Sibiriada (1979) Movie Script

as Eternal Grandfather
Director of Photography
Production Designer
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- What are you hiding?
- Nothing.
And where did you find these
- Who do you belong to?
- Nobody.
I'm going to make dumplings
out of you!
You viper...
- Hey, what are you doing, guys?
- Let go! It hurts!
Hey, you gone crazy?
Go ahead, beat him, Spirka!
- Give back what you stole!
- No, I won't!
All right. Father will teach you
to sneak around barns, stealing!
- Thief! Dirty beggar!
- You louse yourself! Damn moneybags!
Frog face!
Filthy insect!
- Your girlfriend?
- The hell she is!
Them are my worst enemies,
the Solomins!
- Who was that?
- Nobody... She lives here.
Father brought her back half-dead from
the forest. From the Devil's Mane.
Here, eat.
The Solomins' dumplings are good.
Damn! It's her again!
- What does she want?
- Don't be afraid of her.
I told you, she lives here.
Why do you steal?
They've got lots of it, they're rich.
Got sacks of dumplings in the barn.
- One night I stole about 500 of them.
- Aren't you ashamed?
And what about you? Escaped from
- You're a convict!
- What makes you think that?
Anyone can tell. You should have
cut that thing off your sleeve.
Where are your folks?
Mother's drowned, my dad is cutting
a road through the forest.
A road?
- Where does it go?
- He follows a star.
What star?
He doesn't know himself.
The brightest star.
He was the best hunter
in the whole taiga.
Now he quit it all.
He just wants to build his road.
- He's building it all alone?
- Yes, all alone. He's stubborn.
We, the Ustyuzhanins, we're all like
Once we get something in our head,
no one can knock it out.
Afonia! You great hunter!
You wise hunter!
We Khanty knows Afonia.
Fedka hunt many sable...
Many marten, many squirrel.
Now Solomin take everything.
Give nothing to Fedka. Fedka hungry...
You dumbbell!
Don't you see it's not Afonia?
My father told you a thousand times
he won't defend you anymore.
- Wait, Kolka. What's the matter?
- It's always the same.
He sells his sables for vodka and
then cries to have them back again.
- You good man. You save Fedka.
- Get up!
Don't go to the Solomins.
Wait until my father comes back.
No. I'll go and see about this.
Take a rifle, then.
Good day to you all.
- Are you the master here?
- Yes, why?
You have traded unfairly.
Return the skins he brought.
Return the sable skins to the man.
Who is the man? Him?
What do you say, sons? Do we give
him back his skins?
Certainly we will give them back!
Don't be scared...
- Go on, get your skins!
- Fedka no want nothing.
- Vassily, you ready?
- Stay there!
I have a bomb.
Give this man his skins now!
You don't know who you're
dealing with.
I can blow up myself and all of you
here. I can do it.
Pyotr, give him his skins.
Take your damn skins.
Though we'll keep two skins
for the vodka you drank.
All this for Fedka!
- I'll be back, Rodion.
- Where are you going?
- I'll be right back.
- Catch him!
Wait for me, Rodion!
Hold on, Rodion!
- Finally caught that lynx, eh?
- Yeah...
Accursed beast, jumped on me thrice.
Ripped my coat.
- You have to come to the village, dad.
- What for?
There's a man there, an escaped
He stood up for Fedka the Samoyed.
The Solomins want to kill him.
- They can. Who is he?
- A stranger.
- Is he a good man?
- Yes.
Then he should live.
- But they're going to kill him!
- If they want to, let them.
He says he can blow up the village.
The devil take them...
the village and all!
I can't wait to make my road from
Listen, what is it?
- Her sisters are moaning...
- But it's only a tree!
A tree...
Trees are alive, too.
We walk on the living...
We cut down the living...
We live on the living.
I think I have a fever.
- What is it you're wearing?
- A chain.
Four years we've been attached to
each other, like Tommaso Campanella.
Some name...
Is he a horse thief or a Gypsy?
He was a scholar. He lived in Italy.
He dreamed of building a wonderful
city, a city of light.
And he gave his life
for his City.
- My hands are killing me.
- Too many beatings, probably...
- We must send for Eternal Granddad.
- Why send for me? I'm here!
You should not come in.
You wait here.
- So it's you, Eternal Granddad?
- That's how they call me.
Why do you come in here?
Who called you? Close the door.
- The bear understands everything.
- No. He's just hibernating.
Listen, granddad, why don't you
give me this Bruin of yours?
You'll make him a drunkard.
Sure, how could I refuse a drink...
to a beast
after a hard day's work?
I know
he wouldn't refuse.
Want a bet?
Beware, Afonia, your road
leads straight to the Devil's Mane!
- Aha! This time I caught you!
- Wait, Nastya! Let me explain.
- You won't get away now!
- They're not for me, it's for Rodion.
So you want some dumplings?
Then you're going to get them!
Have some berries! And mushrooms!
And some pickles for a fine appetite!
Now, would you like some more?
- I want dumplings for Rodion.
- I'll give you some on one condition.
You'll have to run naked around
the well. I'll bet you can't do it!
I'll do it!
Here, Devil...
Now get dressed.
Unless you're scared...
I'm not scared!
Look, they're running!
Let's have a ride...
Hey, stop!
Let me ride in it!
Solomins, you want a ride,
you have to take your clothes off!
Make way! Or I'll run over you!
We've lost our mother-in-law!
You can't come along, Kolia.
You think I'm going to a country fair?
What do you think I am? A criminal?
A robber? A tramp?
I'm a revolutionary fighter.
My hands are worth more than gold.
I can make with these hands
any weapons, pistols, bombs.
That's why they chained me
and held in solitary confinement.
You think it was easy for my friends
to get me out of that prison?
Do you understand now?
Hands up!
Hands up!
Hands up!
So you're making toys
instead of bombs now?
You've lost weight being at large.
Hold it, boy.
It's painful for me
to see you like this, Klimentov.
Kolia, go put up the sails!
Let me through!
Whose house does he think this is!
You tired, Safon Martynovich?
For nine days, Rodion, we've been
on your trail through the forest.
And none of us is getting any younger.
Be patient.
You'll have a nice rest
in your coffin.
You're quite right, we'll be
answering for all our sins.
Have a taste of my round bun,
Safon Martynovich!
Get down!
They've burned our sailboat.
Wait, just for a second!
You have to suffer for the truth,
Kolia. You have to pay dearly for it.
Don't forget: Campanella paid for his
dream, for the truth with his life.
And my comrades are dying for it.
Many honest men will go on paying
for it with their lives.
Remember it.
Some day, there will be a time
when the world will be dazzling.
Instead of these swamps, fantastic
cities will rise, shining in the sun.
You just have to believe in it.
Have faith and wait.
Wear that chain, and remember...
Let me go, skunk!
Let go!
Believe, Kolia! And wait!
THE 1920s
- Kolka!
- What?
You going to do some work or not?
- Kolka!
- What is it?
- What are you doing up there?
- Just looking for anything to see.
Nothing but swamps for thousands
of versts here.
This accursed land!
What happened?
- I need a drink.
- What happened?
That's it! Now we can't go
to the city anymore.
Where are the skins?
- Pigs! You drank up all the skins!
- Don't you get it? It's revolution.
The rabble are running things.
Robbing, murdering!
You'd better praise God that we got
away alive.
- Where'd you get all this?
- We grabbed whatever we could.
There wasn't any time.
- Where are you going, sister?
- Get out of the way, Spiridon.
- Where?
- Get out of my way.
You aren't going to neck in
the bushes with scum like that.
Oh, my ring...
My ring of gold...
Here, look... these are for you.
No, wait... let me give them to you.
Berries, sweet berries.
Ripened in the sun... Delicious...
Did you miss me?
Did you?
I see you did.
I can't live without you, Kolia.
Kolia! Where the hell are you?
I mean it, Kolia, I wouldn't want
to live. Come here!
What's new in the village?
- Nothing. My brothers are back.
- Why so soon?
They say there's some revolution.
Yeah... There's no more czar.
- The Russian people have risen!
- Where have you been?
- The czar's overthrown! It's a revolt.
- Take your axe and start working!
It's over...
From now on...
From now on...
You've had your day.
Enough... It's our turn from now on.
You've held us by the throat for
a long time. You were crushing us.
Now you'll be at our feet!
At your feet? Who are you to say it?
You watch what you say, or I change
my mind and leave you an old maid.
That's it! I am marrying
Filka Solomin!
- You're what?
- You heard me!
- They may be poor, but they're nice.
- Go ahead!
Redhead straw!
And don't come back here again!
- Careful. You might destroy a nest!
- So what if I will?
You destroy the nest, the bird will
fly away and not sing anymore.
And when it doesn't sing,
work is no fun.
Keep out of this!
Are you deaf?
The girl's calling you!
Let her go to hell!
She says I'm not for her!
I won't let her make a fool of me!
- Come here.
- What?
Come here, I said.
Hell's bells!
Keep out of this!
Should I send the matchmakers to
your father, Anastasia Yerofeyevna?
Yes, you go right ahead,
Uncle Yermolai.
Did you hear that?
Get down, Nastya!
- I want to talk to you.
- About what?
- Get down, I said!
- Who do you think you are?
- Filka, wait!
- Push, Filka, push!
You push.
Nastya, you know how I am.
I am...
The devil got into me.
I'm sorry, Nastya.
- Nastya!
- Get out of here!
That's going to cost you, bitch!
What if I shame you in front of
everyone? I'm going to.
I'll kneel at your doorstep,
and I won't go away!
- Go ahead.
- I will!
- Kolia, you want some nuts?
- Go away!
You know it's me you love, not him!
Nonsense! I don't know what you mean.
Filka, come here.
Push harder!
So you're marrying your son off,
A wedding, a big wedding!
Such a beautiful wedding!
- Dad, let me come to the wedding.
- Get away!
Yermolai, you lick the boots
of the rich now?
Our Filka is marrying Nastya.
Nastya! Come out right now!
Come out, or I'll leave without you!
You, Solomins! Come out right now!
You're afraid of the revolution!
Murderers! Now your kind's finished!
It's the revolution!
Don't cry... I won't touch you.
I feel a tightness... 'round my heart...
A tightness...
Filthy dog!
Listen to me, my dear.
Nastya is not for you.
Take any boat and leave.
Go anywhere you want.
Go find your revolution.
And your City of Light.
I'm not leaving without Nastya!
It scares you, doesn't it,
the revolution?
They're going to cut your heads off,
and Nastya will go with me.
I'll take her away!
- Hold him, Spiridon!
- I've got him!
Vassily, I didn't mean...
I didn't want to!
Vassily, I didn't mean to hurt you!
You won't get me!
Let go!
No more, Pyotr! Pyotr, enough.
Vassily, wait.
Wait, let me give it to him.
Get away.
- But don't kill him, you hear, son?
- All right, I'll just teach him.
Leave me alone!
What was Kolia shouting
about the czar?
Keep away!
Stay away, or I'll kill you!
THE 1930's
...And our homes we'll protect
in battles.
The cannons roared without stopping.
A-rattling went our machine gun.
The bandits ran, their weapons
And only forward we marched on.
The cannons roared without stopping.
A-rattling went our machine gun.
The bandits ran, their weapons
And only forward we marched on.
It's your homeland, son.
Doesn't look like much.
Only... there's no other like it.
The hour has come, my brother,
To slay all executioners.
They took me for a stranger.
You put your foot right in shit!
You forgotten how to shoot?
- We just wanted to scare you away.
- To scare me?
The times we live in,
vermin of all kinds crawls in.
- So it's you, is it?
- It's me.
And where is Nastya?
I salute you, my worthy family!
My sincere thanks for kicking me out
of the village that day.
Otherwise, I would never have met good
people and learned what I know now.
I've brought someone to see you...
My son, your grandson,
Alexei Ustyuzhanin.
We have come
to build a new life here.
Where's Nastya?
Why isn't she here?
Nastya? She perished
in the storm of revolution.
Go back to the house...
In the house...
Our Siberia is a hard land,
that's right.
Hard, but not poor.
Everything about Siberia is in this
And the pictures show everything
that our land contains.
Scientists have found
that under the forest and the marshes,
great Siberian riches are hidden.
Oil, gas, metals,
minerals, gold, and so on.
It's been decided to start digging
under the marshes.
This is a derrick drill bought in
England, paid for with gold.
It's going to be put here, near Yelan,
and it will pump from the earth...
- What?
- Everything there is in there.
And if we fall in?
What's so funny? If they dig holes,
there will be nowhere to stand.
They'll take out everything good, with
only shit left. You'll stand on shit.
Ignorant peasants, be quiet!
Comrade peasants!
Our goal is to make Siberia yield
her riches.
So I announce: Tomorrow morning we'll
start making a road through marshland.
It's hard, but honorable work.
Once the road has been laid,
we'll be able to bring in the drill,
so it could pump as soon as possible
the underground treasures
to benefit the Soviet people.
Any questions?
Now raise your hands: Who's for,
who's against.
Who is for?
Raise your hands!
No, wait. Maybe they have questions.
- Ask me, don't be shy.
- Where will this road go?
You know the road my father
was cutting?
- Everybody knows it!
- We're going to continue it.
But it goes to the Devil's Mane!
It goes far beyond
the Devil's Mane.
- A man goes crazy there.
- You lose your memory.
You won't get me to go there.
Say what you like, but I'll go.
If it's necessary, I'm ready.
I'll go!
Unanimous decision.
Thank you, comrade peasants,
for your revolutionary dedication.
We start work tomorrow morning.
What's up?
We need to talk.
Don't mind him.
I want to ask you
what kind of heroic death
my sister Nastya died?
Leave us, Alexei.
They burned her.
It was the Cossacks, near Argunsk.
She was at the infirmary, they were
taken prisoners.
The Cossacks sprayed them with
alcohol and set them on fire.
She burst into flames like a torch.
As long as I live, I won't forgive
you for what you did to Nastya!
Oh, black raven...
There's work tomorrow, you be on time!
Hoppity hop, hoppity hop,
the mouse ran away...
Well, Spiridon, you refuse
to work with us?
It's because you're afraid to go to
the Devil's Mane?
Artyusha and me,
we just don't want to.
Enough nonsense, Spiridon. Look,
the whole village is waiting for you.
It's not nonsense, Kolia. We are not
going to the accursed place.
So you're not coming along?
We're free to do what we want,
right, Artyusha?
So, you refuse to obey
Comrade Stalin's directives?
You won't help us in the building
of a glorious new future
and consolidate Soviet power,
that's right?
Your Soviet power, you can shove it!
Tell him, Artyusha.
On your feet!
You counter-revolutionary!
- Let go of me!
- Alyokha!
He talks like that about Soviet
power! Shoot him!
My nephew...
Good to see you.
Spiridon Yerofeyevich,
you're under arrest.
- In the name of Soviet power, right?
- Right.
And I'll have you sent to the city.
And high time, too!
- Moneybag!
- They'll explain things to you there.
As for you, Yerofei Pavlovich,
I'd like to talk to you outside.
Yes, sir.
Didn't I tell you, father, we should
have run away...
Alyokha, you guard the prisoner.
Don't let him try anything.
Well, nephew...
Aren't you ashamed, Yerofei, of
stealing again the skins from Hantys?
- Sure, some skins I got from Hantys.
- That's robbing!
From now on, the forests and the land
belong to the people.
Only Soviet Power has the right
to them.
- Look what I found!
- That's mine, give it to me!
You think your mother died of typhus?
She was killed.
Come here!
- I'll shoot, Uncle Spiridon!
- Go ahead, shoot!
- Dad!
- Shoot!
Are we at least allowed to pick things
like mushrooms and berries?
- Yes, you are.
- Thank God, we won't die of hunger.
I found some more!
- What happened?
- Nothing. I'm ready.
What's wrong, Spiridon?
What is it?
Give me some wine!
- Spiridon!
- Dad!
Get away!
Hey, black raven,
why you circling
over and over my poor head...
It's nothing.
Remember you sent me down the river?
And I returned a man!
Now you will go the same way.
You'll thank me one day.
Why you showing...
Oh, Kolia!
...your claws then...
You're taking a wrong turn.
Over and over my poor head...
You're going to knock your head
on a tree, Kolia!
I shall never... your booty.
Oh, black raven, I'm not yours...
- Don't let him get away!
- He won't get away from me.
It's a long way.
Three days without sleep.
He knows I shoot well.
Where are they taking you...
Why are you leaving me...
Thank you all.
I bow before you.
It's nothing...
Don't take him away from me!
It's such a long way...
Where's that Devil's Mane of yours?
Where's that Mane?
We'll get there soon.
But tell me which way do we go?
Do we go North or South?
I didn't go to school like you.
But I know where the Devil's Mane is.
Dad... Let's go home now.
And what would we tell the others?
We'll say we were there... We saw it.
And what then?
We'll bring the ignorant masses here
and begin work.
- Where here?
- What do you mean, where?
We'll go forward, like in the song.
No, I can't lie to them.
I must go there all the way myself.
You go ahead then, only I'm not
- Of course you're going.
- No.
You will.
Then, I'll go alone.
Alyokha, I'm going!
Get away!
It's me!
What is it?
It's impossible to cross this swamp
to the Devil's Mane.
Why did I take it on myself?
I should have been put in hospital,
shell-shocked as I am.
Shell-shocked, it's no big deal, dad.
You'll be all right.
Maybe we'll make it after all?
Will we make it, Alyokha?
Sure we will, dad.
Sure, we'll make it!
I shouldn't have arrested Spiridon.
I was wrong.
He warned us not to go to the Devil's
Mane. I didn't listen.
He warned us, didn't he?
We have to build this road.
There's no turning back.
- Dad!
- What?
Stop thinking about it.
You had him arrested and that's that!
He's not made of sugar, he won't melt.
You think it's easy?
With a gun against your back?
Let's get away from here.
I want to go back to the orphanage.
Shall I boil some potatoes?
Let me go, Spiridon!
Let go of me...
Where's my father?
Where's he?
Where's my dad?
I'll kill you!
Come back, Alyokha!
You hear me, nephew?
Where are you going, back to
the orphanage?
Your home is with us.
We'll never abandon you.
Some day...
...I'll come back and kill you!
Dad, where are you?
Kolia... Kolia...
In the name of the Father, the Son
and the Holy Ghost.
THE 1940s
He's over there.
Let's carry him.
- I'm scared. - You'd better be
scared when we have cured him.
What is it?
Granddad... Granddad!
I know you. You're...
...Eternal Grandfather.
Eat whatever God has given us.
Is your village still standing?
It hasn't crumbled into dust yet.
Who is it you want in Yelan?
- The Solomins, Granddad.
- There're many, which do you want?
Spiridon's been locked up.
Spiridon Solomin is locked up.
- He's in prison?
- Yes, six years now.
Serving for what he did to your
father, Nikolai Afanasyevich.
I recognized you right away, Alyokha.
You ran away from the orphanage, eh?
How much did he get for my dad?
He was sentenced to fifteen years.
- Where's he serving it?
- You can't go farther than Siberia.
He won't get away from me.
I'll wait and get him.
Why are you staring like that?
What is it?
You'd better stay here.
Who lives among his own
has the strength of two.
You crazy, Granddad?
You want me mold away my sunny
youth in your swamps?
So long.
Be seeing you one of these days,
unless you drop dead.
A BOLSHEVIK. 1897-1932
You live in Yelan?
- I asked you if you live in Yelan.
- Yeah.
I've come 5,000 kilometers
to get here...
- Swans?
- No, geese.
They're geese.
I went to Sochi, then to... Tuapse.
The Black Sea is a great thing.
Restaurants every night, music...
The tango...
- What?
- Tango, that's how a dance is called.
- Do you know how to dance?
- No.
You want me to teach you?
Come here.
Come closer.
Closer still, you have to be in my
arms. And you hold on to me, this way.
- This is no tango.
- I know it is.
- No, it isn't the tango.
- Sure it is.
It isn't the tango!
It isn't!
No, it isn't!
It isn't the tango!
You're just an ignorant country
All right, teach me.
I know it's the tango.
Don't grab me!
Why are you clinging to me?
This is a dance.
...On the twenty-second of June...
Fascist Germany attacked
the Soviet Union.
- What?
- Who attacked?
- When?
- We beat the Germans before!
You have no radio?
I've got a detector,
but it doesn't work.
We live at the end of the world here.
It's war.
We've been at war for three weeks now.
Wait for me!
Have we taken Berlin?
I want to join up. Put me on the list.
Sign me on.
You're too young, son.
Open up your eyes.
I'll be of age... very soon.
Just sign me on.
Go on.
Make way!
- Will you come back?
- Will you be waiting for me?
Will you be here waiting for me?
I'll wait for you for the rest
of my life!
Oh, children, children...
Written by V. YEZHOV
Director of Photography
Production Designers
Music by
Directed by
There you are...
I've been calling you for two hours.
You could've answered!
Here. Drink this.
Cut it out!
You drink or I'll leave you here.
I'll leave you here to die.
Let me bandage you up.
Hold in your guts.
I'll put them back in.
- Or you'll lose them on your way.
- You drink vodka, soldier?
I drink whatever I can get,
but champagne is what I like.
If we make it...
- I'll give you a case of champagne.
- Sure, we're going to make it.
We'll make it.
We're surrounded, Captain.
The hell I know now where our men
are, or where the Germans are.
Captain! You alive or dead?
They're ours...
They're ours!
They're ours!
Comrade Member of the Military
Council! Philip!
- A very serious wound.
- But he's alive!
He has a very serious
abdominal wound.
He's alive...
- Who was it?
- Sorry, I don't understand.
Who saved him?
We have a boy, Ustyuzhanin, a private.
He dragged him alone for two days.
Come here!
Come here!
Alexei Nikolayevich,
Alexei Nikolayevich...
Do you know...
who is the man you saved?
Your country won't forget
what you did.
Take care!
Serving the Soviet Union!
Oh, my beauty,
My beauty of a girl.
It was innocent,
It blossomed in spite of all.
Beauty blossomed
On an early spring day.
Clouds gathered now
All over me anyway.
THE 1960s
as Eternal Grandfather
Hey, Alexei! You never told me
you had all those medals!
Well, Tofik, I was always too modest.
If you're so modest, how come you're
wearing all that now?
How long is it since you were home,
in Baku?
- Over two years.
- I haven't been here for 20 years.
Yelan is my home.
Get up, you lazy good-for-nothings!
Vanya! Vanya!
Vanya! Vanyusha!
Look, we've got beer.
- What beer? Draft beer?
- Right... A whole barrel.
Yourjokes are inhuman.
Alexei, you have a chest full of
medals, but not much authority.
Alright, we'll see...
Watch this.
If you'll just stand aside...
- Vermin!
- Quiet.
- I've got a sore throat.
- You have it every time you get drunk.
Get dressed, we're coming into
my home sweet home.
Wait, men, let me go first.
I have this right!
Vanya, it's my home village! That way
you'll have time to sober up.
Men, there's a reception tonight
in my family's residence.
Sturgeon soup, other delicacies,
and roast duck.
Enjoyed your bath, Alexei?
It's not locked!
You have to push it.
Just push it a little!
What a beautiful work! They're not
made like these even in Baku now.
Let's go, Alexei.
Are you crazy, Tofik?
Ustyuzhanin returns to his village.
With such equipment you want us to
walk on foot? Let them get used to it.
What are you doing?
Why'd you break it, Alexei?
Greetings to my dear compatriots
from the oil men of the Caspian!
- You'll scare them to death!
- Agricultural workers...
the working class of Bashkiria
salute you!
The waves of progress now lap deep
into the Siberian Northlands!
Lots of room to stay for our guys, and
the landladies are no older than 70.
The men'll get a good night's sleep.
Hey, grandma, how about a kiss?
What are you doing, you sons of dogs?
Was it in your way that you ruined it?
They were old-fashioned
doors, anyway.
Good men made those doors...
...Real artists.
They would have stood for centuries
- And you ruined them, scoundrels!
- We'll restore them for you.
We were beginning to think all the
ladies in Yelan were senior citizens.
- Like these new girlfriends of mine.
- You're wrong.
Are you here on holiday?
- Wrong again!
- Really?
Are you really from Yelan?
These are for you, candy, eh?
You go back to your house, Grandma.
So you're a Yelan girl, eh?
- And who do you belong to?
- Not to you, that's for sure.
Who knows? We'll be staying here
for half a year.
- So you're a Solomin?
- How do you know?
It's obvious.
Anyone will tell you that the best
girls in Siberia are Solomin redheads.
And I've come to check it out.
What else do I have to do here?
So let's get acquainted.
Certainly, Alexei.
You know me?
Oh yes, all of us have learned if
a Siberian wolf starts propositioning,
it's Alexei Ustyuzhanin!
- Battalion infirmary, 2nd Front?
- No!
I know. Murmansk, 1953.
- "Caucasus" Restaurant. As cold as
hell. - No!
I give up. When was it?
The Black Sea! 1956.
October Hotel.
That barn over there.
You gave me a tango lesson.
- Raya!
- Taya!
Tofik, come here! Meet Taya!
Taya dear!
Tofik, I'd like you to meet Taya.
My old friend.
Look at her, she has no shame...
The way she behaves.
This is Tofik Rustamov,
my superior,
an oil worker from Baku.
You never heard of him?
He's a Hero of Socialist Labor,
but he's too shy to wear his medal.
He's also a champion athlete and
an excellent husband and father...
Has two boys and three girls...
His eldest daughter is 28...
The youngest is a baby yet...
That's what our gang like.
- Thank you very much, Alyosha.
- That's only the truth.
Here, let me take it.
Is that how you thank me for
helping you, old crab?
- Well, nephew, you finally showed up.
- Yes, here I am, Uncle Spiridon.
You made me wait a long time.
Well, you found me.
You look like you're in good shape.
Look, Tofik, how sturdy
this village builds its men.
I'd like you to meet my uncle,
Spiridon Solomin.
- He killed my father.
- Yes, I did it.
And I paid for it in full,
according to Sovietjustice.
I served in a penal battalion.
I even won a medal.
- I paid with my blood, understand?
- I understand.
- And I don't regret anything.
- I understand.
What are you going to do?
Cut my throat...
Or shoot in the head?
- What'll I do?
- Alexei!
It's all right, all right...
What I'm going to do
is erect a derrick at Devil's Mane
and pump oil.
We'll level this Yelan of yours down
to the ground.
We'll cover everything with asphalt
and put up big buildings.
You and me, we'll be neighbors,
living next door to each other.
It will be the City of Light.
- I'm not going to unload transformers!
- Let me smell your breath!
Hey, Gramps, do you have a grand-daughter?
Will you take a tenant?
Got room for me at your house,
old man?
Volodya! Go next door,
this one has no windows.
- Sanya!
- What?
- Where are my weights?
- Ask Petya.
- Petya! Where are my weights?
- Look for them yourself!
You should've cut my throat
when you had the chance.
Oh, look...
It's pretty...
Look at them, look...
Oh, forget it.
I'll be right back, guys.
What are you doing, you monster?
This is their mating season.
Is that why you came?
To see Grandpa tortured?
To knock down his doors?
Give me the shotgun.
And now you want to kill the swans?
Give me the shotgun!
- Taya!
- What?
- The law forbids to shoot swans.
- Are you crazy or what?
- You move fast, you in a hurry?
- Me?
I was not looking for you...
- You came here yourself.
- No, not here... At the house.
- Yes, at the house again, later.
- It's raining, Alyosha.
- I'll spread my coat.
I'll do it...
I'll take it off myself, wait...
Here, let me do it...
Ouch, something's biting!
- It's my ammo belt...
- Oh, your ammo belt...
- It's an anthill, move over.
- Wait...
Lift your leg...
- What is it?
- It's your shotgun, Alyosha.
I was scared...
- I thought: What the hell is it?
- My darling!
My Alyosha...
My darling, my own Alyosha...
You didn't recognize me?
You forgot me.
How could I know?
You were just a kid
when I saw you last.
And now, you turned to
a beautiful woman.
You know, Taya, you don't look
at all like a country girl.
I came back here six months ago.
I was a waitress
on a ship,
the "Academician Timiryazev".
Deluxe cabins,
a first class restaurant...
...velvet upholstery.
- Was it good?
- Yes, it was good.
Why did you give it up, then?
It was too much of a good thing.
Now I help Spiridon,
as you can see.
Oh, he's a tyrant, but I pity him.
Pelageya's dead, he's alone.
How come you never married?
- You don't know?
- No.
Can't you... guess?
No. How would I know?
It's too long a story.
Oh, holy mackerel!
My men are waiting for a banquet!
Look, we'd better not go
to the village together.
It could be embarrassing. I'm here
with my collective, they'll be talking.
I'm off.
- Ciao!
- Ciao...
My heart is broken,
Go away, it's over.
We're strangers, forget about me...
Granddad, hello! By all the saints
in Heaven, you're still alive!
- Alyokha.
- You've got to be kidding, Granddad!
It's not good to live so long,
it's time to die.
It isn't the old who die,
it's the ones who are ripe for death.
I seem not to be ripe for death yet.
How far is the Devil's Mane?
The Devil and the Sturgeon tried to
measure the distance, but failed.
I never go there,
and I don't advise you to.
That's superstition, old man, I don't
believe it. This is the 20th century!
Then, go...
It was here they made the first
Their first site, it was here...
- Alyokha!
- Dad!
Turn, that's good.
You need help, Alexei?
- You have everything alright?
Give Pyotr a hand. - Right.
- Alexei, you'll manage to drill in?
- No.
Sorry to hear that. I thought you'd be
the first here, in your home town.
Nice to see you!
- What brings you here?
- I'm going to Grandma's funeral.
- Your grandmother died...
- I decided to come and see you.
Sanya, go up there, help the guys.
You see...
we are working.
- Out of the forest and you forgot me?
- We're a little rushed, Taya dear.
You could find some time in a whole
- Lena, you got it working?
- No problem!
So your team takes up all your time?
Today is a special day.
We start drilling, understand?
Some other time, alright?
Be seeing you!
Here, take it, Spiridon.
Spiridon, what's the matter?
Jesus, take unto you the departed,
Your faithful servant...
We pray You take her
into the kingdom of Heaven.
Grant her eternal rest
that she may dwell with You
among the blessed
for ever and ever...
Hey, coachman, hold your horses,
It's nowhere I have now to go,
It's no one I love anymore.
Taya! Hello!
It hasn't been much fun aboard
since you left.
- What? Nobody to serve drinks?
- Not like you did!
Do you have earrings?
- How much?
- A hundred.
It's pure gold.
Too expensive.
We're taking them.
You're giving me earrings?
They really look good on you, Taya.
- Really? For me?
- A present for your name day.
I don't understand.
Today is a holiday. The feast of
St. Taya.
The name day of Taya, Fyokla and...
You've had a lot of education.
In our business, without an education,
you don't get anywhere.
One moment!
A sunray will peep in
Through doors on lock and barrel.
And you're getting dizzy
in your head...
- Love can't be understood...
- Love can't be understood...
Love always is a marvel...
It's only in your heart,
Like in the deepest water.
Your eyes, green as an emerald...
Your eyes, so bewildering...
That night, dark and mysterious,
They made me go mad...
Taya! Tell me,
did you miss me a little?
So much that I couldn't sleep at night.
You could drop in in those two months.
- I was busy, you know.
- I know, the ground here is hard.
- Yes, but how do you know that?
- You're not the only drill-man around.
Not drill-man, we say driller.
As for me, I'm a super-driller.
- I can drill anything.
- Oh, I'm sure you can!
- Look, Taya...
- Well, so long. Thanks for the gift.
Thank you very much.
- Taya...
- You want to come in?
I have a little free time...
Come on in.
- Taya...
- What?
Here it is, thank God...
Listen, I don't understand you.
We're not strangers to each other.
- In Yelan, we're all one family.
- I know that.
- Taya?
- Alyosha...
You know, nothing has happened.
- What?
- Nothing at all.
- What do you mean?
- Nothing's ever happened, that's all.
- You just dreamed the whole thing.
- Just a minute. You surprise me.
Would you like some mushroom soup?
I've got potatoes, too.
Here you are.
- I don't want any soup, Taya.
- There's some pickles. I'll get them.
- I'm not hungry, Taya.
- I made real old-fashioned pickles!
Did you press my pants?
What are you doing here?
What are you doing here?
What? I?
Oh, hi!
My shift starts at four. I've got
a little time, I'm resting.
- Sure, sure...
- And what are you doing here?
Me? I have an arrangement
with Taya.
She has a very good bathhouse.
Have to take a bath sometimes, right?
- I come here to have a bath.
- For how long?
Not long, a month.
- Good book. You read it?
- No.
Neither have I.
By the way, Alexei, did you send
a radiogram to headquarters?
- We need spares, and quick...
- Yes, I sent it. You know...
- Am I in your way?
- No.
What are you doing?
What am I doing?
Looking for my ironed pants.
And what is he doing?
He's reading an interesting book.
- What are you doing?
- Getting the pickles.
All right.
You're trying to get me to look
like an idiot?
And I don't like it!
You'd better make him
look like the idiot!
- Enjoy your bath!
- Alyosha!
I, like an idiot, believed you!
I waited on you hand and foot.
And no sooner I walk in
after having a bath,
I see another man in your bed!
I saw it coming right away,
you and your earrings!
You think I couldn't buy you things?
I could buy you ten pairs of such
Tofik bought automobiles for girls!
You slut!
I'm going to carve you up!
You hear?
And him, too!
And me, too!
Hurry up, will you?
Come on, shake it!
Going as fast as I can!
I can replace you and you can go
and work with women!
Petya, because you haven't seen your
wife lately, you can't hit the hole?
Hold it!
Stop, Alexei!
It's my fault!
It's all my fault!
It's all my fault!
I couldn't clamp it!
This bastard hurried me up!
I couldn't go any faster!
You didn't care.
Get a move on, you said!
You made me do it!
Shut up...
Just shut up...
You go tell that Tofik of yours.
Let me through!
He's taking a bath at Taya's place.
THE 1960s
Yes, the endless virgin lands.
I can imagine
how happy you must be now... proud you must be,
as the Party Secretary of this region.
- Why do you think so?
- Well, well...
With creation of the biggest
artificial lake in the world,
and also the biggest hydroelectric
station, your region will become
one of the most industrially potential
areas in the country.
- Water's the one thing Siberia's got.
- I beg your pardon?
The marshland here is triple an area
the size of France.
It's time to make Siberia
Why, much of Siberia
has been already made habitable.
- But this is the end of the world!
- You're right!
Tell me how anyone
can live here?
In that God-forsaken place?
They're still in the 17th century!
Yes, you're right.
That God-forsaken little village
is my home.
I was born here.
There're only grandmothers left.
The young went to the cities.
I'm going to stop here.
There he is...
We can't take it anymore. Make them
There's no life, you hear me?
They put in a devil machine, it roars
and barks, nobody can sleep.
I can't even drink my tea in peace!
How could you let them do it?
Next, they'll be drilling right
in the cemetery!
And if they do discover oil,
it'll mean the end of the village!
Let's hope they'll strike oil, or
soon there won't be anything here.
- Why?
- They're going to flood this area.
It will be an enormous lake.
- How could this be a lake?
- Yes, it'll be a lake.
They'll construct a hydroelectric
station, the biggest in the world.
Well, that's that.
Stop it! You know a lot of people
in Moscow.
That's where they made that decision,
in Moscow.
Then, God's will be done!
It's better that way.
Let them flood it all to hell
and end all our suffering.
What are you doing?
So you're here, godson! Came back!
I'll kill you, you traitor!
Get away, you crazy women...
I'll shoot him
for destroying such a land!
It all belongs to the people:
Oil, minerals, gold!
Great forests!
And you want to flood all this?!
Traitor! Saboteur!
I killed enemies of the people
like him in my time, I shot them...
Oh God, he almost killed him.
I wonder, Philip, why I never
smothered you as a child
in the night with a pillow?
I'll never forgive myself for that.
Don't listen to him.
You drunkard!
He's always been wild!
You're our hero! Do you really want
to drown us, old people?
To turn our land into water?
Have pity, you're one of us.
We still want to live.
Don't listen to them, son,
don't listen, my dear.
- Don't you regret anything...
- I don't regret anything, grandmother.
Ours is a wasteland,
an accursed land.
But it's our native land,
the only one we've got.
Let them all go to hell!
Since it has been decided...
They know what they're doing.
So let them flood it.
But we need you.
Try to hold on to your position.
From Yelan, we have only you...
up there...
You're all I have as well.
Drunken slug!
Let him alone, old witches!
Let him go in peace and honor
his parents at the cemetery.
We don't stop him...
We just...
It's you, Filka...
I lost our land.
It was me who lost it,
they're going to flood it...
The village, those graves -
they'll flood it all.
I let them take it, I wasn't strong.
I should have held it with my teeth
and stood to the end.
A coward. Such a shame!
Oh, Filka...
Yes, that's what you are, weak.
You seemed to forget
that you can't be exiled farther
away than this land, Siberia.
You coming?
- Hello!
- Hello.
- What's your name, man?
- Do I have to tell you?
Look, you mind helping me?
To get this over to the derrick...
- What about him?
- He does the singing.
Go on, go on!
- What do you say?
- Guess I've no choice.
Come on, sing!
Wait a second...
I've got something in my boot.
- Do you like his singing?
- I like it.
He's my pal.
We get along fine.
- Want a drink?
- No, thanks, later.
That's it!
Let's hear it!
If you want a drink, now's the time.
It's not allowed at the derrick.
Dry law.
If Tofik sees me take a drink,
he'll skin me alive.
- How come all this, then?
- It's a special occasion.
The minute that I show up,
they'll be after my blood. Yes!
I'm bringing all this to make it up,
so they'll all forgive me, understand?
Forgive you for what?
I dropped a tool.
- No reason to beat you for that.
- I got angry as hell.
I went wild.
The minute I saw the guys...
I got scared...
So, I took off.
For two days now Tofik has been...
trying to get it out of the drill hole.
Only he can do it.
Nobody else.
After the war we worked together
drilling in Tataria...
It was there he won his medal.
This heroic worker, what made him
put his derrick near the cemetery?
To some people, it's sacred ground,
doesn't he understand this?
Wait a minute...
- Didn't we meet in Murmansk in 1952?
- No, we didn't.
You look very familiar to me...
Put it down...
- You're in charge of oil exploration?
- In some way.
Then why are you bullshitting me...
about the cemetery?
Don't you know how some egghead in
Moscow sticks his finger on the map,
and we go there and start drilling.
It's a derrick drilling.
It was Tofik who put it
right over there, instead of here.
Otherwise, we would have drilled
through the bones.
- Tofik could catch hell for that!
- He won't as long as he finds oil.
There's no oil here.
You see that ridge? It's called
the Devil's Mane.
That's where the oil is, for sure.
There's no oil here.
This is Yelan, it's a wasteland.
I'm from this place. My granddad is
there, and my father's over there.
But I don't want to be buried here.
No, I'm going to leave.
I'm an Ustyuzhanin,
all my family is here...
- You're Nikolai's son, aren't you?
- Yeah.
Why? Did you know my father?
- Yes, I did.
- You're kidding! Small world!
- He wouldn't have let them do it.
- You mean the drilling?
- I wanted to write to the Secretary.
- Why didn't you?
Well, you know...
Yes, your father had more guts
than you...
Sorry, man,
we're just strangers.
I think I can manage without help.
Go your way!
Come on, let me help you.
I see you don't believe me
about the Devil's Mane.
I still have nightmares about it.
I was a kid when my father took me
- How is it?
- I think we got it.
He's coming!
Thanks. I'll take it from here.
- Hello, everybody!
- Here, stand here.
Come on!
Guys! I came to say goodbye!
Alexei Ustyuzhanin's leaving.
Keep singing!
Look, a whole case of bubbly!
We brought you champagne
and you treat us like dirt...
It's my second day being free,
and you... Why, guys?
We came to make it up with you.
- All right, never mind.
- As you like.
- They refused the hand of friendship.
- Shut up.
Leave them alone...
I told you they want my blood.
Just wait and see.
Sing, Gypsy, sing!
Go on!
That's it!
Hey, Tofik! Hop, hop!
I hear you're leaving? Who's going
to let you? It's Tofik who tells you!
You won't go any place until you've
made good the damage you caused!
I'll chain you to the derrick
and see how you dance then!
And you won't be Foreman,
not even driller assistant, oh no!
You'll carry sacks of dirt
from morning to night!
Until you've made good your mistake,
you don't sleep, eat or drink!
Stop that noise!
Hello, Rustamov! Glad to see you.
I don't believe it!
What an honor! First Secretary of
the Regional Committee in person
visiting the derrick of Rustamov.
How are you?
- Are they going to flood the area?
- You know about it, too?
- The radio girls said it was secret.
- A secret known to everybody.
So they'll stop our work here?
Not only yours. Other teams
in the region will go, too.
- You're joking, Philip?
- No. Enough of wasting resources.
The land has a future! You know it
as well as I do!
- Don't you believe in it?
- No, unless you give me oil.
- One liter of oil, that's all I ask.
- I'll bring tons up!
- When?
- I don't know.
I need it now.
Just one liter, but now.
I can't. There isn't any yet.
There isn't?
You know why there isn't?
Because you work in total anarchy.
Your workers have no responsibility,
they drink.
Who was it that caused the accident?
I did.
You're a liar, too!
Well, you're all friends again?
I'm a driller, sixth class.
I've drilled forty-two wells already.
It's time you calmed down,
I'm only drinking to my dad.
Drink to him with me.
For your father, I can't refuse.
Where was it that I saw you before?
You don't know?
You take after your mother,
Yes, it's true. I'm like her a lot.
If you do remember, Secretary,
don't forget my case of champagne!
I'm going now, Alexei.
I can't stay.
I'm going.
- Goodbye.
- Write to me.
No, I won't write. I never learned.
There it is, my forest. My taiga.
And there is Afanasy's road.
Good morning, Fyodor Nikolayevich!
'Morning, Solomin!
What is going on, Philip?
What do you mean?
Just last Wednesday, we had
a discussion.
We decided to build
a hydroelectric station
in your region.
And at the same time...
Don't stand there.
At the same time,
in your regional newspaper
you publish an article
completely against the site.
That means
you're against our decision.
Are you standing by your position?
Stay seated.
I shall be late.
Start without me.
- What if there's no oil there?
- There is.
- They've never found any.
- They're going to find it one day.
But only if we entrust the drilling
to people who know Siberia.
As of now, they can't even decide
where to put a derrick
without a directive from Moscow.
- It's everybody's business.
- That could be arranged...
What's important is the construction
of that dam.
Remember the war?
Our Marine Corps?
The only way we could win
was by taking chances.
Take a chance in Siberia, Fyodor!
You have to back me up.
You have to.
It's the only way that we'll win.
And if there's no oil there?
They can't exile a man farther
than Siberia!
Alexei Nikolayevich!
Come and take a look.
- There is a new test sample.
- So what?
- Who knows, maybe we found oil!
- Sure...
There's oil all around here!
Where could you find it?
Think you're in Saudi Arabia?
This is only Yelan.
- Can I come in?
- Yeah, sure.
I've done my thirty days, Tofik.
I worked as manual laborer one month.
Did I make good my mistake?
- Did I pay my debt?
- Tomorrow, I'll put you on duty.
- We're square now, right?
- We're square.
Then, will you please sign this.
It's my resignation. I'm leaving.
- So you decided to leave?
- Yes.
Alexei Ustyuzhanin, first-class
driller, experienced, schooled,
highest qualifications, worked like
a beginner for a whole month.
What good it's done anybody?
It was a waste.
I'm ready to carry sacks all my life,
if it'd do any good.
If you wanted to teach me a lesson,
the orphanage already did that!
- All right, that your decision?
- Don't be angry at me, Tofik...
- You not drilling at the Devil's Mane?
- Don't start that bullshit, Tofik.
I don't believe you, you'll never
dare to drill at the Devil's Mane.
You already tried this trick on me
when you lifted me from Tataria.
Go ahead, sign it!
That's it... There's your pen.
- Thanks!
- I never want to see you again!
Thank you very much, Tofik,
my dear friend.
Go, and never come back!
You want to know
why you signed my resignation?
I was in your way, wasn't I?
You want to keep Taya, that's right?
Let me tell you, bastard...
For how long have we
known each other?
In all that time, have you ever seen
me doublecross anyone?
- Tofik...
- Have I ever hurt anyone?
Stay, and you'll see that Tofik isn't
interested in somebody else's crumbs!
No, Tofik...
I'm leaving.
Hey, dog, here...
What's your name?
- Taya!
- What are you doing here?
- All dressed up and no place to go?
- Winter's "a-coming in", Taya.
The swans are flying South,
and I'm going with them.
- So you're leaving, are you?
- I am!
I'm bored to death...
I came here to make oil shoot into
the Siberian sky, as my dad wanted.
One can dig holes
in the ground anywhere.
You're right.
- You'll probably go to your Sochi?
- Yes, Sochi, of course.
I came here to get you.
Pack your things.
Don't look at me like that.
You're coming with me.
What the heck.
Let's go, kid!
You're very nice, Alyosha.
You're a great guy.
Listen, Taya, we'll get married. You
are a good woman. I like you.
Remember, in the forest
you asked me a question?
- Why I never married.
- Yes.
After the war, I waited for you here
six years.
- You're lying.
- Six years.
Then I went to work on a boat,
hoping it would take me to Sochi
and I'd find you there.
Yes, that's what I did.
Only it's hard to get to Sochi
through Salekhard.
It's quite the opposite direction.
You know, Taya,
I'll tell it only to you.
I've never been to Sochi.
Yeah, it's the truth!
I saw it in a movie, I dreamed of
going there, but didn't get a chance.
First, the orphanage, then the war,
then this drilling for oil.
It's a long way to Sochi. I don't
have enough money.
- Is it true what you said, Taya?
That you waited for me?
Let's get married, Taya.
I can't.
Besides, you wouldn't want me.
- I would, you'll see.
- No.
I'm pregnant, Alyosha.
Whose is it, Taya?
I don't know.
All right, Taya, I'll take you anyway!
A blind date!
Get packed, where's your coat?
Come on, Taya dear!
Pack your suitcase...
- I can't, Alyosha.
- It's decided.
- Wait...
- That's it.
Well, all set?
Good girl, Taya.
Get packed, Taya.
I'm not going, Alyosha.
- You're somebody I don't need.
- The child needs a father.
You think you're what he needs?
No, Alyosha.
I've got a child,
I don't need anybody else.
I don't need you.
That's all.
You don't need me either.
The truth is...
only the motherland
has ever needed me.
Nobody else ever did.
Everyone has his own destiny,
my poor Alyosha.
Motherless child...
No one's child...
All right, Taya. God is watching.
He'll provide. Goodbye, Taya!
What? You going already?
You're a fool.
Throwing away your happiness.
My Alyosha, my darling...
Go quickly, please.
Go, Alyosha, go...
- Where are you going?
- Can't do anything now!
Don't stay here!
She'll blow up any second!
- Get away, Sanya!
- Get out of the way!
- Everyone out of there?
- I figure everyone's out.
- How about that!
- The power she's got!
Alyosha, my dear friend!
...Half of the Siberian territory
is good for prospecting
for oil and gas deposits...
And now, having made
massive investments...
This exploration has yielded
no positive results.
There is no oil in Western Siberia.
I, Tofik, say you won't go anyplace
until you've made good the damage...
I'm from Yelan. My granddad is there,
and my father's over there...
- Champagne is what I like...
- If we make it...
...I'll give you a case of champagne...
Fellow delegates!
I have this telegram,
delivered ten minutes ago.
There is oil in Siberia...
a lot of it!
Go on, read it.
There was an accident... a man died.
Who was it?
A Siberian.
A war veteran.
An expert driller.
A working man,
Alexei Nikolayevich Ustyuzhanin.
I will ask you, please, to stand
in respect for his memory.
- I was a Red partisan!
- I don't care if you're Budyonny!
I'm going to tech you!
Let me through.
Philip, they won't let us
in the cemetery!
- Why can't those people go in?
- Natural gas. Could explode.
All my ancestors are here.
I have three brothers here and all
the others.
Wait. It's for your own good.
What good is it to me
if I don't have the right
to visit my parents here?
Are you still not happy, Frol?
I gave you my word I'd fight to keep
Yelan. I've kept my word.
We have won back our dear native land.
Just look
at that power and beauty!
Secretary Solomin, we have to clear
the cemetery. As soon as possible.
- What are you saying? Are you crazy?
- A big oil gusher in the center.
Right here!
Are you scared, Filka?
Use your authority!
There may be an explosion!
- Solomin!
- You can't clear it!
Comrade Solomin!
Comrade Secretary!
- Come on!
- Bring a bulldozer!
Wait, Uncle Frol.