Siccin 6 (2019) Movie Script

I'm so glad for being your wife.
Don't you ever leave me, Orhan.
I will never leave you.
I will protect you till the day I die.
Orhan, could not accept Kader's death.
He loved Kader that much
that he even settled for a being
in her image.
He restrained a being from another realm
in this one.
He forced it to live in this realm
as a human in Kader's image.
The habitants of the other realm
tried to get their daughter back...
...but Orhan, using his wisdom
stopped them numerous times.
And they took revenge
despite Orhan's efforts
to protect his family.
Orhan did something cursed and banned
for his eternal love
He stole her from the other realm.
He haunted a being from another realm.
Oh God, forgive me for all the sins...
...I have committed till today...
...with my mind, heart and eyes.
I brought a being
from another realm into this one.
It was sinless, I am the sinner.
Oh Lord, I repent. I repent.
Forgive me!
I repent.
My desires weakened me.
I thought I couldn't live without her.
I brought a being
from another realm into this one.
I forced it to live in her image.
Oh God, forgive me
My desires weakened me.
I thought I could not live without her.
I abducted her from that realm.
Forgive me, God!
I did repent, oh God!
Oh God, forgive me!
Oh God!
God, forgive me.
Oh God, forgive me!
I am at your service
and ready to die for You.
I am ready to suffer, oh God!
I am ready to suffer for my sin.
Your cursed love for your wife
caused you to commit a big sin.
You have killed me, my son.
Forgive me, God.
Forgive me, God.
I did repent, I did repent!
Thank you, dad.
Grandpa, can we come too?
I'm not ready yet.
You'll come tomorrow.
What are you whispering about?
Nothing, auntie.
Here you go, my dear.
-Yes, honey?
Am I...
You're not.
What made you think that?
I had terrible dreams last night.
What did you see?
...hung my sisters and your big sister.
You said "She's not like you.
Be nice to her."
You had a nightmare, dear.
They are younger than you.
You have to behave like an older sister.
I love you so much, mom.
Oh, honey.
I love you very much too.
Alright now. Drink your milk.
The trial has been going on for two years,
Brother smet.
Me and my father's second wife
split his inheritance.
She's dragging on the case
because she wants it all.
What's her problem?
She says "I took care of him for years.
He didn't see his son."
A quarter share is not enough to her.
Try to cut a deal.
No, she won't take it.
She's such a damn woman.
I think that she married my father
for his money.
Did he leave much?
40 acres of land in the industrial zone
and 5-6 houses.
I'll talk with the guys
and see if there is anything to do
Thanks, Brother smet.
I'm off then.
I'll let you know.
-Don't worry, we'll find a way.
-God willing.
-Thanks for your help.
-Take care.
Thank you.
Chief, where are you?
I'm on the way,
I'll be there in 5-6 minutes.
Alright, I'm waiting.
You didn't consent to
your father's inheritance.
Uncle, you're greedy.
What are you doing here so late?
I'll get the whole inheritance.
I'm haunting your daughter
because of your wife.
What's up, Yaar?
Come here, child.
Did you speak with Brother smet?
-Yes, dear?
Darling, are you alright?
I am, honey. Just a bit tired
-Did you talk with Brother smet?
-I did.
He's going to call a lawyer.
Hopefully we'll fix this.
How are the girls?
They are fine.
I put them to bed
since you were going to come late.
Is Efsun fine?
She was better today.
Burhan, get up!
Dad, have you seen the girls?
Sshh. They are outside.
What do you mean?
Why do you let them?
Where is your sister, dear?
My dear?
Are you not asleep yet?
Mom, I don't feel well.
Mankind is a sinful being.
There is nobody who can say
I am incapable of sinning.
Every man
this way or another,
more or less,
is close to the pit of sins.
Sometimes they fall and burn in it.
The Prophet said
for those who have succumbed
to their desires
and those
who have sinned:
"If a man had a river of gold
he would desire another river.
Only the soil would quench his greed.
Yet those who repent
before the sun rises from the west,
their repentance will be accepted
by God."
You've succumbed to your desires
and committed a big sin.
But you did repent.
You've accepted your sin.
And now you help others
to ease your guilt
and possibly to clean your conscience.
But the other realm
that you see and feel
is nothing like you think.
You see them as you want to.
If you could see their true nature
you would lose your mind.
Seeing them is not always deemed a virtue.
Since you can be deceived
by their evil kind
it is mostly more fortunate
not to see them.
If you look into an endless dark well
long enough
then the dark well will start looking
back at you.
And if you should enter that dark well
then the darkness will fill you up.
That realm is bigger and deeper
than you think.
The beings you got in touch with
are more gruesome than you think.
The more evil these vile creatures become
the weaker you'll get.
You're strong. You're smart.
You are wise.
But if you don't know where
and when to use your powers
you'll scatter away in the morning breeze.
After meeting them
many people, even scholars
have lost their minds.
There are very few
who can see their true faces.
And many
have become insane.
We think that this talent
was granted to you as a grace.
But if this is a gift
or your curse,
that I don't know.
Be careful.
Demons and imps
are there, where human blood flows.
Mom, look. Grandpa gave me money,
50 lira.
We'll split, half of it is mine.
-Did you thank him?
-We did.
He's going to give my big sister 100 lira.
I saw it on his desk.
Come. Sit, dear.
-This is yours.
-Thank you.
Did you cut your hand, Grandpa?
It hurts, so I wrapped it up.
I wish Grandma had not died.
I loved her so much.
Why did you cut your hand, Grandpa?
I saw you.
You cut it with soap.
I remember, Grandpa.
Grandma was always mad at you.
She complained that while you shaved
your beard got stuck on the soap again.
Did you remember her, Grandpa?
You remembered her.
...saw very bad things last night.
You... mother... father... aunt... sisters...
...I saw them all die.
Your beard is all over the soap again,
There is something...
...bad inside me.
It whispers to me.
It whispers bad things.
Are you alright?
Are you alright, Grandpa?
You are fine.
Don't be scared.
Grandma will come.
Mom, why did you scream?
It's nothing, honey.
I got a little dizzy.
-Here you go.
-Thanks, Yaar.
What is it? Why is she crying?
I'm not going to have a baby!
I won't be like my big sister.
I'm not going to have a husband like you.
I prayed that my sister would die
and I would have you, Yaar.
I keep your picture in my room.
Every night I look at that picture.
I want you to be mine, Yaar.
I'm not going to have a baby.
I'm not going to have a baby!
She's not going to have a baby!
They took her womb.
Brother? Are you alright?
Brother Yaar?
Dr. Gven Cokun.
Dr. Gven Cokun.
To the info desk please.
What happened, madam?
What's wrong?
Do your feet hurt?
How did you take off the bandages?
Wait, let's dress the wounds.
I did something very bad.
Very bad.
Canan, what happened?
Calm down, what happened?
Canan, are you alright?
If someone else told me this
I wouldn't believe it, mer.
I thought I was dying.
I was out of breath.
Bro? How did this happen?
I don't remember.
Did the women say anything?
No. You approached them.
You pointed at the wall
and said "Why is she crying?"
Listen. You should see a doctor tomorrow.
It could be something simple.
We'll see, mer.
God willing, it won't happen again.
God willing.
God willing.
Dad, how did you cut your hand?
Let's bandage your hand.
See, you've bled.
It's just a scratch.
Dad, wait.
Leave it. Mind your business.
Yours is nice
but mine is cuter.
No, mine is cuter.
Yours is hideous,
mine is cute.
Mine is cute.
Our sister can't play with us
because she is sick.
Our sister can't play with us
because she is sick.
My sister doesn't know how to make animals
because she is very sick.
...doesn't know how to make...
I don't like my sister.
I don't like my sister.
I don't like her at all.
I don't like her at all.
Sister, which one is more cute?
They both are.
Canan, what happened?
Why are you crying?
Oh dear.
Are you okay?
-I'm not.
-What happened?
I saw terrible things.
You saw what?
I saw you that you turned insane.
And that you killed
Damla and Yamur.
What do you mean?
You came to me,
your hands soaked in blood
and said "I did a very bad thing."
Alright, don't tell me.
You killed them!
Canan, enough. Don't tell me.
I saw it at the hospital
and freaked out.
Canan, alright. Cut it out?
-There was blood everywhere.
-Okay. Be quiet, Canan.
Mom, who are you talking to?
Auntie is here!
Burhan, put this on.
Don't be scared, put it on.
Take what's inside.
Come to me.
Turn on the TV.
Turn on the TV!
Turn on the TV!
Turn on the TV!
You tried to kill me.
You wanted to strangle me
because I was in big pain.
But then you couldn't do it.
For months I lived in fear
when you would kill me.
I died in that pain.
You caused me to die in fears, Burhan.
Lift the quilt.
Do you see, Burhan?
Leave me alone so that I may find peace!
Get to understand me.
You know what went on.
You have to open the gate
so that we can have a deal.
Leave me alone!
Stop playing with me!
I'm so glad for being your wife.
Don't you ever leave me, Orhan.
I did repent, so leave me alone.
Leave me alone!
In my dream there was a well
in the playground.
Efsun was in it
and she was calling us.
I saw the same dream.
I was about to jump in.
Sister, we both had the same dream.
You jumped into a well
and called for us.
You would come, right?
We would.
You wouldn't leave me alone.
We won't, sis.
Do you love my aunt?
I do, dear.
I found out something about her.
My aund can't have children.
my aunt loves me.
Sure she does, dear.
Remember... you asked me something.
She told me.
What did I ask?
Do you remember?
She said...
...that she doesn't love you...
...not me.
Mom, you're breaking free.
Mom! Mom!
Mom! Mom, wake up!
Mom, wake up! Mom, get up!
Are you okay?
Are you okay? What happened?
I'm fine, honey.
I'm fine. I was just a little dizzy.
How are you, Canan? Better?
Thanks, Aylin.
I don't know what happened.
I think I'm going crazy.
Nonsense. That woman
freaks me out too.
May God forgive me
but she's a strange woman.
-Thanks for not telling anyone.
-Don't mention it.
Take a few days off.
I'll cover for you.
No, I'm fine. Thanks.
Fine, as you wish.
You wanted to kill me, Burhan.
Come, we're having dinner.
Chief, we're done.
We are leaving.
Well done.
And he found out about it.
This was bound to happen.
He's very depressed.
What can he do?
He told her that she's jealous.
I pity his wife.
Hopefully she won't find out.
It's not his fault.
His sister-in-law kept his pictures
in her room.
She was praying...
She called Mr. Burhan.
Brother Yaar found out about it
He killed her right here.
His sister-in-law had his pictures.
He is depressed. What can he do?
He has it tough, what can he do?
How are you?
I'm fine, and you?
I thought about you this morning.
Just wanted to check you out.
That's nice of you.
I'm not well, Reyhan.
Did something happen?
There's nothing but...
Don't scare me. Just say it.
I don't know, it's like...
I have a bad feeling.
As if something bad is going to happen.
Are you upset over something?
No, I'm not upset...
I just don't feel good.
Take the kids and come over.
You'll get distracted.
I wish I could.
How should I leave my father?
You know his condition.
It would have been so nice.
Your wife did not consent to
your inheritance.
A lowlife.
Your wife is a thief.
Once you died
she wanted her dead.
So she could get the whole inheritance.
But it didn't go as planned.
When she saw that she would suffer
as well, she regretted it.
She'll get more frightened
when she sees you.
Come on, let's go to your wife.
You are not going to have children, Canan.
You are not going to have children, Canan.
You are not going to have children, Canan.
You are not going to have children, Canan.
You are not going to have children, Canan.
Auntie, look. You had a child.
Hodja, open the door.
Hodja, they won't let me sleep.
They won't leave me alone.
Go away.
I told you this was very dangerous.
This is now your sin.
I can't do anything.
I said "When you curse someone
it could backfire."
Hodja, they are haunting me.
The only thing you can do is to pray.
This is your sin.
Go away!
Hodja, please open up.
-Go away.
Are you looking for this?
This medicine is yours.
You can't save yourself
by destroying me.
Burhan. I'm behind you.
Burhan. I'm behind you. Look.
Come and see me!
Come and see me!
I did repent.
I paid my dues and suffered.
Leave me alone!
I did repent.
Oh God, I did repent.
Oh God.
God, forgive my mother.
Save her from her torment.
What are you doing here?
Leave that little girl.
Leave her alone!
Yes, dear.
One day...
...everybody is going to die, right?
You all will die just like Grandpa.
I don't want you to die.
We are all going to die one day.
But nobody knows
when that is going to happen.
You don't have to worry about such things.
Why didn't you go with your mother?
I'm afraid to be alone
with my sisters.
Why is that?
Did Grandpa die because of me, dad?
Hon, what do you mean?
Why should your grandpa die
because of you?
I sensed that he died.
He remained silent.
I felt that he suffered.
You are upset over your Grandpa.
That's why you probably felt like that.
Stay away from me,
I got nothing to do with you.
Leave me alone!
Reyhan, I'm really sorry.
We sort of pressed you to this but...
I didn't know what to do.
It's going to be rude your husband.
Don't think like that.
What are you saying?
You're having hard days.
I don't know how I'm going to stay
in that house.
I don't know what to do.
My house is your house.
You can stay as much as you need.
Why did he do such a thing?
What am I doing here?
What brought me here?
Do you remember, Orhan?
I died because of
your cursed love for Kader.
You killed me.
Go away, Orhan.
What do you want from me?
-Go away!
-What do you want from me?
I'm so glad I've become your wife.
Don't you ever leave me, Orhan.
What do you want?
Don't play with me!
Why did you help your sister, Canan?
Because you were jealous of her.
You're evil, dear.
You're evil because you helped me.
You helped my mother, Auntie.
Evil beings
use weak and powerless minds
to open a door, a gate
for themselves.
even in those innocent bodies
they can become stronger
and more dangerous than you think.
They can hurt the body
they possess
and those that are near it.
And they exploit the body they possess
until it is completely empty.
If they have
possessed the body of an innocent,
then this is a harbinger
of a great evil, a great sin
in that body that makes them stronger.
It's not a coincidence
that you met it at the grave.
There are no coincidences in the universe.
There is conformity.
And conformity
shows that everything happens
in line with a divine will
and that there is no coincidence
in the universe.
It symbolizes
believing and surrendering.
Loyalty to divine power is of essence.
Did you meet her so you could help,
or to face your own fears,
only God knows.
But don't forget,
miracles are hidden in conformity.
Upon being damned and
losing God's grace, the devil
lost its angel image.
And let out a terrific scream.
All screams till the end of days
come from him.
You can not deal with demons
you don't understand.
In order cope with evil beings
you have to understand the darkness.
If you try to make sense
of what they do
with human reasoning and sentiments,
you'll fall weak.
Evil is their mystery.
And that makes these beings strong.
They are skilled of using
your sins against you.
Evin the smalles sins.
Even sins you didn't commit,
but just thought of,
can be used against you
and make you weak.
Every light you lit in the dark
will cast a shadow.
If you don't want to see the shadow
that darkens your heart,
you have to turn towards the light.
When you turn away from your sin
it will be as if you never committed it.
When you sin,
you'll get a black spot in your heart.
When you repent,
and turn away from your sin
your heart gets pure.
But when you insist on your sins
that black spot will grow bigger.
And finally cover all your heart.
I have to!
I have to do this.
I'm in the well.
Come, join me.
Come on, jump down.
Girls, wait!
Hold on.
Mom, we're entering the well.
Mom... Come!
We're in the well.
-We are not here.
Do you remember, Trkan?
I'm Efsun, your daughter.
You are the best gift to me.
What do you want from that little girl?
What do you want from that weak body?
Who are you?
What do you want from that sick girl?
Talk to me,
what do you want from this sick girl?
You'll burn in that fire!
What do you want
from this sick body?
Abandon this body you have damned!
Abandon this body!
What do you want from this sick body?
There are bad intentions for this body.
There are bad intentions in this house.
That evil, let me possess her.
Listen to me!
Do you want to know
what this evil is?
My mother died
when I was three years old.
My dad died
before I was born.
When my mom died
they left me to a home.
I wasn't old enough
to see what was going on.
I thought that was my new home.
When I asked about my mother
they said "Your mother went to heaven.
This now is your new home."
Then came a woman and a man.
They took me along.
They said "We are now your parents."
At first I didn't understand a thing.
Then I believed that they were
my parents.
They loved me a lot.
And I loved them back.
"My beautiful daughter. My Efsun."
"You are the best gift given to me."
my new mother used to say.
You are the best gift given to me, honey.
I felt happy when I heard this
smiled and said
"I love you very much too, mom."
"I love you very much too, mom."
Then one day mother said
"You're going to have siblings, Efsun."
I was full of joy.
I kept telling mom
that I would take care of my sisters.
Mom was very happy too.
And then my sisters were born.
I loved my sisters a lot.
But mom...
...did not love me as much any more.
I would go to my room
and cry for hours
without telling anybody.
My mom no longer loved me.
I was redundant to her.
She wanted to get rid of me.
And my aunt helped her.
Lead powder would poison her.
Add it bit by bit to her food.
First she'll lose her mind
and then die.
My mom
put little amounts of lead powder
into my food and drinks.
Alright, here you go.
Drink your milk.
Come on.
That's why...
...I had visions and nightmares.
I became worse every day.
I lost my mind.
It is more effective hearing all
from an innocent child's voice, right?
And that woman
tried to get rid of my father
because she wanted the whole inheritance.
But the evil that she did
lead to a bigger evil.
The thing that she summoned
possessed me, instead of my father.
She opened a gate.
What came through
was not a good visitor.
That entity decided to kill everybody.
It made her sick body stronger.
It loved to play with her.
I am not the only one
who tormented her.
The woman she thought was her mom
and loved her as such,
tried to kill her too.
And her aunt who was jealous of her mother
helped her.
The same woman
who protected her previously,
wanted to get rid of her
when she had her own kids.
Do you want to hear it all again?
This innocent body suffered a lot.
What you're doing is a big sin.
Leave her alone.
Abandon her, leave her alone!
You heard what you wanted,
now go!
My God won't let you torture her.
Abandon her!
Show me your face.
Who are you?
What is your name?
None of your business!
What is your name?
My name is Yezidrah.
You have no right
to bring this body into this realm!
Do you remember?
You did the same thing.
Don't you remember what you did
when Kader died?
You abducted someone from another realm
and treated her as your wife.
Did you have a right to?
You gave in to your desires
and temptation.
How dare you tell me
that I have no right to do this?
You are just a weak creature
who can't control his desires!
You're a pathetic sould who is afraid
to burn in hell for what you did!
Were you not afraid of God?
I've surrendered myself
to the God of all realms.
I burnt everything left of her!
Abandon the body of this poor child.
She bears no sins.
I am the sinner.
Take my body!
My God won't abandon me
to your fire!
He has left you long ago.
My God won't abandon me
to your fire!
He has left you long ago.
My God won't abandon me
to your fire!
He has left you long ago.
My God won't abandon me
to your fire!
He has left you long ago.
My God won't abandon me
to your fire!
He has left you long ago.
My God won't abandon me
to your fire!
He has left you long ago.
My God won't abandon me
to your fire!
My God won't abandon me
to your fire!
My God won't abandon me
to your fire!
He is merciful.
He is protecting.
He won't let you get away with this!
My God won't abandon me
to your fire!
My God won't abandon me
to your fire!
He is merciful,
He is protecting.
My God won't abandon me
to your fire!
Would you like to see
what you did to them?
Open your eyes.
Open your eyes!
We think that this talent
was granted to you as a grace.
But if this is a gift
or your curse,
That I don't know.
Now I know that this is no curse
but a gift.
There are no coincidences in the universe.
There is conformity.
And miracles are hidden
in that conformity.