Siebente Kontinent, Der (1989) Movie Script

Good morning, darling.
Get up! Evi!
Wear your read sweater!
Are you ready for school?
- Your brother's coming tonight.
- I know.
Wanna help with the shopping?
I'll pick you up.
Will you bring me back something?
- What?
- Something good.
Dear father and mother
forgive us, Georg and I,
for taking so long to write,
but so much has happened
since mom passed away
that we haven't found
the time to do it before now.
My brother Alexander was so upset,
that we didn't know what to do.
He fell into a deep depression.
Some days, he didn't even
get out of bed.
He finally had to be put
into the hospital
where he underwent painful treatment.
It was horrible.
I had to manage the store by myself,
handle the will,
and take care of the house,
of the family and of my brother,
all at the same time.
But thank God, things have
more or less calmed down.
Alexander has recovered well enough
that I finally have the luxury to write you.
Throughout all this,
Georg was really wonderful
even though he was also
going through a difficult period.
He was transfered to another department
where he's been told
he has much better chances
for advancement.
Unfortunately, he has a new boss,
an incompetent
who's a few years away
from retirement
but thinks he knows everything
and, fearing
that Georg might replace him,
makes the job very difficult.
But you know your son:
This can only spur him on
and he's focusing all his time
and energies
to do the best job possible
and to prove that he's the best.
He actually got enough of a raise
that with my inheritance from Mom,
our financial situation is really excellent.
What more can I tell you?
Eva had been worrying us,
but she suddenly seems
to be in perfect health.
Since our visit last winter,
she hasn't had an asthma attack
and the doctor's very pleased.
She sends big hugs to both of you.
I guess I only have good news to tell you
and to our Evi's, I add
my own hugs and kisses.
Your daughter-in-law Anna.
Georg sends you his warmest regards
and begs your forgiveness
for not having the time
to write himself.
She's inside.
Go to your classrooms.
Let me through.
Now tell me
what's the matter.
Come on, be reasonable
and tell me.
She can't see anymore.
Is this true?
Is this true?
Since when?
When did she stop seeing?
Just now. In the bathroom.
Is this true?
Try to open your eyes.
Come on, open your eyes!
I'm asking you to open your eyes!
How can I see what the problem is?
Very well, Eva.
If you won't open your eyes,
we'll go away and
leave you here all by yourself.
I can't see.
Now look at me.
Can you see me?
- And that?
- No.
What "what"?
- What can't you see?
- Well, your...
No one guessed
just how near-sighted she was.
She hid it incredibly well.
Thank you.
To think she was my friend.
Straigten up, please.
You can imagine, at that age:
Ugly, her face full of pimples
and obsessed with
the idea
of becoming my best friend.
It's not as if I didn't have
other things on my mind at the time.
Believe me.
Look up, please.
one day, she showed up
with huge, thick glasses.
They were grotesque.
Look straight ahead, please.
She really looked like a frog.
I mean,
she was rather pitiful
but you know how kids are.
"How do you like
your best friend's glasses?"
"Horrible," I told her.
She gave me this look
a look I'll never forget.
- And in her German accent...
- Look down.
...full of hate, she said:
"I wish you all
to have to wear glasses!"
We died laughing, of course.
She just stood there
not knowing what to do
and suddenly, she pissed herself...
Uh, I mean, she peed on herself.
I mean,
imagine: standing like that,
in the middle of the classroom
and suddenly,
a little puddle on the floor.
what became of her curse?
by senior year,
we all wore glasses.
The whole class?
The whole class.
The teacher came in
and asked what was on the floor.
She ran away.
So it was up to us
to clean it up anyway.
I mean,
you know how kids are.
What else could we have said?
187 schilling.
Yes, hello?
Good morning...
Why, what is it?
No, I'm afraid
it's not possible this week.
But why?
What did she do?
I can't believe it...
What is the matter with you?
Hey, are you not well?
- Why?
- What do you mean, "why"?
What gave you the idea
to say you were blind? Are you mad?
I didn't say that.
What didn't you say?
Your teacher is not making this up!
Please, answer me!
I didn't say that.
Look at me.
Is it true you pretended to be blind?
Tell me if you did it.
I just want to know if it's true.
Come on, tell me.
You needn't be scared.
I won't do anything to you.
But tell me:
You pretended to be blind?
"The entire classroom?" Anna asks.
"Yes," she says, "the entire classroom
"was wearing hor-ri-ble glasses!"
I told her:
"Your little witch apparently
didn't know about contact lenses."
- You want some more?
- Please.
Was the extension granted
for the rights transfer?
We haven't gotten the official word.
Mr. Kopp says they'll grant it
given the investments
that were made in the store.
That's not too bad for you either.
I'll say!
Should I turn it down?
Not on my account.
Thank you.
This is delicious, sis.
Thank you.
What kind of seasoning did you use?
Well, salt, pepper
a clove of garlic, some thyme
and to deglaze, a touch of tabasco.
What is it?
What's the matter?
Hold on.
You know what Mom said
a few days before she died?
"Sometimes, I imagine myself with people who
"instead of an opaque head,
"have a screen
where I can read their thoughts."
Did you brush your teeth, precious?
Did you like the Mickey
your uncle Alex brought you?
He loves you very much.
You know that?
Me too.
Do you feel alone sometimes?
Do you love Dad and me?
Okay, time to say your prayers.
Dear Jesus, let me be a good girl
so I can go to heaven.
Okay, time to sleep snow.
Could you leave the light on
a little longer?
No, it's too late.
Sweet dreams.
What is it?
Part II
- Morning, darling.
- Morning.
It's raining.
Morning, precious.
Get up, sweetie.
At the beginning of the month
four days ago
Georg started his new job.
Things didn't go smoothly.
Perhaps you'll recall
that when he was transfered,
his new boss was quite hostile.
You could say he won that battle.
His commitment has rejuvenated
the department
and since his boss has recently
been suffering
from a rather stubborn
intestinal ailment
and has been mostly out sick,
they've asked Georg
to step in
as the acting manager.
Whatever the case,
his boss is close to retirement
and it's a mere formality
before Georg is made department head.
So you have every reason
to be proud of your son.
Alex is also in good shape now.
This summer, he took a cruise
in Scandinavia,
and it did him a lot of good.
He asks me to give you his best.
Tonight, Mr. Breitenfels,
Georg's executive director,
is coming to dinner
in reciprocity for
the dinner party
he gave us a couple of weeks ago,
where Georg's new role
was more or less made official.
They say he's a gourmet.
So I'll have to do my culinary best
to impress him.
To which end, mother,
your recipe for stuffed duck
will be vital.
Please wish me luck...
I just stopped by to pick up
my personal things.
They're... they're not here.
They were...
I had them set aside.
You see,
I didn't want to mess up
your personal things
while I worked.
I understand.
And where did you have them...
With Human Resources.
I see...
Thank you.
- Right.
- Are you better now?
- Pardon?
Oh right. Yes, of course.
Of course.
- I'm glad to hear it.
- Yes.
You must have overlooked this.
I'm sorry to have disturbed you.
Not at all.
Good day.
I hope the rain won't prevent you
from coming.
His wife has a cold.
He's coming alone.
You think it's a pretext?
He was very nice.
What's going on over there?
An accident. Probably.
Part III
And be careful driving.
There's a lot of traffic today,
the radio said.
Yes, Mom.
Thanks again for everything.
- Go on, go.
- Be well, my dear Eva!
- 'Bye.
- Give me a kiss.
Give nana a kiss.
- Okay, take care.
- Goodbye, mother.
- See you soon, Eva darling.
- See you.
Goodbye, Mom.
And write once in a while.
At least you, Anna.
I know there's no point
in reminding my son.
Yes, mother.
She didn't feed them
yesterday or today.
Mrs. Gebhardt didn't feed the fish!
We'll let her go.
Eva! Come and eat!
Would you like something to eat?
Thank you. That's enough.
- You're going to wash up?
- Yes, Mom.
Dear Jesus, let me be a good girl
so I can go to heaven.
Good. Goodnight, sweetheart.
Will you leave the light on a bit?
No, you must sleep.
It was a long trip. Goodnight.
We'll have to cancel
the newspaper subscription.
Dear Mom and Dad,
Here you are,
receiving a prompt letter
even though you always accuse me
of not writing and
of not staying in touch.
Today, one day after
our visit,
I have resigned from work.
My boss was shocked
as you must also be,
but he said that I must
have better prospects
and that you should never hold back
someone who wants to move on.
He's right...
You must be wondering
why I didn't mention anything
during our visit.
But don't you agree that
such discussions
would have only spoiled
our good time?
When you've made a decision,
you must stick to it.
That's what
you've always said, Dad.
And we've made our decision.
We've decided to set sail,
because except for you,
nothing else is holding us here.
Even before our visit,
Anna had settled
with her brother all necessary details
to turn the business over to him.
Is this for a wedding?
- No, no. Just like that.
- You have guests.
What's the matter, Eva?
You have a bug?
I'm so itchy.
Let me see.
There's nothing.
Yes, there is.
You're all red from scratching.
- But it's tickling me.
- Sit down and stop scratching.
This is the last time.
You're well now.
Thank you.
Here's my medical note.
Thank you.
Is that all?
It comes to
478,000.60 schilling.
But I can't add any interest
because of the 5-year waiting period.
It doesn't matter.
Why do you need this money so soon?
Perhaps a loan
would have been more advantageous?
You could borrow
against your account.
We're leaving the country.
For Australia.
Yes, hello.
Is Mrs. Polasek still there?
Yes, thank you.
I'll hold.
Yes, hello.
This is Anna Schober.
Eva can't come to school today.
She must have caught a cold while skiing
She has a fever of almost 40 degrees.
What do they want?
They brought food.
There's only our little Eva left...
and we wondered for a long time
if we'd take her with us
or if it was better
to leave her with you.
As you can imagine, Mom,
and certainly you too, dear Dad,
our decision caused us
both heartache and headaches
because even though we're sure
of what's best for us,
it's something else entirely
to decide the fate
of the one we love above all else.
Perhaps you'll remember last Easter,
when we all heard
that cantata at your church.
It said:
"I rejoice at the thought of death."
And Evi said afterwards:
"Me too"...
and you were so scared.
We've talked about it
a lot since then
and I know that death
doesn't scare Evi at all.
Now that we've decided
to take her with us,
we've talked about it again with her
and it was both
beautiful and sad
to realize
how easy it was for her
to agree to stay with us.
I think that, remembering
the life we led,
it is easy
to accept the idea of an end.
I beg you, don't be sad
don't blame yourselves
and don't take it as
any kind of criticism:
What I'm telling you
is a simple observation
that has nothing to do with you.
With all my love,
Your son Georg.
I think we'll only manage
to do it this way.
You'd better put on
some nice shoes, princess.
And be careful
not to hurt yourself.
No, let go of me!
Let me go!
Calm down!
Stop it!
I'm sorry.
I think I heard something.
This is the phone repair service.
We were called about your telephone.
People can't reach you.
You must have badly
hung up the receiver.
Yes, that's correct.
I didn't want to be reached.
- You know that's forbidden.
- No.
We're required to cut off
your phone service.
I see.
That's not necessary.
I'll hang up the phone.
May I see your phone?
Can I still watch TV in the bedroom?
This is so bitter.
Dear Jesus, let me be a good girl
so I can go to heaven.
The S. family was found on
January 17, 1989.
Subsequent to a request
from the wife's worried brother,
the door of the apartment
was knocked down.
On February 20, the family was buried.
In spite of the letter
left for the parents,
they refused to believe
it was a suicide
and filed a murder complaint
against Parties Unknown.
The police investigation following up
on this suspicion
was without results.
The matter was filed as an unsolved case.