Siberia (2020) Movie Script

[slow piano music playing]
[Clint] When I was a kid,
in the summer,
I would go up
into northern Canada
with my father
and two brothers fishing.
The one male bonding
thing we did.
And the only extravagance my
rather workaholic, miserly good,
country-boy father
could muster.
We flew by bush plane,
small planes with pontoons,
into a wilderness lake where we
would be met by an old trapper
who lived there year-round.
He hadn't been back
to civilization for 20 years,
and communicated with the fish camp
organizers on a shortwave radio.
Once we got to his camp,
a group of small cabins
nestled around
his little house,
with the sides
stacked head high
with a mountain of dried bones.
Behind, there were teepees with
a small group of Cree Indians
who would take us out
on the water and be our guides.
They had names like Tom Pitt,
Rod Rat, Billy Deer.
All toothless, passive,
and alcoholic.
However, they were not allowed
liquor while they worked.
Although their eyes always were
an angry, bloodshot red,
so maybe they were
sneaking drinks.
They truly were
romantic figures gone to seed.
Anyway, the point.
At this camp,
there was a group of huskies
that that trapper kept for his
dogsled for work in the winter.
It wasn't until
we stopped going
that this guy got rid of them
for a snowmobile.
These dogs were sweet,
but wild enough to be scary.
The biggest manhood challenge
for me at six years old
was running from our cabin
to the outhouse,
because the dogs would chase
you and nip at your heels.
While you were in the outhouse,
they would scratch at the door
and growl.
And then,
when you were through,
you'd race back
to the safety of your cabin
hoping the nips
wouldn't turn into bites.
[wind blowing]
[dogs barking in distance]
[dogs continue barking]
[speaking Yupik]
Rum it is.
[dogs barking outside]
[man speaking Yupik]
[laughing] Good.
[speaking Yupik]
They're hungry.
[speaking Yupik]
[man speaking Yupik]
[dogs barking]
[Clint mutters]
[man speaking Yupik]
- [coughs]
- [spoon rattles]
[dog whines]
[slot machine noises]
[man muttering]
Hey, can I get another one
of these when you get a chance?
- How often you play?
- Never.
- Why?
- I don't need to.
- But you might win.
- I don't wanna win.
I don't wanna lose.
- Oh.
- Okay.
- Come on. Yep.
- Here we go.
[hits button]
- There you go. There you go.
- Mm.
- Come on.
- Come on.
- Come on...
- Come on, baby.
Come on.
[dogs barking]
[dogs barking]
[women speaking Russian]
[dogs whining]
It's okay.
[speaking Russian]
[Clint] Good?
[speaking Russian]
[all speaking Russian]
[slow piano music playing]
[fire crackling]
[breathing heavily]
[dogs barking]
[dogs barking]
[metal scraping]
[dogs barking]
[metal scraping]
[ground breaking]
[grunts softly]
[wind blowing]
[fire crackling]
[man] I don't understand...
how you can have anything to do
with someone like her.
Just because you
don't understand
doesn't mean it cannot be.
But why?
That's the wrong question.
The right question is,
"Is this the way
of the world?"
And the answer is yes.
What do you know?
You don't live in the world.
You stuck yourself at the
end of the universe in here.
You can't see your selfishness,
arrogance, and above all, your ignorance.
You pretend to be
open to all things
but can't see
how closed-minded you are.
Do you actually believe
you'll find your soul here?
My soul is within me.
Wrong again, brother.
Your soul is outside of you,
and you must claim it.
I have.
I began a journey
that finished here.
There is no beginning.
There is no end.
That's babble.
That's not the language
of the soul.
Time will pass,
and you'll continue to be lost.
You sound like my father.
You complain that your father
didn't know you.
He carried you on his back
through life,
and all you can do is criticize
some oversights he committed,
while you are guilty
of the biggest crimes.
What crimes were those?
You tell me.
No, instead you'd like
to hear it from my mouth
so you can deny it.
That's the same cowardly game
you played with your father.
I love my father.
You were not a loving son.
You were a burden to him.
And now to me.
[woman speaking Russian]
[breathing heavily]
[dog howling]
[Clint] When I had been pondering many
different things to myself for a long time,
and had for many days been seeking
my own self and what my own good was,
and what evil
was to be avoided,
there suddenly spoke to me...
What was it?
I myself or someone else?
Inside or outside me?
This is the very thing I
would love to know, but don't.
[dogs barking]
[dog whining]
Okay! Okay!
[speaking German]
Good dog.
[men yelling in German]
[gunshots continue]
[gunfire echoes]
[man whistling]
[dog whining and barking]
[dog barking]
[dog whining]
[dog whining]
[dog whining]
I just wanted to see the Dells.
I just wanted to see the Dells.
I just wanted to see the Dells.
I just wanted to see the Dells.
I just wanted to see the Dells.
I just wanted to see the Dells.
I'm waiting for the doctor.
I'm waiting for the doctor.
I'm waiting for the doctor.
I'm waiting for the doctor.
I'm waiting for the doctor.
Where is the doctor?
Where is the doctor?
Teach me... how to die.
Teach me... how to die.
- [screaming]
- [woman] Where is the doctor?
Where is the doctor?
Where is the doctor?
Where is the doctor?
Where is the doctor?
Where is the doctor?
Where is the doctor?
The doctor where is...
Where is the doctor?
The doctor...
Where is the doctor?
Where is the doctor?
- Teach me... how to die.
- Where is the doctor?
Where is the doctor?
The doctor...
[dog whining]
[whining continues]
I'm glad you're here.
[Clint] Dad?
I just gotta get some gear.
What gear?
I promised you
I'd take you fishing.
Just gotta go get the boat
out of the garage,
and hitch it up to the Buick,
and head out at the crack of
dawn to old Partridge Lake.
That'd be a heck of a lot more fun
than sitting around watching TV.
But, Dad, don't you
remember what the doctor said?
What did he say?
He said you're dead.
Don't listen to him.
Tell me again,
what grade you in?
Ah, never mind.
We're going fishing.
We'll get to Fremont
before the sun comes up.
I'll lower the Alumacraft
in the water,
fill it up with gear,
poles... tackle boxes,
life preservers, an ice chest full of cheese
and bologna sandwiches, potato chips...
A large thermos
of ice cold Hawaiian Punch.
And I'll take
the Johnson 20-horse outboard,
put it in the water,
and pull on the starter cord.
[mimics starter engine]
I'll let you drive
till we get to
where I think the fish are.
Where there's tree stumps
and tall reeds
and half submerged rocks.
That's their cover,
that's where they are.
I'll hit the kill switch
on the motor.
and we'll drift it
so we don't spook the fish.
It's so quiet.
I'll put on my lucky mouse lure.
A Lazy Ike for you.
And for your brother,
a Dardevle Spoon with a pork rind skirt.
In the stillness you can hear
the distant calls...
of the loons.
Sounds like a woman
being strangled.
[hooting softly]
[hooting loudly]
I see a spot.
I guess it might play
right there,
right between the lily pads.
I let it sit...
then I play the lure.
Make it dance.
Make it looks like something he
wants, something he's hungry for,
then, bang!
And then you set the hook,
reel him in.
[thunder rumbles]
[dogs barking]
[dogs barking]
[sheep bleating]
[animal growling]
[people chanting
in foreign language]
[rattle shaking]
- [chanting stops]
- [rattle continues]
[chanting resumes]
[medical machine beeping]
[men indistinct]
Respect the presence of sleep.
That is the first thing.
And keep away
from those who sleep badly...
or stay awake all night.
Modest is even the thief
in the presence of sleep.
He walks slowly
through the night.
Immodest is the night watcher
with carrying his light
and horn.
No small art is it to sleep.
That's why we
must keep awake all day.
Ten truths have to be found
during the day,
otherwise your soul
will be hungry
and search the truth at night.
Ten times we must laugh
during the day
and be cheerful.
Otherwise your stomach,
the father of affliction,
will disturb you at night.
[baby crying]
[dogs howling]
[dogs barking]
[sheep bleating]
[birds chirping]
[Clint] Friend.
How are you?
[man] I'm fine.
Who are you?
What are you doing here?
I'm interested in
the black arts.
They say you're
a great magician.
- Really?
- What can you tell me?
That there is nothing to tell.
I'm not here
to steal from you.
I'm here to learn.
I came from a long way.
Why did you come to see me?
Because you have heard that I have once
helped people that were sick or abandoned?
Is that it?
How did you do it?
With compassion.
Just like that?
I thought it would be more difficult.
Tell me, Professor,
what do you
make of the black arts?
It's an act of vanity
beneath nature, beneath science.
You've arrived at this
through reason.
That is your problem.
Don't criticize me.
You make me laugh.
What is funny about you
is that your reason
does not stop you.
The secrets you want to know
are the negative
of all knowledge.
Your reason is an obstacle.
[accordion playing]
[woman singing indistinct]
It's impossible
to live without reason.
[bird squawking]
[woman] What do you want
with me now?
Haven't you caused everyone
enough pain?
As much as you
cost me.
I'm so angry.
I'm so... angry.
You know I thought about
getting a gun.
To kill me?
But no one would give me one.
You didn't try hard enough.
No one would help me find one.
No, you didn't try hard enough
to understand what I did.
I guess they were afraid
I'd use it on myself.
You wouldn't do that.
Why did you humiliate me?
You didn't take care.
You stopped paying attention,
you made room
for bad things to happen.
My therapist
says you're selfish.
You need a new therapist.
- You destroyed my life.
- We destroyed our life.
We became coarse
with each other.
Guilt isn't something
to be shared.
[Clint sighs]
The only thing I'm guilty of
is loving you too much.
Tell that to your son.
Is he here?
You know, the only thing I'm
guilty of is loving you too much.
You know that, right?
[whispers] Hey.
[slow piano music playing]
[woman speaking Japanese]
[woman moaning]
[both grunt]
[Clint grunts]
[woman's moaning intensifies]
- [woman climaxing]
- [Clint grunts]
[breathing heavily] Mm.
- [woman moaning softly]
- [Clint breathing softly]
- [slapping]
- [grunts]
Clint, you look so tired.
I walked all the way home.
Yeah, all the way
from the school.
Yes, I waited for you.
I would have picked you up.
- No.
- Oh, yes.
- No, that's what you always say.
- I would have come.
I wait, and I wait, and I wait,
and you never come.
I come.
I would have come.
[Clint] Mm.
Mom, I'm sorry.
For what?
That I wasn't there
at the end.
It's all right,
you were busy.
You're all...
equal in-in
attention to the family
and that's really wonderful
'cause you might
get one that's lazy
and doesn't want to
get up and go and...
Well... we could...
This is...
listen, you're gonna age.
And then I thought, "Oh, that's...
No, we shouldn't do that."
And right about that time...
I think that was...
[makes horse noises]
Hey, get off the horse.
[makes gunshot noises]
[horse whinnying]
Who are you?
Who am I?
It doesn't matter.
You don't need to know
who I am to talk to me.
You seem to be a disciple
of the black arts,
a student of heretics
and non-believers.
Don't tell me who I am
when you're struggling
to know who you are.
What are you hiding?
You are sincere, well-meaning.
Do you think
that makes you a saint?
I believe in right and wrong,
but I am no saint.
Okay, don't be
so hard on yourself or me.
You are not a saint,
so be human.
Enjoy, fuck up.
Shake your ass, dance.
[static from record player]
by Del Shannon playing]
[song fades out]
[dogs barking]
by Bloodspot playing]
[indistinct chatter]
[all yelling]
[glass shattering]
[rock music fades out]
[dogs barking]
- [dog barks]
- [Clint indistinct]
[dogs barking]
[dogs howling]
[dog barks]
[man grunts]
[dog barks]
[man speaking Yupik]
[man grunts]
[match flicks]
[dog barks]
[dogs barking]
[dog barks]
[man speaking Russian]
[fish speaking Russian]
[dog whines]
["Volcanoes" by Bloodspot playing]
[song ends]
[soft piano music playing]
[music fades]