Sidhus of Southall (2023) Movie Script

This is London, England's capital.
This city is loaded with Royal buildings,
modern style and western culture.
My village Southall is on the back side.
There are about 50,000 houses here.
And most of them are Punjabis.
Some are from Punjab from
our country and some from another.
England that divided
us into India and Pakistan
We came back there and got united.
My house is one among
these 50,000 houses.
Sidhus of Southall.
I am Tina Sidhu.
I put three alarms
before I sleep at night.
But today the alarm
did not wake me up
I woke up before
and switched off the alarm.
That means I woke before the alarm rang.
Because I did not sleep at night.
This is my grandmother Beant Kaur Sidhu.
Her specialty is that just like
share market her age falls and rises.
Sometimes she is 25, sometimes 20
and today I think she is sweet 16
He is Beant Kaur Sidhu's
only son Mithu Rangeela.
Unfortunately, he is my dad.
He has been a popular
singer of his times.
Although his kidneys
have been repaired once
but he did not leave
his habit of drinking.
My mother Gurveer Kaur Sidhu.
He is a master in cookery
but like other family members
even she is a little crazy.
You have seen one part of
Punjab and now let us see the other.
My uncle Omar Sidhu from
the other side of Punjab.
Just as the same water
flows in Ravi on both sides,
similarly the same blood runs
in Omar Sidhu NA Mithu Rangeela's body.
She is my sister Gina.
Long ago she escaped from the house
and came back after two years with him.
The dark moon.
Whatever, but we now love Martin a lot.
No evil eye should fall on him.
Today is the first and a big function of
our wedding planner company
Sidhus of Southall.
And they all are not bothered.
Negligence is in the
blood of this family.
Look, how carefree and
carelessly are they sleeping.
But before that one
thing needs to be done
which was left incomplete last night.
Now you will ask that who is he?
I will tell you.
Oh my God, I am dead.
Where is God and why
isn't he answering my prayers.
What is the matter, mother?
Why are you shouting?
It is time for Rangeela to come out.
He is kicking.
I think 9 months have got completed.
I do not understand you.
Sometimes the 9th starts,
sometimes it gets completed...
Your age keeps increasing
and decreasing.
If it was in my control,
I would have finished your life.
Take me to doctor.
On which topic is
grandmother talking now?
Today your grandmother has
gone to the time
when your father was about to be born.
I wish it was true. I would
not have let your father be born.
It would have been good.
There would be no problem.
Neither my dad was born nor I.
Today my daughter seems to be tired.
Drink water, dear.
Give her water to drink and give
me a bowl of clarified butter to drink.
At least receive my
calls by sparing 5 minutes.
I was tired of calling
you the entire day.
I will do it now.
Where is your phone?
Mother, where is your phone?
-Quickly give me your phone.
-What happened?
Just give a miss call.
Whosoever wants to talk will call back.
The balance is less in this.
Keep quiet.
Where are you going?
I will be back soon. It is urgent.
Don't go anywhere now.
Let your father come
and then you can go with him.
Where is my father?
Here is your father.
What kind of father is he?
He is just useless.
-How dare you?
Nothing. No good.
I had promised father that
I would take care of Rangeela.
Otherwise forget about drinking, even
touching alcohol is against my religion.
Listen to me.
Mother, take care of
father and do not stop me.
Take uncle with you.
-Where do we have to go?
-To hell.
Then take your father.
Tina, dear...
I think I will not reach hospital.
I am going to deliver here.
Thank God the gutter was covered.
After all it is UK.
You wait here and I will be back.
It is late at night and is also dark.
You will feel scared.
No, I will not.
Dear, I was not talking
about you but about myself.
I think because of fear
my heart is beating fats.
Before things get worst,
I will follow her.
Mr. Carter.
What are you doing here?
I had asked you wait outside.
I thought you must be feeling scared
so I came here to give you company.
Why will I feel scared?
Now that you have come so find my phone.
Phone? Is this your phone?
Come on let's go.
Mr. Carter, get up.
We have found the phone.
Mr. Carter won't get up now.
I hit him hard on his head.
Uncle, do not tell anyone about this.
Why would I tell anyone?
When he will gain consciousness,
he would shout so much that
entire colony would come together.
Really? Then what should we do now?
Wait, I will talk to him.
Mr. Carter, my daughter
hit you on your head
and you do the same with her.
Tit for tat.
I have a small head.
What will remain if I am also hit.
I will talk to him. Get a side.
Carter, get up.
Don't do so much acting.
I know you are doing drama.
I don't think he will get up soon.
Why? Did you put an alarm
before making him unconscious?
Let's do something before
he gains consciousness so that
his anger cools down.
Good idea.
Come on.
Get up.
He is smiling.
-Lift him.
-Is he a man or someone made of cement?
You wait here and I will
get medicine for Carter.
Medicine alone would not work.
He should be given
something to eat as well.
Fine. You go and get it.
Don't think that I will get eatables.
Tell me whether I should get
red or green spicy paste with samosas.
One cannot predict UK's weather.
One does not know when
he gets into a mood of drinking.
A person should have
2-3 bottles at home.
My car? Oh my God.
My beautiful car.
My dear car, I love you.
I love my car.
I had forgotten
that whether I came
in car or on my knees.
Hello, who are you?
Mr. Carter.
I have forgotten that we drank together.
No problem.
We both will go home
and have two small pegs.
You may sleep there and tomorrow
we can go to office together.
There is no problem.
My boss and my car.
Let's go.
I just dropped him home
and he came back again.
I think I will have to
put a chain around your father.
I will get the things.
Be careful, be careful.
What is your preference sir?
Will you have with water or soda?
Why are you smiling sir?
This is your own house.
Tell me without any hesitation.
Greetings, sir.
It is amazing that
you have come to our house.
Today she is talking sweetly
but yesterday she was
cursing you, Mr. Carter.
No, that was a slip of tongue.
There is a difference between
saying and slip of tongue.
Tina is here.
-Tina, look who is here.
-You sit and talk.
I shall go and make tea.
Thank God, he is unconscious.
Before he gains consciousness,
we will treat him.
-Salutations, father.
-Live a long life.
Salutations, aunt.
You did not tell me that
a boy has come to see me.
I would have adorned my hair.
What are you saying, aunt?
Rather than adorning with flowers it is
that age of yours where your
last rites were to be performed.
The boy is very shy.
As soon as I touched him,
he has turned cold like ice.
Is he dead?
I like the boy.
I don't know about anyone
else but we will marry each other.
Look at the way he is looking at me.
He has become cold. Do something.
I am there, dear. I will check him.
His pulse is ticking
like the hands of a watch.
You have not held
the pulse but the watch.
Check his heartbeat.
Heart is on the other side.
Dear, the way we have brought
him the heart can shift as well.
What should I do?
I am sorry dear;
I could not save Mr. Carter.
Uncle, do something.
If you say then shall I rub
his feet so that he might get up.
Don't cry, dear.
What happened, Tina?
-What will happen now?
Who is dead?
What happened to him?
What else? A cup of tea will go waste.
Good, he died.
Now we will have to do all the work.
There is no one else.
We will have to fill the bags.
Strange are the ways of God, dear.
I had brought full bottle because
Mr. Carter was with me.
Now I will have to drink it alone.
Hey, Carter...
Before dying you should
have at least given me one kidney.
Hey, Carter.
Everything of yours should be finished.
After making us cry, you have left us.
I have come to know?
The main reason of acidity
is to have pickle with Paranthas.
Henceforth, I will not eat.
Sir, please pass me the butter.
A person should do his own work.
I started laughing seeing
the legs in the mirror.
I thought it was a heron standing.
You are laughing. I cannot
find a string in the entire house.
What will we do?
Why are you worrying, dear?
Uncle will wear a pant.
You all are busy talking here.
In this way we will
get late for the event.
You are worried about the event?
What will we do of him?
I am finding string in the entire
house and he has kept it with him.
Can't you see a dead body?
Instead of string
should I put a dead body?
Listen to me carefully.
We will not go to the
event till we do not decide
that what have we
to do of the dead body.
Shall I throw the
dead body in the trench?
Very good idea, daddy.
When did I give the idea?
Lift him.
Do you think I am kind
of a person who kidnaps others?
Lift him.
Till we do not dispose of the
dead body you will not touch alcohol.
We can put our mouth to it.
Mr. Carter, nothing is hidden from you.
Keep my bottle.
I will take it from you later.
Don't do. Someone will see us.
You do not wait for a minute.
Do you love me so much?
Uncle, drive the car slowly.
If the car jumps once or twice the heir
to your property is going to be born.
Walking would be better
if I drive slower than this.
If you suggest then
shall I stop the car.
Aunt, look he is so decent.
He is bowing his head in front of you.
Get back.
How much more will you hit the dead man?
What wrong had Carter done?
Mr. Carter cannot wrong anyone.
He gave funds for my kidneys.
You hit the head of
the one who helped us,
gave us house to live you hit his head.
Tina, what had happened?
Why did you kill Carter?
Mr. Carter, you have
a house, car, wealth...
I don't have a mother...
of my future children.
Why? Are you a bachelor?
I am a bachelor.
Do not check my virginity.
Match the horoscope.
Who is Tina Sidhu?
As of now she is manager of my company.
Very soon I will
make her CEO of my life.
She is very young of age.
Don't say this, priest.
What will I do if Tina is dead?
I meant she is very young to you in age.
Are you Tina's uncle?
Match the horoscope.
Do not think too much.
In the first house of the
girl's horoscope sign Leo is seated.
She is full of self-confidence.
Tina is a very well talented girl.
The moon in the second house is sad.
She is very dear to her mother.
From where have Rahu and Ketu come?
Main cause of all problems.
Forget about them and
tell me which house am I in?
You are 10th planet in 13th house.
Say it correctly only
then you will take something else
from me other than donation.
There is neither 13th
house nor 10th planet.
What should I do? The validity
of your horoscope is just for two days.
What does that mean?
After two days your stars are weakening.
That means two days remain
before the star weakens.
Let's put things in my favor.
Miss Tina, you are looking at
the watch again and again.
Are you waiting for someone?
I am waiting for the client.
I am here. Surprise.
Guess what is the day today?
On the 13th of the seventh month...
Oh my God...
7th and 13th are very
inauspicious for me.
You have no idea.
On the 7th my sister escaped.
On the 13th my father's business had
a downfall and he became a drunkard.
And at 7:13--
Is it your birthday today?
Not mine but his.
I wanted to talk something
personal with you.
Gift for you. 3 Carat diamond cut.
Will you marry me?
If I and my family wasn't working
for you then 13th of 7th month
would not be remembered by people as your
birthday but to offer flowers to you.
What do you think of yourself?
You have seen my love.
And not my passion.
How many times have I told you
to put the exhaust on while tempering?
Has this been installed
to stop entry to pigeons?
Enough of tempering has been done.
Now you all will
yearn for boiled lentil.
If not clarified butter,
then at least you should have put
a little grease to the Parantha.
How will I be able to eat it dry?
Eat it as you can. From tomorrow
you are not going to get this as well.
Why? What happened?
Has the flour or lentils got over?
One day we all are going to be finished.
There is still a chance.
Stop drinking if you can.
Forget about treatment we do
not even have money for an ambulance.
Uncle, today grandmother is fine
but what has happened to mother today.
Why is she crying?
According to weather department
there is danger of calamities
befall on Sidhu family.
Because a person named Carter
has decided to get back the money
given to Mr. Rangeela for operation.
God knows what has happened to Carter.
He will surely bring us on the road.
God knows what will
happen to this family?
How are we going to pay for mother's
medicines, mortgage of the house,
installments of the car...
what will happen of us?
Good morning, Mr. Carter.
Mr. Carter. Oh my God,
you look fab in suit.
Are you annoyed with me?
Don't you want to talk to me?
I had thought that you
would understand my pain.
My condition is like
a poor person getting young.
One old grandmother
who survives on medicine,
a father who survives on alcohol,
one 6-7 years old child who
survives on 2-3 liters of milk.
You don't cry.
I know everything.
I want to share your pain and happiness.
If you want then I shall
adopt your entire family.
For once put that engagement
ring in your finger.
Why? Are you getting old?
Are you losing youth?
Are you feeling old?
No. I can do 25 pushups in one go.
Then keep aside the topic of marriage.
Which is the first rung of love?
That means Tina is Carter's girlfriend.
Shall I come back with family for work?
Forget about work.
I will write off all your debts.
Just come with me for once
to the engagement of UK's top
industrialists' son and get the deal done.
Done. Consider that is done.
Don't forget your promise
of writing off the debt.
Carter promise.
Carter promise.
Mr. Carter, hearing your
name I though you are a foreigner.
Actually my name is Kartaar.
Foreign clients pronounce
my name as Carter
and so I my name changed
from Kartaar to carter.
Do you plan weddings
of foreigners as well?
Yes, of course.
Sometimes their wedding does not last as
many days as we spend on the planning.
And we feel if we have made a mistake.
No, he means to say that we can
plan a grand wedding in minimum time.
Absolutely right.
I want to tell you one thing.
With great difficulty our
son has agreed for the engagement.
Whenever he comes you will
just have 5 minutes to impress him.
Mam, just give us five minutes.
We are going to plan such a grand
wedding that every person attending
the wedding is going to
ask us to get them married again.
Absolutely right.
Here comes my son Rajveer Singh Atwal.
Mother, I don't have
time for these useless things.
US delegation is waiting
for me in the office.
Dear, he is Mr. Carter,
Southall's famous wedding planner.
We have already got late so just
spend 5 minutes more
and listen to them.
He is Mr. Carter.
And she is Tina Sidhu.
My girlfriend.
Mr. carter, you just have 5 minutes.
Tell us your plan.
It is okay dad.
I am not in a hurry.
I will go after listen everything.
Tell him the entire plan.
Tell him.
Of course.
"You were in love.
Even I was in love."
"You maintained the relationship.
Even I did not shun away."
"When circumstances become like these.
One must separate."
"When God,"
"When God does not support you.
One must separate."
"When God does not support you.
One must separate."
It's okay, that's enough.
Congratulations, I am very impressed.
You handle all the arrangements
of my engagement.
You select each and everything.
Even my engagement ring.
Mr. Rajveer,
cut the cheque in
the name of Kartar Singh.
-Miss Tina.
-Thank you.
Mr. Carter,
I am not giving this work to you
but to your girlfriend
looking at her capability.
But the deal is
that this engagement
will take place only
when Miss Tina will
handle all the arrangements.
Just check.
I hope the amount is not less.
Tina, hold the cheque.
It does not matter whether
the name is yours or mine.
Meet you again.
I am so lucky for you.
Today you became my girlfriend
and you received the cheque.
Though it is mine.
No problem. Even I am yours.
I was thinking of getting married
along with this boy's wedding.
Same palace, same chefs,
same music band and same horse.
I am sitting on the horse
and the song that would play is...
"Who made you sit on the horse,
you son of a witch."
You would look an idiot
sitting on the horse.
Sisters-in-law play joke and not wives.
I am none of them.
In future if you call
myself as your girlfriend,
I will not spare you.
Before I take your talks
seriously and get hurt
it is better you say
Tina that this is a lie.
I am not bothered what happens to you.
Whether you get hurt or you get fit.
Being with you was my
helplessness and nothing else.
Take this cheque and let me go.
You will leave me but what
will happen of your family.
The lawyer has written the notes.
And I just have to
hand it over to postman.
Are you threatening me?
No problem.
Now you give me notice.
The matter is out of
control for the postman.
I think I will have to
become dacoit to do dacoity.
The way you are walking to and fro,
if any of the zeros fall,
we will be at loss.
I am just checking the cheque.
What did you find?
It is not as heavy
as the amount filled in it.
This is fake.
Fake? Let me check.
The one who has written the
cheque drank Chivas regal with ice.
Soda became dormant after some time.
You have very strong
censors fitted, brother.
They are just behaving stupidly.
Dear, you tell me what
amount is written in the cheque.
10,000 pounds.
Really? 10,000 pounds.
With so much money I can
have a new father for Martin's
But there is one condition.
The boy should be fair complexioned.
This cheque is an
opportunity to start a new life.
The work that we used to do for Carter,
we will do it for ourselves.
We will open our own
wedding planner company.
Sidhus of Southall.
"Lovers of people are handsome
but mine one is the best..."
"The company has started..."
"Sidhus of Southall."
"Sidhus of Southall."
"Get colorful suits stitched...
Pink, red..."
"The company has started"
"Sidhus of Southall."
"Sidhus of Southall."
"Sidhus of Southall."
Am I speaking to Miss Tina?
I wanted to get the mine
and Miss Tina's wedding planned.
Can you come and meet me?
I would not attend your funeral...
and you are talking about marriage.
Customers are the form of God.
And you are saying
wrong things to customer.
If God gets angry then the cheques
given by your father will get bounced
and the entire family will go to jail.
Are you threatening me again?
How can I threaten someone whom I love?
What do you want?
do not talk on phone.
Let's talk face to face.
Carter, I have come.
Tell me how to settle the matter.
You have no idea how much I love you.
You will for thousand years...
This is what I pray for.
I will kill you if you recite such
nonsense kind of poems. Understood.
Hurry up and tell me what the matter is.
If things don't happen the right way,
then something out of the
box needs to be done.
This is rude behavior
You did not understand
the language of love
so thought of doing some rudeness.
Leave me otherwise I will
start shouting. understood.
I had seen in Hindi movies.
During this time the girl
shouts and gathers people.
You took away all my staff.
Shout as loud as you can.
No one is there to listen to you.
As loud as you can.
You have hit me with flowers
and it has hit my heart...
It has hit my heart...
How dare you touch my daughter?
Mother, don't hit my Nannu.
He will not do this behavior in future.
Isn't it?
I wish instead of the steering
wheel there was Carter's head.
I would have turned and twisted it.
I swear on Red Label,
if Carter was alive,
I would not have spared him.
That means I have
not done anything wrong.
To kill someone is a very big sin,
but you should be
honored for killing him.
I do not know about medal
but will be hanged if we
do not dispose of the dead body.
What to do?
Shall I throw down him from the hill?
Daddy, that is a great idea.
-Have I given the idea?
It must have got leaked on its own.
-Okay, ready.
Where is this foul smell coming from?
The dead body is getting rotten.
The dead body is not getting
rotten but he is passing gas.
Actually dear, when I am scared,
I cannot control it.
Shall we throw it before
I get out of control?
If we have to throw then it is better
we throw him not from a great height
so that he gets hurt less.
How will he die if he is not hurt?
But he is already dead.
We know this but the police do not know
that he is already dead before dying.
That means we have to
throw him down from the hill.
This way police will feel that
it is not a murder but a suicide.
And we will be saved from the case.
You've understood it very soon.
Shall we throw him?
It is going...
I think sir understood the plan.
He must be the first dead body
of the world that committed suicide.
Sir, at least you should
have returned my alcohol bottle.
Mr. Carter must have reached hell.
Thank God we got rid of him.
Has lightning fallen so loudly?
Lord Of Death must be celebrating
to welcome Mr. Carter.
-Get down.
-Come on.
Tina dear, you should not
have put the left foot out first.
Are people superstitious in India?
-Miss Tina.
Mr. Rajveer is waiting for you.
Please come fast.
I have brought the car at high speed.
I am going to the stage.
We shall meet there.
Ladies sangeet is going to start.
Get ready and come.
I have been hit with shoes
before the function has started?
You are really a God.
I know that you have come
to return my bottle of alcohol.
-Isn't it?
-Thank you.
-Sorry, Rajveer I...
-Don't call me Rajveer...
call me Rajveer sir.
Hi Rajveer sir.
The tire of our got
punctured so we got late.
Maybe late but thank God you reached.
Otherwise you do not think
it to be right to reach a few places.
You are okay.
Don't worry.
There will be nothing
lacking in your wedding.
Nothing would lack when you are here.
Miss Tina, I want you
to be in front of me
when I leave my past
behind and start a new life.
Of course.
Your happiness is very important for us.
Is this the kind of love your
boyfriend shares with your family?
Hi body... baby.
Are you crying?
No, I am scared.
Look at the way he is staring at us.
He is very possessive.
Let's go and meet him.
And he would come to know
that there is nothing between us.
Can't you see how daddy
and uncle is topping him?
If he comes and hits you in your feet,
would you like taking
nuptial rounds being injured.
Shall we go?
Everyone has left us.
What do we do of him.
Forget whatever that happened,
we will think about him after
the 'sangeet'(musical night)
We will see later.
Greetings and welcome
ladies and gentlemen.
We are going to present
to you Sidhus of Southall.
Sir, tell him not to
make people yell so much.
Otherwise when my turn
comes people have a hoarse voice.
It is time for me to sing melodiously.
Amongst your applause we
are going to present Mithu Rangeela.
Look, how I am being appreciated.
I shall go and perform.
You keep sitting here.
Sorry, my laces are open.
I shall tie them first.
"Put your hands up in air"
"Brother, you...
Sister-in-law, you too."
"You, you as well..."
"Those who did not know anything,
also perform."
"A hungry Jatt found a bowl
of water and he drank it all."
"Let's come and sing
and recite wedding songs."
"Let's come and sing
and recite wedding songs."
"It is all destiny and
marriages are made in heaven."
"Father is looking handsome
and so is mother looking beautiful."
"Sing wedding songs...
let happiness come to our house."
"Everyone is happy...
let happiness come to our house."
"Sing wedding songs...
let happiness come to our house."
"Everyone is happy...
let happiness come to our house."
"Here comes my lover."
"Brother, you are not going to sway."
"Otherwise, I will not talk to you."
"My body and mind is
very excited to dance."
"Brother-in-law is happy dancing
but the other brother-in-law is angry."
"Brother-in-law is angry."
"What is the confusion?"
"Our daughter-in-law
is like a piece of moon."
"And the boy is also handsome."
Uncle, you go and lift the wheel chair.
Father, you go and lift Carter
before the dead body gets rotten,
go and keep it in cold place.
I will go and sing.
"Our daughter-in-law
is like a piece of moon."
"And the boy is also handsome."
"The aunt fights with uncle often."
"And the problem arises"
"They are all enjoying."
"Sing wedding songs...
let happiness come to our house."
"Everyone is happy...
let happiness come to our house."
"Sing wedding songs...
let happiness come to our house."
"Everyone is happy...
let happiness come to our house."
Mr. Carter,
you are really very fortunate.
Every part of you
is submerged in alcohol.
If you give me permission
then shall I take some.
Shall I?
Thank you.
Thank you.
Father, what are you doing?
I am checking TDS of water, dear.
What had I asked you
to do and what have you done?
You had asked me to
keep the dead body in ice.
Then my artist mind thought
that why to waste ice.
That is why I added some
alcohol to it and two sodas.
And the cocktail is ready.
You know very well that
alcohol spoils kidneys.
Tell me how will the kidneys
of dead men get spoilt?
Tell me. Tell me.
It is useless talking to you.
I will have to think
how to keep dead body cold.
Why to keep it cold?
This isn't eye drops
that need to be kept in
refrigerator to keep it cold.
Thank you,
father for giving me this idea.
Have I given an idea?
I am calling mother to make
arrangements for refrigerator.
Meanwhile you keep the dead body ready.
I'll be back soon. Okay.
Keep the dead body ready.
I gave an idea and
did not even come to know.
I feel ideas get leaked from me.
Mr. Carter, do you feel the same?
Brother, Tina had called.
They are bringing Carter here.
You make arrangement for another
refrigerator for keeping Carter.
I think this family
has adopted me as a servant.
What are you doing standing here?
Will you keep cake in the
refrigerator after it gets melted?
-Hurry up.
-Okay, mom.
Here it is... why do you need it?
Mr. Carter, after having bath in alcohol
your entire body has got sanitized.
Now no disease can infect you.
I have said so.
Is he ready?
One minute. Smile.
Now he is ready.
Very good.
Put him on wheel chair. I will
go and check if anyone is outside.
And then we will take him.
Why has he come here?
Daddy, hide him.
-Not that but him.
Yes, tell me.
Is someone inside?
Yes, I am there.
You are hiding something from me.
No, what will I hide?
Have I committed any murder?
I have to talk something
important with you. Let me in.
Why inside? Stand out and tell
me what you wish to say.
Tina, there are some
things about which...
It is important to find the truth.
Sorry for disturbing.
I have told you once it is wrong number.
Why don't you listen?
Okay bye.
Shall we go, dear?
Look, I managed everything.
You were unnecessarily
doubting a perfect father.
Isn't it Mr. Cartel?
Where has my wheel chair gone?
Is it anywhere to be seen?
What should I do?
Don't worry, Baba Ji.
Your wheel chair will be found.
I can stay without body
but not without wheel chair.
My wheel chair...
Don't come out till I give you a signal.
The way it is hot I am sure he is not
going to get rotten but start moving.
I will do something.
Shall I turn on the AC sir?
God knows in which
corner is AC installed?
Tina, do you know today is
a very special day for me and Rajveer.
-I don't want any problem to come up.
-No, not at all.
Have all arrangements being made.
I hope nothing is left to do.
Actually let me hear
everything with the right ear.
I am just telling you that
there should not be any problem.
Problem is...
Problems in life keep coming and going.
I request and pray
to you to start working.
Why is the dead body rotating?
I don't know whether the
AC or the remote is not working.
Why is the dead body rotating?
Rotating means...
"The storms come and go..."
"My dear, your eyes are
like intoxicating alcohol."
We are going to sing this song while
performing the last rites of the dead body.
Which dead body? Which last rites?
It is my engagement.
Have you gone mad?
Your sister...
Has your sister's suit come or not?
I don't have a sister.
Ask daddy, why don't you have a sister?
Who will hide shoes of brother-in-law?
A sister is very important, sister.
Hasn't this saved
Rs. 5100 of brother-in-law?
Let's ask daddy why you
don't have a sister? Come.
-I think you are drunk.
-Ask him.
I don't know whether the
AC or the remote is not working.
I think the cell of the remote is over.
That is why Ac is not working.
Father, everything in this
world works except for your brain.
This is not AC's remote
but that of wheel chair.
What? Even wheel chair has a remote now.
I am scared that a remote
may come up for a remote.
Come, come on.
-Let's go.
-Take him along.
-Click the remote now.
-Here it is.
Mr. Carter, your palanquin has arrived.
Now it just has to be decorated.
The way you are making
sounds like a dog
Don't put life into it.
Hey, dare you?
What are you doing, brother?
I am worried as to
why haven't they come yet.
I am saying that...
Look, they have come.
You have a long life.
We just remembered
you and here you come.
Thank God, you did not remember me.
Otherwise I would be
sitting at Mr. Carter's place.
Have all arrangements done?
Have you kept the cake inside?
Now tell us what the scheme is?
What scheme?
Are we going to cut a colony here?
This is Tara and that is Rara.
I thought these were refrigerators.
I have kept their names
so that no one has any doubt.
Okay. Very good.
Now listen.
We have to keep Carter's body
in Tara and take it in place of Rara.
And Rara in place of Tara.
Be careful that Tara does not go in
Rara's place and Rara in place of Tara.
-Everything is finished.
Good. As it is you were
going to spoil the plan.
Put him in.
Put him in this.
You are the musicians.
What are you doing in the kitchen?
I make puffed Bhaturas.
I twist the noodles.
She makes samosas.
And this child?
He makes the curd sour.
He means to say that
when the milk is boiling,
we ask him to pass by 2-3
times and the curd becomes sour.
-Isn't it son?
-The event of ring ceremony has begun.
-Where is the cake?
In that.
And what is there in this?
Dead body.
Dead body?
Laash. Beer from Korea.
No one told me.
That is my favorite beer.
-Open it.
-Is it in this one?
-I'll see...
No, not in this.
Turn it this way.
No, this way.
-I know this one.
-Wait for a while. I'll check...
It is in that.
Stop it.
Okay coming.
They are coming on the stage.
Hurry up and bring the cake.
Cake is in that.
-No, in that one.
-No, in that...
-No, in that...
-One minute.
Father, you tell us
in which box is the cake.
I think...
-This is smelling so beer is in this.
-Cake is in this.
-We are ready. Let's go.
Cake. Come on let's go.
Let's go.
The wait is over and that moment
has come for which we were waiting.
Here they come. Rajveer Atwal and Amber.
A round of applause.
Congratulation from
me and Sidhu's of Southall.
And now to make you eat something
sweet we will be doing cake cutting.
Wait, wait...
Before that I would like
to make an important announcement.
Amber and I will get married
Here at this place.
-A round of applause.
Miss Tina has organized
my engagement so well.
I want her to do my wedding
preparation as well. In the same way.
This is called quick
engagement and marriage.
That means it is double celebration.
And the enjoyment in eating
cake would also get double.
Oh no...
Oh no.
Before I reveal the story of confusion,
I would request Mr. Rangeela
to please come on stage.
A confusion has taken place.
One minute. Did you hear, Father?
The Rangeela whom
people used to pull down
from the stage is being invited today.
They are not talking about you.
The confusion has taken place.
Mr. Carter has become a cake?
He has not become a cake
but has gone in place of cake.
-Hurry up, let's go.
-Let's go.
In Hong Kong,
before cutting the cake it is considered
necessary to narrate an incident.
Twins born in Japan
were named Tara and rara.
They resembled each other
but had totally different nature.
Tara was like a sweet cake
and Rara like bitter gourd.
When Tara got married then
by mistake Rara went in the palanquin.
When her husband lifted her veil,
he started speaking in shock...
And she started saying Meow...
I narrated this stupid story
because we have got trapped.
Even if father brought
the freezer how will we change?
I have a plan.
Oh Sidhu's.
Me and my team present
Magic trick. Exchange...
A round of applause.
The wheel at the back
gets stuck, brother. Oil it.
The trick will not take place
in lights but under the starry sky.
When I start the countdown then Gurveer
Kaur has to switch off the lights.
And uncle and me will do exchange.
Are you guys ready?
The countdown begins.
God, please help us
in maintain our dignity.
What will we do now, daddy?
Dear, always remember
God when in difficulty.
God has landed us in trouble.
God, please save us.
God, please save us today.
After marriage your father has
done something good for the first time.
He brought the cake at the right time.
He has brought the cake
but where is Carter?
Has Imran left the job?
This is the problem of these people.
They leave work once they earn money.
We have to do before the dead line.
Okay I will call you
once I leave the university.
-Good morning.
-Good morning.
What is the matter?
Don't you want to attend the lecture?
A young achiever is coming
to showcase his experience.
No... he will boast about
himself and our day will be wasted.
I am going.
Where are you going?
Your attendance is less.
And so is my bank balance.
I am leaving from college.
You arrange for a new
person and I'll be there.
-No, we will get someone.
-Sorry, sorry.
Are you blind? Go and bang in the wall.
I am sorry. I was a little nervous,
-Today my lecture is there for
the first time... -First time...
Are you a new student?
New student?
And late on the first day. Very good.
You will progress a lot.
People like you sleep in the class.
Come on, I will help you
get you work for daily wages.
Otherwise, you will not
be able to pay the fees. Come on.
I am getting one. Hurry up, come.
Hurry up. Before 10 we
have to reach Central London.
How are we going?
Of course, in bus.
Do you have a chauffeur driven BMW?
How do we have to go?
You will learn work in just 5 minutes.
-Good afternoon.
-Good afternoon. How are you?
Take this and start working.
What do I have to do?
Painting. What else?
Or you think you will
make portrait of Picasso.
Do you know how difficult
it is for a new student to get a job.
You are very lucky.
Start. Paints are lying there.
What are you doing?
You will ask for big amount of daily
wages and you do not know how to work.
Do it.
Don't do it delicately...
"Today for the first time"
"My heart has become so restless"
"It is raining and thundering"
"It seemed as if God
is sitting next to me."
"I saw you as soon as I opened my eyes."
"Today for the first time"
Bunk the class and come here tomorrow.
We will go together for work. Okay?
Do you have money for the fare?
Here is your daily wage? 50 pounds.
What happened?
This is my first earning.
First earning?
Okay, then do not spend from this.
Here are 10 pounds for your fare.
Go and give this to your parents.
They will be very happy.
You don't be happy.
I am going to deduct these
10 pounds from your salary.
My bus has come.
We shall meet tomorrow.
Rajveer, what has happened to you?
Nothing, mother.
This is my first earning. 50 pounds.
You are owner of 50 crores
and for 50 pounds you have
made this condition of yours.
Go and have a bath.
Father, this is my first earning.
My friend told me to
give it to your parents.
They will be very happy.
Dear, I do not know who your
friend is and how did you meet her.
But never let her go away from you.
What is this? Since yesterday
you are doing the same wall.
Where is the guy that was working with you?
I don't know.
These people came to England but their
actions are as if they are in Punjab.
Hello, where are you?
"How was I passing my time?"
"Now I feel how was
I living without you."
"Now I feel how was
I living without you."
"Maybe it was worth waiting for you."
"We belong to each other
and our meeting was destined."
"My world became complete
after meeting you."
"Today for the first time"
"Today for the first time"
I thought you were useless,
but you turned out
to be active and smart.
You finished everything.
You taught me all.
And if the master
is good then one learns.
There is no need to flatter me.
You will get the daily
wage as it was fixed.
No, no... I want you to mete my parents.
Have I taken responsibility
of your family?
First, I give work to
you and then to your parents.
I already have responsibility of my
grandfather, father, uncle, Martin...
To fulfill this responsibility,
I am ready to support you all your life.
Why do I feel
that you are indirectly
trying to propose me?
You are just feeling?
I think I have done it.
"Why should I thank
you for coming in my life?"
"To show sweet dreams
to these dull soulless eyes."
"I am proud of the fact that
I can call someone my life and world."
"I love you so much."
"Today for the first time"
What happened, mother? Where is father?
-In the hospital.
-Why in the hospital?
You know well that in spite of us
telling him he did not stop drinking...
so alcohol has not spared his kidneys.
Mother, is this the time to joke?
Let's go to hospital.
Do you have money?
Money with me? How will I have it.
I had sent you 5,000 pounds.
Did I eat that money you had sent?
Your father's alcohol,
your grandmother's medicines.
Household expenses...
Okay, no problem.
Father will be fine.
Shall we go to hospital?
I am not crying for your father.
He is very strong and stubborn.
Nothing is going to happen to him.
I am...
I am... what?
I am...
I am... what?
I am crying for her who
has returned home after 5 years.
When did you come?
She hasn't come alone
but has brought a gift along.
Greetings, Aunt.
Aunt? Whose son, is he?
What is he doing there?
Bob is in jail.
Do we have to take care of him?
Actually he is Bob and my son.
You don't have a
boyfriend but I have one.
Mother, have you forgotten?
He is Kaalu of the bungalow owner.
He used to study with me in 5th std.
He stole my pencil and I slapped him.
Come, come...
Bob went to jail because
of dealing in drugs.
You tell me what will
happen of this house, dear.
Your father is in hospital,
your grandmother is unwell,
my eye sight has become weak...
Now that Gina has come back, there will
be two more people in the house to eat.
What should I do?
The entire burden would
be on your Omar uncle.
I suggest you stop
studying and come back.
Studies are not important.
Leave it.
Father became unwell at intermission.
And I came back home.
Did you hear my love story?
Have you come to know why I am happy?
-Why didn't you tell us, dear?
-Did you even ask?
Didn't you think your
daughter can have an affair?
If not to them then at
least you could have told me.
For so many years
you were suffering alone.
You have proved dear
that we may be different
from the outside
but from within Sidhu family is one.
-Dear daughter...
Rajveer is a spoilt son of rich parents.
Not only to Tina
but he has given false marriage promises
to Jasmine, Alia, Sofia,
Saanjh and many more.
His next target is Amber.
She is so delicate and innocent girl.
I feel pity for her.
Her life would get spoiled.
-If she comes to know about
James Hotel incident... - James Hotel.
then she will surely
break the engagement.
Amber, dear I hope
you did not hear anything.
She has heard.
What is this doing here?
Hello, Sidhus of Southall.
Sidhus of Southall,
what is your refrigerator doing outside?
If Atwal sir sees it
then along with them even,
I am not going to be spared.
I will have to take it.
Don't touch. It can give you shock.
Sir, he is fooling you.
It has not been plugged.
Does it catch light from the sky?
I got current from my friend...
if a man can get current from
a person then why not from this?
Shut up!
Tell me what was the fridge
doing outside in the jungle?
This is a good question.
Cooling was more, beer got frozen,
so to keep it warm we left it outside.
This fridge has drinks in it.
I too will take from it.
No, no...
Sorry, sir.
Why should I say sorry.
You banged against me.
How dare not touch me.
You by uneducated people.
God knows why did Rajveer
give work to you fools.
Excuse me, Mrs. Atwal.
You call him uneducated but you
do not have the manners to speak.
At least have regard for his age.
He is elder to you.
If he is old then admit
him to old age center.
What is he doing here?
-Hey, excuse me.
Now if you say anything
against my father,
I shall use such cuss words in Punjabi
that you won't be able to
translate in English. Understood.
You get out of here.
You are fired.
Leave it. Rather than you throw
me out from work, I decide to leave it.
You are fired.
Let's go, father.
We would be of the same age. Bye.
Today, you have really
made me proud Tina.
Tina, everything is set now.
Mr. Carter does not move now.
You said that no one
respects me in the house.
Today, because of me my daughter
left the planning of wedding.
Left wedding planning?
No one would leave
a place for you in train,
the soap would not leave
lather when you are having a bath,
no one would let a dog go behind you...
And she would leave work?
Looking at you no one would
even feel like slapping you.
What is the point
in letting a dog behind?
You have been following me.
Are you through?
You spoiled the entire plan.
Couldn't you keep quiet for some time?
Don't show me your face again.
She curses you so much...
why doesn't it affect you?
Because it affects you.
With great hopes I had
started Sidhus of Southall.
They spoilt everything.
Their jibes and jeers...
Tina dear, open the door.
I feel the behavior of
the dead body is not good.
This Carter would tease you again.
Would it be good killing
one person twice?
What will the world say?
Your father has sworn that
henceforth he will not touch alcohol.
-Just now.
-No, I did not swear.
-You just swore. Didn't you?
Even if I did...
You are very cleaver...
Why is everyone bothering me?
Tina, Tina...
Why are you shouting, mother?
Do you know?
Yes, I know.
Everything happened because of me.
I have no idea what all I said to
Rajveer's mother because of my anger.
She has fired us from
the planning of the wedding.
She will fire us from
the wedding planning
only if the marriage is taking place.
Amber has refused to get married to him.
What are you saying Amber?
Engagement is done
and all guests are here
and you do not want to get married.
What is wrong? Tell me.
Tell me dead, what has happened?
Don't ask me but ask Rajveer.
He has been giving fake promises of
marriage to Jasmine, Alia, Sophia, Saanjh
Also ask him about the incident
that took place in James hotel.
What nonsense are you talking, Amber?
I do not know the girls
about whom you are talking.
What incident took place at James Hotel?
Really? And Tina, whom
you were looking at secretly.
Say that you do not know her.
Say something. Why are you quiet?
Why don't you say anything?
Say something.
Rajveer, it is never too late.
If there is something
of this sort then let us know.
Tina is my old friend,
maybe she was more than a friend.
She was my past
That was the climax.
You just have 5 minutes
to wind up everything.
I will put everything on fire.
We had chosen such a nice name.
Sidhu's of Southall.
When there is of in the name of
the company then how can it be ever on.
It is your fault, Tina.
Those who were supposed to
go to mental hospital got married.
Very good. Problems had to come up.
What are you doing?
Can't you see?
I am wrapping up everything.
Sorry. I hope you did not feel
bad that I did not address you sir.
Why should you feel?
I do not matter for you.
Madam, what is to be done
of that Kaju Katli (sweetmeat)?
-Serve it to dogs.
I apologize on behalf
of Gina and mother.
Whatever they did was for my happiness.
Tina, you left me for their happiness.
Gina told me everything.
About you not coming.
About father's illness and about Carter.
About Carter?
What did she say about Carter?
He is not your boyfriend but your boss.
You have been working with him so
that you can support the entire family.
Madam, what to do of the garlands?
-Put it on my dead body.
There is no point talking
about all those things.
Amber is a nice girl.
You will stay happy with her.
I will stay happy only
if I am marrying her.
Finally tell us what do you want?
After marriage I want 50%
share in Atwal Group of Companies.
How can I have faith on him?
In future he might leave
me for a useless girl like Tina.
Girls like her do such kind of work.
To trap rich boys in love.
-Bloody gold digger.
-Enough, Amber.
You have no right to speak
such things about anyone.
When I met her, she had no
idea that I belong to a rich family.
She just loved a simple poor boy
and not with a billionaire
Rajveer Singh Atwal.
Not you but I break our engagement.
Only business can
be done with conditions
and not love.
To be honest I did
engagement to hurt you.
But when you came in front of me,
realized that you are biggest happiness
and I was doing everything to hurt you.
Madam, eunuchs have come to take money.
-Should I take you to task?
-Sorry, sir.
If you support me then
everything would be fine.
What do you mean?
Tina, I want my parents
to meet your family.
Being a girl's father,
it is my duty to ask that
tell us if you have any demand.
Mr. Rangeela, what are you talking?
We have lots to take
but nothing to give.
Because our house is mortgaged.
We are not able to pay
installments of car on time.
Our land in village was sold last year.
And there is no money
in the bank account.
Still brother, you can tell
us if you have any kind of demand.
The one who has given his
daughter has given everything.
We are very happy that a girl like
Tina is going to be our daughter-in-law.
You are happy because of this.
But we are happy about the fact that
from being a band we
have become the bride's side.
Shall we order something to eat?
Tell me, what should I get.
Potato cauliflower,
lentil, rice, rajma rice,
Chhole Bhatura, kadi rice, paneer tikka,
saag and makki chappati ...
You cook mushroom peas delicious.
We will surely try but after marriage.
We have been yearning to hear the
sound and music of Rajveer's marriage.
We are caught.
I like you a lot.
What do you think?
The lady is not happy alone...
The lady is not happy alone...
The lady is not happy alone...
There is sound in the entire mansion.
We will dance.
I will take away from Moti Bagh...
I will take away from Moti Bagh...
I will take away from Moti Bagh...
I will take away from Moti Bagh...
Is sweetmeat getting distributed
here that you have got him here?
Stop it.
What nonsense are you doing?
Rajveer, do you want to
get married in such a family?
It is not acceptable to me.
Mother, just because
they are not much educated
or they do not do fake show off.
So what if they are so simple.
Look at Tina.
She takes care of everyone.
She will take care of me as well.
Why don't you agree. Father, please....
Please agree, Preet Kaur.
When you came from
India you were the same.
My daughter's mother-in-law is so
beautiful. I can't control my happiness.
Listen to me.
God, your actions are strange.
Instead of hiding shoes in
wedding we are hiding dead body.
All his life he has been
doing work to get thrashed.
What is the difference
between him and shoes now?
His face has become
like jogger of 9 number.
Sir, those who do not respect women
have to go through
difficult time after death.
He is going through difficult
times but so are we.
Enough of it.
I think once Tina's marriage is over,
we will perform his last rites as well.
Good idea.
Don't do, mother.
What happened?
Mother, I don't want to do it.
Your marriage has been
fixed in such a nice family.
Rajveer loves you a lot.
This is the problem,
mother that he loves me a lot.
I cannot cheat him.
I have killed someone.
For how long will we
hide this thing from him?
No dear, you have
not killed him purposely.
You did an effort to save your dignity.
This is not called murder
but to save one's life.
But someone died.
I am not going to say lies.
I have decided.
Tomorrow I will surrender to the police.
If that is the case then tomorrow,
we all will surrender.
My dear, you have done
so much for us all your life.
Even we have some moral obligation.
For the first time my
brother said a good thing.
Look dear, this is the
first marriage of our family.
Get married happily, dear.
Look, your father is requesting you.
How dare anyone stop my
granddaughter from getting married?
If anyone dare create a problem
in my granddaughter's wedding,
I will not spare your
father's brother-in-law.
Are you referring to
me as father's brother-in-law?
What have you made me wear?
He is running.
Why is he running?
You should have locked that room.
Was there anything valuable
kept there that I should have locked it?
Nothing valuable but
the dead body was kept there.
Till today we have
seen shoes being stolen,
underwear and pajamas being
stolen but never a dead body.
Oh God, the man was
dead has been stolen.
-Mr. Carter Sir....
Where are you running?
Why are you panting?
I came here rehearsing
for the wedding dance.
-Me too.
-Is it?
We have to do that step for sure.
Which one?
-This one.
-This one. Which one?
This one.
This one.
You do not need a rehearsal.
You are fine.
I will do rehearsal alone now.
Mr. Carter liked the
step so he wanted to learn.
I will teach you. Let's go.
Yesterday I had taught
you to raise this hand up....
He will learn dance only if he is alive.
He thinks you are dead.
I have not done anything.
I know everything.
That is why I am supporting you.
I did not want to lose you
once again after coming so close.
Do you love me so much?
No one can come between us now.
What if anyone comes?
Then I will break his face.
Yes, really.
Okay, then swear.
I swear.
Why do you swear
on a person who is dead?
Swear on your mother.
I swear on the mother of my future kids.
Mr. Carter, you are here.
The chefs are finding you as to how
much sugar to be added to the sweets.
Enough. I know that he is dead.
I overheard when you
all were taking in the room.
That means you made
Mr. Carter a superman.
How many times have I told
you that this is wrong number?
Don't you understand?
I am not bothered if
you are a police officer.
I am amidst a wedding. Okay.
Why is a police officer calling you?
Not me but he is calling Carter.
Why are you having Carter's phone?
Carter's number has been
disconnected but not the phone.
So I thought why to throw it.
The entire family is here.
Smile please for a photograph.
What is this? Sad mood during wedding?
Smile please.
Look at the man standing behind.
He is giving such a wide smile.
Everything fine, sir.
Have you seen this guy?
Wedding is going on here.
There is no one else here except
for the bride and the groom's family.
We do not know him.
Why would he be here?
He told him that Carter is here.
But some time back the call
has been received at this location.
If you don't mind,
can I go inside and check?
Sir, you are a Punjabi.
Police during wedding
can lead to disgrace.
There is a road behind.
He might have called from there.
Oh God.
I think this boy will get us trapped.
He is telling him everything.
Oh God.
-It's okay.
-Thank you, sir.
Thank you.
Thank you for understanding.
You fool, matters of murders
are not solved by apologizing.
I really appreciate.
I will have to do something.
-Excuse me.
That person is calling me.
Sir, you are finding at the wrong place.
I am not a part of this wedding.
This boy wearing green
shirt is saying lies.
The one who is standing in front of you.
I am alive. This boy knows nothing.
I am sorry sir. I will have to search.
He is a part of your function.
Sir, but...
Has the police gone?
The police would have gone
if your father was not alive.
What problem have you created now?
What should I do, dear?
Along with ideas even problems
of your father have started to leak.
The leakage has increased.
What will we do now?
Nothing can happen now.
This is Scotland Yard Police.
It can find person even in hell.
They cannot find a woman?
Koko aunt.
Aunt Koko.
Aunt Koko.
Aunt Koko.
Does another fool remain?
These Sidhu's will create problem.
"The white rooster
is sitting on the wall..."
"The boy loves the
girl wearing blue veil."
Tina, who is aunt Koko?
Don't take tension.
Everything would be fine.
What are you saying?
There is a dead body in the house.
The police are here.
You and I aren't able to get married
because of one problem or the other.
I think nuptial rounds
would be taken in police station.
No, no don't say so...
I have full proof plan.
Grandmother and mother will make everyone sing.
"The boy loves you a lot."
We shall make Carter as aunt Koko.
You must not have walked
so much on your feet
when you were alive as much as
you are walking on wheels after death.
Father will take aunt
Koko to Amar uncle and...
Red Sari and red car.
Aunt Koko now we will bid you farewell.
Both will make him sit in the car.
What will we do?
We will dance.
I will have to show to the doctor.
My problem is getting worst.
I cannot make this sound.
This sound is coming from outside.
What sound was that?
This is called one
better than the other.
Hey milkman, hey you...
Greetings, brother.
Why are you inside?
Other than you who will
create fun and frolic outside?
I will create fun and frolic.
You go ahead and will join you soon.
All clear. Nothing found there.
Martine. Everything is okay.
Yes. Nothing found.
I told you not to take tension.
Everything is going to be fine.
Police is about to leave.
Plan successful.
You can eat later.
Let me first have two tablets.
I still can't believe that
your family can do something right.
Brother-in-law, don't
underestimate our family.
Rajveer, give me the keys of your car.
We will to update the entire plan.
Why? Where is our car?
That Baba in wheel chair has punctured
the car as well as the entire plan.
-Where is aunt Koko?
-She is with Mr. Rangeela.
Sir, I will be back
after singing four songs.
Where is Rangeela?
"You made me marry amli, mother"
"He drinks and smokes."
"Sometimes he eats black snake, "
"Sometimes he eats black snake..."
Excuse me. You should drink
less mam otherwise you keep falling.
Oh! Anyway thanks for co-operation.
Thank you.
Police came to arrest him.
He hid under the trunk.
I said Munshi ji, he catches rats.
I said Munshi ji, he catches rats.
Do we have some plan or not?
My plans will never end...
Have you done diploma in planning
Let's go.
"I said Munshi ji, he catches rats."
-Lie down..
-Why? Do I have got a fit.
I mean to say do drama so that
everyone's attention comes on you.
And we vanish the dead body from behind.
Okay, okay....
What should I do now?
You will do nothing.
To hell with you.
Why don't you burst
the way your leakage is increasing?
Rangeela's insult?
Now I will not wait in
this marriage for a minute.
Your uncle is not so cheap
that he falls everywhere.
I am finding a soft place.
-Shall I get the Dunlop?
-The idea is good. You know...
Oh God. Look...
Stay away, stay away... aunt Koko...
No one will touch aunt Koko. No.
Excuse me.
Aunt. What was the
need to drink so much?
I know you could not
forget what uncle's death.
Drinking is not the solution.
My widow aunt.
Widow? Then why is
she wearing a red Sari.
Then why is
she wearing a red Sari.
Good question.
This is a slap on the
face of those people who think
a woman cannot wear colored
clothes after being a widow.
Let's remove the cover from her face.
She must be having trouble in breathing.
Trouble may be big but it is
not bigger than a promise, officer.
-Yes, right.
-Yes, right.
On the day of marriage
aunt had promised uncle
that she will never show her beautiful
face to anyone under any circumstances.
Innocent aunt.
That is why aunt is the only
example in the world
that is innocent and has covered
her face all her life.
-Yes, yes.
Shall we take aunt inside?
Yes, let's take her.
Lift her.
-Excuse me.
If anyone interrupts now
then I will forget that you have
come to attend my wedding.
Come on.
Skating shoes?
She loved sports a lot.
That is why she won three
gold medals in skating.
And 6 in Kitti pull.
Gold medalist aunt.
Gold medalist. Lift her...
Tina, what should I do now?
The police are taking
aunt Koko in their car.
Aunt Koko is not just your aunt
but that of entire police department.
Don't worry. I will try my level
best that doctors do not see her face.
When doctor will check her neck,
they will immediately come to know
that she is not aunt Koko but uncle.
In every bit of aunt, uncle is present.
Where is aunt?
-Where has she gone?
Aunt Koko is missing.
Find her if you can,
I have made him disappear.
-Aunt. Where has she gone?
-Aunt Koko...
Aunt Koko...
Where has she gone?
Father, aunt Koko is missing.
I had fallen in the well so
cannot hear anything. Speak louder.
Father, aunt Koko is missing.
She has not gone
missing but has changed.
She is not aunt Koko any
more but has become Mr. Carter.
What? Where is he?
Speak it out.
He is on the top.
Where is aunt Koko?
What are you saying? Speak it out.
On the top.
No, never, nothing. Aunt Koko is
not to be found. Where is she?
Have you become dumb
because of aunt missing.
Speak it out.
On the top.
-On the top.
Did you find out where aunt is?
On the top.
A dangerous criminal
has come in our area.
-God knows everything.
-That what is going on down.
Come, let us pray
that we find aunt soon.
Bow your head.
Our prayers are heard.
Not prayer but aunt is accepted.
Inspector, I have killed Carter.
Arrest me.
Don't take allegation on you.
I killed him. Arrest me.
Stay back. I have killed him.
Sir, I have killed Carter.
He denied that he had
not taken my alcohol bottle.
So I killed him. Arrest me.
Can you talk something else
other than alcohol?
I have killed Carter. Arrest me.
I killed Carter.
Everyone is saying lies.
I have killed him, SHO.
I am not a SHO grand mom.
Why are you all saying
that you have killed him?
Will anyone tell me
what exactly happened?
I will tell you.
Carter called me at 7:30
and asked me to come to his office.
I have come, Carter.
He tried to misbehave with me.
To save myself I hit
his head with a bottle.
When I came back home, I realized
that I left my phone in his office.
When uncle and I went to his office
we found him dead.
At what time did you
exactly see his dead body?
It was somewhere around 9.
But his emergency
call was received at 8:30
That means he was alive till 8:30
We received Carter's call on 999
that he was feeling uneasy
because of drug overdose.
Whatever symptoms he
told were life threatening.
Hello. 999
That means I haven't killed Carter.
Because according to
para medico of ambulance,
the moment he called us
it was necessary to give him
SOS injection within
10 minutes to save his life.
We were 3 minutes away from him.
That means he died not because
he was hit with glass on his head
but due to overdose of drugs.
That means Carter had died
before you or we could reach.
God punished him for his actions.
So don't feel bad and
enjoy your special day.
Thank you, God, for saving
my daughter from committing sin.
Whatever kind of person carter was
but I had fallen in
love with his dead body.
Shall we kill one more person?
Now you are talking
like son-in-law of Sidhu's.
Sir ji, bye.
Keep meeting us.
"They think differently
and these people are different."
"They seem to come
up from lower levels."
"They always create confusion."
"These people from
Sidhus of Southall are crazy."
"These people from
Sidhus of Southall are crazy."
"They do not hesitate.
They can do anything."
"They can celebrate
Diwali during mourning."
"They do not hesitate.
They can do anything."
"They can celebrate
Diwali during mourning."
"They are scared of nothing
and only God can help."
"These people from Sidhus
of Southall are crazy."
"These people from Sidhus
of Southall are crazy."
"They think themselves
to be Tata and Birla."
"They move around the tree
just like a huge lizard moves."
"They perform a strange
scene every day."
"Just as business
see profit everywhere."
"That is why the world
stops for these rascals."
"These people from Sidhus
of Southall are crazy."
"These people from Sidhus
of Southall are crazy."