Siberian Sniper (2021) Movie Script

Look at them, walking
all straight and arrogant,
not afraid of anything.
You've seen it?
Where it comes from?
Yes, seen it.
Can you take it?
Not sure, lieutenant,
but I can try.
Hold it.
You'll only uncover us.
Arrogant bastards.
They are aware that we
can't fire back
Maybe Ivanych...
could take them with
a machine gun, sir.
No need,
the heavy is an easy target
for them now,
they already took down all of
our snipers.
Not all of us, lieutenant.
The fact that you, Guryanov,
know the theory well,
does not make you a sniper.
Hey, cheer up,
reinforcements are coming soon.
Hope there will be snipers.
It's so cold out here.
Where are you from, pal?
From Yakutia.
Yes, I heard, it's freezing
out there now, isn't it?
Nah, it's fine.
The snow is already on
the ground.
Will it snow here soon?
I don't know.
It will soon.
In honor of our great
upcoming victory.
You hear that?
Yes, that's ours.
Smoking out the Germans.
Don't get scared,
it's going to be fine.
From the air!
Get down!
Pull over!
Nowhere to hide!
It's coming back!
Where are you shooting at?
It's gone.
Get up.
This is what you call a
May I come in, sir?
Come in.
What's there?!
It seems quiet as usual.
No fire.
Just sitting there.
Behind their ground mines.
And they keep playing their
propaganda through the speaker.
What do the scouts report?!
The last group was lost
three days ago.
Then send one more group.
We're out of people.
We've been waiting for the promised
reinforcements for two months now.
I can't even set
the observations either.
The Germans won't let
us raise our heads up.
And we've got nothing
to fire back.
One Guryanov is all we got
from snipers.
Lieutenant, we've got one German
messer down not far from here.
We need to report that to base.
But we are out of scouts, snipers,
not even information on the enemy.
What do you expect me to do?
You should recruit snipers
and scouts from volunteers.
From what we have.
Yes, sir!
Ask for an artillery, sir.
We would knock them out of
here to hell.
May I, sir?
The reinforcements have
arrived - four soldiers.
The German Messer destroyed
the entire column, sir.
Are there any snipers among
the survivors?
No, Major.
Here are their papers.
Nice song.
You should hear the one
I sing when riding a bull.
Never thought your Yakut
songs can be this cheery,
the ones you sang before
used to put me asleep.
Those songs are also needed.
For when you're having a
long bumpy ride in a cart,
the songs help you
ease the long way.
Each case has its own song.
What's the song for your
case now?
Guys, quiet!
Hold still!
Who's singing?
It's three Nickolays.
All three of them?
Nickolaev Nickolay Nickolaevich.
May I go see him, sir?
Go ahead.
Damn, the messer sure
took down most of you.
Yeah, if this guy hadn't
started shooting back at messer,
it would have finished us off...
Hey, Nick-Nick,
what's your native tongue like?
It's red.
Ugh, I'm asking about
language, not about the tongue.
Uh, language.. ok.
How do you say "a man"?
A man? Well that depends on
what kind of a man we're talking about.
There's a man - man,
and there's a woman...
Screw you!
Then how do you say "a boy"?
A boy?
Hm, that also depends on
what kind of a boy you mean.
I am a boy named Kolya,
you are a boy named Misha.
Oh come on!
How you do say cow in
your language?
A cow?
There are so many ways.
For example, there's a
Manaachiya, Erienchikei,
There's even Khomurdos
at our farm!
Knock it off!
I'm asking how you say "cow"!?
Oh, you should have
made it clear!
Because Khomurdos is
actually a bug.
Fine, enough with the cows.
You're only fooling around.
Me? Fooling around!?
Say you're not?
Then tell me how you say hi?
How you greet people?
Neryuen nergui.
You see! A man just said it!
I'm Mikhail.
Why are you sitting still?
I'm Nickolay.
I'm Egor.
When did you arrive?
Last night.
And you?
How long you've been here?
About a year now.
Oh, that's a long time.
Yes, I am.
That was you singing the toyuk.
Yes, that was me.
- So my toyuk singing brought you here?
- Yes!
Private Cherin, follow me!
Yes, sir!
Alright, see you later!
Don't stick your heads up,
the German sniper won't miss it.
- Clear!?
- Yes, sir!
At ease!
Lieutenant, arrived
at your command, sir.
Thank you.
At ease!
Yes, sir!
Follow me!
Why didn't you report that
you opened fire on the messer?
I can't really tell,
It just happened.
I was shooting in the heat of
the moment.
Without aiming, sir.
Without aiming? Really?
Yes, sir!
Get in position and hit
the second target.
Where do I hit the target,
Where do you hit the enemy
to take him down for good?
If it was a squirrel,
I'd have to aim for the eye,
so there's no damage to its
fur and skin.
But who needs a fascist
skin, right?
Think about it.
Where were you aiming?
The forehead, Lieutenant.
So where should you shoot
the enemy?
In the heart,
Comrade Lieutenant!
Then shoot!
It looks like your
shot is just above the heart.
Allow me to report, Lieutenant.
My bullet hit the target
I believe the fascist will not
stand straight in front of me, sir.
He will be lying down.
Then the bullet will reach
his heart through the shoulder.
Unless the fascist's heart
sinks like a wolf's one.
What does the wolf have
to do with it?
Wolf, comrade lieutenant, as it sits
upright, its heart goes down and sinks.
It may even drop below
the bladder.
The fascist, of course,
is also a wolf, but...
Enough! Let's go!
Your 'bird' fell on my head.
What bird, Comrade Lieutenant?
A loon...
Iron, German loon, that
you hit without aiming.
It fell two kilometers
from here.
The plane is alright,
but the pilot isn't.
Private Cherin!
Would you like to become
a sniper?
Yes, sir, I do!
Private Cherin is ready
to serve as a sniper!
I will petition for you to
the base.
- Now go to your comrades.
- Yes, sir!
Firing again...
Heads down!
It'll end soon.
You can end this pointless bloodshed.
The Germans are your allies,
not enemies.
You will be treated nicely.
You will get hot delicious
food and warm clothes.
Hand me water, got some?
Here, take it. Looks
like you need it.
Calm down,
they are not firing anymore.
Drink more!
Ugh, those fascists!
Hang on, Grisha!
Hang on.
Are you out of your mind?!
Fascists! Bastards! Go to hell!
You hear me?!
I hate you! I'll kill you all!
He's not worth a bullet.
Where you going, you fool?!
Get down! Fascists, you pigs!
- Private Cherin!
- Yes, sir!
Heads down!
There's a machine gun.
You've got about 7
or 8 seconds to take
down the machine gunner
when he's reloading.
I'm so sick of them, guys!
Guryanov, come here!
Give the rifle to Cherin!
The sniper covers
the machine gun.
May I take a look, sir?
Go ahead.
There are three of them, huh?
Working tight.
They are.. Go for it!
Take it.
I've got a mission for you.
Our machine gun was
brought down with a precise sniper hit.
Von Rulich, I suggest we
take more serious actions.
While they are weak and
have nothing to fire back.
Mister Braun!
Our superiority may turn out to
be nothing more than arrogance.
You assured us that the Russians
are not capable of firing back.
That the Schultz group took care
of all of their snipers,
but yet they manage to neutralize
our machine gun with three shots!
I'm afraid we can miss
the moment.
Spring 1942, one of our
divisions went to break
through Russian defense,
assuming they were exhausted.
Scouting reported the Russians
were almost broke down.
But they had a dozen of young
snipers with no experience
what so ever.
As a result, the advance failed.
And our people lost their
positions to youngsters.
You do understand, Mr. Braun
that we cannot take such risk.
Until we have reinforcements
and the tanks.
Russians got sniper?
Neat work.
But you shouldn't worry, Schultz,
we'll take care of them all.
I've got space for all of them.
Losing your guard, comrade!
The enemy is out there.
Lieutenant Shagurov!
Sergeant Ponomarev!
Here are our documents.
Guryanov, Cherin, come here.
Here's the deal,
judging by the accuracy of their artillery,
the spotter settled somewhere in this area.
Your mission.
Is to reach the flank of
the center line.
Right here and...
- Lieutenant!
- Yes.
Give the sniper Cherin a rifle!
Yes, sir!
Be very careful.
Follow this narrow path, the
rest is full of ground mines.
Find out the spotter's location,
pick a good position.
And at 6 am sharp
Ivanych will start a fire.
Using that noise, you take down
the spotter and get back here.
All clear?!
Do it!
Yes, sir!
Comrade lieutenant,
allow me to report.
Lieutenant Shagurov! Arrived by
order of the front commandment!
- Scouts?
- Yes, sir!
Lieutenant Loboda!
Mind a cup of tea?
Sure, let's go have one.
This is a very tricky place.
Nowhere to trespass in
this place.
Three or four tanks would have been enough
to knock them out of here.
There will be no tanks,
Your main goal is to hold on.
And maintain the position until the
commandment makes the only right decision.
So then why are you here?
We have a command to get some
sightseeing done in your area.
Look, lieutenant,
the aircraft that your
private hit,
looks like it was fueled
up for a 10 minute range flight.
That would mean that it
took off somewhere nearby.
But the messer came here not just
for a walk, it was on a mission.
That can only mean that
they have located a base here.
So what then?
So then, if my guess is right - the Germans
are pulling all the equipment here,
sooner or later
they'll beat you out of here.
And will reach the
strategically important objects.
And if I'm wrong...
then I'm afraid we will have
to push them back with what we have now.
One more question.
Is your beard making battles
No, lieutenant, it's not.
You know, sir, that at scouting it's not
only about skills, but also about luck too.
I'll shave it off when
the time is right.
When we are done with
this mission.
Target detected.
It must be a machine gunner.
Yes, it is.
You're gonna be 52nd.
Hold your fire, we've got more
important things, than
your personal score.
Hold the position,
watch until I get back.
Do not start a fire at any cost.
Damn it!
Any luck?
Nah, Egor must have
scared away all the snipers.
What's that for?
I'm going hunting.
- Is this protocol?
- It is, it is.
All clear?
- Yes.
- Yeah
At 6 sharp I'll start a fire.
Here, take it
but make sure you bring it back.
It means a lot to me.
Well, brothers,
don't let us down.
Hand me that.
Oh, sorry, man,
there's nothing left.
I don't need the food.
You don't? Cause I can tell Bychkov,
he's gonna feed you well.
Egor, listen,
how do you hit the target?
I don't hit the target,
the bullet does.
Egor, but the bullet is a fool.
It is, if you are a fool.
And a bigmouth.
Where did they get the snipers?
We are in a very
crucial time for
the imminent
breakthrough of the army.
I would have known about it.
Especially when it comes
to snipers.
All three shots were taken
from one sight.
Maybe there are two of them,
But I believe it's one shooter.
Is he a pro?
Russians don't have
but they have very gifted
defenders of their lands.
That's why so many
surprises are ahead of us.
You see the smoke? It's them?
Get ready to fire when
Ivanych starts.
What? Me?
Yes, you!
What if he doesn't come out?
I'm gonna get him out.
So I say:
I am sick of your porridge!
How's it going?
Give us meat.
Have you seen my fellow
He looks just like me.
I was told you know where he is.
- You talking about Egor?
- Yes, right.
Why you look for him?
I'm getting transferred to the
base. Will work there from now.
Just wanted to see him
before I leave.
He's on a mission.
A very important one.
- Oh I see.
- Oh, crap, you distracted me!
Get out of my way, radioman!
Hope you made it, guys.
Here comes the 52nd...
We are here, and they go there.
Oh, Guryanov.
How did the mission go?
Cherin? Where's Cherin?
I don't know.
What happened?
Here he is!
Come here.
You've got us a snitch, Cherin!
Heavy bastard!
He claims that the only
thing he does is
to determine and adjust enemy's
fire so they can repel it.
How many tanks and
artillery do they have?
No artillery,
but soon there will be.
Why is that?
He says his cousin's husband Friedrich
got mobilized here, and he's a mechanic.
He's been serving as an artillery mechanic
throughout the war.
How many snipers are there?
He's not sure, but he says
Dirk Schultz arrived last month.
And Schultz's mission
is to completely blind us.
There are rumors
that he has a hunch for
snipers and for
reconnaissance of the enemy.
Here you go.
Lamb meat.
Have a nice meal.
Veal chops.
Here you go.
Move along, no loitering.
Blanc manger? Pancake pies.
What are you having?
Albert cookies?
It's snowing little
early this year.
Enjoy your meal.
Move along, bon appetite.
May I have veal chops?
Chops? Here you go.
Enjoy your meal.
Blanc manger, please.
- Blanc manger?
- Blanc manger.
Here's your blanc manger.
Thank you!
Oh, and what would you
like to eat?
I'm gonna have veal
chops and Albert cookies.
No, no.
You must pick one.
Where you from?
From Yakutia.
Oh, looks like you brought
us this snow.
Not only snow, he brought
us a captive, a snitch
And took down the sniper.
So it must be snowing
in honor of your first win!
If so, here are your veal chops
Enjoy your meal!
Thank you!
Hey, Bychkov, what if
Cherin brings us Hitler?
Then I'll really cook
everything on the menu.
Even the lamb?
Yeah right...
And eggplants.
And even filet mignon.
Enjoy your meal!
Sounds like lots of damned
porridge to me.
Ivanov is looking for us.
First of all,
get rid of the fear.
The wolf always feels
when you're frightened.
Don't let him know if you are.
He is your target.
Not you.
Aim at him.
And let go of everything else.
No regrets, no sorry,
nothing else matters.
Right in between exhale
and inhale.
See, works every time.
It does.
Alright, let's go.
Listen, Egor,
you knew that I would
miss, right?
On our mission.
Well, I knew for sure that
we would succeed.
It's just you're a very kind
person, Misha.
And this all must be really
hard for you.
Who's Ivanov?
Head of the local
communist party?
Don't know,
the one with a hair style.
Oh, I see.
Comrade lieutenant, private Guryanov
and Cherin here at
your command, sir!
Where you've been?
There's no day-off at war,
This is nothing like back home.
Guilty, lieutenant.
We've been practicing.
Great job, by the way.
That's why I've been told to...
Get you a reward for your
brave fight. Ask anything.
Thank you, lieutenant, but
we are already having a day-off.
And also Bychkov
has fed us really good.
Good to hear,
Bychkov is a good guy.
Well, no means no.
Actually, I need something.
What is it that you need?
I need a mirror, sir!
A mirror?!
Out of all things all you
ask is for a mirror?
I really need it, lieutenant!
If you need it that much.
Here, take it.
Thank you, comrade lieutenant!
Hold on...
Give it back for a second.
Alright, you can leave now.
I'm listening.
All clear, general!
You want us to relocate the
tanks to repel one platoon?!
Perhaps I should ask for a
whole aviation to get here?!
Colonel, comrade Shagurov has
interrogated the German spotter.
And it really turns out that
they are grouping their forces here.
Obviously we could use an
artillery here.
Besides, the German messer
we recently hit was from somewhere nearby.
If they do invade soon,
no matter how hard we try,
they will break through 15 kilometers.
And that's a
whole lot of consequences.
Send us at least three tanks,
that would be enough to defend.
Let Shagurov get a closer look.
If he finds anything out,
then we'll talk
And if not?
Then you'll have to fight
the Germans out with your bare hands!
Does anyone here have
any experience in scouting?
Or maybe has special
skills or achievements?
Well, all of my soldiers
are heroes,
there are no cowards for sure!
Sir, may I ask, sir?
At ease. Go ahead.
When do we attack, sir?
Other soldiers are fighting the fascists.
Meanwhile we are sitting low
here, eating up Bychkov's food.
- Need a fighter?
- Where to, lieutenant?
You ever tried scouting?
Yes, sir. Tried once.
Will you join scouts?
Scouts? Sure!
We could also use a good sniper.
Cherin! Lieutenant. He hit a German messer
and captured a spotter.
Set aside!
Yeah, he's the only decent one.
Private Cherin here
at your command, sir!
What was your mission?!
To neutralize the spotter, sir!
Listen, Cherin, when I
send soldiers on a mission,
they must follow the protocol,
without putting at risk
themselves and fellow soldiers!
Is that clear?
Yes, sir!
That is why you'll be joining
Ponomarev's scouts group today.
Follow the order!
Yes, sir!
This is yours, lieutenant.
Take it.
You've brought it back to me once,
you'll do the same this time too.
Is that clear?
Yes, sir!
We're almost
breaching the enemy's front.
Our mission is to
break through the German
line unnoticed and
hide deep in their back.
There's a mine roadblock.
That's why we will be using
those holes in the ground.
The ones left after explosions.
Don't rush, Egor and I will
be moving first.
We're gonna need his keen eye.
We will have to move faster
after the first German trenches.
And then hide in the forest
until dawn.
I could go too.
We need you here, Guryanov.
What the hell?
Move it, move it!
Eating. Pigs.
we were so close.
They weren't expecting us here.
It will be harder further up.
Look! They remodeled
the old bridge,
looks like they are indeed
awaiting the tanks.
We gotta see what's
on that side.
Cover us,
then follow once we get there.
Don't come closer!
Get down the shore!
Egor, he's somewhere
to the left!
- Sniper?
- Hell yes!
Russian soldiers,
This wonderful music is for you!
What's your name?
Well, Mr. Cherin, it's
my pleasure to meet you.
I'm Lieutenant Colonel
Von Rulich.
How are you feeling?
I don't speak Russian well.
Me neither, but I'm sure we
will understand each other.
As both representatives of
Nordic race,
who are used to cold.
Besides, you're my guest.
Looks like German captivity
is not that bad after all.
You got it right.
Where is my watch?
Would you like something to eat?
I can do that?
Sure you can, you're my guest!
Schnitzel? Beef? Eggplants?
Uh, do you have Albert cookies?
Sure we do!
But first, do me a favor.
Read aloud this text on
the radio.
On the radio?
I would, but I can't read.
Oh, ok, it's alright. Then just tell
how lucky you are to be our guest here.
That you were suffering
back in USSR.
And the only way to have
a good life,
is to join Germany.
That's it?
May I mention the food?
That you are feeding nice
food here?
Sure, go ahead.
Dear soldiers, my friends,
I've been treated like a
guest here.
They will feed me really
nice here,
I'm gonna have Albert cookies...
artichokes, eggplants,
Lamb chops, steaks...
And even veal chops.
Ugh, it's porridge there too.
Back there I never get
to eat meat.
Because of the greedy Bychkov!
You should come visit me here.
They will feed you too!
Yeah, Sanya, go join him!
Allow me to say something
to my Yakut brothers,
I'll ask them not to fight
for Russians.
I'll speak Yakut.
Please, suit yourself!
Now listen carefully.
There's a bridge on the river!
- The bridge on the river!
- That's enough.
I'm the only left, the one survived.
What's "dalaha"?
It means "surrender".
You're free to go.
Wait, where's my promised
Who's here?
Sorry, pal.
Shagurov, sir!
Cut it out.
hear this out.
There's a bridge on the river.
- Is that Yakut you speaking?
- It is.
It means there's a
large bridge on the river.
There's a large bridge on
the river... ok.
Oh and also this.
I'm left alone.
I'm the only one left.
Report that the operation
failed to the base immediately!
Yes, sir!
Congratulations, Schultz! You've
confirmed your reputation again.
What's with your face though?
I've made a mistake and
got detected by a sniper.
That doesn't seem like you,
Anyway, you can relax now.
That Russian Ivan won't
bother you anymore.
Although they say he didn't
look like an Ivan at all.
I believe it was a hunter,
Asian from Siberia.
Bring me that Russian!
Raise your hands!
Look what I found near the
old German trenches.
What's your name?
How did you get there?
Special operation.
I must find the German
Are you a scout?
No, a rifleman.
I was with the group.
Where's the rest of your group?
Didn't make it.
Give that to him to put on.
They've got tanks,
fuel and ammunition.
Oh that explains why
they started haunting us down!
Only fifteen left
out of two hundred.
Lots of artillery. They are
preparing a break through.
We need to report this.
Do you have a radio?
We do, but I'm afraid
the Germans could catch the signal too.
They will find us when
getting ready to advance.
Let me speak my
language, they don't know it!
We've got three
Nickolays at the radio,
it's gonna take them
forever to figure it out.
Seems like a great idea!
You're smart!
What's happening?
Getting ready to attack.
Shush, come here, lieutenant!
Cherin is on the radio.
What's there?
The tanks.
And the whole artillery battery.
Here, take a look.
That's what I thought. Where
did they get the radio from?
Partisans. They used to send
us signals, but then got silent.
Report to Belyaev immediately! Now we
clearly need those tanks and artillery.
Doubt it, lieutenant.
Who will trust the soldier,
who was in German captivity.
What if the Germans made
him say this?
So we relocate our forces,
meanwhile they attack from the other side.
It's only two of us who
trust Cherin with their lives.
That he would rather die than
betray his homeland.
There's an artillery battery.
Maybe even two.
And all we got is a dozen
of partisans and Cherin.
Von Rullich,
we are ready to advance!
We outnumber the Russians.
Don't you think that we better
wait for the tanks relocation
to the frontier?
I'm concerned about what's
happening here.
Today we caught a partisan
radio signal.
We are running out of time.
I assure you, when the tanks are here
there will be no single Russian left.
Von Rullich, listen to this.
Mister Cherin.
At your command, sir!
Get ready to attack!
What is it?
Well, we gotta get rid of
the bridge.
So that the Germans won't have a chance
to cross their tanks over.
Sounds like an easy task.
But how do we explode it?
Got a rifle?
Will find one
but we're out of bullets though.
I don't need many.
Ok. Will do.
Yeah right, try and find
anything here in the dark!
What you've got?
Just cans and empty liners.
Here you are!
Your Asian old friend...
is hiding somewhere in
the woods now.
I'm not a bloodhound!
I thought you had a hunch.
You take him down, and I
promise I'll grant you a retire!
Where do you think you find him?
I shot most of them at
the bridge.
Due to geographical features
they all tend to cross the river
and the bridge is like a
magnet for them.
All I need is to watch and wait.
Sooner or later he'll
show up there.
Bring me his watch.
And I'll make sure you get
the iron cross medal for it.
You set the mine and get
out of there.
Got it.
Hold on!
Hand me a mullet.
What? What mullet?
You mean the bullet?
Yes, the bullet.
Not much, huh?
You're lucky to have
these two, pal.
- That's it.
- What's next?
- Leave.
- What about you?
I'll wait for the tanks.
You know better. Good luck.
It seems to me that there will
be no music today, doesn't it?
No tanks.
Are they advancing
without tanks?
Alright, Egor, don't let us down.
Cause we're running out
of chances.
Red army brothers!
It's time we fight the
fascists out of here!
And get closer to victory!
Close up and charge!
For the Soviet Union! Advance!
Guryanov! Are you ok?
We surrender!
Easy, lieutenant.
We've done a great job here.
Allow me?
Is that Cherin?
Right. Cherin.