Siembra (2015) Movie Script

Lucida Grande
What are you doing here?
Who brought you?
Whasup Lizeth? Look what I found.
Geez, sorry,
I was running late to pick up the kid,
also these days they come out at anytime,
'cause no one wants to know
anything else about studying.
But thank you.
- Yo, whatsup brah?
- It's all right man.
The neighbor is kinda hot, isn't she?
Morning neighbor.
Lizeth, please tell Maira I'll be back
to go plant the little plant I gave her.
So you're giving that to her?
It's already hers.
What's up with you man?
Why haven't you been back to the foundation?
You're done practicing or what?
Nah, man, we're actually practicing at
Tata's place. We're coming strong!
So you're telling me this guy
here was messing with you?
That's right,
that guy right there.
It stopped loading!
They didn't shoot the whole thing,
But I told you, guy made as if he wiped
his ass and threw my cap back at me.
It hit me here so then
I exploded, man,
I couldn't take that, so I made my
best move, man, you know me
Dude, you should've seen it. This guy
here stood his ground man,
dunno how he did this thing with
his shirt but he showed his chest
and the girls were going
he started doing that,
but for real, you know?
I can imagine the chicks!
Dude, you were simply great man.
We cannot let the crew get mocked man.
Totally, so cool you
stood your ground, man.
Yo, but now that we're talking, man,
if I were you I'd be wise
and cool it down for a bit.
You know you've been with the wrong
crowd, you do. So take it easy, ok?
Here, check this move right here!
What's up Mr. Turco?
I got some groceries, see?
I've got a few things too.
For real? Did you win the lottery?
That's right.
Can I use your cellphone?
Of course, here you go. Something going on?
I need to call and find how
things are back in our town.
I need to know what's
going on with my farm.
I went today to check the lists for the
Return Plan, and we're definitely not there.
I asked you to take care of that
and you did nothing!
Do you think that's so easy, that those
people are giving you back your land?
Let me tell you, you wanna farm?
You wanna grow things?
There's all the land you need, right there.
I'm not leaving here to go through
any more difficulties back there.
But, are you sure you can go alone?
I left my land
I left my people
I left my river.
I left my kids,
my wife and my little hut.
See you later, Mrs. Celina
Are you going out again?
Don't you have to work tomorrow?
You better chill and save
some food for me, all right?
That son of yours...
Hello, Chucho?
Is your uncle around?
Listen, he owes me some money,
and I'm having a really hard time here.
I need him to pay at least part of it.
Stretch the sheet, down there.
We have to tuck them all the way,
since we'll bring the flower arrangements,
and we'll dress the coffin,
so we don't step on the sheets.
The time I lost my baby,
I went to get lunch.
When I came from there to here...
I saw this neighbor running,
she said, 'The cops got it!'
I told her: How could it be? And she
said, 'Yes, the police are in the camp.'
I was like, 'My kids, dear
God. My kids are there!'
I just ran! But when I got there
the riot police were already in.
And to get inside there, they
didn't want me to get in.
I wanted to, and they said no.
And I, with my big belly.
I told them I had my kids
there, but they just said no.
I dunno how I did it, but I pushed
one of them and got in.
I looked back and there
were a few after me.
I just started running,
but there was a bit of a slope
and I somehow tripped.
I looked like a ball, everybody
laughed after being scared.
They said: You look like a
balloon running down.
I flew with my big belly.
The only thing to stop me was a big rock.
I remember the pain.
When the police came,
I was there, unconscious.
When I woke up in the hospital,
I asked a lady about my baby and she said,
"I'm sorry but your baby didn't make it."
That's the saddest day of my
life, the time I lost my baby.
The humanity of this world
makes me feel this way
Death wrote to me,
I have the letter here
While walking down the cemetery,
I stepped on a skeleton
Death wrote to me,
I have the letter here
The moment I saw it
my body fell on the ground
Death wrote to me,
I have the letter here
Death wrote to me,
I have the letter here
Death wrote to me,
I have the letter here
Last night you slept on a bed,
in the sands,
in the sands,
tonight you'll sleep in the center
of the earth
in the center...
of the earth
tomorrow at this time,
who would remember me?
Remember me...
who would remember me?
Remember me...
Just the creek will remember,
because I drank its water
Just the creek will remember
because I drank its water
Have a nice day.
Good morning,
have a seat.
I need to arrange a funeral.
If it's for today, we only
have the evening available.
If you want an individual grave
it'll be 500 thousand pesos;
a double grave, meaning that is
shared with another deceased,
it'll be 400.
A triple one will be 300.
If you wish to have a mass,
it'll be 30 thousand more.
Can you give me a discount?
I can do the double for 300,
and a triple for 250.
Could I speak to the manager?
Listen, buddy. He's in, but he doesn't
authorize any discounts.
Take these documents to our main office.
Bring the death certificate,
all the Public Health records
plus de People's Ombudsman document
which states that you're not from here
and have all these problems.
Talk to the archdiocese
and the people from your parish,
and they'll probably
come up with a solution.
let's do something.
I'll make a reservation for you
for the last slot at 4:00 PM,
although if you want the mass,
which is 30 thousand extra,
it has to be at 3:30 PM
If you have any problem just call me
and we'll cancel the reservation.
I'll do it without the mass. No mass.
Mrs. Celina!
Mrs. Celina!
Thank you.
Those are Celina's musings.
It was plain luck that I
found her on the street.
I told her not to go out
to sell newspapers today
because I knew she wasn't feeling right.
Because of Yosner?
Not only that, but because
she's too nostalgic.
And you, my dear Turco?
I think about it all the time as well.
I wonder who's farming my land,
who wants to be the new owner,
who believes they can sell it.
What about Celina's sons?
They are spread all over the world.
She visited one of them last year,
but because of the armed conflict,
she had to come back.
Where did you two meet?
I met her here.
We got this little piece of land
and we built our own home,
just like back at home, you know?
These songs are pretty good.
We have to start our own group here.
Up front there goes Longinos
swearing with a sword
showing how they beat
Jesus our lord
showing how they beat
Jesus our lord
the holy Virgin walks
down the Valley of Bethlehem
in the middle of the road
the boy asked for some water
in the middle of the road
the boy asked for some water
my boy you shouldn't drink it
my boy you shouldn't drink it
since all water is murky
since all water is murky
Do you have something to
help me with this little dog?
Sure, what happened to him?
Ok, it's nothing serious, he's just scared.
- Are you sure?
- Minor scratches.
How are you gonna name him?
I don't want a dog. I just picked him up
'cause I felt sorry for him,
seeing him like that.
Why don't you keep it?
You'll get along.
Totally, I'll take care of our little son.
What? Crazy talking.
What do you do with all these bottles?
I just clean them up and
sell them down the road.
Can you spare a few?
Sure, take all you want.
Take all you want.
But then,
just let me clean them for
you, then you can sell them.
Hello, I've been looking
for you. What's the news?
How can I talk to Yosner, he's dead!
What documents?
I don't know anything
about documents.
You made a deal with me,
not with Yosner.
What do you mean?
I cannot go now,
I have lots of trouble here.
What do you mean you cannot come?
What do you mean you cannot come?
What do you mean you cannot come?
I left there because of the Yosner problem,
so he wouldn't get killed.
Otherwise they would've killed me first,
I'd have never left my place!
You're a crook!
I only left because
of Yosner's problems.
The farm and the land are mine!
You crook, you're a thief.
Dear soul when you leave
lend a hand to your body
Dear soul when you leave
lend a hand to your body
God takes the soul
The worms take the body
Dear soul when you leave
lend a hand to your body
This won't stay like this.
I'm suffering here and
someone is living off my land.
What are you gonna do?
They own their world.
What can you do?
They own their world?
I know what I own.
I don't know what went
through Yosner's mind,
but they won't bury me alive.
What's your claim?
Those lands are useless
That land was already bulldozed.
It's all dust now.
That's my inheritance.
So you've been looking for me?
I'm not looking for anybody.
You've been asking
questions around, right?
I'm not asking anything.
All I know is that Yosner
ended up with a bullet,
and that kid didn't mess
around with anyone.
He was all about his dancing.
I'm leaving now
to the harbor where
a golden ship awaits
that has to take me
I'm leaving now
I come to say goodbye
Yosner, goodbye,
forever now
Your eyes won't see me again
Nor will your ears hear my song
I will flood
the seas with my tears
Goodbye Yosner,
forever now
All right, who's that?
That's you.
That's right, I have my curves
'cause I eat my meals, unlike you.
You got yourself right, this is you?
That's right, a stick figure
because you don't eat.
And who's that?
He was a bit more indigenous...
more cholo. Change that.
How, more hair?
Yeah, he used to cut it very short.
He looked like a porcupine.
Draw more hair.
He also had a bit of a
mustache, kinda awful.
Yeah! He would grow that 'stache.
I don't know why I liked him.
I found him so handsome,
with his mustache!
There, a cloud.
- Another one?
- Yes please.
What else?
Well, the house. Where
are we gonna live then?
But if you want we can
get one from here.
For real?
Don't rip it.
When I had my first son,
my farm was doing well.
I was producing 1200
dozens of coconuts,
so at that point I decided
not to have any more children
so they wouldn't fight for the land.
Where are you burying Yosner?
Who will bury me?
My idea was
to be buried by a bread tree,
and then have all my
family around me there.
But you said that was his inheritance,
so he did what he had to do with it.
You're not from around here?
Me neither.
My father was from Envigado,
my mother from Ro Sucio,
and I was born in Pereira.
- You live alone here?
- I live with God and the Virgin.
My only daughter is in Italy.
When she left I wrote her a poem.
There was a big rose bush in my house;
I took two roses...
and started taking care of them,
watering them everyday.
Soon poetry invaded me.
It goes like this:
There were two little white roses,
meant for my only beloved daughter,
but she couldn't come
and stayed alone in Italy.
Peacefully I place them in a jar,
where water prolongs their harmony
But then the roses started fading slowly,
just the way all my hope has faded away.
Do you have any farm
animals around here?
I got a goat and a pig.
I haven't been able
to sacrifice the pig
because of the pain in my hand.
- Hello Lizeth, what's new?
- Hi, Jota.
What's this? You going into business?
That's right, fighting the good fight.
Good, that's very good.
Let me take you for a cold drink.
Nah, thanks. Some other time.
Don't you see I have to sell all these?
Don't worry about that.
I'll buy it, how much?
Stop fooling around.
What will you do with
a bunch of lanterns?
Just kiddin', I actually
wanted to decorated my place
and the lanterns work perfect.
How much? I'll pay you and
then we can go for a cold one.
Ok, gimme 50 thousand.
- 50 thousand, 600 thousand.
- OK, check or credit card?
Mrs. Celina, do you know where Turco is?
Yosner had been here many days,
and it's time to bury him.
Here, darling.
Thank you.
These are the most beautiful.
OK, how are they coming along?
Very pretty.
True, they look nice.
I think we can also
put some on the floor.
You can put them
anywhere you want.
The rosemary was dry
so dry it turned green
The rosemary
was dry
so dry
it turned green
Jesus Christ was dead
But then He rose
The rosemary
was dry
so dry
it turned green
Oh, Maria Candelaria
what will you send to Jesus?
The rosemary
was dry
so dry
it turned green
A purple robe
for Him to die on the cross
The rosemary
was dry
so dry
it turned green