Siccin 5 (2018) Movie Script

Karain, the village of Nevsehir
is known as "Cancer Village".
As shown by the study, the appearance of
cancer in people is because of its soil.
It turned out that, causes of cancer
also increased in newborns.
According to the decision of TBMM,
the village is replaced now.
This film was shot in karain,
where the event took place.
Dad! Dad!!
Dad, where are you?
It's not your face.
You're already ours.
Your Father is gone..
You're all alone here.
Take this piece of mirror
and cut yourself.
If listen to me,
Your father will come back.
Cut it.
Cut it.
Cut yourself.
Cut it !!
My daughter was so insistent that,
she would play with the dog.
Well, I wanted to come here
to get the good news.
Good that you came.
Come on, tell me if there are
Some good news!
You asked so strictly,
I was embarrassed.
There is nothing to shy about it.
I asked Selim,
he doesn't say anything either.
You two don't say anything,
Like I'm a stranger to you.
Tomorrow is the 3rd month
we have been together.
He said, he had a surprise for me.
To be honest Azra, Selim romantic
behavior is not usual for us.
Since our mother died last year,
he can't get over it.
He lived with our mother.
Of course, the death of our mother
had a bad effect on all of us.
But Selim is only getting better.
And I'm glad when I hear
the good news from you.
Azra! Are you okey?
I'm so sorry, Ebru. I wondered.
It's ok, but I'm worried.
In the morning I have heaviness in
the head, maybe because of this.
Go inside, get some rest.
No, I'm okey.
Listen to me, dear.
I'm going to on a vacation
to Mula, come with me.
How can I go Ebru?
I can't tell Arif that, can I
go on a vacation with your wife?
And I just started working here.
Don't worry, I will talk to Arif,
And he likes you.
No, no way.
Please don't talk, I feel ashamed.
- Selim.
- Hello dear, how are you?
- I'm fine, Ebru came to me. We're talking.
- That's good, she Surely asked a lot
about me, tell her I said hi.
- well, I tell her.
- And she also greeted you.
- we're meeting tomorrow, do you remember?
- No, honey, I didn't forget.
- Ok see you.
- I'll call you later.
- Ok, bye.
- Bye.
We've been talking about him
for so long, and he called.
He called to remind me
of tomorrow night.
All will be well.
Hold on, Let me guess at your coffee,
then let's go.
I don't like myself.
I don't like my hairs, my eyes.
I really don't like my face.
I feel my eyes, hairs, face is not mine.
It's not mine.
You're very beautiful,
They are jealous of you.
Yesterday, I told my mom that,
I saw dad in my dream.
But I think, she don't believe me.
You've never seen your father before,
How did you know it was him?
In my dream, I called him dad.
Yes, it's your father.
How do you know that?
Because I know your father.
And I known where he is.
Where is my dad?
If you cut my fingers, I'll say.
I can't do it.
come on, cut it.
Cut my fingers, I'll say.
Look there is a scissors.
Cut them.
Let's say now.
Where is my dad?
Your father will come soon
But I can't say where he is
Hale is not okey.
Last night she had a nightmare.
And she vomited than the black blood.
Azra I'm leaving, if anything happens just call me.
Well, Mr. Arif.
oh! Girl.
What happened with you?
Anything wrong?
I got dizzy and fell down.
let's get some air.
Come on.
Thank you sister Fatima,
your prayer really helped me.
Child, you were jinxed.
I'll pray for you and you'll get better.
In the evening, pray before going to bed.
Tomorrow I'll cure you with prayer.
Well, sister Fatima.
hale, what happended?
Why are you crying?
Hale why did you closed the door?
Please, open the door dear.
I don't want to open it, Aunt.
What's happened to her?
She wants to be alone, leave her.
She'll come out when she wants.
She had a bad dream last night,
so she's anxious.
Oh, God!
Mom, how are you?
He was totally disappeared but,
She saw her father in a dream.
He was just disappeared
But this girl!
She's very sad.
She vomited black blood.
Cut herself.
Ok, mom.
Are Hale eaten something?
No, she's not. But don't insist now.
What's happened, mom.
You come out.
I'll calm her down.
Hale, honey.
Come on with me.
Let's talk my beautiful, right?
Tell me what happened?
Come inside.
I said I'll talk to Arif, he loves you.
But she said, don't say please.
I'm ashamed.
Very polite girl.
Very shy of you.
Tomorrow will be the 3rd month
since they are togther.
Selim said, he had surprise for her.
Actually, I was Surprised .
Azra is a good girl.
She'll be the bride of our family.
In-hah-allah, Arf.
I'm glad that selim is recovering a little.
Elif called, did you hear?
Wait, I'll see.
I don't want,
I don't want Azra and Selim to get married.
What are you looking for?
Come out... aahhhh
Did you call me, mom?
Elif ..
I was in the bathroom.
Are you okey?
Did anything happened?
Mom, my back hurts.
What's happened?
How did it happened?
I don't know, mom.
Everything will be fine.
Selim... I forbid you.
But you are not listening to me.
Then what should I do kid?
Oh, my beautiful poor son!
Your brother was born disable,
he could never walk.
Do you remember the day he died?
You were 5 years old then.
You were very happy when he died.
You told me, mom, I don't love my brother.
Do you remember Selim?
Can you remember?
Go to your brother and ask,
Why he never loved you.
Come on, go to your brother.
Ask him, why he doesn't love you.
Tell him that, if he marry Azra,
his child will be just like you.
It was beause of your mistake.
You interrupted.
I do wrong, I know.
He's our.
My son disapeared because of you.
It was beause of your mistake.
You interrupted.
He's our.
He will be ours.
Aunt, I am here.
Aunt... Aunt..
Grandma please drop that knife.
Hale... where are you?
Aunt, I need to tell you something.
Come, Come.
Aunt don't look behind.
Grandma again took the knife and went down,
I saw it and took her back.
Your father came, I went to see him.
Come inside.
This is called the snake stone.
People say a long time ago
in Mecca on Holy nights,
These stones are found.
If you are jinxed, these stones will help you.
Not everyone knows how to do it,
My grandmother tought me.
Relax, don't be afraid.
I have explained it to you.
There is no vow.
Mom, are we going to play with the dog today?
Today we can't.
When can we go?
I don't know.
I'll talk with your father,
and then wer can go.
Mom, I don't want my uncle and azra to get married.
What's happened mom?
There is nothing, let's go from here.
Yes, sister?
Selim, what's up?
I want to talk with you.
Maybe it's not important,
But, I can't tell this at telephone.
Why? What's happened?
Why you can't tell this at telephone?
Can you come to my place
for half an hour today?
Sister, I'm busy today.
And in the evening, I will meet Azra.
If it's not important, can we talk later?
Okey, we'll talk, bye.
Elif dear, you don't like Azra?
No, I like her very much, what happened?
I have no idea!
You don't seem to like her.
I do.
They will took her.
They will kill everybody.
I'll burn everything.
Everyone will die.
I'll burn everything..
My aunt loves me very much,
Which I told about the dream,
Only she believes.
She didn't believe you,
She just told you, but don't believe.
Your aunt is always lies to you.
And your grandmother doesn't love you either.
Why don't she like me? If you burn my face, I'll say.
I won't do it.
Burn it.
If you burn my face, I'll say.
Your face will hurt.
Burn it.
And your grandmother won't burned your face.
My grandma wouldn't do that to me.
Your grandmother is a very bad woman.
She wants to kill you.
My grandma is not bad,
She's sick, you always lie to me.
Your grandmother is a very bad woman.
The cause of your illness is her.
She wants to kill you.
She wants to kill you,
because she's afraid of you.
No, my grandma loved me very much.
She doesn't love you,
She knows that we capture you,
therefore she wants to kill you.
My grandma won't kill me.
She wants.
No, she doesn't.
She wants to burn you.
She thinks, if she kills you,
things will get better.
Turn my face,
I'll show you something,
And now you will believe me.
I already told you. She tried to kill you... your grandmother!
She thinks you were there
Grandma what's happened?
Come on, let's go from here.
Wake up.
Hela, what's happened?
Nothing mom,
I'm just walking with grandma.
It was a nonsense dream.
It's been a year since my mother died,
I'm still not used to it.
It's like,
Sometimes it feels like, she is lives with me in that house.
Rest in peace.
You don't tell yours!
I don't want to get you away from me.
It's imposible.
I mean,
I have a dark past.
Don't think that please.
Everything is going to be fine.
I used to come here,
but this is the first time with you.
Beautiful place.
ya is very good ..
I have come for the first time.
I brought you a surprise.
I brought you something.
I know it's too early for that,
But I wanna give you this.
If you accept this,
I'll marry you.
I loved you, Azra.
My grandma won't wanna kill me, will she?
No, honey.
What makes you think like that!
My granddaughter has no deal with this.
Don't hurt her.
I'm the guilty.
Don't hurt my granddaughter like that.
My granddaughter..
Gulten, Gulten?
Give me the medicine.
Gulten? Gulten?
Please, give me my medicine.
Give me that injection.
When discussing about the sale of land
in the village of karan,
My brother killed my father with a knife.
And then just disappearred.
I haven't heard from my brother in 12 years.
Nobody knows where he is.
As my mother says, she saw everything.
And in the room, where my father died,
I felt something strange.
Then my mother realized that,
it's impossible to stay in that house.
So, we left that house,
And settled here.
And we never went back to Karain again.
When my brother fled, he didn't
know his wife was pregnant.
He doesn't even know he has a daughter.
Sometimes I wonder,
Whose life is worse!
Mine or Hela.
She has a father who is a murderer,
Who is no where to be found.
So, she isn't normal.
After these incidence, my mother is going crazy.
Here is so,
Homes of two sick.
I also have a life with a woman,
who doesn't know where her hasband is.
Can we sleep tonight together?
Of course, dear.
Come on.
Come inside.
Hold me, please.
Don't leave me.
Mom, Azra looked me in here.
She bit my fingernails.
My blood is bleeding.
Azra looked me in here.
Azra dig me in the ground.
Azra hurts me.
She pierced my eyes with a needle.
Wounded my eyes, It's very painful.
Mom, I'm here.
Azra hurts me.
Azra hung me here.
What's happened?
What are you doing here at this hour?
I forgot my phone in the store,
I've came for that.
Ok, see you,
Good night.
See you, bye.
Don't let it contaminate them,
we'll separate her.
Your Aunt is ours.
Everything is about the land.
Azra, your brother is a evil.
What's happened?
Mom, what are you say?
What are you doing?
Sayid, do you believe,
I can do this stupid things?
Are you do this in your dream?
I don't know what I did and what I see.
I think, what I do after that!
I did this after you see me, right?
And we can't go to the police in this situation.
absulately right.
Do you remember where you left them?
No, I can't remember anything.
And you don't know where you got this bag.
It's necessary to show to,
those who understand it.
It's not seem good.
To whom will show? What will he do,
can he tell me where the gold is?
I don't know either.
I have no idea.
In that case, don't tell anyone about this.
I just told you.
There must be a mystry.
Welcome Ebru.
We'll just talk to Arif and leave.
Did you get that box out again?
If dad knew I was gonna be born,
Would he still leave us?
No, dear.
He wouldn't leave.
He never knew about you.
Why did he leave?
WE don't know,
He just disappeared.
When my grandfather is died?
You weren't born then.
So, they both didn't see me?
No, honey.
I wish your aunt had disappeared
instead of your father.
No, she doesn't go away.
Your aunt wants to kill you,
Like your grandma.
She doesn't.
Shut up.
She doesn't.
She doesn't want that.
She doesn't.
They don't want to talk much.
But they gave me a name.
What's the name?
Aunt are you okey?
Yes, dear
You look very bad.
Nothing dear.
I'm a little tired.
Didn't sleep much last night.
Hale, why does your arm get so bad like this?
No, not so bad.
Please don't answer, aunt.
Don't take? why?
Don't answer it, please.
I'm gonna change my clothes and come in, okey?
Sorry, I didn't get the chance
to receive. How are you?
I'm not good,
If you're free tomorrow,
can we talk?
I don't really know what to say,
but I need to talk to you.
Did something happened really bad?
I don't know, but I can't say it on phone,
Tomorrow night, I'll pick you up, okey?
Good night, see you tomorrow.
Good night.
Wake up!
Wake up!!
Selim, my son,
You threw all the gold in the wather.
Your brother saw it.
Son, you are not listen to me,
I told you to get away from her.
You don't listen to me,
Go to them,
They are here for you.
Come here, daughter.
Go to them.
Look at your aunt behind you.
Enter into.
I couldn't,
But you will.
You've already grown up, daughter.
Don't be afraid.
You're already a member of this family.
You are my blood,
It's your destiny.
The time has come daughter,
I'm with you.
I'll always be with you.
Hale come, I am waiting for you.
Come here dear.
I'm not afraid, and you don't be afraid.
Hale, your father is inside,
waiting for you.
It's your mission.
You'll do it.
You're our blood,
You're the member of this family.
They all were waiting for you to grow up.
Only you can do it
Aunt, What happened?
Did you have a nightmare?
Yes, I had a bad dream, honey.
What are you saw?
It's doesn't matter, just nonsense.
Do you saw grandpa?
You were yelling papa.
once again the same thing happened.
What happened again?
She didn't know.
She didn't know.
Nobody knows.
Nobody knows.
Mom, do you remember that?
Cut it this time,
Or, I'll disappear like my father.
Oh, god! I pray to you.
I expose my troubles to you.
God, please protect me,
from all woes and evils.
My goal is to understand that paper.
Then you'll get what you want.
You always lie to me.
Your father will be here soon.
Mom, dad has came.
Selim, what's happened?
What's wrong with you?
Azra come, we're here.
Your brother is came back.
Daddy didn't even talk to me.
If you do,
What I say,
He'll talk to you.
I can't.
You have to do it.
Otherwise, your father will leave you again.
I don't want him to disappear.
Then, you have to do what I say.
Why are you all doing this to me.
We've suffered for Several years with my daughter,
Because of your father, mother and you.
The curse of your family,
made us feel like hell.
Lots of people suffer because of
your father's magics.
He did great sin.
Many people got hurts
because of his spells,
Charms and seals.
I saw people get insane,
commit suiside.
Strangle their babies.
He had a conection with evils,
by them he make people his victim.
He had a pact with them.
He set evil spritsloose on
innocent people he didn't know.
And turn their lives in to hell.
in return of money.
He would burn the dead
and get people to drink the ash.
and caused them to commit big sin.
Althought, he had a dark heart,
And evil mind,
He loves your brother very much,
More than all of us.
When your brother got cancer,
Your father made a pact
With evil sprits.
If they heal your brother,
He would give you to them,
and sacrifice you.
I can't take this decision alone.
You have to approve too.
I can't cary the burden of this sin alone.
We all agreed,
to save your brother.
Some months later,
The doctor told that your brother is recovered.
And your father said,
we have to fulfill the deal.
Or that they haunt us all.
Your granpa made deal with us.
Your father got better,
But they didn't gave your aunt to us.
On that night,
We drugged you,
And prepared you to be sacrificed to the demons.
We prepared you for us!
The deal was not fulfil,
Your mother prevented it.
Your father got what he wanted,
we didn't.
The deal was not fulfil
because of your mother.
When we were wake up,
your father's corpse was on the ground,
Your brother was missing.
We haven't seen him till today.
He was with us.
Your mother slowly became crazy
after that day.
She turn insane
because she didn't kill you.
That's why we took your father.
That's why you've never seen your father.
They prepare her for us.
But your grandma,
Didn't kill your aunt.
She killed your grandfather.
If he had kill your aunt
none of this would've happened.
My daughter became like this,
because of you.
We have posessed her body.
Now it's time to pay for all of this.
It's time to fulfil the deal.
God, please protect me and help me.
You are sick
because your aunt didn't die.
Bad things happened because
because your aunt didn't die.
Kill your aunt and
everything will be over.
Your father will talk to you
if you kill your aunt.
Your father will always be with you,
if you kill your aunt.
You are sick because
your aunt didn't die.
Worse things will be happen
as long as your aunt alives.
We made a deal with them.
It's not use as long as
your aunt didn't die.
I love you so much aunt.
Oh God, fogive my family.
Take hale up to your heaven.
Protect her from the pain of hell.
Forgive her for everything she did.
God, show marcy on her tiny heart.
Aunt, I love you so much.
Never forgot me aunt.
Hale, Gulten and Nazile were found dead
that night in that room.
No one ever seen Zhir after that night.
6 month later, Azra and Selim got married.
And now they live in Mula.
They have a 3 month daughter with the name Hale.