Sidelined (2018) Movie Script

Ha, kill it Jenny.
We've always
got your back.
We're lucky to have
you on our team.
I appreciate you
saying that.
Means a lot.
Let's go out
there and
win. Alright ladies, listen up!
It's the first game
of the season,
and once again we're the
defending state champions.
We win the title again this year
that makes five in a row.
And that is a
new record.
How do we
make history?
By doing what we've
done every other year.
By working together and
playing as a team.
Alright so we are gonna
get out there.
We are going to remind them who
we are and how we got here.
Alright, bring it in.
Who are we?
Wild Cats!
I can't hear you.
Wild Cats!
Wild Cats!
Now get out there and
show them who you are.
What the hell?
Where are my
shin guards?
Um, I think I saw some
in the locker room.
That's weird.
Somebody help!
Help me!
Somebody help!
Oh, that goes in the
bathroom, hun.
It was the right
decision, Cameron.
I had a life.
All of my friends
were there.
You play soccer
on a team.
By default that's
instant friends.
I was team captain
at Westfield, mom.
Do you know how hard I
had to work to get that?
Rawley has won state
four years in a row.
With you on the team they might
as well call it five.
Look, if you just
open your mind
you'll see that this is a win
win for both you and the school.
Yeah well everyone will say they
could have won it without me.
All eyes will be on the
championship team.
They're Wild
Cats though.
They're the enemy.
No they were
the enemy.
They aren't anymore.
You'll understand
when you're older.
Wow, that's really great.
Thank you mom.
Hailey: What are
you looking for?
Um chemistry,
room 131.
Oh no, chem's
actually in 214.
It's just down the hall
and to the left.
Oh, thanks.
Uh huh.
You're Hailey, right?
Yeah, we just played
each other.
I was the...
I know who
you are.
I take it this isn't
chemistry class.
This is a test to verify that
you have a handle
on last year's material.
Are you Cameron?
Sorry I went to
the wrong room.
Have a seat.
It's just a little
friendly hazing.
I get it.
I'm so happy you're
on our team now.
You're such a
good striker.
[bell rings]
You're in psyche too?
This is so cool!
Yeah it is.
I'm Paul.
Hi, Cameron.
Alright everyone,
settle down.
I think we have noticed that we
have a new student today.
So please welcome
Cameron Lowe
to Rawley High and
psychology 12.
Let's do a little review and
get Miss Lowe up to speed.
She's the
teacher too?
Yeah, and if you think she's
only a hard ass on the field,
just wait.
Yep, it's good.
I mean it could be a
little later, that's fine.
Hi Cameron.
What was that?
She's nice, she's in my
psychology class.
Okay, whatever.
Hail come on, I was
being friendly.
You know I love
you, right?
Well, what are you
gonna do about it?
What else do
I have to do?
Pick that pace
up girls!
Accuracy girls!
Nice and tight!
[blows whistle]
Alright, one on
one drills!
Cameron, Hailey!
Hailey, try and
get past her.
[blows whistle]
Woo good job!
Sick shot.
Nice work Cameron.
Lucky shot.
Is that as close as you've
gotten to a championship trophy?
Yeah, it's impressive.
And we did it
all without you.
You looked good out there
today Cameron.
Uh, thanks.
Yeah, we're very lucky to
have you on the team.
You are officially
a Wild Cat now.
But enough with the pleasantries
I'll get right to the point.
Of course.
Academics come first.
Your grades drop you are
suspended from the team
no if's and's
or but's.
I will not play favourites
in the classroom.
Yeah, no I wouldn't
expect you to.
We're a tight knit family, and
playing as a team is paramount
to bringing home another
My team, my rules.
What happened to
Jenny Pierce?
Oh you heard
about that.
Yeah, it's a shame, but
she's recovering,
it's just gonna
take time.
I mean we miss her
presence on the field,
but I don't want you
to worry about that.
It's, uh, it's a
tragic incident,
but we have done
everything in our power
to make sure it never
happens again.
I wasn't worried.
I can tell that soccer
means a lot to you.
You throw yourself
into it with passion
and I'd like to help you
take it to the next level.
So, just a little
friendly advice.
You may want to consider laying
off the late night snacking.
Kate: Cameron,
dinner's ready!
What is this?
Mom, how many times
do I have to tell you?
I can't load up on
carbs every night.
It's gluten free spelt,
It's supposed to be
really good for you.
You're not a rabbit, you're
gonna waste away.
I have to be in top
condition this year.
Have you given any thought
to your studies?
You dragged me away from all
my friends, bring me here
to play soccer, and now you
don't want me to care about it?
But that's not
what I said.
I'm just asking if you've
finished your homework.
I have a leftover carbon
molecule on this equation.
What am I
doing wrong?
Everything you need to
solve that question's
right on the page.
But it's not clear.
Just do your best
We can talk after class
if you get it wrong.
[bell rings]
Hey you!
Stay there!
Are you okay?
Give her some space.
Cameron just stay there,
don't move, okay?
You really don't
look good.
No, I'm fine.
Alright, yeah Kimmy, go
get the nurse, okay?
Cameron you
stay put.
I've gotta get
to practice.
It could be a
No it's not.
Well the doctor will evaluate
you and we'll know for sure.
I can't have a concussion,
you know why?
Because I feel fine.
Are you okay?
That Wild Cat really
had it's way with you.
Who's the mascot?
Brett Nelson.
Total perv.
He only became our mascot to
get close to the cheerleaders.
Rhonda: Cameron!
Nurse said you hit
your head today.
I told you I'm fine.
Both Mr. Craft and
Kimmy reported
that she blacked out
for a moment.
No I did not
black out.
You need to
see a doctor.
There's nothing
wrong with me.
Head injuries
are serious.
Alright, once the
doctor clears you,
you can come back
to practice.
The team needs
you 100 percent.
I'm sorry Cameron,
she's right.
What the hell--
You rammed into me on
purpose didn't you?
What the hell are
you talking--
Did Hailey tell you to knock
me down the stairs?
Look, I told Principle Jackson
I was in math class, alright?
Ask anybody.
Well who was it then?
I don't know.
That boy should
be expelled.
It wasn't him.
Honey, I deal with people
everyday who lie
to get what
they want.
Mom, it was Hailey.
You have no
proof of that.
She hates me and she's been
giving me major attitude
since day one.
Well, maybe it was
an accident.
Well guess who's starting
at center now?
Well, the doctor says you
have a mild concussion
and you need
to heal.
Mom, our first game
is tomorrow.
I know.
Just one game sweety.
I'm open!
How's your head?
Concussion, so
I'm benched.
I'm sorry you
can't play.
You alright?
Sure, yeah.
It's just kinda weird
you staring like that.
Oh, sorry, I'm just, I'm
glad you're okay.
[whistle blows]
Rhonda: Excellent work.
Good job.
Good job girls!
Nice to see you.
How'd we do?
Well you got some
stand out players.
Yeah, Hailey's really come
into her own this season.
Where's Cameron Lowe?
I was expecting
to see her.
Coaching staff was looking
forward to hearing my feedback.
Yeah, well she's been
having some issues.
On or off
the field?
Both actually.
Trouble at school, and she's
really not a team player.
Last year she scored the
most goals in state.
Well, what
can I say?
It's disappointing for sure.
She's just not jelling
with the team.
Hard to find that kind of raw
talent though, isn't it?
Mr. Craft: Cameron?
I just finished
marking your test.
You didn't
do so well.
What did I get?
You failed.
I did?
But I worked so
hard I swear.
I studied until
like 2am.
Well I think you could
use a refresher,
so review the material
and we'll meet later.
Uh, yeah as long as we can work
around my soccer schedule.
As you know, this school has
a very strict academic policy
in relation to athletics.
One failed test,
that's a warning,
but you fail a second
exam in any course,
that could get you kicked
off the soccer team.
I'm gonna work
my butt off.
I won't fail
another one.
I promise.
I'm here if you
need me.
[heavy breathing]
[heavy breathing]
[phone ringing]
No this is her daughter
Okay, and...
Thank you, thank
you so much.
Oh, here's my mom.
Who is it?
It's Dr. Jen.
Okay, great, thank
you so much.
Over here!
I got it!
Good, good,
good Megs.
I'm clear to
play coach.
Good to have
you back.
Coach, I'll take center.
You'll get your reps
in, don't worry.
Come on forwards, stay
wide, stay wide!
Alright tighten up defense!
Man on!
Man on!
Coach I'm
ready to play.
Yeah, I heard you
the first time.
Well then let me take
my spot back.
You have to
earn it.
I was team captain
at Westfield.
At Westfield.
Look, Hailey got two goals and
an assist in our first game.
You think you
can do better?
I know I can.
Alright, that's
out of line.
Sideline, now.
Defense, press!
Thatta girl!
No, you tell him if he
wants to make a deal.
The house can't be
on the table.
No, I'll fight him to the
death if he tries--
I have to go.
Come here.
Coach Chalmers may
I have a word?
Of course.
Cameron tells me you took
her off her starting spot.
I did.
And replaced her with
your own daughter?
I don't have to justify my
coaching decisions to you.
Well this is true, but would you
mind explaining it to me?
Seems a little
Cameron's a good player,
but we won the last game,
and we won big
without her.
Soccer's a team sport.
No single player
is indispensible.
My daughter's
more than good.
She's worked very hard
to be where she is
and I don't want to
see that go unnoticed.
I'm not arguing
with you.
She has potential.
I'm not talking
about you.
I mean the scouts.
She wants to play college
and maybe go pro after that
and you and I both know
the effort that requires.
I don't want her to miss
a single opportunity.
My responsibility
is to my team.
Not your daughter's
soccer career.
Excuse me.
My daughter's a better
soccer player than yours
and you know it.
That woman.
What happened?
You know what?
I'm gonna file
a complaint.
No, please don't get all
lawyer mom.
There's clear favourtism here.
If you complain that will only
make things worse for me.
You know what?
There's a legal precedent
for this sort of thing.
No mom.
It's not even the coach's
fault, it's Hailey.
Just let me handle
this please.
I just love you,
that's all.
You're not sitting here.
I know what
you did.
Oh, take your starting
spot at center?
Yeah I did that.
You planned to have
the mascot ram me.
You got rammed
by the mascot?
It is kinda funny,
right Cam?
What is wrong
with you?
Whoa, stop!
Get off of me!
That is enough!
[indistinct yelling]
She knows I'm
better than her.
You're just a rich girl that
gets whatever she wants.
Hailey that's enough.
Alright ladies.
Geeze coach, what
is going on here?
She's giving my daughter's
spot to a player
who doesn't deserve it.
I deserve it.
No you don't!
That is a very serious
accusation Ms. Lowe.
But I can see
how it looks.
Rhonda could you
help clear this up?
Yes of course.
And first of all I think I owe
both of you an apology.
I could have handled
this situation better.
Hailey's my daughter and I
understand how that must look.
But as coach I work extremely
hard to find the right group
of players who jell and so put
points on the scoreboard.
And last game we found
that combination.
You don't switch horses in
the middle of a race
that you're winning.
Thank you Coach
I appreciate the honesty
and your willingness
to see their perspective.
Is this a joke?
Cameron was starting
center all last year
and made the
all-state team.
I looked at your starting
roster last year.
Hailey didn't start
a game once.
She's been training intensively
in the off-season
and she's not the player
she was last season.
That may be true, but Cameron
has more experience.
Ms. Lowe.
I think that Coach Chalmers has
been more than forthright
about her reasons here.
And given that she has brought
four teams in a row
to win the state championship
I think she has earned
the right to run the
team as she sees fit.
I'm a state all-star.
I believe you.
But I'm not the one you
need to impress.
We still need to deal with
the incident at hand.
We have a zero tolerance
policy for fighting,
which typically results in
automatic suspension.
But she started it.
You did!
I am willing to make
an exception here.
But I need you both
to promise me
that this will never
happen again.
And I mean ever.
I promise.
Well I guess I won't
fight back then?
Fine, I promise.
Okay, so we're
done here right?
I can go now?
Cameron: This is
so stupid.
We wouldn't be here if you
hadn't gone Jessica Jones on me.
You got what was
coming to you.
I'm never letting you
start center again.
Do it.
As much as I'd like to
ruin your face right now,
I wanna finish cleaning
this little boys play pen
so we can get back
on the field.
Go right ahead.
Seriously, do these idiots
all think they're Picasso?
More like "peecasso."
Well I can't wait until
this season's over.
Don't you get sick
of all the training
and not eating ice cream, and
pumpkin scones until you puke?
No, I love it.
I live and breathe
for this.
Sounds like you
wanna quit.
Yeah, your mom would
probably kill you if you did.
You have no idea.
You just want
me to quit.
What does it matter
what I want?
It doesn't, it's just what my
mom wants that matters.
She was all-state...
and then some moron knocked
her up and here I am.
Why can't they just let
us live our own lives?
Because they
don't have lives.
Your mom is a
super coach.
She wins every year and
with different players.
Yeah, imagine if she can't win
with her own kid on the team.
My mom dragged me
away from my old team
when she messed it
up with my dad.
She doesn't care
about soccer,
it's all about grades.
Yeah, moms suck.
Well I don't wanna
be here all night.
[whistle blows]
Low, get low, get
low, get low.
[blows whistle]
Good job, good job.
Come on forward, forward.
[blows whistle]
[blows whistle]
Nice, good work.
30 seconds.
I think I need
more than that.
Come on, you know the
drill, 30 seconds.
I can't.
You missed practice today.
You have to
catch up.
This is too
much, mom.
Honey, I know
it's hard now.
But it's gonna
pay off later.
Trust me.
What, are you
kidding me?
You're walking
away, giving up?
Well, apparently this seems
more important to you
than it does to me.
You don't know what
you're talking about.
Okay, all of this?
I am setting you
up for life.
So that you have a
shot at a future.
You think if someone
had done this for me
I would have ended up a
high school soccer coach?
Hell no.
You are not throwing
this away.
The scout today said
that she saw
how much better
you've gotten.
You gonna throw
that away too?
No you are not.
You are going to come over here,
I am going to blow this whistle,
and you are going to
work your ass off!
Come on.
Come on!
[blows whistle]
Whatever it takes.
Kate: I ordered pizza!
Not for me.
What's going
on with you?
You love pizza.
Can we talk?
Uh right now's not the
best time for a chat.
Okay, well can I ask?
Are you trying to get my
attention or something?
What are you
talking about?
You're not eating.
Stress can do
that to a person.
Mom, I'm fine.
You're not fine.
Is this about your
father and I?
Meaning what?
All your business
trips and late nights?
Was there another guy?
Your father was the one
bringing women home.
What did you
just say?
I shouldn't have said that,
it's not that simple.
My God.
I had no idea.
Okay look we both love you.
We both want what's
best for you.
That's why we
came here.
So you can
play soccer.
You think I care about
soccer right now?
Cameron, come on.
Across the field!
[blows whistle]
Bring it in!
I heard Hailey quit.
No she's taking the
night off to study.
That's not what
she told me.
If I were you I'd practice
more and gossip less.
Maybe you wouldn't find yourself
on the bench so often.
Get back out there.
[blows whistle]
Hold up!
You alright Cameron?
I don't feel well.
Well it's hot.
You're probably dehydrated.
Why don't you grab
some water?
No, I'm gonna puke.
Are you okay?
Cameron, hey.
I heard you puked on the
field the other day.
Mm, sexy right?
You had a great
game though.
You weren't even
100 percent.
And you got your
old position back.
For now.
So uh look, a bunch
of people are going
to Kimmy's party tonight.
You wanna come?
Who's gonna be there?
Is Hailey going?
Um I don't know.
I'll think about it.
Okay, try not to
puke in the pool!
How's Hailey?
She's fine.
How are you?
Don't neglect Hailey.
She needs some encouragement.
Do you understand?
Not really.
I thought--
Don't think.
Just do what
I say.
Cameron, Kimmy.
Look who I found.
I'm glad you came.
Uh just water,
I'm training.
Dedicated, I like that.
Where's Hailey?
Oh um I don't think
she's coming.
So what's your deal?
What do you mean?
Hobbies, interests?
What are you
passionate about?
Come with me.
I'll show you.
You um, you see
the big dipper?
If you draw a line straight
up from the cup
you'll bump into Polaris.
The North Star.
It never moves.
There are more stars in
the universe than there
are grains of sand on
every beach on earth.
Okay, so you like to nerd
out on a telescope.
But I think it makes
us pretty special.
How's your scone?
I don't want to
fight, mom.
I'm not fighting.
So tell me.
All this spare time you've
had on your hands,
how come you didn't go to
Kimmy's party last night?
What party?
I don't know,
some party.
I heard Paul invite
Come on, finish up,
we're gonna be late.
Cameron, really?
What the hell, Hailey?
Would you stop?
I saw you cheating
on me.
You were using me.
Using you?
Your whole family is.
What are you
talking about?
Listen Cameron is
a good person.
Who cares about that?
No listen, she
really is.
But I love you.
I wish I never
met you.
Hey Hailey!
What the hell?
You think Paul's into you
because you're hot?
Because you think you're
better than me?
Hailey, that was
a mistake.
I'm really sorry.
Oh I'm sure you are
you little hoe.
He was the one that hit
you down those stairs.
How does it feel to get
plowed by an animal?!
See you on the
field, bitch!
Was it you?
I can't believe you had the
balls to kiss me after that.
I am so sorry.
Come on, class
is starting.
The average score on this
test was 73 percent.
This is just one test so
don't be discouraged
if you didn't
do perfectly.
There will be
many more.
[bell rings]
That's it.
See you next time.
It's just one test.
No, you don't understand.
I'm already on probation.
If the principle finds out
I failed another test
he'll make me
quit the team.
Look, I'd hate to lose
a good player,
but I've already told you
I can't show any favourtism.
Please, I'm
begging you.
I can't.
Is there anything else?
It's Hailey.
What about her?
She told me Paul was the one who
rammed me over on the stairs.
She said that.
Yeah, and she put
him up to it.
I see.
And she admitted this?
I'm going to
the principle.
You give me a passing
grade on this test.
Well that sounds an
awful lot like blackmail.
You sure you
wanna do this?
Just let me retake the
test or something.
Cameron, you won't believe
what I saw the other day.
Hailey's gonna
be pissed.
I saw Rhonda--
Uh oh.
What are you
doing here?
You never came
home after school.
I've been looking for
you everywhere.
Where's your mother?
Does she know
about this?
Yeah, I bet...
I got kicked off
the team.
I screwed up.
Okay well we'll
figure it out.
No, it's over.
I failed another test,
they won't let me play.
Oh God baby,
I'm so sorry.
I'm really messed
up, mom.
Okay, well we'll get you a
tutor or something, okay?
What are you
doing here?
Is your mom home?
I'm sorry to disturb you
coach Chalmers.
What can I
do for you?
Cameron told me about
the test she failed
and she has something
to say to you.
I'm sorry for what
I said coach.
I failed the test and
that's my fault,
I just...I didn't wanna get
kicked off the team,
but I'm gonna focus on my
studies and work my way back on.
No player I have
ever coached
has spoken to me
the way you did.
But it takes a lot of integrity
to come here
and admit you
were at fault.
So I accept
your apology.
I know this season
means a lot to you
and I know you
moved here for it.
Let's hope this can
be a turning point.
Isn't there something else you
need to say to Hailey, Cameron?
Like what?
Cameron falsely accused
my daughter.
Cameron go to the car.
Coach, what my daughter
said was reprehensible,
but I believe her.
I'm reporting you
to the police.
You do what you
need to do.
So proud of you
for doing that.
I blew it.
No, you just put your head down
and focus like I know you can.
You'll be back.
Mom you can't go
to the police.
I'm not going to, I just
tried to scare them.
Don't take the bus
tomorrow, okay?
I'll pick you up.
We'll grab dinner.
So does anyone have
any questions?
Cameron, will you come
with me please?
What's going on?
This is a serious
matter, Cameron.
We need you to
come clean.
Cameron, yesterday did
you attempt to blackmail
Ms. Chalmers over
a failed test?
What's this about?
Have a seat.
Ms. Chalmer's has
made a formal report
that Cameron blackmailed her
for a higher mark on a test.
What does my
daughter say?
She says she
didn't do it.
Ms. Chalmer's says that you can
corroborate her story,
and that you came with
her to apologize.
I don't know what
she's talking about.
I see.
Maybe there's some sort
of misunderstanding.
Well that's not what
you said at my house.
I'm launching a formal
investigation into this.
And until this is sorted out
I'm gonna remove you
from Ms. Chalmer's
psychology class.
But I need that
class to graduate.
Principle Jackson
if I may?
Cameron is a very
promising soccer player,
and yes she made a
mistake, but I don't think
she should lose her entire
year because of it.
What do you suggest?
That she acknowledge what
she did and that she promise
to follow my instructions
without hesitation from now on.
Without hesitation?
What is this?
I did it.
But I didn't wanna get
kicked off the team.
Your coach is offering
you a third chance.
I understand and
I wanna play.
There won't be
a next time.
Principle Jackson.
You said Cameron blackmailed
Rhonda, right?
What did she
blackmail her with?
This was a mistake, we should
never have moved here.
Once I get back on
the team--
Back on the team?
Are you kidding me?
Cameron do you
have any idea
what's happening
to you right now?
From this point on your
whole future's on the line.
Forget soccer, you
could get kicked out
of school permanently.
You threatened a teacher
and then lied about it.
I cover for you and
you blow that too?
This isn't something
they just let go.
From now on you don't
talk to Rhonda or Hailey.
I'm gonna
drop you off
and I'm gonna pick you up
every day after school.
And you're gonna work your
ass off on your studies.
Do you hear me?
I'm sorry.
Okay that's good.
Let's have a look
at your test.
I bet you'll do
fine this time.
That's not my test.
That's not my handwriting.
Yeah, you signed your
name here didn't you?
Yeah, I wrote my name, but I
don't recognize the rest of it.
And I don't make
w's like that.
I don't understand.
Someone changed my work.
Who would
they do that?
I don't know, but
this isn't my work.
That means I didn't
fail the test,
you have to give
me another shot.
Okay look, I don't know
what's going on here,
but that is not what
this means.
Look, if you pass the next test
I will recommend that you get
to play again, but right now
your only proof is your word.
Mr. Craft, come on.
Cameron, I will
look into it.
That's all I
can promise.
That's nice, that's
really nice.
I didn't see you.
They didn't
kick you out?
No I don't need
your help.
Come on.
Hey you.
What happened in the
Principles office?
I don't really wanna
talk about it.
You're a badass bitch.
Yeah, it's awesome.
You know we've lost
the last two games
because Hailey's
at center.
She's a good player...
Nothing like you.
The whole team
knows it.
Look, I'm trying to
be a team player.
I can't be on
coach's bad side.
Is Hailey here?
Nope, come on in.
Missed you at
school today.
What's up?
How did Cameron know
I was the mascot?
I have no idea.
Is that really why
you came over?
Come on...
Let me help you with
your homework?
I don't wanna do
this anymore.
What do you mean?
Cameron needs to know.
She doesn't deserve this.
Don't go all
soft on me.
This...we're done.
I think I'm gonna
go to bed.
You done all
your work?
don't blame you.
I blame myself.
The separation, the move here was all too quick,
you weren't ready
and I pushed you.
I'm so sorry.
I'll be okay.
Goodnight mom.
Goodnight honey.
[tires screeching]
Paul, look out!
[phone ringing]
Officer: And did you
see a driver?
Cameron: No.
And the car?
Cameron: It was dark, like black
or blue or something.
Can you tell us anything
more about it?
Was it an SUV
or a van?
No, it was just
a regular car.
And why were
you there?
Your mom said you
were in your room.
Um, I got this
note from Paul.
Mr. Harrington wrote this?
I think so.
Cameron, do you have
your drivers license?
No just a permit.
Is he doing okay?
I don't know.
Well do you have
any leads at all?
I can't talk
about that,
but rest assured that we're
doing everything we can.
I'll be in touch.
Thank you officer.
I'm really sorry mom.
I think Paul was trying
to tell me something.
Like what?
Like who changed
my test answers.
Something's not right.
I don't want you messed
up in this anymore.
This is amazing work.
I think you're
starting to get this.
I can play.
I know.
Craft told me.
Welcome back.
Go warm up.
That's not the outfit you
should get used to wearing.
I think you'll look good
in some prison orange.
Don't talk to my
daughter, okay?
You're back on
the team?
I got an A on my
chemistry test.
I'm so proud of you.
Come on.
[bell rings]
I saw him get hit.
Yeah, It's...horrible.
And I saw the car.
It was black.
You think I
hit him?
You were pretty choked
when he dumped you.
So I just run over
him with a car?
Are you insane?
Maybe you did it.
I'm not the one who
blackmailed her teacher.
I need to tell
you something.
It's about Paul.
You're really not
gonna like it.
I'm glad you're back.
Alright, eyes on
the board, ladies.
Here's your lineup.
I play midfield.
Not today you don't.
This is our first
playoff game.
We lose, and
we're out.
You have to start Cameron,
she's our striker.
And I'm your coach.
I can't play
that position.
And I won't.
Alright, this is
my team
and you will play the
positions I put you in.
Mom, she plays forward
or I don't play at all.
[team yelling]
Do you mind explaining
yourself to me?
What about you, mom?
You let Cameron
start in your spot.
You're screwing my boyfriend.
Kimmy saw you
kiss him.
You mean
Cameron's bff?
Oh honey.
You got played.
Cameron got to
start and you sat.
What is wrong
with you?
But Kimmy
wouldn't do that.
Honey, you got played.
I'm so sorry Paul.
What is it?
I can't understand you.
Rhonda did it.
[phone rings]
No, it's just a little
body damage.
Seems silly to go
through insurance.
Yeah, I'll just
pay cash.
Can you hold
on a sec?
Sorry about that.
Yeah, I'll be by in
a bit to pick it up.
Oh my God.
Whatcha doing?
You changed my
test answers.
No I didn't.
Yeah you did.
Whatever, you're finished.
Well I'm not the one who damaged
school property, broke into
a classroom, and stole
student's personal information.
That is not gonna look good
for the scouts Cami.
It was you in the
car, wasn't it?
Did you do that
to Jenny too?
Oh sweetheart,
you're confused.
I'm not the
enemy here.
Oof, that looked
like it hurt.
You have no idea who
you're dealing with,
so I would be very,
very careful.
Kate: Cameron?
Hey mom.
Hey, where were you?
Practice went late.
Well you should've called.
What happened?
Just an accidental
collision at practice.
You should
probably ice it.
I'm really tired, I think I'm
just gonna go to bed.
Okay, goodnight honey.
How you feeling?
You've been in
bed all day.
You sure you're
okay to play?
Mom I've been waiting
for this moment
since I came to
this schoo
I bet.
You're gonna blow them
away sweetheart.
So we all know that Cameron
wasn't in class today
and obviously that means
we can't count on her
to show up for
this game.
That doesn't matter, because
at the end of the day
we are bigger than
just one player.
We're a team.
Know that I am proud
to be your coach.
And tonight is the culmination
of all your hard work.
So let's get out there
and warm up
because we have
a game to win.
I'll see you in
a minute.
We're a team, we can
do it without her.
Yeah, Kimmy?
I know things.
That's not
cryptic at all.
"I know things."
You and Paul.
It's gross but
I don't care.
That's none of
my business.
I just want
to win.
That means Cameron
starts if she shows up.
If she shows up.
I agree.
I don't understand.
I wanna win too.
Everything good?
Alright, thanks.
[blows whistle]
Bring it in!
Alright ladies.
When we win this today, we will
have won more championships
in a row than any other
team in state history.
Today is our day and nobody
can stand in our way.
And this game is not about
any one player so remember
to play together, because
together we are unbeatable.
Bring it in.
Who are we?
Wild Cats!
Can't hear you!
Wild Cats!
Let's get out there
and make history.
This is your day honey.
Today you shine.
You get out there and you show
them who you really are.
What happened?
It's nothing.
Who did this
to you?
Mom you can't
say anything.
Well you can't
play like this.
Just let me play the game and
I'll go see the doctor, okay?
What if something worse
happens to you?
The scouts are
out there.
I have to play.
Pass it!
Watch out.
Shoot it!
Aren't you injured?
I'm fine.
Come on!
Alright, Take midfield.
I'm a striker
or I walk.
Lo you're out!
Cam's striker!
Hailey's right wing.
Hey, when you get a chance
lay an elbow in right there.
In front of everyone?
Do it.
Mom I'm gonna get
kicked out of the game.
You do it or we lose everything
we've worked for.
What the hell, Hailey?
It was an accident.
Kate: Cameron.
Oh my...
No Cam, Cam.
We need to get you
to the locker room.
I can't believe you've
been playing like this.
They hate me.
Who cares about them?
That's your audience.
But they saw
me too.
But it was
an accident.
Mom are you okay?
I'm fine.
You're the star now.
You're the star...
You're gonna be
okay baby.
What happened?
This bruising is bad.
It's nothing.
I'm fine.
We need to get her to the
hospital and get an x-ray.
I'm really sorry.
Can you play?
You can't baby.
Listen, you're obviously
in a lot of pain,
but I don't think she has
any broken ribs.
Good, I'm playing.
I don't think that's
what she said.
I don't recommend it.
I can do this.
Trust me.
Please let her.
I'm really sorry Cam.
What, after elbowing me?
Alright, it was
an accident.
It was not an
Get out.
Okay, well again I'm really
sorry you can't play.
We could use
you out there.
Actually she's good
to go if she wants.
Are you sure?
I could wrap it and she
could probably get
to the end of
the game.
Right, well then
get on it.
We need you both
out on the field now.
Okay, I'll see
you out there.
Thanks mom.
You okay?
Kate: Cameron?!
I can hear
you Cami.
Come on!
Big game day today.
We gotta leave
everything on the field.
I am not gonna let you
ruin my daughter's life!
What are you doing?
Stop it!
Somebody help us!
Hi mom.
Oh my goodness.
Here, come here.
Thank you.
I'm sorry.
I'm the one who
brought you here.
But I made it worse.
I just wanted something for
you that you didn't want.
That's all.
I love you, mom.
I love you, honey.
I got this in the
mail today.
What are you
waiting for?
Open it!
I got in!