Sieranevada (2016) Movie Script

Hold on, damn it!
Didn't I tell you to stay upstairs?
What's that?
-It's what Daddy got for you.
But Mom!
I don't need this crap.
Stop being so antsy!
... you don't leave her alone.
Not alone in the house.
It's not that...
-Let me talk to her!
Come on...
Don't forget that Sabina,
who Andreea hates, obviously.
As she's a stupid peasant,
with her parents picking strawberries
in Spain,
is Sleeping Beauty.
And you bought her the exact same dress
Sabina wears in the play.
Just so you understand.
So she'll be wearing the exact
same dress as that peasant.
I doubt it's that serious.
-It's very serious!
Because the whole show, the dance,
the choreography,
is based on an encounter between:
Snow White, Sleeping
Beauty, Mulan, Cinderella
and Belle from Beauty and the Beast.
You can't have two Sleeping Beauties
on the same stage.
There won't be, if Mrs Oprescu makes her
a Snow White dress.
OK! But the problem is
you didn't listen to what she said.
She even texted you.
She asked me to buy a Snow White dress
from the Disney store.
Of course!
-Of course what?
I thought
the fuchsia one was prettier
and can pass
as a Snow White dress.
Ever seen the movie? It's yellow.
-Ever read the book?
Do the Brothers Grimm say
what colour the dress is?
As if Disney's a reference!
Don't you get it?
The show's about Disney's characters!
Disney doesn't respect the tales!
Those dancing dwarves
and a Ken lookalike prince!
Don't you understand that the show
is about these Disney characters?
What's it got to do
with the Brothers Grimm?
Did they write Mulan?
I'm not saying you're wrong,
but you could make an effort
to listen to her,
it doesn't hurt!
The dress is pretty,
but it clashes with the others!
We should stop at Carrefour,
the fridge is empty.
We'll stop on the way back.
The trunk's full.
So what? We'll put them in the back.
It's Saturday.
They close at 4pm.
Since when does Carrefour close at 4?
What Carrefour?
The post office.
Carrefour closes at 10pm,
the post office at 4pm.
We'll stop at the
post office on the way.
It's OK, baby.
I spoke to Mrs Oprescu,
it'll be ready for Friday.
Why Wednesday?
Well, Wednesday,
you'll go in sweatpants.
We'll sort it out!
Keep talking to me like that
and we won't be friends!
Instead of wasting time
on Internet,
you should've made sure
Daddy knew what the show is about.
You're pushing it.
What about the brown shoes
with bows?
Black or brown, it's the same!
Nobody will tell the difference.
Finish your homework if you want
to come shopping with us.
In the real story, the stepmother tries
to kill Snow White three times:
with a comb, a bodice
and then with the apple.
Alright, I understand...
But why the Cinderella shoes?
If she doesn't like them,
she shouldn't wear them!
I liked them.
I'll wear them myself.
You go shopping on the water.
You get on a boat, you pay,
and you go out on the lake...
...the stands aren't on land,
but floating, on boats.
There are all kinds of fresh food:
fish, cooked food.
You buy it and eat it on the boat.
I don't know...
Why? It's really cool.
-No, it sounds really interesting.
I'm not kidding...
Going shopping on a boat
sounds great.
Where would you prefer?
I agree.
To hell with Greece.
That's right, not Greece!
In Greece, you can't go
and buy food on a boat.
I'm sick of Greece,
it's like going to work.
OK, let's check out Bangkok.
A floating market, that Muji thing...
The Lumphini Park and lots of temples.
There's the Big Buddha...
A big Buddha, eh?
-Yes, it's huge.
But only men are allowed.
And a mini Buddha...
There are lots of mini Buddhas,
we can get one for home.
We'll go. And tsunamis?
They're on the islands,
but I'd like to go too.
But you choose. There's Phuket,
and on the other side,
Ko Samui, Ko Phangan
Ko Tao, which is really cool.
Ko Tao is where I want to go.
-Yes! It's very...
Stop it!
Seriously, Ko Tao...
Where do you want to go?
I want to go to Bangkok.
-Ko Tao for me.
And then...
Ko Tao it is. Perfect!
We'll stay in Ko Tao
for at least two nights.
We have nothing for dinner tonight.
You think you'll be able to eat anything
after the feast we'll have?
And tomorrow morning?
You think I'm going to go buy bread?
We'll get some from Mom.
And for Andreea?
We're out of cornflakes and milk.
Go to Carrefour now?
You want me to turn around?
You know we're already late
and everyone's waiting for us?
Didn't you say we won't stay long?
We'll have a bite,
then you go buy yourself half of Cora.
Carrefour, I mean.
What do you mean?
I don't only buy for myself!
D'you know what I eat for breakfast?
What do you eat for breakfast?
-You tell me!
You have no idea
what I eat for breakfast!
Hold this for a sec...
There's that cool market
with traditional food.
This is the international airport.
Wait for me!
We took a car with a driver
from the airport...
We took a car,
went to the beach,
it was good weather,
no waves, sun...
I spread my towel,
Rzvan didn't want to go in the sea.
I asked him but he didn't want to...
Hello, everyone!
Listen... Just a moment!
Just a moment.
Mrs Prvan has 13 cubic metres.
It was 108 lei.
Mrs Jipa has 12.
It was 101, right?
And you, Mrs Brisc, have 22.
Remember: 22 and 172.
How could I have used so much?
-I don't know, but you have.
You've the highest water consumption
in the building.
I don't know how!
How did I consume so much?
-That's how it is!
Maybe you used
your washing machine more...
And his wife?
Whose wife?
No change.
Remember, we leave at 2 o'cock!
All right?
You're late...
-How are you?
Lary, you should've come to church.
-I couldn't make it.
Pity, it was a nice service.
Go inside and close the door!
Hide your cigarettes,
the doctor's here!
Hello professor!
Lary, isn't Lotca the name
of the restaurant on Berthelot Street?
The seafood
one that used to be Mama Leone.
Lotca, yes.
-No, it's called Tasty Fish.
Lotca is on the corner
of Eminescu Street.
No it's not!
-Yes, the Tasty Fish.
It's not Tasty Fish!
-It is!
May I?
You sure it's on Eminescu Street?
You've been there?
-Of course!
Hi Lary.
Deea's grown so beautiful...
And it's not over yet.
How are you?
I'm fine.
She won't sleep that much,
we're here to party.
She's joking.
How are you, Lary?
The girIs?
-They're fine.
I'm getting a beer. Want one?
-No, thanks.
Hello, how are you?
I brought you the pram.
OK. Close the door.
Hey Lary! Come here.
Where's that girl of mine?
I've brought her phone.
remind me
to ask you something...
Is it serious?
No. We'lI talk later, alright?
If you want to.
Come here.
-What is it?
You think this is possible?
A man on the ground,
shot in the head with a Kalashnikov
just a yard away
and his brains don't splatter?
Come again?
You know what happened in Paris,
with Charlie Hebdo?
A guy a yard away shoots a cop
in the head
and blood didn't gush.
You think it's possible?
Of course.
How do you know
it was a Kalashnikov?
It's in the video.
What video?
You haven't seen it?
What video?
-It was on the news and the Internet.
You must've seen it.
-No, I'm driving.
Too bad!
Can I go pee?
-Wait! I won't be long.
I want to find the one
that was on the news.
Sebi, I'm going to the toilet.
-Wait, hold on.
-Hello Lary.
I'll be right back.
You don't have a clue.
It has 28, 30 degrees.
I'll have a beer.
Give me a cigarette.
How are you, Sebi?
Having fun.
-Have some cake.
Anything savoury?
-In the kitchen.
It's too smoky.
Make me a sandwich.
Go easy on that wine.
Where's Lary?
In the bathroom.
Look, I found it.
Let's see.
Are you ready?
-Yes, go on.
OK. What am I seeing?
-An execution by Kalashnikov.
Get out of here!
-Seriously, look!
No way!
-He's getting shot in the head.
OK, I see the brains
getting blown out.
I can show you pictures
of heads shot up too.
OK, show me.
-I will.
There's music too.
Who's this?
A guy who risks his life
to keep us informed.
Who would kill this guy?
Joan of Arc on YouTube!
Listen to the lyrics,
he's really something to say.
Ah, yes... Carry on!
I like the music, it's cool.
Never mind the music.
It sounds a bit like the 80s...
-Sounds like Angela Similea.
Listen to the lyrics.
He's something to say.
"USS Liberty".
You know what USS Liberty is?
Then get informed! Really, Gabi!
Google "USS Liberty 1967"
and you'll see.
They found
Muhammad Atta's ID
at the base of the towers,
just like they found that ID
in the car
at Charlie Hebdo.
He left his passport in the car.
Accidents happen.
Accidents, Gabi?
They collapsed like a...
-You're about to blow a gasket.
Seriously. You know about this?
You heard of PNAC?
Look on the internet.
Google it and you'll see.
Sure, I mean.
Do research. It's all connected!
-You've convinced me.
Get informed,
get your head out of your ass!
Gulf of Tonkin!
You know what happened there?
-Look it up on the Net.
It's all on the Net?
And WMD?
You've no idea!
Look it up on the Net!
You get everything from the Net!
You find it all on the Net.
-Madrid, on the 11th.
Oklahoma, Fukushima on the 11th.
9/11 on the 11th.
11, 11, 11!
-Yes! Look it up!
So, Gabi?
Red or white?
Red or white what?
-Tom Kha Gai.
Not the soup thing again!
-Just answer!
What do you want me to say?
It's white soup.
Tom Kha Gai is a white soup.
Hot, with shrimp.
That 's Tom Yum.
You said this one's red.
Not true! Tom Yum is a red soup.
Tom Kha Gai is white.
You don't know what you ate?
Get real!
Not at all.
I'm sure because I make it.
It's white, coconut soup.
-You make it yourself?
I do it!
-Well you should.
Tom Kha Gai...
-Don't send me looking for...
I never did.
-Yes, you did!
Let's be clear,
I didn't send you anywhere.
You asked for a spicy soup.
You wanted a spicy soup.
I told you about Tom Kha Gai.
But I told you
it's a white soup!
Hang on, I'm confused...
Look here.
OK, I got it.
Look at this.
-Hang on.
OK, I see it.
Yeah, that's the one.
Tom Kha Gai, yes.
With shrimp...
Just a sec.
Go ahead.
-Shrimp, galangal,
coriander seeds...
Remember the scarf?
It was knotted, on the piIlow,
and you said:
They've even tied the knot!"
I did?
You said that.
Don't you remember?
You don't?
Then Ileana put on her clothes
and went around every room in the house.
We all went into each room,
then out to the yard...
No, I don't remember.
And out in the yard...
So why the clodhoppers?
Yes, that's how it's done.
Boots, shoes...
It's not important.
What's that?
Can I take it off?
I'll put it in your pocket.
Grandpa's been diagnosed
with Alzheimer's.
They said it was dementia,
then they did a CT scan
and it's Alzheimer's.
Mild Alzheimer's.
Is it serious?
When I visited him in hospital,
he was seeing grapes.
He said, "Shouldn't we pick the grapes?"
"Goodness gracious!"
"What's that barrel of pickled cabbage?"
"It'll stink up the place."
How old is he? 80?
-No, 79.
He said,
"That diamond by the window is mine."
"I've had it for 20 years."
"Damn you all
if you take it from me!"
He even scared another patient
in the ward.
That's life...
We'll talk later.
Lary, listen...
You heard of Aricept?
Yes, I know what it is.
It's very expensive
and it takes...
...we have to get it
through the health service.
Do you know anyone
who could get it for us quicker?
We'll sort it out!
Leave it with me. Don't worry.
-Great, thanks.
It's not the bone that hurts,
The bile?
It's better.
Any nausea?
A little, in the morning.
And the walking?
Better, but still difficult.
He called me
for a scan next week.
To rule out anything suspicious.
Give me something
to cut this tape.
Is this OK?
What is that?
-The bike.
I told you not to buy it.
-Do I ever listen to you?
Do I need a bike?
-I said I'd get you one. I did.
The pedals...
How much was it?
None of your business.
Come on, how much?
-5.000 euros, Mom!
Why do you ask?
You want to pay me back?
Why are you so angry?
Why do you ask how much it cost?
Why? Do you want to take out
a loan to pay me back?
I just want to know.
Why ask how much it cost?
You're unbelievable, really!
And you get so worked up...
so fast.
As if I'm thinking of myself!
Look! It's very...
It's smart.
All green and white...
The pedals go here.
But it doesn't have a horn!
Come on, that's enough.
You plug it in...
What's wrong?
It's a British plug.
So it won't work?
It will,
but we'll need an adapter.
They seem a bit uncooked to me.
What do you think?
The cabbage is a bit...
-Just a bit.
Shall I cook it longer?
Twenty minutes.
-OK, thanks.
Why don't you talk to my doctor?
Ask him if I really need
another scan.
I will.
I'll come on Monday.
I'll bring an adapter,
fit the pedals and...
On Wednesday.
I'll come on Thursday.
Look at those bags under your eyes!
Still not getting proper sleep?
What's the matter?
Women's affairs.
Aunt Ofelia, what's up?
Nothing's the matter dear.
Another fight
with that bastard, Tony.
He's not a bastard,
it was my fault too this time.
Are you with Laura?
-Who else?
And the girls?
What would they do here?
Anyway, Ancuta's in the mountains.
And Deea?
I need to teach her
a little discipline.
What has she done?
She broke her mum's lipstick kit.
The lady went berserk.
An 80-euro lipstick kit.
It's not that bad.
She's just a kid, for God's sake!
But still, 80 euros!
How are the cabbage rolls, Mom?
Too spicy?
-No, darling they're not.
I was only asking!
Tony called.
He asked after you and Sebi.
What did he say?
Is he coming?
Aunt Ofelia,
this was our conversation:
Me: Yes?
Him: Nusa, is that you?
Me: No, it's Sandra.
Is that Tony?
Him: Yes, is my Ofelia there?
Me: Yes!
Him: And Sebi?
Me: Yes, Sebi's here.
Him: And Cami?
Me: No, she's not here.
And he hung up.
Aren't you ashamed of yourself?
What's your problem, Mom?
It's OK, Nusa,
I'm not offended.
Was he drunk?
-I don't think so.
What's this?
"Electric Mini Exercise Bike"?
That's it.
For me?
For me!
Are you haughty now that you're
the mother of a doctor's child?
Should I bow to you?
No, but I am your big brother.
You could say:
"What's up, big brother,
"dear caretaker of my childhood?"
Aren't you going to give him a kiss?
Hug him?
Look how muscly you are!
Are you working out?
-Yes, every day.
Who's babysitting?
Why didn't you bring the girls?
-To be a jerk!
Watch your mouth!
Has he called? No.
The priest, Mom!
No, he hasn't.
The starters are on the table.
We can't keep people waiting.
Yes, why don't we go and eat?
The priest hasn't arrived yet.
We're waiting for him.
Why hasn't he arrived?
It's Saint Ilie today.
There's a big service at church.
Saint Ilie is in summer!
What did I say?
Saint Haralambie is next week.
You know nothing!
It was on the radio.
Father Marchis said on the radio.
I'll close it.
The priest said he'll come around 12,
but he couldn't say for sure.
He doesn't know
what the traffic will be like.
I've my phone here.
He'll call when he's on his way.
What about Relu?
He's coming too,
as soon as he's free.
Nusa, where's the oil?
-In the back.
Where in the back?
Move that crate of potatoes.
Wait. I'll come and get it.
-It's not here.
Ouch, my leg!
It's there, see?
Your daughter's on the phone.
It's your daughter!
She called me
because your phone is off.
Yes sugar?
You could've just put it on mute.
Hi, Nusa!
No, baby, we'll pick you up
when we leave.
All right.
-You scared me!
The priest isn't here,
and you're eating?
I was checking it out,
it smells good.
Give me my phone.
That's it, I'm going to Carrefour.
No, you're not!
The priest's about to come.
I'll be back before he arrives.
-I said no!
What are you guys up to?
I caught my wife eating from the pan.
You! It was him!
She has her mouth full.
Show me!
The priest will be here any minute.
I'll just nip out before.
-No! Where do you want to go?
Have you seen the traffic?
Sandra, that man should've come
this morning.
That's the way it's done.
We're all waiting for him.
Why don't you have some starters?
They're in the living room.
Is Uncle Emil's computer working?
I think so.
-And the Internet?
I don't know.
Can we take a look, please?
I didn't know you had black people
in the building.
-Here, next door.
Real blacks from Africa.
Not gypsies.
So, scientifically,
I have the following facts:
I was in New York and I saw...
It looks like I'm boring Mrs Evelina.
Don't say that, please.
Excuse me.
Go on!
So, scientifically, OK?
I have the following facts:
One: I was in New York
and I saw with my own eyes
the second plane crash.
Two: I went to a nearby tower,
where a doctor friend of mine lived,
and we watched the whole day
what was going on.
Three: A journalist friend
saw the plane engines
falling from the wings,
the wings broke and everything fell
outside of the tower.
He even got $10.000
from Associated Press for the photos.
What's his name?
Does it matter?
No, but I want to see the photo
on the Net.
Look him up, Stephen Jobs.
Four: I have a cousin there
who works for Boeing.
He explained to me how a plane
loaded with fuel is a bomb.
That's why planes stay airborne
when they have technical problems.
That's true.
Because if they crash, they vanish!
If that building on Armeneasca Street
burned down from a cigarette...
The National Theatre too.
In the Ceausescu era.
-Wasn't that a plug?
No. A cigarette.
What do you think happens
when a plane hits a metal structure?
The joints melt and it all collapses,
steadily and symmetrically.
Like a tube in a tube structure.
I didn't know you were
a skyscraper expert!
No, but when it comes
to "tube in a tube",
he's a great master.
Who did you think you faced?
Baby, I'm going to Carrefour.
Wait a bit... Go on!
Where was I?
White flames or small explosions
as suggested by specialists
could have come
from electrical systems:
fridges, various materials,
and even the exterior paint
of the curtain wall,
if you know what that is!
Sebi, there's no chance, not one,
that on one or several nights,
government forces or an individual
could have entered different floors
owned by different companies
and insert explosives
in the plasterboard,
without leaving a trace,
or anybody knowing,
or getting permission
from all the companies
in the two towers.
So you surf the Web too!
Yes, but not for porn!
Except you choose the official version.
He chose the official one
because it's the truth.
Had it been Bush,
we would've known.
Why aren't you at Carrefour?
-This is too fascinating.
Of course, we would've known!
If there had been
the slightest doubt,
not just the thousands of survivors
and the victims
would've caused an uproar,
but the insurers paying the claims
would've investigated.
A serious investigation would've ruled
it was an inside job.
And they wouldn't have paid
all the billions like they did.
Gabi, you following?
There's not one document?
Not one example
of a tower building demolition.
No precedent!
We can't know exactly
how such a structure reacts
in demolition or collapse.
That could be my argument too!
-Over there, unlike in Romania,
you immediately go to jail
for a tiny mistake!
That could be my argument.
There's no chance that
if there was clear evidence
it would go unnoticed or be discarded.
It's only here that you can lie, kill,
steal, and get away with it.
Americans may be retards,
but when it comes to justice,
they don't fool around.
They make mistakes too!
There are too many pieces
for a perfect coordination.
There are too many pieces
for a perfect coordination.
Tower 7 might have been secretly
demolished, but nobody died there.
Maybe it was demolished
for security reasons.
Whether there were secret archives
or whatever, it doesn't matter.
I don't believe that!
A big round of applause!
I'm off to Carrefour.
You stay, this makes your skin glow.
Give me the card, please.
Here you go.
I'm glad you're both
so conservative.
Only people like you, conservatives
and driven by good intentions,
protect us others from catastrophes,
wars, economic crises,
Though what you say
lacks information.
I mean that the information exists,
but I think it's vital to listen to
opposing opinions, too,
if you want to get the full picture.
And what an event that was!
Don't get me wrong,
but there's also a dark side
to this conservatism:
No introspection, no reflection.
You're young and healthy!
Allow yourselves the freedom
to see and to question.
I guarantee the truth will come out.
Maybe not today,
maybe not next week,
maybe only after
we're all dead and buried.
I, for one, don't know who's right.
But examine and judge for yourself
all the given hypotheses!
The habits of a math teacher!
What can I say?
Anybody want another drink?
Information is available.
Do you want a beer?
No, I'm drinking wine.
To me...
Excuse me for a second.
I don't know how it happened,
but I try to remain equidistant.
And I feel uncomfortable
when I'm being told what to believe.
Maybe I'm wrong, I said to myself.
But then I thought
how almost the same thing
happened to Galileo.
And not only to him.
Gheorghiu-Dej, Ana Pauker,
Nicolski, Ceausescu, Maurer,
Teohari Georgescu, Bodnaras,
all of them
Moscow agents and criminals!
Are you saying that
if we communists, who you dislike,
hadn't come to power,
that king of yours,
who wasn't even Romanian,
would've built low-rent housing blocks
for you to live in
and would've provided
the country with electricity?
Why call them criminals?
Because they fed the poor?
Because they imprisoned the kulaks,
and people finally got
free medical care?
It would have all happened
under the King anyway!
I'm sorry, but history isn't made
out of presumptions.
If the King would have done it too,
why didn't he before we came?
What did he lack?
Or inspiration?
Did anyone ask for
low-rent housing blocks?
Listen Lary,
people had a very good life
before Ceausescu came to power,
before you and Sandra were born.
I've known you since you were tots.
You have no idea
how happy people were
with the low-rent housing
the Party gave them.
And we happily attended
the May Day parade!
I'm getting a glass of water.
What's wrong, honey?
Stop crying, will you!
Leave me alone, OK?
Because Romanians were stupid
and didn't realize
innocent people filled our jails!
Those stupid people
you're talking about raised you
and put bread on your table
and gave you an education!
Yes, your mother and father,
God rest his soul,
came from the countryside.
But Grandpa suffered
7 years of hard labour,
and thought differently
about Communists.
And poor Dad found out
he had a father that wasn't dead
only when he finished first grade.
Just a sec, Ofelia.
OK, then,
why did your father join the Party
if he didn't believe
in the Communist ideal?
Because he had a family to raise!
And those who had families
but didn't join the Party,
how did they manage?
He did it because he wanted to finish
school and go to college.
You know,
with a bad file and kulak parents,
you couldn't go to university.
If they were such humanists,
why did they jail
intellectuals and priests,
peasants and workers
who were on their side?
Because, Sandra,
you ought to know,
if you don't already,
that no ideal can be built
without sacrifice!
We fought for a better world.
We drove out the fascists.
We brought electricity
to people's homes.
We built the Transfgran.
We created the free and compulsory
education system!
Stop, Evelina!
-We gave you an education!
You leave me alone!
I'm telling her so that she knows!
You've made her cry!
You're an old woman, be reasonable!
An old woman
who wants to open her eyes!
This is how you open her eyes?
Upsetting her?
Show some respect!
-Respect for what?
For this day!
Please, stop it!
I've stopped.
Give me Nusa's tablets.
Come on, honey!
Well, it is believable.
When you're so...
by the King!
Come on, stop it!
Come on...
calm down!
Forgive me for having dared
to talk so bluntly!
Excuse me, I have to answer.
Please do!
You know,
this whole story started
when I said the priest is a jerk.
If you think about it...
Just look how late he is!
It's not true.
You said they should close
all the churches,
then spouted that
"opium of the people" propaganda.
Am I wrong?
May I? The priest's here.
-Yes, you may.
You know, I don't really agree either
with this whole story
about the Orthodox Church
not paying taxes.
-Just saying.
That's exactly what I wanted to say!
They should all be thrown in jail.
-Not quite.
The churches should be closed,
so that they stop ripping off
people's money.
Right, burn them alive,
put them on the wheel!
Please! I can't do this anymore.
Especially not today.
As for you,
thanks for your support!
Come one Sandra.
I didn't offend her! I said nothing!
God forbid!
Your mother told me
she can't reason with her anymore!
She just can't.
Hi, Lary. Hello, Madam.
I don't know what we should do.
No priest today,
no weasely priest!
At least someone's having fun.
Come here.
I'm with a friend, and I want to...
Hi, Cami.
I want to bring her in briefly.
Is she outside?
Just to the toilet,
I'll get her a cab and she's out.
Wait, wait...
Cami, what's going on?
What's up, girl?
She's from Serbia,
she doesn't speak Romanian.
What's wrong with her?
-She's a bit sick.
Don't bring a junkie in!
She's just a bit drunk.
-She can barely walk.
She drank a little, so
did I but it's just that...
Two minutes and you're out!
Come on, she's super sick.
Cut her some slack!
You know the mess she's in?
-I'm in one too.
You know where you are?
-Come on!
Use the other one.
Irina's asleep.
Wake her and I'll kick you both out!
She's just tired.
I can handle it!
Who's she?
-Screw you!
Calm down.
You've been like this since I got here.
Why are you so on edge?
Calm down already.
I want to help if I can.
Leave me alone.
Go fuck yourself!
What do you mean you got
into an argument?
It's not worth arguing with a granny.
She talks rubbish,
I don't care and neither should you!
For God's sake!
Did you listen to her?
-You're overreacting!
Did you hear what she said?
Only bullshit.
I heard loud and clear.
Ofelia and Cami are shouting.
They might wake Irina up.
I told them,
but they won't listen to me.
Stop or you'll wake her.
Mom, for the love of God,
what are you thinking of?
All right, I got it, okay.
What did I tell you, Cami?
What did I tell you?
She's the one who's yelling!
See by yourself.
Stop it!
You're both exaggerating.
Talk to Mom,
I think she needs a shrink!
Are you stupid or what?
How can you say that?
She's threatening to kill herself.
Shut up, Cami!
Just shut up!
Sebi, tell Cami...
White or red?
-A beer, please.
What? Is Aunt Ofelia plastered again?
I don't know. I'm hungry.
Would you keep Mr. Popescu company?
And close the door.
-All right.
Leave me alone please.
I'm tired of this shit.
Your friend's out.
Same old story!
Take it easy.
Leave me alone!
Shh, be quiet.
Enough! I've had enough!
Tell your daughter to calm down,
she's losing it!
I'm very upset with you!
Very upset!
Aunt Nusa,
I didn't mean to, I'm sorry!
The priest will soon be here.
What's going on?
Who is that girl?
What is she doing here?
How can you speak
to your mother like that?
I'd be better off in Bulgaria.
What would you do in Bulgaria?
-I'd find...
He's such a braggart!
There's a rule in conversation:
we talk in turns.
She asked me something...
There are schools in Bulgaria.
-Lulu, you talk nonstop.
You still give private lessons?
I do, but it was better before,
when graduating wasn't an issue.
Who the hell graduates nowadays?
Those who want a PhD.
You manage to teach
those kids something?
It's up to them to learn.
-It's up to you to teach them!
It's what I do,
but they have
to push themselves to learn.
Why did you let her inside
in this condition?
What was I supposed to do?
Come on, doc, tell me!
Not let her in!
Now I've got to clean it all up.
You want me to clean it up?
Need any help?
No, go and stay with Mr Popescu.
Please keep it down.
Simona, please.
I'll take her to Mom's room.
How can you tell
if it's serious or not?
Serious, my ass.
Hey, Sebi!
Why did you bring her here?
She's sleeping.
-You bring sluts here!
She's an architecture student, you ass!
No shit!
That skank, an architecture student?
Yes, she is, loud mouth.
What if she dies here, stupid?
How could she, moron?
-She's totally out of it!
She only had two drinks, asshole.
That is two drinks?
-Yes, two drinks.
You're unbelievable!
Why did you lay her on the suit?
Didn't you notice?
I didn't! She just laid down.
Where were you?
-I was here.
Didn't you notice the suit on the bed?
Why did you toss it?
Girls, come on.
Hey, leave it.
Couldn't you call us?
-What for?
Look, I'll iron the suit.
It's about respect!
-Just put it back!
You want me to do it?
No, I want you to be more careful.
Why did you...
-She's my friend from Zagreb.
What happened?
Keep Mom in there
and I'll tell you later, OK?
Go in, like I told you.
Guys, leave her alone,
she's drunk!
What is it, dear?
I told you to keep her there,
not to bring her!
What's wrong?
-Nothing, she's drunk. She's asleep.
She's drunk?
-She's hammered! We'll let her sleep.
Is she ill?
-I don't know.
She's not drunk!
-She's plastered!
I'd let her sleep for a few hours,
then get a taxi to take her home.
Please, stop it!
Irina's sleeping in the next room!
-Simona, please, help me.
Shut up!
Don't throw her clothes on the floor!
Keep it down, please.
She's not a junkie, okay?
That's enough!
How could you bring her here?
You schemer!
-I didn't do anything!
-What's wrong with you?
What have I done, Mom?
What were you thinking?
-She laid on the suit.
Shut up!
What was I supposed to do,
leave her on the street?
I'll deal with you later!
-Get off my case!
What are you doing?
Open the door, I'll hold her head.
Move it, Cami!
Take her shawl!
Cami, is this...
Is this hers?
-Yes, give it to me.
Shut the door!
Just look at that!
-All wrinkled.
She doesn't care about anything.
Smooth it out.
This is just...
I'm sorry, Nusa.
What did she do?
-She got drunk, Mom.
Where are you going?
Stay with her!
-Why should I?
Isn't she your friend?
Shut up! You stay there!
Don't leave the room
before she wakes up!
get out of the way,
you're not transparent!
Come here, on the sofa.
The priest's taking his time.
There's no rush, Gabi.
We can wait.
Yeah, well...
Ethnography and folklore.
We wait, what else can we do?
I'm kind of hungry.
I've had nothing to eat,
only a coffee on the plane.
Take some of those cold cuts
and make yourself a sandwich
until the priest gets here.
No, I want something hot.
I didn't sleep at all last night.
No wonder!
Always on the Net!
Nusa said you were
at a seminar in France.
No, in Geneva.
Habemus papam!
Third time's a charm.
Gabi! Gabi! Come here.
Is that your friend?
-Don't hit.
You'll see, from Monday on...
-Big deal!
No more money
for phone cards and clubbing!
So what?
Keep talking back, and I'll show you.
No kidding.
Enough! The priest is here!
Cut it out.
Don't you dare walk out of here!
I'll stay with her...
Welcome, Father.
-I'm sorry I'm late.
May God forgive him.
I came from Craiova this morning,
the train was late,
then I had to drop by my house,
as it wouldn't have been right
to come straight from the station.
Where? There in the living room?
May God forgive him.
-May God forgive him.
What was all that hysteria about?
What's wrong with your mom?
-Nothing. It's my dad.
He beat up a neighbor's husband.
Our building administrator.
Mrs Filip, maybe you know her,
slim, big tits.
Don't laugh, it's not funny!
He's pressed charges.
When did this happen?
Why do you think Mom slept here?
I didn't know.
-Still or sparkling?
-Sparkling, please.
Are you a theology student?
-I graduated.
I'm doing my masters,
at the conservatory.
Thank you.
-You're welcome.
Keep an eye out for your sister,
she's kind of lost.
What do you want me to do?
Beat her?
Is she on drugs?
How can you say that?
She wastes her time in nightclubs
and stuff, but no drugs.
Does she drink?
Yes, and why not?
You had your hands all over
the Croatian friend.
Don't worry, it'll be fine.
Let the priest finish his show,
then we'll eat.
Wait and see how everyone chills
once their bellies are full,
and how fast you'll forget 9/11
once you get laid.
Come on, the service is starting.
Lary, put out your cigarettes
and come!
Do you have a girlfriend?
Why not?
She left.
Why did she leave?
Cut it out!
Light the candle.
What are you doing here?
I want to eat.
-I'm hungry, too.
Wait for the priest to finish,
then you eat!
Stay there! End of discussion!
You stay with her.
-If I have to wait for the priest....
If anything goes wrong, it's on you!
How old are you?
24, you're responsible!
Please stay with her.
You stay here with her,
end of discussion!
Thou who from the depths of Thy wisdom
and with Thy loving kindness
Thou rulest over us
and, when needed,
dost bestow Thy gifts.
Father, Creator, Dear Lord,
rest the soul of Thy departed servant.
Who in Thee did place his hope.
The clothes now.
Our Lord and our Creator
and our God.
Glory be unto the Father and the Son
and the Holy Spirit.
Stay put and close the door!
Stop it, okay?
and our prayerful intercessor
with the Lord God
to whom Thou gavest birth,
virgin Mother of God,
salvation of the believers.
God have mercy on us,
by The great mercy,
we pray to Thee,
hear us and have mercy on us.
Lord have mercy.
Show Thy endless mercy.
We pray
for the soul of the departed
servant of God, Emil,
and that all his sins,
willing and unwilling, be forgiven.
How are you?
It took ages at the subway.
How much longer?
I have to be at the base by six.
It just started.
We beg forgiveness from Christ,
the eternal Emperor,
and from the Lord, our God.
Lord have mercy!
Let us pray.
Lord have mercy!
Lord of all spirits and of the body,
who trampled death
and the devil destroyed
and gave life to Thy world,
rest the soul
of Thy departed servant Emil
in a place of light,
of verdure, of repose,
whence has fled all pain,
sadness and sighing.
And any sin he may have committed,
through word, thought or deed,
forgive it, good Lord,
in Thy loving kindness.
May God forgive him.
-May God forgive him.
For there is no man that has lived
and has not sinned,
Thou alone art without sin
and Thy righteousness is eternal
and Thy word is the truth.
Lord, let us pray.
Lord, have mercy!
Thou art the resurrection, life,
and repose of Thy departed servant.
Dear Lord,
We glorify Thee
and Thy eternal Father,
and Thy most holy
and life-giving Spirit,
now and ever shall be,
world without end.
Please, come closer.
Come closer to me.
Let us lift the koliva.
Lord grant Thy departed servant Emil
eternal remembrance.
Eternal remembrance...
Lord grant Thy departed servant
eternal remembrance.
Eternal remembrance...
Let us sing together
"Christ has risen".
Christ has risen from the dead,
Trampling over death by death,
And to those in the grave
Bestowing eternal life!
You're suddenly so pious!
-I wanted to hear them sing!
I'll tell you the whole story later!
Get in there and shut the door!
Let us pray, Lord have mercy...
...who feedest the hungry
and clothest the naked,
bless these clothes
that others might wear them,
and clothe Thy servant Emil
in the garb of purity
and in the radiant cloak of light
and seat him to rest in Thy heaven.
Bless, oh Lord,
all these things that will be given
in the name of Thy servant Emil.
Irina woke up.
Grant, oh, Lord, health
to anyone who wears these clothes,
in remembrance
of the name of the departed
and grant him mercy
at Thy Last Judgement;
and relieve him of any sins committed
by word, deed or thought.
For Thou alone art without sin,
Christ our Lord,
and Thee we glorify
together with Thy eternal Father
and Thy Holy, mighty,
and Life-giving Spirit,
now, and ever shall be,
world without end.
May God forgive him!
-May God forgive him!
Father, we have some alms.
-Give them to the deacon.
I would like to...
Just a few words
in the memory of the one who was
...a friend,
Thank you for coming,
for piously listening
to the word of God...
May God forgive him!
-May God forgive him!
I would like to use the bathroom.
You know where?
-Yes, it's there...
Orange juice, coffee, water?
It's hot, damn it.
You take these
to Cocheci, Jipa, Mircea,
to Chivu, to Parvan,
no, they're Adventists,
to Mrs Sandolovici, to Putinica...
Put this under cold water, please.
To Mrs Grigore,
to Bonei...
You take one to Brisc
and another to Mrs Tala.
How about Paunescu?
What can I say? Simona,
please help Mirela with the alms.
Give him too, he'll be happy,
It's free.
Our floor, the first,
the second and the fourth.
Stay with Irina please,
I'll set the table.
I have to cool the milk.
-I'll cool it.
Come to Daddy!
Telegrams, telegrams...
What's up?
What's with the long face?
He's bitter
that Bush put him on hold.
You're so funny.
You shot me down.
Still there?
No, he's moved on to Fukushima.
Which was also blown up by Bush,
but with carbide.
Come on, what's up?
Except that dad finally has a sex life
and mom discovered Osho.
I'm fine.
And I'm pissed by your brother too.
He still believes in the tooth fairy.
See? He came around.
Still there then...
Don't know about me, but I heard
your brother knows who shot Kennedy.
He won't believe that Kennedy was shot
by Sile Dinicu! With his accordion!
There can't be any dialogue
unless we accept that every statement
has to be based on solid arguments.
It's unfair to discredit the ones
searching for the truth
just because they bring out
logical hypotheses.
They're speculations, boy,
not hypotheses!
You know that scientific research
relies a lot on imagination.
And starts from all kinds of scenarios
before reaching relevant hypotheses.
And it's unwise to ask for the truth
without taking the time to see.
The liberty to search and assess.
That seems fair to me.
But calm down, he doesn't believe
everything he says either.
Right, bro?
The "evolution from apes" theory,
you know,
I believe it more and more.
I like how you accuse
so-called conspiracy theorists,
but you're fine with the US government
starting to investigate 400 days later,
NORAD not reacting,
no one considering the collapse of WTC7
or with the FBI seizing all the cameras
from the Pentagon
the very same day!
I see nothing wrong in what he says.
It's easy to say "fuck them all",
but in fact it's very dangerous.
If things are what they are today,
it's mainly our fault,
the ones choosing
not to think on their own.
It's not funny.
Despite your claims,
people researching 9/11
aren't making a business of it.
They gave up their comfort
to choose the path of truth.
A very strenuous path!
Like Giordano Bruno!
Now make fun of Mr Popescu too.
What's with Mr Popescu?
-It's a long story.
We'd had a mega talk show
before you came.
I believe,
and you can make fun of me,
I don't mind,
I believe our judgement is wrong
because we're afraid.
I mean, I can only speak for myself,
and I can really say I'm afraid.
It's a matter of context, Relu.
I'd be afraid in Kosovo, too.
Or anywhere in conditions of war.
But I told you
it had nothing to do with the war.
It's not about context,
and I know you refuse to believe me.
I do, but I can't.
And I can't because it's illogical.
Remember, we haven't discussed matters
that relate directly
or indirectly to politics.
Anyway, I'm a soldier,
so politics is off limits for me.
My job is to defend my country
and go where my superiors send me.
If they don't send me, I stay at home.
Away from the front, the bombs,
and the booby-trapped cars.
And believe me!
While I sit at home
on the couch, zapping the TV,
I get so afraid.
Maybe you heard that
some who asked to reopen the case
died suddenly with no explanation,
just like the key witnesses
from the '89 Revolution.
You'll say it's a coincidence.
I don't believe in coincidences.
I've no idea what happened on 9/11.
But I don't buy the official version!
Gabi thinks he understands,
because he was there.
So were those who lost their children,
parents, grandsons, etc.
They want to reopen the case
but nobody will listen.
And you're totally wrong.
9/11 transformed the whole planet,
not just America.
As I said the last time we spoke,
read the official version, too.
Talking about logic,
you must be aware
of the documents you're referring to.
And you hadn't even read it back then.
I can give you the PDF.
-I have it, thanks.
Did you read it?
-I started it
Wrong answer!
I don't think it's OK to just swallow
the official theory like that...
And, I must admit,
this difference of opinion bothers me.
Is it bad?
Bad, I don't know.
But I know it's fear, not lack of doubt.
Which means you're not completely lost.
Can I take this call?
Go and ask Mom!
Go ahead.
I heard on TV that coffee is good
for skin cancer.
What I wanted to say is
that everything is there
to confuse us, to delude us,
and not just today.
Ever since Adam and Eve
and the original sin.
We go in circles thinking we know,
but then we see we don't.
Once you get better,
drop by the church, OK?
May God forgive him!
-May God forgive him!
Doctor, where are you?
Let me tell you a quick one:
one day a taxi driver,
kind of gypsy
with big, sad eyes,
this winter I travelled more by taxi,
so this boy,
seeing me dressed as a priest, says:
how can we know
when the Second Coming will be?"
The question surprised me.
I replied:
"We don't know now,
but when He comes, we will."
"Really? How will we recognize Him?",
he asks.
"By the signs.
First, the prophecies
must be fulfilled."
"Were there signs
when He first came?", he asks.
"Yes, that's how we knew
that He came and became flesh."
"Why didn't the people
recognize Him?", he asked.
"Some recognized Him, others didn't."
"And how do you know
He hasn't come already?"
"Because the prophecies
haven't been fulfilled."
So he kept on asking the whole ride.
What I mean is...
I was filled with great sadness
after the talk with the taxi driver.
People talk this and that
about our Lord Jesus:
whether He's coming or not,
how will we recognize Him
or other nonsense:
that He's not God but a prophet.
God forgive me...
That there's no salvation,
no Second Coming,
or that He has come
and we didn't recognize Him.
I was genuinely filled
with profound sadness.
I thought how tragic
it would be for humankind
if our Lord returned a second time
and we didn't recognize Him.
And thereby, our salvation,
our redemption is impossible!
Because He will not come a third time!
And He has consigned us to oblivion.
And I cried.
I cried real tears.
And that evening I was illuminated.
This whole story
was merely a temptation.
And then I realized how weak I am
and how quickly we, humans,
fall to temptation.
Doctor, do you realize what I did?
I chose to think
that the Second Coming already happened
and I felt pity for myself.
I chose to believe that
hypothetically speaking, it could be.
But brevity is the soul of wit.
May God forgive him!
-May God forgive him!
What is it, dear?
-I'll be back...
Did you understand what this
priest said? -I didn't get a thing!
Are you serious?
...Antinevralgic, Algocalmin,
vials and pills, Ketonal...
And 50 lei is not enough
for another two days?
I say it is.
Who's this boy
with so much money on him?
No, don't ask him for money!
I said no!
As you wish, but if your mom finds out,
don't come to me for help!
Better tell me, is it snowing?
How is it?
Very good.
All right.
I'd put the beef salad on the table.
And the aspic too.
Stay in your room.
Heat up the chorba...
Then don't stay in your room.
You went there to stay indoors?
She's your friend. Isn't she?
There's no signal here.
-There's three lines of signal.
I can't take this hypocrisy anymore!
To hell with it all!
If I ever hear her talking
about Communism in this house,
I'll kick her out!
Where are you?
I can't hear you properly.
Why do you let her get to you?
You're smarter.
Why do you play her game?
You should just ignore her
and let her be.
She was an activist.
She needs to vent her frustrations.
But she's not a bad person.
Have a drink and you'll be OK!
Didn't you see her acting all pious,
all humble in front of the priest?
Humble my ass!
They killed and wrecked families,
and she lectures about Marx, Lenin,
and other notorious kikes?
You're unbelievable.
Mark my words, if you talk to
her again, I'm out of here.
And where will you go?
Another night shift?
What's your problem?
How about your shifts?
-What about them?
You tell me, Gabi!
The little one's asleep.
She's so lovely.
You're overreacting again.
Am I?
But she's talking, right?
Yeah, she's talking.
I thought she said nine.
Yeah, she also says
cercopithecus and scapteriscus,
and brontosaurus,
and asshole!
Especially when she's pissed.
She doesn't say cercopithecus.
Is that a 50?
Why would it be?
It's a 56.
What size are you?
Wasn't uncle Emil a 56?
Who's going to wear it?
I thought it was symbolic.
Isn't it supposed to be worn?
Ain't that logical?
Then I'll change it tomorrow.
How could you change it?
It's been sanctified.
It's huge.
We'll take it to a tailor.
Look, you'll add two tucks here, see?
One here, and one here.
Give me a needle.
Sebi, take off your jacket.
-Take off your jacket.
Is it better?
And you put the belt on.
-Please don't move.
Is that better?
-A bit tighter?
Wow, you look great!
Stupid cow!
How is it now?
-It's OK.
The shirt is big, too.
Take it all off.
Hold the jacket.
How about the shirt?
Give me the trousers
from the bathroom.
This is large, too.
-It's fine!
The shirt has to be big.
Give him the pants.
How is it?
I'm drowning in it.
I'm drowning in it.
I don't think I'll wear it anyway.
How can somebody
buy a suit seven times bigger?
She's so stupid, this girl!
Just as stupid as her mother.
And her entire family.
What did this girl do to me?
I don't know, Mom.
How could she buy such a suit?
Don't know.
But what did you tell her?
To buy a suit for Emil.
Did you mention who it was for?
To be given...
But did you say it was for Sebi?
-I didn't say 46, 48, 50...
If you didn't tell her,
how was she supposed to know?
So, it's my fault now?
Otherwise, she'd have brought one
for a 5-year-old.
Mom, are you for real?
Now what?
Do you have a sewing machine?
What for?
I want to do this,
and everytime I insert the needle...
Just leave them like I put them.
But a sewing machine would be
just perfect.
Leave them like that, with two tucks.
With safety pins.
Use a belt and they won't come undone.
With the pins on?
-Yes, sure!
And make a seam here.
-That's easy.
How could you buy such a suit?
I got it as if for uncle Emil.
What did you do
when your father died?
The same.
I got his size.
And who did you give it to?
-To a man.
And what size was he?
-The same as my father.
Is Sebi the same size as Dad?
I didn't know it was for Sebi.
Why didn't you ask me?
I'm sorry about this,
there's nothing I can do.
Can you fix it?
Of course I can!
I will!
I'm sorry about the situation.
Don't be mad.
I'm not.
The boots fit!
God forbid!
I'm going to see what she's doing.
There's no more milk for Irina.
OK what?
OK, I'll buy some!
Sandra, what do I do with my Camelia?
What do you mean?
What if she does drugs?
-She doesn't.
Isn't the girl she came with on drugs?
She's drunk.
You think so?
Get me two packs
of Parliament Aqua Blue and a lighter.
Want anything?
Are you all having fish borsch?
Yes, I will.
-I will...
Just look around you.
It's more than obvious.
Give me a cigarette.
The people who rule us,
starting from the state leaders
to the press and mass media.
We're contaminated by fear.
I though you weren't allowed
to dabble in politics, Soldier Boy!
Indeed, he isn't!
But can you get through to him?
Thanks, Mom.
I know I'm not allowed.
This is what drives me crazy.
That's why I want to quit the army,
not Iulia, like you and Mum think.
Did I say anything about Iulia?
Now and then.
-You don't say...
Did you finish?
Let me see.
Come try on the trousers.
Careful, it's hot!
What do you think you're doing?
Go to the bathroom!
The sides are a bit too wide.
What the hell are you doing, woman?
What are you doing to me?
Of course it was hot!
It's so hot, my eyeballs are popping out!
Sorry. -Leave me, damn it!
I didn't mean to. -Go away!
Forgive me! -Let me be!
I'll bring a towel.
-Forget it, I'm going to the bathroom!
I spilled chorba on Evelina.
What are you doing, Ofelia?
Why aren't you listening to me?
What did I tell you?
We don't eat
until the boy puts the suit on.
Ofelia, we don't eat
until the boy puts the suit on.
Mom, don't you think
you're overreacting?
We're all waiting like idiots
for this story of yours with the suit.
You shut your mouth,
and let me do things my way!
This is your father's commemoration.
Mind that everything I'm doing
is for the sake of his soul.
When I die, you'll bury me your way!
Mom, please!
Don't you know him by now?
Stop crying, will you?
-What is it Nusa?
It looks as if I pissed myself!
We are spineless
and accept theories
that contradict common sense,
physics, and engineering.
And I'm terrified,
and I'm ashamed.
See? God doesn't sleep!
Forgive me.
Forgive me.
How is it?
-It's fine!
It's fine.
And the other leg.
I'll do it.
I'll keep it for the length.
Turn around a little.
It's very good.
Can you fix the jacket too?
It looks like it fits you.
Cut it!
No, leave it like that.
What is it, Simona?
Can't you see how big it is?
What? What's so funny?
It fits him really well.
It fits him well?
Don't remove that pin, please.
Put on the jacket too!
Stop it.
It fits him well, Mom?
-Cut it out, let him dress up.
But don't lie to him.
He'll think it suits him well.
Stop it.
I'll take it to a tailor after.
Of course, Simona.
You've done a great job.
Let's eat, I'm hungry.
Well done. Bravo.
Take them off so I can finish.
-Mrs Evelina's in the bathroom!
I'm trying, but I'm drenched!
She can use a hairdryer.
Need a hairdryer?
Put that over there, it's hot.
Take those out of the way.
Give me that chair.
And take this one.
Sit down.
What do you mean by so what?
Leave me alone!
Mom, say something!
Camelia, stop it.
Where will I sit?
-Shut your mouth!
Say something!
-Let her sit there.
This is my seat!
Move, I'll sit here!
-Cut it out, Sebi!
You're driving me nuts!
Just sit!
Happy for you!
Sandra, sit next to me.
What's this?
-Garlic sauce.
Have you seen how she acts?
What, the intercom?
Hold on, I'll go to another room.
Let her be.
Leave her chair there.
Let her sit elsewhere!
Is that your seat?
You have a ticket?
Eva, excuse me for this mess.
Never mind, Nusa, it happens.
Forgive me, please.
Where do you want her to sit?
-I don't know, here, there.
This polenta's getting cold.
-I didn't bring it.
She's back.
You'll see now.
Camelia, what's wrong?
-Nothing's wrong.
That's not chorba, it's borsch!
What's the difference
between borsch and chorba?
There's no difference.
It's the same dish.
Except in Moldavia they call it borsch
and in Wallachia, chorba.
I'll do the talking.
-Hold on.
Cami, please wait here.
There's nothing.
Let me in.
-Why don't you want to wait outside?
You're really something!
-You can talk downstairs.
I just give her the keys, that's it.
I already told you,
give it to me, and I'll give it to her.
Simona, is that you?
-Yes, what is it?
Know where Lary is?
-I don't know.
Don't you know where Lary is?
Tony is here.
Tony is here?
Is Tony here, honey?
Why doesn't he come in?
-He doesn't want to! Let's eat.
He's with Cami, talking.
Let's eat, I'm hungry.
-Why doesn't he come in?
What for? Let him.
Stop shouting.
-I'm not.
You care about Tony now?
-Sometimes, I just don't get you.
Tony, why don't you come in?
I apologize.
I've got major problems with Feli!
Go inside.
Don't take your shoes off!
No, what are you talking about?
I was always taught:
"Remove your shoes before entering."
Hello, ladies!
Hello, everyone.
Hi, Nusa.
May God forgive him.
Why did you get two?
To have some.
They're different.
They're the same.
They're not!
One costs 40 and the other 54.
I don't know,
the woman couldn't explain.
I don't know the difference.
Wait, don't get undressed!
Take that down to the car!
Take the pram to the car.
-I want to be sure we take it.
Are you serious?
-Dead serious.
You're terrible! Let me eat.
I'm hungry.
You'll eat once you get back.
I'll do it as we leave.
-We might forget it.
I'll set a reminder.
-We'll forget it. Please!
...treat me that way
because your sister's out of control?
She takes a shit
and then smears it!
Bravo, Tony!
Forgive me Mrs Popescu.
Can't forget it
if it's here in plain sight.
I'm here, we know each
other since forever.
They'll run over it.
It just got started.
Don't worry. I can see it.
Nobody will trip over it.
Are you crazy?
Watch your mouth.
This isn't your slum!
You said you'd behave!
Zip it, or I'll knock your teeth out!
Keep it down, please,
you'll wake my kid!
You wanted him in.
Easy with the threats!
-What threats? She's my daughter!
All the more so!
Why are you keeping me out
of my sister-in-law's house?
It's my house too, OK?
I'm not keeping you out,
but please keep it down. Please!
Give me your coat,
sit down and talk politely.
Why are you interfering?
Mom, it's useless.
What do you mean it's useless?
Do you even know what he did?
What did I do
to make you speak so cryptically?
What did I do, Mrs Know-It-All?
Fuck off!
You know damn well!
If you're so smart, spit it out!
Let it all out!
Goodbye, I'm out!
-Sebi, wait.
Don't "Sebi" me, Mom,
I'm sick of this shit.
Why do you flex your muscles
with a guy shorter than you?
Why did he even take up the fight?
No shit!
You're just a pussy, man!
Keep it down, Sebi.
Don't leave, the costume.
-I'm out of here!
Get over it!
What? I haven't slept at home
for three months because of him.
What about me?
-Three months, understand?
And Mom?
You stay with her!
I'm out, and that's final!
Don't you get
that it's important to put this on?
That's how you alienate everybody.
Your son? Who you manipulated
against me all of your life?
I'm telling you for the last time:
act civilized
or leave!
Tony, we want to eat.
What's left now you've woken Irina?
No, he's right.
-How many times do I need to ask him?
I apologize for everything!
-I ask you kindly!
I'll close the door, it's private.
Nobody's interested!
Keep it down!
-I agree and forgive me!
Please don't go.
They calm down and we eat, OK?
Yes, love!
I'm hungry.
You could have waited.
-How long should I wait?
One comes, another goes.
Sebi left, what do we do with the suit?
Do you want me to put it on?
You're the son of the deceased.
Do you want to ask me something?
Call Sebi, please.
And you think it'll make a difference?
What can I do?
Take your hands off me!
Come on, step away.
I didn't touch her!
-Then why are you here?
Sit down.
I didn't even touch her!
-I saw you!
She's my witness!
Did he hit you?
-How can you say that?
Stay put.
Did he hit you?
-Stop asking.
Then why do you scream?
-This is what I get everyday!
Ma'am, forgive me!
Mother of God.
Ask Nusa.
She was there.
Forgive me.
You know about today?
You know why we're here?
Forgive me. I'm done.
-I'm done.
Nobody needs this circus.
Have some water, calm down.
...are you calm?
Let's go home, Feli.
-Leave me alone.
So you can mutilate her too?
Come on, Mom!
What, am I wrong?
If Emil was here,
he wouldn't dare to make a scene.
That's true, Lary.
Had he been here,
he wouldn't have let anyone
make such a riot.
Plain grossness!
What do you mean
by "if Emil was here"?
What would he do?
Pull me by the ear?
Nusa didn't mean that.
And what did you mean,
since you keep butting in?
Oi! Watch your mouth!
I didn't come here
to listen to people
quarrelling like gypsies.
I came to see civilized people!
I've known Nusa and Emil
since before Lary was born.
Then back off
and don't come between us two!
I never came between you two!
Because if it were like you said,
I wouldn't...
take her side
after she spilled chorba on me.
Eva, it wasn't deliberate.
You're right Nusa.
Great, you're the one crying now.
Have you lost it too?
Come on, Tony.
What's so funny?
Say what you have to say,
and have it done with.
Do you know what she did to me?
I don't know, and I don't care.
Keep the dirty laundry in the family.
So that's it?
I'm no longer family here?
Come on, go and see
what Dragos and Magda are doing.
Mr Dragos is OK.
Bravo! Nice!
While Emil was alive I was family,
and now it's "shove off"!
If you're so into family,
why do you go after other women?
What women?
What women, Nusa?
The ones in Feli's head?
Aren't you ashamed of this girl?
The girl's a grownup now.
And just because
my wife is full of shit...
I have to go down
to the police station?
Is it her fault you hit that man?
Do you take me for a fool?
Did I lunge at his throat?
Good gracious!
Do you hear what you're saying?
God hears you!
Better ask your sister
who started this shit,
if you're interested.
I can't believe what I'm hearing!
If you talk her into believing
that I'm paying whores.
Better ask her
why she told Filip
I was having an affair with his wife.
And aren't you?
How could I, damn it?
Have you seen his wife?
Do you think she would even look at me?
But why don't you say she blew you?
What "Ofelia"? What?
Let Cami hear, too.
Let her know who you are.
Why hasn't he got the guts
to admit it?
You think I would have told her husband
if I hadn't been sure?
You smart-ass, women talk.
What did you think?
Did she tell you?
-Well done, you.
Why? Want to hit her too?
Come on, Feli...
Don't "come on, Feli" me!
Stop playing the saint!
Admit she sucked your dick,
and stop acting innocent!
Where are you going? Stay here.
And get your mother's education.
And he told her
that I'm no good in bed
and I don't do
the perverted stuff he likes.
You really believe what people say?
Of course I do.
You know why?
Because she said you came on yourself,
that's why!
That's what she said, Nusa!
Dear God.
That's right, pray,
maybe He'll give you what you deserve.
Let's have a drink.
You old pig!
Come on, perv.
Come on.
Here comes the bombardier!
Kick him out, I don't want him in here.
Did I let him in?
-I don't want to see him.
She let him in.
She should kick him out!
Feeling better?
All my life, he's blamed me
for not giving him good oral sex,
and told me I'm lucky I'm so tight,
otherwise he'd have left me long ago!
Come on.
That's what he said.
That's what he said, Nusa.
In this family of mine,
we've always been kinda energetic.
Kind of Latin!
Yes, Latin!
Actually kind of Italian!
-How is it?
That's why my son
wants to go to Milan.
How is it Tony?
Is a blow job adultery or not?
What? Isn't that what it's all about?
Go ahead, ask Evelina,
she's got all the answers!
How can you talk like this?
Is this better?
Never set foot here again, pig!
Come on, Sandra.
-What, Sandra?
Are you friends now?
Got his number?
He's ruining dad's memorial.
-That's enough!
She is right.
I can't get upset,
I understand her perfectly.
Listen, Lary!
You can't press charges
against your own husband.
It's not right, whatever you say!
What was she supposed to do, lie?
Of course!
To deny it. I didn't ask her to make up
some incredible story.
But she saw
when you punched him, right?
I don't know. Debatable.
She saw through the peephole.
But what can you see
through a hole like this?
What does it matter if she saw or not,
when the husband asks for a hand?
You shouldn't have slept
with his wife, either!
Cross my heart and swear to die!
May I burn in eternal fire if I lie!
Do you think I'm joking?
We've known each other a long time.
You know you've never been a saint!
I've never been a saint, but who is?
What? You've never made a mistake?
You know what they say:
let him who is without sin...
If I'm not home, don't be surprised!
Hear me?
Don't push it! Wait and see
if I don't find you home!
What will you do to me?
What will you do?
All they know is,
Shall I pour you a whiskey?
-No, I'm driving.
How's the car?
Are you nuts?
It's a German car!
Dunlop tires...
Lary! Come quickly,
my sister's dying!
We've woken the child.
Somebody get a glass of cold water!
Extend her legs!
And a towel!
You shut up, you bastard!
You mother hen!
After all you've done,
you're still clucking?
Get out, Tony,
and let us do our job!
You get out, she's my wife!
-Get out!
Let me be! I'll keep quiet!
Please, everybody out!
I think I'm a bit better now.
Can you walk?
-Don't know.
Let's try.
Up we go!
Easy does it.
Are you all right?
Gabi, thanks.
You'll be fine. Give it time.
Forgive me!
Please, forgive me.
Come here a minute!
You mother hen!
You're a bastard
and a run-of-the-mill mother hen.
You old pig.
You'd be so happy to find me
dead and cold!
You did exactly the same to Mother
at Dorica's wedding.
What wedding, Ofelia?
Mother who?
Dorica who?
Already got your voice back?
You bastard!
please, that's enough!
Mind your words,
I'm not the one who gave her booze.
Who's Milica, you bastard?
Come on, Ofelia, enough!
Say it, if you're so brave,
who's Milica?
You two sort it out!
Please, stay!
-It's better like this.
Nusa, please, come back!
Stay beside me.
I need you.
-All right, I'm coming!
I'm here.
Why are you looking at me
like that?
Who's Milica?
Have you forgotten?
Look in your phone if you've forgotten,
maybe you'll remember.
The one who wrote you that the dragon
and the monkey make the ideal couple.
I can't talk right now.
Let me put it another way,
maybe you'll remember.
Drink some water.
Who is Drghici Emilia?
Drghici Emilia, Tony.
Drghici Emilia.
Milica, Tony,
stop pretending you don't know.
Milica from the springs, from Cciulata.
Then why do they call you
"The Mexican", Tony?
What do you mean who?
Your brother, Cornel.
And Mihalcea
and Bebe Firea,
and Vali, and Dan Ceacru,
and Milica,
and Reli,
and Luiza,
and Carmen, and Geta...
Geta who?
Uncle Mitic's Geta.
And that dumb wife of Filip.
And Ctlina.
Especially Ctlina!
What are you looking at?
I want...
Say something!
I'll be there in ten minutes.
I'll be there in ten minutes.
Are you leaving?
How could I?
I'll be back shortly.
I'll be back and we'll eat.
Mom, I'll be back in five minutes.
Where are you going?
I'll be back. Stay with them,
so they don't kill each other.
You'll be back.
If you don't focus, I won't get you!
Say it again. the legislation
and show me
where it says I can't park here!
You think this is Neverland?
Get in the car, damn it!
You want a parking space, pay!
Why are you parking here
if it's not your space?
You whine the state cut your pensions...
Get in the car,
calm down, that's enough!
We understand, now stop.
Why do we have to make a big scene? ignorant cow!
That's enough, granny!
Call your mom a granny!
Don't talk to him like that, you cow!
Please get in the car and calm down!
You filthy cow.
I apologise on my wife's behalf,
I apologise for calling you granny,
but let's calm down.
It's easy to say that
after waking the whole block!
Once again, I apologise!
Tell me, where were you?
-Buying cigarettes!
To get cigarettes?
Didn't you see when he blocked you?
I couldn't. They're renovating.
It says renovation.
I was here, at the bus stop.
Can't you get them at Carrefour?
-I forgot!
Why did you say
you saw him blocking you?
I said he was just leaving
when I got back.
Why didn't you ask him
to let you out?
He said he'd be right back.
Where did he go?
-I don't know!
...honking like a lunatic!
Hey, Einstein!
Where did he go?
I'm talking to you!
Are you deaf?
Why did you park there
if it's not your space?
Is it yours?
So what if it's not mine?
Answer the question.
What's with you,
can't you see he blocked me?
Who are you to ask, anyway?
Get off my back!
What a big mouth he has!
If you hadn't parked there,
he wouldn't have blocked you!
I used to live here too,
three blocks away.
And why the fuck should we care?
Keep out, you piece of shit!
You own the spot, or what?
What the fuck did you say, slut?
Screw you and your mother!
Say that again, you fucking...
I'll blow your cunt up!
Paws off, dickhead,
I'm not talking to you!
Let's calm down!
-Get out of the way.
Blow me, fuck-face,
and get the fuck out of here!
Say it again, you fucking skank.
-Skank's your mother!
You fucking slut!
-Call the police.
Get the fuck away.
Go and rat on me to the police!
Calm down.
-Get the fuck out!
Take your junker and get lost!
Stop it, honey!
-You think you've got balls or what?
Come on, get lost!
Go to the police and cry a little!
Let's go home, please!
You fucking cunt!
Listen, you whore!
Learn to fucking speak politely!
You stupid cunt!
...let them leave already,
don't make things worse!
Listen, loser!
I'll be back in two hours.
Take your junk away,
otherwise, I'll wreck it, OK?
Then go on and call the police!
Son of a bitch!
Already this morning, you were on edge.
Enough, shut your mouth!
...then I saw for the first time
that confused look on his face.
He looked just as confused
when I told him I got into university.
But he confused me the most
when he caught Relu smoking.
I don't know if I told you...
Relu the rebel?
No, you didn't.
He was in the fourth grade
and he was ten.
It was in May.
He skipped school and came home.
Whenever he'd skip class
he wouldn't goof off with his friends.
No, he'd just come home.
School was five minutes away
and if he didn't feel like
taking a class,
he'd come home.
Mom wouldn't let us watch TV,
most times he'd skip school,
he'd come home and watch TV.
But that day,
he came home and lit a cigarette.
He knew Mom was hiding cigarettes
behind the TV and in the lamp.
She was doing it for Dad,
she never smoked.
And he took a pack of Amiral
and started smoking.
When the time came to go to school,
as he was closing the door,
Dad showed up.
He thought he was working all day.
He had inventories,
that's why he'd been getting home
mostly after we were asleep.
And Dad asked:
"What are you doing home
at this time, mister?"
And Relu,
tried to explain
that he'd forgotten some notebook
and had come back
to get it.
And on his way out, a thief appeared.
That's exactly what he said!
A thief appeared...
who pushed him back inside
and forced him to smoke.
I can't believe it!
-It's true.
That's not what's unbelievable.
What's really unbelievable
is that Dad believed him
and took him to the police station.
The militia...
He took him to the station,
and he made a scene
about them not doing their jobs,
the kid this, the thief that.
And Relu filed a complaint.
And Dad told the whole story
to all the neighbors.
Unbelievable, yes.
Around two,
when I got back from high school
and heard the story,
I knew Relu was lying, I didn't buy it.
But the way Dad was looking at me...
I will never forget his puzzled look
while telling me the story.
But how could a thief break
in the house and, instead of stealing,
set out to convert
a ten-year-old into a smoker?
I can't believe it.
I still don't think I'm the only one
who didn't believe Relu's story.
We'll be right up.
Who was it?
The man cheated on Mom his whole life,
He lied to her his entire life.
And Mrs Margareta,
his colleague,
who'd join us at the seaside,
used to be his mistress.
And she was joining us on the beach!
Margareta, Mom, Dad, and the kids.
How could he fall for Relu's story?
So how would someone
we might call an inveterate liar
believe the absurd story
of a ten-year-old?
I don't know.
How do you know he cheated on her?
-From Auntie Ofelia.
I've known since I was 18.
Auntie Ofelia worked with Dad.
in the army hospital.
He helped her get the job.
And she covered for him
in front of Mom.
I don't think he fucked every nurse
in that hospital,
but he did a lot fucking!
Did you at least tell your mother?
Because she knows.
How do you know she knows?
I don't know how,
but I know.
Just as I know that you know I'm lying,
when I lie to you.
Is that all?
Yes, this is all.
All right.
Give me a few days
to think about what you said.
Let's go.
They're waiting for us.
What are you doing, Sebi?
What are you doing here?
I'm waiting for Dad to leave.
Why don't you wait inside?
If I go in, I'll beat him up!
I don't want to see his face!
Then go home!
No way!
I can't go home and return.
I have to put that suit on!
Call me when he leaves, please.
I asked Sandra too, but she forgot.
She must be busy.
Please tell Sandra to give me
something to eat, I'm starving!
If you want to eat, go in.
If not, go home!
I can't go in, Lary!
You missed the event of the day.
Tony came.
He made a big scene.
I'll tell you briefly.
Our Tony slept with someone.
-Can I have a glass of water?
Her husband found out,
Ofelia found out too, of course.
Is he here?
Yes, he came and made a huge scene.
He came uninvited?
He didn't come uninvited,
but that's irrelevant.
He could've come and been civilized.
Did your mom let Ofelia drink?
She only had one glass.
Did she let her?
-That's irrelevant!
She knew the state she was in.
To calm her down.
Huge hysteria.
They made a circus,
not caring about anything.
Sebi is outside.
Where outside?
Tell him to cut the crap
and put that suit on
so we can eat.
He's up here.
It was awful!
She's asleep now, come and see!
And I've had "Smile"
stuck in my head since morning.
Come here!
Can you smell it?
Can't you smell it?
Smells like detergent.
Not at all, it's deodorant!
This girl vomited.
Do something
and get Tony out of here.
So we can eat.
Eva left, Dragos and Magda too.
You know, Tony is right too!
Tony is right too!
-Mom, are you coming?
Sure, honey.
I told the asshole that his old lady
might have had a stroke
and that she could be left hemiplegic.
He's waiting for you to tell him
what that means.
He wants a specialist's confirmation.
The prodigal son is back!
Where's Mom?
-In the study, she's asleep.
What happened?
Nothing, let her sleep!
I gave her a sleeping pill.
Nusa, Sebi is here.
He's dressing.
Very good!
Feed him a story that one side effect
of a stroke is a deep sleep,
so he will fuck off and leave us alone!
Don't know if I'd have survived.
And I believe that your strength
makes people be afraid of you.
This strong character of yours.
You know more than anyone
that life has its highs and lows.
This is a low one, for example.
Tomorrow is a new day!
You know what they say:
"Only the strong ones
are subjected to unique experiences."
Here's Lary.
Lary's here.
Have you seen Feli?
Is she in a coma?
I don't know.
How come?
Aren't you a doctor?
I am,
but not anymore.
What do you mean?
For the past year
I've been selling medical equipment.
It's what I thought was best.
You mean
you're not a doctor anymore?
What'll I do?
Go home and wait for our call.
And what if she stays paralysed?
Come on, Tony.
Be a man, what the fuck!
I did nothing else but open her eyes.
We know, Tony, everybody knows.
Tell him, Lary!
Come on, Tony,
let's go.
I'll go home
and wait for one of you to call.
How could I have known
she had an aneurysm in the head?
What, am I a doctor?
I can't leave.
She's my wife!
I can't leave her here.
Relu, boys, please!
Hit me,
curse me,
spit on me, but let me stay with her
until she recovers.
Look, I'll sit over there, on that chair.
I'll sit and won't say a word!
I'm begging you, please.
We're old acquaintances.
I'm sorry for my blunder.
I know I crossed the line.
Terribly sorry.
Please, Lary, do I have to beg
on my knees?
Please, let me stay with her.
It's OK, let it go.
Tony, what did I say?
-Sandra, I won't say a word.
What did I say?
-Go eat.
Forget about me, I won't say a word.
Stay put!
-I will.
Don't you worry.
I don't get it.
Why didn't you kick him out?
Are we going to eat with him now?
Tell me!
What are you staring at?
What's wrong with you?
Never mind that, answer my question!
Do you really want to know?
Really, aren't you afraid out there?
Of course he is.
You saw what it's like out there?
Yes, I'm afraid.
But you know,
I'm a communications officer.
Unless I play the hero,
not much can happen to me.
Though we get attacked by missiles
quite often.
I've heard of soldiers getting shot
even in the base.
It happens.
But they stretch it too!
Stop reading the tabloids, man,
they made you love Bush!
Better Obama than Putin, though.
Who's pissing me off the most
is that hag, Madeleine Albright.
You know that statement
where she says
it was worth killing 500.000 kids
to get rid of Saddam?
How can it be OK to kill 500.000 kids?
What? That's war.
If you don't,
they'll kill you when they grow up.
A kind of pre-emptive strike,
but more effective?
I don't know any of the military terms.
But isn't that how history goes?
I have to admit
that I've never thought of it this way.
Like in Russia, eh?
When they killed the Tsar
and his family.
Women, children and all.
Well done, Laura!
-That's what happened.
But Anastasia survived
and became a Disney star.
Right, Lary?
Lost your appetite for politics?
I've brought some chili peppers.
I'm just trying to do my job
the best I can
and, as much as I can,
to make my family happy.
I'm a doctor, not a politician.
And I want to stay a doctor.
We occupied University Square in 1990,
naively believing in change,
that we could bring to justice
those responsible
for the 1989 massacres.
And what did we get?
The miners' riot. More crimes.
Iliescu and his Securitate!
But Iliescu got us rid of Ceausescu!
Are you sure you were protesting
when you were 11?
Me. Us. Romanians!
And me too!
I went with my dad.
Sit over there please.
I want to sit here with Irina.
Can't you sit here?
-That's Sebi's, please.
Who did what,
it's not important anymore.
What I meant was this:
change is not possible.
There's war in the Middle East.
Always was, always will be.
And it's got nothing to do with 9/11.
The Patriot Act is pure shit.
As for us in Europe, what can I say?
It's only that...
...the state defends its sovereignty
by all means.
Sebi put the suit on,
he's in the kitchen.
Are you coming?
I agree. If laws aren't harsh,
citizens aren't protected.
And what if the state is a criminal one?
Right. Like Nazi Germany was.
If all of those speculating
over September 11th
had been doing it
without an agenda,
I would've respected them.
Wait, don't just go in!
Get out.
Be quiet, please.
Now come in.
"Good day
and good to be here!"
Say it!
Good day and good to be here!
You say:
"Good day and good to have you back!"
Good day and good to have you back!
"May God forgive him."
May God forgive him.
May it be received!
May you wear it in good health.
Sit down.
Not there, over here, beside me.
Sebi, let me be here, please.
Bless you!
Can we eat now?
Yes, honey.
Can we say bon apptit, too?
Come on, dear.
Can I have a cabbage roll?
How many do you want?
You were saying this ritual
is from Gorj?
From Dolj, from Ostroveni.
Where Emil was from.
Sounds like a girl is crying
in the room next to the bathroom.
For sure!
Go away, Dad!
What happened, Mom?
That junkie vomited again!
Gabi, come here!
Come here!
Don't sit there like a scarecrow!
Move, doctor!
I want to see, too.
You're such an ass.
The Croat puked her guts out.
Give me some polenta.
Some what?
Give me the plate.
And sour cream.
Bon apptit!
And good to have you back!