Siberia and Him (2019) Movie Script

We have to stop this.
- What?
- I mean. This...
- How?
- It's just all wrong.
- Wrong?
- I've made up my mind, this is it.
- Was it ever right?
- Don't tell anyone anything.
Sasha, are you sleeping?
I brought you some food.
How was work?
It was fine. But today...
You know Ivan Siderov's wife, Olga?
Yeah, what happened?
We're getting laid off soon.
Hopefully not.
Don't worry,
we'll figure something out.
Why do you look so pale?
I've been throwing up all night.
It was probably the food you brought.
Don't make me laugh. Please.
You've been home all week.
Go somewhere, get out of the house.
Ok then. I hate working
the night shift. I'm going to bed.
Reheat the cereal and meatballs
I brought. It's delicious.
I will.
- Anything to drink?
- Vodka.
- How much? A shot?
- Double!
200 rubles.
Give us two more, sweetie.
I haven't seen you here before.
Come on, let's do it.
Everyone face down
and get your hands up! Fast!
Hands behind your head!
Check their passports.
Show me your ID's, now!
How many are in here?
Eleven fucking faggots,
can you believe this shit?
- Hello?
- Dima!
Yes, what happened?
Mom told me something
is wrong with grandma.
She hasn't been answering
her phone for a week.
- Don't worry, she's fine.
- It's been seven days already.
- She always calls back...
- I don't know, we should go visit her.
Can you take off work?
I can't leave him.
I'll try.
- Find out what's wrong with grandma.
- Ok, I'll do my best.
Mom will be coming over tonight.
I have to run, love you.
- Dima, what's up.
- Ah, it's you.
What should we do
with those faggots?
- I don't know, why?
- Should we press charges or what?
- How many are there again?
- Eleven.
Two chicks, too.
- Are you ok?
- Yes.
Make them pay a fine
and let them go.
Why the fuck should
we keep them here?
Sanya recognized one of them.
That faggot lives
on the same street as him.
- By the way, he...
- Listen, Anna just called.
Some family problem.
I might call out on Monday.
- Can you cover me?
- Of course brother, no worries.
What happened though?
Who the fuck knows.
All right... I have to go.
You look pale. Didn't get any
from Anya last night?
You are such a jerk.
Calm down, I'll cover you.
Where were you last night?
I was waiting.
Svet, I told you.
It will not work out.
- I love you, you know?
- Svet...
You're wonderful, but I've got
too much going on.
- You understand?
- I don't.
Who am I to you? Are you
just using me or what?!
I told you right at the beginning.
Just tell me the truth.
Dima, are you ok? Help me,
mom is coming soon.
Yes, of course.
What do you need?
I mean, grab some vodka
from the fridge.
- What time is it?
- Almost seven.
Mom! It's open!
Mom, where were you? Weren't
you supposed to be here at six?
Anna, you know I have a second job.
I can't just leave.
Where is Sasha?
- Is he coming too?
- Yes, soon.
- Well, let's cheers to no War.
- Oh yes.
Mom, she hasn't answered
the phone for almost eight days.
I'm really worried.
We have to check on her.
- Dima took a day off work.
- Of course.
- I would go myself, but who will let me.
- And I've got the little one.
Only Dima can. Right, Dima?
And Sasha will go with you.
You can't even drive to her,
only on horseback.
Why the fuck did she move
so far away? Oh dear.
Alright then, you guys go
and check.
What if she needs some help
around the house?
Right. I mean, sure.
I can do it all myself. And Sasha
will look after everyone here.
Dima, are you ok?
I wonder... why there are no planes
flying over our village?
Jesus, what for?
At least nothing
will fall on our heads.
I'll pack some salami for her.
And you can take some for the road.
- I don't know why, but I feel weird.
- Why?
I don't know, I've gota strange
feeling in my gut.
- You mean stomach pain?
- Oh no.
It's because of Dima,
he's become so quiet.
I don't understand. He's different.
He doesn't tell me anything.
- Can you talk to him?
- About what?
Try to ask him, maybe you can find
something out.
- He doesn't tell me anything.
- Ok, I will ask.
- Forgive me.
- What for?
That's it, we're here.
We can walk the rest of the way.
I understand, but there's nothing
I can do about it.
You think it's easy for me?
You've chosen your family.
What about me?
Well, this is the room.
It is small, but cozy.
It has two beds, and the carpet is
fairly new. Make yourself at home.
By the way, there are some clean
towels for the sauna. Help yourself.
- Got it.
- What else?
Are you living here all by yourself?
I've been alone since my man died
a while back.
So I rent it out for 350 rubles a night.
I have to pay for his memorial soon.
First it's one memorial, then another
4 months later. It's expensive.
- Was this his room?
- Oh, no. He never lived in this room.
We lived in the other room.
He even died just outside the house,
behind the fence.
Poor thing.
He suffered so much.
It's so hard to be single, all alone.
Very hard.
- I wanted to say I'm sorry.
- It's all good.
- Is it ok?
- Yes.
Turn around.
Do you think you can?
Can you?
I don't know.
Me neither.
- I can't explain.
- I can't look in her eyes anymore.
Do you understand?
I can't lie to her anymore.
I can't eat or drink.
I don't know what is happening with me.
All these feelings.
It's time to go.
What's wrong?
Tell me, what's wrong?
This is a really good one.
Your mom packed it for us.
She makes the best one.
Was that a dog bark?
- Probably a wolf.
- A wolf?
There are a lot of wolves
and bears in this area.
Some rabbits and foxes, too.
Oh fuck.
- Don't worry. You'll be fine with me.
- Yeah.
That's for sure.
- Are you sleeping?
- No.
For some reason, I just remembered
the first time I saw you.
- Do you remember?
- I do.
I came to your house,
to meet everyone.
And you got drunk.
I'd do it the same way again.
It's all good. Honestly.
I love you.
I used to come here a lot.
- What for?
- I don't know.
No one bothers me here.
You should go, I'll be right back.
Ok, I'll go.
Miss, do you know where we can find
a grocery store around here?
- What?
- Is there a store?
- You know, to buy some food?
- There is no store around here.
- Where is the nearest one?
- It's been closed for a year already.
There is one a few hours from here.
- No store at all?
- We don't need a store here.
Is there anyone who sells milk
around here?
Is she stupid?
My dear, you came!
How are you feeling?
Why don't
you call or answer your phone?
- Where is the phone?
- It's right here.
- You didn't charge the battery.
- What?
- Are you hungry?
- Not at all, why should I be!
Dima, can you boil some water
for the tea then?
What's wrong with Dima?
Did he get into a fight with Anna?
Don't worry. It's all going to be good.
Should we drink?
Yes, let's drink.
That's enough.
- Let's cheers.
- Let's.
- Let's cheers to no war, right?
- Cheers to no war at all.
A tomato? A cucumber?
Some meat?
You're upset because of Anna,
aren't you?
I know she makes you worried.
You should just talk to her.
- Grandma, you shouldn't.
- It's all good.
- Should we drink another one?
- Another one.
- What are we drinking for?
- For love.
Ok then. For love.
For love.
Forget about me then.
Try to never think of it again.
I mean...
It's for the best, anyway.
Don't think about it.
That's not what I meant.
I don't understand what it is.
- But I can't...
- I don't know.
- Why did you look at me like that?
- I don't know.
- Why were you staring at me?
- Me?
I've been trying to figure it
out for a year.
- Do you think it's been easy for me?
- And me?
I don't understand
what is happening to me.
Be quiet. You will wake grandma up.
You understand that I couldn't
have said anything else?
It's all good.
- We can't be together.
- What if we run away?
- No.
- Why not?
I've said enough already.
Alright, we have to go back.
Thank you for checking on me.
Please visit again.
- Thank you my little one.
- Thank you so much.
Come back again,
don't forget about me.
Alright. We gotta go.
- I will be back soon, for sure.
- Come back...
Don't look.
We'll be passing some lakes soon.
It's pretty.
We can stop if you want.
To eat.
I don't really care.
- I'm going to rinse off.
- Go.
- Stir the soup.
- Sure.
I've never truly loved you.
I just wanted to know, to try it out.
You think you were the only one?
To try? Try what?
Are you being serious?
I've never loved you, that's all.
How come?!
How come?!
- You look so pretty.
- Yeah sure.
I just worry. Where are they now?
Why worry? They'll be back soon.
What time do you need
to be at work?
I have to go soon.
Can you feed Senechka?
Of course. Get ready my love.
Tell Vera we haven't got the meat yet,
I'll give her a call when we do.
I woke up last night and couldn't get
back to sleep.
I don't know.
Don't think about it.
They will be back tonight.
Go get ready.
Anna, what's wrong?
- Are you Ok?
- I don't know, Vera.
Is it because of Dima?
Don't worry.
I just can't anymore,
he keeps thinking about her.
- I'm so tired of it.
- Stop it.
My husband was cheating on me with
Tomka, I beat her up and he stopped.
- I don't know what to do.
- Nothing! It can happen to anyone.
- Who is she?
- If I only knew.
You have to calm down, don't cry.
He only loves you.
I know that for sure.
Let's go, calm down.
Everything will be fine.
My dear, finally you're back.
I've missed you so much.
- How is grandma?
- Where is Sasha?
Grandma is fine. Her health
has been good. She said hi.
Thank God!
- Where is Sasha?
- Sasha?
He had to stay there,
to help her out.
- Stayed? For how long?
- I don't know. A week or so, he said.
- For that long?
- Mom, he will be back. Come on.
- Are you hungry?
- No. I'm tired.
Go rest, son.
What's wrong my love?
- Just tired.
- Go finally rest.
- I've missed you so much.
- Me too.
I'm tired.
Tired? Ok.
Let's do it tomorrow.
I love you.