Side Effects (2005) Movie Script

What are the advantages of Vivexx?
Two words: Proven efficacy.
Arghhh ooofff!!! (frustrated grumbling)
Vivexx offers your patients unsurpassed clinical
Ahhhhh, AHHHHHHHH (screaming)
This absolutely, the most efficacious drug your
patients can use. (giggling)
Arrrhhhhh aaaaahhhhh (screaming)
Our drug is clearly the most efficaciousest!
Arrrhhhhh aaaaahhhhh (panting)
Is efficaciousest even a word?
(heavy breathing)
My name is Karly Hert. I sell drugs for a living.
Legally that is.
I am a pharmaceutical sales consultant.
You're probably thinking that I have a medical
background, maybe a nursing or pharmacy
Well, I do have a science degree...
political science, that is.
How then did I get this job?
You're recruiting me to be a pharmaceutical
Yea, isn't that exciting?
Um, but I sell cellular phones...
You know... in college I took a weatherclass to
fulfill my science credit.
Ahh, well they can teach you all that stuff.
They are just looking for someone with...
(bell "ding")
Sales experience.
(chuckling) Did I mention that you would get a
company car?
(narrated) A free car?
I was 23, I still owned 10's of thousands of dollars
in student loans
and had no idea what I would actually be doing in
this new consultant job.
But a free car????
(narrated) It wasn't like I didn't have a car.
(narrated) But a new free car?
(narrated) I was almost as excited about the car
and salary jump...
(narrated) as my mom was about other benefits
that came with the job.
(narrated) almost.
Honey, I know you are going to marry a nice
doctor, I just know it (weeping)
I did meet a lot of doctors,
but to my mother's dismay, the more I met, the
more I knew I would never, ever marry a doctor.
Hi Dr. Jacobs.
Yea? What?
Uh, your nurse said you needed some samples
for the office,
so I just need a quick John Hancock if you don't
mind. Great.
Thanks... Uh, OK.
So, if you notice in the graph there just been,
really uh really great long term affects on the
We can send you some stuff and you know, I think
the results really prove themselves.
So, if you just want to you know, look at the
material, it sort of speaks for itself.
OK, great. Thank you. Would you like to go out
with me sometime? On a personal level?
I'd love to.
I can't this week, next week looks bad too, and I
am at a conference the following week...
but it looks like I can squeeze you in one month
from today.
But it would have to be at 6:00AM, maybe for
(narrated) My name is Karly Hert.
(narrated) Did I say I am a drug dealer?
(narrated) I was a drug dealer. This is my story.
# You're a love cat-kitty all the world will never
pity you...
(narrated) The company manual outlines several
rules for a successful career as a pharmaceutical
Hi Dr. Smith.
Not today Karly.
(narrated) Rule number 1 maintain and outgoing
and friendly attitude.
Hi I'm Karly Hert with...
I don't see reps.
God, I'm starving!
Hi. I'm Karly Hert with Braden-Andrews.
Hi. I'm Dr. Gardner, nice to meet you Karly.
Oh yes, take them. Did you know that Vivexx
is... ok
(narrated) Rule number 2: A professional
appearance is mandatory.
(narrated) Rule number 3: Dating co-workers, is
strictly prohibited.
(narrated) Rule number 4: Stay up to date by
reading all the current medical journals.
(Beep, Beep)
(narrated) Rule Number 5: Return all calls
(phone) You have 22 new voicemail messages, to
check unheard messages press.
Hello, I'm Karly Hert with Braden-Andrews.
Are these your samples on the back?
We will get to you when we can.
(narrated) Rule number 6: Develop positive
relationships with all staff members.
You know, periwinkle is really your color, Betty.
Oh Fred.
It is. Say, are the docs in?
You bet, come on back.
(narrated) Rule number 7: Always carry yourself
with poise and grace.
Ah, here you go.
(narrated) Rule number 8: Keep accurate records
of staff's preferences.
Oh shit! Pizza again!
Dam it.
Well, we just received the latest Festril weeklies
and as you can see, we have really flattened off.
But didn't we just have 4 weeks straight of record
market share gains?
As the saying goes... what have you done for me
Listen people, the name of the game - is growth.
Now, our competitors may pat themselves on the
back for past accomplishments, but not us.
That's what makes us stand apart.
Scott, where is Dr. Schmidt at in terms of Festril
About 2%.
Why isn't he onboard yet?
He likes to wait at least a year before prescribing
any new drugs, it's a safety issue.
He also likes to reserve the quinolones for
compromised patients.
What kind of idiot would reserve the most
effective drug on the market? What's his reason?
Well, because last year when we didn't have our
own quinolones to sell
we were calling him an idiot for using such a big
gun when it wasn't absolutely necessary.
Well, it looks like you did your job a little too well
last year.
Have you invited him out to Corporate yet?
No, but I was going to do that later.
I want him flown out with Corporate. Also, make
sure he is signed up for the webcast with Dr. Sing.
I want you in his office twice a week for the next
three. Got it?
Yep got it.
Ok. Just remember people the company has a
really big goal to hit.
We have until Decemberto hit the mega double.
Double the profits, double the growth.
Let's keep our fingers crossed for a really bad
respiratory season; lots of pneumonia, lots of sinus
infections. (chuckling)
Also, keep in mind that we that we are gearing up
for the Vivexx launch.
Potentially the biggest drug to hit the market ever!
So, are we all on the same page?
Listen, just remember team...
...what our job really is ultimately about is to
protect and prolong human life.
It's the Braden-Andrews Credo.
All right get out of here, have a good weekend.
Just a word with you. Actually the district
numbers weren't down that bad over all.
What dragged us down was your territory.
Um um, well I.
I don't want excuses, OK I just want you to get the
job done.
Corporate will not hesitate to get somebody who
Oh, and I almost forgot, you are now going to be
doing reminder calls for Glucadox...
I don't know anything about diabetes.
It's just a reminder.
But what if the doctor asks me something about
the drug or the disease or other treatments?
Then just refer him to our medical department.
Are you on board here Karly?
Nice stain.
Yea. Thanks.
Hi Dad.
Yea honey, I don't know if I am going to able to
make the trip. Things are a little tight around here.
No problem. Okay.
Rough day?
Did I just see you at the rep meeting?
Unfortunately, yea.
I haven't seen you around here before.
And you won't. This is my first and last week.
So then he says to me, "Do you think you could
snag me a couple samples of Viagra?"
And I'm like how the heck are you supposed to
respond to that?
Um Dad, I'm not sure I should be snagging you
samples of anything.
Oh God, I can't believe I just told you that story.
He sounds like quite the funny guy.
So tell me again, you're going to quit just like that?
Just like that.
I wish I could quit.
Then do it.
You make it sound so easy.
Well you're making it more difficult than it is.
Yeah, but what about bills and having to buy a car.
Hey, can we finish this conversation tomorrow?
There is something I want to show you.
(giggling) I'd love to.
# There was something in the air...
# There was something in the air...
This is gorgeous.
We're only 10 miles from town?
Would you like to come in?
What is this?
This, is the kitchen, where I imagine you will be
cooking me breakfast in about 12 months.
(laughing) Well, that is highly unlikely for several
Such as?
Number 1, I can't cook a lick.
Ok, well I will put a toaster right here. You can
operate a toaster can't you?
Well, that brings us to problem number 2.
How is someone without a job going to buy the
bread to make the toast?
Ohhhhh independently wealthy. I see.
I've been saving for this for about 10 years.
So you're going to build it all by yourself?
I have a couple friends who will help me out.
I don't do electricity.
I learned that lesson the hard way... still waiting
for it to completely grow back (laughing)
(laughing) You lie.
So I suppose they told you it was all about helping
physicians help patients.
Oh yea. And objectively educating doctors.
It sounded great though.
An interesting worthwhile job with the added
bonus of helping fund my building project.
They just forgot to mention the manipulation,
bribery, the exploitation factor.
Okay, well it's not that bad.
Yea, it's actually worse. It goes all the way back
to the decision of which drugs to research.
Let's see. Do we make more money if we
develop a cure for cancer or develop another
useless drug for sinus infections?
Yea, but what about all the patients who are
What about all the patients that are hurt?
What about the ignorance of the doctors?
What about the ignorance of the reps?
You know I read this article once (clears throat) by
a physician that reps know just enough to get by.
At first I was really defensive about it. And then I
realized, we are just one sentence away from
complete negligence.
I mean there is just something fundamentally
unethical about tying profit to educating doctors
and helping patients.
Wow what?
How can you possibly feel that way about it and
continue doing it.
I need the money.
Don't forget the car.
And the pension plan.
And the stock options.
And integrity and a passion for what you do.
And overall happiness.
There are other jobs out there.
You know your biggest problem isn't the industry,
it's you.
Excuse me Dr. Scott. What is your opinion of
pharmaceutical representatives?
You want to know what I think?
I don't believe a damn thing that comes out of
their mouths.
They'll say anything to push their drugs. Most of
them are dumber than a box of rocks.
Scourge of the Earth.
Glucadox is the most effective drug on the market
for the treatment of diabetes.
We have had a 60% improvement in our
production efficiency. We have the cost of
Glucadox down to 10 cents a pill.
The bottom line is that Glucadox saves lives.
Wow! It looks like Braden-Andrews gave us a
great deal, only 12 bucks a pill on Glucadox.
You cannot put a price tag...
...on the increased quality of life patients will
experience with Glucadox.
Well, I don't have that kind of money.
Don't you have insurance?
I got laid off.
If we can get our top five Festril writers to grow by
...that should move our overall market share by
We'd be in the running for the trip to Greece.
Plus a very nice bonus package.
What about a speaker program at Le Fleur? That
restaurant always brings the doctors in.
Or Green Bay Football tickets with a party bus.
I can take Dr. Scallon and Waters to the spa.
What? I could you a massage and a manicure, as
long as Uncle Andrews is paying.
What do you think Karly?
Bzzzzzzzzzz. (Alarm clock ringing)
Bzzzzzzzzzz. (Alarm clock ringing)
# (whistling... ) I was thinking yesterday...
(singing) You are so tasty.
Love suits you well, missy.
Love? Who said anything about love? I'm
quitting my job.
What did you just say?
Don't get your panties in a bundle. I'm not quitting
I'm quitting October 30th, exactly 6 months from
Good for you girl.
Thank you.
Ok, so why are you quitting?
I can't do it anymore. I just can't. I'm done,
somebody stick a fork in me, because I am done.
I'm done kissing butt, done spinning a bunch of
I'm done looking for angles, done wining and
dining, done.
D-O-N-E DONE!!!!!! Um-hmmm.
So how the heck are you going to do it for the
next 6 months?
Well, I think for the next 6 months I should just do
what I was hired to do, educate the doctors.
So does Zestran work?
About as well as the others.
We're more expensive; actually we're almost
double the cost.
Side effects?
Patients won't shit for a week.
I see, well then why should I use Zestran?
Because I am going to perfectly straight with you.
You're going to know exactly what your patients
are getting with this drug: The good, the bad, the
Not some sugarcoated version with hopes that
you don't know any better.
Fine, but tell me how is Festril different than
It's not.
Well, alright then. (laughing)
# Feed your body with rhythm and soul. Step in
the sunshine...
Oh, I'm taking that one. Yea
Yea right, like you can eat all that.
Ohhhhh watch me.
My God.
You know I haven't ever really figured out this
whole grill your own deal. Doesn't it defeat the
purpose of...
...going out to eat and having somebody else
cook for you?
Not if you still like it mooing. Just give me a cow
and a salt shaker and I am one happy camper.
You're like no woman I've ever met.
Is that a compliment?
You know I would never have had the balls to do
this, if it wasn't for you.
Well, I'm hoping you still don't have any balls.
Here's to 6 months.
Bzzzzzzzzzz. (Alarm clock ringing)
# I can't wait one minute more...
So you know, just look at the results and you will
What is that?
Hi, we have turkey or chicken.
Sandwiches, not quite like the good old days, is it
What the?
(Heavy breathing)
You know if I had another 20 or 30 pounds on me,
I probably could have won with brute force too.
Well, I like a little meat on a girl.
What's that matter Gracie?
It's Friday.
Yes it is. Most people are really happy about that.
You know it's Friday, and here I am without a
date... again.
I don't have a date.
Well that's different, you, you have one in the
hopper. You always have one in the hopper.
It will happen Grace.
You don't understand. I'm bigger than 90% of the
guys out there.
Well, look at it this way, you can tell which ones
are prematurely balding.
Well, there is that.
All right, all right.
Where are you taking me?
Ahhh stop, you can't look.
You wanna help me get a dog?
Oh my God. I would love to.
All right let's go.
Too pretentious.
Kind of fluffy.
Pink bows.
Bad with kids. No way.
Going nuts.
It's too yappy.
Oh Zach, ohhhh look how sweet he is. Oh my
He's cute, but there is no way I am ready for a
Ah come on.
Too much getting up in the middle of the night with
a pooper scooper.
Too much training.
Yeah, you are probably right.
I love this dog.
Yea, it's a good dog. Good puppy.
We're going to live over there, we're going to live
over there.
Going down the road.
Going downtown.
I think he's getting car sick, or she.
I like my marshmallows burnt.
Oh no, gotta feed her first. She's the lady.
Ladies first.
What, no poker?
How tall are you anyway?
Here we go. I'm 6'1".
Wow, I like a lot of woman.
Knock, knock.
Come in.
Hi, how are you?
Are you tired?
Oh my God, does it get any better than this?
# Just isn't love without you there.
Are you going to try harder? I don't get it.
Yes. Okay.
It's unacceptable...
Oh honey.
Happy belated birthday!
Thanks Dad!
You know, I was thinking on the way over here...
Had I boinked your mother 3 days earlier, you'd
have been an easter baby. (chuckling)
Yea, imagine that.
Oh here Dad, just a little gas money.
Good morning Dan, oh Jacqueline I wasn't
expecting you to join us this morning.
We need to have a little chat about your recent
Uh, do we have to do this here?
Go on inside, daddy will be right there.
What about this stuff?
Just toss it.
I'll need the keys to your car.
Where's Scott?
People, let's just make sure we have the message
locked and loaded.
We need to be ready to hit the ground running the
moment Vivexx gets approval.
But before we start our grinders, I thought maybe
we could get a few words from the comeback kid.
According to the weeklies, Karly has had a market
share gain of 5% each week for the last 5 weeks.
Congratulations Karly. What's your secret?
I'm just trying to do my job the best way I know
Practice makes perfect folks, let's get started with
Remember the only way to enjoy instant success
with Vivexx, is to have our message locked and
Ready - Set - Start!
Dr. Smith, I'd like to introduce you to Betty. Betty
was voted most likely to succeed.
Unfortunately for Betty depression interfered with
her plans. Do you have any patients like Betty in
your practice?
Well, yes, quite a few.
Well Dr. Smith, today I would like to tell you why
new Vivexx is the drug of choice in patients like
Vivexx offers your patients proven unsurpassed
clinical efficacy.
Stop and move.
Dr. Smith, I'd like to introduce you to Betty. Betty
was voted most likely to succeed.
Unfortunately for Betty depression interfered with
her plans. Do you have any patients like Betty in
your practice?
Well, yes, quite a few.
Blah, blah, blah, blah, I'm sorry you were saying? patients like Betty.
The last time we launched a drug like Vivexx, I
bought my house with the bonus check.
Karly, could you come here a minute?
You keep up this pace and you're going to be
looking at management.
There's a thought.
Oh and one more thing, Dan could you excuse us
a moment?
Now this is somewhat of a sensitive topic, but if
you look around, you'll notice that this is quite a
conservative company.
I'm sorry, I'm not quite sure I know what you
This is so hard,
But I think you need to re-evaluate the way you
I mean, with your recent performance, I would
hate to have you let, a little thing,
like appearance, get in the way of any career
I just have your best interest in mind.
I'm sorry. Could you be more specific? Because
we were told that all meetings were business
If you take a look at the company dress code,
you'll see that at the very least...
You should be wearing panty hose. That would
be a good start.
You're one of us now. How do you think I ended
up in management?
There are rumors.
If you'll excuse me.
Excuse me sir, can you share a few thoughts
about your opinion regarding pharmaceutical
Between you and me...
If they want send in a nice piece of T&A in here to
tell me about their wonderdrug, I'm all for it.
$15,000... awesome.
And this is the top of the line.
Ohhh, ohhhh, this one is nice.
Beep (fax machine)
Holy shit!
I must admit, I was really nervous.
Hey don't you guys have a new drug coming out?
Yea we do.
It's actually looking like it's going to be pretty
I received the latest, expecting the usual.
And... ahhhh...
That's an increase.
It's quite outstanding.
Hmmmm, surprising.
Wow! It's incredible. I've never seen anything
like it. She's remarkable.
And what's her name?
Karly Hert
Make sure we don't lose this one.
Ring, ring (telephone)
Hi Karly, this is Jacqueline, I'm in town this
I'm going to be at the copy shop making some
copies, faxing a few things.
Do you think you could meet me here?
Uh, um, sure.
It won't take long.
# Can you see my intensity? Sometimes it's
even too much for me.
# Drowning in too much to do. It's getting late, I
can't afford to lose this time.
There you are, how are you?
Thanks for meeting me.
Listen, I think we got off to a really bad start last
week. I would really like to put it behind us and
start over.
Uh, OK.
Alright, I will see you later.
Alright. Hmmm.
Please, table for 2? Ah yes, non-smoking. Thank
Oh lordy (laughing) Dr. Wheeler, wow, hi. How
nice to see you.
So nice to see you. What a surprise.
Yea, I didn't know you left the office to eat.
Well, you gotta eat sometime.
(laughing) Yeah, oh, I'm sorry. This is Zach.
Nice to meet you.
Cindy. Hi.
Oh maybe we should all dine together. Do you
guys mind?
That would be wonderful.
Oh great.
# I get tired, when nothing happens.
I'm going to have to take it.
Oh there is just one more stop we have to make.
An upgrade, you've earned it.
Oh my God, Oh my God! OK
Ahhhh, ahhhhh, ahhhh. Hell no. What is this?
What does it look like?
When did you get a BMW?
It's a company car, it's just an upgrade.
But I thought you were quitting.
Yea, I thought you were quitting.
Oh yea, Zach's here.
Oh shoot. The coffee shop.
The coffee shop.
Forgive me.
Jacqueline called, she wants you at the
manager's meeting in Lake Geneva next week.
Must be nice to be the queen bee on the radar
# Shivering as I enter the dark days of winter.
Sweetie, I'll be home next week. I promise. Give
your brother a hug for me.
You need to be a big boy and stop crying. Stop it!
Stop crying!
Put Daddy on the phone, Put Daddy on the
phone! (sigh)
I didn't know you had kids.
Not until you're my boss. Good night Dan.
(beep, beep, beep ring, ring)
(Ring, ring, ring)
# And it's so cold outside.
You've been getting quite a few kitchen passes
Kiss my ass.
So how are things with the little lady?
Been a little busy.
Ah, she dumped you.
Ok, thank you so much.
I'll talk to you next week.
Yea, I'll give you a call. They were beautiful. Bye.
Hey stranger.
Who's your friend?
Just a realtor, I'm just sort of window shopping.
Can I see?
It's nice.
I can't really take it. Sorry.
You know what the date is?
Oh, October 27th.
It's exactly 6 months from when we met.
I can tell you're busy.
I'll see you later, OK?
If you'll look here at the graph on the right,
you'll notice a definite increase in efficacy.
And that efficacy extended over the following nine
So can I have your guarantee that your next 20
prescriptions will be of Festril?
I'm convinced.
You can keep the pen.
Thank you. Do you have any hats?
Well, I can get you some.
What do say we go out tonight, have a quiet
I would love to, but I have to work. I have a
dinner program.
What if I came with you?
I don't think you really want to.
Aren't the doctors bringing their spouses?
Yea, but.
You guys are just going to be amazed at the
benefits of this drug,
I mean really they have not found nothing better
on the market at this time.
The results have just been thrilling.
Nice job Karly.
I'll second that.
You must be pretty proud of Karly.
She's definitely our best rep, I have never seen
anyone move market share like her.
Did she tell you that she was nominated for
"Industry Rep of the Year".
The winner will be announced at the AAPC, the
top players from all the major companies will be
The press. The top industry reps from all the
health care providers.
Mhmmm. If you will excuse me, I just have to run
to the ladies room.
I'll join you.
Even more importantly, did she tell you that she is
going to be bringing home some major bacon?
Did she tell you that they have her on the
management track?
Management track?
It's just talk.
So I am taking it that you did not enjoy yourself.
Can't say that I did.
This whole scene.
You know, you asked to come,
Because it was the only way I could get some
time with you.
Watching you tonight was a hard pill to swallow.
I guess I thought we were on the same page.
And what page was that exactly?
You know if it weren't for this industry, who else
would research cures for diseases?
Who else would invest the millions that it takes to
bring a new drug to market.
You know some day, you are going to be pretty
damn glad...
when some big BAD pharmaceutical company
was wiling to invest in a new treatment
when it was you, or your Mom or your Dad who
has been hoping and praying,
that someone would give them hope during the
course of their disease.
Save the propaganda, I learned those lines
verbatim from pharmaceutical sales 101.
You don't get it do you?
Will the real Karly Hert please stand up?
Which one am I talking to now? I could not care
less about corporate America.
It's not the pharmaceutical industry I am
interested in spending the rest of my life with.
Decent people they don't push dangerous
medicines into other people's bodies.
Dangerous medicines?
Like your Vivexx.
There is plenty good reading on the Internet Karly.
But you probably prefer to stick to the company's
If we are going to have a successful launch of
If we are going to have a successful launch of
it has to be on 75% of HMO formularies prior to
Successful launch? Are you kidding me? This is
slated to be the biggest drug launch of the 21st
Vivexx is going to make Prozac look like penny
This drug is so superior in efficacy that any HMO
that doesn't pay for it can be sued for negligence.
What do you think Karly? Can you sell this drug
without formulary coverage?
(clears throat)
Not so fast, there is something that we need to
What the hell is this?
A few case reports. There seem to be a few liver
issues popping up.
Not on my watch, Not Vivexx.
Take a look.
Arghh, deaths?
have been any number of things.
alcohol, not taking any other meds.
I don't buy it. What about the others?
All showed signs of elevated enzymes upon
administration of Vivexx, all showed decreases
once the medication was stopped.
Karly, could you please excuse us.
Yea. Of course.
Shelve it.
You heard me.
Who knows?
The case reports are randomly distributed in the
US, one or two are bound to end up in the medical
One or two case reports are not going to alert the
press and maybe not even the FDA.
significant benefit from this drug.
I am not going to let a few miscellaneous case
reports stop or slow the launch of this drug.
That is not for you to decide.
Again, who knows?
(toilet flush)
Karly? Girl, I feel 10 pounds lighter.
Why so glum, chum?
I'm just tired.
You better wake up, 'cause we have a party to
I really can't believe that they let you bring a guest
on this trip.
There is a lot that is hard to believe.
You've reached the voicemail of Zach Danner,
please leave a message...
You've reached the voicemail of Zach Danner,
please leave a message...
Hey girl. You up for a drink at the bar?
No, I am not up for a drink at the bar.
What's the hell is wrong with you?
Well, you're just a barrel of laughs to be around
these days.
Well Fuck you! You don't know jack shit.
You think everything has to be so God damned
much fun. Reality isn't the rosey world you live in
Oh here we go.
Quick somebody grab the violins because Karly
wants to sing that sad old song about rotten
Look, I have always been proud of you, in spite of
everything. But lately girl, I don't even know you.
If you're not careful you are going to end up with
exactly what you are running from.
There's a woman speaking from experience.
Everything was just peachy at fucking Grace's
house, I should know, I spent half of my life there.
Oh Grace. I'm sorry, Grace, I'm so sorry.
I'm losing it, I can't think. I don't know who I am
anymore, I'm so tired. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
It's ok. It's ok.
(voice over) This liver stuff is just random pieces
of information.
(voice over) All talking about this will do is scare
people off from using the most effective drug
(voice over) I need you to keep what you heard
today to yourself.
(voice over) All direction to sales reps will be to
not initiate any discussion.
(voice over) There is to be no discussion between
the reps and the physicians on this topic.
(voice over) The possibilities are limitless for a rep
like you.
(voice over) You've worked so hard for this, you're
so close.
(voice over) Do you know how much money you,
personally, have the potential to make with this
(voice over) Have I made myself clear? You've
worked so hard for this.
(voice over) I'd hate to see you fall of the ladder
before you reach the final rung.
(voice over) Have I made myself clear? There is
to be no discussion between the reps and the
physicians on this topic.
(voice over) Think about it.
Medical services please.
Are you a physician?
Name please?
Dr. Joyce Briggs.
Um, 201 Williams St., Madison, Wisconsin.
One moment please.
Transferring you now to medical services.
Medical Services, may I help you?
Yes, I was one of the psychiatrists who received a
preliminary sample of Vivexx to try.
I was wondering if there were any concerns with
this drug in relation to liver issues.
One moment please.
The package insert contains no precautions,
warnings or contraindications in this area.
It should not be an issue in your patients.
But wasn't there a case report that said...
The case report that was published was not
conclusive. There was no way to rule out other
As you know this is a very difficult patient
population to gauge.
We are not recommending any additional liver
Thank you.
(Knock, knock, knock)
Come in.
Dr. Feinstein, I'm Karly Hert from Braden-
I never would've thought that Braden-Andrews
would send a rep to talk to me again.
I'm not sure I understand what you mean.
Let's just say that I have fallen out of favor with
the one who sends your paycheck.
How so?
Why are you here?
Vivexx is gearing up to launch and I thought since
you were involved in some of the research...
I guess I just thought you would be a good
starting point.
Ah yes, the golden cow, Vivexx. (chuckling)
If you are here to try and convince me to use it,
you're wasting your breath.
Why wasn't your name listed as one of the
authors for the journal of psychiatry study?
Why would it be?
Because it was listed as one of the original
authors for the poster presentation at last year's
psychiatric association meeting.
That is a very interesting thing for you to notice.
Did you take a look at the section on side effects
and safety?
Yes. It mentioned some mild sedation and teeth
It's more what that section does not say, than
what it does.
I don't understand.
I learned a very long time ago to be extremely
cautious about using new meds on patients, even
throughout the course of a study.
Now, I decided as a precautionary note to monitor
liver enzymes in patients who began taking
My site enrolled 112 patients, 26 of them
experienced significant elevation of the enzyme
upon taking Vivexx.
All 26 returned to normal readings upon
Why isn't that information listed here?
They conveniently found a way to disqualify my
site, therefore all my findings were thrown out.
Ours was the only study site monitoring liver
Now the poster presentation at the AAPA was just
to show preliminary efficacy findings.
By the time the study was published, I and my
data had been removed.
There were others.
Excuse me?
Would you be willing to help me with something?
Oh, I'm sorry.
(voice over) You're one of us now! We're thinking
management. You need to reevaluate the way you
(voice over) You're one of us now! We're thinking
management. You need to reevaluate the way you
(voice over) Are you on board here Karly? You
will notice this is quite a conservative company.
I'm going to have to reschedule with Dr. Jones.
No problem, just let me check the schedule.
I'm ready for you now Karly.
Oh God, I can't.
What the hell?
Oh God Dammit! (Screaming!!!!)
(Knock, knock, knock)
Hello Dr. Sweeney, mind if I ask you a few
Absolutely, come on in.
So what would you say your opinion is of
pharmaceutical sales representatives?
I love the sales reps.
I think they do a great job, they give me the
information I need fast.
I depend on them to give me facts regarding the
drugs they sell.
And besides, there's nothing like a free lunch now
and then, is there?
The healthcare sector made some significant
gains in the biotech and pharmaceutical markets.
Braden-Andrews stock skyrocketed today, as they
received FDA approval for the much-anticipated,
anti-depressant Vivexx.
It is anticipated that Vivexx may be the
blockbluster of the century.
In other business news today Wall Street is
braced for this quarters report on consumer
Analysts project a dip indicated by early holiday
Dobson, Sally Dobson.
# Can't be seen. Can't be heard. Is this a
What's the matter sweetie? This is a big night for
You know you can tell me anything.
It's probably nothing.
But I was just wondering what your take was on
some of the liver issues with Vivexx?
I have no take, because there is no issue.
You're right. It's just that everything has been
happening so fast.
You're right.
Good. Now let's go have some fun.
To Vivexx!
To Vivexx.
Well folks, it's that time in of the evening to honor
our industry's "Rep of the Year".
Each year we present this award to the
pharmaceutical representative who has had...
...the greatest impact educating physicians and
thereby improving patient quality of life.
Each company nominates one representative who
exemplifies these outstanding qualities.
Please join me in a round of applause, as I invite
Peter Anderson...
President of Braden-Andrews, to introduce this
year's winner.
Thanks, Mike.
This year, it is my honor to present this award to a
who exemplifies everything that our company
stands for.
She is hard working, intelligent, and did I mention
that this kid can move market share?
But most importantly, her #1 goal is the same as
our own: To protect and prolong human life.
Karly Hert, it is my honor to present to you this
Pharmaceutical Industry Rep of the Year Award.
See, my Reps are good.
(heartbeat) dum dum, dum dum
Thank you.
Thank you.
Many people have asked me what my secret is.
How can you have that kind of relationship with
How can you move that kind of market share?
The answer is simple, really.
Honesty with physicians, staff,
and myself.
Thus in the spirit of honesty and to live out the
Braden-Andrews creed...
to protect and prolong human life.
I'd like to introduce someone.
Sally Dobson, would you please join me?
Thank you so much Karly,
I want to share a story with everyone about one
drug that has significantly affected my life.
That drug was made by Braden-Andrews and
they call it Vivexx.
Recently my husband went to the doctor for a
routine visit...
Within 24 hours, my husband was dead.
I wouldn't do that it if I were you.
Hey Jacqueline...
# Don't look so surprised to see me, you never
wanted much.
# I'm bigger now since you cut me down with
honesty, honesty. Honesty is so nice.
And what about side effects?
Two words: Feminine itching.
Just some mild explosive diarrhea.
A little wind. (laughter)
Only about 80% of our patients experience sexual
dysfunction... ing.
Sexual disfunctioning... ly?