
MayMay: Forget and move on.
Who Is It: I don't think so.
Who Is It: If we forget
someone so easily,...
...tomorrow we won't remember
who we happily talked to today.
MayMay: Corny!
Today's lesson was so difficult.
It's like Ph.D stuff.
Terk! What're you doing here?
You have no class.
Seeing Dr. Manop?
The gang's trying to catch a ghost.
Wonder if they're still alive.
Good evening!
I'm Mon, the host of
"Ghost Your Dad".
Today our expedition brings us
to a tutoring school...
...rumoured to be haunted
by The Red Thread Ghost.
It's believed that if you tied
a red thread to the chair,...'ll pass
the entrance exam.
But if you disrespect
the chair,...
...the spirit will
enter your dream.
I'm superscared!
But there's something
called science.
So use your brain!
Cut the crap.
The light's too bright.
Hurts my eye.
We're going to shoot a clip here
to prove it once and for all...
...if this Red Thread
Ghost is real.
My hunch tells me it's going
to be the same old hogwash!
What the hell?
Just a wallet.
I'm going to use a new app.
Turn it on.
And if the alarm sounds,... means that there is...
...a ghost!
A ghost, yes!
But that's just a test.
Now it's for real.
Let's see if the alarm.
It rings.
Let's cut.
We got nothing yet.
Turn the phone off!
I can't! It won't shut down.
My phone! Moron!
What's wrong with you?
What's that?
You heard it, Mon?
Get your phone out and shoot.
Oh god!
A blackout?
Don't go in there!
There's a ghost!
We have to get her out of there.
What's going on?
Who is she?
That's Birdie.
She's from my school.
Tell me what's going on?
Didn't I tell you
to hand in the paper...
...before the class?
And what's this?
Retire and go to hell!
I didn't do it.
You've crossed the line!
Put it down!
Or I'll kick you out.
Get out!
Who Is It: You've been quiet.
Who Is It: W r u?
Fernie: Turn around.
Nice Tshirt.
Well, I just came from Comic Con.
Nerds summit?
Sort of.
"Beam me up, Scotty!"
No class today?
Let's go have dinner.
Well, you're buying CDs?
Just browsing.
...about Fungjai concert.
By the way,
you play the piano beautifully.
How do you know?
I saw it on YouTube.
How did you find it?
You can find everything
on the internet.
Honestly, I'm not into piano
but my mom made me.
It suits you.
That's what everyone says.
But I just don't like it.
Someone I know.
I don't want them to see me.
Let's go.
Go where?
Anywhere. Concert or dinner,
if you ask me to go I'll go.
Jublek calling
Sorry, this content
is not available now.
This is my new account.
Thanks for being a model.
Nice pix.
Biology paper
How come there's only
a few of us today?
They're scared
of the ghost.
Just kidding.
I saw Moowan today.
Huh? I'm calling them.
Moowan calling
Skipping class?
It's Pond.
What do I tell him?
I'll handle it.
Hello. We quit.
Everyone quit!
We're not going there anymore!
School's closed!
May and Jublek
are not answering.
Where are they?
I'm here to see Nid.
Is this her house?
Come on in.
I'll get her.
Thank you.
I'll get you water.
Remember me?
I'm May.
Thank you about the other day.
I wanted to get in touch.
But I didn't know
where to find you.
Have you eaten?
How did you get here?
It must be a long way
from your house.
I'm fine, ma'am.
I live close by.
I'll leave you alone then.
Are you feeling better now?
Well, I should get going.
I don't even know why I'm here.
Let's hang out in my room.
Who're these people?
My mom's stuff.
What's this?
Can I take a look?
Right, friendship books.
Cool. They still do this
at your school?
One for each class.
I asked all my junior friends
to sign it too.
Whoa, popular girl.
So the whole school knows you?
Nid, this page is.....
You have to hold it up
to the mirror.
Are you all right?
...when you found me that day...
...did you see another
friendship book?
No. Why?
I must've left it in the restroom.
You're still missing one?
You already have
six of them here.
These friendship books...
...are the records
of how I see myself.
But the one I lost... about how my friends
really see me.
Say it again?
Do you know what
you're really like?
No need to say it.
But deep down, you know what
kind of a person you are, right?
And... you think...
...your friends see you the
same way as you see yourself?
Do you care... other people see you?
I don't know.
It depends on how much
we care about our friends.
Tough choice.
Should I think of
my friends first...
...or should I think of myself?
Moowan, how come your mother
lets you have two computers?
Where did he stash his porn mags?
I don't have any!
Only your dad
still collects porn mags!
Same as yours!
Come here.
Look, the folder
called "Homework".
Wow, let's see how Moowan
"pulls off" his homework!
Moowan, not too hard!
Don't you know how to knock!
The MahaThera said those
who watch porn will rot in hell.
Right on!
The files are ready.
Did we get it?
Oh god!
What the hell is that?
Do you think a ghost
can attach itself to a file?
You captured its presence
in a digital file.
Now you've moved the file
to different devices.
It means you've moved
the ghost around too.
Ghost my butt!
I hope the ghost
knocks on your door!
Stop it!
Who's that?
Your neighbour?
I don't have any.
I'll go look.
Who's it?
Your friend. She's waiting there.
Where's she gone?
Come in please.
You're breaking the door down!
Let me see that.
What are you doing?
Moowan, what's wrong?
Why the makeup?
We're not shooting today.
What's with the powder?
Mover loser.
Come and see for yourself.
Come here.
Come here!
One second.
What's the problem now?
Why did you knock?
What is wrong with you people?
I have something to tell you.
Listen carefully.
You're not my friend.
May, why didn't
you come to class?
May, don't tell anybody.
Don't tell ghost stories.
You heard the story people told?
The more you repeat it,
the more real it becomes.
Don't go there!
Let me go!
You're not my friend!
May, don't go there!
Let me go!
You're not my friend!
So we woke up with a red thread
around our right wrists.
And we all had the same dream.
This is mental.
Do something.
I have a bad feeling
about this.
It's like that ghost story
circulated online.
What story?
So the Siam Square ghost
is real?
The spirit of a girl
with red threads...
...who wanders around
Siam Square.
When she wants to take
someone with her,...
...she'll enter his dream...
...and tie a red thread
around his wrist.
But Jublek and May
are also in the dream.
Did they wake up with
the red threads like us?
Pond, you're close to May.
Where is she?
I'm not that close to her.
Birdie's also in the dream.
The girl you saw at Key Building.
I'm going up to that room.
Me too.
Let's go.
What? Get up.
Let's go.
Well, guys, I.....
I have to go somewhere.
To see my family.
All right, let's move.
You should just tell Pond.
I won't be able to go
to the concert with you.
Because of Pond?
Or because of the dream.
I withdrew from
the piano competition today.
So my mother asked...
...what would I have left
in my life without the piano?
My mother's an expert... making me feel worthless.
If I jump,
will my mother feel guilty?
What you'll see
when you're falling.
Everyone is worth something
on this cruel Earth.
I believe.
How did you follow her here?
She's checked in
on her other account.
She forgot to block me.
Who's this woman?
Jublek's mother.
She's beautiful.
I'll have to use the toilet.
I'll be here.
Playing hooky again?
I learn more outside the class.
Come on,
won't you lecture me?
What's the point?
Anyway, want to
come home with me?
But I have to go
to a funeral first.
Who died?
A student here called Birdie.
I know her parents.
Are you joking?
You knew her?
Then what's with
that look on your face?
How did she die?
She was ill, maybe.
I just heard it this afternoon.
I mean to ask her mother later.
Dad, tell me.
Is this school haunted?
Come on.
You said the ghost would
show up at Moowan's house.
And it did.
You said....
..."Show yourself!
I want to see you!"
What have you been smoking?
Do you have any idea... sick I am to have to remove
that chair every month?
My friends saw something here.
Before you rented this
building, what happened?
What's going on?
Let's get out of here.
The building was
another cram school before.
I never heard anything
about ghosts.
But 30 years ago,
a girl went missing.
People said she was dead.
I think she ran away.
Where to?
Not everyone has
a cushy life like yours.
It's natural for any 17 year old
to feel a little lost.
Some get by, some don't.
Some run off without
coming back.
Where are you?
Want to know
how it all started?
Want to know
how it all started?
Mon! Mon!
What happened?
I saw the girl.
I saw the girl.
What girl?
What's her name?
Maneerat SaeJong.
Who Is It: W r u?
What're you up to?
MayMay: At a mall.
MayMay: To make up with a friend.
Have you heard?
Birdie's dead.
She's dead?
Yes! Next it'll be me
and you and all of us!
I didn't want to believe
it at first, but.....
But now you've dragged us
here for what?
To see May.
To see May? You jerk!
Just tell her you like her.
Get it over with!
Save us time and energy.
Shut up.
Is that Jublek?
And May.
Who's with her?
Is that Jublek's mother?
I'll go talk to her.
No! I'll go.
It's me.
Mom, get in the car!
Come on!
What the hell was that?
May! Don't!
What're you doing here?
I was worried about you.
You followed me?
Doesn't matter.
Nid is dead.
Nid is a ghost.
What're you talking about?
Your spirit still
haunts Siam Square.
Your student number is 1248.
That's not true.
It was March 11, 1988.
After the graduation party,...
...I went to the tutoring
school at Siam Square.
I was busy chitchatting.
Now I've missed class.
Thought I'd just get
the friendship book back.
I have to go.
Maneerat SaeJong, No 1248.
I never imagined that
the friendship scrapbook...
...would reveal
the true feelings... best friends
had towards me.
From Dao and friends
Do you want to know
what we actually think of you?
This is the truth.
Think you're
the prettiest in school?
Always dying to be
in the spotlight.
We've known
each other for years...
...but let me ask you
just to make sure.
You told everyone about me
and Teacher Prapand, didn't you?
Think you'll be missed
when you're dead?
High school is over,
so is our friendship.
Don't you cry
to get attention.
Go on, cry until
your eyes bleed!
This is you!
I hate you!
The red threads my best friends
tied around my wrist.
I thought they meant love.
But they actually meant hatred.
As I was about to
leave the restroom,...
...the lights went off.
When it came back,...
...May and Terk were there.
They took me home.
Good thing my younger sister
still lives there.
Just then I realised
I was missing for 30 years.
My parents died just
a few months earlier.
I have no idea how I've
travelled through 30 years.
I thought about
what Dao wrote in the book.
Did anyone read it?
And would they
think I was such...
...a bad person
like Dao had described?
Bad or not, I don't know.
But after you went missing,
people said you were dead.
Angry spirit at
Siam Square cram school.
They said you became a lost soul,
trapped in Siam Square.
Your chair became
a spooky relic.
The more people repeat
the story of a ghost,...
...the more real it becomes.
Because people believe it's real.
Then it's real?
Is that it?
How can you be sure?
It's really you.
Just that it's you.....
It's me in a way that
everyone thought I was.
What am I supposed to do?
We have to send you back.
And find out from Jublek...
...what happened that night.
She won't talk to anyone.
She's also changed
her phone number.
I'll look for her mom's number
in my dad's office.
She won't see us.
She will.
We'll make her come.
We have to hear it from her
so we can send Nid home.
If Nid's still here,...
...we all could die.
Mom, I'm seeing friends at Siam.
Where've you been?
Quit the tutoring school?
I've moved to another one.
Well, Terk.
Did you say you met the girl?
As I told you.
What did she tell you?
She said you got
her friendship book.
She wanted it back.
Where's she?
Where's the girl?
When is she coming?
Where did you meet her?
She was a student here.
And she's asked about you.
Jublek, where have you been?
What're you guys doing here?
But you disappeared.
You and May!
What's your problem with May?
I have no idea where she is.
And I don't care!
Tell me, Jublek.
You had that dream too, right?
What dream?
Spill it out!
What did you see that night?
What happened?
Tell us everything.
Our lives depend on it!
You know Birdie
from the physics class?
She's dead.
Because of that girl!
Because May's an idiot!
It's all her fault.
I warned her but
she didn't listen.
There was no class that evening.
But May had some problems
and didn't want to go home.
We were the only
two persons in the room.
Then a girl came in and
took a seat in the front.
We didn't pay attention...
...until she suddenly spoke up.
Find the friendship book.
Find the friendship book.
Find the friendship book.
Find the friendship book.
I tried to stop her.
But she asked the girl anyway.
Find it where?
Dao keeps it.
Give it to me,...
...and you'll never see May again.
I don't want to see May again!
May took the book
so I've come to return it.
What is that?
I've returned your possession.
Now let me go.
Why don't you tell the truth?
You'll never see May again.
As promised.
I'm here!
Close your eyes!
What for?
So it won't see you?
Just do it!
The clock stops!
Nid, go to the restroom!
Now! That way you can go back!
Fern, are you okay?
I'm fine.
Let go of me!
I said, let me go!
Let go!
Nid's gone back.
The restroom is empty.
Nid's gone.
5 months later
MayMay: Where are you?
MayMay: I'm losing
my friends one by one.
MayMay: Including you.
MayMay: You said we'd meet
after the entrance exam.
MayMay: Nothing is the same.
MayMay: In the end,
we can't change the past.
MayMay: Though we thought
we'd already changed it.
MayMay: Let me ask you
something supercorny.
MayMay: Your crush
of three years.
MayMay: Have you finally told her?
Terk's dad will unplug
his life support tomorrow.
MayMay: Answer me please.
Hi May.
Are you sure
Nid's really gone?
Of course.
What's wrong?
I want to be sure what we did
that night actually worked.
If you want to be sure,
I'll tell you what to do.
Go back to Key Building.
If Nid's gone, everything related
to her must be gone too.
The urban legend,
the ghost story...
...the chair with
the red threads.
Why're you still here?
Why go back?
It's better here.
You have to go back.
We thought...
...we'd fixed it.
What's already broken
can't be fixed.
I'm sorry...
...for being
such a bad friend.
You asked May to persuade
me to come here for this?
I don't care
if you're really Nid or not.
That Nid... used to know...
...doesn't exist anymore.
It happened a long time ago.
So long as I don't know,
why I should forgive you...
...or hold grudges against you?
Since everyone's
already judged me,...
...I'll be the Nid
people thinks I am.
If you ask me now,...
...I'm telling you...
...that I don't care.
I don't care anymore.
Why go back?
What's already broken
can't be fixed.
Stay with me here.
Be what you really are.
I once joked...
...that my best friend, Dao,...
...slept with the chemistry
teacher for grades.
That threw her mom off to the
point of trying to kill herself.
Luckily the doctor saved her.
Rumours are more dangerous
than ghosts.
I told you,
ghosts aren't scary.
Then what's scary?
Sadness, maybe.
You were scared... couldn't live up to
other people's expectations.
Because you hung your life
on those expectations.
I don't like what you're saying!
In the other friendship books,...
...your friends wrote
good things about you.
I burned them all!
Nobody knows
what the old Nid was.
From now,
there'll be only this Nid.
But I know!
I read those books.
And I remember them.
Remember this song?
It's from one of
the friendship books.
Turn it off!
Choose again, Nid.
Choose again.
You don't belong here.
Don't go back. Stay here.
Be what you want to be.
Be the person you want to be.
Be the person you want us to be.
Nobody cares about you!
You can beat it, Nid.
Grade 12
But we don't belong here.
Nid is a small girl
with big, sad eyes.....
Who Is It: Where r u?
Who Is It: What're you up to?
Who Is It: Sorry I disappeared
on you. Let me call you.
"Who Is It"... me.
I'm glad...'s you.
Where are you?
What're you up to?
Are you all right?
I'm at Siam.
It's so strange.
I dreamt about you.
In the dream,
I was lost in Siam Square.
Then I saw you,
so I followed you...
...and I woke up.
I'm coming to see you.
To all friends who hang out
in Siam Square.