Siberia (2018) Movie Script

[woman speaking
indistinctly over PA]
[Pyotr] Lucas, it's Pyotr.
You ready to get rich?
You better be.
There is one small thing
I will need to tell you.
Or maybe not so small.
Maybe quite big in fact.
So hurry, please.
St. Petersburg is not
the same without you.
Your jet's boarding
in ten minutes.
May I top you off?
Good morning, Mr. Hill.
Always a pleasure.
Are you well?
Of course.
Pyotr left.
An hour ago.
Left, meaning?
Men were here,
asking about him.
When I told him this,
he grew agitated.
He said you should
meet him in Mirny.
At the...
Gorynch Guest House.
Then, he left.
Can you get me into his room?
[bell dinging]
[door closing]
[Pytor speaking]
I'm at the hotel, Pyotr.
Where we're supposed
to meet Volkov in exactly...
thirty-seven minutes,
with a sample of the blues,
in case you've forgotten.
I don't care what kind
of shit you've stepped in...
Boris Volkov isn't
a good man to disappoint.
So, where's the sample, Pyotr?
I know you.
You've figured out
some clever place,
some childish fucking trick.
I need to know where.
So, call me back please.
Fucking Pyotr.
Fifty... million... dollars.
I can assure you, Mr. Hill, it
requires effort to gather this.
I exerted myself.
How do you imagine
I'm feeling now, sitting here,
learning I might've
done this for nothing?
Your responsibility was
to procure a sample,
A single diamond,
blue in color.
It seems like
such a simple thing. And yet?
South Africans are in town.
Vincent de Bruin
and his band of cretins.
I know nothing about that.
I hope this is true.
I'd hate to think
they were somehow involved
in your unfortunate delay.
If I can just draw
on your patience...
Patience, Mr. Hill...
is like air in a sealed room.
No matter
how much you start with,
eventually, you'll run out. Hm?
I'll be back in two days.
With a sample?
The whole allotment.
Compensation for your...
regrettable tardiness, hm?
Two percent.
An even million.
I'll see you in
two days, Mr. Hill.
Two days.
Two days.
[phone ringing]
[Pyotr speaking
Russian on voicemail]
I take off for
Mirny in two hours.
You better be there.
This is my new number.
Fucking call me, Pyotr.
Mr. Hill, yes?
Pyotr said his American
friend would be coming
and that I should
give you his room,
and ask you to wait for him.
Would you like me to
escort you upstairs?
No. Thank you.
Room three.
Anywhere still
open for a drink?
Up the street.
There's a cafe.
But you need a
warmer coat, I think.
I packed for
St. Petersburg.
Then, you will be cold.
[phone ringing]
That is for you,
I believe.
A man called,
twenty minutes ago.
[phone ringing]
For the American.
[phone ringing]
I thought we were friends.
I thought we had an
We never had an understanding.
But we're still friends, right?
I'm friends with everyone,
Vincent. You know that.
Yeah, you see, so quickly,
we arrive right at
the heart of the problem...
you need to be more selective.
Because the friends that you
have now, they're cheating you.
[speaking Afrikaans]
I want you to take whatever that
Boris Volkov has promised you,
I want you to add five percent.
That's what my associates
and I are willing to offer.
Can you picture that sum?
Know what I'm picturing?
You and I,
face down in the Neva,
side by side,
like the good friends we are.
We guarantee safe passage...
a private jet...
before anyone even realizes
you've left the country.
You have no idea
what he's offering.
Would I even be calling
if that were the case?
There's no need to
say yes right now. Just...
Just don't say no.
[wind gusting]
[phone ringing]
[Pyotr speaking
Russian on voicemail]
[phone beeping]
[cash register dinging]
[speaking Russian]
[Pyotr speaking
Russian on voicemail]
[door opening]
[door closing]
Can I get you
something else?
I'm good.
[men laughing]
[both laughing]
- Da? Da?
- Hey! Hey!
Da! Da! Da!
Da! Da! Da!
- Yefrem!
- [men laughing]
[slamming glass]
[door opening
and closing]
What? You are worried
I've never seen a penis before?
- I thought...
- They're laughing now.
For three hours they drank here,
and then you... such a hero...
you threw them out
before they had to pay.
you think money
solves everything.
Take the bottle.
You paid for it.
[door opening]
[wind gusting]
[both laughing]
[both laughing]
[engine starting]
[car door opening and closing]
wake up. Hey!
[train whistle blowing]
[train whistle blowing]
[train whistle continuing]
[railway crossing dinging]
[shower running]
[shower running]
[shower running]
[Pyotr speaking
Russian on voicemail]
The least you can do is let me
know if you're okay, Pyotr.
Just pick up the
fucking phone and call me.
What are you doing?
French toast.
Mm-hmm. I know what it is.
Why are you cooking it?
A gesture of gratitude,
which I believe you're owed.
Along with an apology,
if I'm not mistaken.
Do people apologize
in America for being stupid?
Not often.
But it's still
considered good form.
Well, then,
I accept your apology.
Come. Eat.
Not much of
a talker, are you?
Who is Pyotr?
[knocking at door]
These are delicious.
My brother's wife.
She is not good for much,
but she is good for this.
What would you do if I
asked you to sleep with me?
I'd say...
[clearing throat]
...with the most
possible regret,
that I need to go find someone,
that it's very urgent.
Your mysterious Pyotr?
His brother, Andrei.
Are you asking?
He thinks it's something
that has already happened,
which means everyone else
will soon think this, too.
So, why shouldn't I make it so?
That's not the best
come-on I've ever heard.
Where's your friend's brother?
At the mine.
I want to catch him
when he comes off his shift.
I will take you.
And then, if we still
don't hate each other,
we come back here.
You're very forward.
You find this unappealing?
Quite the contrary.
[buzzer sounding]
For God's sake. Not here.
Follow in your car.
He flew in yesterday.
Then left again immediately.
Samsonov's men.
They were here,
looking for him.
Who the fuck is Samsonov?
Pyotr didn't tell you?
A bad man.
Smuggling, drugs, prostitution.
He and his men,
they are former
Spetsnaz members.
You know Spetsnaz?
Special forces?
Why are they looking for Pyotr?
Pyotr sold Samsonov
some diamonds, blue diamonds.
My diamonds?
The fuck
are you talking about?
He thought it was good way
to double the money.
Samsonov wouldn't
know they weren't real.
They were treated.
It's interesting.
You take diamonds...
I know what
treated means, Andrei.
Not like this.
Very high quality.
New technique.
here is my number.
It is secure.
A friend of your wife?
That supposed
to mean something?
[car engine starting]
[Russian man]
It's Lucas Hill.
How soon can we be airborne?
Good morning Mr. Hill.
No flying today, nor tomorrow.
Maybe, God willing, day after.
I don't have time to play this.
Just tell me who I need to pay.
Who controls the weather?
You want to fly today?
Find the man who
controls the weather.
[horn honking]
That's who you need to pay.
What's wrong with the weather?
In Mirny, there is
very little that is not wrong.
[engine starting]
I do not need to
know what that was about.
But if you are some sort of spy,
I will not be happy.
I'm not a spy.
So, how you say in English?
Good news, bad news?
Which do you want first?
I've had enough
bad for the moment.
Give me the good.
I do not hate you yet.
And the bad?
Your not-spying
took too much time.
I need to go open the cafe.
You're not disappointed?
Of course I'm disappointed.
[wind gusting in distance]
How long this time?
There and back,
if I'm lucky.
Well, play nice
with those poor Muscovites.
It's St. Petersburg
this time.
And you know me...
I always play nice.
[wind gusting in distance]
[wind gusting]
[singing in Russian]
[singing in Russian]
[Ivan speaking]
The sink.
The toilet. And...
the bed,
which is either
surprisingly comfortable
or I'm just
really fucking tired.
A lamp.
A candle.
Apparently, they lack confidence
in their power supply.
Well, you better hope not,
'cause if the lights
go out, so does the heat.
I think you'd like it here.
I'm going bear hunting.
Have you been drinking?
All work and no play, huh?
I'm trapped.
[exhaling deeply]
Wanna see an old telephone?
Send me a pic, okay?
Let's talk later?
[computer beeping]
You're not a good man.
[door opening]
[door closing]
What is that?
A gift.
In case you've
decided to hate me.
To change your mind.
A candle?
It's the thought that counts.
That's what we say in America.
Do you?
Hate me?
[panting loudly]
[gun cocking]
Ooh, ooh.
[all chuckling]
[car door closing]
[all laughing]
[sighing contentedly]
[all laughing]
[dogs growling and barking]
[dogs growling and barking]
[dogs growling and barking]
[dog whimpering]
[dog whimpering]
Mr. Hill.
How's the weather?
So, today?
- Maybe tomorrow.
- I'll see you at 11.
[Pyotr speaking
Russian on voicemail]
I'm flying back to
St. Petersburg tomorrow.
You better fucking be there.
This is my new number. Call me.
[railway crossing dinging]
[train whistle sounding]
[panting heavily]
In Russia, we have
these things we drink from.
We call them glasses.
Your parents?
My father Sasha,
mama Nina, Ivan,
Maxim, my older sister Olga.
Vladimir wasn't born yet.
That's in Australia.
My sister Olga,
and this is her husband.
They run a
travel agency in Brisbane.
I worked for them.
That's how I learned English.
And then?
And then...
my mother died.
A stroke.
Four weeks later,
my father followed.
Someone had to run the caf,
so I came back.
But what about your brothers?
My father would've
set fire to the place first.
Same outcome, only quicker.
You could stay here
longer if you wanted.
I'm not asking you to.
I'm just saying
I would not object.
I have a situation
in St. Petersburg.
I need to address it.
Pyotr and your not-spying?
You are in some
sort of trouble, I think.
In Russia, if we don't
want to answer a question,
we just ask one in return.
Is... is it true,
what they say about Anton?
What do they say about him?
That he's a good man.
Is your wife a good woman?
Very much so.
And yet, here you are.
That's true.
Here I am.
You don't think this
requires an explanation?
My wife and I
are old friends.
And sometimes,
with an old friend,
you learn to squint
away certain things,
things you'd maybe
rather not see.
Is it just her doing
this not-seeing or you too?
The thing about squinting,
you can never be certain
what you might not be seeing.
My... grandfather
was in the Gulag.
You know about the Gulag?
Of course.
He always said there were
two types of prisoners.
Some of them,
you put them in a wooden hut,
and you give them a flint,
and they'll use the flint
to try and light the stove,
and they'll pass
years like that.
Night after night,
striking the flint,
trying only
to keep from shivering.
The others?
You give them a flint,
and they'll burn the hut down.
You're saying my wife and I,
we light the stove.
Do you?
I'm so sorry for the bird.
Where did you hear that?
Your brothers.
[car engine starting]
[bells tolling]
Oh. Back so soon, Mr. Hill?
Has Pyotr surfaced?
a Mr. Volkov has been calling,
three, four times a day.
[exhaling deeply]
If I send a plane,
will you come to St. Petersburg?
[Katya] Do you imagine I'll
say no to such a thing?
It'll be at the airport
tomorrow, before dawn.
Is that too early?
Of course not.
I need a favor.
I see. Nothing comes for free.
The candle I gave you?
I need you to bring it.
This isn't supposed to seem odd?
I'll explain when
you get here, I promise.
So it is the candle you want,
and I am merely
the one who brings it?
This is humor.
American humor?
I'm sorry.
Come to St. Petersburg, Katya.
I assure you, you'll see
how much you're wanted.
[bells tolling]
[phone ringing]
[Boris] You're cutting
this close, Mr. Hill.
The air in the room...
It's almost gone.
I need more time.
But I have the sample.
If you have a sample, I do
believe you have everything.
Unless you were having
other conversations
with other parties.
South Africans, for example.
Let me take you out
tomorrow night,
you and your associates.
A gesture of good faith.
This is my city,
and you are my guest.
You'll bring the sample.
Of course. 8 PM.
You name the spot.
Ten, Mr. Hill.
This is St. Petersburg.
Nothing of any use
happens before ten.
Rubinshteina Street, 151.
I'll see you there?
[phone ringing]
- [phone ringing]
- Hello?
Lucas, my friend,
you are just too easy to find.
How can I help you?
Tell your man to drive to the
Lion's Bridge tomorrow at 9 AM.
We'll talk then.
[line disconnecting,
phone beeping]
[bells tolling]
I apologize for this
unfortunate bit of drama, Lucas.
Sometimes it's better
to meet face to face.
You've watched too many
spy films, Vincent.
On the contrary.
You've watched too few.
Tell me you're not
carrying a smartphone,
'cause even
a thug like Volkov
can track your GPS
with that thing.
[speaking Afrikaans]
To what do I
owe this pleasure?
I would like to repay a debt.
And what debt
would that be?
There was no reason for you
to contact me that evening.
It was an act of generosity
some might argue saved my life.
Now, there's no reason
for me to contact you.
Keep going.
Fuck, Lucas, you hold
everything at a distance.
You see it as a strength,
but it can also be a weakness.
I'm telling you,
feel this.
Go home, now,
before it's too late.
- [Andrei] Hello?
- [Lucas] Is he fucking me over?
- Who?
- Your brother has vanished with my diamonds.
Tell me why I shouldn't think
he's fucking me over.
Because he's Pyotr.
The FSB is involved.
Warn him, if he calls.
[exhaling sharply]
Can I see?
It's not real?
The best I've ever seen,
but no, not real.
And this is
a problem, I assume?
One of many.
The same?
I've promised someone a dozen
and I only have one,
which is
another of my problems.
Tell me about
the gun, please.
It's Pyotr's.
You found him?
Is that all you have to say?
Does your wife
know you do this?
What does she
think about it?
She's used to it.
This scent, what's the word
for it in English?
You should bring
home some of them.
For your wife.
Do you bring her gifts
when you return
from your travels?
Not so much.
Do you think
you're the gift?
That she should be
so happy to see you home?
If you love someone,
when you go away
you should bring them
To show you carry them
with you.
You are a grown man.
I should not need to
tell you this.
I want you to do
something for me.
Fuck me.
Right now.
Like you fuck
your wife.
Tell me you love me.
I love you, Gabby.
I love you, too.
Don't stop.
Don't stop.
Keep fucking her.
I want you to say
her name when you come.
Say it.
[grunting intensifies]
How old are you?
All those years,
and you still haven't learned
how to embrace someone
at a moment like this?
I'm sorry, Katya.
Your blue diamonds...
do they never lose
their color?
"Diamond" comes from
a Greek word.
It means "unalterable."
Is that why
you love them?
I love them
because they're beautiful
and rare
and tough.
Not much of a talker, are you?
I need to go out
for a couple of hours.
Will you be okay?
But you flew me
all the way out here
to sit alone
in your hotel room?
I need to go appease a man.
The man who is expecting
the dozen diamonds
but only receiving one.
I'll be back
in a couple of hours.
[door opening]
[door closing]
[car horns honking,
someone laughing]
Lucas Hill.
[laughing, glasses clinking]
Now we can begin.
Have you brought my blue beauty,
this thing of wonder?
Thank you.
Come on in.
Let's do business.
The rest is just as lovely?
Then we will be friends
for life.
[door opens]
Is that your lovely friend?
It is.
[rap music playing
in the background]
To life.
To life.
I like this girl.
Come, man. To life, huh?
In America,
you swear loyalty
by becoming blood brothers, yes?
Would you like to become my... brother?
Here's what I'd like to do.
My lovely friend here?
I tell her to suck you off.
And at the same time,
you tell your lovely friend
to suck me off.
We sit, staring at each other
until we come.
After that,
nothing can separate us.
I'm touched by your gesture.
But this is something, um...
It's not how we do things
in America.
Thank God we're in Russia, man.
She's, uh,
not good enough for you?
Quite the contrary.
You have excellent taste.
Then what is it?
Your woman's mouth is
too pretty for my cock?
Not at all.
I just think...
Boris, Boris.
- Lena?
- Mm-hmm.
Tell me to suck his cock.
I think it's better
if we leave here
as brothers.
Because if we're not brothers,
maybe we're not friends, either.
Do it.
[no audible dialogue]
[door opening]
Your room number, sir?
They're upstairs.
Thank you.
Polozin, FSB.
I'm going to be
I hope you'll respond
in kind.
The FSB has no interest
in you, Mr. Hill.
In fact, we'd like to
see you leave the country
as soon as possible.
But first, we hope you will
provide a small service.
What kind of service?
We recently took a man
named Yuri Samsonov
into custody.
Mr. Samsonov had
in his possession
a number of quite beautiful
blue diamonds.
Beautiful but worthless,
as it turned out.
Perhaps you're not so
surprised to hear this.
I'd like to speak with
my embassy, if you don't mind.
We should keep talking,
Someone, apparently,
has taken it
into his head to
inconvenience Mr. Volkov.
My job is to be
the inconvenience.
But to accomplish this,
unfortunately I need
your assistance.
It would be helpful
to us
if you would vouch for
the quality
of poor Mr. Samsonov's
fake diamonds.
What do you suppose might happen
if someone
with your unquestionable
expertise were to convince
Mr. Boris Volkov
to buy these diamonds of ours?
You know what would happen to me
if I do this.
Mr. Volkov
would be rather unhappy.
Which would give me what?
A day?
Two, maybe three.
Enough time to leave
the country.
I assume you have a reason why I
shouldn't tell you to fuck off.
Now might be the time
to share it.
When you tell us
to fuck off,
what do you think
happens to her?
Perhaps you don't care.
Mr. Hill?
How much did
Samsonov pay?
40 million.
Your partner,
he's quite the salesman.
I'm hoping
you're as skilled.
Here's a transmitter.
Not that we don't trust you,
of course.
Your lapel, please.
Thank you.
Say something.
Fuck off.
Okay, and this is for
the wire transfer.
He'll be bringing
his appraiser with him.
Will that be a problem
for you?
Depends on whether he comes
with a spectrometer.
Did he bring it last time?
I didn't see one.
Then it should not be
a problem.
Thank you, Mr. Hill.
[buzzer sounding]
[long buzzer blast
Just a quick kick of the tires,
that's all.
Of course.
You know what happens
if something is wrong?
You and I, we go
for a walk together.
What's his problem?
shut the fuck up.
My apology, brother.
In America, it's a weighty term.
Don't be like that.
Let's have a drink, kid.
I don't have time.
I have a flight to catch.
Lucas, look at me.
These diamonds are good?
As good as you'll ever see,
The account?
[device beeping]
You should have been
an actor, Mr. Hill.
We're sending you home.
[device chiming]
[phone buttons beeping]
I need a favor,
Ah, you see?
We are friends.
You contact Boris Volkov.
You offer him $65 million
for the blues,
then make excuses to delay
the transaction.
Fuck that.
I'm not paying that savage
65 million anything.
I didn't say "pay."
I said, "offer and delay."
24 hours, and you can
stop answering his calls.
I'll wire you $100K
for your trouble.
Listen. If the goal is
to cause Volkov difficulty
and to buy you time, I'll do it
now, I'll do it for free.
Thank you, Vincent.
You are a terrible man,
but an excellent friend.
I imagine you know this already,
but if you've ripped this man off,
he will kill you on principle.
[beeping phone off]
[phone buttons beeping]
[phone ringing]
You've reached the voicemail
of Gabby Hill.
After the beep, leave me
a message. Thanks.
[answering machine beeping]
[beeping phone off]
[dog barking]
[door opening]
Hate me yet?
I'll be right back.
[door closing]
Fucking Pyotr.
[bird chirping]
Lucas, are you okay?
I just talked to Andrei,
the man from the mine.
Pyotr's brother?
Yeah. Pyotr,
he's coming back here.
With the diamonds?
I'll stay with you.
No, it's okay.
I'll see you later
at home.
Tomorrow morning,
I'll be making you French toast.
And you'll be fine?
Then I'll see you
and your diamonds
and my breakfast
in the morning.
Good luck.
[door closing]
[wind howling outside]
[bullets ricocheting]