Sibyl (2019) Movie Script

Writers basically take readers hostage.
You're forcing someone
to spend 5, 6, 7, 8 hours in your brain.
People have less time now.
People have less time now.
10 years ago
you had a minor bestseller.
10 years ago
you had a minor bestseller.
Now people are saturated with info.
They have every excuse not to read.
The fact is,
writers have less legitimacy now
than ever before.
than ever before.
Not to discourage you,
but 10 years ago was the wrong time
but 10 years ago was the wrong time
to leave and become a shrink.
to leave and become a shrink.
I felt so bad, it was like a suicide.
I felt so bad, it was like a suicide.
A deliberate waste of talent.
I felt emotionally amputated myself.
Sorry to be so frank.
No, go ahead.
But you need to know the score.
But you need to know the score.
You say writing is your priority again.
You say writing is your priority again.
You say writing is your priority again.
But we both know inspiration is a lie
and hard work is pointless.
People write like crazy
and end up with nothing.
They think they have an idea,
They think they have an idea,
but fiction is not a subject.
Fiction is elements
triggering a process.
Or it can be a pre-existing process,
Or it can be a pre-existing process,
like a news item.
like a news item.
That can work.
Julien Dars wrote about an American
who killed her roommate in Italy,
caught between two justice systems.
A crazy case, beauty on trial...
Adele Simonie has a book coming out
about the text message murder case.
This girl texted a suicidal friend
until he killed himself.
Talk about great chick lit!
Thanks for your advice, Basile.
Listen, I'm here to read you.
I'm glad you're back.
- Send me your stuff.
- Perfect
Boris, what I have to say isn't easy.
For personal reasons,
I must put an end to our work together.
I'm so sorry. It has nothing to do with you.
I have no choice.
I have highly competent colleagues
who can meet you.
They know.
I can call them for you.
You don't give a damn.
Think I come here for your competency?
I'll help you make
a smooth transition.
Isn't it terrifying enough
to have lived this life?
And on top of it,
to have to tell it all to a stranger?
Look at it another way.
You won't repeat yourself.
You're fucking with me!
You're stealing my work!
Seven years of my life!
You're taking them away.
I'm gonna drop dead!
Electricity's down.
That game was getting old.
Got a present for you.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
I've got news.
I'm writing again.
I left most of my patients.
Why'd you do that?
So I can focus wholly on my novel.
It's the only way.
I think it's great.
But how will your patients feel?
What if a surgeon left an operation?
"Bye, I'm off to write."
A bit of guilt never hurts.
Just a bit.
Your colleague at the hospital
gave me your number.
Sorry, I know it's late.
but I'm hurting so bad!
Everything's wrong.
I need to see someone.
I'm sorry,
I'm no longer taking patients.
I didn't inform the hospital yet.
Sorry, but maybe
you could call them back.
They have highly competent therapists.
Excuse me,
I'm sorry to bother you.
- No worries.
- I don't want therapy.
I just need to make a decision.
I understand.
But you should tell someone
who can follow you.
I hope it works out.
I'm so sorry, once again.
Goodbye, good luck.
Billionaire Robert Durst Accidently
Admits his Grimes on Television
Here are two colleagues
you can call.
I can give you other names
if need be.
I'm 2 months pregnant but can't keep it.
I'm so scared! I can't tell him.
What will I do about work?
Everything I've built
will come crashing down.
I'm so tired of lying!
In my dreams,
people unmask me.
I'm afraid to sleep.
Who's the father?
An actor.
He's an actor.
He's famous. I can't tell you.
How many did you quit?
I still have 5.
I still have 5.
I feel like
I'm weaning off my patients.
I feel like
I'm weaning off my patients.
I kept a few.
I'm working towards abstinence.
I kept a few.
I'm working towards abstinenee.
- Are you tempted to drink?
- Not at all.
I'm in a very positive place.
I'm mainly obsessed with writing.
It's intoxicating too,
but words are the drug. It's safe.
I don't want to be my mother.
Weigh my child down with my failures.
Blame him for my disillusions.
I never want him to think
he prevented me from thriving.
I'd rather he suffer my selfishness
than my sacrifice.
If you abort,
he won't suffer at all.
You seem to have decided.
I'm not strong enough to keep it.
I have to work.
If I lose this job,
I lose everything.
I'm not judging you.
But when you called me,
you said
you had to make a decision.
Is making the decision alone
the hard part?
You don't understand.
He got me the part.
I owe him so much.
Why didn't you tell him?
What're you afraid of?
He's crazy about me.
He wants children with me.
He's extremely sensitive.
He couldn't handle it.
And you feel he might jeopardize
your role in the film?
I didn't mention he's with someone.
The director of the film.
You quit patients to write,
then take this girl?
You quit patients to write,
then take this girl?
She was in a critical state.
It was complicated to reject her.
You don't reject, you guide.
I chose to guide her to my office.
So it was your choice.
We all have a weakness
for some of them, right?
Sure, but you have
a weakness for writing.
Sure, but you have
a weakness for writing.
Are they mutually exclusive?
My job is to say yes.
Are you in love?
I don't know.
Want to talk about the sex?
I didn't think...
I would.
No subject is off limits.
There was this one time...
Sorry, I don't think I can.
If you started,
it may be important.
We were sleeping.
I woke up and saw him looking at me.
I sensed his desire.
We didn't speak.
It was like he'd waited for me.
I started touching myself.
He did too.
He tried to come close,
but I motioned for him to stay away.
I tried to temper my excitement
by staring at the door.
But his gaze,
the very idea that he'd been
gazing at me like that,
was so powerful
I came before he did.
I moved close to kiss him.
The intensity was insane.
We hadn't even touched yet.
When I kissed him, I tasted tears.
He'd experienced my pleasure
just by watching me.
It had flowed into him.
Something like that.
I think he cried
because he really saw me.
It was beyond sex.
Is it your turn or mine?
Why not?
You'd have all four.
I don't understand your mind.
You'll lose.
I don't love you.
I'm not into you.
Our friendship means fuck all!
I'm playing alone.
I'm beating you bad.
My turn to ask the questions.
Ok, go ahead.
What's your favorite place?
In Paris, or anywhere?
Right here.
My office.
Because it's my very own space.
I know what you want.
What do I want?
For me to tell you mine.
See you next week?
Mine is...
my grandmother's laundry room.
Oops, mistake!
Please, l must see you tomorrow.
6 pm?
See you tomorrow, 5:30 pm.
Erase message.
Tomorrow morning, 6:30.
I'm not gonna let you pick the time.
You're making me handle her alone.
I can't watch someone destroy herself.
Then do something!
She's not someone, she's your mother!
Not now, guys.
Can't you see this is private?
Keep your ass out of it!
So you're avoiding drinkers now?
You're so imperious.
Your boyfriend's influence?
I'm trying to quit, as it happens.
Gabriel has helped me more
than any of you ever did.
He believes in me.
He alone believes I can be a writer.
He saves me from you.
From this family who...
You need to be saved from me?
Do you hear what you're saying?
We can't communicate.
You're in some kind of denial...
And you're in a fucking ivory tower.
Just stay there, nice and warm.
Don't come out or you'll get dizzy.
You're blind, look at you.
A slave to her selfishness.
Go sing your crappy little songs.
Have a great new year.
Meanwhile, I'll just...
disappear from your life. For real.
How do you feel?
Do you still associate Gabriel
with alcohol?
Sometimes I know exactly
what you'll say.
You brought it up!
What's it been? 8 or 9 years?
Gabriel is a ghost.
What is he? He's gone.
He's active but harmless.
You decide whether to keep him at bay.
Seen your actress?
Anything to tell me?
Go, I'm listening.
Go, I'm listening.
I did it. I told him.
Tell me exactly what happened.
He was wild with joy.
Look at the bigger picture.
What's happening is a sign.
Don't be afraid.
You bet I'm afraid, Igor.
How can I hide it?
At first it won't shqw.
We'll be on an island!
Sorry to interrupt. Mika's on her way.
You can do the film
and have the baby.
I don't want to keep it.
I won't let you do that.
I won't let you do that.
She wants you on set now.
Things will get violent.
he apologized.
He realized hew brutal he'd been.
I understand
you don't want a
It hurts me to say it, but...
I know I can't force you.
We have plenty of time for babies.
Unless you never want one.
That's fine too.
Mika came to us.
She wanted to rehearse a scene.
We couldn't do it.
I looked at Igor
and felt a rage rising up in me.
I couldn't believe
he was using his power...
so brutally, so shamelessly.
I wanted to kill him
for the emotional blackmail.
That non-existent child
suddenly changed everything.
Our bond was no longer about
Or rather, desire had taken on
tangible form.
It was no longer fantasy.
"Take this child from me
and you'll lose your job,
I'll destroy your life.
You cannot
win this."
What's going on?
I had a nightmare.
I saw Mom.
Her body in the car.
It was horrible.
You and I were carrying her body
by the side of the road for hours.
I couldn't figure out what I was seeing.
Her jaw was gone
and her tongue
was sticking out of her neck!
Calm down.
Calm down. It's over now.
It's over now.
You'll be alright.
- Are you ok?
- Yeah.
I think I need a drink.
Go ahead.
I don't want to know where it is.
- I'm sorry.
- It's ok.
Everything I hate in myself
comes from her.
I don't want to be her!
You're not your mother!
You're nothing like her!
You embrace life, you move forward.
You'll never end up like her.
- It was an accident.
- No. suicide!
It was raining.
It's tragic but it happens.
She was dead drunk.
It was no accident.
I don't think I should
be staying with you guys.
I'm in your way.
In our way?
You're never in our way.
You're never in our way.
The kids love you.
I know, I love them too.
It's just that...
I feel like
you've managed to build a life.
I'm alone.
I work odd jobs
I'm 36 and still doing my thesis.
Don't be silly.
Seriously, I think
I'm in the process of becoming a loser.
You're the freest person I know.
You're never complacent.
You'll be ok. don't doubt yourself.
I miss Mom so much!
Don't you?
How do you hold it together so well?
I fake it.
Has the abortion been scheduled?
We're going for an ultrasound first.
I believed it all.
But two hours later
I began to wonder.
I'm not sure
what he told me is true.
I never told you.
Before Mika, there was
a woman who got pregnant.
When she gave birth, the child was dead.
Still born.
His tears were like in a film I love
where he plays a widower.
At the time,
I absolutely believed he was sincere.
Only when I was alone
did I begin to doubt.
But I'd already given him hope.
When is the abortion?
It was yesterday.
But I got it postponed 3 days.
Then I'll fly to the island
for the shoot.
What do you want?
I think I need your help.
I can't think,
I can't trust my decisions.
I'm trying to help you.
You have to see him.
Come to the shoot.
I can't think anymore.
No, impossible.
I can't do that
and it wouldn't help.
I can't do that
and it wouldn't help.
We're on Stromboli in 4 days.
I'm nearly 3 months along. I'm terrified.
I can't do it.
A young woman...
just starting out...
first film...
Margot, Gabriel...
Selma, you know that's off limits.
I just read the writing.
Nothing's written.
It's my work.
Edith, please.
Come here.
You need to learn
to manipulate your mom.
It'll come in handy later, too.
Tell her you feel
she doesn't love you.
Or less than your sister.
Or say you feel
she's disappointed in you.
Or that at school,
someone you like hates you.
Make her pity you.
You've got two things
going on with her.
She's your mom,
and she's a shrink.
Moms hate to see
their children suffer.
But for shrinks..
it's a crime!
Get it?
Go see her.
Act really unhappy,
and say, "Mom,
I'm afraid I lack the tools
to make it in life."
Sad puppy eyes.
Go on.
That's it.
Lay it on thicker.
Perfect. Go get her.
I'm afraid I lack the tools
to make it in life.
What're you talking about?
You're far too young
to worry about that.
Why do you say such things?
You bet you have the tools.
She's got strange worries for her age.
Remember how she looked at you
in the maternity ward?
You know,
I'd never imagined my child would.
judge me or even look at me.
I felt her eyes asking me,
"Who are you?"
You have to have fun,
play with the monster inside you.
I don't believe
in the whole method acting thing,
digging deep down
almost religiously.
I believe in lies.
Making things up.
Deep down inside, I'm often empty.
Totally empty.
I gotta make it happen somehow.
That's what they pay me for.
Mika is...
a woman l truly admire.
I have deep admiration
and respect for her.
I'd even say she's the first woman
I've loved this way.
Just to meet him once.
No way, there's no reason.
She's testing you. Say no.
Your role is to stay in the fantasy.
But you want to?
No, but..
I need to know who I'm dealing with.
Who Margot's dealing with.
Not you or your character.
Want to talk about Gabriel?
I'm so happy your book is out.
What can I do for you?
Get out of my life.
You take up too much space.
You're too alive.
You're cutting me in half.
I'm starting to resent helping you.
You found your place.
I probably helped.
It's all good, I'm happy for you.
Almost happier
than I would be for myself.
You're leaving
because you helped me?
You took on the role of helping me
because your pride wanted to save me.
But I never saw you that way.
Deep down, maybe you preferred me
when I was down.
You can't handle me up?
In life,
we change, we evolve.
Nothing's clean or set in stone!
It's crazy to reject that!
You're pathetic
if you don't accept that.
I'll be a shit for you.
Prefer me weak?
I'll be a shit.
Must see you. Aborting at 11 tomorrow,
then off to island...
Missed call
Hate to bother you,
need session urgently...
Hate to bother you
need session urgently...
Can you please call me ?
l'm going crazy...
Must see you. Aborting at 11 tomorrow,
then off to island... I'm lost.
You he cruel to abandon me...
Your silence is killing me.
Please, we must talk before 11
Failure to assist
I'M GONNA DO I Call Margot Vasilis.
Margot Vasilis.
Leave me a message.
Your grandmother's laundry room.
Why is it your favorite room?
Because it locks.
Why do you need to lock it?
One question only, Doctor.
That's the rule.
Hang on a sec.
Why no answers?
Did you get my messages?
Margot, I didn't call because
it was your choice to make, alone.
Think I made the right choice?
Yes, I think you did.
I didn't do it, I didn't go.
I didn't get the abortion.
I needed to hear that yesterday.
What was the right choice?
Who's Margot?
What was the right choice?
Who's Margot?
None of your business.
Some people are unhappy
their whole lives.
They can't shake it.
They take tons of stuff
to forget they're alive.
What stuff?
Alcohol, pills...
Or both.
Helps them teel better.
But not entirely.
And then,
when they have the energy,
they use it
to ruin other people's lives.
I'm very worried. Period.
Even if you don't want to talk to me,
tell me how you're doing.
Send to Margot Vasilis.
What do you do
your grandmother's laundry room?
I listen to a song.
Give me the dice.
From now on,
the rules have changed.
Two questions per lost roll.
What song?
Fuck off.
grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change,
the courage to change the things I can.
and the wisdom to know the difference.
That girl's driving me insane.
I hate her.
Are you in love?
Are you sure?
What're you doing?
We can't do that anymore.
That's it.
I did it.
What did you do?
I did what you told me to do.
What'd I tell you to do?
I did it, I got the abortion.
I never told you to...
The hospital was disgusting,
it took hours!
Then I told Igor.
He went nuts.
Hang on.
Come back to Paris if you need to.
I can't,
I'm contractually obliged to stay.
I'm stuck here.
Explain it to me.
What happened with Igor?
He told Mika everything.
20 minutes.
She has no sense of priorities
on her fucking film!
This is not good.
Ask the producers
to let you fly to Paris Saturday.
We must see each other.
We'll go to a doctor
to make sure you're ok.
You need to be examined.
You're not alone.
Do you hear me?
I'll see you when you arrive.
Thanks for helping me.
You helped me in your own way.
I believed for years,
but I don't anymore.
Believed what?
That I could overcome my background.
But I've failed.
I'm filthy.
I'm filthy!
There's something filthy in me.
It'll never come out.
You can't build
on a foundation of shit.
Everything is built on shit.
- Stop writing about her.
- I'm not.
She's just one of many influences.
It's a confluence.
You're out of line,
every rule of our profession.
Recording her sessions,
meddling in her life...
You are!
I've been seeing you 6 years.
You've crossed a line.
Stop analyzing her.
You can't even analyze yourself.
Ok, let's analyze me.
I'm obsessed with her.
I advised her to abort...
You never advised her to abort.
She made you think you were important
so you'd give her more.
You fell for it
and went right off the rails.
In your head, at your computer, alone.
Not in her life.
I'm afraid she'll kill herself.
Live with that fear.
That's your job.
I can't be cold as ice.
It wouldn't be your fault.
What'd you say?
Are you implying I'm cold as ice?
No, I think you do
exactly as you should.
Can I get some Celexa?
- How long?
- 2 months.
What did you feel when you learned
she'd aborted?
You're forcing me to be an asshole
because I will not raise that child!
You don't have to.
You're forcing me to abandon a child
and consider myself an asshole!
I understand your position.
I won't change my mind.
We're separated.
Make me suffer if you like,
but not an innocent child.
Do you miss him?
I don't let myself go there.
Try to go there.
I do miss the intensity
and the love we , yes.
Selma is so much like him.
It hurts sometimes.
No, hello.
Sorry, it's Igor.
Igor Maleski.
She asked me to call.
Why doesn't she call?
I just found her.
She'd gone missing for 2 days.
She took a bunch of pills and vomited.
She's better now, but...
she's asking for you.
Says she can't do it without you.
It's gotten very complicated.
We can't shoot.
The film's on hold.
I know it's a bit strange,
but she only wants to talk to you.
It made me crazy.
We were close again.
I loved her so much.
It feels like a betrayal.
I'm not angling for pity.
Can I ask you a favor?
Don't be against me on principle.
Communicate with me.
I know it's delicate.
She says a lot of things
I can't control.
The subjectivity of her words
must seem objective to you.
I'm not against you.
I'm being manipulated, I know it!
It's not paranoia.
These people are twisted enough
to make sure you fail,
to ruin your career.
You need to calm down
for a start.
I'm here to help you.
But I need to know
what you expect from me.
I don't want him
speaking to me on set.
He has to go through you.
Thanks for coming.
It'll be ok.
It'll be ok.
Stop. I can't work like this.
I can't do it.
She's giving nothing.
You're totally empty!
No, impossible.
He's not in the shot, right?
Give me the mike.
Let's get back to it.
Sibyl, it's Basile.
I read what you sent, it's great.
War of the sexes on a backdrop
of social revenge, love it.
Love the alternating
female narrators too.
When we learn she may have made it up,
the actress is terrifying.
The other woman is even crazier.
I'm totally hooked.
Sibyl, excuse me.
I just wanted to say...
I can't do it without you.
Can we talk?
Sure, of course.
May I?
Sure, go ahead.
Are you ok?
a little fling.
Thank you very much.
- Shape up.
- Don't touch me.
Don't touch me!
- Shape up.
- Don't touch me.
- Shape up.
- Don't toueh me.
It hurts when you use your open palm.
Control yourself.
Don't talk to me. Talk to Sibyl.
Tell her to quit hurting me on purpose.
Mika wants you to be drunker,
like you'd had a few more.
Be drunk, be angry, slap softly...
For once,
can't we try to create emotion
without resorting
to simplistic impulses?
Thank you.
- Shape up.
- Don't touch me.
Sibyl! Was I good?
Do you enjoy hurting me?
Do you enjoy hitting me like that?
Humiliating me?
Humiliating me...
I can't do this anymore.
Can't we try to create emotion...
create emotion...
fabricate emotion...
without resorting
to simplistic instincts, impulses?
simplistic impulses...
That's exactly what I'm trying to do.
How was I?
Tell me.
I just wanted to say,
I can't do it without you.
I don't trust anyone on set.
I don't trust anyone on set.
I'm being manipulated.
I'm going crazy.
Was I good, really?
No one can talk to me on set.
They have to go through you.
Thank you.
Thank you, Sibyl.
I'm hurting so bad.
I feel filthy.
- All good?
- Yeah,you?
I'm good.
Gin tonic?
No thanks.
I didn't mean to scare you.
I needed to clear my head.
I'm going for a walk.
Care to join me?
I'm sick of that German bitch.
She just said it was great.
- It's her approach.
- Let's go!
Maybe Sibyl could direct us?
Ok, let's do that.
We'll fix it in editing.
Let's start with you lying down.
Talk us through it, it helps.
Margot, surrender.
But you're not passive.
Look at him.
But you're not passive.
Look at him.
Caress her.
I'm sorry.
I'm not ok!
What's going on?
I'm hurting so bad, Edith!
Andrea, what is it?
What do you mean?
I never should've come here.
I'm an imposter.
I'm an imposter.
Where are you? You need to calm down.
No, you don't understand.
I've gone off the rails.
I'm not in any reality.
I slept with the actor.
Everything I do, everything I do...
is nothing.
No, I beg you, not that!
Madam, hello.
I have white wine,
red wine and champagne.
Also soft drinks and fruit juice.
What's your pleasure?
Hi guys!
All that is for you.
Go to your room, please.
Make it snappy!
Go to your room, girls!
Why that song?
It's the last song my mom and I heard
before she died.
I listen to it in the laundry room.
I need to be alone.
I need to be sure
no one will bother me.
I remember
her smell.
Her perfume.
You know Daniel,
you're allowed to be sad.
You're allowed to cry.
Does this mean
I don't need to come anymore?
I don't know.
Are you sick of coming?
See you next week?
See you next week.
It's absolutely wonderful.
The style just flows.
You really capture the urban anxiety.
It's so skillfully rendered.
I found it truly powerful.
- Bravo.
- Nice, thanks.
I didn't analyze every line,
I devoured it.
It awakened things in me,
brought up strong feelings.
What about the lifeguard?
You know, the one who..
Probably my favorite character.
He touched me deeply.
I love your subtle treatment of him.
There's no lifeguard, honey.
And a candy apple, please.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
10 euros please,
young man.
Thank you.
Let go?
Who's she?
an old friend.
You guys are so cute.
What're you doing here?
I'm with friends.
Run along, be right there.
Don't you live down south?
I came back a month ago.
Right, I see.
Right, I see.
- How've you been?
- Good.
Still writing?
- Cool.
- Yeah.
So are you... living in Paris?
I'm looking
for an affordable apartment.
I know a good website.
I'll send you the link.
It's cheaper than agencies.
Sounds good.
So you work in Paris?
So you work in Paris?
Yep. still teaching lit.
Got a job in Nanterre.
I missed Paris.
Is she here?
I'll be going now.
Have a nice day.
I loved working with you.
The whole experience
felt like a dream.
That's what we try to do.
Making a film
is like making a dream.
I hope you will alI
dream along with us.
For me it was more of a nightmare.
I mean, who shoots a film
on an active volcano?
That's how Mika shows affection.
What can I say?
Let the screening begin.
- How's it going?
- Fine.
The film's great.
Very beautiful.
I mean...
I just wanted to say,
I think your acting is...
I think you...
I think your talent...
No. I mean, your talent...
That's all.
- Hello!
- How're you?
- Good, you?
- All good?
- You bet.
She didn't feel well
so I brought her home.
Did you read my book?
No, I will later.
Life has no meaning, does it?
She's been gone 5 days.
Sorry, but you're not coming in.
Not in the state you're in.
The kids won't understand.
You know that.
I love them more than anything.
They deserve better than a drunk.
I bought your book.
Some things may...
make you feel...
Some characters may resonate
or seem familiar.
I don't mind.
In a way, I'm flattered.
Hello, my name is Sibyl.
I've been sober 3 weeks.
I no longer think of Margot.
Or Gabriel.
I've started a new novel.
I've stepped back
from those around me.
I see them as characters.
Etienne has no access to me.
No doubt fueling the suspense.
I feel nothing concrete with him.
But I like what he represents.
I see very clearly now.
And I understand.
My life is a fiction.
I can rewrite it however I like.
I can do anything, change anything.
create anything.
I'm at the heart of every choice.
Gabriel is dead to me now.
Who was my father?
What makes you ask?
Why don't I see him?
I told you.
He left before you were born.
Then why did you guys make me?
We loved each other very much.
That makes no sense.
Why'd he leave?
Was he unhappy when I came?
No, he was very happy.
He loved you
even before you were born.
he had things to do elsewhere.
Never doubt his love.
Do I look like him?
Do you think of him
when you see me?
It's as though
part of him lives inside you.
Do you like it?