Siccin 2 (2015) Movie Script

Issiz Cuma Cemetery
Mystery two graves together
remains unresolved.
Remains unresolved the mystery of
cemetery in the province of anakkale
This movie was filmed in Cemetery
issiz Cuma where the events happened.
The names of some characters depicted in the film were changed...
... Because law enforcement.
Yenice, anakkale Province
Look what Mom prepared for you, honey.
Calm down, my son.
Thank you, sir.
Have a good rest.
Where were you, friend?
I overslept. I did not hear the alarm.
When I needed you were gone.
Finally, room 207
asked for a blanket. Send it there.
That's all. Good job. See you.
- All right, son.
- Mommy.
Let's play here.
Here we have a lot of toys for my child.
What a cutie!
You'll play here for
Mom can prepare food for you.
Take it. Well done, my baby.
- Hello, heart
-. How you doing sweetheart?
I just got out of turn .
I made an excellent cake!
What thrifty woman,
insurance is perfect.
- Thanks.
- How's Birol
He's playing in the bedroom now.
It has been a rascal all day.
What to do? I always busy.
Keep it with you.
Do not miss only .
Ok, I will.
Let me put some tea in the teapot.
- Okay. I'm going home.
- All right. I'm waiting for you. See you.
My God!
God help me!
God help me!
3 months later...
Issiz Cuma Cemetery
Do you think I'll forget
if you remove the stain?
What do you mean?
Do you think I'll forget
if you remove the stain?
- Please. Do not take it out with me.
- What not revenge me? Who?
I wish I had known, I would have never
left alone...
You... You killed my son!
I am killed.
I am killed.
You should be ashamed!
Mother insensitive.
Does God condemn me.
What God damn me!
The fault is mine!
I wish I had died instead of my son.
Does God condemn me.
May God condemn me!
My son.
Why I had to get here?
I should not have left him alone!
My son! I should not have done.
- Room 237.
- Thanks.
Say hello to dad, son. Should Dad approach ?
Say hello hand Dad! . Birol
Where's your dad, son ?
- Come to Daddy.
- Come here
Come on, Dad .
I've missed a lot.
- Di Daddy.
- Papi
My son. I've missed you so much.
How are you, honey?
While walking home
I found by chance with my older brother.
As we call our son
Birol, like him, he is very happy.
He gave me a hug.
He surprises me too.
I've invited you to visit.
He will come tomorrow.
You sent greetings.
How's Birol?
Are you in the bedroom?
Do you open the door?
Are you going to open the door ?!
Why are you taking so long?
Hicran, sure you were not dreaming
No, Aynur.
I wish it had been a dream.
So when brother died
your husband?
He died in an accident when
Adnan was in elementary school.
At least 15 years have passed.
Birol was the name of his brother?
That's why we call our son well.
You know, I had warts on fingers
, remember?
No matter which medicine used, nothing worked.
One day my mother took me
where an old man.
Do not be angry with me.
Are we going to talk to him?
You have nothing to lose.
What are you talking about, Aynur?
Do you realize how I feel?
Go to bed without a blanket because my son
feels cold in his grave. You understand it?
I've been washing their clothes and diapers
. Do you understand?
Say no more nonsense,
for the love of God.
People of Nevruz
My God, save me.
Give me my baby.
It's my baby!
What happened?
It's cold outside.
Let me put some wood in the stove.
He has almost finished knitting.
Lacks very little!
I have been the wife of his son 35 years
And he never did anything like that for me.
Hicran is what matters most, right?
I also love you, Grandma, and always care.
Do you want a cup of tea?
Adnan. Please talk to me.
My son.
My beloved.
I came to visit you.
My love.
I have come to you.
Your mother is here, son.
Honey is cold there?
You're freezing there alone.
Forgive me.
Forgive your mother...
Where are they?
My son.
My son.
My son.
I commented by phone to Abdullah, the cleric.
Do not worry. Everything will be fine.
- Right?
- It's okay.
- Daughter, stay here.
- Okay, sir.
Enter your name here 3 times, daughter.
Stretch out your hand.
In the name of God...
When did you start your tribulations, daughter?
Since last week, sir.
Aynur, your friend, I mentioned your delusions.
When started? Are they happening?
Occur frequently.
Actually I had some when I was a child.
Just remember...
But those were not like these.
Renew your heart, daughter.
God has always been with
good, we'll get through.
Listen to me, daughter.
was the first woman martyr of our holy religion.
The head of unbelievers
imprisoned her in a dungeon, tortured cruelly.
He wanted to deny and reject
Almighty God.
He even dared to...
Slander her saying she was in love
Muhammad being one of his followers.
She denied it clearly, despite
she was exhausted to speak.
And spending his last strength
spit in his face.
Then, the head of unbelievers
the murderer with his spear.
So tell me...
If evil could not exist, how could we make
grace of God?
Almighty God created evil so that we could understand
virtue of goodness.
That is the judgment of God for mankind
May Almighty God allow us to maintain
confidence in his holy presence.
My condolences, daughter.
Thank you.
Your son lives in heaven with angels.
Rest in peace by the will of God.
Do you get along well with your aunts?
I had a part of my mother.
She died long ago.
Also a
by my father. We not visited.
He has problems with sharing a plot
inherited my mother.
They have felt offended each other for years.
Is your father alive?
She died when I was a child. Committed suicide.
I do not remember his face.
Hicran daughter.
I'll tell you everything.
But do not panic.
The solution of all problems
is in who created the universe.
We have to seek refuge in Him.
Been under the effect of black magic.
It is called "The spell
of 41 points."
It is difficult to realize... how much break.
It is not easy to throw for a common man.
Who cast the spell, you must be familiar with
black magic.
And it must also be pure,
as tireless as a heart of stone evil.
It is a kind of very strong black magic.
To cast this spell it needs the collaboration
the evil demons
They deserve to burn in the depths of hell
Who launched this black magic against me?
A second degree relative of yours.
She is the sister of your mother or father.
That's why I've asked for them.
The spell of 41 points
is made by 41 different intentions.
Only God knows what
have thrown you.
I'll help with the
help of God's grace.
First, we need to know who threw
black magic.
If you do not know the intention of the sorcerer...
We will not be able to break it.
Even ... we would be incompetent
against who did it.
While almighty God who created
all of us his blessing and strength...
We will not be defeated by evil.
We bow to the Lord only.
Only in him can we find salvation
against the evil of Satan.
God bless you.
Hicran, my daughter.
Relocates the holy book your house again.
I'll sew the tongue.
For the love of God!
Who could it be at this hour?
- My daughter. How are you?
- More or less.
Pasa, my love.
Mother. Why
keys are there? Not closed the door.
Daughter, everyone knows.
No need to close it.
- Where is my grandmother?
- In the room. He is praying.
May God accept your prayers, grandmother.
You have missed too.
- Sit here. Come.
- My precious daughter.
I've missed a lot.
Are you okay?
Yes, we're fine.
Thank God.
We only live as we age.
I had a nightmare about you. So
I wanted to see if they were OK.
- For heaven's sake. What did you dream of?
- Does not matter. I feel better now.
I serve the grandmother first?
Take your food.
I will take her to her.
Yes, daughter.
Do you have any news of my aunt?
No, daughter.
I usually visited on summer vacation.
Why you ask?
By chance I mentioned Aynur
talking to a friend
- And I've been asking for it.
- I heard was diagnosed with breast cancer.
It is the righteousness of God.
Also chatted about Aunt Zehra with Aynur.
Still you recite the Quran
often for his soul?
Always daughter.
More often.
You used to talk about it recently.
If it hurts, do not mention it.
Why her husband did such a thing?
Sorry, Mom.
Her husband, the devil...
Goods lost his family betting.
Then he drunkard
dirty dog could not take care of his family.
One night...
He killed his wife Zehra and her two daughters.
If he could not take care of his family...
I had taken care of.
How old were the children?
Just turned 8 years.
And the other was too young.
I'm sorry for making you mourn
remembering bad times.
I've been crying for 25 years, daughter.
Please do not cry anymore.
Do not let my grandma see you mourn.
Come on.
I'm going to call my husband to tell
I'm here.
Worry is the last thing I want.
I'm so stressed, grandmother.
I am making to you,
I'm about to lose my mind
being careless with my son.
His image never disappears from my sight.
Lost vitality to survive.
Never before he had been so restless.
Why does God let us live this pain?
You lost your son, too, Grandma.
Why God took me to my only son?
What would you say...
... If you were able to speak?
If I shut up like you,
decrease pain, Grandma?
I've missed a lot.
I've missed a lot.
- Where's my husband, Adnan?
- It was the bank will return soon.
A problem occurs?
I go to the dentist.
I want to leave to our son. When is he coming back?
He will be back in about
minutes. Leave it with me.
Do you tend to surprise Dad?
've Grown too.
Thank you.
Take care of yourself.
Can I call Birol once?
Only once?
My dear son.
My son.
You call me dad once?
Come on.
Call Me dad once.
Call Me dad once.
Call Me dad once. Come on.
Call Me dad once. Come on.
Call me Dad.
Come with me, son.
Do not cry, son.
Good morning, uncle.
Good morning.
- You had not recognized.
- I'm Hicran. Necmiye daughter.
- Take a seat. Do you want a cup of tea?
- Thank you. I want to talk a little with you.
Wife! We have a guest.
Can you get a cup of tea?
Do you have any purpose of your visit?
Uncle, has lived in the village for many years
You must have known my aunt and her family.
I wanted to ask about her condition.
I asked my mother.
But she told me not
They have seen in a long time.
Did you visit here?
They left long ago.
None of his relatives live here,
Only your grandmother, but
they do not speak with her.
They do not visit me here.
So I have not seen for 15 or 20 years ago.
My son.
- Di come here.
- Come papi
- Hello
-. Say hello to dad, son.
Di see Daddy.
My son.
Come on, Daddy.
Come on, Daddy.
Come on, Daddy.
Come on, Daddy.
Come on, Daddy.
Come on, Daddy.
Come on, Daddy.
Come on, Daddy.
Come on, Daddy.
Come on, Daddy.
Come on, Daddy.
- Papi has arrived.
- Your daddy is here
Do not panic, sister. It does not bite.
Does I can help, sister?
Hello. I do not know exactly.
I apologize. I do not understand you.
Do you know a woman named Zehra?
She lived here until one notorious incident.
What kind of incident?
Her husband went crazy.
He killed my aunt and her two daughters.
Do not go to that house.
What house?
A haunted house.
What is home?
Inhabited by djinns.
The Djinns made the man did
that massacre. Then they settled there.
No one dared to go there.
Where is this house?
Pay attention to my words.
It's not safe to go.
Just tell me your location.
- Alminar See that right there?
- Yes
- It Is the house after the mosque.
- It's okay. Thank you.
People of Namazgah
- What are we going to play?
- Let's play hide and seek, daughter.
Where were you, honey?
You've waited all day.
I lingered on nonsense. I have a headache. Do you mind if I sleep for a while?
Well, go to bed.
Do you take something for the pain?
No. It would be better if I rest a while.
- Is my grandmother in the room?
- You should be taking a nap.
She's fine. Beware.
- Daughter. I brought a pillow for you.
- Come in, mother.
Do you have any pictures of my aunt Zehra?
I'm not sure. Probably not.
I thought I saw your photo.
Just I remember.
If you bring the photo album,
you might find your photo.
Here we have it all.
I not remember that we have your picture.
I could be wrong.
My beloved daughter.
You were having a nightmare.
Calm down. Have a peaceful sleep.
Have sweet dreams.
It's time to prayer in the morning.
I had had a child.
Where is my son?
Where? What happened to my baby?
's Mine.
It was stolen.
Give it back. It's my baby.
It is mine alone.
I recover!
Mother? What happened?
Grandma? You're good?
What happened?
No... No problem, daughter.
It's all good.
I'm going back home. Beware.
Do not get up.
Stay seated. It's okay.
Do not pressure.
Take it easy.
Daughter. Stay longer.
It does not need to leave us so soon.
My husband does not answer the phone. It worries me. I will come to visit them again.
- Hello, Cemal.
- Hello, Hicram.
Where has your husband?
Why I came here.
Do not answer the phone and is now out of range.
been in a deep melancholy these days.
So let me check at home.
- Keep me informed.
- Clear.
My son?
My son?
I had had a child too.
But I did.
I've been waiting for 25 years.
Are satanic verses written by black magic.
This doll has been sewn with 41 points.
Among the 41 intentions, they...
Have longed for the more evil and more sinister.
Destroy a family...
They have worshiped Satan for collaboration.
Is so evil, never slumbers...
It affects generations.
My son.
It was made by the sister of your mother.
She did it to kill your family.
Have you mentioned your mother?
I could not do it.
Both my mother and my grandmother are higher.
I could not tell.
You need to tell you, daughter.
These evil demons are very patient,
are always lying in wait to ambush
At the time that hurt more.
It has been many years since my aunt died
How do we know the
why and who cast the spell?
My mother cried a lot his death,
even more for my father.
How do I can say something to her?
So, bring her to me.
Let me talk to her
under the grace of Almighty God.
I want to ask her what she knows.
While not break the spell,
never be at peace.
No peace for you.
That's why he feels bad mother.
What else can we do instead of worrying
He noticed how pale she looks?
How could she feel good?
Know that every night...
Grandma. Where is my mother?
My daughter Necmiye always hated his sister Zehra.
You can talk?
She envied more Zehra's two daughters.
Zehra gave birth to both
in the harvest of roses.
So he called his daughters Glbahar (Rosa
spring) and Glizar (Rosa miniature).
My daughter, take your food.
Eat well.
My beloved daughter.
Zehra, you no longer have to worry.
you are old enough to care for her sister
Glbahar, you want to have a brother?
Will you take care of him?
- Also I will take care of him.
- No. I would.
You're too young to take care
! Only eat.
I would have a child to take care of our
It would be perfect.
Her husband always talked about having a child.
Necmiye exploited it for their benefits.
He deceived his sister telling her that her mother
could do something to have a child.
Charge it, Necmiye.
Necmiye cried and asked me a lot.
He convinced me with his insistence.
We invite Zehra and her husband.
They were themselves to their own death.
They were so naive.
They thought that made him to have a child.
But I had the worst black magic
I knew, The spell of 41 points.
I tried to destroy the whole family.
Zehra, take this doll.
Keep it under your pillow.
God bless you.
They thought it was to have a child
even thanked me.
But the doll was for her husband.
So husband's mind was captured
by demons, he went crazy.
Then they turned evil.
Dad, what are we going to play?
Let's play hide and seek, daughter.
Only hide and seek.
Dad, are you going to hide?
I invoked against evil djinns
family that possessed and killed.
I did sew the doll
41 points. All were possessed.
Angels Zehra saved because
prayed when her husband came to kill her.
In the name of God.
How could you?
Why tapeworms
resentment against these innocents?
What kind of hatred is this, grandma?
Where is my mother, grandmother?
Grandma, where is my mother?
We take Zehra, we took her home.
When she entered the house, he took
birth pains. We disoriented.
After a few hours,
labor began.
Be strong. Come on.
Bid more!
Come on!
We could not stop the bleeding.
Everything was covered with blood.
As it was a premature baby,
he had to endure much pain.
You gave birth about 7 months.
What are you talking about, Grandma?
You are the daughter of Zehra.
Necmiye was infertile.
He was unable to get pregnant.
You raptamos and adopt as our daughter.
What are you talking about, Grandma?
Who is my mother?
Is the woman I know as my aunt
from my childhood my real mother?
My mother died during childbirth?
Your mother died during childbirth.
You... killed my mother.
My father...
And my sisters.
God, keep me rope.
God, I trust you!
The murder of my mother raised me.
I met my mother's killer
like my mother?
Asesina family...
I have shown respect as if you were my grandmother!
Look at my face!
Look at my face, hag!
Look into my eyes!
I told you to look me in the eyes, killer!
God will punish you.
I also.
You'll pay for their sins, hag.
Do you hear me? Can you hear me?
Where is she?
Where is Necmiye?
Where is dirty murderer?
Where are you now, assassin?
Where are you? You're a killer!
Heavens! God, do not let me go back
God, keep my sanity.
My son hated me.
He said he wanted to have a child
too, should not have.
Awake, witch! What sort of human dirty
have been ?!
What kind of mother are you dirty ?!
God took the child who has a child
to condemn.
My son.
I repent of my sins
faithfully. Forgive me.
Forgive me, son.
Forgive me, son.
Forgive me, Adnan.
Hicran told Abdullah, the old
cleric, her husband and son dead
They stayed with her for two months.
As Abdullah broke the spell
41 points, 15 months after Hicran...
Is remarried with another person. Now,
lives in Biga, anakkale province.
Thousands are involved in black magic
or suffer from it.
involved with witchcraft he is one of the greatest sins
According to Islam! Fansite of terror and fantasy films.