Sight (2023) Movie Script

[musical swirl ]
[birds singing]
[horns honking]
[dogs barking]
[knocking on door]
[music plays softly]
[music plays softly]
[girl screams]
-Ok, George. I want you
to take your time.
Your eyes are going to be
very sensitive to the light.
Here we go.
-I can see!
I can see your face.
-Good morning everyone,
thank you for coming.
Today Im happy to report to you
that the worlds first laser
artificial cornea implantation
on 40 year-old George Naughton
of Denver, Colorado,
was successfully completed.
Bringing him out of
a 13-year darkness,
to see his wife, Elizabeth,
for the very first time.
[reporters clamoring]
-Dr. Wang, is it true
that multiple doctors
had declared your patient
was irreversibly blind?
-Yes, many.
But he had not come to me yet.
-Dr. Wang, would you describe
yourself as a miracle worker?
-I derive any success that I
have due to my incredible team.
Which includes
Dr. Misha Bartnovsky,
Ruth Tarik and
many others
dedicated to pushing
the boundaries of science.
[reporters clamoring]
-What? he says.
I just thought that went
very, very well.
-We gave sight back to a man
who has been living
for over a decade in darkness,
it will never get old.
-I know what we did,
Im just saying maybe
you take a moment.
A victory lap.
-Ruth, next time
remind me to have
the press in the room
for the reveal.
-Thatll definitely
get us more headlines.
-Would you please tell the
doctor that its common practice
to punctuate our successes
with periodic moments of joy?
-Ah, hes the boss.
He makes the calls.
-Alright, Ill celebrate
for all of us then.
-Our pro bono office
got a call from India.
A little girl, six years old.
Group of nuns
found her on a road.
They said her eyes
are badly damaged.
Theyre asking you for help.
Should I set a meeting up?
-Hey, look at this.
Youre gonna be on the cover
of the Tennessee Herald
tomorrow morning.
You may get a date out of this.
-Not with that picture.
-Very funny.
-Should I set the meeting up
with the little girl from India?
-Yes, of course. Set it up.
[soft music]
[car approaching]
[door closes]
[knock at door]
-Theyre here.
-Send her in.
-Come on in.
-This must be Kajal come to
see us all the way from India.
And you must be Sister Marie.
-I am.
Thank you for seeing us, Doctor.
Kajal has been studying
and practicing her English
this past year.
But as you might imagine, shes
a little shy about speaking it.
-Yes, of course. Hello, Kajal.
You can call me Dr. Ming.
Thank you.
I have a gift for you.
[music box playing tune]
[whispering] Its a music box.
Say Thank you, Dr. Ming.
-Thank you Dr. Ming.
-Youre very welcome.
-Thank you.
-Well, left eyes gone.
Ultrasound cross section shows
complete retinal detachment.
-Theres no chance to save it.
-Similar external damage
on the right eye,
but the B scan shows no
retinal detachment on the right
and thats encouraging.
-But barely any
light perception.
Maybe one percent
of vision remains.
-Well, you know, its possible
that if theres no blood,
no hemorrhaging...
-Considering shes only
six years old,
the eyes have not had the
chance to develop.
Nothing to be done here, Misha.
Ill let Ruth know on
my way out, ok.
I have a 2:30 conference
with the Board.
[clears throat]
Ming did the nun tell you
what happened?
-Apparently in India, street
beggars make more money
if theyre legitimately blind.
So the step mother
poured sulfuric acid
in each of her eyes.
-There are complications.
-Because she is so young,
the eyes have not had
a chance to form properly yet.
The left eye cannot be saved.
The right, perhaps
a very slim chance.
-But you are the doctor,
they say,
who can work miracles. Yes?
Kajal was born in
the worst slum in Calcutta.
She has traveled across
the world just for a chance.
Even a slim chance.
[ominous tones]
[vacuum whirring]
-Excuse me? Excuse me.
-Yo, whats up?
-A little girl.
Did you see a little girl
come down here?
A little Chinese girl?
-Sorry, I uh, I thought I saw
somebody come down here.
Its late. Sorry.
[vacuum whirring]
[chinese music plays softly]
[lab machines
running and clicking]
Whats with all the homework?
Is this... This is the
little girl from India?
-Were going to do
the surgery on Kajal.
In that case,
youve earned yourself
one hot scalding cup of coffee.
Thought you said
it was impossible?
-I just needed to
spend more time with it.
-So we do the surgery.
[sighs] -Yes.
When are you going
to let me fix your eyes?
-You? No thanks.
-Can you call Sister Marie?
Id like to book a surgery
for Kajal right away.
-Lets see what we can do.
-Im happy to hear it.
I assume you forgot
what tomorrow is?
-Whats tomorrow?
-Your brothers birthday.
-I forgot.
The latest and the greatest.
I ordered it a month ago.
-Oh, youre the best. Thank you.
-Dont worry.
I got myself something nice too.
Ill let Sister Marie
know about the surgery.
-Thank you, Ruth.
[knocking on door]
[dishes clattering]
-Oh, hey, big bro.
-Why do she
always lock the door?
I told her a thousand times,
the neighborhood is safe.
-Come on dude,
shes always been like that.
-Happy birthday.
-Did you finally
remember my birthday?
Hi hi, hi Ma.
-Ming! So good to see you.
-Smells good.
-Oh good, we saw
the press conference.
You looked too skinny.
They say the camera
adds 10 pounds.
You look like you
needed to add 20.
-Oh, Im ok, Ma.
How about maybe just some tea?
-No. Ill fix you a plate.
-Front page news, son.
Dr. Ming Wang, MD PHD,
Harvard and MIT graduate
received American Academy
of Ophthalmology honor award.
-Congratulations, but, uh,
does this mean
youll finally get a date?
[chuckles] -Oh, at least
hes got a job.
I have one son
who doesnt work at all
and one who works too much.
-I have plans, Mother.
Speaking of, I want to run
my newest idea by you, bro.
-Alright, so you know
how theres a trash can
on your computer, right?
-Mmmhmm. Yep.
-Alright, check it.
So, people are so into
the environment nowadays,
what were gonna do,
were gonna put a recycling bin
right next to that trash can.
-Whats the difference between
that and the trash can?
-Nothing, but, um,
you feel way better about it.
[kettle whistling]
[bell dings]
How did you get on the waitlist?
-It was no problem.
-You know, I could get used to
being related to
a famous doctor.
-Why do you encourage
him like this, Ming?
You should get him
a job at your clinic.
Come help me
with the cake, Ming.
We miss not seeing you
around here as much, Ming.
-I know.
-Busy. Busy, always busy.
I know. Youre going to die
from exhaustion.
I just want you to be happy.
-People need my help.
[karaoke machine playing
The First Cut is the Deepest]
Baby, I know,
the first cut is the deepest
When it comes to being...
[music continues
in background]
-Theyll go all night.
Your mother worries about you.
-She worries about everything.
-I worry too.
-I have this patient from India.
She reminds me of Lili.
-You cannot change
the past, Ming.
[water running]
-God bless you, little child.
Remember, youre not going
to be alone in there.
[Nurse] Were ready for her now.
-Vitals look very good.
Hoping the
acid injury is confined
to the anterior corneal stroma.
-Crystalline lens,
iris look pretty good.
-Trephined the old
and scared cornea.
Lifting it up now.
-I mean, you should have
seen her face.
-Vitreous was full of blood.
There was no way to know
how much damage was in there
until we opened up the
eye and looked inside.
Come on. Its out of your hands.
-I know, I know.
-Whats the solution?
-What makes you think
I have a solution?
-Cause you were $600,000
in debt with zero patients
and every doctor
in town laughing
at the Chinese immigrant
who had the audacity to open up
shop in Nashville, Tennessee.
-I know what youre
trying to do.
But listen, if we spend any
more time on this,
and another potential
surgery and fail.
Kajal could lose her right eye.
The bones around her face
will stop growing.
She could be
permanently disfigured.
Its not worth it. No.
No more surgeries.
[acid fizzes]
[Kajal screaming]
[jazz music]
-Well, let me just say
that she left me
standing there by myself for
half an hour, so.
So there was that.
-Totally not true.
Dont listen...
-Ah, there he is.
The good Doctor.
My gosh, you made it.
You look terrible,
professional opinion.
-What are you talking about?
He looks great.
Get over here, Ming.
Give me a hug.
Oh, so good to see you.
-Hi, June. Happy anniversary.
-Thank you.
-My condolences.
-Yeah, I think Ill keep him
around for maybe another year.
-Is this a check?
-Stop it.
-I guess, I should tell you
officially, happy 20 years.
-Aw. You romantic, you.
Well, it has been a nice run.
-You know how jealous Ive been.
-Youve had a few
relationship issues.
We just gotta get you
back out there.
-Why do I feel like youve
talked to my parents?
-Its a conspiracy.
-You still thinking about that
little girls surgery, huh?
-Theres too many risks, Misha.
-And you go forward
knowing that.
-How do I move forward?
I feel like Im stuck.
-Maybe youre a little
too worried about
all of the details and
the minutiae.
Maybe youre too worried about
how youre going to do it
instead of focusing on what its
going to feel like
when you finally get there.
Because I do believe youre
gonna get there.
First, you may need
to just let go.
On that note, Im gonna go
flirt with my wife.
Come on up.
-Hey, sorry to bother you.
I... I just flew in on a
business trip from Wisconsin
and this is my first time
trying Asian food.
I just want a
professional opinion.
-Looks like good choices.
-Great. Thank you.
Wow. I love this
neon green color.
Oh, bit of a kick, though.
-Miss, excuse me, hes choking.
-Do something.
In and out , sir
On the house.
-Thank you.
-Will he be ok?
-He should be fine.
I dont know if he will
eat Japanese food again.
Thank you
Nice to meet you.
-So, rough day at the office?
-Something like that, yes.
-Well, Im your bartender
for the evening.
So we can now engage
in the very sacred ritual
where you tell me
your problems, I listen,
and you spend a tenth
of the price of a therapist.
-Just some things in the past
that I cant get over.
-Who says you
have to get over them?
Someone gave me
really good wisdom once.
The present is
made possible by the past.
Let me know if
you need anything.
-Thank you.
-So youve got
fibrosis transformation,
uh, proliferation...
You have, uh, EGF.
-You said scarrings
the problem, right?
I know its frustrating,
I just...
The fibrosis and
the scarring for Kajal
is something
that could actually-
-Is impossible to fix.
[tapping on desk]
-Hey. Wheres your coat?
Come on.
Lets get out of here.
A few hours out of this place,
think about something else,
grab a couple of beers.
-I have to keep going.
-No, no, no.
Come on, you gotta get
out of here. Lets go.
-I just want
the surgery to work.
-As do I, Ming.
But Im genuinely
worried about you.
Youre sleeping
on the couch over here.
Found three wrappers of instant
noodles in the trash can.
I know you
dont like instant noodles.
Come on, you need
a little balance.
-Im fine.
-Hey, are you seriously
not gonna tell me
whats going on here?
-I dont want to have
this conversation, ok?
-Fine. You crash
and burn on your own.
Im going out by myself.
Im always the one
left picking the pieces up
around here anyway.
-Cant do any of this
without me.
[clears throat]
[clears throat]
-There was this girl. Lili.
[people chattering]
There was an uprising
in my hometown.
Many bad things happened.
I could never find Lili again.
There is some
part of me that thinks
if I can help Kajal
out of the dark..
Somehow, maybe, maybe
I can help Lili out of hers.
Wherever she is...
-Im with you, Ming.
We can do this.
[running footfalls]
[screaming and chaos]
-Babies dont scar.
-Babies what?
-The baby in the jar,
they dont scar.
-Hey, hey, hey, what-
-Babies dont scar.
I cant believe I didnt-
-Whos baby in jar?
-No. The fluid. The placenta.
Babies do not scar in the womb.
Because of the amniotic sac,
the placenta,
they have time to heal slowly.
Why do adults scar?
-No, no, no, why?
Why do adults scar?
-Because the human body
is trying to prevent infection
so it heals itself quickly,
thus scarring.
-Yes. And adult eyes go blind
when injured, so?
-The baby doesnt
scar in the womb.
The amniotic sac,
the placenta, oh.
-Look for any previous work
on the placenta
and amniotic membranes.
If we use the amniotic sac that
contains the same properties
that prevent scaring
on a baby in the womb,
we have a chance.
-Ok, I have no idea where
this came from but,
this is from Dr. Sheffer Tseng
from the Bascom Palmer
Eye Institute.
Our lab has
reintroduced the use
of the amniotic membrane
very recently.
Were exploring whether the
membrane that lines the sac
holds the same healing power
outside the womb.
-Thats it.
-Thats it.
-That could be useful.
-Well use a contact lens
with the amniotic membrane
implemented in it.
So the eye has
a better chance to heal
with less scarring.
Why did you let them
out of the cage?
-Hey, I have to tag them. Okay.
Thats the idea.
Im supposed to tag them, right?
-Well, theyre blind, you know.
They shouldnt be so hard.
Just grab it.
-Where are the others?
If you want to help...
Ming? You want to help?
-Make sure you tag them, right?
-Yeah, I got em tagged.
Come on.
Here we are, live in Nashville,
bottom of the fourth.
Dr. Ming Wang,
facing off against the
mighty blind rabbits.
We are in control study
6771 after 89...
91 extremely positive results,
Dr. Wang on the
assessment at 1:09PM.
What do you got, tag specimen?
-Tag specimen number 92.
-Ninety-two. Ninety-two.
-Measuring now.
Looks like...
Seventy-five percent
less scarring.
Misha, is this the one with the
amniotic membrane contact lens?
-Yes. It is.
-It worked. It worked.
-How do you say it
worked in Mandarin?
-Chen what?
-Chen donla...
-Chen donla...
No, but yes, ok.
-Youre gonna help Kajal.
-We are. We are.
-Here you go.
The doctor returns.
So, what can I get you?
A large side of wasabi?
-No, maybe just a drink tonight.
A single malt, 12 year.
-Actually, 18.
-Wow. The good stuff.
You must be celebrating.
-Yes. I guess you could say
things are looking up.
Thank you.
-Well, to whatever it is
were celebrating, cheers.
I was wondering...
Maybe we could go somewhere else
for some food some time?
-Are you asking me on a date?
-I think so.
[clears throat]
-Well, you didnt quite
stick the landing... but...
[fireworks crackling]
-After a lot of trial and error,
it dawned on us and other
scientists that the healing
secret of a baby lies in the
placenta and amniotic sac.
Then, we developed a very
special delivery system
for these specific properties
called the amniotic
membrane contact lens.
We then obtained two US patents.
Kajal will be the very first
patient to experience
this new
breakthrough technology.
Were hopeful it will
restore her sight.
And now Kajal would like to
say a few words.
-Many people helped me come
from India to America.
And Dr. Ming is working hard
to help me see again.
Im grateful to
you all and to God.
-Ok, first thing
you did in America.
That is so clich!
-What do you expect?
I had $50 in my pocket.
I ate four Big Macs.
I was very happy.
And very sick.
-Thats a lot of food.
-Its a lot of burgers.
-A lot of burgers.
It was my favorite.
-Ah, theyre here.
Come in, come in.
These are our top students.
Ming Wang, Ji-Hong Dai
and Jason Chao.
Absolutely top students.
-Yes, top students.
The three Musketeers.
-No, no Musketeers.
Top students.
-Right. A pleasure to meet you.
Ming Wang, I read what you said
to the interviewers.
That you want to explore
and master the sciences.
Especially laser physics.
-Pardon. I am asking...
What is the academic load
of your school?
-Im sorry, say that again.
-What is uh, the, academic load
of your school?
Uh, what is academic load?
The load?
-Are you asking me
how many credits
you need to get a degree?
-Yes, yes, yes!
-Ok, now the dogs
are out of the gate
and tearing after that rabbit.
Its a good question.
Its a very good question.
I appreciate the
determination, kid.
-I think we might need
some new clothes.
-Uh. My parents buy this suit
spent three months salary.
-And its going to take
two minutes for us
to get laughed off campus.
-I spent all my money
on cab ride.
-Me too.
-There they are!
The three Musketeers.
-I see we have some work to do.
-So uh, what we are doing now?
-Uh, you can do
whatever you want.
Are you boys hungry?
-Lets get some pizza. My treat.
-What is pizza?
-So thats how you
came to America?
-Yes. Well, sort of, yes.
-Tell me more about
this little girl
that youre doing
the surgery for?
-Her name is Kajal.
A very brave girl.
-Its incredible
that you can give her
the chance to see again.
-She doesnt deserve
to suffer anymore.
I have to succeed.
Im sorry,
I dont usually talk so much.
-No, I like it.
-Are you excited, Kajal?
-Yes, Dr. Ming.
-Ok, good.
They are going to make sure
youre comfortable.
And I will see you
after the surgery.
-Youre very brave. Thank you.
[music plays softly]
Ok, Kajal.
Now, Im going to
take this bandage off.
And you should be able to see
the light in the room.
Just open your eyes very slowly.
Do you see the light?
-Nothing at all, Kajal?
-I cant see anything.
[camera shutters click]
-Dr. Wang!
[reporters clamoring]
[books crashing to floor]
[liquid pouring]
[Kajal screaming]
[Lili screaming]
Ming, its Misha.
Yeah, look, it was a crappy day.
I know.
Um, Im not happy
about it either.
Im here to talk.
Give me a call.
[birds chirping]
[dogs barking]
[chinese music plays softly]
-[Anle voicemail]
Its me again.
Call me back when you
get the chance. Ok?
-[Mrs. Wang voicemail]
Ming, we missed you
at Tuesdays dinner.
Hope youre ok.
Call me back.
-What is it?
-Hi, Professor Scurry?
Professor McNesby sent me.
He want me to show you my exam
score and discuss possibly
take the MCAT before applying
for medical school.
-Are you Chinese?
-Uh, yes.
-Look, its hard getting
into medical school
here in the states,
even for an American student.
But you coming from China?
Dont waste your time.
-Thank you, sir.
[knocking on door]
-Oh, youre here.
[birds chirping]
How bout some tea?
You always loved Li Bai.
For a time, moon and shadow
will be my companion,
but now, a new joy awakes
with each dawn.
-I told Lili we would
make it together.
Things would change.
Everything would be ok.
Its what you told us
all the time.
-A fathers duty is to protect.
To help the children
feel at peace.
Even when they do not always
believe it themselves.
The memory of Lili has been your
inspiration for all these years.
It has fueled your desire
to help people
come out of their darkness.
Lili wouldnt want
you to stop now.
-[teary] I always believed
what you told me.
Alright, hello Doctor.
-Good morning.
-Come over here and say hi to
Steve and Lynn Hendrich.
And this is Maria.
Lynn, why dont you tell him
how you all met.
-Uh, Steve and I were on a
mission trip in Moldova.
Thats when I saw Maria.
She was sitting alone on a bench
while the other children played.
I introduced myself
to the interpreter.
She looked up.
We want to give her a chance.
[machine clicking]
[ominous tones]
-Um, Im going to give you
the number of a doctor,
a friend of mine,
[clears throat]
in Atlanta.
Not too far.
-Well, we heard you were
the best, Dr. Wang.
-I wont be able to help you.
Im very sorry.
Give Dr. Fischer a call,
hes very capable.
I keep seeing her.
-Everywhere. Shes everywhere.
And I dont know if shes real
or if Im having a
nervous breakdown.
I dont even know if I can
perform surgery anymore!
-Stop it! Stop it!
You dont say that.
Life can get a little messed up.
Things dont always make sense.
-I just dont want Maria
to end up like Kajal.
-I understand that.
We can only do our best.
Its all we can do.
-Hey, Chinaman.
What do you think
youre doing here?
Shouldnt you be in a
Chinese kitchen somewhere.
Make me some
Kung Fu Chicken, boy.
[soft music]
[pages turning]
[dishwasher running]
[music continues]
-Hi, Id like to enroll in the
MCAT exam study course.
-Of course. Fill this out.
And the fee is $1,500.
Im not sure if you were aware.
-Uh, yeah. Have it right here.
-And that is why the
best choice to be
the next Superman is Eminem.
-Thats not what she
was asking you.
-Alright, never mind.
Heres my next big idea.
You guys know how people
are just obsessed
with their cats nowadays.
-Think about it.
Facebook, but for cats.
-Facebook for cats.
-Facebook for cats.
-But youre allergic to cats.
-Mom, its all digital.
I dont actually need a cat.
-Actually not the worst
idea youve had, Yu.
[phone ringing]
-Wow, the prodigal doctor.
-Im sorry I did not
return any of your calls.
But I would like the chance
to explain everything.
-Do you like karaoke?
-I love karaoke.
-Ok, how bout Painters Alley,
Saturday night?
-Ok, see you there.
-Hello, Sister.
Thank you for coming, Doctor.
-Thank you for your call.
What is she doing up there?
-Ah, she is praying
for the other children.
Asking God to give them strength
with their difficulties.
-Praying for them.
-This beautiful child
makes them realize
how blessed they are in life.
-Im sorry I could not help her.
I prayed for a miracle.
Insisting to God
that the restoration
of Kajals physical sight
would be the miracle.
But look.
Look what God uses
when we refuse to believe
there is no purpose.
Kajal is the miracle.
Saint Teresa of Calcutta said:
For love to be real
it must empty us of self.
Kajal embodies this.
She has moved beyond
the tragedy of her past.
And embraces the present
with happiness and joy and love.
Let me go get her
so she can say hello.
-Thank you.
-Kajal. Kajal,
Dr. Ming is here to see you.
Here. Step. Step.
There we are.
-Hello, Kajal.
-Im glad you came today.
-Im happy to see you smiling.
-Is it a good smile?
-It is the best smile.
-I want to give you something.
I made this for you.
-A gift for me. Thank you.
-I will be praying for you.
-Shall we go and say goodbye
to the others, hmm?
-Ok. Goodbye, Dr. Ming.
Professor McNesby!
-Hi, Ming.
-I got the test result.
-Well, good. Open it.
-No, no, Im too nervous.
-Oh, Ming. You got nothing
to be nervous about.
You prepared well.
[background conversations]
-Whats wrong? Did I fail?
-Ming, you scored perfect 15s
in the science subjects.
-Oh, thats good.
-Ive never seen it before.
Look at your ranking, Ming.
-99th percentile.
-Damn near perfect.
Ming, you can go to medical
school wherever you want.
Johns Hopkin, Harvard, wherever.
-Thank you.
-Keep working hard.
Youre gonna do
great things in this world.
-And after thinking more about
Marias situation,
I want to give it a try.
Keep in mind though,
the surgery holds a
very limited chance of success.
But we should try our best.
-Thank you.
-Thank you so much.
-Ok, Ruth.
-Follow me.
-Am I the only one to notice
that the lobby was
conspicuously empty today?
No press?
-This is all about Maria.
How does it look?
-The iris is stuck
to the capsule.
Im going to have to separate
the soft tissues manually.
its going to be
a long day, everyone.
Pass me the contact lens.
Its time.
-I cant see anything.
Ok, here we go.
You are with the best driver
in the house, Maria.
-Here she is. Hello, Maria.
-Look who we have here.
-How are you feeling?
-Dr. Wang in front of you,
Im going to remove
your bandage.
And youre going to tell me what
you can see in the room.
You have no memory of sight,
so I want you to take your time.
Let your eyes adjust.
Ok. Here we go.
You should be able to see
the light in the room.
-I can see you.
-Someone, give me a mirror.
Ruth, find me a mirror.
-I have one right here
in my purse. Hold on.
Thank you.
-Can you see yourself, Maria?
-Im so pretty.
[shuddered breaths]
-Thank you everybody
for being here tonight.
Im truly humbled to see
so many familiar faces here
to support the launch
of our new foundation
for sight restoration,
This would not be possible
without the help of many people,
including a special
little girl named Kajal
from Calcutta, India.
Whos positive energy
and light is undeniable
and will continue to inspire
many for years to come.
So let us celebrate her tonight
and the many brave children
around the world
that this foundation
hopes to help.
Thank you.
[upbeat jazz music]
...Thats funny actually.
Im so happy youre all here.
[background conversations]
-Youve been
avoiding me all night.
Couldnt have done it
without you.
-I dont think thats true.
But could you have come up
with a better name than...
The Eyeball Gala?
-When are you going
to let me fix your eyes?
-You? No thanks.
Im very happy you came.
-Im glad to be here.
-What do you think of the food?
-Its not as good as McDonalds.
-Can we get some after?
-Can we please?
-I know the surgery
didnt work out
but look at what
youve done for her.
-Done for her?
Shes opened my eyes.
Kajal is teaching me every day
that theres more to life
than what you see.
-Oh, careful.
[Maria squealing]
-Do you see Casey?
Look at Casey.
-Can you see me?
[crying and laughing]
We hope you enjoyed "Sight."
I'm the real Dr. Ming Wang,
and everything you just saw
actually did happen.
With God's grace,
our foundation has helped
blind, orphaned children
like Kajal and Maria
see light again.
And in the process,
these kids have also helped me,
their eye doctor,
to come out of my own
darkness into light,
emotionally and spiritually.
"Sight" is about seeing
beyond our pain,
as we have seen in Kajal.
She has shown us
that even when there is
no light coming in from outside,
light can emanate from within.
"Sight" is about seeing
beyond ourselves.
When I was motivated
by my own self-interest,
I could not let go
of my suffering past.
I had to open myself up to God
to find peace with
my past and move on.
There is more to life
than what we see.
If you're inspired
by this movie,
you can support us
by paying it forward.
so someone else
can see this movie
that otherwise wouldn't.
So go ahead,
pull out your cell phone
Scan the QR code,
to Pay it Forward.
As a bonus, anyone
who Pays it Forward
gets exclusive access
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Thank you for watching the film,
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