Siccin (2014) Movie Script

According to, told by a relative of
Mohammed, the prophet,
Mohammed, got sick one day. had been
so exhausted to unable to ...
... get on in the bed for days,
without a reason.
And Gabriel appeared him, told to him:
''A Jew has casted a spell for you.
He blown onto the knots on a rope. And
thrown it into the draw well named Zervan.
Send somebody to there to take it.''
Then, Mohammed send Ali,
his son-in-law, to there.
As Ali found and released
the knots on the rope,
Mohammed felt relieved
and healed himself again.
Then, God almight revealed the
partition of Koran known as ...
... Al falaq (Koran: 113) and
An nas (Koran: 114).
Translated into English by Sparky
Names of some characters, depicted in the
movie changed due to legal enforcements.
What kind of of crappy works
have you driven us into?
That's all bullshit and nonsense.
Head kerchiefs... Cover your heads.
Ihsan hodja is awaiting you.
Say your prayers.
Hail you, born of fire, who has knowledge
of wisdom. Answer our prayers ...
... to us, to servants,
who created of clay only.
What's your name?
What's your purpose to come?
I... I just want to ask about a man?
Whom to marry me or not...
What's his name?
Does he love you?
Does he know you?
He's son of my aunt.
Shall he marry with me?
Could you answer me as yes or no?
I'll ask no question else.
He's going to reply by himself.
Kudret is son of your aunt.
He's not proper husband for you.
You would have no kid from him.
He's posionous.
He's your own destruction.
Only trouble for you.
Stay away from him.
He is the key of your death.
12 years later.
May 2009
I had warned you not to come here.
Kudret. It's been two weeks.
You're absent for two weeks.
You don't even answer my phone.
What else should I do?
You're not allowed to come. Not for
two weeks, even for two years.
Listen to me. You can't escape from me.
Even you attempt to escape,
you can't escape from our child.
No matter you wish or not,
I will give a birth.
Don't get me into a rage! znur!
Don't drive me crazy!
Are you nuts?
It's been four and half
months since pregnancy.
Been too late for abortion.
I have to give a birth.
Do you hear me?
I'll give a birth.
You'll register as your
baby in the birth certificate.
You seduced me by yourself. Then,
am I to declare everyone...
that I have a illegitimate child from you?
You should have thought it before.
Then, shall everyone call my
child as a bastard?
Am I so unchaste to give a
birth as illegitimate child?
God damn, whore!
I know all what you have done.
You got pregnant in my unwary moment.
It's all to make me to be
obliged to marry with you.
God damn you.
Are you hectoring around me
to make a problem?
Where have you been?
Around the taxi station?
Come to me urgently.
Don't fool around.
We have to go to hosptal.
mmediately! Hurry up!
Enjoy your meal, mum.
You have lost a lot of weights.
I wish, you had able to be
to eat some crumbs.
Only soups are not enough for you.
Ceyda. Are you hungry, my sweet child?
Not yet, mummy.
I know that you, too, love to listen
this song. My father always loved.
What colour are the lips?
Red, daughter.
Has my doll red lips, too?
Show me.
Although sister znur is a swanky women
but she brought you plain doll for you.
When she come, let us say her to rogue
to lips of the doll.
Is she going to rouge my doll?
Should we do also for me?
When you grow up,
I would do it for you.
She says pink is also beautiful. What
I wonder how to be colour of red.
Alright. Let us have some meal, honey.
znur. Baby has passed away.
Baby had been dead in your womb.
Doc told me that taken out as dead.
How could you be so calm?
You have killed my baby.
znur. No need to prattle.
That's God's predestination. Fate.
What does it mean not to prattle?
What kind of inglorious man you are!
You have killed my baby.
Listen. This last time that you see me.
... and then don't mess me anymore.
Got it?
I'm so sorry. I didn't intend to
bother you.
Don't leave me helpless.
If you don't leave me alone,
I would tell everything to your father.
He knows me good. Then,
he would take you to ...
... village to your sister's home.
You would live there as discredited.
Son of a bitch!
You can't leave me desperate.
I am your love only.
I am the only one who deserves you.
My father has come.
Be carefully, daughter.
Daddy, welcome to home.
My daughter.
Why haven't you slept?
I was waiting for you coming, dad.
Mum allowed me to wait you.
You always come late after as I go to bed.
Are you hungry?
No. I'm alright.
I don't feel to eat something.
I have some head ache.
I may feel better, if I lay on
the bed for a while.
Ceyda. You'd better to go bed, daughter.
Come on.
Wake up daddy.
Would you like to put these into my eye
sockets so that I could see like you?
Hush! You're dreaming.
Kudret, I have much travails.
Take me to hosptal.
Take me to hosptal.
Labor pains are increasing.
I'm about to give a birth.
Time has not come. It's six and
half months old only.
Wait a while. It's all false aches.
Water breaking.
It's coming.
Her nerves of eyes have been badly injured.
Unfortunatelly, she would
never be able to see.
Wish you had brought your wife
durig the labor pains, on time.
Wish I had,
wish I had ...
Wish I had!
A friend of mine is going to have her son
circumcised. So, I'll visit her to village.
Let your mother visit her.
You're a widow. Is it alright to go
for far destination alone?
She has been sick, she can't.
She told me to visit her.
It's not the place that I'll go
first time in my life. My Gosh!
Can't widows go to country side alone?
I'm a free woman. That's enough!
Ali Ismail... my sweet son. If you'd
been alive, here with us now, ...
... she wouldn't be so rebellious.
In the name of God, most glorious
and most merciful ...
Dear felllows;
All wrong doings, whatever done
intentionally, or even accidentally, are...
... to be reminded us. We'll pay our dues
for sins both in here and in other world.
Mankind is to be judged for all
sins with pure justice of God.
Do you know that what God almighty says,
in the glorious Koran: 83;
''Do you know what sijjeen is ?
Indeed, the record of
the wicked is in sijjeen.
It's, their destination recorded in,
a register inscribed.
Woe, that Day, to the deniers,
Who deny the Day of Recompense.
And none deny it except
every sinful transgressor.''
I had left my shoes here.
I even rarely come for prayer.
See? My shoes stolen.
You deserved it by bringing a man, who has
no interest in religion, like me to mosque.
There it is.
Hey, friend.
Keep znur's affair between
us. Don't talk around.
Sure, man. But, why did you
involve crappy shit?
Fornication is no good for
who has a family to keep.
Yes, you're right, bro.
You don't understand me?
I told, it's over.
It's over.
Don't call me anymore.
You God damn asshole.
You will pay for your sin.
What's happened daughter?
Mummy. Something
bad happened?
Tell me what's happened.
Promise that you're not
going to tell to dad.
He would be hurt, if he hears.
Tell me, my love.
Don't make me worried.
Remember what I told you before?
You hadn't heeded my words.
Behold, what's happened to you!
Sorry. I didn't heed.
I couldn't have kept my lust under control.
I'm beseeching you to help me, please.
I have to make him enamor to me only.
It's been a matter of life
and death for me.
I see. I have something to do.
But its obligations are too hard.
I've brought everything that I have.
I'm taking my pocket money aside, enough
for return bus fare only.
I've been imploring you.
Listen to me.
People knows my wisdom,
who consulted to me only.
This guy will belong you only.
But, ...
You have to pay your dues voluntarily.
You can take my gold bracelets, too.
For the sake of Lord, help me.
What's the name of her wife?
Who else does live at home with her?
Ceyda, their daughter.
And her bedridden mother.
Now, open your ears and
watch my words carefully.
I will cast pig spell on his wife.
That's the powerful spell
which only me could do it.
Evil beings live as Christian, Muslim
.. etc. communes, just like mankind.
Among the evil djinns, there's
a notorious tribe named as Anzar, ...
... which hates the Muslims most.
I need to convince a demon
among them to posess to Nisa.
What next, if possesses to her?
Demon will capture her. And she will die
whilst in five nights.
Her blood descendants
will be exterminated.
Are they going to die?
Blood relatives only.
But, they have daughter in home.
You had unborn baby, too.
Who had shown mercy for your child?
To convince the demon to help
me to cast a pig spell,
It's mandatory to do blasphemy
against Islamism.
So, I will write verses from Koran on the
shinbone of a corpse, died recently.
Then I will wrap it by intestine of a pig.
But, I need something
which belongs to Nisa.
Some saliva or her hair or
blood or a piece of nail.
Besides, you need to bring me her photo.
Anything else to do?
I have no choise else.
Do what's got to be done.
Lord bless you for what you do for me.
I will write verses from Koran on
the shinbone of a corpse.
I will summon the demon and
convince him to possess her.
znur, welcome.
Ceyda has been talking in
her sleep to you for a while.
Before travelling to village,
I wanted to visit you.
How lovely!
Auntie znur ...
Yes, sweetie.
Shall I give you a secret?
Go ahead, honey.
Efe loves me.
Who's him, sweetie?
A boy from school?
A boy in our classroom.
Get along with you! Grown
enough to allure the boys.
I wish you had visited us with Glsm.
Don't even mention, Glsm.
She always drives me crazy.
She's your mother-in-law.
All of them do some nagging.
I've been tolerating her, for sake
of Ali Ismail, my ex-husband.
If not, I would never
live with her.
Show compassion for elders.
It's great favour to have God's blessing.
It's great favour to have God's blessing.
If you live with your father,
nothing would be better.
He's also an awkward man,
like my husband Kudret.
Anyway ...
Let me go.
May I use your WC to freshen up myself?
I need something, belongs to her. Hair
or blood or a piece of nails.
... Blood or nails.
- znur.
- Yes, Nisa.
There's towel on the
shelf. You can use it.
Thank you.
Have a nice journey!
Good bye znur.
Visit us again.
I got touched a little.
Maybe for travelling for far.
It's almost Kudret's coming time.
You may wish to see him, too.
That's alright.
See you.
Good bye.
What the hell are you doing here?
I have come to check if you
have a happy family.
Hullo! You have so pleased wife.
I was about to say her that
her husband killed my child.
But,... I didn't want to
discomfort her happiness.
Keep yourself away my wife!
Keep away my home!
Keep away from me!
You, dirty dog!
You, dirty dog!
You have done your best!
God almighty, created Adam of clay, formed
him as coagulation, blew spirit to him ...
... Offered him life and wise
ability among the other creatures.
Bring some water in the bowl
and something sharp.
Put into dog's food as 5 pieces
for each day. Feed dog at nights.
Up to five nights passes, what you
wished is going to come to true.
Satan hearkened our prayers.
May God forbid us all.
First Night
May 10th, 2009
My father always used to say.
To be a father is like a to be plane-tree.
No fruits. But even his shadow
is enough, safe and peaceful.
Since my father passed away,
I have no shadow.
I have been living in vain.
No serenity anymore.
Never mind, bro.
Everything passes by.
It may pass through
to everybody.
Let your sorrows pass by.
So, let it be, bro.
Let it be over.
Let them go away from me.
I'm so overstressed.
You know, my home stuffs.
You're the only friend of mine.
So, cheers.
Before five nights passes, all her
blood relatives will be dead.
But, there's also a kid at home.
I feel no good.
Something is happening to me
whiich I don't understand.
Would you pray for me?
It's alright even you
pray in your mind.
Up to five nights, her breed
will be exterminated.
He found out an earless dog,
with no tail and a flea on it.
They came home all together. Then,
he got them to travel to country.
Landlord has seen them coming.
And bidden welcome them.
After having drink your coffee,
may we talk a little bit?
You have something to say?
Talk in a plain words.
Alright. We talk later.
Nisa. Keep talking.
What do you want?
As I got up early in the morning,
I wanted to pray.
And something strange has fallen onto me.
What kind of strange thing?
I don't know exactly.
Just something strange.
I got scared so much.
Are you getting bedlamite?
As you have been so obsessed by
superstitions. That's what you deserve.
Don't yell in front of daughter.
No connection with my prayers!
You told me that it happened
whilst you were praying.
That's the connection!
Weird things fell onto her, huh?
For heaven's sake. We finally
got a lunatic in the home.
- You're driving me crazy!
- Hush! Do not look at.
See nothing as I do.
Close your eyes.
It's not so good to be able to see.
Second Night
May 11th, 2009
You haven't slept yet?
Where have you been so late hours?
I was at Nisa's home.
We were chattering.
So, have a good night.
- Ali Ismail.
- I have cut myself because of you.
Ali Ismail.
I did it because you didn't love me.
I have cut like this.
Because of you loved him only.
I'm here to cut you into
pieces by razor blade.
znur. What happened?
I have dreamed a nightmare.
Are you alright?
OK. It's over now.
Go to your bed.
Are you getting bedlamite?
We finally got a lunatic in the home.
You are immaculate now, mom.
Now, you enjoy music.
I will flush this. Then, I'll
bring some linden tea for you.
My condolences, bro.
My condolences.
We all feel deep grief.
Thank you for your coming.
Thanks to sharing grief.
My condolences.
I didn't get that how a bedridden woman
could have go to kitchen.
Why did she do such a thing?
I always kept taking care her good.
Nothing to blame yourself.
My son is dead, too.
He had no reason for it.
May God rest her in peace.
- Would you like to come in?
- I will sit down here.
Third Night
May 12th, 2009
Dad, I can't see because of you.
I know it.
Ceyda. My daughter.
My daughter.
Where have you been so late?
You have a family to care.
Still hanging out with sluts?
Kudret. Forgive me.
What's happening?
My daughter.
What's happened?
Nothing, Ceyda.
My sweet heart.
It passed through me, too.
Things that you told me.
I will go to consult a cleric.
I hope, he will give an advise for us.
Hello, sir.
Peace be upon you, Kudret.
How about your wife?
Has she pulled herself together?
It would take time to feel herself better.
If you wouldn't mind, I've some
important issues to consult you.
If you have spare time.
I have a dead to prepare for funeral today.
But, it's alright. Come along.
- Let's have walk up to evening prayer.
- I'd be appreciated.
My explanations will not
be nice for you, sonny.
Your wife has been being possessed.
What posssesion?
Being possessed by djinns.
Djinns always love to scoff and delude
to mankind for delusions.
Why should they mess up
with us? We have no issue.
You may not have.
But, they might have an issue with you.
In first night of my wedding,
I had been delirium in pyrexia.
I had been on the bed so exhausted to
live, for two or two and a half months.
My relatives have heard of a cleric
in our district and gone him for help.
Eventually, we knew that a
djinn enamored to my wife.
Since we got married, he lost his
temper and posessed to me to kill.
So that I could not touch to her.
Cleric had recited prayers from Koran
for half hour to purge me.
Then, he tutored and
educated me.
May he rest in peace. I have rejoiced
in his wisdom until his death.
God bless his heart.
So would you like to help us please?
Under the grace of God and his allowance,
I hope, we would take care of it.
I'd be appreciated.
God bless you.
I'm hungry.
I want to eat some crumbs.
My God.
God help me.
I'm imploring you my Lord.
God help me, please.
God help me.
What's happened to you?
I'm no good anymore.
I think...
I mean, as what you told...
I'm losing my mind.
I've already talked to cleric.
He's going to help us.
We will visit him tommorrow.
Alright. Let's have
a sleep right now.
Tommorow, we will deal with it.
Fourth Night
May 13th, 2009
My goodness!
(Female voice saying a lullaby)
(Female voice saying a lullaby)
Your baby was a boy.
As you have fornicated with
son of your own aunt.
He had have birth defects.
Check him yourself.
Whose husband have you been seducing?
You slut!
- Ihsan hodja. It's me, znur speaking.
- Yes, znur.
Help me. I've been imagining
evil apparitions.
How many people died in Kudret's home?
Her bedridden mother died only.
Everybody thought, it's a suicide.
Nobody knows the reason.
So what?
May I ask a question?
Have you ever casted pig spell
for someone else?
I mean... Does the demon that
posessing Nisa do harm for me?
Do you have any blood relation with Nisa?
No. How could it be?
So what? No need to fear. Have
you forgotten what I told you?
No, I haven't. You told me that Nisa
and blood relatives will die only.
Alright, sir.
If you say so,
I trust in you.
Is my grandfather in the heaven now?
In the heaven, daughter.
Maybe, not now, ...
That's her destination.
What about if she goes to hell?
Don't let her go.
Is it too bad to be there?
Sit down here.
- Is my dress ready?
- Ceyda, I told you to sit down.
What's happened?
Daughter. Would you
go to your room?
Dad. Why have you come home so early today?
Ceyda! Go to your room!
Nisa. Take a deep breathe.
We'll get rid of it today.
Be strong.
Come on. Take a deep breathe.
Daughter... I'll be out with
your mother tonight.
So, I want you to stay here
meak and mild 'til we come. Deal?
I also want to go outside with you.
Not today, it's been late for you.
Then, we will go all together.
My gosh!
God help me!
Fifth Night
May 14th, 2009
- Good night.
- Peace be upon you.
- We need to talk.
- Come along me.
Do you remember my uncle's znur,
whose husband commited a suicide.
Sure, I know her.
Her mother-in-law has come to
my shop to visit me.
She told that she heard
her talking to phone.
According to what she told me ...
znur had a sorcerer to
cast a spell on my wife.
Weird things!
They had a posessed my wife,
just like what you told me.
They did to kill my wife and
her blood relatives.
Her mother died because of this reason.
They must have done a deal with the evils.
Our work to is more difficult right now.
- Come to me.
- Nisa.
Alright. Here we go, daughter.
Kudret. What you are going to behold,
is not issues of everyday.
But, that's the way to struggle
with an inhuman enemy entities.
Take off her overcoat.
Let her sit down.
Once, a woman brought her kid
to Mohammed and told him ...
... that his kid had been posessed
by evil beings and she...
... made complaintments that kid's been...
... disturbed and scuffled
by inhuman entities.
The prophet...
He pated kid's chest and
read some prayers.
... Whilst kid puked.
A black stinky thing,
... like a small puppy,
appeared in his vomit,
... Then it fleeded off to
nowhere and disappeared.
There might be unsufficient our prayers,
I will aply for what my master taught me.
Now remove her scarf.
Cover her hair with this.
Cover her face.
Say ''In the name of God'' and prayers,
as you pour water onto her head.
In the name of God!
What the hell are you doing?
That's not her anymore.
That's djinn inside to be
pounded. She's not going to hurt.
Kudret, you bastard!
Why did you cheat your wife?
I'll do with your wife, exactly same
what you have done with znur.
Leave here enemy of God!
In the name of God!
You will die here!
I will kill you all!
Kudret! We need to tie her firmly.
Leave here enemy of God!
In the name of God!
You old fart!
Your wife's lover was friend of mine.
While you were in bed, helpless of pyrexia,
he was screwing your wife all day long.
But, your poor shy wife couldn't
have confessed you. Right?
I seek refuge in the Lord of daylight,
from the evil of the blowers in knots.
... from the evil of darkness.
In the name of God!
What have you done, old man?
Kudret, stop!
You killed my wife!
Your wife was under influence only.
She has not been cursed,
... but her.
What's happened daughter?
Mummy. Something
bad happened?
Tell me what's happened.
Our daughter menstruated today.
Give it to me. Let's put into trash bin.
I need something
which belongs to Nisa.
Some saliva or her hair or
blood or a piece of nail.
You have done your best!
Before five nights passes, all her
blood relatives would be dead.
They casted spell on her.
What about if she goes to hell?
Her blood descendants
will be exterminated.
Does the demon that
posessing Nisa do harm for me?
Do you have any blood relation with Nisa?
No. How could it be?
Kudret. Son of my aunt.
Who else does live at home?
Ceyda, their daughter.
They casted spell on her.
Her blood descendants
will be exterminated.
She is the possessed!
A family of father H.K, 42 yrs. old,
mother N.K, 33 yrs. old and ...
... their daughter L.K, 11 yrs. old found
dead in the basement of a mosque.
As his testify considered discursive,
imam of the mosque is under ...
... suspicion for being guilty for deaths.
Thousands are inolving the black magic
or suffering because of black magic.
Whereas to involve with sorcery is
one of the biggest sin that mankind ...
... could commit according to Islam.
Translated into English by Sparky