Sicilian Ghost Story (2017) Movie Script

It's not for you.
My name's on it!
Are you the only Giuseppe?
So there's another Giuseppe
you were secretly following?
I wasn't following you.
I was going home.
This way? This doesn't go anywhere
near your house!
Give it back.
It you tell me who the lucky Giuseppe is!
You don't know him.
But I know everyone in the village.
He's not from here!
Shit! I get it!
Peppe Pugliese!
The cheesemaker!
And so? At least -
- he's not an idiot like you.
Come on. I'll take you.
I want to see Peppe's face
when you give him it!
You're not funny.
Come on, let's go...
You can tear it up!
Will I give it to him?
Come on, now! Don't be such a sissy!
Keep staring at it.
What will you do about your bag?
I'll come tomorrow after school
and see what's left.
Aren't you afraid to go back there?
Why? Aren't we going back together?
Yeah, sure.
Even though after that heroic rescue,
I really deserve it.
A little kiss at least...
I can't!
The cheesemaker's really jealous!
See you tomorrow at school.
Get on.
You can't ride this!
Yes, I can. Get on!
You're not 14.
I'll show you. I'm good at it!
But do your parents know?
What do you think?
My grandfather gave it to me
for my birthday.
Your mother doesn't mind?
No, I promised to drive slowly.
What if you get caught by the cops?
Oh, stop all these girly questions
and get on!
My mum doesn't want me to hang out
with you.
Don't be afraid.
Thanks for bringing me here.
Do you want to try?
Maybe next time.
Next time.
Pegasus was a winged horse.
Look at the shape of the constellation...
See all four stars?
When you look carefully,
you'll see it.
You're not going to regret this,
are you?
No way.
You realise how you've behaved,
don't you?
You come out of school and disappear.
I had to do some research on horses
and I went to the stables.
You couldn't do your research
with the horses in the village?
Do you really believe this nonsense
about doing research?
It's the truth, Mum.
You think I don't know
who you were with?
And it certainly wasn't homework
you were doing.
And till this time as well...
Leave me alone.
Come on, Saveria, that's enough.
Let's eat something.
With the insulin I can't...
You eat!
There's pasta in the fridge.
Try to get it into your head...
We've got nothing to do
with those people.
Everyone in the village saw you.
Hanging on to him on that scooter...
A school friend like any other.
Enjoy your meal.
What lovely little pages
about your knight...
He doesn't seem like just another
school friend.
Your writing and drawing are lovely.
You mustn't touch my stuff!
But not even a couple of lines
about his father, not even a picture.
How come?
He's an interesting subject.
What, don't you know where he is?
What's Giuseppe got to do
with his father?
Are you listening to the way she reasons?
Have you not got anything to say?
And what could I say?
She's even more stubborn than you.
You, my girl, you just need
to concentrate on studying.
Don't make the same mistake as me...
At my age, I'm not planning on
marrying anyone.
Did love triumph?
Or your usual cowardice?
Weird happened.
Maybe he felt sick and someone
took him home.
Today he's still not well.
And that's why he's not at school.
And he left me there,
without saying anything?
Males! Hypocrites, fakes and traitors.
Trust me. I've got three brothers.
Three masterpieces.
Yesterday was so magical, Lori.
Was there a kiss?
Did he kiss you or did you kiss him?
Whoever did whatever, -
- it seems you liked it.
More beautiful than my wildest dreams.
Meaning? Tongues?
Stop it!
Anyway, I've figured out
why he vanished after the kiss.
- Why?
- He must have read the letter!
What do you mean?
Jeez! It was mushy!
And the drawings on the envelope...
Gave me the shivers!
Some friend.
But what have you got in common?
Nada de nada!
Three things in his head:
Horses, football and videogames!
You don't know him. He's really
clever and he makes me laugh...
Watch! Catch someone in the face
with those tits, you'll kill them!
Good morning! Is Giuseppe at home?
Conigliaro. Would you like to
help your companion -
- who is obviously in a state of confusion?
Miss, Giuseppe hasn't been to school
for 17 days.
Is he sick?
His family told the headmaster -
- that Giuseppe won't be coming
to school for a while.
Why not?
I don't know.
Something must've happened to him.
We'd have heard, wouldn't we?
We're his classmates -
- and we want to know
why he's not here.
Concentrate on studying.
So when Giuseppe comes back,
we can all help him catch up.
When's he coming back?
Stop mucking about, you.
We don't know.
Maybe we could go and see him.
Only you could have found me.
Don't be scared.
I'm with you.
Good morning.
I came to give this to Giuseppe.
Why isn't he coming to school?
Has he gone to see his father?
What's going on? Can I come in?
Get in!
Giuseppe's not well
and can't see anyone!
I'll keep my distance,
he won't infect me.
You'll see him when he comes back
to school.
That's enough now!
And don't show your face
around here again!
Tomorrow I'll be back!
My boy!
Mum, where are you?
Mum, help me!
How many times do I need to tell you?
While I'm in here,
I want to be left in peace.
Don't worry about me.
Something's happened to Giuseppe.
I'm certain!
Calm down.
Wait for me in your room
and we can discuss this.
Promise me we'll do something.
Hello, who is it?
Put your father on.
He's not in.
You'll find him at dinner-time.
I've been looking for him all day.
Who is this?
Don't worry. We'll deal with her.
There's another car
that will take her home.
Are you pleased we're taking you
to see your father?
Crouch down...
Where your father is staying
is a secret.
We need to be sure
no-one sees you with us.
Your father is collaborating with
the police -
- and has denounced all these
Mafia friends of his.
Those pieces of shit and murderers.
Is that why we haven't heard from him?
If you're a supergrass, -
- you have to forget your family.
Lots of your father's ex-comrades -
- would like to see your father
in a nice coffin...
He's not scared of them!
What about you?
Where's my father?
Put this on.
You mustn't know where we are either.
For your safety, as well as his.
Let's go. Get him out.
Your father is a real piece of shit!
If he doesn't stop talking to the
cops, you're not going home alive.
Take this!
Let's see if your father and
grandfather are interested in you.
Hold it up higher.
A lovely smile, come on.
Don't make a sound or I'll kill you.
Dad's here, love...
Dad's here...
What was it, the usual nightmare?
You have to be patient, Luna.
The police and Carabinieri
are looking for him.
They'll do all they can
to bring him home.
Look! It's a beautiful day!
It feels like summer!
The air is so clear!
Get ready, Miss.
I've got a sore tummy...
I had bad cramps during the night.
Do you want to stay home?
No! Another day off?
Has school become an optional?
These sore tummies...
What are we going to do?
You've got your exams this year.
This way, they won't even let you
sit them...
That's all you care about.
All right, stay home.
I'll come and get you later
and we can go to the doctor.
And we'll get a nice ice cream.
Lemon for you, because you're not
well and chocolate for me.
This is your last day off, though.
She can phone and get her homework.
There's no need,
Loredana's coming this afternoon.
That's fine, then.
That's fine, then.
That great donkey,
she's already failed twice.
The Nobel Prize you'll both get.
In donkey-ology and confusion.
You're right.
Poisoned mice aren't good for you...
My turn now.
You don't need to do it as well.
But it was my idea!
Your father will kill you!
His appreciation yesterday.
I was busy with my homework
and forgot to milk the goats.
Never mind. I'll be enough.
One more slap is not going to
change my life.
I'm not letting you do this alone.
Come on! Phase one. Decolouration.
Get off your arse and shampoo me!
You don't think there are better ways
to play the rebel?
Who are you trying to impress?
Not me, I hope.
Or maybe it's to make Daddy happy?
"Giuseppe has vanished,
and what are you doing?"
Good question.
Let's try and answer it.
Giuseppe has vanished and you...
Stop studying -
- you get failed.
Giuseppe has vanished and you...
Dye your hair.
At least I'm doing something.
And what does it achieve?
Now your hair's blue,
is Giuseppe coming back?
Come on...
You're more intelligent than that.
So I should pretend nothing's happened?
Like everyone else?
Life goes on, doesn't it?
Why not? Is that not how it is?
You know as well
that you're growing up.
Maybe we know the people
who kidnapped him.
Maybe they're here in the village!
We need to rebel against this,
all of us.
Until he's found!
- Whatever...
Try to think...
He's my life!
Do you understand what that means?
Thinking about him all the time, -
- always asking yourself where he is.
If he's alive. If he's dead.
Hearing his voice in your head, -
- do you understand what that means?
Knowing he needs help and not
being able to do anything for him.
Crying yourself to sleep every night.
Feeling sick at the idea of going
to school and not finding him there.
Do you understand what it means?
I can't help thinking about him.
And I don't want not to.
These equations are fairly easy.
I want to be nice to you this morning.
You've got an hour.
Get out of that chair. It's not yours.
Miss, it's written too small,
I can't read it from the last row.
OK, Lombardi, copy the exercises.
- Then go back to your place.
- I told you to move. Right now!
Miss, Conigliaro is hassling me.
Conigliaro, please. Go and sit down.
- Miss...
- I don't understand -
- why I can't sit here
if the place is free.
You know what?
From today this is my place.
- Conigliaro!
- Look at this loony...
All she needed was blue hair!
My hair can be sorted with a shampoo.
What's the cure for yourfucking face?
Whatever... I'm here -
- and here I'm staying.
Because the grass's son
won't be coming back to school.
You happy now?
Don't be an idiot...
Giuseppe, -
- I'm writing to you from my room.
I spend most of my time in my room.
Only who I say can come in
and I do whatever I like.
I draw and write all the time.
What do you like
apart from horses?
The first time I wrote your name
in my diary -
- was at school when I realised
you were sad.
I thought how someone like you
could never be sad.
asked you why. And you teased me.
"Luna, you're imagining things
that don't exist," you said.
Then at home I heard my mother
talking about your father -
- and I understood why you were sad.
The second time was when
you invited me to the beach.
But my mother wouldn't let me go.
That day it was my turn to be sad.
I really wanted to go to the beach
with you.
I listened to the radio
all day long in my room.
And without realising,
I started dreaming -
- imagining things that don't exist,
like you say.
But for me if you dream something -
- it means it might exist...
Just for a bit of variety.
You're a little man now.
When you finish eating, write
to that cocksucker of your father -
- that we're treating you well,
but we're starting to lose patience.
Why? Did Grandfather not get
the other letters?
Of course he did.
So why write any more?
If Dad keeps talking with the cops, -
- it means he doesn't give a fuck
about me.
How could that be?
If that were the case, he'd already
have stopped being a supergrass...
If I'm still here, -
- it means that you've decided
I'm not going back home.
I'm not writing any more!
I'll come and get it later.
Luna, -
- I don't know if I'll ever come back.
I want to cry, -
- but I'm not going to
in front of this lot.
I wish I could dream -
- like you...
But I can't here...
Your father mustn't drink that.
You don't need to repeat it
every time.
With you two, I do.
Right, that's me finished.
I'll have a shave and we can go.
Will you light the stove in the sauna
before you go?
The sauna? In this heat?
It gets rid of the toxins, -
- it's purifying.
Stewed apples!
It's good for your stomach.
I wouldn't even give these
to the dogs.
We should come here more often.
You say the same thing every time.
What peace and quiet...
We really needed it.
It's been a difficult year, -
- especially for you...
But at last it's behind you.
You did well.
Despite me and your mum
and everyone else, -
- you passed your exams.
And now secondary school in the city.
New classmates.
New friends... A new life!
You know you're the most important
thing in my life, don't you?
I know, Dad.
Can you pass it to me?
Digestion's started!
Now what would you say to trying
to catch a few nice eels?
Meanwhile... I've something to do...
Leave me alone!
Let... me go!
Have you got a son?
I don't care if you tease me.
If I don't give you this letter,
I'll never be able to do anything, -
- or rather I'll end up only doing
things I don't care about.
I'm not exaggerating.
I lock myself in my room and dream.
Go to school and I don't understand
anything -
- because I'm dreaming.
When I have to go somewhere, -
- get lost because I'm dreaming.
When there's a storm, -
- I sit and look out the window
and dream.
Instead when the sun dazzles me, -
- close my eyes and dream all the same.
When I'm sad, I dream, -
- and when I'm happy
it's because I dream.
Loredana has noticed too
and says I'm going daft.
The positive thing is that
my mother's voice -
- goes in one ear and out the other -
- because I keep dreaming.
But I can't keep going like this, -
- because thanks to dreaming alone
all the time, -
- I really will become a fool.
Only you can help me -
- because what I dream of is you.
I dream of you at every moment.
Day and night.
I'm in this dream as well.
So to solve this problem -
- you have to answer this very
simple question:
Giuseppe, -
- do you want to get together?
If you say no, I'll stop dreaming.
I admit it, I'll cry. That's normal.
Maybe we could stay friends, -
- that way, instead of copying
my homework, I could help you do it.
If you say yes, l'll dream the things
I've dreamt with you, -
- but it won't be a dream any more, -
- but the most beautiful thing
in the world, -
- us two together.
If we get together, -
- I'll still help you with your homework, -
- and you can teach me to ride horses!
Let me out of here!
Open up!
I want to get out of here!
Let me out of here!
He's small but troublesome, Puppy Dog!
You're nothing but cowards!
When's the new kennel going to be ready?
He can't stay here any longer.
Watch, he bites!
You know what they say in Russia?
That every time
there's a moment of silence, -
- a cop is born.
In Russia.
Here, it's a Mafioso that's born.
I've got nothing to tell you.
You can imagine what hospital
was like.
Stuffed with pills...
Tell me about you, come on, otherwise
another Mafioso will be born.
Well, there is a bit of news...
You sure you want to know?
What is it, then?
I beat my father and my brothers.
Bye-bye, cheese and ricotta...
I'm going to secondary school!
In the city!
Can you imagine?
Loredana the cheesemaker at secondary!
And do you like it?
I don't know.
But something good has already
come of it...
Hold tight...
I've got a boyfriend!
No, it's not a joke.
Is he hot?
Hot? The word hot does not render
the idea.
He is literally superhot.
A force of nature. A cyclone!
Has he got a name, this superhot cyclone?
And he likes music. Rap.
We sing together!
His cousin Nino writes the lyrics.
His cousin's nice as well.
You must meet them!
I hate rap.
OK, but who cares?
Saturday we could do something together.
Loredana's right.
Go and enjoy yourselves, love.
Also because, when we go away, -
- you won't get to see each other
that often, love!
Don't pay any attention.
She's been like that for a while...
She became affectionate.
It happens, even to Swiss mothers.
"When we go away"?
Will you tell me what that means?
They say it's not good for me
to stay here, -
- that I need a change of air.
Which means...?
My mother is on the phone
to her brother every day
in Blimpliz.
I think they're going to take me there.
When were you planning on saying?
You'll never be rid of me.
Get that into your head.
The sea...
I can smell the sea!
I want to see it!
I want to see the sea!
I want to see the sea!
Never tell anyone.
I promise!
Can you see the sea?
But I can smell it.
Sure, in your head!
In mine at least there is the sea.
I recognised your voice.
You were a friend of my dad's.
That's why you never said anything.
If you ever want to get home...
I won't tell anyone.
We need to go.
I won't tie it too tight...
Shit, that is so wild!
A guy with a face like a pig...
First saw him in front of
Giuseppe's house, -
- then in the house in the woods...
So just in your nightmares?
They're not nightmares!
What are they, then?
We have to go that way.
Oh, what are you two doing?
Get a move on!
Well? What do you think?
So long as you like him.
You can say that again.
Nice vest.
You like it?
Especially with this cold.
Cold, hot, ice, sun, -
- like you teach us, little one,
it's all in our heads!
If you didn't rap
when you're speaking to me, -
- I'd really appreciate it.
Luna, -
- the woods are beautiful...
but where exactly are we going?
What are you looking for?
A house.
The house under construction I saw
the night I nearly drowned.
When you tried to kill yourself,
you mean?
If you don't want to follow us, -
- as far as I'm concerned, your
presence isn't exactly essential.
The house didn't have planning
permission, right?
I wouldn't know. I think so.
It was ugly, that's for sure.
It makes me sad as well.
But to kill yourself for that?
I don't know...
Cousin, that wasn't the reason...
Imagine if there was a suicide -
- for every home without planning
Where we're from, -
- humanity would be reduced
to hardly anything.
Nature would prevail again.
The rivers and lakes
would be clean once more.
Trees would grow everywhere.
Human ruins would be covered
with vegetation -
- and our island would again belong
to the gods -
- who once lived here numerous -
- the nymphs ran around in the woods -
- and Pan's flute rang out.
I'd like to hear that...
I think about it all the time.
Come on, Nino. Help me.
Let's go up here.
And people say Luna's mad.
Your cousin's not mucking about
The house was there.
And now it's vanished.
Nature, like Nino says,
has won again.
I hid here and then went in.
One thing matches...
The water.
You're right...
Lots of water.
This puddle, -
- the cistern beneath the trapdoor...
They're not coincidences.
Stop right now!
What is it?
It was him, Loredana!
Him who?
Pigface! It was him, I tell you.
It's the same car!
Luna, calm down.
We have to report this!
Let's go home.
The woods was already a really bad idea.
Get on.
Let's go home, please.
I know what you're thinking.
Listen to me...
You can go...
I'm not leaving you here,
that's for sure.
You want to report it, no?
You need to follow him!
And he'll take us straight to Giuseppe?
Yes! Well, maybe not to Giuseppe, -
- but to those who were involved
in his kidnap, -
- for sure!
- Of course, -
- because we're all idiots?
You said it!
Put Giuseppe's house under surveillance
and find Pigface!
Giuseppe's grandfather meets him...
They'll have tried to resolve -
- The situation among themselves!
- Mrs Conigliaro, -
- can you tell me what's going on?
Your daughter's a bit over the top...
You have to excuse her, sir...
My daughter...
Was recently hospitalised...
For treatment -
- of a psychological nature, -
- let's say.
I understand.
I understand and I'm sorry.
No, you don't understand anything!
Luna, don't dare!
Come on, let's go home.
Dad, you know him!
He was there at the marble factory
we went to.
Love, what nonsense are you saying?
Let's not waste the officer's time.
He's already been very patient.
I'm not talking nonsense!
- My husband and I are mortified...
- Leave me alone!
- But as you can see...
- Leave me alone!
My daughter's not well...
- Leave me alone!
- Luna...
You're a scumbag just like everyone else!
Why did you call them?
Why 7
Puppy Dog has totally shat himself!
What'll we do?
What d'you think?
We'll clean him up.
This is not for me.
This is not ajob for me...
One, two, three!
Why not call Loredana
and ask her to come round?
Yeah, you should call her.
We're leaving tomorrow -
- and you're not even going
to say goodbye?
It's important.
I don't want to...
Come on!
I don't want to!
Come here!
I knew you wouldn't abandon me!
I'll never leave you again.
Never again.
You mustn't come with me.
Hug me.
Luna, don't fall asleep.
Please, -
- open your eyes, my love.
Face the wall.
Luna, don't fall asleep.
Open up!
What's going on
Out the way!
To Giuseppe Di Matteo (1981-1996),
the boy kidnapped by the Mafia, -
- held prisoner for 779 days, strangled
and then dissolved in acid.